Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education (ICADCE 2020)

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“Silver” Age Theater

Liudmila Mikheeva, Magda Dzhichonaia, Julia Gushchina
The article is devoted to the complex ways of theater development in the beginning of the XX century. The article considers the creative ways of theater reformers, the search for realists and modernists, the mutual influence of symbolists and those theater figures who were realists, but were true innovators...
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The Relationship Between Space Field and Real Space in Art

Yuan Ding
No art can exist without the limitation of time and space. As a manifestation of the entity, the space of art is an important condition hidden behind the form of expression, which also restricts the appearance and form of artistic works. The understanding of space has directly changed the face of art,...
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Modeling Characteristics of Chu Teh-chun’s Abstract Painting

Feng Liu
This article studies the unique modeling style characteristics of Chu Teh-chun’s Abstract paintings, and summarizes them into three points: rich and changeable calligraphic style of “points, lines, and surfaces”, gentle and solemn unique modeling symbols, and a stable and harmonious modeling relationship...
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Ethical Identities and Ethical Teaching Implication in “Emperor Jones”

Mei Xie
One of Eugene O’Neill’s representative works is “Emperor Jones”, and the core event in this play is black Jones’s flight at night. Through the use of play expressionism techniques such as the stage, sound, costumes, masks, and chorus, this play represents Jones’ ethical conflict and ethical dilemmas...
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The Expression of the Form of Chinese Opera Painting in Folk Art

Xiaojie Zhang
In the ancient times without modern media, the visual communication mode of opera art mainly depends on fine arts. The forms and types of opera performance almost involve all kinds of fine art. From the perspective of ancient sculpture, New Year wood-block painting, ancient murals and other folk arts,...
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The Space of Zurab Tsereteli’s Creative Personality in World Modern Art

Lyubov V. Shirshova
The present paper is dedicated to the creative work of a master of international renown, Zurab Konstantinovich Tsereteli. Various aspects of his many-sided activities as a sculpture-pioneer are described here. Basing on the works of Tsereteli, the author analyzes a broad picture of developments in the...
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Analysis of Rock Painting Creation Under Nonlinear Thinking

Dan Chen
This paper analyzes and demonstrates the artistic appeal of contemporary rock painting which integrates nonlinear thinking. First, the connotation and denotation of nonlinear thinking are comprehensively explained. Subsequently, the integrating point of nonlinear thinking and rock art is discussed. Finally,...
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Spatial Attitudes: The Recreation of Space in the Works of Frank Stella

Shuwen Yang
This study investigated spatial expressions in Frank Stella’s Abstract arts. To achieve this, we divided Stella’s works into three stages and selected Morrow Castle, Mogielnica and Hudson River Valley series as representative works in each stage, which were then analyzed in terms of regulated patterns,...
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Research on the Experience of Interactive Art From the Perspective of Reception Aesthetics

Baihui Chen
Since the 1960s, the rapid development of science and technology has gradually reduced the power distance between people. Individual visitor has also transformed from passive appreciation to active acceptance. The theory represented by receptive aesthetics also provides theoretical support for the development...
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An Analysis of the Composing Elements of the First Movement of Shubert’s “Piano Sonata in C Minor” D958

Xiao Wang
Franz Schubert composed twenty one piano sonatas in his thirty-one years of life. In 1828, the last year of his life, Schubert composed three large piano sonatas: D958, D959 and D960. This paper focuses on the work “Piano Sonata in C Minor” D958 among these three pieces, which is the largest, most profound...
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The “Tewarikh-i Musiqiyyun”: A Philological Investigation

Aibibula Tuersun, Riziwanguli Kahaer
China’s national culture is the shining pearl of Chinese culture and an integral part of Chinese culture. There is the phenomenon multi-cultural coexistence and multi-cultural exchange in Xinjiang. In the process of long-term exchange and integration of various ethnic cultures, “Tewarikh-i Musiqiyyun”...
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The Color and Artistic Features of Murals in Dunhuang Cave 465 in Mogao Grottoes

Zhangmin Yan
This paper makes status quo counter-draw of two Danapati Bodhisattvas at the ceiling of Dunhuang Cave 465 in Mogao Grottoes, investigates the murals in Dunhuang and Kizil grottoes on the spot, and analyzes the artistic features of murals in Dunhuang Cave 465 in Mogao Grottoes in combination with various...
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Study on “A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains” by Wang Ximeng

