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Research on the Coupling Effect and Influence Mechanism of Large-scale Sports Events and Urban Brand Development

Wenxiu YU, Huiqiang Ma
Based on the in-depth analysis of the interaction mechanism of the coordinated development of the two systems of sports events and urban brand development, this paper introduces the coupling evaluation model and multiple linear regression analysis. Taking Chongqing International Marathon as an example,...

A Brief Analysis of Football Referee’s Ability to Control and Guide the Game

Gang Jin, Guantong Li, Yutong Wu, Yang Peng, Miao Shang
Whether modern football matches can develop in a good and healthy direction, so that both players' skills and tactics can be fully played, depends not only on the referee's understanding and mastery of the rules, but also, and more importantly, on the referee's ability to control and guide...

Monitoring in Tourism at the Regional Level: Theory and Practice

G A Gomilevskaya, Y Y Sergienko
The availability of timely and reliable information about the processes taking place in the tourism sector is a prerequisite for the organization of effective management in the corresponding area. The application of the integrated assessment methodology proposed in this work allows to analyze the impact...

Study on the Surgical Scheduling Problem Considering the Uncertainty of Operation Time

Tang Rui, Lv Jie
Surgery is the top priority in medical work. According to incomplete statistics, surgery will involve 70% of the hospital’s entire resources. Although China’s surgical construction has achieved certain successes, due to differences in the initial time and end time of surgery Certainly, the patient’s...

Examining the Effect of Immersion Education on Article Acquisition for Chinese Learners of English

Chenghao Yu, Xueyuan Xiong, Zihe Liu
This article is trying to study about article acquisition, for bilingual students under the circumstances of immersive education. The purpose of the study is to find out if the immersive environment of language education will either cause a positive impact on language acquisition. In this study, a public...

Exploring Wine Tourism Experience Constructs: A Qualitative Approach

Yuqing Zhang, Hoffer M Lee
Wine tourism is getting popular in market throughout the world and wine tourism experience keep arousing tourism scholars’ attention. However, for what constructs a wine tourism experience still remains debated. This study aims to identify the underpinning constructs of wine tourism experience using...

Analysis of the Effect and Changes of Social Media Live Streaming

Kefei Zhu
Along with the development in digital marketing, social media live streaming has become a significant method of direct marketing for brands and organizations. This practice enables marketing organizations to make closer connection and more direct interaction between their consumers, which also provides...

Modelling Time Series Customer Preference Based on E-commerce Website

Huimin Jiang, Chunsheng Li, Farzad Sabetzadeh
In the research of customer preference for products, we need to collect enough customer data first, and then we can analyze it to realize the effective establishment of customer preference model. Although a reasonable model can be obtained, the customer’s own preference presents a dynamic state, which...

Transboundariness as a Driver of Development of International Tourism in the Far East of Russia

G A Gomilevskaya, A Y Kononov, V V Schur
The article analyses the foundations of the development of transborder tourism being a cornerstone in the process of strengthening the international cooperation in tourism area at the regional level. The aim of the work is to study the factors of development of transborder tourism in the framework of...

Observation and Study on Intervention of Tai Chi Daoyin on Cardiovascular Related Diseases

Jiansheng WEN, Min SU
Lack of physical exercise and harmful eating habits may lead to obesity and hypertension, elevated blood glucose and blood lipid. It is the main non communicable disease leading to early death, which is called the metabolic risk factor of cardiovascular disease.This study compared the effects of Tai...

The Impact of Banking Infrastructure on Gross Regional Product

B V Bakeev, R F Valiullin, B R Gareev
When making management decisions at any level, high-quality feedback is needed, which allows you to evaluate the results of a particular impact on the control object. To assess such an impact, various models are often used, primarily economic-mathematical ones, which allow you to quickly and cost-effectively...

Outlook for Asia Pacific International Travel and Tourism 2022 to 2024

Dongli Tang, John Koldowski
This paper elaborates the current position of travel & tourism from firstly, the perspective of Global International Tourist Arrivals (ITAs) and secondly for International Visitor Arrivals (IVAs) into and across the Asia Pacific region. It then provides an outlook for Asia Pacific International visitor...

