Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electrical, Computer Engineering and Electronics

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Chinese Handwriting Signature Identification techniques

Yongjian Zhao
Chinese handwriting signature is a useful biological feature for identity verification. This paper presents a hybrid signature identification method. Applying wavelet transform to each stroke of signature, reliable signature characteristic is extracted. Subsequently, a desirable classifier is introduced...
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Improved Techniques for Blind Source Separation

Yongjian Zhao
In many practical applications such as biomedical signal processing, it is often desirable to extract one or a few source signals instead of all signals. The classical FASTICA algorithm can extract a source signal which has the maximum negentropy of all signals. However, the extracted signal is not necessarily...
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A Migration Strategy based on Reliability Disk and Hotspot Data in Information Systems

Yin Yang, Wei Liang, Wenyi Li
This paper proposes a Migration strategy based on Reliability disk and Hotspot data called MRH. MRH uses reliability disk estimation to confirm disk reliability based on SMART technology. It computes the heat degree of data and the utilization of disk at the present time, so we can protect the whole...
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Disk Failure Prediction Model for Information Systems based on SMART Technology

Yin Yang, Wei Liang, Wenyi Li
This paper proposes disk failure prediction model using disk SMART technology for information systems, which is based on the actual data, threshold and attribute value of the SMART parameters to establish parameter reliability model, through theoretical discussion and practical test and analysis to choose...
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Research and Development of Network Virtual Laboratory Based on B/S Mode

Jie Ren, Cuiping Pu, Zongzhi Zhu, Qing Zhao
For colleges and universities increasing requirements in practice, but lack of experiment equipment and site problems, this paper puts forward a solution of network virtual laboratory based on B/S mode.It achieved to operate the experiments of the remote virtual laboratory directly. It has practical...
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Reliability Evaluation and Prediction of Low Voltage Distribution Network

Xiaojun Pan, Aihong Tang, Huiyuan Yang, Chao Li
Forward and backward substitution method has been used as the power flow calculation method of any low voltage distribution network, and therefore utilization rate of electrical energy of the lines, transformer and line loss are obtained. These are the datum to assess the reliability of low voltage distribution...
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An Optimized Link Selection Function for Solving Delay-constrained Multicast Routing Problem

Yuanchen Li, Weiqun Liu
In multicast routing messages are sent from the source node to all destination nodes. In order to meet QoS requirements an optimizing algorithm is needed. We propose an optimization algorithm based on the KPP and QDMR algorithm to do so. This algorithm uses optimized link selection function to modify...
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Clustering-anonymity method for data-publishing privacy preservation

Huowen Jiang
Data-publishing generally need to be treated by anonymity to protect its privacy information from disclosure. Existing anonymity methods have little distincation between different types of Quasi-identifiers in investigating generalization.Aimed to privacy preservation for pulblishing data from table,...
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Research and Simulation of the Damage from Missile Attack

Xiao Hu, Zhigang Zhang, MengQi Zhang
In the career of missile, the extent of the damage caused by the missile can effectively determine the resources demand of the battlefield repair, which is necessary to develop repair plan, improve equipment battlefield repair ability, maintain and restore equipment operational capability [1]. In this...
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Mapping Radius of Regular Function and Center of Convex Region

Wenxi Duan
There is only a univalent and regular function in a simply connected region. It transforms the region into a unit circle, while satisfies that the function value of a point is equal to zero and the derivative of this point is greater than zero, then the inverse of the derivative is named as the mapping...
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Object detection algorithm based on the video stream for complex environment

Zhaoxia Fu
Due to the complexity of the environment and the diversity of the goal itself in the visual system, the technology of object detection has brought great difficulties. The practical experience shows that the technology of object detection is far from mature in the general sense and there are still certain...
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User Interface Design and Human-Computer Interaction: A Technique Approach Based on Web Applications

Liu Ying
With the rapid development of information science and technology, web based application is everywhere. Designing and implementing the system for human-computer interaction is a hot research area. This work is the part of vision based hand gesture recognition system for Natural Human-Computer Interface....
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Research on Current Situation and Tendency of the Development of Green Electric Wire and Cable Materials

Dandan Su
Along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the enterprise and the family are inclined to use the green electric wire and cable to reduce the environmental pollution. This paper firstly introduces the concept of green electric wire and cable, and then expounds thecurrent...
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Study on Crafts of High Voltage Cable Intermediate Joint

