Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Arts, Design and Contemporary Education

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On Theoretical Principles of Managing the Processes of Musical Communication in Society

Alexander Yakoupov
The author considers the theory of musical communication management in contemporary society and its most relevant principles. The author focuses on the theoretical principles of multi-factor differentiation of the listening audience and purposeful programming. The theories of prominent musical sociologists...
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On the Computer Modeling for Musical Thinking

Sergei Filatov-Beckmann
Methods of mathematical modeling for musical thinking are one of the current problems of modern musical science. A number of works by Professor S. Skrebkov, to whom the problem statement belongs, are under analysis. The reasons for exceptional complexity of the problem are considered, and approaches...
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Phenomenon of Christian Art Through the Prism of Ancient Russian Art

Marina Moiseenko
The article deals with the specifics of the Christian art, which is based on the spiritual and moral values, through the prism of the features of the ancient art, the object of the national pride of the modern Russia. The author addresses the question of differences of the Christian art in general from...
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Sameness and Otherness of Views of the Composer and the Performer on Music Interpretation On Controversy between I. Stravinsky and A. Cortot

Olga Yakoupova
The article reviews the problems of interpretation in music, the role of performer and the extent of his autonomy in reading musical pieces.
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Tolstoy in Italian Criticism

Maria Volodina
The author continues to review Italian critics' vision of the Russian literary great Leo Tolstoy, reflecting upon the problem of perception of his heritage by the Italian literary criticism in the 50–70th of last century. Throughout many decades, in Italy and other countries, the name of Tolstoy, the...
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The Meeting with the Scythians Idiophones and Chordophones The Ancient Altai and Black Sea Region's Cultures

Vladimir Lisovoi, Angelina Alpatova
The study of Ancient Scythians' music is one of the most interesting subjects of the modern music archaeology. It can be researched in the comparative way. According to the texts by ancient Greek authors, the ancient Scythians did not have musical instruments. Yet, between the 18th–20th centuries, new...
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Development Status of Classic Photographic Technology under the Background of Contemporary Photography

Yahong Zhao
In the film photography age before arriving of contemporary photographic and digital age, the process of photographic technology is completed in three steps. These steps are the whole content of photographic art, but each technology has different requirements on chemical agent combination. Today, various...
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The Emotion Analysis during Oil Painting Creation Process

Ying Xu
In this paper, the author analyzes and organizes the psychological expression during the creation process based on the author's own experience. The style, the content, and the success and failure of art works are determined by the psychological state of the painters. Creation is neither the monotonous...
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To the Problem of the Chamber Opera as a Specific Genre Evidence from "White Nights", the Opera by Yuri Butsko

Svetlana Voitkevich
The materials presented in the article are devoted to the development and establishment of the chamber opera as a specific genre of the national musical theatre in the 1960s-1970s. It is mentioned that "minor" forms were equally characteristic of both drama and musical theatres. The article explains...
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On the Explanatory Power of Chaos Theory to Intercultural Communication

Zhiyuan Li
The features such as nonlinearity, instability and uncertainty etc. of chaos theory show a great relevance to the study of intercultural communication. Therefore, analyzing intercultural communication under the guidance of chaos theory not only shed light on communication barriers, language change, cultural...
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Analysis of Pragmatic Failures of Chinese English Learners

Nana Zhang
The cultivation of pragmatic competence plays an important role in English learning. Proficiency in grammar knowledge does not ensure appropriate use of language. Devoid of pragmatic competence will certainly lead to pragmatic failure. Analyzing the pragmatic failures of Chinese English learners, this...
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The Matching of the Scholar Projecting and Perspective Planning in Russian Musical Communication

Alexander Yakoupov
The article is dedicated to the consideration of necessities of the scholar's approach towards the musical communications management. The author underlines the role of the qualitative planning method of social cultural life. The examination of musical activity in spheres of Russian culture is presented...
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Discussion and Analysis on Cui Daorong's Poems in the Late Tang Dynasty

Qian Hu
Cui Daorong ( - 907), born in Jingzhou in Tang Dynasty, was an influential member of Cui' family in Boling. He gave himself an alternative name "Dong-Ou Sanren" (a leisure man fond of wining). He was friendly with Si-Kong Tu, Fang Gan, and Huang Tao etc. He excelled at composing poems of four lines....
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Metaphor of Diseases in Contemporary European Paintings

