Proceedings of the First International Conference on Progressive Civil Society (ICONPROCS 2019)

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Additional Implications of Injury Costs of Health BPJS Patients as Community Empowerment Efforts

Sri Suatmiati, Edi Kastro, M. Idrus, Viky Candra
Based on data released by BPJS Kesehatan at the beginning of February 2018, the current population of Indonesia who became BPJS participants amounted to 192,029,645 people with the highest number of participants using central government funds, which amounted to 48.07%. The classification based on BPJS...
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Spin-off and Social Funds’ Productivity of Islamic Banking Industry in Indonesia

Zulfikar Bagus Pambuko, Nurodin Usman, Lilik Andriyani
Islamic banking Act in Indonesia requires to manage the financial funds and social funds simultaneously. In the case of spin-off Islamic Banks, the fund manager is separate from the parent company, including in managing social funds, e.g. zakah, infaq, and sadaqah. This study is going to investigate...
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The Development of Ludo Media to Improve Social Studies Learning Outcomes of Fifth Grade Elementary School Students

Vera Erviana, Fajar Pambudi
The purpose of this research was to determine the steps of the development, also to determine the feasibility of Ludo learning media for 5th-grade Social Studies learning the material. This research was Research and Development. The subjects of the testing were the 5th grade students as many as 28 students...
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In-Service Teacher’s Response to The Professional Development Training and Workshop in Indonesia

Dwi Sulisworo, Dian Kusumaningtyas
Teacher professionalism is an essential factor in managing quality education as a critical factor in the civil society movement. The Indonesian government has been improving teacher professionalism through the teacher certification program. The implementation of teacher certification has been carried...
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The Analysis of Parent Satisfaction with the School Service Using Kano Methods: The Case Study at The Private School in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Dwi Sulisworo, Lisanti Siswanto
Many factors are determining the parent decides to send their children to a particular school. The purpose of this study is to obtain the satisfaction level of educational quality experienced by the parent. The type of this research is descriptive, explorative analysis with qualitative and quantitative...
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Community Rights in Taking the Legal Effort of the Accidents of Government Infrastructure

Sugeng Riyanta, Hartiwiningsih Hartiwiningsih, I.G. Rachmi
This paper aims to describe and analysis on community rights in taking the legal effort of the accidents of government infrastructure. There are two points from that topic that will be describe and analysis, firts on The Importance of Monitoring the Implementation of Infrastructure Projects and second...
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The Implementation of Child- Friendly Schools: Challenges and Obstacles in the Era of Technological and Information Advancement

M. Arifin, Sudarmo Sudarmo, Desiderius Sudibyo
Nowadays, the problem of education in Indonesia becomes interesting to discuss related to multidisciplinary science. Of course, this is because education is closely related to children as the next generation of the nation who have a strategic position in the development of Indonesia. Therefore, children...
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Teacher Pedagogic Communication for Effective Learning

Suyatno Suyatno, Siti Urbayatun, Ika Maryani, Caraka Bhakti, Dwi Sulisworo
The primary objective of this research is to find a strategy in building pedagogic communication between teachers and students in North Maluku Senior High Schools for which to improve the effectiveness of learning in the classroom. Pedagogic communication is the communication between teachers and students...
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Correlational study between learning style and reading comprehension at university level students

Muhammad Rujani
Each learner in the classroom receives and processes information in a unique way which makes the students distinct from one to the others, some learners may have a combination of learning styles. So for a teacher it is really important to identify the learning style of his/her students so that the teacher...
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The Behavioral Concept and Practice Moderate in Islam on The Effect of Strengthening Character Values in Traditional Islamic Boarding School: The explanation of Social Learning Theory

Nur Hamidah
Research on character education has been a subject of intellectual studies. The character becomes an important thing to note in line with the times and threat of terrorism. Previous research found many facts on the ground with various character values. The question that needs to be investigated is how...
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Mobile Application with 3D to Improve Self- Determined Learning Interest : Student’s Response and Challenge in Biology Class