Yurong Ma
This article takes the Northern Song Dynasty painter Wang Ximeng’s “A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains” as the object of inquiry. Based on the overview of the paintings, it analyzes the color features of the green landscapes and the beauty of the artistic conception displayed in the pictures, and...
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The Development of Three-Dimensional Symbols in Chinese Freehand Brushwork and Its Contemporary Value

Hanying Sun
In the era of rapid development of science and technology, the development of Chinese freehand brushwork must be compatible with human visual cognition in order to meet the aesthetic expectations of the present audience. The three-dimensional expression should not be the standard to differentiate traditional...
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Innovation of Narrative Discourse in the Musical “Into the Woods”

Sihui Hong
The Broadway musical “Into the Woods” is adapted from four classic European fairy tales, which has a strong defamiliarization aesthetic effect. By comparing the intertextuality of narrative discourse and methods in the musical and traditional fairy tales, it can be seen that the composer and director...
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Opinions on the Choreography Creation of Yunnan Traditional Folk Dance

Qiong Yang, Lijuan Wu
There are 26 ethnic minorities in Yunnan. The ethnic dances in each region have their own unique styles, and the ways they follow are in accordance with people’s living customs, religious beliefs and ideals. In Yunnan, the differences and blending of traditional dances among different ethnic groups are...
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Study on the Sinicization of the Hu Music of the Western Regions in “Record of Shie Drum”

Jiaying Liu, Menghu Wang
Shie drum was popular in the Tang Dynasty, and its shape, performance, and tune style have obvious Hu nationality characteristics. “Record of Shie Drum” is the only book on musical instruments of the Western Regions so far. It records the development and changes of Shie drum in detail, and it is also...
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Interactive Video Installation Art Under New Media Art

Ying Zheng, Peng Zhang
The origin of video installation art can date back to around the 1970s. As a derivative of new media technology, with the development of new media art and technological development, video installation art was born naturally. The most prominent feature of video installation art is its interactivity, which...
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Chinese Improved National Instruments — Plucked Stringed Musical Instruments

Ha Neul Lee, Yiyi Zhang
The plucked stringed instrument is a very distinctive type of string instrument among Chinese national musical instruments. This paper analyzes the classification of Chinese national plucked stringed musical instruments, and takes pipa (琵琶), ruan (阮), liuqin (柳琴), and zheng (筝) as examples to analyze...
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The Transmutation of Essence: The Evolution of Ang Lee’s Film Field

Jingwen Ji
This paper takes the decomposition of the essence of Ang Lee’s film as the starting point of elaboration, and analyzes the iconic content that essence should contain from the perspective of film philosophy. Through the active exploration and subjective innovation of the essence of film and technology,...
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The Affinity Between Existential Philosophy and Realistic Image Expression

A Philosophical Study of the Film “Forever Young”

Guidong Han, Zhi Cheng
Existentialist philosophy not only influenced the discussion of specific issues about “human” in the last century, but also had a profound impact on the current artistic creation in a sustainable philosophical meaning. From Heidegger to Sartre and Beauvoir, the exploration of existential philosophy has...
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The Production and Viewing of Korean Dramas From the Perspective of Receptional Aesthetics

Taking Surrealist Elements in Korean Dramas as Examples

Xinyang Li, Yue Qi
This article mainly starts from the theoretical perspective of receiving aesthetics, and analyzes and explores the popular surrealist elements in Korean dramas in recent years. The main contents of the study are: the spectacle aesthetic experience brought by “surrealism”, and the audience’s viewing experience...
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The Ecological Perspective of Chinese Eco-film

Xiaolu Wang
This paper takes Chinese eco-film as the research text, from the cultural psychology of “unity of man and nature”, the attitude of “reverence for life”, and the ecological appeal of “home consciousness”, to observe Chinese eco-film from these three ecological perspectives. As an art style to reflect...
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A Study on the Influence of the Audience on the Aesthetic Cognition of the Ballet Swan Lake

Jiongling Chen
The main purpose of this study is to analyze the reasons for the differences in aesthetic cognition between classical ballet and modern ballet Swan Lake. This paper takes the dance of “Four Little Swans” as the research object, takes Aristotle’s “six elements of tragedy” as the evaluation element, and...
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The Constitution of New Media Art in Space

