Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Medicine

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Analysis of Height Growth of Tibetan Adolescent Children living in High Altitude Area and Serum Bone Metabolism Indexes

Ping Wang
Objective to explore the characteristics of height growth, bone metabolism biochemical indexes and the regulation of hormone of Tibetan puberty Children in different elevation plateau environment and provide basic data for clinical use.Select 1580 people of 12~18 years Tibetan children in Tibet Lhasa...
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The Vietnamese Labour on the Border of China and Vietnam—The Situation Investigation of Vietnamese Labour Entry Work through Maguan County; of Yunnan Province

Hongbo Ma, Fei Wang
This paper uses Maguan County, which is located at the border of China and Vietnam in Yunnan province as the case to do the research about the local people work oversea and Vietnam illegal labour entry to China. It will analyze the characters, reasons and effect of this situation, try to give some suggestions...
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The Research on Theme Landscape Design for the Atrium of University Libraries

Wei Chen
This paper analyzes that the theme landscape in the atrium of university library retains cultural continuity, education, cohesion and incentive effects. On the basis of the analysis, the practice of designing the landscape in the atrium of the Qinghai University library shows that the landscape is a...
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Using Grounded Theory Approach for Exploring Factors Affecting the Ineffectiveness of Positive Word-of-Mouth

Feng Ji, Fan Wu, Hanbing Shen
Nowadays, ineffectiveness of positive word-of-mouth is common, challenging companies’ word of mouth marketing. Based on grounded theory, the paper conducted repeated studies by 55 respondents’ information. This research proposed driving mechanism model of the ineffectiveness factors of positive word-of-mouth,...
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Research on a Parallel Robot for Tea Flushes Plucking

Jun Chen, Yong Chen, Xiaojun Jin, Jun Che, Feng Gao, Nan Li
Recent developed tea plucking machines mainly bases on the shearing principle which cut the top of the tea trees with no selectivity. Automatic tea flushes plucking machinery is essential to tea harvest for high-quality tea manufacture, as labor cost increases rapidly in recent years. This paper focuses...
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Study on Project-driven Teaching Reform of SCM Curriculum

Yourong Chen, Juhua Cheng, Banteng Liu, Zhangquan Wang
To develop the application-oriented talents in single chip microcomputer (SCM) and embedded directions for students of private undergraduate colleges, project-driven teaching reform of SCM curriculum are studied. Based on homemade SCM experiment box which is composed of basic experiment board, advanced...
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A Fusion of ECG Signal Identification Method

Huan Zhang, Lanxiang Chong, Dan Guo
In order to accurately obtain the identification information, in the basis of various biometric identification technology comparative study , using a higher safety and reliability of ecg signal identification technology. This paper studies the method of ecg signal identification technology, first using...
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Application of Composite Materials in the Field of Outdoor Sports

Lei Zhang
Outdoor sports are extreme and submaximal exercise and very challenging and stimulating, and has embraced nature, challenge themselves, and can cultivate personal perseverance, teamwork, enhance field survival ability. The main feature is the outdoor sportswear cut compact, strong, including wind and...
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Protective Effect of Rutin Against High Glucose-induced Oxidative Damage in PC12 Cells

Wanzhong Li, Chunzhen Zhao, Jinbao Zhang
Objective: This study evaluated the protective effect of rutin on high glucose-induced damage in PC12 cells. Methods: Viability of PC12 cells induced by high glucose was detected by MTT assay and cell death by lactate dehydrogenase release. Nucleic acid status in the cell was observed by Hoechst 33342...
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A Comparison of Animal Words in English and Chinese Culture

Ting Shi
Animal words are an indispensable part in our daily life. Our relationship with animals and observation of them provide us with a means of association when we speak. However, in the different cultures of the West and the East, the same animal words may express totally opposite meanings. In this paper,...
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Exploration on Promoting the Teaching Effect of Construction Course in the Higher Vocational Architectural Education

Zhitang Wu
In the light of some disadvantages in the past architectural construction teaching mode, the reformation should be put forward to this course and the specific measures ought to be the next. In this study, it is aimed to enable the students to understand two-dimensional plane drawings by the way of analyzing...
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Baduangong Exercise Provides New Insights into Neck Type of Cervical Spondylosis

Shudong Chen, Guoyi Su, Hongzhi Xu, Binde Zhao, Yu Hou, Dingkun Lin
Objective: To evaluate the effects of manual therapy combine with Baduangong exercise to treat neck-type cervical spondylosis. Methods: Patients were randomized to control group (cervical manipulation) and experimental group (combining cervical manipulation with Baduangong exercise). The two groups received...
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Research on the Theory of Action Learning

