Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Languages and Arts (ICLA 2021)

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An Analysis of Students’ Speaking Ability in Speech at English Department of UMN Al-Washliyah Medan

Yulinda Oktaviana Harahap, Yenni Rozimela
Speaking is one of the important part in language skill that students should have in order to be able to communicate in English. Speech is one of ways for students to practice their English speaking and build their self confidence, share ideas, and express themselve to audience. The descriptive research...
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Three-Year-Old Child Sentence Acquisition: Case Study on Rumaysha

Melia Sri Rahayu, Ermanto
This study aims to describe the sentence acquisition of three-year-old children: a case study on Rumaysha seen from sentences based on completeness of elements, namely complete sentences and incomplete sentences (ellipses, additions, sequences, and minors). This type of research is a qualitative research...
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Analyzing Students’ Needs for Essay Writing Course at University

M. Aries Taufiq, M. Zaim, Yasnur Asri
As a part of research and development, this research aimed to identify students’ need in Essay Writing course at higher education. This descriptive research was conducted by administering a needs analysis questionnaire to the fifth semester students as well as by conducting an interview to the Writing...
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The Effect of English Teaching Material Using Total Physical Response (TPR) Based Character Education in Elementary School

Rindilla Antika, Elsy Melia Syari
This research aimed to examine the effectivenes of the English teaching material oriented to character-based through the TPR as a learning model in improving students’ English ability. This research employed a pre-experimental research with the design one group pretest-postest. The improvemet was measured...
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Analyzing the Background of Students’ Thesis Proposal at English Education of Universitas Muslim Nusantara Al-Washliyah Medan

Yulina Oktaviani Harahap, Hermawati Syarief
Writing is one of the skills that have to be mastered by students in learning English, especially at the tertiary level. It is expected that the students are able to write the background of research problems since, as the first part of thesis proposal, it is very significant. This paper aimed to analyze...
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The Influence of Tad Strategy and Students’ Self-Confidence on Writing Recount Text

Mutiara Irsa, Jufrizal, Ratmanida
Writing is an act of communication with other people in the written form. This article was set out to investigate the influence of TAD Strategy and students’ self-confidence toward writing recount text. The population of this research was the tenth grade of SMAN 1 Painan. The sample of this research...
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Comparative Analysis Between Constructivism Methods and Modelling Methods on Skills Write Student Poetry

Efrianto, Endry Boeriswati, Ninuk Lustyantie, Afnita, Ridha Hasnul Ulya
The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze comparatively the use of constructivism methods with modelling methods on students’ poetry writing skills. This research is quantitative research using experimental method through treatment by level 2 x 2 design. The sample of this research was taken...
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Teachers’ Perception on an ICT-Based Lesson Plan Workshop: Does It Improve Their Pedagogical Competence?

Yati Aisya Rani, Dadi Satria, Dinovia Fannil Kher, Carbiriena Solusia
In this digital era, it is proper for all parts of education providers to have skills in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which are continuously honed and developed. ICT is the right choice as a tool to move the face-to-face learning process to an online platform when the government takes...
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Utilization of Flipbook Maker - Based Teaching Materials in Prose, Poetry and Drama Teaching Courses

Trisnawati Hutagalung, Abdurahman Adisaputera
Flipbook Maker is an application for creating e-books, e-documents, e-zines, and e-modules. Not only in the form of text, with Flipbook Maker we can insert, graphics, images, sound, videos, and links in worksheets. One of the courses in Indonesian and Literature Department is Teaching Prose, Poetry and...
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Development of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) Based Modules for Learning Writing for Class VIII Junior High School Students

Silvia Wina Putri, Atmazaki
This research was conducted to overcome the shortage of learning resources in writing explanatory texts. Students need complementary learning resources. This research aims to describe the process of developing a contextual-based module that is valid, practical, and effective for learning to write explanatory...
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Adaptive Assessment Model in Online Teaching Practices for English Teacher Education Programs