Xiaonan Fan
Diseases, which are the dark side of life, are all the time taken as the metaphors of death, human weakness and fragility per se. Each citizen has double identities as health and disease. In addition, how these diseases are metaphorized step by step transferring to a standard of morals and political...
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Russianness in the Works of European Composers

Liudmila Kazantseva
For the practice of composing a conscious reproduction of native or non-native national style is traditional. As the object of attention of European composers are constantly featured national specificity of Russian culture. At the same time the "hit accuracy" ranges here from a maximum of accuracy (as...
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Vocal Ensemble Aesthetics, History, Practice

Vitaly Kalitzky, Olesya Grinko
This article considers the most essential aesthetic problems of vocal ensemble's performance. Musical ensemble is presented not only as the quintessence and expression of aesthetic, culture-philosophical and social shifts of an epoch, but it also is a concept for more efficient investigations of solutions...
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On the Writing Skills of Jane Eyre

Jingwen Yang
Jane Eyre is an outstanding masterpiece in the field of literature, but I think its main artistic charm results from its splendid writing skills. In this essay I mainly talk about its excellent writing skills from four aspects: Gothic Novel style, complicated plots, the first person and the use of imagination....
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Rely on One Another as Cheek and Jowl The Relationship between the Evolution of Watercolor Materials and the Watercolor Creation

Qiaoqiao Wang
To a great degree, watercolor researchers always has studied on material, ingredient, techniques and steps etc. But the evolution history of various materials and the relationship between the evolution of watercolor materials and the watercolor creation rarely has been studied. Based on the previous...
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Analysis on the "Heritage Loss" Phenomenon of the National Traditional Sports from the "Heritage Application" of Korea for the Tug-of-War

Li Li
On December 2, 2015, Korea together with Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippine successfully applied to UNESCO for making the tug-of-war as the human intangible cultural heritage, which soon attracted the concern and discussion of China's media and other social people from all walks of life .Tug-of-war originated...
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Art and Morality. Tolstoy vs. Leontiev

Konstantin Antonov, Alexey Chernyak
Art influences people in different ways; in particular, it may cause certain moral effects. Is it right to say that the purpose of art is to produce certain moral impact on people or that its values depend essentially on how moral it is The following paper observes aesthetic views of two famous Russian...
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Issues and Strategies of Chinese Cultural Overseas Communication under the Background of International Promotion of Chinese

Kehua Yu
As Chinese becomes increasingly popular worldwide, the promotion of Chinese language has been shifted from "bringing in" to "going abroad". The promotion and dissemination of Chinese language involves not only language itself but its culture. The spread of Chinese culture remains an important measure...
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A Brief Remark on Interpreting Poetry

Qiaoling Yu
When we analyze poems, we explore the words to see how they move and, more specifically, how they move us. When our initial excitement subsides, it's time to take a close look at the inner workings of the poet's art. So, we should learn how to analyze a poem to understand and appreciate its craftsmanship....
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Maguai Songs Translation Based on Skopos Theory in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Shixiang Liu, Bingyan Zhu
The Maguai Festival, also called the Frog Festival, is a traditional large-scale folk activity centered on frog worship among the Zhuang People in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, with the area Donglan, Bama, Fengshan, Tian'e, and Nandan around Guangxi's Hongshui River basin in particular. The rituals...
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Study on the Art Form and Regional Characteristics of Yimeng Folk Cloth Handcrafts

Lijuan Feng
As an important component of the Yimen's regional culture, the Yimeng folk cloth handcrafts are deeply rooted in the fertile Yimeng culture, blended with Yimeng's regional unique history, culture, customs and arts of the people, showing a unique beauty of craft characteristics and connotation. In the...
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Mild Expression of the Objective World Explorative Research on the Uncertainty of Modeling Language of Modern Children's Picture Books

Kun Tong
With the impact of modern art modeling concepts, the modeling language of modern children' s picture books presents two characteristics, virtuality and uncertainty. The characteristic of virtuality stems from people's obsession on machine and speed after the industrial revolution. It is reflected by...
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Analysis of Legge and Pound's Versions of Shijing