Haochen Huang
This document attempts to research the action learning theory from five aspects which are emergence characteristics dynamic process key element and result. The action learning process is generally a form of group. The team member get together to help the learner find a solution to the problem. It creates...
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An Economic Analysis of Fog and Haze

Jing He
There are various complex reasons for the intensified haze problem in China, but to explore the fundamental economics , I think it is due to that producing and emitting pollution can " generate interest " in current market mechanisms and policy background. Under the drive of interest , environmental...
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Dilemma and Solution to Private Copy in Digital Technology

Sanjun Ma, Yingwei Sun
Private copy covers a progress from ignorance to abhorrence, which is mainly contributed by the advance of communication technology. Following the circumstance of digital technology, private copy leads to the change of main communication route. Circulators that earned a lot are forced to decrease interests...
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Paper Materials in Fashion Design Creative Applications

Haiyan Guo
Environmental , creativity is the development trend of fashion design . Will also be the direction of future development of clothing . Paper materials more and more fashion designers alike. Paper clothing in both environmental protection, creativity also meet people on the natural , comfortable, beautiful...
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Non-Binary N-MSK Non-orthogonal Modulation for Wireless Communication

Jie Shen, Jian-guo Yu, Lun Zhao, Lei Chen
This paper presents a novel multi-level convolutional encoder(MCE) modulation method, which is non-binary TCM based on Rings of Integers. We also give how to searching such good codes, which can be decoded by genetic algorithm. Through simulation different environments, the paper shows such codes have...
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Research on Cultivation Mode of Material Processing Talent for Industrial Plan in the Iron & Steel Industry

Chenggang Pan, Wenchao Ma, Jialin Zhou
In order to construct the talent cultivation of material processing for industrial plan in Wuhan University of Science and Technology, this article analyzed the background and characteristics of industrial plan, and explored and constructed new talent cultivation mode of material processing for industrial...
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Research on Modelling Novel Internet Finance Pattern under Big Data and Risk-Aware Environment

Xiaochong Yu
With the fast and bursting development of finance science and computer technology and in the era of big data and the Internet, Internet companies have adequate advantages of data to step into the financial industry. Data analysis and mining techniques have helped us build more robust and feasible systems...
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CDT Communication Protocol Realization based on STM32

Teng Gao, Ji-Yan Zou, De-Quan Wang, Jin-Hua Ding, Zhen-Yuan Si
In Industry 4.0 society, the development of smart grid requires to realize the conversion of substation equipments from CDT protocol to IEC61850 protocol. CDT (Cyclic Digital Transmission) protocol provides the function, the frame structure, the information word structure and transfer rules in the grid...
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Brief Discussion on Students’ Creative Thinking Ability Cultivation in the “Fundamentals of Engineering Materials and the Machinery Manufacturing” Teaching Class

Yingxia Yu, Bolin He, Haipeng Deng
The aim of this article is to show how to enhance students’ creative thinking ability. After trying, the result indicated that learning enthusiasm and creative thinking ability could be improved by teachers’ guidance leading, consolidating difficult and important points and after class target experimental...
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Research on Limited Resources Optimal Allocation Model

Yu Guang Tian, Liang Ma
For formation in collaborative operations conflict caused by the unreasonable resource allocation problems, using the method based on constraint satisfaction, more entities limited resources optimal allocation model is established, and a heuristic algorithm based on rules to solve the model and the simulation...
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Chinese E-commerce Taxation

Maoliang Zhang
With the popularity of the Internet and the maturity of network financial , e-commerce sweep streets. Everyone knows Taobao, Jingdong and other names and more and more people open shops on the Internet.But because China still lacks system e-commerce tax policy theory,this blank makes a serious tax loss.
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HMGA2 Gene Silencing Suppression SW480 Colon Cancer Cell Invasion and Expression of Survivin

Ping Wang, Shou xun Wang, Jun hong Dong
Objective To investigate the effects of high mobility group protein A2 (HMGA2) gene interference SW480 cell invasion, and to explore its interference with the expression of Survivin gene and its mechanism.Method: To construct the recombinant HMGA2 small hairpin interfering RNA expression vector pGenesil-1.1-...
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A Novel Quantitative Evaluation Approach Based on Neutrality Theory

