Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Education Science and Social Development (ESSD 2018)

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Artistic or Scientific---A comparison of teaching methods in China and the US from the perspective of an overseas student

Erik Seidel, Songjie Wei, Cong Cui
This paper provides a brief comparative review of the university classroom experience in the People’s Republic of China and the United States with a particular emphasis on the way in which the Chinese university classroom experience differs from that of the United States. The review draws to a large...
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The Course Reform of Digital Signal Processing for Engineering Education

Guo Luo, Lihua Huang, Xiaohong Zhan, Jiesheng Ye
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a widely used subject in the application of engineering. However, in undergraduate teaching process, the derivation of mathematical formula and its physical meaning are outside of students’ faculties of sense. For the beginners, mathematical concepts are hard for them...
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Improving the Examination System of Medical Non-Degree Courses in Provincial Universities

Jiangang Wang, Lengxin Duan, Ling Liu, Ruifang Li
The improvement of the non-degree curriculum assessment system is conducive to the standardization of the teaching behavior of the teachers, which is beneficial to the cultivation of the postgraduate students' creative ability, and which is beneficial to the correct evaluation of the postgraduate students'...
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The Transformation of the MPAcc Talent Cultivation Model in Colleges Based on the Financial Shared Environment

Jun Dai, Mengting Yu
The MPAcc education reform needs to be based on the developing trend of the accounting industry. Exerting the advantages of standardization, process and intelligence, nowadays the financial shared service is leading the revolution of the accounting industry by the modem information technology. This paper...
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New Trade Leads the Transformation of Fostering Applied Undergraduate Talents in Cross-border E-commerce

Ming Luo, Biaoxin Chen
With the arrival of the new trade era, the development of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in China brings great opportunities and challenges. Cross-border e-commerce applied undergraduate talent training, not only related to the operation of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, but also has an important...
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Frameworks for Effective Character Education Practices

Benfeng Yan
The success of attempts to promote the development of character and socioemotional competencies in students will rest on the ability to identify and then effectively implement evidence-based practices: authentically prioritizing character education in schools; strategically and intentionally promoting...
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Research on the Legal Countermeasures of the College Students' Mass Incidents

Guidong Zeng
The tendency of the growth of the college students' mass incidents reveals that the current countermeasures of the college students' mass incidents are lack of Effectiveness. The effective prevention and resolution of the college students' mass Incidents will impact on the stability and harmony of colleges...
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Research on Construction and Application of 3D Printing Technology in University Art Design Laboratory

Xiong Yin
Based on the analysis and summary of the basic situation of 3D printing technology, according to the practical experience in the teaching and management of university art design professional laboratory, this paper carries out an in-depth discussion on the five aspects of the attribute positioning, construction...
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The Production-oriented Approach to Teaching English Majors’ Oral English in Higher Vocational Colleges

Ting Deng
Many teaching practices have proved that Production-oriented Approach (POA) by Professor Wen Qiufang is good for teaching English in universities and colleges. This article studies the application of POA to teaching English majors’ oral English in higher vocational colleges. Starting from general introduction...
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Discussion on Improvement of Postgraduate Research Funding System in Universities

Guilin Gao
The academic research ability of postgraduates is an important link for postgraduate education, so each university has its own postgraduate research funding program, to cultivate the capacity for scientific research of postgraduates. However, there exist certain differences on comprehension and management...
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Reform and Implementation of Experiment on Adsorption of Active Carbon to Phenol

Shuqin Wang, Jinjin Wu
According to the "Water Pollution Control Engineering" course, the activated carbon adsorption experiment was comprehensive reformed; the details of the experiment were optimized; the students' practical ability was improved; the students were guided to explore experiments, and the theoretical knowledge...
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The Path to Cultivate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability of Students Majoring in IOT