Yuqing Lei
As a digital technology or a more extensive information medium, new media has begun to enter the lives of the masses, and participates in space construction in the form of works or advertisements, affecting people’s lifestyle and the value of space. This is a new way of information transmission, and...
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“Transformation” of Sun Wukong Inside and Outside the Painting

A Study of Sun Wukong in Art Works Since the Establishment of People’s Republic of China

Yige Luo
The “transformation” of Sun Wukong in fine art works is the manifestation of aesthetic ideology. As a well-known mythical character, Sun Wukong’s image is an important topic of art creation, which plays an important role in the construction of national cultural image, art creation and art education....
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Interpretation of Symbols in the Film “Ash Is Purest White”

Xinlin Gao
Director Jia Zhangke’s films have always paid close attention to social changes, and he is good at using symbolic expression in films, which is also an important feature of his films. The use of symbols in the film “Ash Is Purest White” (also known as “People of Jianghu”) runs through the entire film,...
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Comparative Study on Modern Ceramic Art in China and the West Based on Cultural and Psychological Differences

Zibo Lin, Xiaodie Shi
No universal concept and connotation of modern ceramic art have formed among Chinese ceramic art circle. A glimpse of modern ceramic art in China and the West reveals contrast in ideas expressed, material, language and aesthetics, which can mostly be explained by their difference in culture and psychology....
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Public Art Dialogue

Kexin Liu
The construction of public art is not only to leave a work of art in the public space, but to make the work penetrate into the lives of the public and into their hearts, so as to arouse emotional interaction and communication, and interact and influence with people, society, and the environment. From...
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A Literature Review of Northeast Farmer Painting Art

Lili Sun
With the continuous development of farmer painting art in China, the heat of farmer painting research continues to increase, and the research perspectives are becoming more diverse. This paper summarizes the research directions and research results of many Chinese scholars in recent years, summarizes...
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Observing the Photorealism Painting Through Zheng Xie’s “Bamboo Syllogism”

Yaxun Liu
Modern art has developed for nearly a hundred years, and the art of painting has broken through the “three-dimension” and moved towards the “multi-dimension”, and paintings in various forms of expression emerge in endlessly. The traditional mode of artistic thinking no longer allows people to fully understand...
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The Cultural Remodeling of Public Art in the Consumption Era

Qiangqiang Luo
The prosperity of mass culture in the consumption era makes public art present many different characteristics from the past. The secular characteristics of mass culture representations are first manifested in that it no longer only pays attention to issues such as the sublime, the sacred, and the classics...
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Reflection on Modern Fashion

Lingfen Li
Based on the background of modern fashion, this paper explores the development law of fashion from the perspective of culture and economy through the phenomena of fashion in different periods. It also discusses the relationship between the emergence and development of fashion as a social and cultural...
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Discussion on the Relationship Between Humanism and Art

Sihan Zhang, Ying Wang
Humanism thoughts appeared in the classical period, and emerged in the Renaissance period. To modern times, artists created works adhering to the design principle of people-oriented. The influence of humanism on art is particularly obvious in the development history of installation art. And the function...
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Research on the Golden Seal of Zhang Dageng of Ming Dynasty Unearthed in Fuyang, Anhui and Related Imprints

Qi Zhu
A tortoise gold seal was unearthed in Fuyang, Anhui in the 1980s, which enjoys high value of cultural relics. This paper makes emendation of the annotations in the original brief, and conducts a comprehensive study on the material, shape, characteristics, production method and artistic style of the gold...
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Study on Oral Materials of the Folk Artisan of Lantern Drama in Gongxian County, South Sichuan

Li Jiang, Maotao Zhang
Gongxian County is located in the south of Sichuan Province, at the junction of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Chongqing. It has a splendid history and culture and colorful traditional culture. Therefore, the lantern drama of Gongxian County was born under such a regional environment. According to the...
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The Freak Show in “Keela, the Outcast Indian Maiden”

Yang Yang
Freak show, getting popular in the middle of the 19th century, is the original form of mass entertainment before televisions and films dominate American people’s visual life. It has attracted the attention of writers who draw some inspiration from them. From the middle of the 19th century to the first...
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Research on the Types of Fujian Paper Cutting Art Symbols