Dandan Su
High voltage cables intermediate joint craft is the essential technology during cable construction. In this paper, we firstly introduce the basic structure of high voltage cables, and then elaborate its production process and main precautions of high voltage cables intermediate joint, expecting that...
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Analysis on the Commutation Process of the Single-phase Rectifier Circuit and its Application

Kuo Zhao, Dong Xu
With the maturity and popularization of the technology of power electronic transformation, the power drag, rectifier circuit is used in great quantities in the application fields such as power system, which is including diode uncontrolled rectifier circuit, voltage type PWM rectifier circuit. To stabilize...
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Research on the Models of Multi-bodies Supply of Agricultural Information Service

Qiong Wu
Strengthening the construction of agricultural information service is one of the most important measures of agricultural modernization of our country and socialism new rural construction. This paper analyzes the main advantages and disadvantages of the government body, market body and public body in...
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The Study on the Circuit Design and Implementation of the Low Voltage Variable Frequency Speed Regulating Device

Ying Zhou
The electrical products industry is always the important industry in the field of industrial, is the basic industry of the level of economic development in our country. Therefore, with the rapid development of economy, it needs continually to improve some infrastructure resource allocation level of the...
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Analysis on the Design and Application of the Protection Circuit of the Low Voltage Motor

Ying Zhou
With the constant innovation and development of the science and technology, the start and protection model performance of the motor is higher and higher. The traditional with the "star - triangle way" of the motor start under the condition of the starting torque can't be used. It can only be used to...
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Analysis on the Coupling Type Optoelectronic Oscillator and its Application

Jianfang Li
The basic structure of the optoelectronic oscillator is based on photoelectric hybrid feedback loop; the optical signal is converted into the microwave signal directly. Laser as a power source, is a continuous light. Laser through the electro-optic modulator, optical fiber delay line and photoelectric...
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Analysis on the Design and Application of the Small and Large Current Photomultiplier Tube

Yanmin Zhou
The photocell and photomultiplier has become a piece of very important photoelectric conversion device and photoelectric emission device, it plays a decisive role in optoelectronic devices. The photomultiplier tubes can be applied in the field of the weak light signal detection, and is the core of a...
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Analysis on the Organic Photosensitive Diode Structure Optimization based on the Optical System

Yanmin Zhou, Jianfang Li
Due to the technology and the technology relatively mature, the monocrystalline silicon has been the preferred substrate material in the research of photoelectric device. Compared with the difficulty of traditional inorganic semiconductor materials processing and high production cost, the molecular organic...
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Analysis on the Optical Performance and Test Technology of the Multiple Beam of the High-power Laser System

Jianfang Li, Yanmin Zhou
The laser synchronization to reach targets synchronously is an important index for measuring device integrated performance parameters, also is related to inertial confinement fusion (ICF) physics experiment parameters successful. In the ICF research, the multiple laser pulse need not only waveform and...
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Design of Elevator Monitoring and Alarm System Based on WiMAX

Hong Jiang, Yongfang Shi, Lei Qi
With rapid speed, wide bandwidth and large covered range, WiMAX is used for building an system of elevator monitoring and alarming in this paper. The system integrates fault detection, trapped people communication and information management to inform maintenance staff. The design mentality and the structure...
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Location of atmospheric pollutant source based on Weighted Location Set Cover Model and Data Mining

Weikang Wang
The PM2.5 data in March, 2014, Beijing is researched to locate the source of atmospheric pollutants. Since the data is highly related, this article use cluster analysis to reduce the dimension of the data to make them irrelevant. A weighted Location Set Cover Model, collaborated with superposition principle,...
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Research on intelligence analysis system of subway counterterrorism video surveillance

Shuqi Li
With the development of the capital’s subway system and rampant terrorist activities at home and abroad, the subway has become one of the important targets of violence terrorist attacks. Although Beijing subway system has the initially constructed the video surveillance systems currently, there are deficiencies...
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Research on Modeling and Simulation of Power Electronic Circuits Based on MATLAB

Quan Guo, Kun Xu, Fangyi Sun, Xueqian Li
The example of three-phase bridge controlled rectifying circuit discussed the method of the utilization of MATLAB SIMULINK on the modeling and simulation of power electronic circuits, and gave the simulation result waveform, verifying the convenience, intuition, high-efficiency, high speed, genuineness...
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The Application and Research of Three-Dimensional Form Graphic Design

