Proceedings of the BISTIC Business Innovation Sustainability and Technology International Conference (BISTIC 2022)

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Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Ika Zutiasari
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Commercialization of the Study Sustainability Learning Chatbot Through Digital Education Teaching Factory Based on Profit Sharing

Andi Basuki, Andreas Syah Pahlevi, Ari Gunawan
Teacher income in Indonesia is very low as the majority of private and honorary teachers. In fact, the current administration is less concerned about the fate of teachers, which can create a bad view of the level of teacher welfare in Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to upgrade the quality of...
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Investigating the Role of Gender as Moderator in Relationship Between Financial Behaviour and Financial Risk Attitude Generation Z Students

Yesiana Ihda Kusnayain, Ely Siswanto, Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Yuli Soesetio, Lulu Nurul Istanti
This study aims to test the role of gender as a variable moderator in the relationship of financial behavior and financial risk attitude to financial satisfaction of generation Z students. The study received a total of 238 respondents confirmed according to research criteria. Research found that financial...
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GenZ’s Perspective: Digital Learning and Skills Development During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Lela Lestari, Annisa Yasmin, Dea Nurita, Muhammad Zaenal Abidin
This study aimed to investigate the perspectives of Generation Z students on the use of digital technology to develop skills during the COVID-19 pandemic. This qualitative research used data collection techniques through semi-structured interviews with six Generation Z students who are preparing for...
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The Role of Digital Marketing for the Home Convection Industry

Marcello Hamasias Dwi Greatajoy, Fiqih Zulfikar Fahmi, Fresha Kharisma, Hujjatullah Fazlurahman, Muhammad Fajar Wahyudi Rahman
This research was conducted because it aims to analyze the role of digital marketing on home industry sales. This study uses a qualitative analysis approach. The object of this research is the Home Industry of convection products in the city of Sidoarjo. Data was collected by means of library studies...
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The Effect of Liquidity, Efficiency, and Overhead on Bank Profitability

Nanik Linawati, Moeljadi, Djumahir, Siti Aisjah
The bank’s top management’s efforts to manage the bank operations increase sustainable profitability. This study examines the effect of liquidity, efficiency, and bank overhead on the profitability of banks in Indonesia that implement digital banking. Bank profitability has an essential role as a measure...
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Building Business Resilience of Small and Medium Enterprises Through Managerial Skills and Innovation on Second Wave of Covid-19 Pandemic (Study to Batik SMEs in East Java Indonesia)

Murtianingsih Murtianingsih, Ubud Salim, Atim Djazuli, Sudjatno Sudjatno
This research is to ascertain the moderating effect of innovation on the relationship between managerial skills and business resilience on small and medium Enterprises (SMEs) in second wave of the pandemic. This research approach is classified as quantitative research, the data is obtained by means of...
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Confirmatory Factor Analysis of CSR Construct: Indonesian MSMEs Context

Puji Handayati, Agus Hermawan, Sulis Rochayatun, Ratnawati, Mohd. Rizal Palil
Every firm will have to deal with complexity, change, and the same intense commercial rivalry that big businesses confront as well as small, medium, and large businesses (MSMEs). Through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, external stakeholders (both public and private) must provide support...
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Enhancing Smart Digitalized System Through SISKEUDES Application in Ensuring Village Accountability

Asdita Risvanny Damanik, Rizky Firmansyah, Alya Noor Hafizhah
Village financial management is one of several important instruments to achieve village goals, namely improving the quality and resources of the community. Management or financial management received by the village, one of the sources of which comes from village funds delegated by the central government...
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Gamification of Ubiquitous-Based Learning Media as an Initiative of Open-World Metaverse Conversion for Problem Based Learning (PBL) in Business and Management Courses

Suryo Hadi Wira Prabowo, Achmad Murdiono, Jefry Aulia Martha, Ika Zutiasari, Safwan Marwin Abdul Murad
Digitalization of education is capable of providing a variety of creative and innovative learning media to facilitate the delivery of content by teachers. In reality, however, the comprehension of the provided material by students is heavily influenced by the learning activities conducted by the teacher....
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Analysis of Integrated Quality Management, Innovation Capability, Organizational Culture, Social Capital, and Sustainable Performance of Village Owned Business Entities in Klaten Regency, Central Java