Yang Li
Fujian paper-cut is reflected in all aspects of Fujian people’s life. As a miniature of Fujian culture, Fujian paper-cut shows the stigma of migration of northern people to the south of China and cultural integration. This paper interprets the splendid art of Fujian paper-cut from the perspective of...
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The Formation and Folk Implication of Dragon Dance in Hong’an, Hubei

Ming Chen
Hong’an dragon dance in Hubei presents folk customs and beliefs in an artistic way, which enjoys high folk and artistic value. To investigate the way that the custom integrates into local people’s daily life, the methods of induction and data collection are employed to demonstrate the formation, folk...
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Analysis on the Prototype of “Phoenix Pattern” From the Perspective of Myth Archetype Criticism

Xueying Su, Fan Liu
“Phoenix” has always been a symbol of auspiciousness and one of the most familiar mythical creatures for the Chinese people, but its prototype has always been controversial. This article uses Fraser’s “The Golden Branch” and Jung’s psychoanalytic theory to analyze the literature interpretation of the...
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Research on Inheritance and Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Dazhou City — Taking the Folk Songs of Madu Township as an Example

Gaoyang Liu
In the new era, as China continues to attach importance to “intangible cultural heritage”, the academic circles have made researches on the native intangible cultural heritage of Dazhou City. For example, the “weeding gongs and drums” of Tujia nationality in Chuandong, and the “Zhu Suona” of Dazhu County,...
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The Construction of the Inheritance System of Traditional Music in Liangshan Prefecture in the Context of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Ling Chen
The inheritance system of traditional music in Liangshan Prefecture is a whole composed of multiple factors and multiple links. These factors influence and restrict each other. To build a complete music inheritance system and run it efficiently, it is necessary to integrate all links and give full play...
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Disorder, Identity, and Fusion — A Cultural Interpretation of Tuwei Videos

Linpeng Chen
In recent years, Tuwei (“土味”: The word is usually used to describe something tacky, not in line with the trend, not fashionable) videos have set off a wave of Tuwei culture on the Internet. This paper uses anthropological theory to interpret this emerging cultural phenomenon on the basis of participating...
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The Construction of Female Images in Chinese TV Dramas From 2009 to 2018

Cheng Li
TV drama creation takes real life as the source of creation, restoring real life scenes, and not only presents the audience’s life experience in various fields through different themes, but also affects the audience’s perception of life. The images of female characters in TV dramas are gradually diversified,...
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Defence Sublimates Humanity — Comment on the Korean Film “The Attorney”

Zhijing Zhu, Guicheng Zhuang
“The Attorney” is a representative film in recent years in South Korea which tells the story of the hero Song Woo-seok, who is transformed from a mercenary lawyer to a democratic fighter who pleads in the name of the people, and finally starts to pursue the path of democracy and freedom. Through five...
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The Integration and Development of Chinese Style Illustrations and Western Painting Aesthetics

Lingxin Li, Yanjun Wang
By virtue of its unique understanding and expression of beauty, Chinese style aesthetics has deeply influenced the aesthetic trend in Asia, as well as survived and thrived against the popular Western aesthetics. The increasingly frequent cross-cultural communication makes the integration of Chinese style...
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Analysis on the Narrative Structure of the Puzzle Film “Deep in the Heart”

Mingyue Sun, Xinlin Gao
“Deep in the Heart” takes the claim of an unnamed charred body as its core story. With the rigorous story structure and the multi-threaded nonlinear narrative, it reveals the true human nature of selfishness and full of lies, reflects the contradictions of Chinese rural people in the social upheaval,...
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Research on the Ethicalized Effect of Martial Arts Elements on the Violence Aesthetics in Chinese Films

Luoxuan Zhou, Baojun Chu, Suyalema Huo
Violence aesthetics in films is the integration of violence and film art, and beautification of violence images is an important means of designing films with violence aesthetics. Films with violence aesthetics provide the audience with a way to appreciate the beauty of violence, which is sought after...
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Discussion on Aesthetic Marketing in the Age of Sensibility