Yuan Zhang, Haimei Liu
Based on the practical application of three-dimensional form design thinking and design concept, the article is based on 3 d design in real life for the development of the specific circumstances. Rational and actively from the perspectives of vector-borne and material innovation prospects the 3 d design...
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Research on Sampling City Design Based on Electronic Map Navigation

Zhuo Zhang
Electronic map, Multi-stage sampling design, Sampling frame
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Virtual Community IOT-oriented Recommended Trust Algorithm

Qiang Rong
In available trust based recommendation schemes, users always tend to transact with the entity with highest trust value. That will result in the fact that the virtual community’s resource cannot be fully utilized. The entity with the highest trust value will also delay the response because of its capacity...
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Research on television animation creation based on 3D digital technology

Youtian Ye
With the development of digital times , people become play more attention to 3D digital technology . As the result of the development 3D digital technology , the animation art developed rapidly . Combining the 3D digital technology and the traditional animation technology make the emerging animation...
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A study of automatically assembling paper fragments on simulated annealing algorithm

Xian Liang, Haiyun Qin, Jianpeng Shi, Lisa Huang, Jiatai Gang
In this paper, a study is conducted on assembling paper fragments with regular edge geometry, using the example of rectangular pieces. During the assembly process, visual information of the fragments’ is digitally extracted by MATLAB software to achieve the corresponding grey value matrix; edge characteristics...
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Brief analysis about modern simple style in interior design

Liwei Chen
Since 2005, the market of domestic design has been fully liberalized, foreign designers poured into the domestic, we have been take the competition pressure both from domestic and international. Foreign design enter into China, let the domestic design industry has get into elimination period, this situation...
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Research on network management system structure of wireless sensor

Jianjun Zhang
Network management is a way of network management, the network can be properly efficient operation. Its purpose is to make the network resources more effectively use. Wireless sensor network management refers to the process control of a complex sensor network so that it has the highest control ability...
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ZigBee management system framework design of wireless sensor network

Huixia Sun
A management system according to ZigBee requirements of wireless sensor networks and wireless sensor network ZigBee system with heterogeneous node method, the general structure of the ZibBee wireless sensor network management system is designed.
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Random Finite Element Computation Analysis of Deformation of Multi-pivot Foundation Pit

Ming Yang, Jun Wang, Zhengxiang Wang, Chaofeng Wu
The paper selects shear strength index of soil as the random variable, and applies elastic foundation beam system finite element method and load incremental method to establish random finite element computing model of multi-pivot piling wall supporting foundation pit deformation and deduct the partial...
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The design of liquor cellar monitoring system based on Windows CE

Jinwu Ju, Lanying Wang
There is a great influence for output and quality of fermentation process on liquor cellar environmental factors, with the rapid development of the liquor industry, production scale and variety of fermentation products are increasing, it is very important to carry out intelligent monitoring of fermentation...
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Design and Implementation of Multimedia Player on Android

Gang Du, Qiang Fu
The video player based on Android system to develop, and fit in Amlogic platform, has improved the user interface, on the basis of the basic playback functions, you can set resume play, audio track, play mode, subtitles, screen mode, video information, and other functions, and also has 3D playback capability.
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Apple NIR Spectral Classification Method

Min Li, Jin Cao, Linju Lu
This paper proposed an apple near infrared spectral classification method. Red Fuji apples from Shandong and Shaanxi province , “Huaniu” apples from Gansu province were used as experimental materials. NIR data of three kinds of apples after preprocessing by wavelet soft threshold, was removed the noise...
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The Design of Embedded Remote Intelligent Automotive Monitoring System based on GSM

Lijun Gao
The paper proposes a remote intelligent automotive monitoring system based on GSM network and designs the hardware and software work after designing the system process. PC automotive monitoring center, MCU, peripheral interface circuits and GSM communication module which used to relate PC and MCU are...
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A Security Solution Based on IPSec for Smart Substation

Nan Dang, Pengjun Zhao
A secure solution based on IPSec is proposed for smart substation. It uses the loose coupling strategy in the mode of IPSec to realize the safety transmission of different packet in the substation, according to the different performance requirements and the requirements of the transmission time of smart...
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Research on recognition algorithm of network public opinion in view of evaluation

