Proceedings of the 2013 the International Conference on Education Technology and Information System (ICETIS 2013)

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The Enlightenment of German FH Education to the Cultivation of Applied Talents for Our Country's Local Colleges and Universities

Xiang-feng Guan, Jin-ling Liu
German universities of applied science and technology (FH is the abbreviated form to Fachhochschule) are the new kind of institutions of higher learning to cultivate advanced applied talents in Germany. This essay first introduces the teaching concept, the training goal, the curriculum system, talents...
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Non-equigap Stage Sequence GM(1,1, ) Model and its Application

Lijun Liao, Mingyun Gao
To predict the number of newborns, we establish an non-equigap stage sequence GM (1,1) model. Above all, we construct a non-equigap cumulative operator and calculate the optimal multiplier. Then we use the genetic algorithms to solve the model. On this basis, we improve it and obtain the GM(1,1, )model....
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Study on the Innovative Talents in Wuhan Industry in the Transformation and Upgrading Period

Zhihong Li
The 12th Five-Year Plan is the important period of the transformation and upgrading of the industry in Wuhan and the time to further lay its foundation. The success in the industrial transformation and upgrading depends on the talents, especially on those with innovative spirits and courage. Aimed at...
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About Enterprises' Need for Human Resources Training

Shanshan Xu
In the era of knowledge economy, human resources training for enterprises is given new functions. Training now aims at the creation and sharing of effective knowledge in a broader sense. Today, enterprises need to reach their business goals, while organizations need to reach their goals, obtain resources...
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A New Algorithm of Tracking Ballistic Missiles

Lifeng Qi, Guanglong Jiao, ChuangMing Tong
A new algorithm for the problem of initiating the tracks assuming the target trajectories follow a deterministic state propagation, through the maximum likelihood (ML) estimator combined with the probabilistic data association (PDA) First some well-known approaches for statistical model selection and...
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Research on governmental malfunctions, market failure and the subjects of farmers’ education

Chengwei Chu, Qinling Jing
The promoting process of farmers’ education is a dynamic process in which the two propositions of “governmental malfunctions ”and “market failure ” complement and play game each other. During the present process, government must be in the dominant position. At the same time, it is necessary to accurately...
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The Negative Effects and Control of Blended Learning in University

Shengjian Chen, Yun Lu
Blended learning is becoming more and more popular in recent years for it blended the advantages of traditional teaching and online teaching. But there are some negative effects in blended learning, such as the definition is not clear, students’ cognitive load increased, teachers are difficult to grasp...
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Reflection on Strengthening Specialty Construction of Local Application-oriented University

Ying Zhang
Specialty construction is an important foundation of talent training in colleges and universities and is also an important content of university construction; besides, its construction level determines the quality and standard of talent training and reflects schooling capability and schooling level....
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Discussion on Strengthening Teachers’ Morality Construction of Young University Teachers

Ying Zhang
Young university teachers are the fresh troops in the team of university teachers and they grow up during the era of reform and opening up and thus have distinctive stamps and characteristics of the times in morality cultivation, however, certain problems exist. In this thesis, the methods for the teachers’...
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Research on Systematic thinking of the construction of urban tourism public service system: a case of Urumqi

Bin Wen, Zhaoping Yang
It is obvious that with the tourism activities more and more popular, individual, and normal, tourists’ demand for tourism public service is more intense. How to provide the tourists with an efficient urban tourism industry. This article is about the analysis of the constructional situation in Chinese...
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Essential Attribute of Educational Technology in Enhancing the Productivity of Education

Zhenfang Liu
As an organic part of education informatization, the educational technology plays a pivotal role in the critical period when the nation implements the Outline of the National Medium-and Long-Term Program for Education Reform and Development plan (2010-2020).To clarify the essential attribute of educational...
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The Teaching Scheme Discussion of Clothing Production Line Training Base in Campus

Qi Zhao, Chunnuan Li
In order to study how to improve the efficiency of the teaching on the production line, we carry on the research. Based on the design of Rotation time on line, teaching content, teaching methods, evaluation of different teaching methods, Through the data analysis of the experimental results, the paper...
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Exploration of the Fusion Display of ECDIS and Radar Image Information in High Latitude Sea Area