Shang Zhang, Xiaoling Zhang
This article introduces some features of the teaching activity in the field of the IOT (Internet of Things) engineering, which leads to the necessity and methods of cultivating ability of innovation and entrepreneurship. The role of academic competition, entrepreneurial practice and tutors in cultivating...
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Research Review on Organizational Culture in Private Universities

Mingming Wang
The main purpose of this study is to systematically sort out the relevant research of organizational culture research in private universities, and to lay a foundation for exploring the path of organizational culture development in private colleges and universities and enhancing the cultural soft power...
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Research on the Construction of Postgraduate Course System of Full-time Professional Degree – Based on the Questionnaire Survey of 10Local Universities in Liaoning Province

Qiufei Wang, Yuxiao Li, Shuang Qin
Since the enrollment expansion of full-time professional postgraduate students in 2009, more and more students have recognized it, and the enrollment scale has increased year by year. Due to the lack of training experience of professional degree graduate students, the curriculum system construction is...
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Informatization Teaching Practice of Landscape Design Courses

Hui Xiong
The integration of information technology and curriculum teaching is an important way for school education informatization work, and it is also a key measure to improve teaching quality. Landscape Design curriculum teaching is facing the problems of abstract design thinking, lack of communication, and...
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Design and Application of Intelligent Library Access Control System of University

Zhuorui Sun, Rende Li
Traditional university library access control system has its limitation which will cause, that students often get locked in the library by accident. In order to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, this article introduces an intelligent university library access control system. We clarify the implementation...
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Research on the Blended Learning Model of Universities under the Internet

Fei Feng, Peixue Liu, Yujie Chen, Baohua Jiang
The rapid development of information technology provides the foundation for the mixed learning. Mixed learning includes various types of learning and the integration of various teaching modes. Teachers should make full use of network resources, the traditional mode of classroom teaching with online learning,...
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Diversity Awareness for Assisting Intercultural Teaching and Learning

Jiuai Sun, Yiwen Tang, Zhonghang Wu
As China economy grows dramatically in recent years, more and more students from the other part of the world come to study in China. However the Chinese teaching and learning styles has been found much different from those western countries. Therefore it is necessary to make sure that both teaching staff...
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Musical Effects in Corporate Culture Modeling

Weiwei Qin
With the rapid development of economy, accelerating paces of people’s living and fiercer social competition, people’s demand on music is no longer remain in the playing on form level, but extend it to higher level such as internal culture promoting, economic developing, and people’s emotional cultivating,...
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On the Infiltration of Chinese Traditional Culture in College English Teaching

Fang Liu
This article first elaborates the connotation of Chinese traditional culture penetration in college English teaching, and then focuses on the reasons for infiltration, then analyzes and summarizes the infiltration, methods, problems and countermeasures. It is finally concluded that it is absolutely necessary...
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Exploration of Online Course Construction of Medical Imaging Electronics Synthesis

Xin Bi, Hong Liu, Jiuai Sun, Rui Yang, Wei Li
This paper states the ideas and methods of the online course construction for the course of medical imaging electronics synthesis. Firstly, the necessity of online course construction is expounded. The online course suited to the students majoring in medical imaging technology is needed. Then, the general...
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For New Citizens’ MOOC Teaching System Building

Daqing Zhang
In the process of urbanization, the number of new citizens is gradually increasing, and their re-education has become a key issue. In this paper, the characteristics of the new citizens are taken into account in the construction of the MOOC’s teaching system, and the knowledge structure, teaching content...
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Study on The Application of Interesting Teaching Method in Professional Foreign Language Based on PDCA Cycle

Luming Wang, Ying Li, Kai Qi, Xingcan Zheng, Jiaqiang Liu, Qiang Liu, Senyang Hu
Reasons for the lack of motivation of the students in the course of “professional foreign language” is investigated and analyzed by means of questionnaire investigation. A kind of interesting teaching method suits for Professional Foreign Language is proposed and practiced, aims to improve the effect of teaching....
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Research on Practical Teaching Methods “Comprehensive Failure Inspection and Maintenance” of the Automotive Profession in Higher Vocational Colleges — Take the Hunan Defense Industry Polytechnic College as an Example