Chenxiang Zhang
In This paper, firstly, discusses the theoretical background, the existed research achievements and commercial products of Internet public opinion monitoring and analysis, according to preceding context we find the needs of public opinion analysis and the deficiency in the existed systems, and then raise...
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Genetic Algorithm Optimal Design on Diaphragm Spring by MATLAB

Shuxin Chen, Lingyu Zhang, Xingwang Cheng
Diaphragm spring is one of the key parts of the clutch. The paper set up a mathematical model to optimize its parameters, which can be make reserve coefficient stability, improve clutch reliability, through analyzing its deformation-load characteristic curve. Based on an instance, the results showed...
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A Novel Methodology of AC Signal Detection Using Wavelet

Yingli Shu
In this paper, we propose a novel AC signal detection approach to DC power system. Combining with state-of-the-art detection circuit and WNN(wavelet based neural network). Aiming at handling with the travelling wave and fault signal cannot be detected accurately with the uncertainty of signal velocity...
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Classifying Dynamics Events Using Neural Network and Wavelets for Current Power Systems

Yingli Shu
In this paper, we propose a novel methodology that classify the power system dynamics events patterns using neural network and wavelet through studying one single variable at a network bus. DWT allows the identification of components of the LFEO (low-frequency electromechanical oscillations), their frequencies,...
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A Modified Successive-Cancellation Stack Polar Decoder

Chun Li, Xinhai Tong
Polar codes represent an emerging correcting codes with power to approach the capacity of a discrete memoryless channel. However, the decoding performance of polar codes with traditional successive cancellation (SC) algorithm cannot match that of the low-density parity-check or Turbo codes. In this paper,...
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Progressive and Controllable Fractal Image Decoding Algorithm

Zongwen Yuan, Yepin Lu, Xin-he Chen
Although faster image decoding method is more important and useful, in some special applications, the controllable decoding process may be required. In the case of making fixed point unchanged, the paper made the fixed parameters of compression mapping into variable parameters, adjusted these parameters...
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Application and Research of Web-based Short Message Platform in Campus Network

Hanguo Mao, Lanyou Li, Li Chen
This paper mainly researches various kinds of application of web-based short message platform in campus network. Those applications are developed by use of various kinds of computer networking technologies and communication technologies according to the practical experience in campus network. Through...
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Discussion on the Technology of Computer Network Hacker Attack and Defense

Xinliang Zhu
Along with the rapid development of science and technology, computer network increasingly proficient, and widely used in various industries. But the presence of the hacker network attack formation, serious threat to the computer network security, how to deal with the network hacker attacks become a hot...
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Shale Porosity Determination Methods and Their Influencing Factors

Jilin Li
The pore structure of shale gas reservoir is of important research significance to the development and exploitation of shale gas and domestic scholars have done massive researches on the pore structure of shale. To better study the porosity features of shale gas reservoir, the common porosity determination...
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Application Analysis on the Power Distribution Network Three-phase Power Flow Based on Hybrid Particle Swarm Algorithm

Yijun Wang
According to the structure characteristics of distribution network, this paper proposes a hybrid algorithm based on particle swarm optimization to process the calculation problem of three-phase power flow in less loop distribution network. Through the MATLAB simulation data, it can be seen clearly that...
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Wireless Sensor Network in Application to Air Purifier

Gang Wu
An air purifier is made by temperature, humidity, smoke, carbon dioxide sensors and wireless communication network to the monitoring of the air quality. The obtained parameters compare with standard data to decide whether automatically run the device to generate negative ions or not. Meanwhile, the real-time...
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A new Zoning Graded Non-uniform Grid Generation Algorithm Including the Equivalent Width of Technology

Feixiang Gong, Bo Yin, Yanping Cong, Qing Yan, Haokun Chi
Analysis of the generation principle finite difference time domain (FDTD) grid proposed non-uniform meshing algorithm based on the equivalent wi-dth of the geometric. In meshing software, we set Rx, Ry, Rz. If reduced size along the x-axis model, it can be coarse mesh point on the basis of compliance...
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Research on the Ground Penetrating Radar Clutter Suppression Technology Based on PCA Method

