Proceedings of the 1st International Hospitality, Travel and Event Conference (IHTREC 2023)

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Managing Local Culture in Tourism Area Based on Perception of Penta Helix

F. X. Setiyo Wibowo, Dwianita Conny Pallar, Aditya Wardani
This study aims to 1) analyze Penta Helix’s perceptions of Local Culture Management in the Baturraden Tourism Area, and 2) formulate fundamental programs run by Penta Helix. This study uses quantitative analysis with an investigative approach in the form of a survey method. The research instrument was...
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Seoul Hallyu Trip by Traveloka: Special Interest Tourism Packages for MZ Generation

Vanesia Amelia Sebayang, Asmyta Surbakti
Special interest tourism (SIT) is a reflection of tourism diversity consumption patterns that fit the MZ (millennial-Z) generation. As it is known, the Indonesian MZ generation lives in a fandom culture era as a result of the massive development of the Korean cultural wave (Hallyu) that spread through...
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Designing Leisure Experience in Tourism Village a Natural Tourist Typology-Based Action Research

Rosita, Nurul Pratiwi, Erry Sukriah, Reiza Miftah Wirakusuma
This study is a natural tourist typology-based action research where a personal attempt is made to improve the practice of designing tourist experiences in a tourism village. The process starts with the idea that the designing tourist experience would be better considering research of tourist typology...
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Instagram Determine Air Passenger Behavior in Choosing Tourist Destinations

Nanik Rianandita Sari, Nur Makkie Perdana Kusuma
Instagram is an application that focuses on the use of images and videos to make this application attractive. Users can participate and share content or information, in this case consumer behavior can be seen in making decisions considering products and services. The purpose of this study is to find...
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Factors Affecting Consumer Intention to Cancellation of Airline Tickets

Eny Sri Haryati, Dhiani Dyahjatmayanti
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused restrictions on various activities including travel by airplane. This causes the airline ticket to be canceled. With the unilateral cancellation of the airline, there should be a ticket refund mechanism of disappointment for passengers which can impact on consumer intentions...
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Analysis of Factors that Influence the Perception of Tourists of the Tourism Police in the Tourist Area of Jakarta National Monument

Baskoro Harwindito, Nicko Gana Saputra, Heru Suheryadi, Imas Masriah, Annisa Safira
The purpose of this study is to determine the perception of tourists towards the existence of the tourism police in the Monas Jakarta tourist area and to find out the function of the tourism police in the Monas Jakarta tourist area. Sampling using a simple random sampling technique and a sample of 100...
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The Influence of Natural Attractions Upon Visiting Interest in Cultures Leuwi Hejo Sentul Bogor

Nicko Gana Saputra, Abi Saptadinata, Baskoro Harwindito, Heru Suheryadi, Kezia Roselin Teresa
Therefore, the study examines the impact of tourist attractions on visitors’ interest in returning and the factors that affect visitors’ interest in visiting tourist attractions. The associative approach using differential sematic measurements is the technique employed. The 132 respondents who worked...
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Risk Perception and Risk Reduction Strategies in Travel Decisions: A Literature-Based Framework

Rina Kurniawati, Alan Fyall
Risk perception and how it is managed are critical factors in travel decisions, as perceived risk is considered a constraint of travel experiences, and it is vital to alleviate it. Little attempt has been made in conceptualizing the components of risk reduction strategies comprehensively in the tourism...
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The Implementation of Green Hotel Concept at Sarinbuana Ecolodge

I Gusti Agung Mirah Sanjiwani, I Gusti Ayu Melistyari Dewi
Ecolodge provides guarantees against the use of toxic chemicals, tests for environmental impacts starting from materials, buildings and other physical activities, and significantly contributes to the development of the local community’s economy. In this study, we aim to analyse the implementation of...
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Original or Modified Surabi Bandung? Tourists’ Perceptions and Consumption Motives of Local Food

Suci Sandi Wachyuni, Irwanda Wisnu Wardhana, Rella Dwi Respati
Currently, many local culinary delights as part of the culture are commodified to meet market needs and promotions. Surabi Bandung is one of the famous Indonesian snacks from West Java and has been widely commodified. As a result, Surabi has increased in price and is different from the original version....
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Staycation as a Way to Boost Millennial Travel Consumption Levels in the New Normal Era

Derinta Entas, Yohanes Sulistyadi, Anak Agung Istri Putera Widiastiti, Wayan Nurita, I Wayan Kiki Sanjaya, Nabila Puji Lestari
This study aims to identify the millennial generation’s boost factors in determining staycation consumption levels in the new normal era. This research method uses qualitative descriptive analysis with perceptual consumer matrix mapping and cartesian diagrams—a stratified random sampling technique to...
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Hallyu Themed Cafe as a Tourism Attraction in Jakarta (Case Study: Loonami House Jakarta)

