Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Business Administration and Data Science (BADS 2022)

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Víctor Fernández-Viagas Escudero, Bijay Kumar Kandel, Changiz Valmohammadi, Hrushikesh Mallick
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at 2nd International Conference on Business Administration and Data Science (BADS 2022) during October 28-30, 2022 in Kashgar, Xinjiang, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Technological Lock-in and Enterprise Breakthrough Innovation

——the Moderating Role of Innovation Inertia and Intellectual Property Protection

Yiting Hu, Tianran Wang, Hailan Sa
Based on the patent application panel data from Chinese listed companies involved in 28 industrial industries from 2009 to 2017, this paper examines the impact of technological lock-in on enterprise breakthrough innovation, as well as the moderating role of innovation inertia and intellectual property...
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Internet+ Thinking Innovation Path of Extracurricular Sports Activities in Colleges and Universities - Wuhan Business University as an Example

Di Zhang
In today's world of constantly developing technology, information technology has penetrated into all areas of society, and China has in fact entered the era of information technology. Premier Li Keqiang has repeatedly mentioned the great role of Internet+ in boosting different industries in recent...
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An Empirical Study on Supply Chain Management Dilemmas and Countermeasures of Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises in the Post-plague Era ---- Taking Dongguan BG Technology Co. as an Example

Fei Lei, Wenhao Luo, Yangyang Yan, Chun Feng, Lei Chen, Shixing Lei, Baihe Lei, Decai lv
In the post-epidemic era, rapid changes in the international situation have led to a more competitive market, and the supply chain management of intelligent manufacturing enterprises has been severely challenged by a sharp decline in orders, lack of supply of materials and other supplies, rising prices,...
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Analyzing COVID-19 by Hypothesis Tests and Linear Regression

Yi Lu, Yifan Yang
The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused urgent global challenges due to its rapid contagious characteristics. Analyzing known data from the past is one way to effectively control the spread of the pandemic. The United States is a racially diverse country; therefore, the composition of social groups is relatively...
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Optimal Trading Strategy for Gold Based on Optimal Stopping Time

Chiahao Chuen, Yuning Dong, Chenghao Qiu, Ai Wang
The optimal stopping time is of profound significance in statistics, mathematics and finance, and can be used to derive optimal choices from uncertain problems such as volatile golden market. The paper mainly focuses on studying the problem of optimal stopping time by using the basic theory of Brownian...
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Design and application of public digital models in multi-source heterogeneous environments in the energy industry

Ke Chen, Haichao Huang, Yehua Zhang, Yuqing Xie, Jiaqi Wang
This paper proposes a multi-level model automatic generation technology scheme in the multi-source heterogeneous environment of the energy industry, and realizes the function of automatic generation of the system digital model from business model, logical model to physical model. Construct service reuse...
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Study on Carbon Emission Assessment Index System of Highway Tunnels based on Life-cycle Approach

Zuobiao Wei, Zhiqiang Liu, Lishuang Xia, Dan Wang
In this paper, to achieve energy conservation and low carbon in tunnel construction, a tunnel carbon emission assessment method is proposed based on the life-cycle approach. This study focuses on the characteristics of carbon emission sources in the planning & design stage, construction stage and...
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Research on the Direction and Key Points of Leadership Science Research of State-owned Energy Enterprises

Hongji Qiu
Although the state-owned energy enterprises is playing an irreplaceable role in implementing the national strategic deployment and the micro role of the market, the current research on the leadership activities of state-owned energy enterprises is still limited to the leadership of the "management"...
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Calculation Method of Carbon Emission during the Construction of Highway Tunnel in Mountainous Areas

Lishuang Xia, Peng Liu, Dan Wang, Zhiqiang Liu
In this paper, a tunnel in the Nantian Expressway project is selected as an example of carbon emission calculation under the background of the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. In view of the lack of research on carbon emissions in tunnels in our country, a brief analysis and calculation framework...
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Knowledge map construction of multi-source heterogeneous contaminated site data

Xingchen Li, Jianqin Zhang, Lina Fan, Xinzhi Li, Huizhong Jiang, Nan Lu
The retirement and relocation of urban industrial enterprises has led to the retirement of a large number of contaminated sites. Aiming at the problem that the data related to the contaminated site comes from many different sources and has different structures, and it is difficult to explore the potential...
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Evaluation of rural landscape of Yanbian Korean Ethnic Group based on AHP method