Dian Septiana, Gunarhadi Gunarhadi, Muhammad Akhyar
The limited choice of media to increase the learning interest of affordable middle school students encourages the importance of developing interactive learning media that are suitable for the needs of students. Gadgets technology that is increasingly developing becomes a benchmark for developing more...
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Challenges to accountability and transparency in implementing discretion in public services in Indonesia

Jemi Jemi, Desiderius Sudibyo, Rutiana Wahyuengeseh
Talking about the implementation of public policies cannot be separated from the implementation or application of public policy through programs, activities, actions, and doings in a mechanism that is bound to a particular system. In addition, actors have a major role in implementing public policies...
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Global Citizens Awareness Through Digital Literacy In the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Riview of the Literature

Hermy Yanzi, Obby Hidayat, Ana Mentari, Dasim Budimansyah
This article aims to report on the current state of research on the various alternative solutions in increasing global citizen awareness by utilizing digital literacy as an ability to use digital media (Internet of things, big data, and robotical feature). This research used a critical study method by...
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The Unique Explanations of Cognitive Hierarchy of needs theory on the Phenomena of Cohabitation, Young Marriage and Divorce: Qualitative study of young marriage to Banjar tribes in Paluh Manan Village

Purnama Sari, Setyabudi Indartono
Research related to cohabitation or more commonly referred to as "kawin kebo", which became one of the triggers of a young marriage and ultimately caused divorce which is still rarely done in Indonesia. Even though cohabitation is a new phenomenon, it is still considered to be controversial. Indonesia...
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Teacher Readiness Level Facing Technology Demands, Pedagogical Skills and Development of School Culture in the 21st Century

Moh Ulinnuha, Setyabudi Indartono
Teachers in the 21st century face more complex challenges and difficult work for them, for example: increasing diversity students and parents, higher demands for quality education, standards of teaching and learning processes with higher outcomes and others. This article aims to explain the importance...
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Strengthening Civic Literacy through Media Literacy in Jabar Saber Hoaks

Ari Febrian, Iim Masyitoh
Today Indonesia is facing an abundance of fake news circulating on social media. This condition is exacerbated by the lack of digital media literacy accepted by the people. The existence of Jabar Saber Hoaks serves as an excellent step to strengthen civic literacy among the citizens against fake news...
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Student Learning Outcomes and Learning Evaluation in the Implementation of Physic Worksheet Base on Technological Excellence and Added With Islamic Values: Case Study For Male Students (Santri Putra)

Eko Nursulistiyo, Ariati Puspitasari, Yoga Prabowo, Dian Kusumaningtyas
Research has been carried out to study the student learning outcomes and learning evaluation in the implementation of student worksheets (LKS) based on technological excellence and imbued with Islamic values for grade X high school male students. This research used a pretest-posttest control group design...
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Inclusive Growth in Bengkulu Province: Multidimensional Approach

Ahmad Soleh, Ketut Sukiyono, Ridwan Nurazi
The development of the concept of inclusive growth in the past decade has become important in research studies. Increased economic growth is expected to provide benefits for reducing poverty, reduce income inequality, increase employment opportunities and improve environmental sustainability. The purpose...
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Strategies of The English Teachers in Islamic Boarding School (IBS)

Asrikah Lestari, Bambang Pratolo
Nowadays, learning English becomes a necessity to support the progress of a nation. Finding the best learning strategy becomes a challenge that needs to be answered by English researchers and teachers. Investigating English language teaching and learning in regular schools is very common. This study...
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Interactive Game: A Step To Reduce Science Learning Difficulties of Elementary School Students

Ika Maryani, Nurdin Hidayat
Natural Science is one of the complex material in elementary school learning. This makes many students experience learning difficulties. Learning media must be able to simplify this complexity, and also reduce the dual perception of abstract concepts by making it concrete. This research aims to develop...
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The Post-Placement Empowerment of Nurse Returnees in Indonesia

Mujiati Mujiati, Harimat Hendarwan
A large number of health workers especially nurses (79%) who work abroad raises new problems when they return to their homeland, for examples the difficulty of finding work with appropriate income or rewards. On the other hand, the potential possessed by post-placement overseas nurses such as language...
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Learners' Perspectives on English as a Learning Media in Maritime English Classes