Dai Chen, Ligui Kang, Hang Cheng, Jianjun Chen, Qiang Shao
As to the respective quantitative evaluation of the professional technical personnel and managers in institution, the evaluation factors and their specific weights has been introduced by the questionnaire investigation and analytical hierarchy process (AHP) in this paper. To improve the rationality and...
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Research on Vessel Formation Emergency Operation Scheme Optimization based on Fuzzy Decision Theory

Chuanfu Guo, Liang Ma, Xueqing Fu
This paper focusing on the whole process of the vessel formation scheme optimization, and combined with the vessel emergency operation requirements and characteristics, constructs the vessel formation emergency operation index system. Based on fuzzy decision theory, the paper presents the determining...
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Research on e-Learning System Based on Java EE Architecture

Simeng Chen, Bo Song
This paper proposes a solution of e-Learning system based on Java EE architecture. It combines EJB 3, JSF and open-source Ajax framework ICEfaces for Java EE applications to stratify reasonably. The rich UI components provided by ICEfaces are embedded in the presentation layer and the generic EAO patterns...
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Causes And Prevention of Haze

Zhao Zhang, Jing He
Historical data shows that over the past 50 years China fog and haze overall in the increasing trend, and the persistent haze increases significantly. From the spatial distribution, the number of haze days shows a increasing trend in east and a decreasing one in west. Among them, the fastest growing...
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The Scheduling with Rejection on Uniform Multiprocessors

Shoupeng Liu, Fei Wei
Objective To propose an approximate for the scheduling with rejection on uniform machines. Methods Design an on-line algorithm. Results We prove the competitive ratio of the algorithm .Conclusion The competitive ratio of the algorithm does not beyond 1+B .
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Bilingual Teaching Exploration and Practice of Engineering Materials and Fundamental of Mechanical Manufacture for the Context of Excellent Engineers

Bolin He, Zhaoxia Chen, Zhisen Zhang
Based on mechanical engineering specialty of "excellent engineer training plan" as the guidance, combined with engineering materials and machinery basic course characteristics, put forward from the change the teaching idea, write Bilingual teaching book, selection of bilingual teaching content, to reform...
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Study on the Comprehensive Budget Management of Power Supply Enterprises in the County

Shunyuan Zheng, Jing Yi
The present budget system plays an important role in strengthening the power enterprise management, ensuring the realization of the corporate strategic goal and improving corporate benefit steadily. However because of the economic and conditional limits, the comprehensive budget management system in...
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Research on Influence of High-tech Manufacturing on Higher Education

Shenghan Zhou, Jianing Zhang, Wenbing Chang, Jun Zhao
This study explores the influence of high-tech manufacturing on higher education on the basis of quantitative analysis using the ridge regression. In order to reach the goal, relevant indicators and data collected during the year 2005-2012 are integrated into four invariables: economic development (ED),...
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The Impact of Falling Oil Price on China's Economy

Zhao Zhang
Since the second half of 2014 ,due to the increasing supply of crude oil and the reduced demand resulted from global economic recession , coupled with a stronger dollar, international oil prices continued to fall, decreased more than 60%. New York oil futures hovered nearly $ 40. For China, China's economy...
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The Analysis of Film Thickness of Dynamic and Hydrostatic Thrust Bearing with Different Oil-supply Method

Jianhua Zhao, Dianrong Gao, Daxing Cao
Film thickness is the important parameter of dynamic and hydrostatic thrust bearing. The oil film thickness of thrust bearing under the different oil-supply method is different, and it can influence the operation stability and positional accuracy of dynamic and hydrostatic thrust bearing. So this article...
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Research and Practice to Enhance the Ability of Teachers

Dingyou Qing
In recent years, the development of universities is very rapid. In order to meet the needs of teaching, local colleges and universities focuse on the introduction of a significant number of doctoral students to enrich teachers. With the increasing expansion of college enrollment, young university teacher...
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Research on Course Teaching Design in Universities of China Based on the Flipped Classroom

Xinjian Qiang, Guojian Cheng, Ye Liu, Xiaoying Yan
The flipped classroom is a new pedagogical method, which employs asynchronous video lectures and practice problems as homework, and active, group-based problem solving activities in the classroom. It represents a unique combination of learning theories once thought to be incompatible. Active, problem-based...
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On Construction and Practice to the Students as the Main Body of the Independent College Teaching Quality Monitoring and Security System

