Proceedings of the 2012 2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Application (ICCIA 2012)

1259 authors
Li, Zhong
Fast Root-finding of Nonlinear Equations in Geometric Computation
Li, Zhuo
The SaaS Applied in Oilfield Software
Lian, Shibin
Study on recognition of black insects on dark background by computer vision
Lian, Shuaibin
The Globally Linear Embedding Algorithm
Liang, Lulu
Security Issues and Challenges in Event-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks
Liang, Mei
Technological Alliance Networks Analysis under Complex Network Perspective——Case of China’s TD-SCDMA Industry
Liang, Ruoyu
The Reverse-Engineering-based Design of Three-dimensional CAD Parameterized Organic Morphology Mold
Liang, Weiqiang
The Analysis of the Key Problems about Traffic Accident Speed Identification Based on Braking Traces
Liang, Ye
Big Data Storage Method in Wireless Communication Environment
Liang, Ye
Big Image Data Management on Portable Equipment
Liang, Ye
Mobile Big Data Query Based on Double R-tree and Double Indexing
Liang, Yun
A Novel Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing System Based on Parallel Computing
Liang, Zhichao
Short Text Similarity Computing Method towards Agriculture Question and Answering Systems
Liao, Chuanzhu
Multifocus Image Fusion Based on Multiresolution Transform and Particle Swarm Optimization
Liao, Fandi
Parallel Outlier Detection in Dial-back Fraud Calls
Liao, Xuehua
Traffic Accident Reconstruction Technology Research
Lin, Dun
On the Chinization of International Luxuries
Lin, Hong
Research and Application on Optimization of Multi-thread Download Technology for Enhanced Search Engine
Lin, Hong
Research and Application on Information Resources Planning for University
Lin, Hong
Research and Application on Technical Implementation Architecture in University Informatization Planning
Lin, Jiunncherng
Comparing Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set Theory Method and Canny Algorithm for Edge Detection to Tongue Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Lin, KaiYan
Slotting Optimization Algorithm of the Stereo Warehouse
Lin, KaiYan
Complete Coverage Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance Strategy of the Robot
Lin, Sen
Research and Development of Website Framework in Provincial Elaborate Course of Theoretical Mechanics
Lin, Wenqiao
One-dimensional Searching-based Particle Swarm Optimization
Lin, Xingzhi
Study on Shell Sort of Logistics Unified Information System based on Internet of Things
Lin, Xuelian
An Architecture for Unstructured Data Management
Lin, Yan
Game theory research on the “lemon” problem of the e-commerce market
Lin, Yaohu
An Architecture for Unstructured Data Management
Lin, Ying
Distributed Computing Design Methods for Multicore Application Programming
Liu, Aizhen
Application of Ant Colony Algorithm Based on Optimization Parameters in Equipment Material Transport
Liu, Baiming
Optimizing Parameters of Fuzzy Petri Net Based on Artificial Immune Algorithm
Liu, Bing
Distributed Heterogeneous Database System Synchronization Problems in Intelligent Building
Liu, Chenyu
Construction of Credit Mechanism in E-commerce SocietySubtitle as needed
Liu, Chenyu
A Development Strategy of M-commerce against Mobile Internet
Liu, Chunhua
China telecom operators’ flow management
Liu, Chunli
Design and Research on Collaborative Learning Program Based on Cloud-services
Liu, Feng
Design and Implementation of a Context-Aware Based Classroom Inquiring System
Liu, Fenghua
Data Storage Technology and Its development based on Cloud Computing
Liu, Fenghua
Security Policy on Logistics Management Information System Based on Web
Liu, Fenghua
Design and Research on Collaborative Learning Program Based on Cloud-services
Liu, Guang
Audio Retrieval Based on Chinese Keyword Search in Relational Databases
Liu, Guangzhong
A Direct Filling Algorithm of Isogram in Complex Boundary
Liu, Guijun
Research on Centrosymmetric Graph based on DAM6416P
Liu, Guodan
Large Size Static Pressure Box Airflow Distribution
Liu, Guoqiang
Study of Magnetoacoustic Tomography with Injecting Current by Experiment
Liu, Haibo
Wavelet Robust Filtering of Out-trajectory Data
Liu, Hezhi
Model Comparison and Data Interface Program Development between BPA and PSS/E
Liu, Hongmin
Study Minimum Risk Spam Filter Algorithm Based on Cognition-learning