Bangun Putra Prasetya, Moeljadi, Risna Wijayanti, Siti Aisjah
This study aimed to examine confirmatory factor analysis of integrated quality management, innovation capability, organizational culture, social capital, and sustainable performance of village-owned enterprises in Klaten Regency, Central Java. The population in this study were the directors of Village...
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A Supply Chain Management Model to Develop Entrepreneurial Village: A Case Study in Bedengan, Selorejo Village, Indonesia

Slamet Fauzan, Rizky Firmansyah, Maskartika Rahmatul Laily, Mohd Rizal Palil
This study aims to explore the potential of the tourism village of Bedengan Selorejo, Indonesia to form a sustainable rural economy with entrepreneurship. The research began with investigating the potential and constraints that occurred in the field. Furthermore, the data and information obtained were...
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Commercialization of Qalifa Islamic Disruptive School Based on Digital Islamic Boarding School with Personalized Learning Technology and B2E Profit Sharing

Andreas Syah Pahlevi, Yusuf Hanafi, Moh. Fauzan, Afwan Hariri Agus Prohimi, Abd Rauf Hassan, Ari Gunawan, Afis Baghiz Syafruddin
This online media penetration can provide flexibility for the public, especially teenagers, to obtain various information related to religious information needs (religious need). The Pew Internet and American Life Project notes that about 28 million people worldwide use the internet for the benefit of...
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Does Warrant Strategy Along with IPO Provide Better Performance?

Yuli Soesetio, Dyah Arini Rudiningtyas, Retno Nur Habibah
An Initial Public Offering (IPO) can provide limited benefits for companies in the short to medium term. This study aims to evaluate the use of the Package IPO (PIPO) and Shares-only IPO (SIPO) strategy that accompanies the IPO process of companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The sample...
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Commercialization of Organic Green House on Featured Melon Commodities as an Increase in National Horticultural Productivity Commercial Organic Green House on Melon Commodity

Hendra Susanto, Ahmad Taufiq, Subagyo, Ari Gunawan, Moch. Sholeh
There was a decrease in melon production as shown by data on several commodities, especially melons and some vegetables from agricultural lands under the Gapoktan partnership, it was reported that almost 60% experienced crop failure due to extreme weather and also the presence of pests that reduced the...
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Awareness, Associations, Trust, Loyalty, and Brand Equity Kentucky Fried Chicken in East Java Confirmatory Factor Analysis Approach

Sugiarti, Surachman, Fatchur Rohman, Risna Wijayanti
The purpose of this study was to obtain empirical evidence of indicators forming awareness, association, trust, loyalty and brand equity of Kentucky Fried Chicken in East Java. The population in this study is KFC customers in regencies and cities in East Java and is an infinite population, that is, the...
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SDGS 2030: How to Create Awareness on Green Investment Through It’s Risk and Utility?

(A Literature Study)

Della Ayu Zonna Lia, Salsabilla Lu’ay Natswa
The effect of greenhouse gas and other pollution started to rise recently. Proven by the unpredictable weather and health emergency issues, many countries worldwide have started to realize the effect of industrialization. Supported by The G20 Presidency, green investment issues have been a great solution...
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Improve Students’ Critical Thinking and Skills Through Canva-Based E-Modules

I. Nyoman Suputra, Andi Basuki, Alin Septiana
Technological changes have also changed the students achievement in the disruptive era. 21st-century learning demands skilled students to think creatively, critically, communicate, and collaborate. Vocational teachers as educational facilitators must be able to overcome the difficulties and learning...
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Confirmation of Innovation Capabilities, Intellectual Capital, Entrepreneurship Orientation, and Performance SMEs Batik in East Java

