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Clarification of Dependence of the Macaulay Duration on the Period Until Maturity

N V Popova
The article is dedicated to clarification of dependence of the Macaulay duration on the period until maturity by accounting the behavior of this indicator between coupon payments. The problem of dependence of bond duration on the period until maturity accounting the behavior of duration between coupon...
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Multi-agent Based Modeling Simulation about VANET

Shanshan Wan, Dongliang Wang, Qing Cao
The self-organization characteristics and the interaction between a large numbers of self-organizing vehicles are complexity, to obtain a more accurate model of vehicular Ad-hoc network(VANET) and obtain a more profound comprehension of the complex behavior working mechanism of the vehicle in the VANET...
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Application of image processing to the vehicle license plate recognition

Chunyu Chen, Baozhi Cheng, Xin Chen, Fucheng Wang, Chen Zhang
At present, the traffic engineering and automation have developed, and the vehicle license plate recognition technology need get a corresponding improvement also. In case of identifying a car license picture, the principle of automatic license plate recognition is illustrated in this paper, and the processing...

Problems in the Management of the Russian Economy

V V Moiseev
The purpose of this study is a comprehensive analysis of the strategy of economic development of Russia. The author sought to show what shortcomings in public administration should be addressed and what priorities the president and his team needs to solve in order to implement ambitious plans by 2024....
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Analysis on Local Congestion of Network-on-Chip

Minghua Tang
In Network-on-Chip (NoC), adaptive routing provides packets multi paths to reach their destinations. Thus, packets can escape the hot-spot nodes. However, as our study indicates that adaptive routing cannot distribute traffic evenly in the network as expected. A local region will be injected more packets...

Disability Issues in the Context of Urban and Feminist Paradigms

E Naberushkina, O Sudorgin, V Moiseev, E Karelina
The article discusses the issues of comfort and friendliness of the urban space for women with disabilities. The authors use the focus of urban feminism as a new interdisciplinary research field that has emerged to encourage the integration of a gender perspective in urban development policies. We proceed...
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A Novel Performance Metric of Routing Algorithm

Minghua Tang
The widely used routing algorithm performance metric of adaptiveness cannot precisely measure performance of routing algorithm. In this paper, we propose a new metric of routing pressure for measuring routing algorithm performance. It has higher precision of measuring routing algorithm performance than...
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Heat Dissipation Simulation Research of LED Downlight and Optimization of Light Source Layout

Jie Chen, Zhong Chen, Xiaohong Li, Yafeng Shen, Jingkang Xiong, Yangxia Wang
In order to solve the heat dissipation problem of LED (light-emitting diode) downlight, CFD thermal simulation software was used to establish LED downlight dissipation model. Material’s thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, thermal emissive values, heat load forms and other factors were all taken...

Integration of Innovative-Information and Production Business Processes Into Digital Technologies of the Industrial Complex of Russia

N M Tyukavkin, V Yu Anisimova, E A Kurnosova
Innovative development of informatization systems in the industrial sector comes under the scrutiny of both business entities and the state. Informatization tools used by industrial enterprises are the key to improving efficiency and developing innovative activities. Business processes in industry are...
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Application of Ontology Engineering in Satellite Network Simulation

Qi Lin, Yong Chen
Existed simulation works are always too dependent on a kind of particular techniques or tools to perform horizontal comparison and integration. There is no formal description for the simulation objects which leads to the lack of semantic support in the simulation. In order to guarantee the reusability...

Anthropology of Tourism

L N Zakharova, L N Shabatura
Authors make an attempt to understand the essence and content of anthropology of tourism, as well as to the search for its methodological foundations. A lot of studies both in Russia and abroad do not fully clarify causes of the historical development of the tourism phenomenon, as well as the problems...
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Mean-Variance Model for Optimal Multinational Project Adjustment and Selection

Xiaoli Su, Xiaoxia Huang
This paper discusses the multinational project adjustment and selection problem in which project parameters are regarded as random variables. In the paper, adjustment of foreign existing projects and selection of the new foreign projects are considered simultaneously. Typical cash flows and value sources...
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Analysis of Network Management Technology and Development Trend In The Future

Lishen Yang, Qiang Wang
This paper introduces the typical network management technology and some hot technology. The trend of network management development in the future is prospected based on the analysis of the current network management technology.