Hao Zhang
As the most precious Confucius classic and core of Chinese traditional culture, Shijing has dominated Chinese ideology for thousands years with its profound historical and cultural connotation and denotation.This thesis intends to analyze James Legge and Ezra Pound's versions of Shijing from linguistic...
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Dorothea's Marriage Choice in "Middlematch"

Mengyuan Guo, Jie Zhao
The thesis mainly discusses the various sacrifice complexes in the heroine Dorothea Brooke's personality in Middlemarch written by George Eliot. This paper, using Jung's complex theory to focus on the psychological analysis of the heroine Dorothea, to unfold the formation of sacrifice complex in her...
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The Concertizing Clarinet in the Music of the 20th-21st Centuries

Yu Zhao
The article deals with stating the problem of a research in ontology of the genre of Clarinet Concert in 20-21 centuries. The author identifies genre variants of long forms for solo clarinet with orchestra or instrumental ensemble and proposes further steps in making such a research, as well.
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Return: Memorial Significance of a New Ancestral Temple Taking Duan's Ancestral Hall, Yingshan, Hubei as an Example

Shengde Fang
The memorial significance of newly-built ancestral temples is mainly reflected in such aspects as the site, scale, shape and structure, decoration, and couplets of these buildings. With the rising phenomena of recompiling genealogical trees and building ancestral temples, the scale of ancestral temples,...
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The Role of the N.Z. Yartsev in the Development of Musical and Theatrical Life of Pre-Revolutionary Minusinsk

Irina Efimova, Tatyana Kuzmina
The article "N.Z. Yartsev—an outstanding figure of the artistic culture in Siberia" is devoted to Nichola Zakharovich Yartsev, a prominent artist, who had a notable influence on the musical culture of Minusinsk in the 19th and 20th centuries. The article reveals the importance of the activities of N.Z....
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Possibilities of the Subject in Feminist Utopian Fiction "Woman on the Edge of Time"

Svetlana Rudanovskaya
The article offers an analysis of the social and existential experience represented in "Woman on the Edge of Time" by Marge Piercy. In contrast with classical utopias, this novel emphasizes a figure of a caring person who understands others and resists the mechanisms of total control over nature and...
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The Beauty of Color and Its Divine Meaning Taking the Medieval Clothing Art for Example

Bo Zhang
As one of emotional materials with formal beauty in artist work, color beauty is given a certain meaning in different situations. T exists as an external manifestation. Starting from such a medieval dominion of theology, the paper has discussed the beauty of color in this period, particularly in the...
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Study on the Inheritance and Development of Chinese Pewter Art in Malaysia

Xiaochen Geng
This article through the study about the development situation of Malaysian Pewter, analyze Malaysian Pewter artistic features while combing their plastic arts features, and then make further analysis of the relationship between Malaysia Pewter and Chinese Pewter in order to explore the influence of...
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Chamber Music Art of Siberia Historical Pages and Modern Life

Irina Belonosova
The article attempts to look into the distinctive features of chamber music as a performing art in Siberia through the example of the activity of musical bands in Novosibirsk Philharmonic. The author is the first to analyse the current information about the chamber music groups in Novosibirsk Philharmonic...
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Movie Art Innovation and Its New Aesthetic Dimension in the Media Convergence Era

Haihao Zheng
Media convergence has been started, and will continue to increase. Different art forms in the media ecology are also undergoing a profound and dramatic transformation. The globalization as presented by media convergence has aroused great concern of relevant institutions and scholars engaged in the study...
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Analysis on Magnificent Form of Hankou's Modern Architecture and Water Mutually Reinforcing and Neutralizing Each Other

Hai Cheng
Hankou prospers due to water, which has always been the power and source of development of Hankou, playing a decisive role in modern architecture of Hankou. Hankou's modern architectural form transferred to magnificent form focusing on high-bench buildings from traditional Chinese buildings due to "water",...
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On Change of Architectural Culture of Xuetang Academy

Hai Cheng, Yi Gong
As the first study built in Huanggang, Xuetang Academy is also Su Shi's residence when he stays in Huangzhou. Xuetang has just thatched cottages for sheltering at first. Yet after it is used as a study, the architectural style is converted towards Chinese structure of timber-frame covered with gray bricks...
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The Theory of Linguistic Worldview by Wilhelm Von Humboldt and Its Connection with the Culture of Sign Language