Liu, Hongying
Utilize Improved Particle Swarm to Predict Traffic Flow
Liu, Hui
Weight-discounted Symmetrization in Clustering Directed Graphs
Liu, Jiamin
A Constructive Heuristic for Two-Dimensional Bin Packing
Liu, Jianchen
Research on Management Information System for Construction Market based on XMLHttp+XML Database Synchronization
Liu, Jianchen
Design and development of the architecture market management information system
Liu, Jianchen
The difference supervision theory of engineering registration workers based on Bayesian inference
Liu, Jianfeng
Research on DEM Modification and Production of Three-dimensional Images in the Intersection Region of Seawater and Land
Liu, Jiaoyu
Based on Neural Network PID Controller Design and Simulation
Liu, Jie
Cyber Security Situation Awareness Based on Data Mining
Liu, Jing
The Application of Fuzzy Control in Computer Control
Liu, Jing
Predictive Control Algorithm in the Application of Computer Control
Liu, Jinrui
Software Simulation Method for Digital IF GNSS Signal
Liu, Jinzhuo
The Algebraic Semantics of EPDL at Activity Level and Verification
Liu, Jinzhuo
Algebraic Semantics-based Verification for EPDL at Task Level
Liu, Jun
Mechanism of Sini Decoction on Coronary Heart Disease in Molecular Level
Liu, Kun
A Revised Distributed Interpretation for Ontology Integration
Liu, LianZhong
A Realization of Security Model on Unified Database Console
Liu, Lianzhong
Research on K-Anonymity Algorithm in Privacy Protection
Liu, Luling
On Applications of Cell phone Two-dimensional Code in China
Liu, Luling
Analysis of User Experience at B2C E-commerce Website
Liu, Mei-lin
Improvements based on the IPSec VPN Secuirity
Liu, Mei-lin
Research on the Wireless sensor Network Data Fusion Technology
Liu, Naili
Improved algorithm for mining maximum frequent patterns based on FP-Tree
Liu, Naili
Optimized algorithm for Mining Valid and non-Redundant Rules
Liu, Peng
A Method on Single Source Publishing for Music in DITA
Liu, Pengfei
XML Retrieval with Results Clustering on Android
Liu, Qing
Image Feature Extraction of Moment of Inertia Based on Otsu Threshold Segmentation
Liu, Qing
Microscopic Image Segmentation of Chinese Herbal Medicine Based on Region Growing Algorithm
Liu, Ruifan
A Novel Approach to Improve the Frequency Resolution Based on Sparse Representation
Liu, Sa
Study on recognition of black insects on dark background by computer vision
Liu, Sen
Application of Ant Colony Algorithm Based on Optimization Parameters in Equipment Material Transport
Liu, Shang
The Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Spatial Multibody Systems with Prismatic Joint Based on Vector Bond Graph
Liu, Shuang
Empirical Application Of QQ Groupware In College English Teaching
Liu, Songai
The integrated operation of the network security equipments based on HTTP
Liu, Waixi
Research in Serial Port Communication Mechanism Based on Android Mobile
Liu, Wanci
The Grid-connected Inverter of Simulation on Direct-drive Wind Power System Based on MATLAB
Liu, Wei
Study on predistortion techniques and adaptive modulation used in fading channels
Liu, Wei
Cross-layer Design to Solve Cooperation Problem in Ad Hoc Network
Liu, Wenwu
Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of a Three-stage-structured Prey-predator System with Multi-delays
Liu, Wenxia
A Distribution Communication Network Scheme Involving DERs in Power Grid
Liu, Xianmei
The Implementation of Virtual Studio Laboratory Based on Web
Liu, Xinglin
A method for Chinese Noun Phrase Recognition Base on Word Co-occurrence Directed Graph
Liu, Xiping
Microscopic Image Segmentation of Chinese Herbal Medicine Based on Region Growing Algorithm
Liu, Xuhong
A Method on Single Source Publishing for Music in DITA
Liu, Xuning
Research and Application of Ontology in Resource Information Model of Tree Growth Management
Liu, Xusheng
Design of Interactive Intelligent Family Utilization System in Smart Grid
Liu, Ya
Analysis of Impact of Smart Terminal on CDMA Network and Solution
Liu, Yanchun
Vision Algorithms for UAVs Aerial Refueling Using Probe-drogue
Liu, Yang
Dynamic Evolution of Requirement Goal Deployed on Network Environment
Liu, Yang
A System Architecture for Energy Saving in Buildings
Liu, Yang
SR-Tree: An Index Structure of Sensor Management System for Spatial Approximate Query