Marsitah Marsitah, Bambang Pratolo
Vocational Education, Teaching English,
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The Obstacles of Copyright Protection against Traditional Cultural Expression in Indonesia

Fithriatus Shalihah, Ali Hakim
Medium of Instruction, Maritime English Classroom
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Forecasting the Number of Tourist Arrivals to Batam by applying the Singular Spectrum Analysis and the Arima Method

Agustinus Ete, Meita Fitrianawati, Muhammad Arifin
Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) is a time series method used to decompose the original time series into a sum of a small number of components that can be interpreted such as trends, oscillatory components, and noise. The purpose of this study is to compare the accuracy of the forecast between the SSA...
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The Role of Job Satisfaction on Employee Work Productivity

Fatwa Tentama, Subardjo Subardjo, Surahma Mulasari, Eka Meilani
Job satisfaction has a role of influencing work productivity. This study aims to empirically examine the role of job satisfaction on employee work productivity at the University of X Yogyakarta. The research sample is permanent and active employees who have worked for at least one year. The selection...
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Design Analysis of Mathematics Teacher Lesson Plans Based on Higher Order Thinking

Yuni Kartika, Budi Usodo, Ikrar Pramudya
The quality of lesson plans are one of the factor determining success of the learning process in schools. One element of the 2013 curriculum transformation is 21st century skills, namely higher order thinking skills integration in mathematics learning. Basically, to get HOTS thoroughly mastered by the...
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Factors Causing the Increase of Suicide in Gunungkidul Regency

Kurnia Anggraeny
This study aims to find the factors causing the increase of suicide in Gunungkidul Regency (case study in Wonosari Subdistrict and Semanu sub-district) and find out the efforts made by the police or local authorities in dealing with the problem of increasing suicides. The research applied sociological...
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Digital Philanthropy in Indonesia: Strengthening Civic Virtue for Digital Citizens

Aina Nurdiyanti, Karim Suryadi
This article aims to report the results of a study of a model of digital-based social movements that can strengthen civic virtue. In this study social movement is seen as citizenship education in the socio-cultural domain. This study used a qualitative approach with case study design. The focus of the...
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Musyawarah and Meaning of Sovereign People in People's Democracy Perspective Pancasila Values

Megawati Megawati
People's sovereignty or modern democracy is a democracy with a representation system, people choose someone from themselves to represent it. The Indonesian state, which has known the order of democratic life since before the Indonesian state was born, namely people's sovereignty or democracy based on...
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The Impact Of Over Capacity On Fulfilling The Basic Rights Of The Assisted Citizen In Prison In The Perspective Of Human Right

Henny Nuraeny, Tanti Utami
Prison is actually a place for people who have obtained a fixed decision from the Judge, with the aim of providing guidance to criminal offenders to realize their mistakes, improve themselves, and cause deterrent effects, so that they do not commit criminal offenses and can fulfill their life needs....
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Policy Guidance for Prisoners in Perspective of Law Number 12 of 1995 concerning Prisons: Comparative Study of Cianjur Prison and Magelang Prison

Dedi Mulyadi, M. Aridhayandi
The paradigm shift of the prison system to correctional institutions replaces the term prisoner to be a Citizen. One form of guidance for the Guided Citizens is spiritual formation as practiced by Cianjur Class II B Prison and other forms of life skills training in accordance with the policy in Magelang...
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Fostering Prisoners Through A Religious Approach: Case Study in Class II-A Prison in Magelang, Central Java and Prison Class II B Cianjur, West Java

Kuswandi Kuswandi, Cucu Solihah
Prison is a place for fostering prisoners who have problems with the law with the aim of preparing prisoners to be able to integrate healthily and be accepted in society well. In addition to the skill abilities of prisoners, prisons also have the responsibility to nurture the mental and spiritual prisoners,...
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A Systematic Review on Sustainable Human Resource Management: A Framework for Managing Training in The Indonesian Police Force