Tatiana Kozlova
The article discusses connection between artistic imagination and linguistic thinking. Special attention is paid to Wilhelm von Humboldt's theory of language, as well as to the connection between the terms "linguistic worldview" and "in-depth grammar" with the sign language.
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Basic Skill Training and Individual Expression in Basic Course of Painting

Jun Sun
In the basic course teaching at undergraduate level, students in the learning of basic courses of painting often meet how to deal with the problems of basic skill training and personal development and how to correctly combine these two things is the important problem to be solved in teaching and learning....
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Geometric Symbols of Letters of the Russian Alphabet. A Systematic Approach to the Problem

Oleg Pobol, Georgy Firsov
The analysis of graphic images of letters that are considered to be geometric symbols of a programming language in the environment of the information field of the universe are being considered. For Russian language, the possibility of reading the meanings of lexical units of characters, composed of ligatures...
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Government Function Transformation and Public Art Management. Reflection, Relation and Revolution

Hanmei Li
Along with the artistic and aesthetic development of modern urban space field, the relationship between public art practice and urban government function is increasingly obvious, and the position and role of public art in urban characteristic culture development is increasingly become the focus of attention....
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Analysis on Visual Guiding Function of Graphic Elements of Tourism Posters

Mengmeng Zhou
The tourism poster graphics conveyed in visual information refers to the component elements excluding text in the poster. Graphics is an integral part of tourism poster. Graphics plays an important role in visual communication design. Without ideal graphics, visual communication design will become feeble....
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Analysis on the Essential Attribute of Tourism Poster

Mengmeng Zhou
The "imagination" and "alienation" in Lacan's mirror stage theory relevantly explain the reason why people are attracted by the poster. In the theory the "imitation" nature of human appropriately explain the reason why the poster information is accepted by people. At the same time, the "dependency" in...
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Culturural and Language Aspects and the Problem of Regional Disintegration. The Case of Italy

Maia Egorova, Aleksandr Egorov
This article sets the question of state-unity, which is actual for every modern state, and discusses the foundation that is based on important things for the nation to unite as a common language and culture. A young Italian state serves as an example of the existing problem: an insufficient promotion...
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Research on the Color and Language Characteristics of Decorative Patterns of Chu Dynasty

Ling Zhou
Decorative pattern of Chu dynasty is one representative to research regional culture. It values much both in art design and culture because it is the representation of design principles. Its shape, picture and color are of great importance in modern research. The paper aims at researching its color and...
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Interpretation of the Beauty of Contemporary Digital Fashion Paintings

Yuexia Yao
In many contemporary art forms, there is a kind of painting form with modern multimedia technology as carrier. It is a product of the perfect combination of clothing art and computer technology. It is the most important technical and artistic activity to form the finished product of clothing link. It...
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The Consumerism Culture in "American Tragedy"

Shuai Chen
Theodore Dreiser, the famous American novelist, created a capitalist world filled with materialistic desires and consumerism in American Tragedy, one of his masterpieces. All the characters in the novel, without exception, have been blinded by materialism and have gradually abandoned the traditional...
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An Appreciation for "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"

Suqin Liu
William Wordsworth, the representative poet of the early romanticism, is regarded as a "worshipper of nature", who can penetrate to the heart of things and give the reader the very life of nature. He wrote a lot of poems on nature. "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" is one of his famous short lyrics to show...
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Research on Relationship between Chinese Traditional Vocal Music and City Marketing

Shengnan Liu
Today, the economy is globalized, both opportunities and challenges exist, and the competition among cities is also accelerated sharply. In order to meet the quick needs change of residents, tourists and investors and to improve their consume attitudes, all cities must adopt the top-level design of difference...
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N.P. Troubetskoy—an Outstanding Leader of the Moscow Branch of the Russian Musical Society

Olga Glushkova
The article is devoted to one of the leaders of the Moscow branch of the Imperial Russian musical society, Prince Nikolai P.Troubetskoy, who participated, along with many outstanding representatives of Russian musical culture, the August patrons of the Society and well-known philanthropists in the creation...