Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on English Language and Teaching (ICOELT-8 2020)

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Gender Differences in Slip of the Tongue on EFL University Students

Citra, Jufrizal
Slip of the tongue is one of the most commonly mistake that doing by EFL learners because in EFL context, there some obstacles that will face by EFL students, such as lack of vocabulary, feeling nervous in speaking, bad pronunciation and so on. This research, mainly explore the comparison between male...
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Coaching Pre-Service Teachers in Planning and Teaching English Online

Sitti Hadijah, Shalawati
Before the outbreak of Covid 19, the pre-service teachers at the university where my colleague and I are teaching used to have a two-month teaching training session at schools to expand their knowledge, skill, and experiences in teaching face-to-face in the physical classroom. However, in this 2020/2021...
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Teacher Challenge and Tech Issues in Online Schools

Nur Aisyah Zulkifli, Mardia Hayati, Mirawati
While the study on distance learning and its challenges has proliferated, this study describes how teachers confide in the challenges of teaching when schools close and tech issues during the pandemic. Drawing upon the source of data, including an online survey via telephone interviews and Google meet...
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The Correlation Between EFL College Students’ Learning Motivation with Listening Anxiety at Intermediate Listening Classes

Aryuliva Adnan, Leni Marlina, Edi Trisno, Sinta Chairani Hutapea
Motivation acquires crucial decrees in listening competences for the reason that it hands the students more self-sufficient to grasp their intentions. This study attends to the relationship between students’ listening motivation and anxiety. The objective of this study is to criticize the correlation...
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The Correlation Between EFL College Students’ Self-Efficacy and Their Listening Anxiety at Intermediate Listening Class

Leni Marlina, Aryuliva Adnan, Edi Trisno, Faidhurrahmat
Self-efficacy is important for improving emotional states and to correct faulty self-beliefs and habits of thinking, academic skills and self-regulatory practices improvement. Anxiety prevents EFL learners in improving their language learning skills. This research inspect the self-efficacy and whether...
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English Undergraduate Students’ Expectation of Online Learning for English Speaking Skill

Ayunida Gustriani, Hamzah
Due to the spreading of Covid-19, face-to-face learning has been changed to online learning. Online platforms and applications have been used to support English teaching and learning process like teaching English speaking skill. One of ways to make online learning successfull is through knowing students’satisfaction....
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EFL University Students’ Errors in Constructing Complex Sentences in Academic Writing

Paradise Princess, Hermawati Syarif
Writing in academic purposes becomes a big challenge for EFL students since they are required to produce their S1 thesis as one of the fulfillments to graduate from their study. In this academic writing, using different types of sentences as one of its characteristics is often found difficult for the...
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Augmented Reality-Based Learning Media Design: Its Compatibility to Blended Learning

Antonius Suratno, Erdhi Widyarto Nugroho
This objectives of this study are to find out: (1) the functionality and the compatibility of the AR-based game for Blended Learning model (2) describe users’ perspectives on its potential for blended learning activities. The design of the game called ArReadSpeed has gone through several stages that...
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An Analysis of Operational Verb of Learning Indicators in Curriculum 2013 Lesson Plans

Artika Rahmah, M. Zaim
Learning indicators are signs of basic competency achievement that can be measured and observed. Learning indicator plays important roles because it uses as a reference in designing teaching and learning activities, learning objectives, and also learning assessment. In fact, there were mistakes in the...
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Indonesian High School Teachers’ Approaches in Teaching Literature in English

Delvi Wahyuni, Witri Oktavia, Ainul Addinna
The purpose of this study is to discuss approaches used by Indonesian English teachers in teaching literary texts in high schools. This study was conducted during one of several community engagement sessions in which the writers acted as co-organizer and invited speakers. This activity is aimed at improving...
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Teacher’s Questions and Students’ Responses in EFL Classroom Interaction

Ade Safitri, Jufrizal
Teachers’ questions play a very important role to initiate teaching and learning since they affect students’ responses. Almost all classroom interactions during teaching leaning process are built by teacher’s question. So far, the problem faced by the teacher is to deal with students’ participation,...
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Teachers’ Challenging Towards Implementation E-Learning Applications in Giving Feedback for First Grade Students’ of Junior High School

Tri Rahayu, Jufrizal
The process of learning practices during the COVID-19 pandemic has to be replaced with the use of online learning or long distance learning. It is a challenging task for teachers, students and parents as well. They will follow the process of online learning by using various kind of learning application...
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Classifying Word Association Test (WAT) Response in Song Study at Students Senior High School 1 Sungai Aur