Shu Yang, Yan Zhou, Lei Fan
In the context of the country's vigorous development of ecological civilization, people began to pay more and more attention to the protection and construction of rural landscapes. Rural culture contains the local spirit and beliefs, which is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. Only...
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Current Status and Trends of Research in the Field of Visual Thinking - A Visual Analysis of Literature Based on Citespace

Yuhan Wang, Muhamad Abdul Aziz Ab Gani
As an important component of intelligent design, visual thinking is the main ability and quality of our creative design, the logical training of visual thinking is the means to make design communication more efficient, and the accuracy of visual language is the necessary quality to accurately convey...
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Executive Team Functional Background and Enterprise Green Technology Innovation

--The Mediating Role of Environmental Strategy

Yeyun Liu, Jia Liu, Si Liu
To achieve "double carbon" target, intelligent design, green technology innovation and other changes and breakthroughs are needed. Based on this, this paper takes 2011-2019 manufacturing listed companies as the research object, deeply discusses the impact of executive team functional background...
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Research on Quantitative Evaluation of New Energy Vehicle Policy in Hebei Province

Tianzun Wang, Yongguo Chen, Shuai Hong, Huina Li
The Chinese government has made the new energy vehicle industry a new pillar for building a modern industrial system during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. On the basis of previous research results, a quantitative evaluation model of new energy vehicle policy in Hebei Province is constructed with PMC...
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Research on Location Strategy of Service Enterprises Entering Saturated Market

-Take Wuhan Sexy Tea Shop as An Example

Yan Li, Wencan Wu, Keqiang Wang, Jing Huang
With the increasing proportion of the service industry in economic contribution and the increasingly fierce competition among service enterprises, the location strategy will be an important part of the overall enterprise strategy if it wants to survive and develop in the saturated market. This paper...
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Evaluation of competitiveness of Foshan ceramic industry and selection of promotion path

Qingfeng Zheng, Hui Xu, Xiaoya Xu
Ceramic industry is the traditional comparative advantage industry in Foshan. It plays an important role in promoting economic and social development and is facing the key stage of transformation and upgrading of industrial cluster from the mature stage. Its vulnerability, risk and other related competitiveness...
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Childlike or Adult: Development Trend of the Animation Content

Ge Ge, Bing Liu
In the 21st century, animation has been an important component of the ceaseless development of the cultural industry. Animation has been the dominant spiritual food for children with a leading position in children's TV programs. Meanwhile, we could also see that all kinds of factors in the adult...
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Research on the construction of a knowledge graph of COVID-19 based on Chinese medicine prescriptions

Shiwen Wang, Jin Liu, Mingxue Li
In order to explore the method and general steps of knowledge mapping for mining the prescriptions of novel coronavirus, and to verify the applicability of knowledge mapping in the diagnosis and treatment of novel coronavirus. In this paper, we collected 75 TCM prescriptions published by national and...
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Folk cultural tourism sustainable development strategy based on ROST CM6 text analysis —— An Empirical Case of Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village

Yanhong Liu, Jieyu Liang, Yu Cao, Jun Yuan, Xiang Li
Under the background of economic and cultural integration, combining folk culture with the tourism industry for brand management will promote the sustainable development of the local tourism industry. Through obtaining 2011 online comments from Ctrip and hornet's nest, selecting top 60 high frequency...
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Prediction of cigarette production in China based on Exponential Smoothing

Linsheng Ma, Jingyi Wang
As a kind of traditional industry in China, tobacco plays an important role in many industries in China. The importance of brand building has been reflected incisively and vividly in today's commercial society. A good brand has immeasurable value. However, most of China's cigarettes lack awareness...
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Visual analysis of children's willingness knowledge map based on CiteSpace

Jiaqi Jin, Junyong Wang, Fankai Kong, Zhiyang Chen
Objective To analyze the research intention of children in the past 10 years. Methods The literature search of CNKI, Wanfang and Weipu database with "children's pension" was set from December 201 to January 2021. CiteSpace software was used to visually analyze the research status, hotspots...
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China’s Low-carbon Index System — Based on Map Analysis and Factor Analysis of CiteSpace

Huanyu Zhang, Chaoren Lin
The low-carbon economy is an important policy for economic development that China is committed to, and it is of very positive significance to analyze its depth. In the context of such an era, China requires vigorous development of a low-carbon economy and strives to achieve the goal of “double carbon”,...
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Theoretical Research and Prospects of Higher Preschool Education in China since the Last Decade---Visual analysis based on CNKI journal big data platform