Meijin Hsiao, Shuhua Hsueh
Under the pressure of global industrial competition in the 21st century, perceptual design has become a prominent subject in the field of design. With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people’s life quality, modern consumers have gradually become more and more sensitive to...
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Analysis of Composition Elements in Oil Painting Sketching

Jialing Shao, Siying Qin
This article focuses on the main design ideas related to the composition of the picture in the process of oil painting sketching, the composition techniques used, and the main points and precautions for sketching composition. Through the specific analysis of the composition of oil painting sketching,...
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Study on the Artistic Style of Zandaren Music of Oroqen Nationality

Rui Zhang, Andrey Ivanov
The Oroqen, an ethnic minority in northeast China, have lived in vast forests for generations. Though proficient in singing and dancing, they enjoy no language or character of their own due to living environment. Oroqen folk music is deeply influenced by religion, culture, and mode of production and...
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Cultivation of Emotional Intelligence Through Art

Elena Azbukina, Natalia A. Bondarenko
This article expounds on the cultivation of emotional intelligence of modern person depending on the age group, social and cultural environment through perception of and introduction to art. It also presents the technology “Image and Cogitation” as means for preschool and junior schoolchildren emotional...
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A Comparative Study of Art Quality Education Between China and Russia

Qianyin Qi, Feng Qi
Russian art education is well-known in the world, which requires school education to form a systematic art quality education system, and pay special attention to the construction of social and family environment. With the rapid development of economy, society has put forward new requirements for the...
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Diagrammatic Thinking as an Environmental Design Teaching: From “Diagram Verification” to “Spatial Narrative”

Yunqi Li, Yan Zhong
Environment refers to humanity, and design tends to be accurate, while “diagrammatic thinking”, as an “intermediary”, connects design strategies with spatial images. Therefore, in the perspective of environmental design focusing on the construction of “microscopic physical space form implementation”...
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Analysis on the Innovative Application of Industry-University-Research Collaborative Education Mode

Taking Digital Media Art Specialty as an Example

Pengkun Wu
The first digital media art major in China was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2002. After more than ten years of development, a more reasonable system has been formed from the formulation of talent training program, the construction of curriculum system, the construction of teaching team, and...
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Study on Design Aesthetic Education in Universities in China

Lin Yang, Heng Cui
The paper uses the comparative analysis method to research Design Aesthetic Education in universities in China in order to construct the new system of aesthetic education with the combination of design aesthetics and traditional art courses. What has been disclosed is that Design Aesthetic Education,...
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Research on Online and Offline Blended Teaching Mode

Taking “Book Design” as an Example

Yang Li
With the advent of the new media era, it has brought an impact on book design, a traditional information communication medium. In view of the current situation and problems of book design courses, this project has carried out teaching reforms. This course adopts online and offline teaching modes, and...
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Practice, Immersion and Collaboration — the Teaching Exploration of the Integration of Traditional Culture Into Art Design Course From the Constructivism Theory

Qiong Xie
This paper mainly analyzes and discusses the necessity of integrating traditional culture into the professional education of Chinese contemporary art design, the current situation of integration, and the ways of integration, and summarizes the practical experience of integrating traditional culture of...
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Research on the Course System of Design in Guangdong Universities Based on Regional Cultural Characteristics

Taking Guangdong University of Finance and Economics as an Example

Yuqi Zhang
The society transformation has indicated the direction for reform of cultural administrative system and injected momentum to education reform. The collision of different cultures, the development of technologies, and the change of concepts have brought opportunities and challenges to the construction...
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Reflection on the Application of Ethnic Piano Music in Piano Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Lijuan Wu, Qiong Yang
This paper analyzes the current situation and problems in the teaching of national piano music in the professional piano teaching of Chinese colleges and universities, and expounds the significance of national piano music in the teaching of piano major in colleges and universities. Aiming at strengthening...
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Research on the Teaching Practice of Inquiry Learning Based on the Design of Cultural and Creative Products of the Grand Canal

Yan Gu, Li Gu
In the teaching practice, professional guidance teachers should guide students’ research-oriented learning, explore scientific cultural and creative product development mode, constantly optimize the design, and learn advanced cultural concepts. In the teaching practice of cultural and creative product...
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Discussion on the Teaching Model of Music Appreciation Class Based on Constructivism Theory