Trisa Wendari, M. Zaim
Vocabulary development is a significant purpose in any language teaching. The term that manages vocabularies in the person is named ‘mental lexicon’. The mental lexicon describes a dictionary that upgrades every word, meaning, and associate them with another word in the mind. Word Association Test is...
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Covid-19 Vocabulary in English Arabic and Indonesian Multimedia as Social Practices

Darsita Suparno, Santje Inneke Iroth, Donald Matheos Rattu, Nuryani
This paper studies language and creativity on the covid-19 term, social environment and social practices and multimedia that occurs in English, Arabic and Indonesian. The study attempts to find answers to the following questions: a) how are the vocabulary forms related to covid-19 used in English, Arabic,...
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The Use of Whatsapp Messaging as Mobile Learning in Developing Writing Skills

Muhammad Syarif, M. Zaim
WhatsApp messaging offers four types of messages that have the potential of reinforcing the class material and given positively influence student’s learning. It also helps a teacher to improve student’s reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. Besides that, the use of WhatsApp affects students...
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The Usability of Learning Management System (LMS) and Students’ Perception in English Language Teaching at SMKN 2 Padang

Hirval, M. Zaim
Pandemic of Covid-19 has affected educational systems worldwide, leading to the closures of a big number of schools, universities and colleges. As located in red zone of pandemic criteria, SMKN 2 Padang has not been allowed to conduct face to face learning and teaching process since March 2020. Although,...
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The Common Strategies of Students in Learning Oracy in Academic Context Subject

Winny Berliana
The purpose of this study was to find the common strategies used by students in learning Oracy at English Department in Universitas Jambi. There were six participants from 001, 002 and 003 class. In addition, a qualitative design, case study approach and interviews are used in this study to collect and...
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An Analysis of Argument of Students’ Argumentative Essay by Using Toulmin Model

Rizqiyyah Nadliroh Siregar, Hermawati Syarif, Zul Amri
Argumentative essay is one kind of essay in which the writer attempts to encourage the readers to agree with his/her opinion explained in the text. This research aims to investigate the argument written by students in writing argumentative essay by using Toulmin model. Based on this model each argument...
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Developing Task Based Language Teaching Worksheet as the Solution in Teaching and Learning English

Suci Azani Putri, Refnaldi
Worksheet is common used as supplementary teaching materials in teaching and learning English. It provides interesting tasks which cannot be found in text book. Worksheet facilitates teacher to make an existing classroom activity through completing the tasks. This paper tries to explore the use of task...
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Seven C’s Communication Skills Problems in Writing Business Letter of English Major Undergraduate Students

Karnedi, M. Zaim, Mukhaiyar
This article examines the students’ low ability and the degrees of their difficulties in writing business letters. The identified problems were based on the indicators of Seven C’s communication skills. Students had low skills in writing opening, body, and closing paragraphs of business letters. Questionnaires...
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Teaching Speaking Through Storytelling

Rodi Hartono, Mukhaiyar, Rusdinal, Azwar Ananada
The research objective is to increase the students’ speaking skill. The research is conducted to find out the effect of using storytelling to the students’ speaking skill. The research design was quasi-experimental research, the respondents were students of SMP Negeri 2 Kerinci. 41 students divided into...
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The Use of YouTube Video to Enhance Students’ Speaking Skill in Senior High School

Dewi Qomaria, M. Zaim
As one of the most popular social media, YouTube has a lot of benefit, especially for teaching English. It helps teachers to facilitate students in their learning activities. This research aims to find out the use of YouTube video in enhancing students’ speaking skill in Senior High School. The design...
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Strategies Used by Teachers in Enhancing Students’ Spoken English by Using Video Conference in English Online Based Course

Adef Silfia, Hamzah
Video conference is one of the latest media tools used in English language teaching. Online education has adopted this media to conduct teaching virtually. This requires the educationist to get used to this technology which is constantly developing. Nonetheless, it is seen that the barriers to use the...
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Using Communicative Games to Improve Students’ Speaking Skill

Desi Andriani, Hermawati Syarif
Speaking is very important for EFL students especially in Indonesia. Unfortunately, many students are still having problem with speaking skill. The students are not able to speak English in the classroom because they are lack of spoken English practice. It is likely caused by ineffective teaching. Asking...
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The Cubing Technique: A Technique in Pre-Writing to Improve Students’ Writing Skill