Salam Mairi, Nur Rosita, Nora Fudhla
This study aimed to design an assessment model in response to the enactment of policies regarding the use of E-learning at all educational institutions including English teacher education programs. The policies are considered rather fresh but have a very broad fundamental impact on the quality of teaching...
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English Teachers’ Perception on Using Google Classroom

S Rini Septa Angraini, Jufrizal, Zul Amri
Online learning has become an alternative for schools and any other education programs, since the unexpected situation due to the pandemic. Various online tools are provided for this virtual learning. One of the most popular tools used by the teachers is Google Classroom. This research was aimed to determine...
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Analysis of English Learning Material Computer Engineering Department for Universitas Negeri Padang Students Based on Their Needs

Rahma Widi, Refnaldi
English learning material is one of resource in the teaching and learning process. Commonly, the students need appropriate learning material during learning English, especially for computer engineering department students. They need specific material to fulfil their needs in the learning process. From...
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Covid-19 Memes: Hyperdemocracy Representation (Semiotic Study)

Prapti Wigati Purwaningrum, Aceng Ruhendi Saifullah, Dadang Sudana
A year has passed since the covid 19 pandemic started, and the government policy in terms of handling this pandemic has still been a controversial debate. There are allegations that the pandemic does not exist or is just a conspiracy; the government is considered to be confused when deciding on handling...
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Onomatopoeia and Direct Speech on the Narratives of Deaf and Hearing Students

Marsandi Manar, Dadang Sudana, Iwa Lukmana
This comparative linguistic scrutiny attempts to reveal the phenomena of onomatopoeia and direct speech on the Indonesian narrative compositions produced by deaf and hearing students. Eight personal narratives about being chased by a dog were elicited from eight deaf senior high school students and 12...
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Policy and Implementation of English Learning for Elementary Schools in Indonesia

Erisa Kurniati, Muhammad Zaim, Jufrizal, Jufri
English is crucial for success in the globalized world because it is a powerful language: both for transmitting information and as a tool of innovation. Furthermore, this condition has implications for English’s standing as a foreign language in Indonesia. People have an increased interest in learning...
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The Effects of a Probing Prompting Learning Model and Reading Habits on Class VII Students’ Writing Text Description Skills

Candra Pramita, Atmazaki
The purpose of this study is to see how the Probing Prompting learning model and reading habits affect seventh-grade students at SMP Negeri 17 Padang’s descriptive text writing skills. Reading habits, learning descriptive text writing skills, and the Probing Prompting learning model were the theories...
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Cultural Terms Translation in Japan-Indonesia Diplomacy Content on Social Media Instagram

Asteria Permata Martawijaya, Syihabuddin, Dadang Sudana, Dedi Sutedi
On current era of digitalization information, the Japanese Embassy for Indonesia is developing its diplomacy by using several social media platforms including Instagram as a means of cultural diplomacy. Japan cultural diplomacy in social media Instagram carried out in two languages. The Japanese content...
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Lexical Density in UU Cipta Kerja: A Case Study of Controversial Articles

Marlia, Iwa Lukmana, Wawan Gunawan
This research describes the lexical density in the controversial articles from the UU Cipta Kerja. This study used a qualitative approach by adopting the notion of Halliday’s lexical density method. The results of the analysis show that controversial articles which are contained in Chapter IV concerning...
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The Effect of Teaching Techniques and Motivation on Students’ Speaking Ability at SMA 8 Padangsidimpuan

Siti Isma Sari Lubis
There are such countless elements that make individuals troublesome in dominating talking expertise effectively, like absence of training, terrified of committing errors, reluctant to be snickered and don’t feel certain, or at some point they appear don’t have thoughts in rehearsing their talking, and...
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Error Analysis on Students’ Translation News Item Text from English to Indonesia

Mia Windari, Muhammad Al Hafizh
Despite the fact that translation is widely taught in language classes, errors in translation are still frequently found in students’ translation items. However, there are no fixed models for categorizing translation errors. This study aimed to identify the students’ errors in translating news item text....
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An Analysis of Coherence in Writing Essay Written by Students at Universitas Negeri Padang