Luo Qin, Hujun Yan
Based on CNKI, this paper uses Citespace and the visualization analysis of China Knowledge Network to visualize and analyze its literature, focusing on the authors, issuing institutions, issuing volume, keyword time zone, clustering and mutation of theoretical research on higher vocational preschool...
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Definition of public interest in land expropriation

Dazhao Ni, Tingjiao Zheng, Jindi Yang
It is realistic and necessary to study the definition of public interest in land expropriation. Through combing the laws and regulations related to the definition of public interest in land expropriation in China, this paper finds that the relevant laws are not clear about the legislation, review and...
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Visualization applications of the bibliometric software SATI and Histcite

Jiaxin Zhuang, Qin Nie, Wang Man, Chenghai You
Compared with the traditional literature review, the use of bibliometric software can carry out scientific and quantitative analysis of a large number of documents, showing the development context and research hotspots in this field. In order to explore the visual analysis effect of the combination of...
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MIP formulations for perishable fresh foods transportation

Ruoyu Hao, Haoran Ma
This paper uses a mixed-integer programming model to solve the distribution problem of perishable food shipments from factories to warehouse and then to destinations. This model focus on adding a limit time which goods can be remained in the warehouse and ignores the transportation cost between factories...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Air Side Industry of Logistics Core Hub Based on AHP Method

——Taking Hubei International Logistics Core Hub as an Example

Shanshan Li
The core hub of international logistics is an important part of the economic cycle, and its development is directly related to the success or failure of the economic double cycle. Taking Hubei International Logistics core hub as the research object, this paper adopts AHP method and entropy weight fuzzy...
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Carbon emission reduction strategy of road freight firm under carbon cap and trade

Fuyou Huang, Chao Ma
In order to implement the carbon emission reduction strategy of road freight transportation, this paper considers the scheme of using electric vehicles to replace fuel vehicles under the carbon cap and trade mechanism. We establish three types of models, including fuel vehicles, electric vehicles without...
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Research on sustainable urban distribution path optimization based on the nearest neighbor algorithm

Haoran Ma, Ruoyu Hao
Shortest distribution route, plays a crucial role in energy consumption reduction and carbon emission control for reducing carbon emission, is seen effective in aiding to achieve sustainable development in the urban environment. This paper proposes an optimization algorithm with correlation coefficients...
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Research Status, Hotspots and Trends of Cross-border E-Commerce Talent Training in China - A Visual Analysis of Knowledge Graph Based on CiteSpace

Xuezi Chen
With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce under the influence of economic globalization and "One Belt, One Road", China is paying more and more attention to the training of cross-border e-commerce talents. 2020 epidemic swept the world, has the domestic view on the training of cross-border...
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Enhance the Innovation Capacity of the Industrial Chain by Effective Technology Investment Based CNN Prediction

Linglan Fu, Jinlong Su
This paper analyzes the main problems and difficulties faced by private enterprises in Fijian Province, and discusses the countermeasures to effectively speed up the transformation and upgrading of private enterprises through multiple field investigations inside and outside the province. Through in-depth...
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Study on the Urban Efficiency of Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Based on DEA and Malmquist Model

Haifei Wang
This study selects land, capital, labor, and information technology as input indicators, and regional GDP as an output indicator, and uses DEA model and Malmquist index method to analyze the urban efficiency and its variation of 11 cities in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in 2011, 2013, and...
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Research on the Design of General Hospital-signage system from the Perspective of Aging

Danya Zhu, Min Li, Yun Chen, Lei Wei
With the development of social economy and the change of population composition in China, vulnerable groups such as the elderly will occupy a certain proportion of the social population in the future. However, at present, their needs are often ignored in the design of domestic hospital-signage system,...
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Analysis on the Path of Design Specialty Promoting Rural Revitalization under the Mode of School-local Cooperation

Chunqin Yue
With the smooth convening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China began to comprehensive power rural revitalization, under this background, the colleges and universities make active response, art and design professional into the countryside, make full use of advantages and...
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The Influence of Entrepreneurial Leadership on Active Following Power in Engineering Informationization Projects

Jiaxin Lv, Yuan Ni
With the advent of the Industry 4.0 era, big data and information system development (ISD) have become important forces for corporate innovation. However, the existing literature does not clearly explain how to improve the team’s follow ability through ISD and what leadership styles can be effective...
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Research and Application of Rural Revitalization Active Power Index Construction Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Jihuan Chen, Xiang Huang, Daqi Guo, Weifu Wang, Yongxiao Wang
Based on the relevant planning requirements of the government and power companies on rural revitalization, combined with the basic data of electric power marketing, this paper refines and forms the evaluation system of the rural revitalization vitality power index, and uses the analytic hierarchy process...
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Ontology-based natural language interface to public security population database

