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Forecasting Bangladeshi monsoon rainfall using neural network and genetic algorithm approaches

Shipra Banik, Mohammed Anwer, A.F.M. Khodadad Khan, Rifat Ara Rouf, Farah Habib Chanchary
Pages: 1 - 18
True information about rainfall is crucial for human activities such as the use and the management of water resources, hydroelectric power projects, warning to impend droughts or floods, urban areas sewer systems and many others. This paper investigates the development of an efficient model to forecast...
Research Article

Technology Orientation, Innovation and Business Performance: A Study of Dubai SMEs

Yahya Al-Ansari, Marwan Altalib, Muna Sardoh
Pages: 1 - 11
This study examines how technology orientation interacts with innovation to affect business performance in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in an emerging market, namely Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Survey data from 200 Dubai SMEs demonstrated, firstly, that technology orientation influenced...
Research Article

Enhancing Knowledge Acquisition in Pharmaceutical Organisations based in Pakistan

Muhammad Rafique, Richard David Evans, Rozina Khaliq, Tayyaba Hamid
Pages: 1 - 6
Absorptive Capacity (ACAP) depicts the sequential order of activities connecting externally generated knowledge into an organisation; this involves a company’s ability to acquire new knowledge from an external source, assimilate and transform it, and eventually exploit it via its industrial processes...
Research Article

Building Trust: A Solution to Increase User’s Satisfaction on E-Money Adoption

Pages: 1 - 10
The main impetus of this study is to test empirically the antecedents of users’ satisfaction on e-money adoption. Trust has been considered as a major concern for this study, which then stimulates system quality and user’s participation. This study uses quantitative approach through an online survey...
Research Article

Testing the Veracity of Supply Chain Management Technology in a Developing Country - Context: A Case Study of Agriculture in Bacolod, The Philippines

Dennis Howard
Pages: 1 - 11
This paper describes in the broad terms, the field of supply chain management and then, in particular, its application to agriculture. Modern supply chain management technologies have a lot to offer in the development of agriculture in developing countries.
Review Article

A Review of Emerging Technology Trends in E-Commerce

Qingxiong Ma
Pages: 1 - 15
After several years of growth, E-commerce has become mainstream and matured. However, the new challenges require that tomorrow’s E-commerce system move beyond the basic functions such as a static website with electronic catalogue and/or a shopping cart towards an intelligent, dynamic, and secure commerce...
Research Article

Exploring the Effects of Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) System on Carbon Emission and Health Issues: A Preliminary Study on the Norfolk Island

Gary Webb, Alex Hendry, Bruce Armstrong, Robyn McDermott, Boyd Swinburn, Egger Garry
Pages: 1 - 11
The Norfolk Island Carbon and Health Evaluation (NICHE) Program is a project to trial the effects of a Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) system aimed at reducing carbon emissions and obesity related behaviours. This paper reports on a series of factor analyses designed to test attitudinal associations from...
Research Article

The impact of social media followers on corporate value: An investigation of Australian firms

Patrick Mauder
Pages: 1 - 12
With social media user numbers reaching billions, firms seek to partake in the benefits of investing into social media activities. Existing literature, however, provides little insight as to whether investment in social media adds value for corporations. In particular, it remains difficult to quantify...
Research Article

E-Governance Maturity Models: A Meta-ethnographic Study

Sayantan Khanra, Rojers P Joseph
Pages: 1 - 9
This study aims to identify the key dimensions that constitute a mature e-Government ecosystem through a systematic review of the existing e-Governance maturity models and a meta-ethnographic approach. The study identifies online presence, facilitating interaction, integrated ecosystem, online payments,...
Research Article

Indonesia Tax Authority Measure on Facing the Challenge in Taxing Digital Economy

Maria R.U.D. Tambunan, Haula Rosdiana
Pages: 1 - 10
This article is intended to examine the challenges of taxing digital economy due to rapid development of technology in Indonesia. Those changes should be responded equally from the government perspective pertaining to the changes in tax regulation, structure/institutional of tax organization, human resources...
Research Article

