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Applying Metaphor in Writing English Scientific Texts

Rusdi Noor ROSA, Rudy SOFYAN, Bahagia TARIGAN
Most of English texts written by Indonesian students do not reflect the characteristics of English written text, even their texts resemble spoken texts conveyed through writing. A written text should be different from a spoken text for their different characteristics. The complexity of grammar in clause...
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Sensitivity Analysis of In Wheel Motor Dynamic Vibration Absorbing Structures Based on Monte Carlo Method

Mingming Dong, Chenchen He, Jiatong Ye, Fangqing Kong
As novel drive system, in wheel motor (IWM) attracts more attention in recent years and formed the IWM-suspension system. To better illustrate the influence of system parameters on IWM-suspension system, This paper uses Monte Carlo based method to analyze the parameters uncertain of IWM dynamic vibration...
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Identification of Pore Structure of Waterproof Sheet in Underground Engineering Based on Micro-CT Technology

Qingguo Wang, Qixin Yang
The microstructure of waterproof sheet in corrosive water environment of underground engineering was studied by using X-ray CT technology, and the indexes characterizing the failure of material impermeability were explored. Distilled water and NaOH solutions were prepared to simulate corrosive groundwater...

The Use of ITCs on Counselors to Enhance Professionalism: a Preliminary Study

Carolina L. Radjah, Adi Atmoko, Irene Maya Simon
The purpose of this study wass to examine the usage of ITCs by a counselor. This study conducted a survey method to gather the data from five cities in Indonesia, among of them are Malang, Kupang, Ponorogo, Manado, and Palangkaraya. The participants of this study were the counselors that consisted of...

Dynamics of relationships in a family seen from perception about fathering

Syuraswati Muhiddin, Arlina Gunarya, Dyah Kusmarini
This study aims to understand the dynamics of relation within family in terms of family member's perception about fathering. Fathering refers to the role of father, including role expectation and role performance. This research is a qualitative descriptive study using systemic approach. A total of 10...

Effects of Heat Exposure Duration on Saliva Traces on Cigarette butts as Forensic Identification Tools

Mely Purnadianti, Andika Aliviameita, Diah Ayu Nur Rochmawati, Dian Amanovitasari
Identification processes are not only conducted on the dead body of criminal victims, but also on the evidences founded at the location. The length time between crimes happened and investigation of the evidences is the problem in blood groups identification process through saliva traces on cigarette...

Islam and Human Rights: Theoretical And Practical Framework In Indonesia

Masykuri Abdillah
This paper explains the compatibility of Islam and Human Rights, although in fact Muslim countries are generally considered as being less respective and less protective of human rights. As one the Muslim countries, Indonesia has committed to protect human rights since the beginning of its independence,...

Effect Of Tax Avoidance, Size Of The Company, Leverage, Age Of The Company On Cost Of Debt In Manufacturing Companies Listed

Coki Ahmad Syahwier, Sri Amanda Fitriani
Management of the tax is to apply rules tax with right and proper as well as business efficiency to achieve earnings and liquidity should be. The tax is twofold: tax avoidance and tax evasion. This research is a purpose to know the effect of tax avoidance towards the cost of debt in manufacturing companies...

Board Games As A New Media To Local Geniuses Narratives Case Study: BoardGame Project Based On Astrological System Of Kolenjer

Dimas Krisna Aditya, Moh. Isa Pramana Koesoemadinata, Syarip Hidayat, Taufiq Wahab
Many critics and questions frequently asks in comics (or any popular cultures') events about where does Indonesian legends, myths and other local geniuses go in this modern era's generations. There also a strong tendency from some critics, who blamed foreign popular cultures characters popularity for...
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Volumetric Properties of Diglycine from Water to Aqueous Amino Acids solutions at 298.15 K and 310.15 K

Li Zhou, Chunli Liu, Jinhu Wang, Nannan Jian
Densities of diglycine in aqueous solutions of L-alanine and L-serine were measured at 298.15 K and 310.15 K. The standard partial molar volume , standard partial molar volumes of transfer have been determined. The results show that, the values of diglycine are positive and vary in the sequence L-serine>L-alanine....
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The Anthelminthic Effectivity of Gandarusa Leaves (Justiciagendarussa Burm. F.) Infusion And Kapok Seed Infusion (Ceibapentandra L.) Against Female Ascarissuum In Vitro

Rita Tjokropranoto, Cherry Azaria, Manasye Jutan, Said Muh.Faros Ghalib
Ascariasis is known as "soil transmitted helminths" which persons were infected by ingesting eggs were passed in the feces. The most prevalence of Ascariasis in school children are more than 30%, with resultant impairment in growth retardation, intellectual, and cognitive development. The purpose of...