Yue Liang, Zhixiao Wang
Hunan Defense Industry Polytechnic College, as a university-enterprise cooperation and a combination of work and study in higher vocational colleges, puts practical teaching in the first place in the automotive teaching process, and gives full play to the advantages of school-enterprise cooperation in...
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How to Use Project Teaching Under Flipped Classroom in Universities

Guangrong Wu
With more and more knowledge rising, students in universities are prone to study by themselves and teachers, using new teaching tools.Project teaching is a new teaching mode, which is driven by task and oriented by project. It is becoming an effective means of practical teaching. As new ideas and technologies...
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The Predicament and Egress of China's Higher Education Management in the Era of Globalization

Xu Wang
The internationalization of higher education towards the future is undergoing a series of profound changes. The article from the concept, trends, missions, challenges, and prospects for the five sides. This paper analyzes and expounds the trend and development of the internationalization of higher education...
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Research and Application of the Flip Classroom for English Majors in Vocational & Technical College Against the Background of Digital Educational Technology

Dong Wu
With the progress of information technology, digital education is fast developing. The close combination of English teaching and micro-lessons can provide students with new and efficient classroom models. Therefore, the application of micro-lessons in Vocational and Technical College English can help...
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Practicability Analysis of Case Teaching in Vocational College Teaching

Xiaoqian Chen
Case teaching shows favorable practical effect in vocational teaching, for it can uplift the teaching quality of vocational colleges. This paper, through comparing the teaching effects of classes using case teaching method and traditional teaching method respectively, introduces cases into the teaching...
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Application of PBL Teaching Method in the Course of Digital Products Inspection

Ping Peng, Hulin Zhai
As a group selection course of international Economics and Trade, digital products inspection course has a certain influence on students' theoretical knowledge and practical business ability of digital product trade. Based on practical teaching on digital products inspection course of the international...
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The Cultivation Path of Craftsman’s Spirit in Application-oriented Undergraduate Education

Wenbin Sun, Huasheng Sun
In China, higher engineering education is moving into a new stage of connotation development and quality promotion. How to train the craftsman’s spirit has become a hot issue recently. The unity of knowledge, value orientation and craftsman’s spirit into application-oriented talent cultivation can adapt...
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A Summary of the Main Starting Points of Studying Problems in Physics

Chunqing Xu
The starting points of studying problems in physics are varied according to different perspectives and methods. Based on the summary of these starting points, this paper discusses the main starting point of studying problems in physics. The specific content of the main starting points are elaborated...
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Building the Harmonious Relationship between Librarians and Readers in University Libraries

Xihong Li
Librarians and readers are the two main bodies of the library, the construction of harmonious relationship between them is the basis of library working smoothly, trying to explain how to effectively build a harmonious relationship between them from the perspective of two-way communication theory.
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Research on Teaching Reform of Testing Technology Course Based on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training

Wei Zhang
The innovation and entrepreneurship training is the main goal of the current talent cultivation in China and points out the direction for the development of higher education. The article introduced the current development situation of domestic and international innovation and entrepreneurship education,...
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The Educational Warning of the Dai People’s Ancient Folk Songs in Talents Cultivation

Zhiqiang Mao, Wen Zheng, Meijun Ding
The Dai people’s ancient folk songs are the collective wisdom crystallization in the Dai People's long-term social life practice. The Dai people have formed a set of standard system on regulating their own production, life and ideological behavior by the Dai people’s ancient folk songs, and the educational...
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Discussion on the Inheritance, Integration and Promotion of Chinese Traditional Folk Music Culture in College Piano Education