Zidni Husnurofik, Fitri Nurmahmudah, Husaini Usman
This study aims to analyze the state-of-the-art of sustainable human resources management in police and to identify key elements, trends, and research gap. A systematic literature review was carried out using the JSTOR database, covering the period from 2013-2018, which resulted in a corpus of 11 scientific...
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Active Learner Strategies in Era of Disruption: a Literature Review

Aminatul Syakdiyah, Fitri Nurmahmudah, Wiwik Wijayanti
In this transformation era, that humans be able to become competitive subjects to innovate in every single area. The disruption era that grows along with the industrial revolution 4.0 were called digitalization was brought many effects for its changing. As the agent of change, the learner should be able...
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Migraine Prevalence and Treatment in Students of Yogyakarta State University

Qisthihana Mazaya, Wara Kushartanti
This research is the preliminary research of the development of a Self Massage Therapy Model for migraine healing. In Indonesia, research on the migraine prevalence in large populations has not been widely carried out, so that valid data about migraine prevalence have not been widely known. The peak...
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Strengthening Morality And Character of Madrasah Tsanawiyah’s Students in Kulon Progo by Developing Good Habits and Effective Communication With Parents

Sutipyo Ru’iya
Children's morality and akhlak have been in the spotlight lately, and teachers are often suspected of this problem. The teacher as an agent of change has a heavy responsibility to keep the moral and moral character of the child well-maintained. Based on the phenomenon, the decline in moral and akhlak...
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Consumer Protection of Drug in Indonesian Law: Examining The Paternalism Theory

Norma Sari
Strengthening progressive civil society among Southeast Asia in consumer protection, based on a long history of consumer protection movement which was initiated by civil society. This research focuses on paternalism theory; the development; the needs and applied model in Indonesian Law. This normative...
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Increasing Student Capacity in Disaster Preparedness through Psychosocial Training

Irvan Handaka, Zela Septikasari
Psychosocial knowledge and skills are very important considering guidance and counseling services are also needed in crisis counseling during disaster response. This refers to the Minister of Education and Culture number 23 of 2008 concerning Indonesian Counselor Competency Standards (SKKI), counselors...
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Correlation Between Teaching Readiness with Math Anxiety of Primary Pre-Service Teacher

Mukti Sintawati, Ginanjar Abdurrahman
The purpose of this study was to find out: 1) Readiness to teach mathematics of primary pre-service teacher in semester 6 of the academic year 2017/2018, 2) level of math anxiety of primary pre-service teacher in semester 6 of the academic year 2017/2018, and 3) is there a relationship between student...
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Teacher Competence in Developing Motor Skills of Elementary School Students

Akhmad Rizqi, Panggung Sutapa
One of the development aspects that must be developed is physical or motor development. Learning while playing can be used as a way to apply kinesthetic-based motor skills learning by actively involving physical activities or using parts of the body in a happy and fun atmosphere. This research aimed...
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The Effect of Transformational Leadership Style and Human Relations on Work Satisfaction

Subardjo Subardjo, Fatwa Tentama, Desta Kusuma, Rellin Ayudya, Surahma Mulasari
Transformational and human relations leadership style are two factors which are capable of influencing work satisfaction. This research aims to empirically examine the role of such leadership style and their influence towards work satisfaction in X University. The subjects of this research are permanent...
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Relationship Between Work Satisfaction with Employee Engagement

Fatwa Tentama, Subardjo Subardjo, Surahma Mulasari, Novi Ningrum
Job satisfaction is a factor capable of increasing the level of employee engagement. This study aims to empirically examine the relationship between job satisfaction and employee engagement. The subjects in this study are the lecturers at the University of X. The selection of subjects was randomized...
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The Magic of Creation Philosophy: Building the 21st Spiritual Literacy through Seven Learning Pathways

Unik Salsabila
To address the potential disclosure pace of information technology and the reality of eroding Islamic character values, mastery of spiritual literacy is essential for students in the 21st century. This study aims to find useful learning models that can be developing in the process of planting religious...
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The Curriculum Model of Study Program-based Muhammadiyah Form of Cadre