Wenjie Fan, Gang Wang, Fang Liu
The core of higher education is talent cultivation, and teaching quality is the lifeline of higher education. For independent colleges, whether they have higher level teaching quality become the premise and foundation for its growth and development. Based on the management of teaching quality and the...
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An Analysis on the Role of Universal Grammar in Second Language Acquisition

Buhan Pan
This study examines the Universal Grammar’s complicated role in second language learning. The paper firstly presents a brief description of the UG and a review of recent studies in SLA with UG approach. Then the paper discusses the relevance of Universal Grammar to SLA from five aspects: accessibility...
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On Intellectual Power of a Country

Xiulian Liu, Yao Li
In this paper, the concept of intellectual power is firstly presented at the national level. It assumes that the intellectual power mainly refers to the reflection of political wisdom, political acumen, strategic and tactical wisdom, leadership, decision-making power and comprehensive capability of a...
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The Influence of Credit Policy on Capital Structure Via Regression Analysis

Yuling Chen, YaJie Bao
Capital structure has been the main research topic of corporate finance and general finance. The policy of currency influence the economy activity and balance capital, and the change of currency credit policy will lead to direct influence financing for foreign trade from banks, thus influence the ability...
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Orientation Research of Network Security Management in China

Daoli Huang, Hao Yuan, Zhile He
Information security has gone beyond the traditional scope of information communication and media, become the key related to the core interests of China's national security, social stability and personal privacy, etc. Establishment of a comprehensive network and information security management system...
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Research on Structural and Management Optimization of Chinese Sport Industry based on Multi-factor Analysis and Hierarchy Model

Lina Zhu, Yingwei Zhao
With the bursting development of sport science, the concept and performance of technology policy of sports industry in our country has carried on the preliminary discussion. Research suggests that the sports industry technology policy is to control the floorboard of the sports industry technology development...
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The Analysis of the Factors of English Translation Strategy

Juan Du, Weidong Li, Xing Li
The research on English translation is systematic. With the change of the world economy, more and more Chinese and English are used in economy, as well as in a variety of scientific fields, and are cross-linked in large areas, so the strategy of English translation become increasingly important. On the...
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Survey and Research on Chinese Sport Industry and Financial Benefit based on Mathematical Modelling and Game Theory

Yingwei Zhao, Lina Zhu
With the rapid and irreversible development of sport science and related techniques, the combination of sport management with developed financial benefit theory is urgently needed. In this paper, we conduct survey and research on Chinese sport industry and financial benefit based on mathematical modelling...
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Exploration of ways in Ideological and Political Education in University and Research on Entrepreneurship Education

Wuli Song, Jing Qiao, Linna Li, Lei Peng
In this paper, the implementation of entrepreneurship education on college students analyze the significance, followed by demonstration on the relationship between Ideological and political education and entrepreneurship education. On the ideological and political education in college students analyze...
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Lipase-Catalyzed Synthesis of S-Naproxenal oleins

Jiaying Xin, Jiawen Jiang
S-Naproxenal oleins are compounds of S-Naproxen ((S)-2-(6-methoxy–2-naphthyl) propionic acid) and olein connected by an ester bond and can be used as potential prodrug in anti-inflammatory. In the present work, we describe for the first time the lipase-catalyzed synthesis of the S-Naproxenal oleins by...
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The Study on Chinese Rural-urban Income Gap Forecast

Zhongwei Zhao
This paper simulates the income curve with SPSS statistics software on the basis of analyzing 1978-2012 Chinese urban and rural income data. The result indicates that the rural-urban income gap will expand further in the future and the rural-urban income ratio will reach 3.81:1 in 2020 according to the...
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A Study of the Experiment Teaching of ‘the Fundamentals of Computer’ based on Computational Thinking

Jin Wu, Zhaohui Wang
Combining with Computational Thinking, the experiment teaching research of 'the Fundamentals of Computer' in universities has become a new direction and goal for the reform and construction of the computer foundation courses. This paper expounds the connotation of Computational Thinking. Centering on...
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Air-condition Control System of Weaving Workshop Based on LabVIEW

Jian Song, Kai Wang, Xiaochen Zhang
The project of air-condition measurement and control system based on LabVIEW is put forward for the sake of controlling effectively the environmental targets in the weaving workshop. In this project, which is based on the virtual instrument technology and in which LabVIEW development platform by NI is...
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Measurement and Control System Based on Wireless Senor Network for Granary

Jian Song, Kai Wang, Xiaochen Zhang
A wireless measurement and control system for granary is developed for the sake of overcoming the shortcoming of the wired measurement and control system such as complex wiring and low anti-interference capacity. In this system, Zigbee technology is applied with Zigbee protocol stack development platform...
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Research on the Electricity and Information Technology Class Specialized Course Curriculum Reform for Universities