Jie Luo
China has a long and influential musical tradition based on the philosophy and culture of ancient China. Chinese folk music is considerably different from western traditional music, paying more attention to the form expression as well. At present, the pedagogy and didactic materials used in Chinese college...
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Elementary Introduction on Redesign and Reutilization of Remainder of Mahogany Furniture

Hengwang Zhang
Mahogany furniture has excellent characteristics in material, appearance, technology and aesthetic value, etc. In recent years, the revival of traditional cultural has brought more and more market demand of China’s traditional mahogany furniture. However, the benefits brought by the huge demand of the...
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How to Improve the Teaching of Translation: A Constructivist Perspective

Yingjie Liu
Applying theoretical insights from constructivism to reexamination of how translation has been taught, this paper identifies typical problem in the current approach and proposes a new pedagogical model. It emphasizes the importance of cultivating the students’ initiative in the learning process and calls...
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Practice and Research on the Collaborative Education Model of Applied Undergraduate Cross-border E-commerce

Ni Wang, Ming Luo
With the rapid development of cross-border electronic commerce, it is challenging to train foreign trade talents for applied undergraduate course. In the process of training talents, Guangdong Institute of Science and Technology is facing with the challenges, such as lack of practical platform and lag...
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Research on the Path of Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education in Applied Universities

Yajuan Sun
The integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education and professional education is an inevitable requirement for the scientific development of innovation and entrepreneurship in Colleges and universities. It is also the inevitable trend of the reform of talent training mode in Colleges and universities....
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Reform and Practice of Engineering Training Course for Cultivation of Innovative Talents

Hongping Luo, Zhaoqin Yu, Qianfeng Xing, Haixiang Deng, Ping Su
The ‘Engineering training’ course plays an important role in cultivating the innovative spirits, practical abilities and engineering consciousness of college students. This paper introduces the reform and practice of the ‘Engineering training’ course for ‘Innovative talents class’ in mechanical engineering...
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Pakistan's Language Policy and its Enlightenment to China

Shulin Guo
China and Pakistan are friendly neighbors and there are many similarities between them. Pakistan’s language status has its own characteristics. Pakistan’s language policy is constantly changing. The main manifestation is the competition for official language status between Urdu and English. This has...
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A Study on the Relationship between Professional Values and Corporate Culture Preference

Lan Lan, Jintao Yang
A total of 300 undergraduates from Hubei Institute of Engineering were investigated to study the relationship between university student professional values and corporate culture preferences. Results find that there were significant differences in gender and major between college students' business culture....
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A Study on the Adjustment of Roles of Teachers and Students in Negotiated Teaching

Lihua Tang
Under the influence of constructivist view of knowledge, more and more teachers and scholars emphasize the use of consultation, reflection and construction. Teachers act as facilitators, negotiators, resource providers and reflective practitioners. Students are transformed into participants and creators,...
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The Status and Significance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Eduction in Colleges and Universities

Fengyun Yao
This article first illustrates the connotation of innovation and entrepreneurship education, then points out the status of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges, and finally analyzes the significance of innovation and entrepreneurship education. The article suggests college leaders, educators,...
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Chinese College Students’ Pragmatic Awareness in English Learning

Yan Jiang
This paper aims to explore Chinese college students’ pragmatic awareness in English learning. The pragmatics is analyzed in terms of the amount of pragmatic knowledge Chinese college students believed to have and receive from their teachers, peers, course book and exams. Results shows that although Chinese...
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Research on the Education Reform of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Based on Self-exploration and Collaborative Learning under Virtual Simulation Experimental Platform

Xuan Sun, Lieping Zhang, Qunying Zhang, Xianxuan Li
This paper expounds the establishment of virtual simulation experimental teaching system for mechanical and electrical engineering major. Under the virtual simulation experimental teaching system, it carries on research of teaching methods and teaching modes for undergraduate experimental courses of...
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Research on Construction of the Information Content Security Curriculum System

