Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Creative Multimedia 2022 (ICCM 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Fauzan Mustaffa, Roopesh Sitharan, Junita Shariza Mohd Nasir
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2nd International Conference on Creative Multimedia 2022 during July 25–27, 2022 in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Technical Programme Committee...
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China’s Digital Creative Multimedia Industry Development and Sustainable Development Innovation Direction

ShengXuan Zhang, Zainudin Siran, Mohd Hafizuddin Mohd Yusof
The digital creative multimedia industry, which invests in science, technology, culture and arts, and influences culture with economic value, is the sum total of creative content industry and creative manufacturing industry, which use digital technology. China was listed as a new strategic industry for...
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Active Idealism of a Smart City: A Case of Putrajaya

Kok Yoong Lim, Peter C. Woods, Ah Choo Koo
Smart city is a popular concept used widely by policy makers and administrators to promote socio-technological advancement in urban cities. In a disquisition of idealism of the smart city, it would be fruitful if we could at the same time highlight some of the challenges to achieving the very idealism...
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Designing an Experiential Multimedia Gallery Framework

Elyna Amir Sharji, Lim Yan Peng, Peter Charles Woods, Rose Linda Zainal Abidin
Experiential design concept in the built environment puts forward a strong prominence on emotional connection and engagement between users of space and the surrounding environment. In designing multimedia galleries for media arts and interactive content, this concept is applied to understand and improve...
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Developing a Framework to Preserve the Intangible Culture and Heritage in the Endemic Era Using Motion Capture as Capturing Tools

Zaini Kamarol Zaman
In this paper, the researcher addresses on developing the framework of preserving the intangible cultural movement that designed as digital preservation. It draws importance of the process of pre production, ethic reviews, and preparation before the cultural movement recording process. The researcher...
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Urban Quality Management Framework for Assessing Social and Economic Resilience

Najwa Abu Bakar, Peter Charles Woods, Koo Ah Choo, Cheng Kin-Meng
Continuous resilience assessment is important to improve quality of urban systems. Resilience of a city is affected by the dynamic nature of social and economic situations, especially during crises such as pandemic and natural disaster. In this research, a framework called Urban Quality Management has...
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Conceptual Framework to Elicit Behavioral Engagement via Project Based Experiential Learning

Khadija Hamidani, Tse-Kian Neo, Vimala Perumal
Contextualized constructivist learning environments and approaches have shown a significant impact on enhancing student engagement in higher education (HE) classrooms. Nevertheless, in many HE institutions teachers are still using passive instructional methods which have limited effect on students learning...
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Enhancing Student Concentration and Motivation Using Sound in the Classroom

Muhammad Tamim Faruq Khairul Ázmi, Tse-Kian Neo, Fajrul Norman
In many educational settings today, students have been found to lack the concentration and motivation to learn the content in the classroom. This reduces and disrupts the efficiency of their learning process. Humans have limitations in the amount of information that they can process at one time. Sound...
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Using Video-Assisted Learning in Teaching Camera Tracking to Visual Effects Students in Malaysia – A Review

Anis Alagandra Karpayah, Ng Lynn-Sze
This study is on the effectiveness of using video-assisted learning to teach camera tracking for visual effects students in Malaysia. The present research aims to acquire student’s perceptions on using Video Assisted Learning to learn camera tracking in a Malaysian classroom. There are still much documentation...
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Educational Mobile Game as an Interpretive Media Tool

Juniza Zamri, Tenku Putri Norishah Tenku Shariman
The Kokdiang Fun Run mobile game is an example of an interpretive media tool used to attract tourists’ interest to further explore tourist sites. Developed according to the requirements of an interpretive media tool, as recommended by Ginting and Sasmita (2018), the mobile game indicates the various...
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Innovation and Practice of Flipped Classroom from the Perspective of Cultural Confidence

Taking the Curriculum of Mobile Interaction Design as an Example

Xu Ying, Tse-Kian Neo, Soon-Hin Hew
“Mobile interaction design” is to train students to design and produce rich expressive mobile interactive animation online. Besides, it is an organic combination of humanities, art and technology. This curriculum is highly timely and is a curriculum of art design and creation. Under the background of...
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Encouraging Student Motivation in a 3D Self-directed Learning Environment