Offshore Safety Culture Assessment

Mr Sudarmo, Syamsul Arifin
Safety culture is not easy to define since it consists of beliefs and assumptions of every worker shared at the organization. What is the safety culture implied at the drilling and work over offshore operation? Using the Westrum model for safety culture (pathological, reactive, calculative, proactive,...
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Foggy Day Image Sharpening Algorithm Based on Depth of Field Estimation

Changli Li, Qian Jia
Traditional dehazing methods always use the dark channel a priori method to recover the original image, which leads to the calculation of the transmission is large and takes too much time. Therefore, in this paper, we present a fog-day-based image sharpening algorithm based on depth of field estimation....

Repositioning Physical Education in Schools

This paper aims to provide ideas in an effort to restore the role of physical education as a whole. Because until now the implementation of physical education they have yet according to the principles of physical education. Physical education as a subject in schools aims to improve physical fitness,...

Strategy Research on Health Tourism of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Zehui Jiang, Jun Zhang
This paper summarizes the concept and form of traditional Chinese medicine tourism, analyzes the current development of Chinese medicine health tourism and the existing problems, and puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions on comprehensive development of Chinese medicine health tourism.
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Elevation Angle Estimation by Time Reversal Method in Homogeneous Shallow Sea Environment

Haixia Jing, Haiyan Wang, Zhengguo Liu, Xiaohong Shen, Tianyi Jia
This article discusses the problem of active detection and estimation for the elevation angle of a target in a homogeneous shallow sea environment, where a method using active detection on virtual time reversal (ADVTR) is proposed to solve the estimator performance decline problem caused by multipath...
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An Evaluation of Classification Techniques for Depression, Anxiety and Stress Assessment

S. T Arokkiya Mary, L Jabasheela
In the past decades, Depression, Anxiety and Stress (DAS) became a serious health issue in the society over all parts of the world. It can be measured by Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS) which consists of a set of questionnaires. Several techniques are proposed to validate the DASS level and...

Study on Practical Teaching Reform in Vocational Colleges under Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Taking Nanhai District of Foshan as an Example

Nana Shang
With the advent of Industry 4.0, the rapid industrial transformation and upgrading put forward new requirements for vocational colleges. Vocational education oriented to the work system must strengthen its connection with work, and practical teaching directly related to the work process must be reformed...
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A Theoretical Framework to Formalize AGI-Hard Problems

Pedro Demasi, Jayme L. Szwarcfiter, Adriano J. O. Cruz
The main goal of the Artificial General Intelligence field (AGI) to create human level intelligence is known as a very ambitious one. On the way to the field development there are many difficult problems to solve, like natural language translation, for example, which seem to share some 'hardness' properties....
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Study on the Correlation of Civil Servant Organization Justice and Turnover Tendency Based on the External Job Opportunities as Mediating Variable

Li Tao, Yang Weimei, Han Yi
The purpose of this paper is mainly analysis the correlation of official organization justice and turnover tendency.,make some questionnaires survey on the civil servants, and recycle the data of the questionnaires. Then the questionnaires are made quantitative analysis by the statistical software...
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On the Design of Landscape Elements of Theme Park ---- Taking Tang Paradise for Example

Xuezhi Li
Tang Paradise is a large cultural theme park of royal garden style. By analyzing the design characteristics of landscape elements, this paper proposes the design of hills, pools, buildings and landscape furniture, which not only reflects the tourism function and cultural inheritance, but also reflects...
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An Efficient Biogeography Based Face Recognition Algorithm

Daya Gupta, Lavika Goel, Abhishek Abhishek
Extracting the optimal features from images is always required in face recognition algorithm to achieve high accuracy. In this paper we have presented an efficient face recognition algorithm based on Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO). First we extract the features using the principal Component Analysis...

Analysis of Marketing Strategies for Related Products in China’s Financial Market from the Internet Perspective -- Taking Ant Credit Pay as an Example

Zhengyi Zhou
With the rise and development of financial technology in recent years, the financial industry has begun to achieve innovation in various consumer financial services by virtue of its large customer base, thus gradually gaining the advantages of big data technology. Technological innovation has driven...

Study on the Loss of Sales Staff in Small and Medium Enterprises in China

Boya Liu, Wensong Zhang
With the continuous development of small and medium enterprises in China, various problems in enterprises are becoming increasingly prominent. Among those problems, one of the most vital problems of human resource management is the flow and loss of sales personnel. Moderate flow helps to maintain the...