Zhuang Miao, Honglong Gao, Bo Wu, Yang Li, Jiabao Wang, Zhijie Zhao
Information content security refers to the selective blocking of information in the flow of information space, so as to ensure the reliable and controllable flow of information. Information content security is of great significance and application value to national security and military information secrecy....
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Educational Reform and Practice of IE Major

Yan Min, Siyuan Cheng
Being an interdisciplinary subject of technology and management, IE(Industrial Engineering) deals with the optimization of complex system and process, and has its particular academic characteristic and feature. In the past thirty years, it has been widely applied in many fields of national economy and...
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The Cultivation of Intercultural Teaching Ability of Chinese International Education Majors

Xiaoxiao Li, Zhenzhou An
Intercultural teaching ability is an important ability of teaching of Chinese as a foreign language (TCFL). It includes three aspects, such as intercultural adaptability, intercultural expression and communication ability, and intercultural reflection ability. To intercultural teaching ability, a “four-in-one”...
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Research on the Reform of Chinese University Teachers' Evaluation System

Yangqing Zhu
This paper analyzed the current system of teacher evaluation in Chinese universities, and pointed out the problems existing in annual assessment, teaching assessment and scientific research assessment. From the angle of promoting the development of teachers and improving the quality of education, put...
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The Influence of Short Term Centralized Programming Training Course on Computer Science Students

Yanhong Yang, Zhongxiang Ding
The short term centralized programming training course contains 10 cases questions that is assigned for the first year computer science students after finished their related theoretical courses. In this study, the process of the course is presented including the goal, the content and the assessment....
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Research on Teaching Reform of Database System Principle Course

Yangqing Zhu
The technology of Internet of Things has been applied to every aspect of society. Data storage technology of Internet of Things was also constantly updated and developed, has formed relational database and non-relational database technology. At present, Chinese universities database system principle...
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Competency Acquisition in Applied Knowledge Engineering

Vera G. Meister
The ability to model business knowledge is one of the core competences in the discipline of Information Systems. In addition, the modeling of business processes and structures has found wide acceptance in study programs for economic sciences. In addition to the knowledge of modeling paradigms, notations...
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Analysis on the Whitewashing Motivation of Financial Statement of Listed Real Estate Companies in China

Wei Weng, Xiaoyuan Zhu, Ningbang Wang, Bo Peng
Starting from the whitewashing situation of the financial statements of real estate enterprises with whitewash motivation, case analysis is carried on based on the previous theoretical research. Through the study of the research on the whitewash motivations and methods of real estate enterprises, and...
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The Present Situation and Thinking of the Animal Model of “Yin Deficiency”

Ming Bai, Xin Lou, Ting Wang, Dandan Liu, Mingsan Miao
Objective: To investigate the existing deficiency model modeling methods, model features, mechanisms and existing problems, propose new ideas deficiency model. Methods: Analysis of literature and practice researchers combined the existing deficiency model characteristics summarized. Results: The existing...
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Practice of Software Engineering Specialty in the Perspective of Application Transformation

Bin Wen, Xiuhong Zhang, Xueping Zhang, Bing Han, Mousong Fu, Ziqiang Luo
The new era needs new achievements and new coordinates, and the application transformation construction at the provincial level determines the new direction and goal for the software engineering major. This paper comprehensively discusses the construction idea and specialty construction plan of the pilot...
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Health Care for an Aging Society on the Belt and Road: A Zhejiang Story

Shiming Tang, Changjuan Guo, Wenjie Ge, Lidan Xu
Purpose: Meeting challenges and demands of society of aging, population of advanced aging and elderly families and innovating the home care service. Methods: Research group selected 25 communities under the jurisdiction of Tianshui Street, Changqing Street and Xiaoying Street in Hangzhou as the typical...
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Preliminary Research on Basic Color Words in [Wa] Language