DeMei Yang, Yao Qin, Xiaozhen Ren
The reduction of background clutter signal from Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) experiments is an area of active research. The weak reflection signal obtained from subsurface targets is usually blurred by such strong clutter. Therefore, clutter suppression is the key step in ground penetrating radar signal...
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Distinct 8-QAM+ Perfect Arrays

Fanxin Zeng, Zhenyu Zhang, Linjie Qian
This paper investigates the construction of 8-QAM+ perfect arrays with at least an odd integer in their sizes, and gives the sufficient condition producing distinct 8-QAM+ perfect arrays. For different choices of odd integers in a given size of at least an odd integer, the resultant distinct 8-QAM+perfect...
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PID parameters tuning of UAV flight control system based on artificial bee colony algorithm

Feng Lin, Xiaotong Wang, Xiaoguang Qu
In this paper, the PID parameters of flight controller are tuning by artificial bee colony algorithm. Respectively, PID control and simulate the laws of pitching-pose-holding-mode and rolling-pose-holding-mode, which compared with the conventional PID control. The results show that the artificial bee...
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The small UAV longitudinal control law design based on genetic algorithms

Lin Feng, Yuxi Wang, Xiaoguang Qu
Small UAV autonomous flight control system is the core part of it, so the design of the control law under the flight control system is especially important.UAV control law design can be divided into longitudinal control law design and horizontal lateral control law design.This design is mainly aimed...
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The Frequency and Voltage Stability Analysis of Hu-liao DC Project in Islanding Sending End System

Yundong Song, Yuanqing Wu, Yisong Zhao, Qiang Zhang, Chunfang Zhao, Jingwei Yuan, Zaiming Yu, Ruitong Liu, Chunmei Liu
When the circuit breakers between Yimin one, two and Yimin three period, the sending end system consisting of six 600MW generators of Hu-liao DC project will operate islanding. In the paper, three operation modes of the power dispatching and production department concerned were simulated, which the change...
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Research on Passive Radar Guidance Head/GFSINS Integrated Navigation against Target Radar Shutdown Based on AUKF

Lianyan Shi, Ke Li, Lin Chen
It's feasible to counter radar shutdown with passive radar guidance head/strapdown inertial navigation integrated system. Gyro inertial component has problems of high costs and gyro drift, so the paper discusses application of gyroscope free strapdown inertial navigation system (GFSINS). At first, a...
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Research on the Integrated Attack-Defense Simulation Platform Architecture of the large-scale oil and gas gather-transferring SCADA system

Jie Li, Xiedong Cao, Li Yang
In this paper,We analyse the difficulty of the large-scale oil and gas gather-transferring SCADA system process simulation and dynamic simulation and give a new simulation architecture for the large-scale oil and gas gather-transferring SCADA system, which bases on middleware technology and sets dynamic...
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Design of Solar Automatic Tracking Control System Based on STC89C52

Zhaoyang Qiao
Aiming at the low generating efficiency of the current solar energy generating system, solar energy maximum power point tracking control system based on STC89C52 is designed and made. The photoelectric detection and tracking is adopted as the control mode in the system. By using stepping motor as driving...
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The Influence of Electrode Geometry on Mass Sensitivity of Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Li Yang, Xianhe Huang
The mass sensitivity of the quartz crystal microbalance is analytically calculated for various configuration and various thickness of electrode. The data indicated that both the configuration and the thickness of electrode are influence the mass sensitivity. For the conventional electrode structure,...
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Medical Image Denoising and Compressing Using Discrete Orthonormal S-transform

Hao Huang, Fengrong Sun, Paul Babyn, Zhenzhen Zhou, Lixin Wang
S-transform is an effective time-frequency analysis technique which can provide simultaneous time and frequency distribution information similar to the wavelet transform (WT); and discrete orthonormal S-transform (DOST) can reduce the redundancy of S-transform further. So we propose a medical image denoising...
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Reviewing on convexification methods of AC optimal power flow

Qiuyan Li, Yong Guo, Shaoli Quan, Pu Guo, Zhuo Yang, Dong Wang
To realize the optimal operation of modern power systems, optimal power flow (OPF) serve as the core mathematical model. Due to the nonlinear and nonconvex nature of AC power flow, the solving method of OPF is always attracting ever since its birth. With the development of modern convex optimization...
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Introduction and Application of LXI Bus Technology