Reni Septiwan, Muhammad Al Hafizh
In writing, the students have to consider the coherence especially in writing essay. It aims to avoid misunderstanding in reading an essay. Appropriate the coherence has an important role in writing. Based on the explanation above, this study had a goal to find out the coherence in writing essay that...
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Reading Assessment to Enhance Critical Thinking, Argumentative Thinking, and Higher Order Thinking Skills in Junior High School

M. Zaim, Yetty Zainil, Fitrawati
Reading assessment is used to measure students’ ability to comprehend a text. The assessment for understanding explicit information can be categorized as low-level reading ability, while understanding implied information can be categorized as high-level reading ability. This study aims to reveal how...
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The Utilizing of E-learning Moodle for Learning Process of Intensive Reading at College Students in Riau, Indonesia

Estika Satriani, M. Zaim, Ermanto
Utilizing e-learning with Moodle application has affected the learning process of higher education. To find out whether Moodle application is effective for Intensive Reading Course and to know the contention of students who go into Intensive Reading with Moodle. It is the great significance to know facts...
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Image of Women in The Novel of ‘Kata And The Novel Trilogy Geez And Ann’ by Nadhifa Allya Tsana

Yosi Zamzuardi, Abdurahman
This research is motivated by the phenomenon of depiction of female characters who always live in the midst of quite complicated problems. This study aims to explain the image of women in the novel Kata and the trilogy of novels Geez and Ann by Nadhifa Allya Tsana. This type of research is a qualitative...
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The Structure, Function, and Devolution of Katogun Mantra at Lubuk Patin Koto Baru Dharmasraya Regency

Amar Salahuddin, Vika Yusnita, Aprimadedi, Faradilla Intan Sari, Fitria Sari
This research is attracted by the lack of knowledge of the younger generation about oral folklory, especially mantras. The researchers found in katogun mantras are still used and trusted by a small number of communities as a means of traditional medicine. Thus, it can be deemed that this study aims to...
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Utilization Learning Media Based Animation in the Teaching of Children’s Literature Subject

Azhar Umar, Inayah Hanum, Trisnawati Hutagalung
A animation is a medium. Media to change something, from an imagination, an idea, a concept, to a visual, until finally giving an influence to the world is not only a barrier in the world of animation. One of the courses in the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program is Teaching of...
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The Development of Language Learning Theory Based on Best Practice: A Literature Review

Haryanto Atmowardoyo, Geminastiti Sakkir
This article describes the development process of language learning theory based on best practice. An epistemological reason maintains that best practice can generate a good theory. Researchers have developed foreign language learning theory with the studies of good language learners as the data source....
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The Development of Character Education Content for Learning Writing Skills

Esa Afriyona, Atmazaki
This research is intended to overcome the lack of material in teaching fable texts. Students need more simple and practical teaching materials such as modules as one of the learning materials in seventh grade. Therefore, this study seeks to explain the process of developing project-based learning modules...
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Passive and Ergative Constructions in Minangkabaunese:

How are They Similar and Different?

Jufrizal, Lely Refnita
The discussion on active and passive constructions is dominant in Minangkbaunese rather than those of ergative and antipassive ones. Further studies on grammatical typology of Minangkabaunese have found that there are types of grammatical constructions which are possibly assigned as the ergative constructions...
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The Phenomenon of Space and Time Deixis in Patients with Broca’s Aphasia

Lilis Hartini, Dadang Sudana, Wawan Gunawan, Nyi R. Nuraini Siti Fhatonah
Broca’s aphasia is a left brain disorder that affects the ability to produce language. Patients with Broca’s aphasia have difficulty expressing ideas so that they speak a little, stutter, and often use gestures. The pragmatic theory in this study aims to reveal the meaning of deixis in speech that is...
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Integrating Multicultural Education in School Curriculum