Md. Waziullah Apu, Tse-Kian Neo, Kaniz Farhana, Angela Amphawan, Soon-Hin Hew, Mai Neo
Today, the key challenge in traditional classrooms is to enhance the students’ motivation. Currently, there is high demand for 3D visualization technology in urban designs. Complex analysis, simulation and visualization can be created using 3D technology for better visualization. The study aims to use...
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Online Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic in Primary School: The Teachers’ Perspective

Jasmine Farzanna Ali AlMurtadha, Hew Soon Hin
The Covid-19 Pandemic has left the people all around the globe to isolate and stay in their homes due to the need of social distancing in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19 virus. Offices, restaurants and including schools were closed down. In which resulting to a huge challenge towards the education...
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3D Scan of Malaysian Culture and Heritage Objects

Operator Experience and Process

Chee Weng Khong, Muhammad Asyraf Mhd. Pauzi
Organisations and individuals interested in culture and heritage (C&H) preservation works in Malaysia are cognizant of the positive advantages of documenting physical cultural assets in three-dimension (3D). In terms of consumption and accessibility of cultural content in 3D, the collection and preservation...
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Investigating Storytelling Differences Between Western and Eastern Computer Animation

Mohamad Razeef Shah, Mohamed Eshaq Ahmad Rafi, Vimala Perumal
Throughout the twentieth century, animation has been used to tell a variety of stories. The narratives told through animation are diverse, owing to their origins on various continents. Different regions of the world produce an animation that takes a unique approach to storytelling. This distinguishes...
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Metaverse: A Platform for Designers

Idea, Concept, and Potential Opportunity in the Digital Realm

Mohd Izani, Fauzan Mustaffa, Aishah Razak, Abdulsamad Alkhalidi
The introduction of games such as Roblox, Minecraft, and others proves that the metaverse concept has been around for a few decades. Mark Zuckerberg’s recent development has broadened the meaning of the term “metaverse” and drawn more attention. To put it simply, the Metaverse is the internet in three...
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Utilising Game for Promoting Cultural Heritage: A Proposal

Mohd Izani, Fauzan Mustaffa, Aishah Razak, Abdulsamad Alkhalidi
One of the fastest-growing trends in the digital media area is using games as an entertaining way to learn and explore subjects like history. After examining the potential of digital media applications in digital heritage, this paper explores the use of a game to explore the heritage site. We used our...
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Tracing the Melaka Sultanate Tradition in Early Colonial Melaka Municipality

Fauzan Mustaffa, Mohamad Izani Zainal Abidin, Muhammed Fauzi Othman
The rise of Melaka Sultanate city as the international trade centre and ‘emporium of the east’ in the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries has been well explained and discussed by many scholars. The Melaka Sultanate city has gone through two and a half centuries of its historical narrative. However,...
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The Edcraft Catalogue: Collaboration of Artist and Academic in “Waste to Craft” Gamified Activity

Kin Meng Cheng, Athirah Mohamed Zaini, Mohamed Abdelfattah Morsi Abdelkarim Marei, Ah Choo Koo, Kim Geok Tan, Junita Shariza Mohamed Zaini
This paper introduces the Edcraft Catalogue, which presents work from the artist and students-academics in the promotional of the online gamified learning activity where the purpose is to improve the awareness of the recycling behaviour of the youth. Also, the catalogue aims to bridge between artist...
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Enhancing Student Learning of Multimedia Design Concepts Using Augmented Reality

Nazi Mahendru, Mai Neo
The rapid inclusion of digital and immersive technologies in education is fast evolving the learning and teaching processes, leading to the evolution of enhanced learning environments, with the purpose of bridging the gap between the evolving students’ living styles and the passive learning classrooms....
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Online Game-Based Learning to Enhance Student Engagement, Motivation and 21st-Century Skills

Ismat Zahra, Mai Neo, Soon Hin Hew
In the year 2020 Covid-19 pandemic became a global health concern with significant educational implications. Stay-at-home orders have been issued by governments worldwide, resulting in the closure of institutions and universities. Thereby, educators had to conduct their classes online to ensure educational...
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Design and Development of Vehicle Inspection Routine Virtual Reality Application