Lei Zhu, Shuai Cheng, Haiming Jia
Based on Ethernet, LXI is a new generation modularization equipment platform standard. Comparing with GPIB, VXI and PXI buses, LXI bus provides many more advantages, such as networked, lower price, higher performance and smaller dimension. This article makes a full introduction of LXI bus and its key...
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A CT-AHP based Quantitative Assessment Approach to Decision Support

Zhen Lei, Jiawu He, Yan Sun
The quantitative analysis approach is a powerful tool for auxiliary decision-making, especially suitable for the semi-structured decision problem. In our studies, we propose a new CT-AHP based quantitative assessment approach with a multi-step process, in which AHP, calibration training, reliability...
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Numerical Simulation for Dual-energy CT Imaging

Lixin Wang, Fengrong Sun, Paul Babyn, Hai Zhong, Zhenzhen Zhou, Hao Huang, Jiaojiao Qin
The clinical application of dual-energy CT (DECT) system is a significant technical progress in X-ray medical imaging for recent years. Compared with conventional CT, DECT is capable of differentiating tissue and eliminating beam hardening artifacts and plays a unique role in current diagnostic imaging....
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Design of handhold terminal of equipment management system based on Windows CE

Xiaojiao Tang
Equipment Management level decides the production efficiency and the cost of production. Traditional equipment management has many problems, such as lower efficiency, decentralized information and so on. According to the demand of coal enterprise and the modern development requirements of coal mine electromechanical...
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Research on the Management Mechanism of Multidimensional Data Organization for ZY-1 02C Satellite

Ken Chen, Ping Liao, Naixue Zhang, Yuchuan Wang, Pengfei Xiao, Fang Wang, Fang Miao
The development of China-made satellites has begun to take shape. It will form an earth observation data system, combined with optics and microwave, with high, medium and low resolution at the same time. Particularly, the application of ZY-1 02C satellite, with strong dynamic observation capabilities,...
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The Application of Clock Synchronization in the TDOA Location System

Ziyu Wang, Chen Jian, Benchao Wang, Wenli Yang
In order to solve the problem about the clock synchronization and high precision in the TDOA location system, a clock synchronization scheme was designed. In the article, the GPS+TCXO clock module was used as the front end of the reference clock source, and the PLL + clock buffer solution was used in...
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Stability Margin Monitoring Method for N Subsystems Cascaded DC Distributed Power Systems

Anshou Li, Qi Chen, Jinmin Zhang, Tiecai Li, Zicai Wang
For two subsystems cascaded DPS, the stability margin monitoring can be implanted via current/voltage perturbation method. But for N subsystems cascaded DPS, the stability margins are different at different interfaces, which results in the stability margin monitoring problem. This paper analyzes the...
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Research on the security of online payment

Hanyan Huang
The secure payment on network is the core of E-business, because the security of the network payment has a direct effect on E-business. So, how to guarantee the data-transmission security on the network has become one of the most important factors in popularizing E-business. The payment mode of the improved...
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Software development of Rubber recipe management database

Hongna Li, Huan Liu
Discuss how to manage the production of rubber formula, realize the Rapidity and efficiency the production formulation. Based on InterBase database and Delphi software development, connecting with the actual operation, introduce in detail the steps in the process of database management software development,...
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The Editing method of "Electronic patients" based on XML DataBase and Relational DataBase

Kui Zhou, Hongna Li
The design of the data storage abandons the abuse of traditional database low query efficiency not easy to maintain long development cycle of disadvantage, by combining XML and relational databases for data storage, satisfies the characteristics of the editor's information quantity and high speed running...
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The Design of ZMP Measure System for Biped Robot

Bin Li, Zhihai Li, Jiejia Li, Chunguang Bu
A kind of ZMP measure system has been described in this paper, tests have been done on person with the system. The obtained experimental ZMP trajectory has been analyzed and real-time performance of this system has also been verified. So, the result has shown that the system can be implemented on our...
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The Research In MAC Protocol Of WBAN Based On The Data Priority Of Medical Applications

Jie Wang, Bi Zeng
With the development of wireless sensor networks, the application of the human body area network wireless draws people's attention, especially in the medical field. Due to the limited node energy which is not easy to replace, it is so important to reduce node energy consumption and prolong the lifetime...
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A Function Trimming Method for Patent Design Around