Zhixiang Xie
The Color Words is a common word category among each national language in the world, there are five core terms of basic color words in the Va[Wa] language: Black, white, red, green, yellow; The basic language words in Va[Wa] language can be divided into single color words and composite color words in...
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The Research of Brand Loyalty on the Perspective of Customer Value

Yanan He, Yan Yan
It is difficult to get advantage if the companies only stay in the product and quality level. Brand marketing era is already here, and competition between brands has gradually become the focus.How to make customers brand loyalty and how enterprises can establish and strengthen the loyalty relationship...
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Design of Cloud Clothing System Based on Haar Algorithm

Jinhuan Wang, Chun Jiao, Shuai Xv, Fuzhou Li
With the rapid development of network technology, People are frequently unsatisfied with the online shopping, especially for the online shopping of clothes. For solve the problem, a cloud dressing system based on Haar algorithm is raised. It matches the collected data with Haar algorithm, endows the...
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Construction of Sustainable Scientific and Technological Innovation Team based on Sense of Achievement

Shiying Wang, Weiguo Li, Xianhua Yao
In order to promote mass entrepreneurship innovation in a larger area and higher class deeper, a new innovation and entrepreneurship model is formed, the intelligent control robot innovation team of Taiyuan University of Technology aims to achieve a sense of achievement and they pay attention to the...
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The Research of Vocational Training Performance in Small and Medium Enterprises in China

Guochao Lin
The purpose of the research is to try find out the importance of employee's performance to business growth, particular focusing on the vocational training in SMEs. It is considered that SMEs who keep their autonomy and market power in a business growth competitiveness position, are those with the highest...
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The Intention Research on Sports Leisure Behavior of Wuhan Citizens

Yuguang Zhu
In five thousand years of history, the society is constantly making progress. Particularly, after entering 21st century, economy is dramatically improving, and incomes and spare time are constantly improving, and people’s thought is improved to a realm and requirements of life quality are also improved....
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Research on the Innovative Development of Inclusive Finance for the Rural Area in Hubei Province from the Perspective of Financial Poverty Alleviation

Xiaocui Deng
Financial poverty alleviation is an important means of developing the rural economy. Inclusive finance can effectively improve the imbalanced allocation of financial resources and help to lift those farmers out of poverty. Based on the analysis of the poverty alleviation practice of inclusive finance...
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The Remodeling of Brand Image of the Time-honored Restaurant Brand of Wuhan based on Emotional Design

Jingjing Guo, Kije Kwon
Emotional design theory provides a multi-dimensional, experience-based design concept for the reshaping of the Time-honored brand image. It also has a very important significance in delineating the strong emotional connection of consumers. This thesis starts from the current situation of Wuhan Time-honored...
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Characteristics and Application Analysis of Chinese Medicinal Herbs Containing Dates

Ming Bai, Xin Lou, Yanyan Miao, Mingsan Miao
Jujube also known as red dates, dried jujube, it is the dried fruit of Rhamnaceae plants. It's commonly used in clinical tranquilizing by nourishing the heart, tonifying Qi and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach. In all ages, Chinese jujube is widely used in Clinical Prescriptions. In particular,...
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Electronic-Date Evidence Regulation and Improvement of Public Security Cases

Jian Wei
With the advent of the era of Internet big data, electronic data has penetrated into all aspects of our lives and gradually became the legal evidence of the three major lawsuits in China. In the field of public security law enforcement, it has also become one of the important evidence of public security...
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Research on the Current Situation and Development of Sharing Economy: A Case Study of the ofo Shared Bicycle Business Model

Wei Weng, Qiufang Ren, Wenqin Ming, Fei Li
In recent year, the “Community Structured Collaborative Consumption” has continued to heat up, and various emerging internet companies have quickly attracted public attentions and capital favors. 2016 marks the very first year of development of shared bicycles. The sharing of bicycles enables people...
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Study on Ways of Promoting Core Competence of Enterprise through Management Accounting Against the Background of Big Data