Exploring the perceptive effect of technology allocation on work outcomes among IT professionals

Gunjan Tomer
Pages: 7 - 13
Considering intensive interaction with technology, the effect of technology allocation on IT professional’s work outcomes should not be ignored. Our study thus tries to explore the interplay of technology characteristics and individual factors which in turn will influence the job outcomes. Theoretical...
Research Article

The influence of system quality, information quality, e-service quality and perceived value on Shopee consumer loyalty in Padang City

Wilda Kurnia Putri, Vera Pujani
Pages: 10 - 15
Electronic commerce (e-commerce) developing rapidly in Indonesia in recent years, which is one of effort to expand the reach of marketing to be more effective and efficient. This study aims to examined the effect of system quality, information quality, e-service quality and perceived value to online...
Research Article

The Effect of Information Technology Capability and Quality of Management Accounting Information with Technological Uncertainty as Moderating Variable

Eliada Herwiyanti
Pages: 11 - 17
This study aims to determine the effect of information technology capability and quality of management accounting information with technological uncertainty as moderating variable. Data were collected from respondent represented by accounting managers from the companies that listed in Indonesia Stock...
Research Article

Green Manufacturing Strategy of E-Commerce Express Packaging in China

Ching-Kuei Kao, Ming Sun, Zhi-Bin Tang, Ying-Ping Luo, Feng Zeng
Pages: 11 - 26
With the development of electronic business, the increase in express packages has caused innumerable express packaging wastes that lead to many problems, such as resource waste and environmental pollution. To achieve sustainable development, China should urgently develop green manufacturing of green...
Research Article

Towards a Knowledge Sharing Model for Small Businesses

Jun Xu, Mohammed Quaddus, Xiangzhu Gao
Pages: 12 - 26
Small businesses contribute significantly in economy. However, a significant number of small businesses fail in five to ten years. Can knowledge sharing in these businesses make a difference? Research has found that knowledge sharing enhances organisational competitiveness and growth in medium and large...
Review Article

Recent Research Areas and Grand Challenges in Electronic Medical Record: A Literature Survey Approach

Mohammadreza Najaftorkaman, Amir Hossein Ghapanchi, Amir Talaei-Khoei, Pradeep Ray
Pages: 12 - 21
This study undertook a literature survey to provide a taxonomy that represents research areas of Electronic Medical Record (EMR). We identified the following areas of research and classified them into eight main categories: design and implementation, evaluation, adoption, impacts, medical research, integration,...
Research Article

Modelling of Supply Chains is the Way Forward

Maame Ama Aidoo-Sam, Keith Sloan
Pages: 12 - 21
To demonstrate that modeling of the supply network can be a useful tool for managers.
Research Article

Impact of Knowledge Management on Employee Work Performance: Evidence from Saudi Arabia

Bader Alyoubi, Md. Rakibul Hoque, Ibraheem Alharbi, Adel Alyoubi, Najah Almazmomi
Pages: 13 - 24
Knowledge Management (KM) has become critical in today’s highly competitive, uncertain, and rapidly changing business environment. The objective of this study is to measure the effects of knowledge management processes (knowledge acquisition, knowledge sharing, knowledge creation and knowledge retention)...
Research Article

Examining the Effectiveness of Relationship Marketing Strategies on Medical Tourism

Hung-Chih Lai, Ping-Liang Chen, Chad Lin
Pages: 14 - 24
Medical tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world as many patients are looking to access healthcare services that are not available to them in their home countries. Many hospitals and healthcare centers are now offering numerous products and services in order to fully reap the benefits...
Review Article

Knowledge management in twenty-first century: literature review and future research directions

Jun Xu, Gita Sankaran, Shankar Sankaran, Di Clarke
Pages: 16 - 24
By reviewing 80 knowledge management papers from seven selected journals in the disciplines of information systems, business, management and operations research, we identified the current status, activities and directions of knowledge management research.
Research Article

Intra-industry’ Effects from Mergers on Financial Statements, in and out of Technology-intensive Industries: Evidence from Greece