Xiangwu Ding, Hao Liu
Natural Language Interface to Database (NLIDB) could convert natural language queries into SQL automatically, which has been extensively studied. However, how to apply NLIDB to the public security population database (PSP-DB) remains an open problem due to the challenges to utilize domain knowledge and...
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Training System of New Rural Professional Farmers Based on Collaborative Filtering

Qi Wang
Cultivating new agricultural operators is an important measure to implement the strategy of rural revitalization, and the training of professional farmers is the key to speed up the construction of new professional farmers. Because the existing training system does not consider the different learning...
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Governance Framework for Digital R&D Activities - Practical Experience from China

Shuxin Zhu, Chenglei Xu, Yonghe Sun
Digital technology is subverting the traditional corporate R&D paradigm, and China has embarked on a characteristic path in exploring digital R&D. Firstly, we sort out the connotation of digital R&D and digital R&D system, and then focus on the fields of new energy vehicles, banking sector,...
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Systematic Application of Commercial Encryption Technology in New Energy Network Security Protection

Bo Wu, Qi Zong, Lei Chen, Junping Zhou, Wuyi Zhang
China strives to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. The "double carbon" strategy advocates a green, environment-friendly and low-carbon lifestyle. In order to accelerate the pace of reducing carbon emissions, guide green technology innovation, and improve the global...
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Design Idea of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Network Based on Identity Authentication

Enning Yuan
With the rise of the digital era, more and more SMEs are springing up all over the country, and a network system adapted to SMEs has become an important factor affecting the development of their businesses. Therefore, more and more SMEs across China have accelerated the pace of building their own powerful...
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Research on hotel service quality evaluation based on big data analysis

Mengxue Yu
With the development and application of digital technology, the process of digital transformation of the tourism industry continues to advance, gradually changing the way of information generation and dissemination. The online reputation of hotels has gradually become an important reference factor for...
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Research on Military Nuclear Safety Knowledge Management Mode Based on Big Data

Biao Li, Chongzhe Shan, Ming Guo, Fei Wu
Knowledge management and nuclear safety culture are naturally linked. Many institutions and scholars have done a lot of research on nuclear safety knowledge management. However, under the condition of big data, military nuclear safety knowledge management still faces many challenges. Through literature...
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Analysis of China's Coal Resource Safety and Enterprise Performance

Xianying Huang, Wei Li, Chunfang Wang
In 2021, 56% of China's energy consumption comes from coal resources. The supply of China's coal resources mainly meets its own domestic needs and is the basis for energy security. Using the grey incidence analysis method, it is concluded that China's GDP has a high degree of correlation...
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Research on CCUS technology development trend in China based on bibliometrics and patent analysis

Fu Ying, Ziting Li, Wenli Zhang
Carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) has great emission reduction potential and is one of the important means to achieve carbon neutrality. Focusing on the development trend of CCUS technology, this paper searches the related research and patents of CCUS technology in CNKI database...
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Construction of an evaluation model for the operational efficiency of an energy enterprise organization

Xue Yang, Zhiwei Zhao, Zhenxing Zhang, Hua Jiang
Various organisational effectiveness assessment models are often used to assess the effectiveness of organisations of different sizes and in different fields, and based on the results of the assessment, the organisation can be adjusted to improve the effectiveness of the organisation. The organisational...
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Collaborative Design and Research of Business Expansion Process Based on Sunlight Business Expansion Platform

Xinlei Huang, Hailong Wang, Dilidaer Kuerban, Hongmei Zhang, Fajun Zhan
Electric power enterprises have the characteristics of large scale, wide range, many types of users, and scattered users. Along with the electric power enterprise informationization construction gradually thorough, which causes the electric power enterprise marketing system to have complexity, thus urgently...
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Integration of Big Database of College Teachers' Talent Construction from the Perspective of Human Resource Management

Yuhong Bai
In order to improve the ability of college teachers' talent management and human resource management, and build a large database integration method of college teachers' talent construction from the perspective of human resource management, a large database integration method of college teachers'...
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Research on the Path of Smart Grid Data Assetization