Shuhao Zhang, Xin Liu, Ning Zhang
The inconsistency between the radar image information and electronic chart information in the high latitudes can result in much difficulty on the identification of marks, which will be dangerous to the ship's navigation. By analyzing the characteristics of the projection methods of the high-latitude...
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Experimental teaching mode in the application of mental health education

Xiaoyan Li, Dayan Li
With the continuous improvement of quality of life, mental health education has been more and more attention. How to improve the classroom effectiveness, enhance their mental qualities are the main institutions of higher learning efforts to solve the problem.
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Improving Auto Insurance Course Teaching through Case Study

Yali Yang, Renhong Juan, Hao Chen
Auto Insurance Course is a market oriented course, with close relation with market and industry. Case study method is a useful way to improve the ability of utilizing knowledge to solve actual problem, and enhance the career competence and ability. Based on the characteristics of the course and case...
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Using Senior Project to improve Auto Insurance Course Teaching

Yali Yang, Renhong Juan, Hao Chen
Auto Insurance Course is a practice oriented course, with close relation with market and industry. Senior project is a platform for student to use their knowledge and develop their ability. Senor project is closely related with auto insurance course teaching, which can improve the teaching result of...
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On the Innovation Mechanism of University Library Resource Utilization--- A Case study of the China Three Gorges University

Ling Jiang, Xiaohong Zhai
University library takes an important role in education and research to drive higher education development and promote to accomplish its missions. We analyzed some common problems in the utilization of university library resources, including information supply, knowledge popularization and characteristic...
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Research on Forecast of Ultra-short-term Load under the Influence of Electric Railway

Ruifeng An, Jiming Du
Railway is an important infrastructure of the state, national main artery and popular means of transport .With the gradually maturity of high-speed railway technology of China, the proportion of load of electric railway in the national power consumption load. As the electric railway load is characterized...
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Study on Corporate Social Responsibility Based on the Dissipative Structure Theory

Baoying Wang
Fulfilling social responsibility is great significant for achieving sustainable development and building a harmonious society.Based on the Dissipative structure theory and from the system viewpoint,the internal and external conditions for the enterprise to form the dissipative structure are analysed.The...
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Employees’ Information System Usage Behavior Evolution Based on Social Network Analysis Perspective

Min Qin, Jingjing Guan
Prior research has studied individual-level information system post-adoption usage, primarily regarding cognitive factors as predictors of individual usage behavior. We suggest that employees should be embedded in the social network of the organizational unit, and their interactions with coworkers can...
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Evaluation Research on the Innovation Efficiency as Value-chain Framework: Evidence from Jiangsu Province

Xuezhen Zhu
Based on the value-chain framework, the innovation system was divided into two interactive sub-phases: upstream research and development process and downstream technological commercialization process. By introducing network DEA model, we computed the R&D, the technological commercialization and overall...
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Thought on the Training of Application-oriented Undergraduates of Legal Specialty Education in China

Guanying Yang
Cultivating the applications and innovative abilities of undergraduates is the key for promoting the quality education comprehensively, and is the main content in the undergraduate education in China as well. To improve legal education we need to change not only the process of teaching and learning,...
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Establishment and Practice of Higher Educating System of Outstanding Mining Engineer

Chuanwei Zang, Weijia Guo, Kegong Fan, Zhongcheng Qin
Mining industry plays an important role in Chinese National Economy with more than 10 million persons serving for it, yet the quality and capacity of Chinese mining engineers has lagged far behind developed countries. In this paper based on “Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineer”, according...
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Thinking and Exploration of Science Education of the High School Students

Wei Fu, Pengguang Tang, Qian Li, Hao Xie, Jian Fang
In this paper, for reflection and exploration of students’ science education, as well as the status of students' science education and the significance. Exploring the science education should change their concepts. And innovative talent training mode. And strengthen practice teaching and strengthen the...
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Instructional Design and Training of Typical Simulation Project-- water supply and monitoring system

Yafeng Zhang
In order to foster students’ ability of analyzing and solve problems and improve their practical ability, we designed a comprehensive practical instructional simulation which helps the students to have a clear understanding of water supply and monitoring theory based on the curriculum. This simulation...
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Teaching Practice about the Post-guiding Rail Service Etiquette Course

Meiling Xu
In order to make the combination of skills and knowledge, post-guiding learning is a new practical way of the current higher vocational education. The scientific attitude of the development heritage should be required. The curriculum intrinsic characteristics and the higher vocational college students'...
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ON Net-based English Learning from Psycholinguistics Perspectives

