Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Mechatronics

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Influence of Grounding Material’s Property on the Impulse Grounding Resistance of Grounding Grids

Leishi Xiao, Qian Li, Huizhong Xue
The conductor material properties such as resistivity and relative permeability have great influence on impulse grounding resistance of grounding grids in regular dimensions. The intensity of the influence is also different under different soil conditions. By building a 1:1 grounding model and using...
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Research on the Relationship between Wind Power Correlation and Volatility

Mingshu Song, Jingjie Bai, Qing Zhu, Qi Liu, Yongchao Yu
Based on the wind farm operating data of acquisition and analysis in real-time, analyzing the regional relativity and output volatility of wind power situation. Through the cooperation of the regional relativity and output volatility, we can know the relationship of the regional relativity and output...
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Wireless Transmission Based on GPRS Used in Cable On-line Monitoring System

Li Zhou, Yunlong Sun, Jie Chen, Huan Zheng
With the Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) power cables increasingly widely used in urban power transmission and distribution network, the reliable operation of XLPE insulated power cable line is becoming more and more important for economic and social development. [1] And there is a need to ensure the...
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Analog Control (Front-End) Design of RFID Tag in 0.35 μm CMOS Technology

Hamzah Afandi, Eri Prasetyo Wibowo, Darwis, P. Musa, Joko Purnomo
The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can be defined as Automatic identification technology which uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to identify objects carrying tags when they come close to a machine reader. In this paper authors designed the analog part using frequency 13.56 MHz in the...
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Design Analog Buffering on The multiplexer in RFID sensor tag with CMOS Technology 0.35 μm

Dyah Nur’ainingsih, Hamzah Afandi, Eri Prasetyo Wibowo, Busono Soerowirdjo
This paper describes the 'buffering system in the RFID sensor tags'. Buffer circuit function is used in the data selection as a buffer. Two-sensor output which is an analog signal by a multiplexer owns a possibility of a very low value. The buffer circuit is required to maintain the signal in order to...
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Epoxy Casting Process and Complete Set Test for New 10 kV High Voltage Electric Energy Meter Based on All-fiber Optical Current Transformer

Fuli Yang, Lujun Zhang, Bin Li
10 kV high voltage electric energy meter is manufactured using new full-fiber optical current transformer, model selection process scheme is proposed at all aspects, all-fiber optical current transformer is improved in combination with the existing problems found in production, and finished-products...
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Research on Application of New 10kV High Voltage Electric Energy Meter Based on All-fiber Optical Current Transformer

Fuli Yang, Lujun Zhang, Bin Li
This paper introduces application of all-fiber optical current transformer to 10kV high voltage electric energy meter, proposes new application of 10kV current sampling by all-fiber optical current transformer, analyzes technical advantages of new 10kV high voltage electric energy meter and makes scheme...
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Transmission Line Traveling Wave Fault Location Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition De-noising

Shan Hong, Baohua Wang, Xiaodong Liu
Wavelet analysis and detection of modulus maximum are usually used to extract fault wave head. But for the actual transmission line, the existence of noise will affect the accurate extraction of wave head, leading to failure of location. To avoid the serious distortion caused by directly removing high...
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Study on How to Achieve 2030 Carbon Emission Peak in Power Sector

Lu Xing, Lu Cheng
China made a commitment in Sino-US Joint Statement on Climate Change that its carbon emissions will achieve the peak around 2030, and the percentage of non-fossil energy in primary energy consumption will reach 20% then. This paper aimed to analyze the how the targets could be achieved by the transition...
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Study on the Performance Testing and Optimizing the Use of Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

Kang Song, Peng Tian, Junbi Liao, Wencan Gao, Ruyi Gao
Gathering real-time tracking for Charge-discharge voltage and temperature values of lithium iron phosphate battery.We can take full advantage of the charge-discharge characteristics of the battery to optimize battery usage, and ultimately improve the efficiency of the battery.The battery performance...
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Improved Clival Gate 4H-SiC MESFET with Recessed Drain Drift Region and Recessed P-Buffer Layer