Wen Chen, Jigang Zhang, Liangzheng Wu, Zeyuan Yu
With the advancement of the digital strategic transformation of power enterprise, how to efficiently use massive smart grid data to serve society and benefit enterprises has become a hot spot in industry research. By transforming data resources into effective data assets, more comprehensive analysis,...
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Pricing Mechanism of Power Grid Data Asset

Liangzheng Wu, Wen Chen, Jigang Zhang, Peifeng Chen
As a pillar industry of the national economy, the electric power industry has a large number of high-value data. It is of great significance to study how to transform these data resources into data assets and promote efficient utilization. A scientific data asset pricing mechanism is needed to speed...
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Current research hotspots and frontiers in cross-border e-commerce ——Based on CiteSpace visual knowledge graph data analysis

Xuan Zhang
The emergence and outbreak of the new corona-virus directly aggravated the turbulence of world trade, and had a huge impact on the global economic development for a long time. Therefore, modern advanced science and technologies such as block-chain technology, artificial intelligence, digital economy,...
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Study on Investment Impact Factors of Overhead Line Engineering Based on Big Data Statistics

Ming Fang, Changming Mo, Qiuyun Lu, Juntao Wei, Murong Jin
Overhead line project is one of the key points of the investment and construction of power grid enterprises. Therefore, how to effectively carry out the statistical analysis of the big data of the project cost, and further improve the scientific nature and the accuracy of the project investment estimation,...
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Research on the models and elements of assessing the operational effectiveness of the organization of electric energy enterprises

Hua Jiang, Zhiwei Zhao, Feng Xue, Yunfan Wang, Xue Yang
Under the influence of power system reform, the production and operation environment of power and energy-related enterprises has changed to a certain extent, and the company's strategy has been transformed accordingly, and the operational effectiveness of the organization is related to the achievement...
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Risk Analysis and Countermeasures for Limited Space Operations in Sewage Disposal

Xianfeng Zhou, Fangyan Zhu, Jian Gao
Sewage disposal involves limited space operations, which entails tremendous safety risks. Also, most people in charge of sewage disposal don’t have effective means to identify limited spaces. Based on the data we collected from 15 limited space accidents in sewage disposal, we summarize the characteristics...
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Study on the regularities and precautions of summer production safety accidents in Jiangsu

Fangyan Zhu, Xianfeng Zhou, Jian Gao
In order to study the regularities of summer production safety accidents in Jiangsu and put forward targeted precautions, based on the statistics of summer accident data in Jiangsu from 2016 to 2020, this paper studied the distribution regularities of accident time, accident type and industry fields...
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Research on the influence of international logistics cooperation on the regional economy

Hongyu Chen, Chen Zhang, Wenwen Jiao
This study examined the present state of economic growths in Korea and China. It also investigated the long term relationship between economic growth and logistics cooperation, assuming the situation of economic cooperation between the two aforementioned countries would persist. Unit Root Tests, Eagle-Granger...
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Research on the interactive development of higher vocational education informatization and regional economy

Xinghui Xiao, Bo Li
As an important part of the higher education system, higher vocational education provides necessary talent and intellectual support for the development of regional economy and plays an increasingly important role in the development of regional economy. Through the informatization of higher vocational...
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Research on the Construction of Public Policy Evaluation System of New Employment Pattern Development based on AHP

Xiaoyu Sha, Xiaoxi Liu
With the rapid development of new economy and new business model, the emergence of new forms of employment for many workers to solve the problem of job-hunting, and new problems are constantly emerging. In the strategic measures taken by the state to ensure employment and people's livelihood, how...
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Research on the Influence of Promotion-focused Ethical Leadership on Employees' Organizational Citizenship Behavior Based on SPSS 22.0

Zhiwei Lu
In the modern business environment, corporate ethical problems occur frequently, so it is necessary to conduct further research on ethical leadership to cope with the deteriorating enterprise competition environment. This paper will use the form of questionnaire measurement to collect relevant data from...
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Relations between Statistical Capacity and Trade: Evidence from the Trade between China and Countries along the “Belt and Road”

Xiaoze Shao
With the promotion of trade liberalization and the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises are doing business and investing in the countries and regions along the "Belt and Road". This paper estimated an augmented gravity model of trade that specifically includes statistical...
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Construction of Big Data Health and Safety Mechanism of Second-hand Clothing under Sharing Economy

Aiqi Zhong, Chenggang Li
Through the study on the present situation of our country second-hand clothing hygiene safety problems, put forward the concrete solution and mechanism, using big digital management mode, strict control of health source, and to establish a perfect and effective government regulation system, and through...
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Industrial Transformation Strategic Research of Integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine into Elderly Care Services in Hubei Province Based on Data Processing and SWOT Analysis