Solution of the Decentralized Task of Evaluating and Improving Product Quality

G T Pipiay, L V Chernenkaya, V E Mager
Management of products quality needs from a producer to decide following tasks: technologies of production, economical issues, management of purchases. All these tasks are aimed on the obtaining of a rational quality level of products. For this various methods and models for monitoring a quality of product...
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On Business-Oriented Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Hao Wu
This paper will discuss issues in data mining and business processes including Marketing, Finance and Health. In turn, the use of KDD in the complex real-world databases in business and government will push the IT researchers to identify and solve cutting-edge problems in KDD modelling, techniques and...

Students Creative Workshop as a Platform for the Formation of Entrepreneurial Skills in Engineering Education

O V Solnyshkova, E V Dudysheva
The paper discusses the issues of sources, methods, and conditions of the formation of students’ skills in the vocational training led to the entrepreneurial behavior of graduates. It is based on the work of the students’ creative workshop “Geo-S” within engineering geodesy university course. We proposed...
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Multiple Data Source Discovery with Group Interaction Approach

Hao Wu
Medical researchers seek to identify and predict profit (or effectiveness) potential in a new medicine B against a specified disease by comparing it to an existing medicine A, which has been used to treat the disease for many years, called medicine assessment. Applying traditional data mining techniques...
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Content based Image Retrieval with Color Invariants

Yahui Song, Xiao Chen, Shanshan Qu
Content based image retrieval (CBIR) is an essential task in many applications. Color based methods have received much attention in past years, since color could serve efficiently for image retrieval, especially in the case of large database. However, there are two main drawbacks for color based image...

Improving State Financial Control over Organizations (Interregional Aspect)

T V Chinaev
The article describes ways to improve modern Russian state financial control over organizations; individual implementation problems, the specific role of state financial control in the fight against corruption in contract system; it has also been established that today audit must be seen as one of the...
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Stability and bifurcation analysis in leukopoiesis models with two delays

Cuilian Zhang, Zhaozhuang Guo
We consider a nonlinear system of two equations, describing the evolution of a stem cell population and the resulting white blood cell population. Two delays appear in this model to describe the cell cycle duration of the stem cell population and the time required to produce white blood cells. We establish...

The Use of Digital Technology in Personnel Management (HRM)

O N Balabanova, I P Balabanov
The purpose of the research is to develop practical guidelines for personnel management in an organization which would be instrumental in improving the efficiency of the personnel management system and conducive to the employees’ growth of labor productivity based on the use of digital technologies....
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Use of Watermark in Educational Administration System

Yi Liu, Siyu Lai
With the widespread use of watermark in video, audio and image, propose a relational database based watermark embedding and extraction method. The algorithm utilizes the single—multiple mapping approach to plug in watermark, which scatter the distribution of watermark information and enhance the anti-attack...
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DWT Based Blind Watermark in Relational Database

Yi Liu, Juan Wang
Aiming to balance the robustness and imperceptibility of database watermark, propose a wavelet transform (DWT) based blind watermarking algorithm. The algorithm screens candidate attributes that can be embedded watermark and conducts subset segmentation and rearrangement, and then performs DWT transformation...

Russian Regions in the Global Economic Space

B L Lavrovskii, A V Chuvaev, I V Ruzaeva
The article is devoted to analysis and assessment of the place of Russian regions in terms of labor productivity in context of the global economic space. Its main goal is to identify (empirical) patterns of acceleration or deceleration of the growth rate of above mentioned indicator on the basis of large...
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Steady State Model of Cooling Tower Used in Air Conditioning

Jianyou Long
To predict the performance of cooling tower used in air conditionings in variable operating conditions, a steady state model of cooling tower suitable for variable conditions simulation was built and tested. Comparison between the prediction value and the experimental value shows good agreement. The...
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An Approach on Optimization of ZigBee Network Routing Algorithm

Haofan LIU, Ping Li
ZigBee routing protocol study and optimization for the problem of the effects of flooding AODVjr algorithm RREQ packet. By introducing new coordinate parameters and other methods to control the RREQ packet forwarding. Network robustness problem and prolong the life of the network, by changing the algorithm...