Hujun Jia, Peimiao Ma, Yehui Luo, Ding Xing, Hang Zhang, Zhijiao Wang, Qiuyuan Wu
An improved clival gate 4H-SiC MESFET with recessed drain drift region and recessed p-buffer layer (RDRP-CG MESFET) was proposed in this paper. The key improvement in this paper is the enhancement of the drain current and the breakdown voltage. The recessed drain drift region and recessed p-buffer layer...
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Video Surveillance System for Extra-high Voltage Power Transmission Lines with an Optimal Image Compression Method

Liyan Yuan, Huanbing Gao
This paper presents a real-time online monitoring system scheme for power transmission line to achieve the objective of giving early warning to disaster and making decision for extra-high voltage power transmission line. Monitoring terminals with a S3C6410 ARM11 processor as core is equipped on the line...
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Design 8 Bit Analog Unit ADC Integrating Type Single Slope For Low Frequency Application

Yulisdin Mukhlis, Missa Lamsani, Any K. Yapie
The main component of Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) Single Slope type is an Analog Unit. The analog unit is designed precisely to meet characteristics of the ADC. The ADC design has a resolution of 8 bits and frequency clock of 1 MHz . Openloop amplification of OpAmp is 66.42 dB. Set point voltage...
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Applications of Titanates in Electronics Technology

Renu Choithrani
Titanates have great attention mainly due to its versatile properties that make their various applications in science and technology such as in electronic transducers, thin film capacitors, computer memory cells, etc. The thermal study of ferroelectric titanates RTiO3 (R = Pb, La, Ba) have been investigated...
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A Novel RSS-Ratio Position Estimation Scheme for Wi-Fi Networks

Nammoon Kim, Youngok Kim
the importance of location based service has been addressed frequently in various fields and the interest about core technique of various positioning scheme for indoor has been increased. The positioning scheme based on Wi-Fi is widely used because the infrastructure is already set up in many indoor...
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Synthesized Design Layout Base CMOS Technology 0.35μm

Hendri Dwi Putra, Eri Prasetyo Wibowo, Robby Kurniawan Harahap
This paper deals with the manufacture of electronic design of digital systems with HDL programming language. HDL design synthesized using Leonardo Spectrum software, it means HDL design that has been designed to be compile on IC design technology, so it can be translated into the form of schematic and...
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Design Analog Layout Using Schematic-Driven EDA Tools

Robby Kurniawan Harahap, Eri Prasetyo, Brahmantyo Heruseto, Hamzah Afandi
The method of Integrated Circuit (IC) Design using Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools consists of (i) Full Custom IC Design and (ii)Automated IC Design. Schematic-driven layout on EDA tools has provided to facilitate designer madelayout design before fabrication, the core is to make it easier,faster,...
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Security System for the Telecommunication Room Based on the RFID and Video Analysis

Gongyin Luo, Junfeng Dai, Bin Yang, Xingxing Luo, Lixian Chen
Considering the importance of the data and equipment in the telecommunication room, it is necessary to ensure the security of the telecommunication room and prevent the intruders in the early time. In this paper, we proposed a security system based on the RFID and the video analysis. The information...
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Continuous Target Tracking Algorithm in Aerial Wireless Sensor Network

Yaoyao Jiao, Li Tan, Weijun Su, Minghua Yang
In three-dimensional space, the traditional algorithm of virtual force applies to continuous target tracking process is prone to problems of distraction and shorter time in keeping tracking of the target. Aiming at solving these problems, this paper proposed a suitable three-dimensional space deployment...
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Prediction of Explosion Heat of Aluminized Explosive Based on Artificial Neural Network

Xin Tian, Yonggang Liu, Yueqiang Jiang
In this study, a three-layer artificial neural network(ANN) model was constructed to predict the explosion heat (Q) of aluminized explosive. Elemental composition was employed as input descriptors and explosion heat was used as output. The dataset of 24 aluminized explosives was randomly divided into...
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A Combination Predicting Method Based on Innovation GM(1,1) and RBF