Ling-Shan Li, Jun Ma, Xin-Ya Li, Bo Su
Under the background of China's big health industry, the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry has ushered in a huge opportunity. The advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of chronic diseases and geriatric diseases should be brought into play. In the era of big...
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Association between spatial spillover of government R&D subsidies and regional economic growth

Xuechun Shan, Yingmei Yang, Na Dai, Yangfan Cheng
There is a certain promotion effect of government R&D subsidies on enterprises' innovation, and this promotion effect will have certain spillover effects on other regional economies through various channels. Based on the panel data of entrepreneurial small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)...
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An Empirical Study on the Current Situation of College Students' Financial Fraud and Its Influencing Factors

Xuezhou Zhang, Yan Qu, Ting Zhu
With the gradual rise of the Internet financial industry, the incidence of fraud on university campus is higher and higher. This paper analyzes the current situation of financial frauds among college students on campus through the literature research method, and finds that there are problems such as...
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Cointegration Approach for the Pair Trading based on the Kalman Filter

Jia Yu
The conventional pairs trading strategy of cointegration approach employs a fixed cointegration coefficient, limiting the length of the applicable trading period and negatively influencing profitability. Given these two problems, this paper proposes a pairing trading system based on the co-integration...
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Impacts of Cross-border Capital Flow on China’s Commercial Banks’ Soundness Based on GMM of Dynamic Panel System

Xiulan Chen, Zhaomin Zou
The paper measured the soundness of Chinese commercial banks based on data from 2006Q1 to 2016Q3 through building index system, and built the economic model by utilizing GMM system to demonstrate the impact and mechanism of cross-border capital flows on banks’ soundness. The results show that the banking...
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Impact factor analysis report of paper acceptance at ICLR

Shuangyang Hu
In this paper, Visual Data Analytics (VDA) approaches have been used to analyze the factors influencing the acceptance of a scientific paper to a top representation learning conference. This shall help authors determine the likelihood of their paper being accepted by the leading representation learning...
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Research on occupational relationship and influencing factors in areas along Chengdu Metro Line 1 based on TOD model

Hai Xiao, Yuan Zheng, Xinyi Xia, Liangying Wang, Lili Zhang
The imbalance between work and housing is one of the obstacles hindering the development of today's cities. TOD is widely regarded as a sustainable urban development model, and it also plays a positive role in adjusting the urban spatial structure. This article takes 800m around the main station...
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An Empirical Study on Collectivism and Person-Team Fit and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Computer Industry

Pingting Fu, Chun Huang
With the rapid development of the computer industry, its team management entered the public vision. This paper explores the influence of Collectivism on Organizational Citizenship Behavior and the mediating role of individual-team matching between Collectivism and Organizational Citizenship Behavior....
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Research on Strategic Position and Layout Strategy of Overseas Railway Project against the Background of “Belt and Road Initiative”

Jing Jin, Liang Zhu, Shourong Wu
Through sorting out and summarizing the oversea railway databases ranging from 1967 to 2020, an oversea railway database covering 92 projects was built. In this paper, oversea railway projects were classified into strategic type, demonstration type, commercial type and assistance type. This paper analyzed...
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Mechanism and Path of the Technical Innovation Driven Transformation of China’s Foreign Trade Development-- From the Point of View of Social Reproduction Process

Xiaodong Bo, Honglei Liu
Over 40 years after China’s open-up, China’s foreign trade has developed dramatically. However, there is a big gap between China’s foreign trade development and that of western developed countries, especially in terms of quality benefit and competitive edge. In 2015, Chinese government proposed the implementation...
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Research on policy cognition, government trust and members' sense of acquisition -- An empirical study based on Farmers' Cooperatives in Yunnan Province

Hui-Min Shao, Qing Jin, Sheng- Zhe Qin
Farmers' cooperative is a powerful catalyst to promote rural development, improve the living standard of rural residents and build a new countryside. However, due to the remote location of many farmer cooperatives and the low educational level of the members, their cognition level of the government's...
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What makes Ultra-low-price tour agencies survive in China tourism market?