Supsiloani, Badaruddin, Rizabuana Ismail, Dara Aisyah
Education in the era of science, technology, and information is a topic that always attracts attention for all people, especially education stakeholders and education practitioners. The discourse of multicultural education is aimed at responding to the phenomenon of social, cultural and ethnic conflicts...
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Salendang Dance Galombang Version as a Welcome Dance in the Mandeh Tourism Area

This article is the result of research (2021) which aims to develop the choreography of the Salendang Dance in the form of Galombang to be performed in the Mandeh tourist area. The method used by Research & Development (R&D) according to Borg and Gall (2003) is to conduct preliminary research,...
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Ndikkar in the Performing Art Dimensions

Ilham Rifandi, Christine Helena Natalia
Ndikkar is a performing art originating from the Karo people and has a history that spans hundreds of years. At first, Ndikkar acted as the ancient intuition of society in dealing with nature. In the social revolution that occurred in East Sumatra, Ndikkar played a role as a tool for the Karo youth struggle...
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Art and Culture Learning Innovation Study at SMP Negeri 26 Padang

Yofita Sandra, Jupriani, Zubaidah
The teacher’s role in developing student creativity is seen as inseparable from student learning success. Teacher no longer functions as the center of learning, but the students who become the center of learning, various consequences accompany this approach. Arts and culture subjects consist of two sub...
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Empowering Teachers of Cultural Arts of SMA 2 in Payakumbuh in Arranging Song/Music Using the Noteworthy Composer of Music Program

Yos Sudarman, Esy Maestro, Susmiarti Susmiarti
This article aims to provide an explanation of the empowering the teachers of cultural arts of SMA 2 in Payakumbuh through the provision of knowledge and skills about writing song/music arrangements using program of he noteworthy composer. As a knowledge, this program is introduced to teachers of arts...
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Development of Visual Arts Teaching Materials Based on Scientific Approach Class VII SMP Agam Timur

Yusron Wikarya, Zubaidah, Ernis
This research seeks to develop teaching materials that are legitimate (in terms of content, presentation, language, and graphics), practical (in terms of ease of use and timeliness), and effective (in terms of content, presentation, language, and graphics) (viewed from learning outcomes). In junior high...
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Property as a Source of Inspiring Dance Creation for Elementary School Students

Desfiarni, Fuji Astuti
It is difficult for a class teacher to teach dancing course at school, because they find it very difficult to find the movements that will be knitted. These prolonged complaints will not end if there is no effort to always try and do something that is very possible to be done by class teachers. Dancing...
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Digitalization of Arts

Dwiyana Habsary, Agung Kurniawan, Indra Bulan
The currents of the industrial revolution 4.0 and society 5.0 have changed the world order from computerization to digitalization. One of them that was seriously affected was the world of dance, because dance artists (choreographers) had to keep up with the times. Plus the Covid-19 pandemic which forced...
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Kebaya Setengah Tiang: Minang Cultural Identity in a Traditional Costume of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Linda Sunarti, Afriadi, Noor Fatia Lastika Sari, Raisye Soleh Haghia
Migration is one of the certain phenomena happened toward mankind, travelling enough distance from one place to another in the means of survival. In a modern era, the identity of the people within society could no longer be separated from their past journeys, and not to mention: the Minangkabaus. The...
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Comparison of Politeness Principles in Ustaz Khalid Basalamah Lecture with Ustaz Zulkifli Muhammad Lecture

Ermanto, David Syasli, Novia Juita
This study presents a comparison of the principles of politeness in the communication of Ustaz Khalid Basalamah’s lectures with Ustaz Zulkifli Muhammad Ali’s lectures. The data used is in the form of speech delivered by Ustaz Khalid Basalamah and Ustaz Zulkifli Muhammad Ali in da’wah/lectures. The data...
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The Principle of Cooperation in the Healthy Hacks ID Podcast on the Episode “Antigen SWAB or PCR SWAB?” and Its Implications in Learning to Interview

People usually work together to get their point across. A communication activity will run smoothly as it should, if both the speaker and the speech partner are able to provide cooperation that is relevant to the conversation topic being discussed to achieve a desired goal. In addition to daily conversations...