Dewi Ayu Kusumaningrum, Sahlan Toro, Karlina, Natalya Leticia
Hallyu/Korean Wave themed tourism in Jakarta is increasingly in demand and has its own charm for tourists. One of the tourist attractions/cafes that use the Hallyu phenomenon as a strategy to promote their business is Loonami House. Loonami House offers Korean food & drinks, authentic room designs,...
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Performance of Event Operation Division Employees Towards the Operational Implementation of Phitagoras Global Duta Online Events During the New Normal Period

Heru Suheryadi, Nicko Gana Saputra, Abi Saptadinata, Baskoro Harwindito, Zhafira Rizki Indriyadi
The New Normal scenario is carried out by considering regional preparedness and the results of the Epidemiology study in the related area. However, the current condition remains a priority for the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) to be able to organize and integrate online and...
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Edu Tourism Development Strategy in Waste Management at TPS 3R KSM Nangun Resik of Paksebali Village

Putu Ade Wijana, A. A. Istri Ngurah Dyah Prami, Lusia Vreyda Adveni
Paksebali Village is one of the tourist villages located in Klungkung Regency. Besides paying attention to the development of the tourism industry and regional infrastructure, the government also very concerned about the environment. Paksebali Village currently has a place to store and process its waste,...
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Perception on Sustainable Tourism in Sudaji Tourism Village Bali: Community vs Tourists

Deddy Kurniawan Halim, Nelsye Lumanauw
Tourism village is a way to sustainable tourism development in optimizing village resources while reducing any undesirable impacts on natural, cultural and environment, including water consumption, waste, garbage and environmental damage due to crowd activities. The activities in the tourism village...
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Relationship Between Tourism Impact, Overtourism and Life Satisfaction of the Gudang Kahuripan Village Community

Erry Sukriah, Mira Yuliani
The purpose of this study to determine and examine the effect of public perceptions of the positive impact of sustainable tourism, the negative impact of unsustainable tourism, the perception overtourism on people’s life satisfaction. Data were collected from distributing questionnaires with techniques...
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Analyzing Local Residents’ Perceptions of Tourism Activities in Tourism Areas

Maryetti, F. X. Setiyo Wibowo, Nuryadina Augus Rini, Sahlan Toro
This study aims to 1) analyze local residents’ perceptions of tourism activities in the Baturraden tourism area from economic, social and environmental aspects, and 2) propose programs that need to be undertaken by Penta Helix. This study employs quantitative analysis with a survey method. Questionnaires...
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Bali Aga Tourism Village Branding in Buleleng Regency Through the Existence of Local Products

Ni Made Ary Widiastini, I. Ketut Sida Arsa, Ni Luh Putu Agustini Karta, Komang Krishna Darmawan
This study aims to identify and describe local products in Bali Aga village which is a tourism village as the branding of the village. In this study, six Bali Aga villages in Buleleng Regency were directly observed to identify local products that became the village’s branding as a tourism village. The...
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The Development of Transportation System for Tourism in Mandalika: A SWOT Analysis

Nur Khaririyatun, Witono Adiyoga, M. Rifqi Tirta Mudhofir, Tania Andari, I. G. A. P. Mahendri, Erni Pratiwi Perwitasari, Irwanda Wisnu Wardhana
Mandalika is one of several tourist’s destination in Indonesia with the beauty of nature, the variety of cultures as well as the magnificent racing circuit lately. However, the development of this area as a tourist attraction is constrained by the availability of public transportation. Currently rent...
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The Influence of Brand Image, Product Uniqueness, and Customer Satisfaction on Repurchase Intentions in the Culinary Business

Jasanta Peranginangin, Erika Rahayu, P. Afrida Putri, I. Muhamad Ferdian, Marisa
Culinary development presents promising job demands. However, as one of the fast growing businesses, culinary entrepreneurs are demanded to continue to improve services. This study aims to determine the effect of Brand Image, Uniqueness and Satisfaction on Repurchase Intention. The number of samples...
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Development Strategy of Rumah Semut (Musamus) as a Tourist Attraction (Case Study in Merauke Regency)

Reni Sulistiyowati, Ni Made Dwiyana Rasuma Putri, Marya Yenny, Dewi Fitriani
Indonesia is an archipelagic country that has a variety of natural, ethnic and cultural beauties. This diversity creates a lot of tourism potential, both natural and cultural, which is able to attract the interest of many local and foreign tourists. Indonesia has a lot of potential and natural resources...