The Relationship Research Between Brand Association, Brand Awareness, Brand Satisfaction, and Brand Loyalty in Three Squirrels’ Virtual Image

Yang Chen, Haoran Qin
In order to explore and verification the existing theory about brand loyalty, this study takes Three Squirrels as an example, further verifies it in the form of online survey, and puts forward a new influencing factor is brand virtual image. For the aim of this study, this study uses the relevant theories...

Program-Targeted Approach to Labor Organization in Industrial Clusters

S Vandysheva, O Lukinova, L Guseva, N Pisarenko, N Nagibina
The article reflects the organizational and economic methods and approaches to the organization of labor in industrial clusters, provides an analysis and systematization of the views of foreign and domestic scientists and practitioners on the concept of “cluster”, analyzes the implementation of the program-targeted...

The Impact of Family Capital on Chinese Students’ Access to Higher Education

Yingzi Zhang
In China, besides the government and schools, the family has attached increasing importance to the children’s education. It is the existence of family capital that plays a vital role in affecting students’ higher education to a certain extent. Through the research on family economic capital, family cultural...
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ANN-Based Modeling for Load and Main Steam Pressure Characteristics of a 600MW Supercritical Power Generating Unit

Liangyu Ma, Zhiyuan Gao
A supercritical coal-fired power generating unit is a typical multivariable system with large inertia and non-linear, slow time-variant, time-delay characteristics, which often makes the coordinated control quality deteriorate under wide-range load-changing conditions, and can't well satisfy the unit...

The Importance of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Policy — The Improvement and Experience from Past Policies

Qifan Zhao
Poverty is an issue faced by most if not all the countries in the world and it proposes a great challenge to all governments and their people. It is one of the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. Since the last century, the UN has recognized that about 11.6% of the world population...

The Different Perception and Reaction of Customers Towards Traditional Marketing and Influencer Marketing in Food Industry

Qingyang Ren, Lin Zhou, Fengyang Liu
This research paper is aimed at investigating the consumer preference for traditional marketing and influencer marketing in food industry. To accomplish this, the researchers set two questionnaire surveys to collect data. These two questionnaires investigated consumers’ different attitudes and reaction...
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Design and Implementation of Remote Control Software for Nuclear Inspecting Devices

Chengze Liu, Yi Zhang, Baoliang Cheng, Xiaomin Zhao, Ran Duan
Remote control systems are usually adopted in nuclear facilities inspecting activities due to radioactive environments. Analysis on requirements and structural design are made, and functional modules are described in detail. Remote control software for nuclear equipment inspection is developed with combination...

Analysis of the Ecological Impact of Tourism Development under Environmental Kuznets Curve

Based on the Panel Data of RCEP Members from 1995 to 2017

Wen PANG, Haixia ZHENG
This paper mainly studies the intrinsic linkages between inbound tourism development and ecological environment among RCEP members. We first construct an economic model for the EKC to represent the relationship between tourism development and environmental impacts, taking the panel data (1995 ~ 2017)...

The Impact of Demographic Indicators on Gross Regional Product

I R Bakeeva, A B Nikolaeva, J V Nefedova
The socio-economic development of regions depends on a combination of historical, geographical, resource, demographic and other factors. The gross regional product indicator characterizes economic activity in the region and serves as an indicator of the successful development of the region. Formation...

VR Technology in International Education of Chinese Language

Mengmeng Zhang, Yingbo Li
The integration of VR technology and international education of Chinese language is the trend and trend of future education development. VR technology will inevitably provide new ideas for the reform of education and teaching mode. This paper focuses on the combination of virtual reality technology and...

The Effect of Musical Ability on Chinese English as a Foreign Language Learners’ Phonetic Ability

Zhiqi Wang
In China, there are few studies on the relationship between musical ability and English phonetic ability. English phonetics teaching has been overlooked during the college English teaching in China for a long time, and there is a clear tendency that Chinese college students pay more attention to English...

Factors Underlying Cooperation During Covid-19 Pandemic

Analysis on Game Theory

Xinxiong Zhao
Starting in 2020, one of the most serious epidemics occurs in human history. The sudden arrival of the covid-19 takes many lives away. There is no doubt that the most critical issue is how to get more people to cooperate on epidemic prevention. The study topic is about the factors underlying cooperation...
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Modeling and Attitude Control of a Spinning Spacecraft with Internal Moving Mass

Pengfei Guo, Liangyu Zhao
An attitude control system of a spinning spacecraft with internal moving mass is presented in this paper. This system consists of a rigid body and two internal radial moving masses. The mathematical model, including attitude kinematics and nonlinear dynamics equations, is established based on Newtonian...