The Psychological Predictors for Self-Disclosure of High School Students’ Abilities (E.G. Eleventh-Graders of Vladivostok School)

V S Chernyavskaya, I I Cheremiskina, V S Shibaev
The article presents a study of the predictors for successful self-disclosure of high school students’ abilities in the 11th grade. The main categories of research are presented. We substantiated the problem of the uncertainty for predictors in the context of self-disclosure of the high school students’...
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The Research of Workflow Engine States

Yan-rong Shi, Tao Hou
Based on the analysis of the workflow patterns, this paper designs the active state of the workflow, and puts forward the idea of the logical design of the engine driven. It can conveniently define the information model of the workflow based on relational database systems, it can effectively reduce the...

Analysis of Methods for Calculating the Weighted Average Cost of Capital of a Company on the Example of an Industrial Enterprise

E A Dolbnya, M K Vasilyeva, A Y Lyukina
The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is used to estimate the profitability of the company’s capital, the rate of return of the investment project and business. Within the framework of the article, an analysis of the methods for calculating the weighted average cost of capital of a company was...
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A New Method of Detecting Network Traffic Anomalies

Jun CAI, WaiXi LIU
As Internet communications and applications become more and more complex, accurately describing network traffic information and rapidly monitoring network traffic anomalies have become increasingly challenging tasks. In this paper, we present a framework and method for monitoring network traffic through...

Evaluating the Efficiency of Investing in Securities of Russian Companies

S S Akimov
The article presents various methods of investment performance evaluation that are currently in use. To evaluate and compare the efficiency of each financial assessment tool, three largest Russian industrial companies were selected and their six-year financial quotes were used. The evaluation findings...
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Xiaoyuan Jing, Xianglong Ge, Yongfang Yao, Fengnan Yu
When the number of labeled training samples is very small, the sample information people can use would be very little and the recognition rates of traditional image recognition methods are not satisfactory. However, there is often some related information contained in other databases that is helpful...
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A Robust Large Envelope Flight Controller Design Method based on the Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Zhanqi Fan, Lin Liu, Xun Sun
A robust flight control method based on the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is approved in this paper. Because of non-modeling dynamic character and parameter uncertainty are taken into consideration during the controller design process, the flight controller has strong robustness, excellent...

China’s Economic Integration in Central Asia in the Context of the Proclaimed “One Belt, One Road” Initiative

M I Razumovskaya, I I Kazak, V Y Burov
Based on scientific and practical ideas about regional economic integration, a modern strategy of China’s integration is presented. It is considered in the context of the initiative “One belt, one road”, proclaimed by the leadership of the country. Arguments are given that the initiative is designed...
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An Unmanned Helicopter Model Identification Method based on the Immune Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Tingting Yang, Aijun Li
An unmanned helicopter dynamic model identification method based on immune particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is approved in this paper. In order to improve the search efficiency of PSO and avoid the premature convergence, the PSO algorithm is combined with the immune algorithm. The unmanned...
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Fuzzy Knowledge Representation and Reasoning of the Smart Grid Based on Medium Logic and Its Application

Jian Wang, Qiang Wang, WeiQing Ma, Dahai Yao
Medium logic completely reflects both the contrary relation and the contradictory relation. This paper introduces fuzzy privative and opposition privative in traditional knowledge representation. It takes a power transmission and distribution program for example, adopts a ratio function of distance to...

Employees’ Competitiveness in IT and Telecom in Vladivostok

M N Ivanenko, M V Artamonova
The topic of employees’ competitiveness introduces new issues into the era of digital transformation. Employees should not only to possess the necessary digital competencies, but to improve them, as well as to acquire additional digital competencies to increase their competitiveness. There is a methodology...
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The Typing Test System Based on Network

Yaohui Li, Meijin Yuan, Jianxiong Wang, Lili Zhou, Kejian Yang
A new idea about realizing the typing exam system was proposed. The exam system is based on network. It takes full advantage of the Browser/Server model, such as the strong interaction, high rapidity, security and the strong share. The exam system is developed with ASP. It is simple to install, easy...
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Study on Mobile Learning Platform based on Wireless communication

Xianying Huang, Qing Cao
The rapid development of mobile technology has brought the change of learning. Mobile learning refers to a new kind of learning for the use of wireless communication technologies and mobile equipments to obtain the educational information, resources, and services. The framework of mobile learning system...