Xuhua Wang, Tianshe Yang, Mingyang LI, Jianwei Wang, Jing Zhao
Proposed a combination predicting method based on innovation grey theory and neural network to improve the precision of spacecraft power predicting. Established innovation GM(1,1)+RBF combination predicting model with optimal predicting precision according to the spacecraft power seasonal fluctuating....
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Experimental Study on the Bending Properties of Functionally Graded Shape Memory Alloy Laminate

Bingfei Liu, Anmin Zhao, Chunzhi Du
An experimental work is obtained for the test force displacement curve of functionally graded Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) laminate subjected to three point bending test. The laminate is uniform and composed by five layers including three SMA layers and two ceramic layers. The relationship between the test...
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The Visualization Technology of Sub-compartment Management Procedures Based on WF Technology

Jianjun Li, Tingdong Yang, Jing Huang, Huaiqing Zhang, Yongliang Li
It is hard to program a traditional forest sub-compartment management with a long programming cycle and high energy input and lack of computer technology support, such, this paper presents a visualization technology of the sub-compartment management procedure based on WF. The paper, with the programming...
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Rapid Reconstruction of Tree Skeleton Based on Voxel Space

Gang Zhao, Yintao Shi, Maomei Wang, Yi Xu
Tree skeleton had great significance in constructing the three-dimensional model of the botanical tree and investigating the forestry. Based on the point clouds of the botanical tree collected via the terrestrial 3D laser scanner, we proposed a method of rapidly constructing the tree skeleton with the...
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Measurement of Room Impulse Response Using Image Source Method

Prarthan Mehta, Vaishalee Bhadradiya
There are various computer modeling techniques based on the behavior of sound as a ray or wave to measure Room Impulse Response (RIR). The Image Source Method (ISM) is used to measure the RIR for various positions of source at different frequencies. The other methods are too complex, time consuming and...
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PID Controller Parameter Tuning Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Yanzi Miao, Yang Liu, Ying Chen, Huijie Jin
Improved PSO algorithms combined with Simulated Annealing are proposed in this paper to solve the problems of the original PSO algorithm. After that three further improvements are proposed respectively from the parameters adjustment, the organization structure and evolution, and the topology structure....
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Simulation and Fabrication of Compounded CMUTs for Medical Application

Yan Li, Dawei Zhang, Peiyu Zhang
This paper reports a compounded capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducer (CMUT), which has the potential of CMUTs for multi-frequency transducer applications and medical application both imaging and therapy. The compounded CMUT has a cell with low and high-frequency structures. we introduce a fabrication...
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The Design of Speed Reducer of Yam Harvester Ditching Chain

Binbin Zhao, Yujing He, Yuan Ren, Yongchang Yu
Through the understanding of China's Henan province Chinese yam way of harvest, as well as to the yam harvest machinery manufacturers of visit investigation, in view of the tuber's long 80-100cm trenching chain of Chinese yam harvester, optimized design of the reducer. First tractor for the selection,...
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The Design of the Peanut Sheller Transmission Device

Yuan Ren, Yongchang Yu, Binbin Zhao, He Li
In order to improve peanut sheller’s shelling and cleaning efficiency, this thesis chooses the scraper shelling device on the basis of studying other peanut shellers. And it also determines the overall scheme design of sheller and introduces the scraper structure and working principle of the peanut sheller....
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Mechatronic Design for A new Incremental Launching System and Its Application of Launching Variable Cross-section Girder in Urban

Hong Zhang, Xiaoping Zhang, Mengyuan Zhang
This paper mainly introduced the machatronic design of the 70Mpa 1600 tonne Incremental Launching system. Firstly, the 6 Degrees of Freedom adaptive mechanical launching device and its hydaulic system were described. Then, in order to properly statisfy the requirments of the launching function during...
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Research on the Methods to Reading Pointer Instrument Based on Machine Vision

Huanjun Liu
This paper puts forward to a novel intelligent methods to reading point instrument to replace human reading. The images of pointer instrument are captured. Firstly a segmentation algorithm based on unsupervised learning is presented to segment the image for locating the scales and pointer. This algorithm...
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Application of Virtual Reality Technology in the Training of Crane Operators