Zhou Wang, Ying Wang
Economic relationships between business units based on geographi Ultra-low-price tour (ULPT) is a trap that some travel agencies use to attract cost-sensitive travelers by offering an extremely low price and making them spend much more money during the trip. Government has taken measures to decrease...
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Forest Land Surface Area Computation in Jing-Jin-Ji region based on DEM

Shilun Kang, Qian Li, Mianmian Cheng, Yaxin Zhai, Yilan Lou
With increasing attention to environmental protection, forests, as the main body of terrestrial ecosystems, have increasingly become the focus of environmental engineering research. In order to improve the effectiveness of forestry engineering construction, the use of remote sensing technology to cover...
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Establishment and Research of Ecological Environment Assessment Method in Mining Area -- Taking Anshan Open-pit Mine as an Example

Zhi-wen Hu, Shun-bao Liao, Yu-na Qi
In the process of obtaining natural resources, human beings will inevitably destroy the environment and affect the ecological balance of nature. The establishment of ecological environment evaluation method for mining area and surrounding area can protect the environment of mining area and realize the...
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Analysis of the role of “Online State Grid” in optimizing business environment and improving power supply service level

Yichi Zhang, Wei Zhang, Fei Lou, Qirui Chen, Ying Jiang
In order to promote China's economic development, improve the quality of power supply service, reduce power grid costs, and maximize the interests of enterprises, this paper discusses the role of "State Grid on the Internet" in optimizing the business environment and improving the level...
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A Comparative Analysis of the Stackelberg Game Approach to Green Closed-Loop Supply Chains under Different Recycling Channels

Lifan Shen
In the face of rapid economic development and increasingly severe environmental challenges, today's society is more critical to creating sustainable green supply chains. The article explores the application of game theory in the green closed-loop supply chain by discussing and analyzing the green...
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Research on the reliability model of emergency dispatch considering the advance state of time factor

Jijun Xiao, Yutong Zhou, Shu Ou, Rong Kou
With the frequent occurrence of major emergencies in recent years, the guarantee problem of emergency material dispatching has gradually come to the fore. In this paper, the reliability of the emergency material dispatching system is studied based on the analysis of the dispatching process and influencing...
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Evacuation model considering pedestrian panic in smoke scenario

Yufei Li, Chao Li, Feizhou Huo
In order to study the effect of pedestrian panic on evacuation in fire scenarios, a fire evacuation model based on FDS and cellular automata was established. The model corresponds the FDS grid to the cell of cellular automata, and loads the flue gas data obtained by FDS into the cell in real time. At...
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The Application of value engineering in highway engineering design change scheme

Bing Yang, Yubo Ren, Boyu Gao
Value engineering is a kind of technical and economic thinking and technology that seeks to build products at the lowest cost under the premise of satisfying the use function. The highway construction project is a huge linear system project, involving many disciplines, long mileage, large scale, and...
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Application of Workflow Engine in Enterprise Open Technology Innovation Project Management

Lu Jiang
In order to improve the execution efficiency and benefits of enterprise technology innovation project management, this paper proposes that an open project management platform should be established, including information portal, technology project management platform, external resource docking channels...
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Determinants of Shopping Style in Dual-channel Supply Chain: Grounded Theory from the Consumer Perspective

Yuhan Hou, Jinyuan Song, Yongjun Xu, Xuan Ye
Supply chain management is one of the key research topics today, and it is also a bridge connecting the world. At present, most of the relevant research focuses on the pricing and decision-making of suppliers, and there are few articles on the supply chain from the perspective of consumers. Therefore,...
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Empirical Research on Evaluation Index System of Service Quality in Express Delivery Industry

Jie Yang
With the increasingly fierce market competition, the service quality of express delivery enterprises has become the focus of industry competition. How to effectively measure the service quality of express delivery enterprises and find the key elements to improve the service quality. By consulting a large...
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The Information Sharing Strategy and Incentive Mechanism in a Dual-Channel Supply Chain under Trade Credit Financing

Fuhai Nie
To investigate the information sharing strategy and incentive mechanism in a dual-channel supply chain with capital constraints, we build a Stackelberg game model of a manufacturer and a capital-constrained retailer in the presence of trade credit financing, study the optimal decisions and expected profits...
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Research on the Construction of Local Grass-roots Community Emergency Management Systems Under the Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control

Jian Wang, Huiyan Liu, Yafei Wang, Yun Zheng
As the basic unit of society, the community is the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Its emergency management system is an important part of the entire social emergency management system, which is directly related to the effect of epidemic prevention and control in society. However, under...
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Research on the distribution problem of electric logistics vehicle based on quantum whale algorithm considering charging strategy