Human Capital as the Dominating Factor of Economic Growth in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Z Baigireyeva, S Niyazbekova
The goal of the research is to study the role of human capital in the contemporary society triggering an increase in the intrinsic value. This research reviews the theoretical aspects and fundamental legal principles related to the issue of human capital. Research Design. Common quantitative methods...

A Review on The Research of Self-efficacy in Domestic Sports Field -- Taking CNKI Core Journal as an Example

Tang QiuMeng, Wen YuHong, Bu He
This paper summarizes the current research status of self-efficacy in the field of physical education in China, and finds that the current research mainly focuses on students’ general self-efficacy and teachers’ teaching efficacy. Among them, students’ general self-efficacy is the main research object,...

The Feasibility of Starting Up Business Mobilife: A Medical Company with Mobile Technology

Yulin Shan, Yi Chen
In this paper, two computer engineering students from Span decided to start up a business into the medical treatment industry and enter the global market. The company they would run is called Mobilife Technologies, which is willing to make Alzheimer patients live more easily by launching a software for...
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the Planning of Maintenance Support Capabilities of the Wartime Armored Equipment Autonomic Logistic System Based on QFD

Weilong Chen, Chunliang Chen, Wenhua Shi
In order to solve the problem of lacking development planning and unclear key development point for the wartime armored equipment autonomic logistic system, components, system structure, system requirements and competence objectives of the system is analyzed. A Quality Function Development model of the...

In People with BN (bulimia nervosa), the Reward Mechanism for People with Food Addiction

Yiming Cheng
Firstly, an exhibition on eating disorders and body shaming is on display in Shanghai. The exhibition is designed by people who are patients with eating disorders. The exhibition is an introduction to the subject of eating disorders, and bulimia in particular. In addition, the exhibition highlights the...

Analysis of the Impact of Social Media on the Social Opinion Orientation of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Yifei Tian
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is also called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), which is a kind of dissociative disorder. As people pay more attention to rare mental illnesses, there are many stories using DID as the background in many films and on social media. This paper will focus on some...
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Comparison between live voice and voice over internet protocol

Ying Zhang, Hong Guo
With the development of internet, more and more criminals commit the crime via utilizing instant messaging services, which has aroused the forensic scientists’ interests simultaneously. And voice chat generated by those instant messaging services is generally treated as VoIP. This paper analyzes the...

Integrated Assessment of Human Capital on the Macroeconomic Level

I A Kondaurova, E A Tarasova, V A Gemmerling
The key figure in all the changes that take place in society is the person, his work, creative abilities, competencies, state of health, his human capital. The theoretical analysis carried out in the article showed that today there is no perfect methodology for the integral assessment of human capital....

The Positions in Soccer and Marketing and Globalization of Soccer in the World

Zhejun Zhu
With the rapid development of technology and science in recent decades, many professional soccer teams try all possible means to improve their strength and performance in the field of soccer. As a result, there are remarkable transformations of soccer, especially in the professional area. However, most...
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LBS System Design and Prototyping of Digital Campus

Ying Hao, Shanshan Wan
Based on the analysis of the development of the digital campus at home and abroad, and campus LBS service status and problems of the construction and campus information needs of spatial information services is considered we research the existing digital campus architecture and proposed the overall framework...

Research on the In-depth Development of Traditional Sports Culture Tourism Resources from the Perspective of Collaborative Development

Kewei Yu, Jingjing Chen, Ronglu Li
The continuous development of Chinese people’s living standard and the increasing spiritual and cultural demand promote the rapid development of cultural industry, sports industry and tourism industry. The comprehensive implementation of “May Day holiday”, “National Day holiday” and “paid vacation” provides...

Brand Community Strategy of Lululemon

The Relation Between Brand Ambassador’s Trust and Customer Engagement

Zichen Qian, Jamin Zou
In lululemon’s success of customer engagement of their brand community, ambassador’s trust is assumed to be a significant factor. This research aims to discuss how would brand ambassador’s trust reflects on the customer engagement level of its offline brand community, taking customers who engage in lululemon’s...