Min Wang
Current music education in colleges and universities is “people-oriented”, and the constructivist learning theory closely meets the actual needs of higher music teaching in our country. The author summarizes the guiding ideology of the constructivist teaching model, the operating procedures and principles...
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Dilemma and Countermeasures of Art Design Education in Colleges and Universities Under COVID-19 Epidemic Situation

Taking the Course of “Foundation of Graphic Software” as an Example

Lijuan Xiong
Against the background of novel corona virus pneumonia, this article starts from the background of online teaching of art design major in colleges and universities, expounds the educational plight faced by online teaching and analyses the causes of the dilemma. From the three aspects of teaching design,...
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The Application of Online and Offline Blended Teaching Mode in the Course of “Book Design”

Yang Li, Ning Kang
This paper takes the book design course as an example to analyze the application of online and offline teaching mode. According to the characteristics of the book design curriculum, the researchers adjust the curriculum design, refine and expand the content of the book design, and optimize the ratio...
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Research on the Training Mode of Creative Thinking for Students Majoring in Design

Ting He
Students are an important group that will inherit traditional culture and continue to exert cultural value. This project focuses on how to promote students’ creative and innovative thinking and ability. It is necessary to design experiments which related to the development of traditional culture, and...
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Analysis on the Application of Color Matching Methods in Color Teaching of Clothing Design Specialty in Colleges and Universities

Nan Xiao, Fengjun Li
Clothing color teaching is a basic course for clothing design specialty in colleges and universities of art, and plays an important role in the teaching system of clothing specialty. The weak link in clothing color teaching is to apply clothing color theory to market brands. Based on years of experience...
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Research on Animation Majors’ Competition and Cultivation of Creative Talents

Ping Guan, Zeling Zheng
With the booming development of the animation industry, the demand for creative talents in the animation industry is also increasing. As a high-level platform for the training of creative talents in the animation industry, universities have undoubtedly affected the prospects and future of the animation...
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Research on the Teaching Reform of “Interior Design” Specialized and Creative Integration Course in Application Oriented Universities

Xiaocong Hu
Promoting the deep integration of professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship education, and cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents with solid professional practice ability are important tasks for the current application-oriented universities to deepen the curriculum reform....
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The Relationship Between Music Education in Colleges and Universities and Traditional Chinese Music and Their Development

Xiaobei Zhang
This paper analyzes the current situation of music education in Chinese colleges and universities, and studies the logical relationship between college music education and traditional Chinese music. Based on the logical relationship between the two, it proposes to start with five aspects including “changing...
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Practice-Led Fine Arts Doctorate: The Controversy on New Knowledge

Rongwei Zhang
Although the current situations of Practice-led Fine Arts Doctorate courses in different countries are extremely different, it seems to be a trend that this course is becoming a kind of regularity in universities. However, debates on how this mode of research creates new knowledge, and whether this new...
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Design of Traditional Drama Multimedia Network Teaching System

Jing Wu
Driven by the development of multimedia technology, this paper discusses the expansion of traditional drama teaching in the Internet environment to solve the teaching problems in the normal teaching environment, such as the limitation of time and space, and the difficulty in optimizing the allocation...
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Chen Zhifo’s Contributions to Chinese Modern Art Education

Jianli Li
Chen Zhifo is a famous master of Chinese meticulous flowers-and-birds painting in modern times, as well as a famous art theorist and modern art educator. This paper mainly elaborates Chen Zhifo’s contribution to the development of national art education and pattern design education in art education throughout...
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Blueprint for Constructing Courses of Regional Music Culture in Local Colleges and Universities

A Case Study of “Quanfeng Lantern Opera”

Dandan Zhou
With the advancing of overall social culture development, the inheritance of traditional music culture has been attracting more and more attentions around the nation. For ordinary local undergraduate colleges and universities in China, the music education is generally restricted by a series of factors...
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Certainty and Uncertainty: The “Point, Line and Surface” of Parc de La Villette in Paris

Quan’an Chen, Junbo Li
Parc de La Villette in Paris is the work of deconstructivist design master Tschumi. The designer arranges, intersects, and overlaps three very different systems of point, line, and surface, presenting various unexpected effects, embodying the uncertainty of “accidental”, “coincidental”, “inconsistent”,...
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Research on the Relationship Between the Costume Etiquette System and the Development of Social Politics and Economics