Jingjing Mi, Siyuan Cheng, Rongli Zhao, Xuerong Yang
In the global businesses market, products entering into the market are facing more and more patent barriers. Therefore, patent design around is an effective way for the enterprises’ product designing and technology innovation without infringing the existing patents. This paper proposes a patent design...
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A Novel Kind of Smart Monitoring System of Aquaculture

H.L. Chen, X.Q. Liu
In order to promote the development of intelligent agriculture in our country, this paper puts forward a wireless remote monitoring system of water quality parameters which is based on Android mobile phone platform and GPRS communication technology, the system realizes the remote collection, storage...
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Design and Implementation of Aerial Rocket Launcher Detection System

Chengliang Liu, Huilin Fan, Tengda Xin
According to the launch control principle, application features and testing requirements of a certain type aerial rocket launcher, a detection system is designed based on PC/104 embedded computer. The realization method, the configuration of the software and hardware is explained in detail. The hardware...
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A new control method for Integral Processes with Inverse Response and Dead Time based on Disturbance Observer

Miao Wang, Weidong Zhang
A new control method based on disturbance observer (DOB) is proposed to control the integral processes with inverse response and dead time. The main contribution of this paper is that the optimal analytical result in terms of H2 for the set-point controller and the disturbance observer are provided....
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Resource configuration algorithm based on popularity for P2P streaming media in cloud computing

Ge Yang, Bing Gao, Yiju Feng, Ying Yu
In this paper, we proposed the new popularity which included “deficit bandwidth”; secondly, based on the new popularity the streaming media files which need to be replicated were determined. For the files, their replica number were equal to product of its deficit bandwidth divide the sum of the deficit...
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A whitening filter-based LAMBDA group searching method

Chunling Liu, Kai Pang
When using GPS carrier phase differential technique for dynamic positioning, the traditional LAMBDA (Least-squares AMBiguity Decorrelation Adjustment) has shortcomings in the existence of iteration, long solving time and large amount of calculation for decorrelation processing. Based on the rapid ambiguity...
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Reliability analysis of partly repairable dual-mode redundant system

Hongchao Hui, Baoqiang Zhu, Zunqi Lin
A reliability model of part repairable dual-mode redundant system is established and analyzed using Markov process to satisfy the reliability design requirements of multiple core parts of complex system redundant units. The model considers multi-factors, such as effects of maintenance, fault detection...
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Spatio-temporal feature points detection and extraction based on convolutional neural network

Chaoyu Yang, Qian Liu, Yincheng Liang
Convolutional neural network is a kind of deep learning model, but it only act on a single image generally. This paper expands the convolutional neural network, studies common spatio-temporal features detection and extraction algorithm, proposes a model for detecting and extracting spatio-temporal features...
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Research and practice of energy saving and consumption reducing in Data center

Yu Yue, Kejian Cao, Bin Shen, Yuan Cao, Dakun Zhang
This paper studies the latest energy-saving technologies in domestic and international data center and focused on the important measurement of energy-saving , PUE, and finally analyzed the situation of energy saving in a real data center and proposed reform program based on engineering practice.
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Design and implementation of Android phones-based home security system

Yuan Yuan, Hao Zhang, Wei Shen
Security monitoring is one of the important development direction of intelligent city in the future, and monitoring based on Android makes the application more convenient and intelligent. This paper proposes a design and implementation of the smart home system based on Android, which use the Android...
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Reliability Modeling and Analysis for Typical System with Multi-components via Possibility Theory

Jiaojiao Ren, Yuping Zhang, Yuhua Wei, Chenfang Zhang, Biao Qin
In this note, system Posbist reliability theories are improved due to the distribution functions of the lifetime of system components are different. The simulations are given to compare Posbist reliability between different typical systems.
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Ship Target Movement Parameter Estimation Based on Three Linear Array High-resolution Remote Sensing Image

Yongzhou Lu, Hongbing Ma
Aiming at rapid ship target detection and movement parameter estimation in high-resolution satellite image, this paper firstly analyzes marine and continental background image features. Furthermore, based on pixel gradient extraction and edge detection techniques, this paper extracts the ship target...
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Research on the Classification Algorithms for the Classical Poetry Artistic Conception based on Feature Clustering Methodology

Jin-feng Liang
From ancient to nowadays, myriad literati and poets had wrote many popular works, these works is the pearl of Chinese literature and treasures of traditional culture. Due to the length limit of classical poetry, there often appear a lot of allusions. In this paper, we conduct theoretical analysis and...
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Research on the Design and Implementation of Distributed Electrical Control Systems