Wenzhun Huang, Xinxin Xie, Yuting Zhang, Shanwen Zhang
With the bursting development of electricity and information technology, the reform of course curriculum for university students is urgently needed. Domestic science and engineering universities are generally open circuit principle, circuit principle experiment, analog electronic technology, analog electronic...
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Analysis and Revelation on Assessment Methods of Teaching Procedure in Overseas Universities

Haifeng Zhang, Qingzhu Qi
The current teaching assessing method of higher education in China has its drawbacks. Course evaluation gives higher priority to the final summarized examination rather than a formative exam which tests learning process. While the final exam takes more close-book examinations which focuses more on theory...
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A Novel Time-Delay Estimation Methodology Based on Spread Spectrum Communications

Wenzhun Huang, Xinxin Xie, Shanwen Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on effective and robust time-delay estimation methodology for spread spectrum communications. The development of underwater acoustic spread spectrum communication technology derived from the demand for underwater remote, reliable communication. Due to the underwater...
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Preparation of a Novel Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Material for Highly Efficient Degradation of Methyl Orange

Yue Wang, Jiansheng Guo
Porous silica was first synthesized using sodium silicate as silicon source. Ionic liquid-polymer functionalized porous silica was prepared via the chain transfer polymerization of grafting an ionic liquid monomer, 1-allyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide, onto the surface of the silica . The resultants were...
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The Novel Paradigm of Stroke Mechanism Research and Development Based on Neurovascular Unit

Qingshan Liu, Weiwei Zhang, Xu Li, Xiaoying Yin
Objective: Stroke is a kind of disease with high morbidity, high mortality and high disability rate. Since currently available drugs treating cerebral ischemia have many limitations, it is necessary to find a new treatment approaches. The emergence of neurovascular unit provides a new perspective for...
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DC_18GHz Wideband SPDT Switch

Chengpeng Liu, Zhihua Huang
This paper mainly introduces a DC~18GHz wideband SPDT switch . Firstly, every possible configuration is contrasted, the theories of basic GaAs switch configurations are mentioned. Secondly, the theories of basic GaAs switch configurations are mentioned. Subsequently, appropriate topology is selected...
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Research of Integrated Test System of Potentiometer Electric Parameter Based on Multi-CPU Control

Jingping Yuan, Xiaorong Zhao, Fenfen Yu
The problems of low testing efficiency and high testing cost exist in small and medium potentiometer enterprises when multi-station and multi-instrument are used to respectively test potentiometer electric parameters. The paper propose a designing project based on the integrated test system of multi-CPU...
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The Duty to Legal Externs

Jing Chen, Kun Cheng
The increased popularity of externships stems in part from external pressures. Law students have demanded practical legal experience, making externship programs a good marketing tool. While who would charge for the safety of externs The author find that the law school had a duty to exercise care in the...
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Simulation Study of Oxygen-enriched Cylinder Combustion in the Zero Emissions Internal Combustion Engine

Yan Shi, Yongfeng Liu, Shengzhuo Yao
In order to get the best inlet concentration of the O2/CO2 mixture oxygen-enriched combustion in the internal combustion engine, and to improve oxygen-enriched combustion efficiency, this article uses KIVA-3V software, with the former processing program K3PREP and Iprep document which includes all the...
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Using Feedback Technology Of Wideband MMIC Digital Attenuator

Chengpeng Liu, Xiaojia Feng
This paper mainly introduces the Wideband MMIC digital attenuator by using feedback technology. Firstly, the theories of basic GaAs digital attenuator MMIC’s configurations are searched. Secondly, using feedback technology and normal configuration are contrasted, subsequently, appropriate topology is...
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The Design of the Internet of Things Solution for Food Supply Chain

Xiaorong Zhao, Honghui Fan, Hongjin Zhu, Zhongjun Fu, Hanyu Fu
Many problems of foods safety had occurred in recent years, which resulted in public panic. As a result, the government has made food safety a top priority. In the last few years, the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT). How to make sure the security of food supply chain with the help of...
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Exploration and Practice of New Talent Training Model on Military and Local Cooperation

Ke Ding, Yingshe Luo, Su Ju, Suli Xing, Jiayu Xiao
In the paper, the training model of high-level talents is discussed through the cooperation between military and common university. At first, the undergraduates in the common university finished the course learning outcomes and obtain the required credits. Then these undergraduates are sent to the related...
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Analysis on Social Responsibility Report of Metallurgical Industry in China