Lin Lin
Costume culture and etiquette system are closely related to social, political and economic development. Based on the characteristics of Western costumes and the ancient and modern dress etiquette culture, this paper analyzes in detail the development law of dress etiquette system and its relationship...
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Research on the Value and Model of Cultural Creative Product Design Workshop in Colleges and Universities

Xi Yan
The cultural and creative products of colleges and universities embody the connotation of their spiritual civilization. By analyzing the value and deficiency of cultural creative products in colleges and universities, this paper puts forward the necessity of design workshops for cultural creative products...
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Research on the Practice of Social Design Concept in the Protection and Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage Handicraft

Taking the Bamboo Weaving Project of Rural Revitalization Workstation of Hushang Township, Anxi, and Fuzhou University as an Example

Minhan Xie, Zhixiong Huang
Further study on theory and widespread practical projects involving social design in recent years enrich its connotation. With bamboo-weaving design project of rural revitalization workstation, a school-enterprise cooperation project between Hushang Township, Anxi, and Fuzhou University, as an example,...
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Research on the Role of Text and Graphics in Brand Logo Design

Lizhu Liang
The brand logo is a visual symbol of the brand’s core concept. Through in-depth research on the brand concept and brand service characteristics, the design direction can be accurately grasped. The key step in the design of the brand’s logo is to first filter the keywords through mind maps, list the text...
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Innovative Application of Glass Materials in Modern Decoration Modeling

Yunxiu Wu
With the development of science and technology, new materials emerge in endlessly, so that various decorations of different materials appear in modern life, and decorations of different materials play different decorative effects in modern life. Decorations made of glass materials are no exception. Decorations...
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The Application of Regional Culture in City Brand Design

Qiuyue Jin
A city needs a brand as a “container” to pack up the assets. When the city creates the brand image system, it needs to explore a very rich field for brand positioning. This includes the city’s cultural resources, geographical customs, cultural scenery, natural environment, etc. A city is like a creature,...
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Analysis on the Color Components of Rural Landscape Based on Visual Perception

Hongli Zhu
This article analyzes the color components of the rural landscape from the perspective of visual perception objectively. Through the psychological empathy effect of color perception and visual psychological stimulation, the visual perception effect of color is analyzed, and the components of the rural...
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The Dynamic Visual Art Language of Architectural Landscape in the Context of New Media

Wenxia Zhang
With the continuous innovation of scientific and technological means, the production of digital multimedia technology constantly impacts the traditional way of visual art communication. The expression form of architectural landscape design program changes from static drawings to dynamic images. Audio-visual...
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Study on Cultural and Creative Design of Traditional Chinese Calligraphy Tools in Digital Era

Shunmei Lin, Xue Ban
This paper analyzes the creative product design concept of traditional Chinese calligraphy tools (writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and inkstones) in the context of the new digital media era, as well as the development and practice methods of creative products. It explores how to present the design...
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Social Design: Design Actions Facing the Perspective of Humanistic Research

Yunqi Li, Yuxin Ma
The origin of social design could be traced back to Beuys’s “social sculpture” concept. Based on the definition of “social design”, this paper analyzes the practical ability of “social design” in solving social problems by using “cultural creativity” and “life aesthetics”, “cultural capital” and “field...
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Tableware Design Based on Life Style of Urban Residents Who Were Born in 80s

Chenxi Fan
Based on the study of urban residents who were born in 80s, this paper explores the relationship among lifestyle, eating behavior and requirements of design. The method is designing a questionnaire through interviews. By means of Chi-square test, it shows that different ethnic groups have diversified...
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Color Analysis and Application in Art Design of Exterior Environment of Buildings

Xiaoguang Wang
Color is a very appealing visual language that plays a vital role in the display of ancient and modern architectural images. Taking Tibetan dwellings and temples as examples, the article combines folklore and color theory to analyse the color design of the Jokhang Temple, the Potala Palace and the dwellings...
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Research on the Design of Experiential Commercial Space

Siqun Xie
In the era of Experience Economy, consumers’ functional demand for commercial space has been upgraded from the traditional commodity display to meeting the needs of personalized experience. In the process of commercial space consumption, consumers are no longer satisfied with the traditional single material...
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Analysis on the Application of Cultural Orientation Furnishings in Contemporary Themed Dining Space Design