Yuchen Zhang
The consolidation of the applicability of the method of communication, has the ability to coordinate the internal mode conversion only rely on distributed PLS signal DEM system has been developed. It has been shown, this coordination can be used for a plurality of battery application and Study on method...
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Research on the Optimization and Ascension of Target Accuracy for RF Systems

Ying Li
A digital built-in calibration (BIC) system is presented to automatically adjust the linearity performance of a tunable RF low-noise amplifier (LNA) operating at 2.4GHz. In this paper, we conduct research on optimization and ascension of target accuracy for RF systems. To minimize the area and power...
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Design of the GSM Module Interface Circuit for the Intelligent Managerial System of Blasting Equipment Library

Xingshan Li, Luhua Zhao
This paper mainly analyses the necessity to manage the explosive in the coal mine blasting equipment library. It make intelligent management possible by using digital monitoring technology, communication technology and software technology and sensor technology for reference; using high performance microcontroller...
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The design and implementation of one wireless pulse monitor and alarm system

Chenghu Zhang
In this article, we introduce one kind of pulse monitoring system which based on IOT(Internet of things) and used for monitoring the patients’ condition. First of all, the pulse sensor gather the pulse information of a patient and send the information to the pulse signal transceiver. Then the pulse signal...
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How to Suppress Virus from Propagating Efficiently

Siwei Wang
The SI, SIR and SIS model were introduced at first. And then do the simulation based on various immunizations. The model of network will choose the scale free network and the use SIS model to simulate the propagation of the virus, some guidance in maintaining are obtained. More than 27.5% of the total...
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Design of 50Hz notch filter based on virtual instrument

Fuhai Huang, Zhenhai Wang, Xu Bo
50Hz power frequency interference is the main noise of ECG signal. It is harmful to automatic detection and the classification of arrhythmia. Therefore, it is essential to reject 50Hz interference in the preprocess of ECG signal. This paper develops a 50Hz notch filter based on LabVIEW. The notch filter...
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Design of network video transmission system based on LabVIEW

Fuhai Huang, Zhenhai Wang, Xu Bo
This paper uses LabVIEW software to realize the network online video transmission, introduced the use of TCP/IP protocol on the platform of the virtual instrument. The image collected by the camera on the server through the network transmission to the client, remote video monitoring, at the same time...
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Design and Realization of a Certain Type of Information Equipment Master Circuit Board Testing and Training Platform

Zhichao Shao, Guiyun Liu, Jianhua Tu, Fuqi Qu
A certain type of command and control system testing and training platform is designed in order to realize clear display of the operation, implement of the capability teaching, testing and fault diagnoses conveniently. This thesis which is a part of the program introduces the design and realization of...
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Tailoring Genetic Algorithm for Resource Scheduling in Many-Core Processors

Xiande Hu, Jingming Li, Jiaxing Cheng
With the development of multi-core and many-core processors, how to leverage the hardware improvement to boost application performance remains a challenge for ensuring the continuously improvement of computing and data processing capabilities. Specifically, in this paper, we focus on how to efficiently...
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New Word Identification for Chinese Patents Based on Multiple Statistic Measures and Pattern Combination

Xiong Wen
New Words Identification (NWI) is one of the critical researches in Chinese Natural Language Processing (NLP), which has important influence to the successive tasks of Chinese NLP. Aiming at the problem of the NWI, which is disturbed in the automatic or half-automatic processing for text translation...
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Gas Concentration Measurement System Based on DSP and Ultrasonic Technology

Xue Wang, Yi Jin, Jianhui Wei, Dingyun Jin
On the basis of full analysis of gas detection instruments, the use of DSP and ultrasonic technology to design a new type of gas concentration detection system. DSP is the core of the whole system, mainly complete the DDS chip sequence control, special A/D sampling control and external FLAS H and SDRAM...
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Wavelet Neural Network Structure Optimization Method Based on Grey Relational-Sensitivity

Shiying Pan, Xiuqing Wang
In view of the wavelet neural network input number to determine the lack of theoretical guidance, the number of hidden layer nodes to determine the defects of difficult, put forward a kind of based on multivariate time series and grey relational - sensitivity of the wavelet neural network structure optimization...