Michail Pazarskis, George Drogalas, Andreas Koutoupis, Grigorios Lazos
Pages: 16 - 21
The study examines the impact of mergers on accounting performance of Greek listed firms involved in mergers. More specifically, we studied a sample of thirty-two absorbed listed firms in four sectors (primary sector, technology-intensive industrial sector, commercial and services sector, construction...
Research Article

Empirical study of E-Travel Adoption among Small Enterprises in Developing Country

Vera Pujani
Pages: 18 - 27
The objective of this paper is to test the success factor of e-travel model among small travel enterprises (STEs) in Indonesia. The data was collected by e-survey via My3q free online survey. Respondents were 145- users of travel websites chosen employing purposive sampling technique. Research variables...
Research Article

Use of Information and Communication Technology by State Owned Enterprises in Bangladesh: Comparison between privatized and non privatized SOEs

Ahsanullah M. Dewan, Siafullah M. Dewan, Shams Ara Nazmin
Pages: 19 - 32
The objective of this paper is to compare the use of ICT by privatized and non-privatized SOEs to enhance competitiveness and productivity. The paper in particular addresses issues related to: the opportunities of using ICT applications in the value-creating processes for SOEs, and challenges in adopting...
Research Article

Service Sector Role in the ICT Contribution to Economic and Productivity Growth

David N. Wilson, Davis Avison
Pages: 22 - 33
The contribution of information and communications technology (ICT) to economic and productivity growth has traditionally been difficult to calculate because of the complex relationship between them, but this relationships is now better understood with ICT now accepted as a transforming and revolutionary...
Research Article

Key Factors Affecting the B2B E-Commerce Evaluation and Outsourcing Practices in Australian and Taiwanese Hospitals

Chad Lin, Yu-An Huang
Pages: 22 - 41
In recent years, hospitals around the world have started to invest more heavily in business-to-business (B2B) electronic commerce (e-commerce) in an attempt to control their escalating operating costs as well as to maximize their revenue. However, relatively little research has been conducted to examine...
Research Article

Improving Alliance Satisfaction: The Resource Alignment of IT Competency in Small Healthcare Centers

Chad Liu, Yu-An Huang, Geoffrey Jalleh
Pages: 25 - 42
The objective of this research is to establish whether greater deployment of resource alignments leads to more satisfactory alliance. Two research questions are proposed: (1) do organizations which use supplementarity alignment more likely to be satisfied with their alliance activities compared with...
Review Article

Challenges in Seniors Adopting Assistive Robots: A Systematic Review

Arni Ariani, Vasvi Kapadia, Amir Talaei-Khoei, Junhua Li, Pradeep K. Ray
Pages: 25 - 36
This study aimed to explore challenges underlying seniors’ adoption of assistive robots. A systematic literature review involved three stages: the first two stages focused on identifying and selecting relevant papers, followed by extracting and analyzing data from selected papers. Analysis revealed several...
Research Article

Internet Addiction and Mental and Physical Fatigue

Catherine Bachleda, Lamyae Darhiri
Pages: 25 - 33
Although Internet addiction and fatigue are issues of concern among university students, the association between these phenomena has not been examined. In a unique contribution to the literature, this study examined if Internet addiction differentially influenced mental and physical fatigue in a sample...
Research Article

Accounting Information Systems End-User Satisfaction: Evidence of Hong Kong Housing Authority

Steve C.C. Fong, Michael W.H. Ho
Pages: 27 - 41
This research studies the level of satisfaction among end-users of estate management system in a Hong Kong public housing organization. It identifies the interactions of prior experience, perceived usefulness and confirmation for achieving user satisfaction and usage continuance intention. It illustrates...
Research Article

Implementing a Failure Learning Orientation

Grant Alexander Wilson, C. Brooke Dobni
Pages: 27 - 33
Based on interviews with Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of large U.S. technology companies, this study explored senior management activities that help create a culture that learns from failure. Findings indicate that failure needs to be positively reframed, the process needs to be supported with resources,...
Review Article