Xin Fu, Zhixiang Jin
The rapid development of China’s social economy has brought about the continued prosperity of the catering industry. The thematic catering industry that has emerged in recent years has further expanded its multi-dimensional culture. People are paying more and more attention to the cultural expression...
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The Spatial Morphological Design and Protection of Modern Gardens Around Taihu Lake Under the Perspective of Drones

Wenjie Liu, Pohsun Wang, Jie Gu, Jia Tang
Based on the perspective of drone overlooking the modern garden of Taihu Lake, this paper analyzes the relationship between modern gardens and Taihu Lake around Taihu Lake, combines the overall spatial form of the garden with the occurrence of history, and formulates a targeted protection strategy for...
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A Study on the Manifestation of Humanistic Thought in Scandinavian Home Design

Yixuan Lv
Scandinavian design style is a modern design style. Its design began in the late 19th century. It combines modern concise industrial design with traditional decorative elements, pays attention to the actual function of the product, emphasizes the humane concern in the design, and forms a brand new modern...
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Application of Point, Line and Plane in Landscape Design

Levi Lee
Point, line, and plane are the basic elements of plane composition. In landscape design, elements such as point, line, and plane are often materialized, replaced with specific landscape design elements, and then combined and designed according to the law of formal beauty. In landscape design, many points...
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Research on the Visual Composition of Public Service Advertising Poster Design

Xin Cao
In this study, the KJ (Affinity Diagram) method is applied, and the following 72 posters are collected. This study collects 72 public service posters and analyzes them in terms of color aesthetics, layout structure, and creative expressions, as well as the literature. However, most of them share the...
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Research on the Style of Space Decoration and Furnishing Design of Japanese-Style Homestay

Bowei Zhang
The rapid development of China’s economy drives the rise of tourism, which promotes homestay industry. Homestay should value the study on style and furnishings design. Thanks to such methods as historical approach, comparative study, case analysis and literature research, this paper elaborates homestay...
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Understanding of Humanistic Spirit in Urban Sculpture

Yanjun Jiao
This paper first explores the internal connection between “Tao” (ideal method) and “Qi” (a definite thing) in Chinese traditional humanistic spirit and the free style in Chinese artistic spirit. Then, by pointing out that sculpture is the carrier of cultural spirit, this paper analyzes the reasons for...
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Analysis on the Furnishing Application of Geometric Symbolic Furniture in Modernistic Residential Interior Design

Jie Qiu, Yujia Zhang
In modernistic residential design, designers began to use geometric symbolic elements in the design, using the basic features of geometric shapes to stimulate people’s visual senses. Meanwhile, geometric furniture is also a product of modern people’s needs. This article reflects on the current use of...
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Research on Lighting Installation Art Design in Public Space

Tingting Jiang
With the continuous development of society and the advancement of urbanization, the role of lighting began to change from meeting the initial basic material conditions of people’s lives to meeting people’s spiritual needs for a higher quality of life. Lighting installation art then emerges as the time...
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The Design of Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum in Fujian Province Based on Situation Creation

Xin Cao
From “rescue” to “diversity protection and inheritance”, intangible cultural heritage has undergone a change from passive to active promotion, and its demand for display in public exhibition space has also changed from popularization of protection science to long-term effect of dissemination. In recent...
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The Application of Soundscape in Environmental Art

Wanlin Wang
Sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste are the main factors that constitute people’s feelings in environmental art design, but auditory elements are often ignored by designers. Auditory elements are just like cooking wine, which is not the main body of a dish, but can enhance the overall flavor of the...
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The Application of Urban Landscape Design

Taking Zhongshan Qijiang Park as an Example

Xin Fu, Jinyan Liu
Since ancient times, functionality and artistry have been the formal elements in urban landscape parks. Therefore, in the design of the park, it is necessary to design the park systematically and scientifically from the aspects of functionality and artistry. It is required to make the park have aesthetic...
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Research on the Application of Mirror Materials in Contemporary Public Art

Siqun Xie
The application of mirror material in modern public art promotes the artistic atmosphere and urban artistic atmosphere of the urban public environment, highlights the unique personality and cultural characteristics of the city, and expresses the thoughts and feelings among people, natural environment...