Yun Sun, Zheyu Pan, Ruowen Zhi
With the proposed concept of sustainable development, an increasing number of Chinese enterprises began to pay attention to corporate social responsibility and the preparation of reports. Corporate social responsibility report is an important carrier of non-financial information disclosure, is the enterprise...
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CFD Simulation of Flame Manikin Test for Fire Proof Garment during Flash Fire Exposures and Cooling Phase

Zhaoli Wang, Jun Li, Miao Tian
Numerical simulation study of flame manikin test for fire proof garments has significance on better understanding transient heat transfer to human body under extreme environments. Skin burns can occur not only during a fire, but also after a fire ends. In this study, a full scale transient numerical...
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Improved Teaching Model for Software Architecture Course

Zhenyan Ji, Jing Song
Research on software architecture is a hotspot in the field of software engineering. To introduce the valuable engineering experiences and theoretical knowledge, a software architecture course is offered widely in colleges and universities. In our school, we originally adopted traditional approach, first...
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The Study of Travel Social Marketing based on Mobile Internet

Xin Li, Yu Cao, Yilei Lu, Pei Yu, Xiaoli Tang
In the field of marketing of tourism products, the rapid development of powerful and innovative social marketing model which has changed the traditional marketing model, Resource information of tourism products through the consumer experience, to use socialmedia for publishing and dissemination, can...
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The Manufacture and Nutritional Analysis of the Nelumbonucifera Jam With Material properties

Guo Hu, Shangqin Hu
In order to further develop the use of Nelumbonucifera and carry on the intensive processing to the Nelumbonucifera,use the Nelumbonucifera entity as the raw material. After cleaning and grinding into the sauce and mixing with the supplementary material ,the bottling sterilization becomes the Nelumbonucifera...
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Practice of Flexible Teaching on Computer Specialized Courses

Wei Chen
According to the basic idea of higher vocational education teaching reform and requirements for modern personnel training, in view of the current higher vocational computer specialized teaching process, in flexible teaching of computer specialized course has been discussed thoroughly, and implemented...
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Fabrication and Optical Characterization of Silica Microspheres

Hao Lv, Aimei Liu
Recently, microspheres have attracted much attention because of their numerous applications as optical microcavities, for example, in microlasers and micro-sensors, using the excitation of whispering gallery modes. In this paper, an economic and simple method(powders floating method) is used to fabricate...
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Preparation and Luminescence Characteristics of Na2O-PbO-SiO2 System Long Afterglow Luminescent Glasses

Yi Wen
In this paper, the Na2O-PbO-SiO2 system long afterglow luminescent glasses of SrAl2O4: Eu2+, Dy3+ were prepared. XRD analysis indicates the glass samples have the typical diffraction peaks of SrAl2O4: Eu2+, Dy3+. The emission spectra of the luminescent glass shows broad bands peaking at 510nm The excitation...
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Properties of SH-SAWs in Layered Piezomagnetic/Piezoelectric Structures Covered in a Microbeam Array

Ruixin Jin, Benjie Ding, Xian Fu, Lili Yuan
In order to solve the problem of spectral distortion and the fuzzy texture in visible and infrared image fusion technology, a novel visible and infrared image fusion method based on the Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform (NSCT) and Pulse Coupled Neural Networks (PCNN) is proposed in this paper. First,...
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Quantitative Analysis of Dynamic 13N-NH3 PET Images in Brain Tumors

Zhenyou Wang, Xueling Huang, Changxiu Song, Ning Bi, Xiaogang Liang
This study aims to quantitatively analyze and compute the velocity constant of three-compartment modeling, which is based on 13N-NH3 PET images of human brain tumors. We selected the parietal lobe, cerebellum, frontal lobe, and the average of these three reference regions to analyze the transfer constant...
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The Application Research of CAI in the Information Courses Teaching-Taking Qinghai Normal University as a Case Study

Dianjun Lu, Yu Wang, Xiaoqin Zhang, Lanfen Ji
With the continuous popularization of the computer, the computer aided teaching in education has been widely used in the teaching process, and this is undoubtedly a new revolution in educational history. But some new problems worthy of attention have also exposed in the computer aided teaching process...
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The Compensation Payment Form and Art of Elderly Human Resources in Small And Medium-Sized Energy Enterprises