Management of Humanitarian Projects in Conflict Zones Based on Complementary Neural Networks

Sergey Bushuyev, Igbal Babayev, Jahid Babayev, Boris Kozyr
The model of complementary neural networks for managing project portfolios of Humanitarian Projects in Conflict Zones under uncertainty (observability, unverified information and imperfection of loss estimation methods) is considered. The principles and methods of forming a portfolio of projects of loss...

Jaranan Turonggo Bimo in Nganjuk: Development and Representation of Identity

Welly Suryandoko, Yunita Ernawati, Agus Suwahyono
The development and representation of Jaranan Turonggo Bimo's identity focuses on the Village Tourism Culture Based on Local Wisdom of Banaran Village Nganjuk Regency has a fundamental goal of Community Service namely prospering and elevating the economic level of the people of Banaran Village, Kertosono...

The implementation of Modern Shop Structuring Policy in Mamajang District; Makassar Cit

Muhammad Guntur, Aslinda, Henni Zainal
The rapid growth of modern trade businesses sometimes makes the traditional markets less desirable so that many of the traditional traders are turned to modern trade setting. This study aims to explore the modern shop structuring policy implementation in the District of Mamajang; Makassar City. This...
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Improvement measures of questionnaire design for risk communication in Internet of intelligences

Rundong Wang, Chongfu Huang
Risk communication refers to people exchange risk information and management opinions, which is an important part to effectively improve risk management. As a platform for risk communication, the questionnaire survey in Internet of intelligences should have the function of comprehensively sharing risk...

Study of Cultural Transformation Based on the Hatsune Miku–Vocaloid Phenomenon

Tiara Isfiaty
This paper reports my in-depth literature study and observation on digitarian generation as a dominance culture actors in the present time. The purpose of this study is to describe indications of cultural transformation in the past and the current digital era. This millennial generation has a great dependence...

Management of Facilities and Infrastructures for Improving the Learning Quality of Vocational High School

Herdina Yulia Agustin, Johar Permana
This research was conducted to describe the implementation of facilities and infrastructure management and to know the mechanisms for managing facilities and infrastructure that have been implemented by vocational high schools. This research is a descriptive qualitative research with data collection...
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The Relationship Between Coping Mechanisms and Stress Levels in Thesis Writing Among Undergraduate Nursing Students

Ita Apriliyani, Madyo Maryoto
In conducting a thesis, students may experience stress. Obstacles faced by students while working on a thesis can cause tension or other stress symptoms and ultimately students stop working on a thesis due to feelings of fear, frustration, worry, and doubt. The stress response is a manifestation of a...

Research on Development of Health Tourism Products in Qinling Mountains

Jing-Ting Zong, Jing Sun, Jian-Miao Dai, Fu-Mei Rao
With the continuous improvement of the living standards of the people in the country, the growing awareness of health and the transformation of tourism concepts, health tourism has become more and more popular. As a combination of tourism and health care, physical fitness, leisure and health care, health...
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Work-Related Fatigue Risk-Determining Factors in Traditional Metal Casting Industry in Klaten

Maria Paskanita Widjanarti, Apriliana Rachmawati
Fatigue is one of risk factors in an occupational accident and could result in injuries or health problems. This research was aimed at analysing the determinant fatigue risk factors in traditional metal casting industry. The study was a quantitative observational analytic research with cross sectional...

Foreign Language Instruction in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah in the Technological Age: The Teachers’ Voices

Azkia Muharom Albantani, Ahmad Madkur, Abd. Rozak
This study aimed at identifying teachers’ perceptions of ideal foreign language, in this case, Arabic language, teaching at the elementary education level in the technological age. This study used interview instruments to collect data relating to the research. The object of the study involved 24 Arabic...

Draft Regulations and Harmonization Synchronization Legislation on Executive Agencies

M Jeffri Arlinandes Chandra, Purwaningdyah Murti Wahyuni, Yeni Santi
The concept of the legal state is often called the Reachstaat,the rule of law oretat de droit a country that promotes the concept of law as a cornerstone in doing an action taken by the state. Based on the rule of law in governance organized under the laws then in running a government should refer to...
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Development of Test Speed Hand and Leg Reaction Tests in Branch Sports Branches Tarung Derajat

Amirsyah Putra Lubis, Suprayitno, Hariadi
This study aims to simplify the implementation of the reaction speed test where the tools developed are simplified because remembering the measurement tool of the reaction speed test that was previously very minimal procurement for the tool is also a high price in the financing of the tool, so that with...