Formation and Identification of Strategic Issues in Organizations: A Review and Classification of Current Studies

Bahareh Abedin, Asadollah Kordnaeij, Hasan Danaee Fard, Seyed Hamid Khodadad Hoseini
Pages: 28 - 39
Identification of strategic issues assists organizations to pay attention to what is actually important in their long term decision making. The domain of strategic issue identification is broad, disperse and unclear. Since strategic issues are not predefined, the process of assigning the meaning to these...
Research Article

E-Governance Implementation in Metropolitan and Rural Areas of Bangladesh: An Illustrative Prototype

Gazi Zahirul Islam
Pages: 33 - 49
The goal of this paper is to implement e-governance in a flexible and cost effective manner to suit with current ICT infrastructure in Bangladesh to provide better information and service delivery of the government to the public; and hence promote democratic practices through public participation and...
Research Article

Knowledge Sharing in Doctoral Research

Shankar Sankaran, Jun Xu, Gita Sankaran
Pages: 34 - 43
This paper aims to address issues of doctoral research and supervision, including isolation, lack of resources, candidate-supervisor relationship, quality of supervision, experience of supervisor, match between supervisor and candidate, and quality assurance.
Research Article

A Conceptual Framework for the Acceptance of Drones

Johnny Chamata, Jonathan Winterton
Pages: 34 - 46
The literature on the public acceptance of unmanned aircraft, aka drones, is scarce and undeveloped. This is evident in the absence of theoretical and methodological substantiality in existing research. This research paper suggests a conceptual model for predicting the public acceptance of unmanned aircraft....
Research Article

Business Model Generation for Industry 4.0: A “Lean Startup” Approach

Stratos Baloutsos, Angeliki Karagiannaki, Ioannis Mourtos
Pages: 34 - 45
The emergence of the industrial internet of things that drives the fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0 (I4.0), is bringing to the forefront the question of how industrial actors can capture value using such technologies. To answer this question, this paper follows a multidisciplinary...
Research Article

Gender Differences in Intentions to use a Personal Carbon Trading System

Alex Hendry, Bruce Armstrong, Garry Egger, Gary Webb, William Smart
Pages: 37 - 49
Personal carbon trading systems (PCTS) have been hypothesized as one of the measures needing to be considered to combat global warming and reduce carbon emissions (references here). The research described in this paper examines baseline data collected as part of the Norfolk Island Carbon Health Evaluation...
Research Article

A study on the Dynamic Capabilities in Higher Education Institutions ~ Examination on the variation of business organizations from educational settings

Mingchang Wu, Wenlung Chang, Hsiuhsu Lin, Yi-Hsueng Cheng
Pages: 40 - 53
This study purported to explore the dynamic capabilities of facilitating educational improvement in Taiwanese universities of technology, and to further investigate the structural relationships among the five domains of dynamic capabilities. Research data were collected from a sample of 278 administrative...
Research Article

Discovering collection and analysis techniques for social media to improve public safety

Nicky Antonius, L. Rich
Pages: 42 - 53
The use of social media for contemporary knowledge management is growing. Success stories range from the fields of marketing to emergency disaster management. However its application to improve public safety remains elusive. This article outlines a case study of the presence of outlaw motorcycle clubs...
Research Article

Networking in Marketing and Advertising Companies: A Soft System Methodology Approach

Behrouz Zarei, Saeed Azizian, Majid Shishehgar, Setareh Sadeghi
Pages: 42 - 57
Nowadays, the quality and diversification of the services in Iranian marketing and advertising industry are growing. But, providing the customers with marketing and advertising services is still conducted using out-dated, complicated and time-consuming processes. So it seems that revising these processes...
Research Article

An Extended Knowledge Management Framework During the Software Development Life Cycle.