Keying Chen, Tisheng Hou, Tianpei Chen, Dongqiang Wang
Small and medium-sized energy enterprises must focus on the utility of payment and incentive process to satisfy the physiological needs and psychological demands of elderly human resources. From this sense, The menu compensation is good choice to improve payment satisfaction of elderly human resources,...
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Research in the Distance High Resolution Microwave Seeker Anti-ship Missile Target Detection

Zhitong Zhong
From high resolution is the development direction of microwave anti-ship missile seeker, low ends of the earth, distance target detection under the condition of high resolution and low resolution conditions has a very significant difference. On the analysis of the classical microwave seeker classical...
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The Digitalization of Chinese Paper-Cut: Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection and Culture Communication

Junxi Chen, Desheng Lyu
As an important wealth of humanity, the intangible cultural heritage digital protection has been done a lot of work. The research on digital protection of China started relatively late. How to use digital means of effect protection and propagation chinese intangible cultural heritage has been imminent....
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The synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 Cathode Materials by a Co-precipitation Method

Fang Du, Liangfu Peng
The layered LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 cathode material was synthesized Using carbonate co-precipitation. During the preparation of precursors, the reaction conditions have great influence on the morphology, dispersion, uniformity of precursors, and therefore affect the electrochemical properties of cathode...
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The Main Hazardous Characteristics and Safety Management Measures for the Flammable Liquids

Zhengyang An
The flammable liquids are highly flammable and have the characteristics of easy flowing diffusion, a relatively large fire hazard. Once the leakage is out of control and the flammable liquids meet fire source, the fire even explosion accidents of explosive gas mixture will happen easily. Based on the...
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Study of the Bionic Humanoid Robot in Industrial Design

Xinwei Wang, Desheng Lv
The main features of product design embodies in the diversity and singularity of ecological material form, nature is a rich design library, nature gave birth to a variety of species, every creature has magical modeling characteristics and biological characteristics, these vivid characteristics constitute...
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PDCA Cycle and Six Thinking Hats in the Teaching Reform of Modern Machining Technology

Jicai Kuai
To improve teaching quality, this paper proposes advanced quality management method, which means to use PDCA cycle and Six Thinking Hats to conduct the teaching reform of “Modern Machining Technology”. It also analyzes teaching problems existing in the “Modern Machining Technology” and those factors...
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Existence and Uniqueness of Almost Periodic Solution for A Class of Nonlinear Delay Integro-differential Equation

Zongyi Hou
In this paper, we consider a general delay nonlinear system. The existence of almost periodic solution of the system is discussed under some relatively weaker conditions by means of constructing a class of Lyapunov functional and asymptotic almost periodic functions. Finally, some examples are given...
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Estimation of Unknown Function of a Class of Integral Inequalities

Hua Zhong, Wusheng Wang, Lele Fan
It is well known that differential equations, integral equations and integral-differential equations have gained considerable importance and attention due to their applications in many engineering and scientific disciplines as the mathematical modeling of systems and processes in the fields of physical,...
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The Optimization of Campus Information Semantic Retrieval Ordering Algorithm Based on Ontology

Xu Zhang, Dian Chen, Jingru Yang, Zhao Chen
In order to achieve a fast and efficient retrieval of the campus information as well as a better user experience, this paper has constructed an ontology model based on campus, realized and optimized the semantic retrieval algorithm. Meanwhile, by calculating semantic similarity and semantic relevancy,...
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Understanding and Developing Computational Thinking

Ronghua Lu
How to cultivate students' computational thinking is an important task for the current research of computer education. This thesis expounds the concept and connotation of computational thinking, and explains its enlightenment for computer science research and computer education.
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The Inspiration of “Universal Harmoniousness” Thoughts for the Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy

Yue Liu, Honghe Liu
“Universal harmoniousness” is an important feature of Chinese traditional culture, and is the core content of China ancient foreign policies. Since the establishment of China, Chinese government has inherited and developed the traditional concept of Chinese diplomacy and has put forward the great strategy...
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The Formation Mechanism Of High-Steep Slopes Composed Of Huge Thick Loose Layer In The Strong Uplift Area Of The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Bo Luo
There exist many high-steep slopes composed of huge thick loose layer in part of (especially in the southeast of) the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau which is uplifting strongly, they are the development basis of large geological disasters such as landslide or debris flows. The slopes are the result of comprehensive...
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Association Rule Mining in DoS Attack Detection and Defense in the Application of Network