Suhaimi, Mukhaiyar, M. Zaim, Azwar Ananda
In the context of teaching writing, students are required to get better result in writing any kinds of text. However, students are still encountered problems in writing, such as not all writing stages are done. Specifically, students did use a certain technique on the prewriting stage. Therefore, they...
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Study on Certified and Uncertified English Teachers Pedagogic Competence

Ulya Rahmi Fadhila, Ratmanida
The problem of education and learning is a fairly complex problem where many factors influence it. One of these factors is the teacher. In an increasingly modern era such as in the era of industry 4.0, teachers must be required to be professional. Talking about teacher professionalism as mandated in...
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Lecturers’ Perception on English Ability Towards the Lecturers’ Professionalism

Rini Afriani
Lecturers need English to develop their professionalism. English can be a bridge in helping their professional career. In this situation, lecturers should have a good English ability to reach their target. This descriptive study aims to describe the perceptions of lecturers about their English ability....
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Students’ Strategies in Reading Online Authentic Materials

Rahma Dania, Annisha Dyuli Adha
Reading online authentic materials for first-year EFL students is not a piece of cake. They need to employ reading strategies they were learning in reading the authentic texts. The present study describes the implementation of reading strategies that are used by EFL freshmen in Reading Comprehension...
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Collaborative Paragraph Writing in Students’ Writing Skill

Syamsuarni, Jufrizal, Yenni Rozimela
This study explores the effect of collaborative writing technique to students’ writing skill in writing recount paragraph. This experimental research was conducted in 4 weeks (8 meetings). 33 students participated in experimental group, whereas the other 33 students was in a control group. Writing test...
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The Challenges Experienced by Professional Teachers in Teaching and Learning on Online Platform

Fidel, Sitti Fatimah
Indonesian professional teachers are demanded to master four basic competencies: spiritual, social, pedagogical, and professional competencies. Professional competency requires teachers to be able to apply information and communication technology (ICT) in both online and offline learning mode. Online...
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The Effectiveness of Reading to Tell the Story to Students’ Reading Comprehension Reviewed from Autonomy Level

Lafziatul Hilmi, Ainul Addinna
This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of Reading to Tell the Story Strategy to students’ reading comprehension reviewed from students’ autonomy level. This was a quasi-experiment research. The population of this study is the students of Intermediate Reading course academic year 2019/2020....
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L1 Syntactic Interference in ESP Students’ Writing Assignments

Tia Marita, Jufrizal
In second/foreign language learning, learners often have their prior knowledge of their first language interference in producing their L2, whether it is in spoken or written form. As Weinreich points out four types of interference, the interference may occur in any aspect of linguistic, including syntax....
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The Potential of Augmented Reality for Vocational High School Learning Amid Covid-19 Spread

Ismi Solikhatun, Sukirno, Arif Wahyu Widodo, Sayidatul Maslahah
Due to Covid-19 spread, the learning system in Indonesia changes from classroom learning to distance learning which has impact on practical learning. Practical training in vocational high school is primary important to prepare students in industrial environment. A technology is needed to combine reality...
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Weekly Quiz During Online Learning Is Not Just an Assessment

Komang Trisnadewi, Ni Made Muliani
Online learning is inevitable in this pandemic. It is necessary to do creative ways by the lecturer so that the materials can be conveyed to the students and the learning objective can be achieved. It was found through initial interviews that there was anxiety faced by students not being able to understand...
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An Analysis of Teacher’s Techniques in Teaching English Vocabulary to Young Learners in English Courses in Lubuk Basung

Mici Amalisa, Yenni Rozimela
This research aims to describe the teaching techniques used by the teachers in teaching English vocabulary to young learners. The type of this research was descriptive research. The participants of this research were six English teachers who teach at 3rd grade to 6th grade of Elementary School and 13...
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The Role of Metacognitive Strategy in Learning English

Mike Okmawati
The world changes into the massive use of technology advance. Learning English language is a kind of adaptation to face this digital era. Learning a second or foreign language need a strategy. It will help students to acquire and use the language more effectively. Many students spend more time to obtain...
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An Analysis of Students’ Language Learning Strategy and Lecturers’ Language Teaching Strategy in Writing for Media Communication Class

Yozi Putri, Sitti Fatimah
Language Learning Strategies or also known as LLS and Lecturers’ Language Teaching Strategies are two crucial points that have significant role in the use of language in communication. It is definitely need extra attempts to learn and teach English as a foreign language. This is becoming more interesting...
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Teachers’ Solution in English Online Learning Process for Senior High School Students in Pandemic Era