Xianmin Huang
Internet is a magical world, many treasures can be found there. Internet is also an important tool in our work, study and daily lives. Compared with paper textbooks and encyclopedias, learning English online has become the best choice for its large amount of information and strong interactivity. What’s...
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Screening and Sequencing of the Affecting Factors of Residential Owner Satisfaction Based on Key Events

Yue Miao, Yinghui Li
Using the key incident method, we found three main major factors which affecting owners’ satisfaction: service quality , safety management , cost and fund management. And by theoretical analysis and empirical investigation, we constructed an owners satisfaction index system, screened and sequenced these...
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Research on College Graduates’ Employment and Entrepreneurship Strategy—— Taking the Higher Vocational Students in Specialities for Producer Services Sector for an Example

Hong Li, Xiao-de Zuo
According to the research on the employment and carving out situation for students in specialities for producer services sector of some higher vocational colleges in Foshan, Guangzhou, discuss under the status quo in the environment of economic development mode transformation and the Pearl River Delta...
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The Application of Fuzzy Level Evaluation in Occupational Ability Evaluation for Higher Vocational Students

Weiqi Tan
Occupational ability consists of three levels according to the theory of system composition: special professional skills, industry generic skills and core skills. Analytic hierarchy process is used to establish the hierarchical structure model, construct the comparison matrix, calculate the weights of...
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Performance Appraisal of Human Resources in University Libraries --Taking the Library in Jiangxi University of Science and Technology as an Example

Jiezhu Nie, Qiuwen Huang, Ganghua Zhang
This paper has analyzed performance appraisal(PA) principles of human resources(HR) in universities, listed out PA indices and their significance, and structuralized PA model in theory. This model has been employed perfectly in evaluating the year 2011 annual performances of the HR in the library of...
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The Innovative Teaching Mode Research of Database Principle Based on Information Technology Environment

Lingxing Yang, Zhongyu Zhang
Database principle is quite an important elementary course in education technology, and the question how to guide students to effectively learn it has been puzzling teachers all the time. In response to this phenomenon, this paper describes that with the support of the IT environment, teachers break...
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Dynamic Game-theoretic Model for Coordinating Pricing and Inventory Decisions in a Supply Chain with Retailer Competition

Yun Huang, George Q. Huang, Kuifun Ip Gang
In this paper, we discuss how a manufacturer interacts with his multiple competing retailers to optimize their individual net profits through coordinating pricing and inventory decisions in a two-echelon supply chain. The manufacturer purchases raw materials outside to produce substitutable products...
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The New Ideas’ Exploration in “The Principle and Application of PLC” Cultivation of Innovative Talents in Information Fields

Fengcai Huo, Weijian Ren, Chaohai Kang, Keyong Shao, Yanhui Li
According to the characteristics of strong theoretical, abstract concepts and fast technological update in the course “The Principle and Application of PLC”, a series of exploration measures are improved in the content of classroom teaching, experimental training teaching, school-enterprise cooperation,...
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Research on Volunteer Service System Construction of City Major Festival Activity: A Case of the Asia-Europe Exposition of Urumqi

Bin Wen, Zhaoping Yang, Qiling Huang
Exhibition tourism is an essential part of city tourism. In recent years, the successful held of a series of exhibition and events of major city in China have close relationship with the volunteer service. This text through the analysis of the questionnaire, on the basis of the condition of volunteer...
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An Analysis of Relations between Industrial Strategy and Enterprise Strategy

Yadong Zhu
This paper analyzes relevant theories of the industrial strategy and enterprise strategy. It delves into how they interact with each other and what their differences are from the perspective of research subject, research purpose, environmental factors, and research methods for a better analysis of the...
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College Students' Suicide Psychological Analysis and Crisis Intervention

Xiaoyan Li, Hailun Du
College students are one of the group of the general population, the incidence of psychological problems as the same as general population. However, the college students are immature in mentality, they are lacking in social experience in education, employment, interpersonal relationships, economic conditions,...
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Knowledge Spillover Structure within Shanghai Districts: A Spatial Analysis of Aggregation and Correlation