Haoming Dong
This paper introduces the application of the virtual reality to train the operator of crane. Through the new method, we can improve the quality of training and ability of the operator of crane.
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Effect of Injection Timing on Performance and Emissions of DI-diesel Engine Fueled with Isopropanol

Yibin Liu, Bin Xu, Jianhao Jia, Jian Wu, Weiwei Shang, Zhihao Ma
Experimental study was conducted to investigate the influence of the injection timing on the performance and exhaust emissions of an electronic control high-pressure common rail turbocharged direct injection diesel engine fueled with isopropanol. Diesel fuels with different amounts (0%, 5%, 10%, 15%...
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The Simulation Study on Optimal Power Control of Grid-side Converter Used in Full Power Wind Turbine

Xiangming Wang, Jiansheng Zhou
For wind power full power inverter power control, as the power system switch device IGBT is established, and the application of SVPWM modulation technology and PI adjustment control strategy, in order to achieve the goal of power optimization. The PI control can realize power four quadrant transform,...
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Research of the Friction Clutch Automatic Control Performance at the Stand

Aleksandr Blokhin, Lev Barakhtanov, Alla Koshurina, Aleksandr Taratorkin, Pavel Lubichev
The paper describes the research conducted at the NNSTU named after R. E. Alekseev on development and creation of multi-clutch manual transmission with automatic control and pneumatic drive. We propose the general scheme of the transmission and clutch control, design modelof the clutch control mechanism,...
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The Automatic Control System of the Multistage Manual Transmission

Aleksandr Blokhin
The paper represents a multi-stage control system of mechanical transmissions of trucks and buses, it considers the process of the system operation when starting the vehicle and the gear shifting. It represents a general diagram of the control program of the multistage manual transmission, built into...
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The Finite Element Analysis for Fork Based on ANSYS

Xing Gu, Weijun Wang, Ning Lin, Gong Zhang, Xiang Gu
Introduced the important influence on the forklift overall performance and job security of the fork structure parameters. Emphasized the pros and cons of the mechanical properties of the forklift fork structure. Analyzed the simplified fork structure and the rated payload then accomplished the static...
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The Dynamic Characteristics of the Controllable Floating Raft System

Chao Geng, Zeyu Weng, Hui Wang, Jie Tang
In this paper, the dynamic characteristics of some controllable floating raft test system are studied. The virtual dynamic model of the system is established in Adams, the acceleration responses of system in different damping states are simulated, and the vibration level differences of system in different...
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Study on Guided Wave Imaging Methods for SOLID Rocket Motor Shell Material

Jian Li, Xiaofeng Cai, Chunan Ai, Kaixuan Liu
It is easy to produce some defects on the adhesive interface of solid rocket motor, and it is urgent to develop a method on guided wave imaging detection. The propagation characteristics of guided wave dispersion and multi modes are analyzed. According to the propagation path, the guided wave imaging...
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Study on Detection of SRM Composite Structure Using Ultrasonic Fixed Distance Transmission Method

Jian Li, Xinguo Liu, Zhigao Xu, Xiaofeng Cai
A new ultrasonic testing method used for the detection of solid rocket motor (SRM) composite shell is proposed, which does not require a coupling agent. The theoretical model of this method is established, and the effect of composite shell thickness, defect size and position on the detection result is...
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Research on Construction Lean SCM in IOT Environment

Lian yue Wang
Economic globalization and the integration process has led to competition among construction enterprises become increasingly fierce, which are adjusting their development strategies and efforts to seek for the knowledge economy and network environment to promote enterprise survival and development, enhancing...
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Active Piezoelectric Vibration Isolation System of Machine Tools

Miaoxian Guo, Beizhi Li, Jianguo Yang, Wei Li, Steven Y. Liang
Isolating the ultra-precision machine from vibrating base is importance in engineering fields. And the vibration isolation system is applied to reduce transmission of vibratory forces to the machine or the foundation. With the development of the vibration control techniques and force actuator in industry,...