Guyin Li, Luo Wang
In the era of big data, the environment of accounting has changed significantly. Companies are urgently required to make better use of management accounting, change the status of financial and business separation of traditional financial accounting, improve the timeliness and usefulness of management...
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Research Status and Development Trend of Chinese Terminology Set Matching

Huimin Hou, Cheng Dong, Yunliang Zhang
Term matching plays an important role in natural language processing and knowledge mining. Matching of term sets can enhance the semantic information of terms and improve the precision of term matching, which is crucial for the development of term matching. Therefore, in view of the diversity of the...
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Study on Influence of the Number of Assembly & Disassembly of Special Screws in Glued Laminated Bamboo Wood on the Joint Strength

Hengwang Zhang
Screw joint is one of the basic joint forms applied in glued laminated bamboo wood. This paper is based on the basic elements of the special thread of glued laminated timber, and through test to discuss the influence of assembly & disassembly number factor of screw joint on the mechanical properties...
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Respite Service for the Elderly of the Belt and Road: A Zhejiang Story

Shiming Tang, Wenjie Ge, Changjuan Guo, Lidan Xu
In 2011, Chinese society has entered an aging society in an all-round way. In 2030, it will overtake Japan and become the country with the highest degree of population aging in the world. Zhejiang and Hangzhou are the first areas in the country and the whole province to enter the aging society. In order...
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An Interpretation of The House on Mango Street from the Perspective of Self Consciousness and Patriarchy

Shaojun Duan
Sandra Cisneros is an outstanding contemporary poet, a Mexican writer. Her novel The House on Mango Street tells us a story about the life of a poor Mexican girl living in Chicago community. The protagonist of this story is a teenage girl, and the author narrates her stories, including the mental journey,...
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A Study on the Aesthetic Ideology in Carl Sandburg's Nature Poems

Shaojun Duan
Carl Sandburg was an outstanding modern American poet, many of his poems voice the development of the American society and express and deliver his concern towards the civilians and those poems received a warm welcome from the populace as well as the academic world. However, his nature poems which convey...
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Review of Concrete Appearance Quality, Defect Prevention and Treatment Methods

Chunfeng Li, Yubo Yang, Chenglin Yao, Zhongjun Deng, Yongmei Jia, Bin Zhi
Concrete is widely used in hydraulic structure, which may lead to the concrete appearance quality defects. Treatment methods for the appearance quality defects are different due to different forming reason. Combining with engineering practice, this paper points out a large number prevention and control...
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Application of Root and Rhizome of Chinese Traditional Medicine Flowers

Ming Bai, Bingjie Chang, Mingsan Miao
objective: To explore the application of flowers of medicinal herbs with root and rhizome plant as medicinal materials. Method: Through the literature review, Pharmacopoeia and related research background, analysis of root and rhizome flower’s medicinal applications is investigated. Result: Root medicine...
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Source Tracing and Application of Regional Natural Materials in Ecological Buildings

Meng Yuan
In this paper the ecological limitations of natural materials in the origin of creation are proposed. By tracing the source of regional natural materials in ecological buildings and by taking contemporary works as examples, it is analyzed that the sustainable development of modern ecological buildings...
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The Integration of the Eastern and Western Management Ideas under the Strategic Vision of Globalization

Yaling Li
Despite of the differences, eastern and western management ideas are essentially consistent, which is an important basis for the integration of eastern and western management ideas. In the process of integration, we not only should learn from each other's advanced management ideas, but also should be...
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On the Buddha Posture in Heart of Darkness

Hong Gao
The elusive Buddha postures of Marlow Conrad has crafted in Heart of Darkness have manifold literary values. Aside from resonating with the structure of the story, they also project the theme of disillusion and allude to the Buddhist solution to the crisis of material worship prevailing the west around...
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Data-based Research on the Relationship between the Share Structure of State-owned Holding Bank and Corporate Performance