Yue Yan
With the continuous introduction of national carbon emission reduction policies, especially in the field of logistics and distribution, the use of electric vehicles can effectively reduce carbon emissions and the key factors are charging mode and time window constraints and the choice of charging piles,...
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R&D Investment Leap and Green Innovation Performance in Heavily Polluting Enterprises

Xin-hong LI
Based on the dual innovation theory, The empirical part of this article is tested using Stata 16.0, the panel model are used to verify the impact of R&D investment leap on green technology innovation and the mediating effect of dual innovation ambidexterity. The results show that: (1) R&D investment...
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Analysis of Compliance Path of Enterprises with CAFC and NEV Credit Deficits under the Influence of the Policy

Yutong Liu, Hongwei Li
CAFC and NEV Credit Management, as an important tool to promote the implementation of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals in the auto industry, has made remarkable achievements in promoting the development of energy-saving and NEV (new energy vehicle) industry since its official implementation in...
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Research on dual-channel fresh food supply chain under the sharing of fresh-keeping costs

Fang Zhang, Xiaotian Qu
This study is aimed at the secondary fresh supply chain composed of suppliers and retailers, based on the premise of the unified retail price of fresh products online and offline. At the same time, this paper considers that the demand for fresh products is affected by the freshness of the product, the...
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How Information Technology Capabilities Drive Innovation in SMEs in The Context of the Sharing Economy

Ning Xu
Based on the resource-based theory and dynamic capability theory, this paper studies the mechanism of information technology capability on innovation of SMEs. The research divides information technology capabilities into two dimensions: information technology flexibility and information technology integration,...
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Research on traffic travel time prediction based on machine learning

PeiTing Zhang
With the rapid development of economy, the pressure of traffic operation is increasing, and the improvement of intelligent transportation system is more urgent. In this paper, we focus our research on the topic of travel time prediction based on machine learning, and use the international data mining...
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The Impact of Transportation Delays on the Supply Chain — Using the Suez Canal as an Example

Ruihan Li
One of the world’s busiest shipping routes, the Suez Canal provides a vital link for ships traveling between Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Congestion in the Suez Canal can have a significant impact on global trade. The blockage of the canal would most notably hit the industrial and supply chains...
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Data center engineering project risk assessment based on risk matrix model

Ding Ting
With the rapid growth of the digital economy, data center construction will be in a high-speed period, data centers from the scale of investment and technical complexity compared to the traditional information infrastructure are quite different, each link involves economic and production safety risks,...
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A Literature Analysis of Construction Workers’ Safety Training based on narrative review and Citespace

Yuhang Cai, Jing Lin, Qinyuan Li
The construction industry has a high incidence of safety accidents. To reduce the incidence of safety accidents and avoid the high casualty rate caused by safety accidents, safety training methods have been proposed. Research has proven that safety training plays an important role in reducing worker...
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Institutional Supply, Digital Governance and Homestead Exit in Megacity

——An empirical study based on Shanghai

Min Zhu, Yuhui Dong
[Research methods] The binary logistic regression model was used for quantitative research, and the self-determination theory was introduced to analyze the influencing factors of the willingness of farmers to quit their homesteads in the megacity. [Research results] (1) Self-support has become a key...
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Research on the Impact of Performance Feedback Persistence on Logistics Supply Chain Management

Jing Wu
Based on the theory of corporate behavior and related research on profit continuity, this paper uses the application of computer technology as a moderator to explore the impact of the continuous difference between industry performance feedback and historical performance feedback on logistics supply chain...
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Optimal type of government subsidies in a three-echelon supply chain considering used parts’ different quality

Wenchao Yu, Linghong Zhang
This paper studies the optimal decisions of manufacturers and retailers regarding production and pricing in a three-echelon supply chain. With government subsidy, consumers can choose between new products and remanufactured products. We examine which policy is better from the perspective of profit for...
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Financial Data Analysis-The Impact of External Auditor Types on Cost Stickiness: Evidence from China

Tingting Li, Zhenning Zhang
External audit is an important part of corporate governance. It can effectively restrain the behavior of management, so as to restrain the occurrence of corporate cost stickiness. The software tool of this article is SAS, our analysis tool is regression analysis method. We use the data drawn from GSMAR...
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A Quantitative Study on Consumers' Perceived Value of Emerging Industrial Policies

Weiyu Wang, Zhongya Han, Zhongjun Tang
Emerging industry policy texts are highly unstructured and difficult to quantify and there is a lack of quantitative research on consumers' perceived value of emerging industry policies. This paper proposes a quantitative tool construction method for consumers' perceived value of emerging industrial...