Jigang Zheng, Jingmei Zhang
Association rule mining is widely used in network intrusion detection,an important feature of attribute extraction of KDDCup99 data set of denial of service attack records,for the association rules mining association rules between different attributes with the help of Weka,the intrusion detection and...
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The Application of Composite Fiber Materials in Sports Equipment

Lei Zhang
This paper introduces the application of composite fiber materials in the field of sports equipment, mainly from the aspects of its application in sports equipment advantages, as well as the principle of select material, product varieties, application example and the present situation and so on are expounded.
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Innovative Practical Ability Analysis and Upgrade Strategy of Advanced Academy Engineering Major

Yifei Zhao, Wenbi Zhu, Hai Xue Liu
Taking the undergraduate from the School of Engineering and Technology in Tianjin Agricultural University and School of Mechanics in Tianjin Polytechnic University as the investigated object, surveying on 267 college students with questionnaire, developing situation of cultivating situation about the...
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Evaluation on the Developmental Situation of Foreign Tourism in Heilongjiang Province, China

Wei Wang, Chang Liu, Jia Song, Yongzhi Yao
In the study an evaluation system was set up, which can be used to evaluated on foreign tourism development in Heilongjiang province, China, then the following problems were reflected on, such as unbalanced developing competence of foreign trade, weakening developing potential influenced by trade deficit,...
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Forecast of Labor Force Supply in China from 2010 to 2050

Wei Wang, Jirong Zhao, Yongzhi Yao
The labor supply is simulated in the study, including the level of death, the ratio of workforce, urban and rural labor supply, age-specific labor supply, and relevant results are forecast in China from 2010 to 2050, by using the sixth census data, depending on the calculation of the basic population...
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Domestic Problems and Countermeasures of College Teachers Scientific Research Evaluation System

Xianfeng Hao, Wenyan Tian
Objective:The policies, methods of research domestic college teachers scientific research evaluation and the current situation of evaluation subject, etc. Guarantee teachers' scientific research evaluation of scientific, objective and fair.Improve the enthusiasm of university teachers in the field of...
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Effect of CEO Power on Executive Pay-Performance Sensitivity: A literature Review

Changzheng Zhang, Zhuoqin Gao
In order to reconcile the conflicting conclusions of research on the manipulation effect of CEO power on executive pay-performance sensitivity (EPPS) and further promote the research progress, the method of literature review is adopted by investigating and discussing the latest studies on this topic...
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Research on Management and Policy Measures of Training in Applied Mechanical Innovative Talents

Xiulin Sui, Tiequn Duan, Yiwen Wang
The training in applied mechanical innovative talents aims to train a number of high-quality technical personnel in mechanical engineering which with innovative ability and adapt to the needs of economic and social development. In this paper, the talents training for the plan of excellent engineers in...
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Research and Practice of Lean Management of Coal Firing in Thermal Power Plants

Juntao Xia
China has abundant coal resources. Majority of China's electricity comes from coal plants, and the pattern will not change in the short term. However, the pollution from coal plants is still a huge issue. Energy conservation and environmental protection, the coal market and the electricity market have...
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Study on the Competitiveness of Scientific Research of Private Undergraduate University

Chenlei Mao
In this paper, with the help of CNKI and China State Intellectual Property Bureau website, published papers and patents in private undergraduate universities are discussed. This paper indicates the research status and development trend of private universities in China. The results showed that scientific...
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The Five Neural Pathways of Memory

Jianfeng Hu
All the acquisition of knowledge is a memory, the memory is the foundation of all intellectual activities. Memory is also the basis of education. This paper presents five neural pathways of memory, respectively, based on information, rules, concepts, expectations and integration. These pathways has important...
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Thoughts on 3D Printing

Jianfeng Hu
Facts have proved that, the development of science and technology, is always a double-edged sword. With 3D printing striding forward like a raging fire, intellectual property risk it could cause also surfaced. 3D print easily copy, share, modify functions, and products produced by these functions, are...
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Research on Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network

Qin Luo
The existing clustering algorithms does not consider node belonging to each cluster of uncertain factors. Clustering decision is hard divided strictly. This paper presents a clustering algorithm based on fuzzy C mean clustering of particle swarm Optimization. The sensor nodes are divided to form different...
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A New Cluster Head Selection Algorithm

Qin Luo
The LEACH protocol selects cluster head nodes randomly in round way, which causes some problems, such as the network energy consumption is not balanced, the network cycle is not ideal. This paper presents a cluster head selection algorithm based on fuzzy logic. Firstly, it has some important input variables...