Annisa Salima, Hamzah
In this pandemic era, the learning process in all educational institutions is carried out through online learning, including the English learning process. There are several obstacles faced by teachers in teaching English through online learning. This study describes about teachers’ solutions in the English...
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Students’ Perception on Online Learning Media for Learning English Writing Skill during Covid-19 Pandemic

Aulia Andhini, Hamzah
Covid-19 had spread as a global pandemic in all over the world rapidly which has been declared by WHO. It influenced the aspects of human’s life, including the education system. One of the countries that feel this pandemic is Indonesia. The Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesian government had...
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An Analysis of ESP Syllabus at SMK Nusatama Padang Based on Needs Analysis Result

Bima Trisnu Ardinal, Desvalini Anwar
English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is related to the effort in fulfilling the needs of language learners who learn English for their specific disciplines or field where they will use the language. An appropriate ESP syllabus contains what the learners need to be learned for the use of English in their...
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The Use of Information Gap Technique in Improving Students’ Speaking Skill

Gibran Arjuna, Yenni Rozimela
Speaking is an important aspect that enables people to possess good communication skills. Teaching speaking skills to students especially at the high school level is challenging. Nevertheless, the teachers still need a suitable method to teach speaking. The method is expected to facilitate students to...
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An Analysis of Language Code Mixing and Code Switching Used by Teacher During English Teaching Learning Process at SMP Negeri 2 Kamang Magek

Andira Gea Fitria, Hermawati Syarif
This research aims to analyze language code switching and code mixing used by teacher during English teaching learning process at SMP Negeri Kamang 2 Magek. This research focused on describing the reason of code mixing and code switching used by the teachers during English teaching learning process....
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Readability of English Reading Text in Textbook and Handout of Grade Eleventh at SMAN 1 Padang Sago

Asminar, Hermawati Syarif, Zul Amri
The purpose of this study is to find readability level of the reading texts in the textbook and the handout by using cloze test at the eleventh grade of SMAN 1 Padang Sago. This study has used 20 reading texts and 60 students as the sources of the data. The writer has taken 20 reading texts and the students...
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Evaluation of Syllabus of English for Specific Purposes for Nursing Students

Erlinda Usman, Desvalini Anwar
A syllabus is an important document for teaching which contains the outline of course, including topics, weekly schedule, assignments and tests. A syllabus serves as a communication medium for both theories and practices that will be exposed during study to students. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate...
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Using Skype as a Technology Tool to Increase Students’ Motivation in Speaking at Vocational High School in Rengat

Dina Elfipama Gustin
This research happens to find the impact of Skype in increasing the students’ ability in speaking English at Vocational high school in Rengat. This research happens because there is no chance for students to use English for oral communication during a real environment, where within the environment people...
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The Effectiveness of E-Learning Through WhatsApp on Teaching and Learning Activities of Universitas Megarezky’s Students

Hasnani, HR Syamsunie
This study aimed to describe the effectiveness of using WhatsApp for activities and learning outcomes to encourage research in students; To know the description of Student Responses in Using WhatsApp in learning activities. The research design was used as a pre-test, post-test group design, and fifty...
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Consciousness Raising-based Grammar Teaching: Empowering Learner’s Metalinguistic Awareness in Second Language Acquisition

Consciousness Raising Grammar Teaching (CRGT) is one of alternative pedagogical grammar approaches applied by teachers in ELT classroom in relation to learners’ second language acquisition. It has provided a logical way to avoid the grammatical pedagogical problems arising from ELT classroom during the...
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Analysis of L1 Interference in Non-Native English Speaking (NNES) Students English Learning Process

Senorica Yulia Sari, Nora Fudhla
This essay aims to analyze some L1 interference that occurred during NNES students’ practical times using English. NNES students are local students who intake in international programs, in which they do content learning process in English. Lecturers use some approaches such as Content-Based Instruction...
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Enhancing Learners’ Oral Fluency in Using English Through TBLT Approach at the Universitas Negeri Padang

La Mai Tulum, Havid Ardi
Task-based Language Teaching Approach (TBLT) has been introduced in the Asian language Classroom for a couple of decades [1] due to its effectiveness of learners’ language development but when it comes to implementing and research of TBLT in higher education language classroom, little attention has been...
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Trend on TEFL Research: A Study in English Education Department of IAIN Bukittinggi in the Period of 2015 to 2017

Agustia Fadhila, Irvonny Gustira
This research was conducted due to the problems that were faced by the students of English Education Department of IAIN Bukittinggi. The problem is that students tended to use the same topic on their research. Students did not explore creatively the scope of TEFL, so that they did the same research topic....
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Students’ Perception on Online English Learning and Their Achievement During Covid 19 at SMK Manajemen Penerbangan Medan