Zalik Nuryana, Arif Rahman, Farid Setiawan
Islamic education should quickly adapt itself with era development. The study program in university has an important role in delivering the students' success. Islamic Education Study Program of Ahmad Dahlan University (PAI UAD) develops study program-based form of cadre curriculum called ORNAMI the Orientation...
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Historiography of the Arabic Grammar in Europe: The Legacy of Wright’s Arabic Grammar

Yoyo Yoyo, Abdul Mukhlis
Arabic Grammar is a branch of science that emerged in the early Islamic era. Nevertheless, grammatical works compiled by the Arab scholars such as Sibawaih with his al-Kitāb considered difficult to understand by those who are not Arabic speakers (especially for Europeans) in terms of paradigm and its...
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Participatory Development Communication: A Strategy in Climate Change Adaptation in Southeast Asia

Mohummad Hassan, Estrella Arroyo
Climate change is a global apprehension impacting the lives of millions from all spheres of the world. Most hard-hit are the less-developed nations whose livelihood depend much on agriculture with low-level technology, poor information system, and weak grassroots institutions. This is now a significant...
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Teaching Material Development Among Higher Education Teachers: A Qualitative Study in Indonesian Context

I'in Irliana, Bambang Pratolo
This study is intended to investigate the ways the teachers of higher education develop teaching material which include how to select, modify and develop their own teaching materials. This study applies the qualitative research method with in-depth interview and observation as the data collecting techniques....
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Empowerment of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Traders Through Insurance

Mulhadi Mulhadi, Syaiful Azam
This study aims to find an empowerment model for SME traders who are considered ideal in the future with an empirical juridical approach through distributing questionnaires to 95 trader’s respondents in 4 main markets in Medan city, where samples are determined by purposive sampling technique were measured...
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Students' Generic Science Skills in Chemistry Learning Using Inquiry-Based Learning

Retno Utami, Eli Rohaeti
Generic skills are skills needed for various fields of work and life. In this research, the generic skills discussed are generic skills in the field of science, called generic science skills. This research aims to analyze the effect of inquiry-based learning on students’ generic science skills in chemistry...
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Framework of the Blended Learning in Vocational Study to Achieve Hot Skills

Sukatiman Sukatiman, Muhammad Akhyar, Roemintoyo Roemintoyo, Siswandari Siswandari
This study aims to find and test learning frameworks that are suitable to be applied in Geomatics material at the university level. The method used was descriptive qualitative, with the participation of 32 students who were given mixed learning through a model, method, and evaluation. Data collection...
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Dispute Settlements of Oil Spills in the Sea Towards Sea Environment Pollution

Elly Kristiani Purwendah, Dewa Gede Sudika Mangku, Aniek Periani
Environmental pollution often occurs not only in parts of the environment that are on land, but environmental pollution often also occurs in the sea. The sea is a part of the environment that has enormous benefits and roles for human life. In history, the sea has proven to have various functions, including...
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Juridical Review of Islamic Law: Surrogacy Phenomenon in Southeast Asia Countries

Syariful Alam, Nur Hidayah
Rent womb or commonly called surrogacy arises because of the modernization process, the process of modernization here is the development of science and technology in the field of medicine, namely genetic engineering. The purpose of rent womb is to help a married couple who are unable to have offspring...
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Urgency of the Ombudsman in the District in monitoring the Operation of Public Services

Iskatrinah Iskatrinah, Doni Supriyo
This study was based on the background of the condition of public services in Indonesia which is still considered poor by the public using public services. Many complaints and criticisms have been expressed by the public to government institutions, service providers, both at the central and regional...
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Investigating the Effectiveness of Inquiry Learning and Direct Learning Models Toward Physics Learning

Fatmawati Fatmawati, Luh Sukariasih, Suritno Fayanto, Heri Retnawati
This research proposes to determine the effectiveness of physics learning by comparing physics learning models, namely inquiry learning and direct learning models. This research limited to a review of student learning outcomes taught by using inquiry learning and direct learning. The research instrument...
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ASEAN Civil Society In The Digital Era; Are We Moving Backwards?