Soon-Nyean Cheong, Dendi Permadi, Nur Afshaa Mohd Ameeruddin, Raisa Musthofa, Siti Munirah Razaly, Mazlan Bin Mahadzir
This paper proposes a Vehicle Inspection Routine Virtual Reality simulation application that teaches students how to perform vehicle inspections, commonly known as “Rutin Pemeriksaan Kenderaan”, which is a required module before obtaining a Malaysian driver’s license. The module’s goal is to ensure that...
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Implication of Extended Reality in Visual Effects Industry for Virtual Production

Zubaida Nila, Hushinaidi Abdul Hamid, Dendi Permadi
In this paper, the author addresses the process of achieving visual effects aesthetics with the new extended reality technology that is escalating in the creative media and film industry to execute virtual production. It draws importance of the technical and creative decisions in the very early stage...
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Analysis of Chinese Animation Movies and Its Impact on Cultural Identity

Yuan Wei, Vimala Perumal, Roopesh Sitharan
In this era of globalization and rapidly evolving technologies, the Chinese animation industry is facing profound cultural anxiety in its development. The impact of this rapid development of Japanese and American animation has threatened the very core of its national cultural identity and the Chinese...
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A Critical Review on the Use of Montage Technique in Film and Television

Wan Xiang, Vimala Perumal, Tse Kian Neo
Montage is one of the most basic and important aspects of film and television medium and it comprises the ability to edit and rearrange images and shots to create a story. Montage combines shots and juxtaposes images to tell a story or an impression or even illustrate an association of ideas to the viewer....
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The Criteria of Islamic Geometric Patterns Design for the Contemporary Jewellery Making Process

Zainudin Siran, Alaa Al-Khulaqi
There is a scarcity of research carried out on jewellery with Islamic Geometric Patterns (IGPs) designs and their making processes, even though these patterns are widely used and researched in architecture. Recent research is limited in the jewellery making methods, lacks validated qualitative data,...
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‘The Tree’: Deliberating User Experience Design in Augmented Reality Art Creation

Syarifah Nurleyana Wafa
Augmented reality (AR) art presents a new form of artistic expression that allows artists to integrate virtual objects into the physical environment. Although there is an increased interest in using AR in the art domain, many artists are still hesitant to explore the technology, due to the perceived...
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Zunar’s Political Cartoons: An Analysis of Rhetorical Devices

Jeremy Pinto, Fauzan Mustaffa
As a form of social commentary, political cartoons hold a unique commentary position of media discourse used to express opinions, and bring up valuable arguments. Visual rhetoric of metaphor, symbolism, and exaggeration are used to communicate the cartoonists’ message and creativity in portraying issues...
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Design Practice: Sketching Strategies to Facilitate the Design Concept in Design Development Among the Product Design Students

Ku Ahmad Adzam Ku Saud
Product design sketching is the heart-treasure of the beginning between the initial and reality of form-making whilst presenting the phenomenon of design development. It was formed as a communication medium with others to portray the ideas, convey concept design, share thoughts, optimize and solve the...
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Development of A Pandemic-Inspired Virtual Reality Exergame to Encourage Exercise During a Lockdown

Wen Jiun Yap, Suan Siang Foo, Chen Wai Wong
During the COVID-19 pandemic, physical activity is significantly reduced due to various lockdown requirements and the closures of parks, gyms and fitness centres. The reduced physical activity greatly impacts human heath which may lead to various health issues such as obesity and the people with those...
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Face Shield 3D Printing User Experience Using Think Aloud Method During Pandemic in Malaysia

Muhammad Asyraf Mhd Pauzi, Khong Chee Weng, Zainudin Bin Siran, Ku Ahmad Adzam Ku Saud, Mohd Bostami Ahmad, Mazlan Mahadzir
Acute respiratory disease later known as Covid-19 is pandemic origin from Wuhan, China. Detecting in 2019, this disease spread rapidly to entire world within few months. The ability to infect to the victim with aerosol spread has force to the medical personnel to wear a personal protective equipment...