Wei Weng, Jiahui Jiang, Xiaohan Jiang, Lingyan Niu
Taking the joint-stock commercial banks listed on Shanghai and Shenzhen A-shares Exchanges during 2014-2016 as the study samples, this article provides an empirical study on the relationship between the share structure of state-owned holding bank and corporate performance, in which the particularities...
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Characteristic Analysis of Toxic Traditional Chinese Medicine Contained in Pharmacopoeia 2015

Ming Bai, Yanyan Miao, Xin Lou, Mingsan Miao
Toxic Chinese medicine simply refers to the toxic reaction in clinical application of traditional Chinese Medicine, for a long time, The broad masses of the people think in the subconscious is the drug itself has some toxicity, In addition, there are loopholes and misunderstandings in the understanding...
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Adaption and Selection in C-E Translation of Political Writings

Jinying Leng
C-E Translation of political writings is one of indispensable elements to achieve China’s go global in international communications. Whether Chinese political writings can successfully get access to the English-speaking readers and obtain favorable climate in international community is the major concern...
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Empirical Analysis on the Measurement of Rural Financial Ecological Environment in Jilin Province

Chunhui Wang, Nan Wu
Financial ecological environment has become an important system which is used to measure the economic development level of a country or region. However, it is so vital that concerning about the rural economy and its reasonable development in the critical period of transformation. This paper, in which...
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Better Chinese Cuisine for the Belt and Road People’s Connectivity: A Zhejiang Story

Shiming Tang, Jingmin Zhang, Changjuan Guo, Wenjie Ge
Chinese food is the manifestation of Chinese traditional culture, and recognized by the world gradually. The popularity of Chinese food shows the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture. But there are still many problems to be solved in the process of Chinese food going to the world. Therefore, this...
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Study on the Correlation between the Returns of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Market Based on Copula Model

Siliang Guo
Using the Copula function to study the correlation between the stock market of Shanghai and Shenzhen in China., selecting the sample data of the two stock market to construct the Copula-EGARCH (1,1) -t model to describe the correlation degree and correlation structure between the two stock markets.
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Legal Status of Village-level Head River Administrator

Feiming Li
the system of village-level river is a system innovation based on the implementation of the National "head river administrator system". At present, all parts of the country have encountered a series of legal problems in the reform of village-level head river administrator system. Its root cause lies...
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The Role of Peasant Cooperatives in the Perspective of Tourism Poverty Alleviation——An Empirical Study on the Reform of “Three Changes of Panzhou” in Guizhou Province

Jian Yue, Ping Huang, Ziyue Yan, Kangping Leng
In today's society, the problem of poverty is highly concerned about all over the world. China is a large population country, among there are a large number of poor people. In order to reduce effectively poverty, our government has been trying various ways and means. Tourism poverty alleviation has been...
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Research on Methods and Contents of Collecting Data for Urban Master Planning in China

Jie Shen, Haiying Wang, Shuanghui Sun
Data collection has always been the basis of planning, and only an informative basic data survey can be used for reasonable planning. The collection of basic data on urban planning was officially promulgated in 2012 in the form of national standard, “Code for the Collection of Basic Data for Urban Planning”...
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E-governance and Social Education in Africa: a Trend or a Real Appropriation? Case of Burkina Faso

Lassane Tapsoba, Zhitao Xiao
According to international reports, the relationship between e-governance and social education is contributing to improve the growth of developing countries, especially in Africa. Despite the redoubling of efforts to use electronic and mobile services to the benefit of all and the increased access to...
Proceedings Article

A Window and a Mirror to China’s Law Record:--Millard’s Review in Early 20th Century (1917-1937)

Zhuo Yang
Published in China and mostly circulated in the West, the English newspaper Millard’s Review is an archive of Chinese historic events from foreign perspective on the crest of tumultuous social changes, i.e., the early 20th century. Based on themes and features of the news report, introductory essays...