M. Taufiq Noor Rokhman, Armanu, Margono Setiawan, Rofiaty
This study aims to obtain confirmatory empirical evidence of the factors of innovation ability, intellectual capital, and entrepreneurial orientation to improve the performance of Batik SMEs in East Java. The population in this study is the owner of Batik SMEs in East Java with a total sample of 140...
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Development of Edutech Startup Learning Kit Industry Lab Integrated Cloud Learning in Learning Practicum SMK and Higher Education Based on Partnership Sharing System in Indonesia

I. Nyoman Suputra, Hendra Susanto
The purpose of this business development is to optimize the position of state university of Malang as one of the existing education meccas in Indonesia, which can provide standardization and optimization of vocational education and higher education, so that the direct impact of this goal is the commercialization...
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The Conventional Knowledge Management Method: Analysis from an Islamic Perspective

Ahmad Faiz Omar Hathab, Mohd Syakir Mohd Rosdi
The contemporary conventional knowledge management method is expanding in line with other management methods adopted by any institution. This management method is used by 80% of institutions, including Islamic institutions. It is based on the conventional paradigm but it is still practiced by Islamic...
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Challenges of Digital Entrepreneurship on Development of Africa

Aishatu Usman Muhammad, Murni Yusoff
There is no doubt about the fact that the globe is turning toward digitalization in all aspects of activities and businesses, which affects the development of countries. The recent thriving in technological development and advancement has opened various opportunities for entrepreneurs, thereby making...
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The Role of Village-Owned Enterprises to Rural Tourism: A Scoping Review

Lulu Nurul Istanti, Trisetia Wijijayanti, Fadia Zen
While earlier reviews of the literature looked at rural tourism and village-owned businesses separately. Rarely does literature specifically address the contribution of village-owned businesses to the introduction and growth of rural tourism. This scoping review’s goal is to map out how village-owned...
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How Can Brand Image Mediate the Effect of Green Marketing on Purchase Intention in Fast-Food Industry?

Kirana Salshabila Putri Susilo, Ita Prihatining Wilujeng
People are beginning to alter their lifestyles to reduce the use of plastic materials because waste management is still a problem in Indonesia. As a result, green marketing is currently a trend in society and customers are more interested in brands that practice it. This study examines the effect of...
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How Online Customer Reviews Affect Purchase Intention Mediate by Trust

Adela Rosania, Ita Prihatining Wilujeng
The growth of the Internet and technology has brought a change in people’s behavior in shopping. Currently, consumers prefer to do online shopping. It is triggered by the appearance of an online shop that offers all the needs. It leads to consumer interest. Online customer reviews will generate trust...
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Analysis of Variables Affecting the Capital Structure of Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia

Siti Mutmainnah, Ely Siswanto
The purpose of this research is to examine the impact of company scale, tangibility, liquidity, profitability, business risk, dividend policy and marketing developments on capital structure. The research population includes consumer manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the...
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Investigating the Consumer Behavior of E-Commerce Product and Its Impact on Purchase Intention in Indonesia

Ahmad Fawaiq Suwanan, Hanna Rachmani Allya
E-commerce has changed the pattern of people’s habits in general, which in the past the buying and selling process was only carried out directly, but with the existence of e-commerce, the buying and selling process can be done online. The purpose of this study is to analyze consumer behavior on e-commerce...
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Building Student Mental Health and Student Higher Education During the Pandemic Covid-19 Through the Mental Health Application Business Model SADLING.ID

Rani Dwiastika Listyani Puteri, Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Dinda Oktavia Rieuwpassa, Abdul Alam, Lastika Febriyanti, Wiji Dwi Prasetyo
Mental health problems are a matter of high urgency, especially during a pandemic. Mental health can be experienced by various people. The number of mental cases is 400,000. Every 7 out of 100 people experience mental health. This number is increasing every year coupled with the pandemic conditions which...
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Window Dressing Analysis on Mutual Funds of Investment Management Companies in Indonesia in 2017–2020