Sholahuddin Al-Fatih, Zaka Aditya, Haris Haris, Wahyudi Kurniawan
One of the impacts of technological development is the shifting of people's interaction from offline to online and borderless, from the citizen to the netizen. There is a negative side to the interaction change, which is the potential for malicious activity in the virtual world by state and non-state...
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High Fertility Rates for the Education Infrastructure Crisis in Developing Countries: The Case of Malawi

Manfred Ndovi, Xin Miao
School infrastructure is one of the important factors that contribute to quality education. However, school infrastructure continues to be a serious challenge for most developing countries in the World. The ever-growing population coupled with high fertility levels has given most developing countries...
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Wanprestasi of Mudharabah Financing in Sharia Banking

Wwin Wiyono, Eti Erowati
This study aims to determine the completion of wanprestasi on mudharabah financing in sharia banking. To achieve these objectives, the normative juridical approach method is used. Conclusion, the existence of sharia banking in Indonesia is a bank which operates in line with Islamic sharia provisions,...
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Moral Panic and Online Prostitution: Study of Social Reactions

Arif Awaludin, Ikama Triana
The increasing progress in information and communication technology has an impact on the mode of crime. Online prostitution is one mode of crime that utilizes this technological advancement. The ease of access obtained, the maintenance of the confidentiality of the perpetrators and the lack of law enforcement...
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Natural Science Learning Based on Technology For Students to Prepare For 4.0-Era Education

Siwi Purwanti
College Students of Primary School Teacher Education, Ahmad Dahlan University are the younger generation who will contribute in building civilization in education, especially after they graduate and apply knowledge in the elementary school world. For this reason, lecturers need to provide knowledge in...
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Policy for Formulating Criminal Law in the Indonesian Criminal Justice System

Sukmareni Sukmareni, Aria Zurneti, Syaiful Munandar
This study aims to analyze the policy of reformulating corruption law in Law No. 20 of 2001 concerning changes and additions to Law No. 31 of 1999 concerning the eradication of Corruption in Indonesia, and the policy on the formulation of corruption law needed to accelerate the eradication of Corruption...
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Implementation of the Employment Social Security for Informal Workers or Labors with No Employment Contract in Purbalingga Regency

Susilo Wardani
Social security is the right of every citizen protected by law. Every citizen, including informal workers, including workers outside of employment, is also entitled to the social security. In Purbalingga Regency, the participants of employment social security from informal workers are very low. This...
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Progressive Law Implementation in the Southeast Asian Country Environment

Suyatno Suyatno
Southeast Asian countries still face challenges collectively in resolving regional and international security issues. Progressive law is very necessary. The community currently agrees that handling legal issues is not enough in the hands of their own countries to require cooperation from Southeast Asian...
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The Simulations of Energy based on the Building Masterplan of RSUD Pandan Arang Boyolali

Isra' Darmawan, Basuki Basuki, Priyono Yulianto, Susatyo Pramono, Novi SP, Iwan Rustendi
Safe and comfortable are important factors which can affect to the patient's healing process. However, the patient room designed up to standard requires to creating healthy, safety, and comfortable for inpatient room. This study aims to simulate energy consumption based on Masterplan of the local government...
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Growing the Shame in Overcoming Juvenile Delinquency in the Educational Institutions in Bengkulu Province

Ani Aryati, Purmansyah Ariadi
This paper is based on the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency that is increasingly felt be troubling every day, from mild to severe actions. This condition is based on various factors, one of them is educational environmental factor. School age teenagers called students should be grown a culture of shame...
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Efforts to Realize a Sustainable City of Palembang by implementing Ideal Green Open Space Regulations and Constraints

Khalisah Hayatuddin, Febrina Rani
The green open space (RTH) is an effort to actualize a healthy, comfortable, beautiful, productive and sustainable city. Palembang is one of many cities that lack of this green open space. This study uses a type of normative juridical research. The approach problems in this study include the statute...