Anyu Yu, Jie Ma
According to previous empirical researches in developing nations, study of knowledge spillover effect within urban districts is scarce. Based on the spatial autocorrelation and block analysis, this paper researched on intra-Shanghai knowledge spillover structure with enterprise-level data, by calculating...
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Optimal Buyer-Seller Inventory Models in Supply Chain

Gaobo Li
In this study, we focus improvement inventory models on two member’s simple buyer-seller system in supply chain. An inventory model is developed for a time-varying demand deteriorating inventory to determine the optimal order interval and discount price so that the joint total cost is minimized during...
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The Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Colleges and Universities Teaching Quality

Wantao Liu
Teaching Quality Evaluation is an important part of teaching management. In this paper, the conventional evaluation method for qualitative analysis, with a certain degree of subjectivity and one-sidedness, not comprehensive and accurate, proposed a fuzzy comprehensive method to the scientific quantitative...
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Discussion on Business Isolation Technology in the Cloud Computing Environment

Zhiming Li, Jianbo Guo, Jiang Ma
Multi-businesses and multi-tenants are operating on a uniform cloud network when the concept of the cloud computing is popular today, the bearing network and key technology will be required to realize security isolation in the data from all variety of businesses.
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Curriculums Reform of E-commerce and Advanced Language Program Design Based on Heuristic CDIO model

Hongsheng Xu, Ruiling Zhang
Heuristic teaching is to use a variety of teaching methods, and fully mobilize the students' motivation to learn, the enthusiasm a teaching type. The purpose of CDIO model is to build a set of curriculum system to train students to conceive, design, implementation, and operation of engineering systems,...
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The Design and Facture of The Multimedia Courseware to the Garment CAD

Qi Zhao, Chunnuan Li
in order to raising the teaching efficiency of the garment CAD course. We develop the Multimedia courseware according to the characteristic of course. With the software of the Authorware, PS, SnagIt, we adopt the tree branch structure, and the interactional function of hot area and button, bringing in...
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Research on Current Situation of Educational Technology Ability for College English Teachers

Lei Yu, Zhenguo Qi
The educational technology ability for English teachers in Colleges and universities is an important part of educational informatization. Improving the educational technology ability of English teachers is the needs of the teachers’ professional development and the teaching reform in education. This...
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Cognition and Practice about Curriculum Teaching Design

Haiyu Li, Chunhua Zhang, Xiaohua Song, Nan Zheng
Design is a job that must be finished before any complex task and activity, and curriculum teaching is also not to the exception. Before we carry out curriculum teaching, we must do well in curriculum teaching design. This article takes improving curriculum teaching quality as traction, takes systematic...
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The Application of Classroom Interaction in English Lesson

Xiaolin Jia
Due to the level of China’s English education and the large use of the traditional teaching method, there are many difficulties in using classroom interaction. This paper analyzes the factors affecting classroom interaction and gives the teachers some suggestions to achieve classroom interaction in EFL...
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The Study of Training the Innovative Agriculture and Forestry Talents on the Basis of the Teaching Management System

WenHui Zhang, HaiYan Nie, DeCai Li, XueFeng Zhai
Cultivating innovative talents is a rather concerned and major problem not only in some Chinese basic work, that is, to become an innovative country and a human resources powerful nation and to bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, but also in National Medium and Long-term Education...
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Research on Single Chip Computer Teaching Reform under CDIO Engineering Education Mode

Fuyan Zhang, Chunjun Zheng
The feature of single chip computer course is theoretical weakness, but strong practical and high requirements for engineering practice ability. Nowadays, the teaching methods in single chip computer exist a series of drawbacks. Under CDIO engineering education mode, for training of brilliant single...
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GQIM-based Model for Optimizing the Professional Training Program of PETOE

Liu Yang, Zhigang Hu, Shenbin Ren, Lin Jiang, Meiguang Zheng
This paper proposes the GQM model for the professional training program of PETOE based on the goal of PETOE, which contains the national goal, the university goal and the professional goal. Making full use of the characteristics of GQM approach that can goal-oriented refine and quantitative analyze,...
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University-Industry Collaboration Mode Research of ERP Informatization Talents Training

Chuanlin Huang, Weiwei Chen, Qisong Zhang
With the promotion and popularization of the ERP application, there is a serious problem in the supply and demand of applied talents between information-based enterprises and higher education institutions. University-industry collaboration became the basic method of solving the problem. Based on the...