Employees’ Competitiveness in Digital Transformation

M N Ivanenko, M V Artamonova
Employees’ competitiveness in the era of digital transformation is inextricably linked with digital competencies and digital skills that raise many questions. Firstly, the researchers did not come to a unified definition of digital competencies and digital skills. Secondly, it is necessary to identify...
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A Partitioning Image Retrieval Method Based on Regional Division and Polymerization

Quan LI
In order to further improve the retrieval accuracy of the image retrieval system based on shape feature. A partitioning image retrieval method based on regional division and polymerization is proposed in this paper. Firstly, an image is segmented by the regional division and polymerization method. Secondly,...
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Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on Wavelet Analysis

Qingsong Xu
With the rapid development of the network and the multimedia technical , how to protect the security of the multimedia informations becomes the popular topic on studies. As a new technique used to protect the copyright of digital productions , the digital watermark technique has drawn extensive attention...

Analysis of the Interrelations of Economic Indicators as a Tool for Predicting Regional Financial Instability

Yu V Granitsa
One of instruments of forecasting of financial instability of regions of Russia is quantitative and qualitative estimates of interrelations between regional macroeconomic indicators. Research objective is selection of the most adequate models of establishment of interrelations between indicators of...
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Fuzzy comprehensive assessment method is based on the transmission lines of the analytic hierarchy process sewage flash

Qiang Wang, Shuting Song, Huiming Zhang, Dahai Yao
Transmission line flashing will cause large area and long time of blackouts,it happens in the working voltage,and it poses serious threat to the electric power system. With the development of industry,the increase of power grid capacity and rated voltage level,there are more and more flashing accidents...

The Impact of Quotation Writing on the Presentation of Economic Information in the Modern Russian Media Text

A E Bazanova, E O Popova
Economic information acts as a product. The public, legal entities and individuals are its main consumer. In this study, the authors consider the concept of economic media text and the role of language techniques used by journalists to explain economic information and fulfill all the demand of the audience....
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A Predicting Method of Power Grid Transmission Line Icing Based on Decision Tree’s modified model

Jian Wang, Weiqing Ma, Xiaolong Zhao, Feifei Liang
Aiming at collapse, disconnection, and ice flash-over problems caused by power grid transmission line icing, this paper proposes a predicting method of transmission line icing. According to historical data and theories of decision tree, calculating out each factor’s information entropy, with an overall...
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The design and implementation of the surveillance and control system for photovoltaic power station

Jian Wang, Shuting Song, Yong Zhang, Feng Gao
According to the characteristics of PV power station, how to present a new intelligent surveillance and control system of PV power station, which collects the operating parameters at real-time and control the running status of the PV power station through wireless networks and the Internet, to guarantee...

Education of Civil Engineers: Emphasis Upon Team Work or Self-Development?

E Romanova
Recently, Russian education system has begun training civil engineers according to the new educational standard, which stipulates only universal and general professional competencies. The new educational program has twice more academic hours for the development of universal competencies than the old...
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The design and implementation of forecasting and application system for wind power

Weiqing Ma, Zhiyi Jia, Zhiguo Bai, Zhaoxi MU
With the extensive use of wind power, how to predict wind power effectively, to ensure the security, stability and economic operation of grid-connected wind power becomes a serious problem for the electronic companies. Based on the analysis about the status of wind power forecasting and application,...

Modern Management Trends for Industrial Companies with State Participation in Russia

A Y Yakovlev
Despite wide prevalence of the companies with state participation in Russia they do not often become the subject of scientific researches. There are about 1100 companies with Russian Federation as the official shareholder and more than 2000 companies with Russian regions participation. This study is...