Ali A. Alawneh, Ezz Hattab, Walid Al-Ahmad
Pages: 43 - 62
This paper describes the role of knowledge management and its application in the context of software development. Knowledge management (KM) can be used to capture, organize, and catalo knowledge and experience generated during the software process. The paper proposes a new way of thinking about the role...
Research Article

Strategic Planning for Improving Nongreen Impact Factors of Traditional Coal Logistics in China

Ching-Kuei Kao, Chu-Mei Zhou, Chun-Cheng You, Dao-Lin Zheng, Dai-Rui Li, Qian Wan, Zi-Long Wang
Pages: 46 - 57
Based on the nongreen impact factors of coal logistics and traditional coal companies, this study aims to understand the role of such factors in coal supply, production, distribution, recycling, and waste logistics. Porter’s five forces model is used to analyze the potential competitors, peer competitors,...
Research Article

The Influence of Social Commerce on Consumer Decisions

H.A.H. Hettiarachchi, C.N. Wickramasinghe, S. Ranathunga
Pages: 47 - 58
Today, comprehending consumer behavior is becoming dynamically challenging with the emergence of social commerce. Business organizations are now striving to convince consumers by exploiting the advantage of social support empowered by online social networks. Importantly, social ties in such online social...
Research Article

Automated Digital Archive for Land Registration and Records

Shahriar Khan, Mabruka Toaha, M. Abdul Awal
Pages: 50 - 65
The existing land management system of Bangladesh, which is largely a legacy of the British rule of India, has resisted most attempts at change for close to a century. With millions of land-related lawsuits pending, and tens of millions of people named in land related lawsuits, land management has been...
Review Article

Big Data Applications in Businesses: An Overview

Raza Ur Rehman Qazi, Ali Sher
Pages: 50 - 63
Many businesses are implementing big data applications to improve efficiency and performance; and reduce costs and resource consumption. As digitization has become an integral part of everyday life, data collection has resulted in the accumulation of huge amounts of data that can be used in various beneficial...
Research Article

An Exploration of Communicating with Textspeak - A Social Presence Perspective

Ying Chieh Liu, Chad Lin, Yu-An Huang
Pages: 54 - 59
With proliferous usage in CMC (Computer-Mediated Communication), textspeak (such as c u means see you) has become common words appears in email, SMS, IM, Blog and Twitter. Little research has explored how text-speak affects people’s intimacy when interacting through CMC tools. Thus, this study investigates...
Research Article

Managing the Web-based Software Product Development: Towards Feedback Loop Methodology

Gunjan Tomer
Pages: 54 - 62
This paper comments on the challenges and constraints in the internet software development arena. Our study also reviews the methodologies currently adopted by various companies and based on the findings suggest an improved methodology for internet software development. We have adopted an exploratory...
Research Article

Retired Australian’s use of Information Technology: A Preliminary Study

Joanne Phythian, Julie Tucker, Tim Comber, Bruce Armstrong, Simon Pervan
Pages: 58 - 67
In July 2010, Coffs Harbour, Australia was announced as one of fourteen National Broadband Network (NBN) second release sites and in February 2013, a number of households and businesses in Coffs Harbour had infrastructure installed to enable them to access the NBN ( High speed...
Research Article

Exploring the Students’ Attitudes toward Internet Usage for Academic Excellence

Habibur Rahman
Pages: 58 - 63
The Internet is being widely used as an educational tool with numerous potentials. The students who use the Internet for academic purposes especially they can gain more knowledge and enhance cumulative grade point average. The aim of the study is to explore the students’ attitudes toward Internet usage...
Review Article

Digital Transformation, Business Model Innovation and Efficiency in Content Industries: A Review

Joseph P. Rojers
Pages: 59 - 70
Owing to the symbolic, highly digitizable nature of the goods the content industry produces, they are highly amenable to digital transformation with radical consequences for businesses selling information products. Digitization and digital networks can save several costs that are inherent in the brick...
Research Article

Exploring the Role of Size in Use Behaviour of Knowledge Management System: An Australian Study

Jun Xu, Mohammed Quaddus
Pages: 60 - 70
This paper reports a recent study investigating the role of business size in use behaviour of knowledge management system. A knowledge management system use behaviour model was developed from Ventatash et al.’s 1 unified theory of acceptance & use of technology model, and the developed model was tested...