Yuli Agustina, Jonathan Tamba
This research uses descriptive quantitative methods. The variables in this study are the Net Asset Value (NAV) of equity mutual funds, JCI and bank Indonesia interest rates. The purpose of this study is to analyzea window dressing phenomenon of mutual fund products of investment management companies...
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The Role of Self-efficacy and Financial Attitude to Financial Well-Being: Mediation of MSME Financial Behavior

Puji Handayati, Nurika Restuningdyah, Ratnawati, Meldona
In this study, the effect of self-efficacy and financial attitudes on financial well-being as mediated by financial behavior is examined. 160 respondents from Malang City, East Java, Indonesia, who represent small and medium-sized businesses, made up the study’s sample. As an analytical technique, it...
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Development of Android-Based Edupreneur Media to Improve Student Technopreneurship Competence in the Post-pandemic Era

Wening Patmi Rahayu, Ika Zutiasari, Jefry Martha, Siti Munadhiroh, Siti Zumroh
This research purposes to develop an Android-based Edupreneur media to improve students' technopreneurship competence, especially in the Business Education undergraduate study program. This media development can be applied to Entrepreneurship courses and other courses. With the development of this...
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Challenges in Facing the Transition Period of Face-To-Face Learning to Improve Evaluation of Student Learning Outcomes

Rila Indarwati, Siti Zumroh, Miftalia Wahyuni, Leyana Dewi, Serliana Febianti
This pandemic forces humans to look for solutions and alternatives to survive in various fields. The rapid spread of COVID-19 has forced Indonesia to take special policies related to education. In addition to economic activities that concern human life, the world of education also conducts face-to-face...
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ArsipKita to Improve Teacher Competence in Facing the New Paradigm of Education in the Era of Society 5.0

Mohammad Arief, Madziatul Churiyah
Technology has a fast civilization which is marked by the era of society 5.0 by turning manual machines into systems that connect tools, humans, and technological outputs. Teachers as educational facilitators with a certain concentration have a big role in providing quality teaching. Increasing teacher...
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The Roles of Financial Literacy on MSMEs Financial Inclusion

Buyung Adi Dharma, Madziatul Churiyah
Economic recovery due to the Covid-19 pandemic is being carried out by all countries in the world who are members of The Group of Twenty (G-20) Minister of Finance and Governor of Central Banks to avoid an economic recession. All economic actors globally are changing their new business strategies and...
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The Use of WIX as a Learning Media to Support Self-regulated Learning and Learning Activity

Buyung Adi Dharma, Alin Septiana
The increase in the use of technology has an impact on the education sector and also changes the learning outcomes of students. 21st century learning that prioritizes the application of technology requires students to be independent and have superior competencies. Educators as a source of learning must...
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How Does Positive Emotion Mediate the Effect of the Store Environment on Impulse Buying?: A Case of Modern Retail in Malang Indonesia

Titis Shinta Dhewi, Jihan Salsabila Karolita
This study aims to determine the influence of the store environment on impulse buying with positive emotion as an intervening variable. The population in this study were consumers of modern retail stores in Malang City. The method used in this study was a quantitative method using a questionnaire as...
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Social Security Equitycrowfunding as Funding Optimization for Micro and Winning Small Enterprises (MSMEs)

Achmad Murdiono, Ely Siswanto, Subagyo, Fatwah Inna Aulisaina, Norzalita Abd Aziz
Although it acts as one of the supporters of the national economy, the existence of MSMEs cannot be separated from funding problems. The low ability to access capital from banks makes MSMEs often entangled in the debt system that harms MSMEs. This study aims to develop a capital fertilization approach...
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Creating Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Competitive Advantage for Banking Industry: The Roles of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the Digital Era

Cesya Rizkika Parahiyanti, Suryo Hadi Wira Prabowo, Yana Respati Dewi, Norzalita Abd Aziz, Eva Yunitasari
This study aims to measure the role of customer relationship management in building satisfaction, loyalty, and competitive advantage in the banking industry in Indonesia. The survey results from 201 respondents who were processed using partial least squares analysis showed that CRM in the banking industry...