Industrial Single-Industry Areas, Socio-Economic Development Based on Cluster Approach

A N Bikineeva, O N Nedzelsky, E N Bulakina
The article presents research, socio-economic development of coal-mining areas of the Republic of Khakassia. It is proved that the increasing economic changes, overcoming the crisis phenomena of increasing variability of organizational and technological systems, determine the need to develop new methodological...

Communication Dilemma in Enterprise Leadership and Its Solution

Yuhan Shu
For leaders, leadership is a process of continuous learning and practice. Leadership can be improved by developing communication skills, and effective communication skills will certainly promote the development of the leadership, which has certain pertinence and reality. Since the vigorous development...
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Modeling and Analysis of Grid-Connected Inverter for PV Generation

Neng Cao, Yajun Cao, Jiaoyu Liu
In order to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic generation as well as the power quality, grid-connected inverters for PV generation research was carried out for photovoltaic maximum power point tracking. Based on some current studies on the incremental conductance method, an advanced incremental conductance...

The Participants Experience of Masses Sports Event in Pandemic Period

Taking Marathon Runners as an Example

Xin Xu
With the suspense of the pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020, leisure sports events are being canceled most of the time all over the world. This study used multiple methods and data to examine runners’ embodiment experience, aimed at discussing the current situation about marathon runners and marathon event...

Challenges of Activating Customers’ Involvement Into Quality Assessment of Medical Services

T G Butova, S I Mutovin, E P Danilina, A R Khusainova, Y S Beloborodova
The growing dissatisfaction of the population with the quality of medical services becomes an obstacle to the sustainable development of the territories and results in the population’s disapproval of the actions of the authorities. The increasing dissatisfaction with the quality of medical services is...
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A Novel Document Services Framework for Multi Process Site Based on SOA

Ruiping Wang, Gaofei Sun
In most document management system, all documents are stored in center database server. Actually in daily work, documents uploaded is always need to be stored in the client where the business processes is dealing accordance with the requirements ,but management information system and OA system can not...

On the Criminal Regulation of DNS Hijacking

Jin Liu, Ran Wu, Aolin Zhang, Jingwen Zhang
In judicial practice, the conviction of DNS hijacking has been highly controversial. The relevant crimes of this act mainly include the crime of illegally controlling computer information systems, the crime of destroying computer information systems, the crime of theft, etc. However, the distinction...

Analysis from The Bank of China on The Crude Oil Treasure Incident

Bohan Sun, Cindy Ma, Wenzhi Sun, Yi zhai
On April 20, U.S. time, the price of the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil May 2020 futures contract fell to a negative approximately $38, which caused the Bank of China (BOC) and the buyers of the Crude Oil Treasure a considerable loss. To avoid the incident in the future, this paper will focus...

The Impact of Covid-19 on the Food Supply Chains in China

Kejun Fan
During the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s movement was under restrictions due to lockdowns. The food supply chain is then largely affected with disrupted supply and changed demand patterns. This paper mainly assesses the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the food supply chains in China. In the demand side,...
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Methods for Determining Differences of Attribute Weight between Evidences In Bridge Assessment

Xiao-feng Li, Shu-chun Ding, Xue-mei Wang
The attribute weights determined is a key issue in the decision-making. Attribute weights given in the form of distribution of the attribute value to language assessment and rating their trust completely unknown or partially unknown circumstances, the proposed method of weight determination of the two...

Management of Investment Attractiveness of Economic Agents as a Factor of Innovative Development of the Region (On the Example of the Tyumen Region)

A S Deev, N V Krasovskaya, S I Chernomorchenko
The problem of innovative development of regions in Russia is currently relevant to the unfavorable economic and political situation of the country in the world. The object of the article research is the management system of investment potential of economic agents of the Tyumen region. The subject of...

High-end Sports Tourism: Concept Definition, Experience Dimension Identification and Scale Development

Lu Yuyang, Lu Changbao
The high-end sports tourism industry develops rapidly, but the related theory exploration obviously lags behind. As a new form of tourism, high-end sports tourism is lack of discussion and theoretical gap in terms of concept definition, experience dimension identification, which will certainly affect...
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Carrier-phase Differential GPS/INS Integrated Navigation System

Lu Zhang, Gongliu Yang
According to high accuracy demand in the measurement field, this paper designs a high precision inertial measurement system by using DSP and ARM processor to realize carrier-phase differential GPS/INS integrated navigation. This paper chooses Kalman filter to estimate the systematic error, uses closed...