Citra Marsudi
During covid-19 pandemic, online learning is popular used by educators teaching learning process. Online learning is one of media that can be used in different place and time. It is helpful for the teachers to give an English lesson during learning from home in accordance with current government policy....
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English Teachers’ Perception on English Teacher’s Classroom Management at SMK Negeri 1 Pariaman

Irene Anes
This is a qualitative research design. The purposes of this research are to analyze of the English Teachers’ Perception on English teachers’ Classroom Management at SMK Negeri 1 Pariaman and to find out factors that influence the perception of English teacher’s Classroom Management at SMK Negeri 1 Pariaman....
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Teachers’ Strategies in Fostering Students Critical Thinking in SMAN 1 Guguak

Jacky Ardiyan
This research was to examine the strategies utilized by teachers of English in SMA N 1 Kec. Guguak in fostering the critical thinking of students. This research focused on the kinds of critical thinking based strategies utilized and also how they are implemented by English teachers. The researcher observed...
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Teaching English Strategies During Covid-19 Pandemic at SMKN 1 Lembah Melintang

Fadhillah Mukhlisa, Havid Ardi, Ainul Addinna
Covid-19 pandemic that was claimed from Wuhan, China at the conclusion of 2019 has exchanged to nations over the world at the starting of 2020. This widespread has proposed new era in each perspective of human life, economy or commerce, social, wellbeing, and instruction as well. In instruction segment,...
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The Use of Flipped Classroom in Teaching Writing: An Experimental Study

Mandala Putra
The purpose of this research is to investigate the influence of flipped classroom on the ability of the students to write descriptive text. This research used a quasi- experimental research as a research design. The tenth grade students of SMAN 1 Kutacane were the population of this research. Cluster...
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The Effectiveness of Implementing PQ4R Models on Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension

Prima Rahmadia, Sitti Fatimah
The Preview, Question, Read, Reflect, Recite and Review (PQ4R) strategy was implemented by utilizing a quasi-experimental research design in order to find out whether the strategy was effective to improve students’ reading comprehension. Using a cluster random sampling technique, two groups of Grade...
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The Translation of Dysphemism on YouTube

Sakut Anshori, M.R. Nababan, Djatmika, Tri Wiratno
The rise of sex toy reviews on YouTube has been a particular concern for the scholar. It has been considered taboo in eastern (Indonesian) culture. The sexual language is clearly displayed on YouTube. This paper explores how sexual language expressions pertaining to dysphemism are rendered into Indonesian...
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An Analysis of Types and Functions of Parallelism in Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible

E. S. Kendenan, M.R. Nababan, Sri Marmanto, Dyah Ayu Nila Khrisna
This paper aims at describing and analyzing the types and functions of parallelism used by Matthew Henry in his bible commentary. Parallelism is defined as the correspondence of one verse or line with another. Thus, parallelism in this sense is not limited to the parallel form of grammatical construction...
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Translating Masculinity Into Different Culture: Is Jacob Black Masculine in Indonesian Version of Twilight Saga Novels?

Yopi Thahara, Riyadi Santosa, M.R. Nababan, Dyah Ayu Nila Khrisna
The realization of masculinity can be in the form of expressions uttered by characters in the novel. This research is aimed to examine the translation of expressions containing Jacob Black’s masculinity in the Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga Novels and its Indonesian translation. This translation research...
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The Impoliteness Strategies of Netizens’ Comments on Trump and Jokowi’s Tweets about Covid-19

Dhiant Asri, Adrianis Adrianis, Ike Revita
The sophistication of technology makes all information in one click away. The easiness in sharing and exchanging any news creates a virtual world community with active netizens just like in the real world. Netizens communicate actively through sending the latest statuses and other netizens give any comments...
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Students’ Perception on the Problem in Translating Humor Text

Raihana Tuzzikriah, Havid Ardi
Humor text is one of the texts that are translated from English into Indonesian context. However, translating humor is not easy as it is influence by various factors. This study aims to find out the students’ perception on the problem in translating humor text. It is a descriptive research that describes...
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Gender Bias in Okky Madasary’s Entrok Novel and the Novel of Amba by Laksmi Pamuntjak

Welnita Mayangsari, WS Hassanudin
This research is motivated by gender differences which give rise to the issue of gender inequality, resulting in a gender bias against women. This study aims to explain the gender bias against women in Okky Madasary’s Entrok novels and Laksmi Pamuntjak’s Amba novels. This type of research is a qualitative...