Characteristics of Translation and Introduction in the Historical Context of Chinese Literature Going Out

Sisi Liu
Chinese culture going out is an inevitable manifestation of Chinese cultural confidence. This paper has conducted a long-lasting and diverse exploration on how to better “go out” from the national level to individual translators. Many scholars have also thoroughly discussed the motivation, strategy,...

Level of Infrastructure Development as a Determining Factor of Quality of Life

Galina Pivovarova, Tatyana Tretyachenko, Vera Vanyushkina, Svetlana Sagomonyan
In this article, the authors consider the role of one of the subsystems of infrastructure - the residential real estate sector. The relevance of this topic lies in the plane of the fact that the state and prospects for the development of residential real estate must be viewed through the prism of the...

Employment Status and Capability Analysis of College Students Majoring in Design

Liru Shu
As universities and colleges have expanded the enrollment of design, the numbers of graduates majoring in design are on the rise year by year. In this study, the employment status of graduates of design from universities and the influence factors on their employment were analyzed. Then the solutions...

Research on Financial Analysis of Modern Enterprise Based on Economic Added Value and DuPont Financial Analysis

Wang Xianglan, Fu Xingfeng
Financial statements are the commercial language for enterprises to communicate with the outside world. They play an increasingly important role in economic life. The items in financial statements are highly general and concentrated. Only through appropriate financial analysis can they become useful...

Study of Conventional Bank Health in Indonesia from 2012 to 2017

Yusnita Octafilia, Evelyn Wijaya
Health bank level method that had been changed three times, from CAMEL, CAMELS to RGEC is Bank Indonesia’s strategy in order to protect banking sector which is susceptive to economy crisis. It is attractive because RGEC method is just implemented in Indonesia’s banking sector and it known from international...

A Study on the Construction of Data Mining Course-Oriented Data Literacy Training

Xiaohong Shen
The data literacy training is becoming important in the big data era and data mining course has been one of the key courses to cultivate data literacy in universities. After analyzing the problems in the actual teaching, the paper discusses the construction of data mining course oriented data literacy...

Analysis of Cash Management of PT XYZ in Karawang

Nur Afifah S Fithriyyah, Mandra Lazuardi Kitri
PT XYZ is a manufacture of mechanical steel tubes in Karawang, West Java, Indonesia. Due to its Working Capital Management (WCM) on 2014, PT XYZ tried to rearrange the WCM and resulted a well-managed WCM. However, in 2016-2017, the liquidity ratios of PT XYZ were far above the average companies in the...

Education Research on Students’ Career Planning Under the Background of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”

Bi Tingyan, Zhai Xiaolei, Wan Guangwei
with the increasingly detailed division of social and professional work, most of the jobs require more and more comprehensive quality of the employees, including professional quality. The problems of employment difficulty and low quality of employment are not only the practical difficulties faced by...

Possibilities of Using Digital Technologies in Teaching Latin Graphics in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Salgarayeva Gulnaz, Makhanova Aigul, Bazayeva Zhuldyz
This article examines the problems of the transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Latin script and the possibility of using information technology in its solution. After the adoption of Latin graphics, the question of how to teach it will be put in the foreground. In addition, the perception...

Regional Differences in Income and Involvement in the Use of DFS as Factors of Influence on the Population Financial Literacy

Elena Razumovskaya, Denis Razumovskiy
The article attempts to analyze the impact of regional differences in income and activity of using digital financial services (DFS) on the financial literacy of the population. The authors proceeded from the hypothesis that the effect of concentration of financial activity in large federal centers of...
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Effect of Application of UV Irradiated Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae on Larval Weight and Mortality of Spodoptera litura

Siti Herlinda, Sangkut Sri Oktareni, Suparman, Erise Anggraini, Elfita, Arum Setiawan, Marieska Verawaty, Hasbi, Benyamin Lakitan
Entomopathogenic fungi have been widely used to control insect pests. The objective of this experiment was to find out the insecticidal activity of filtrate of entomopathogenic fungal cultures exposed to ultra violet (UV) C against the larvae of Spodoptera litura. The fungi used were Beauveria bassiana...

Bridging Social Media Technologies to Enhance Destination Image and Recommendation Intention Towards Mobility Program Among International Students in Malaysian Public Universities

Subramaniam Govindan, Salmi Mohd Isa, Anil Kumar Om Parkash
Malaysia is transforming and growing into an international educational hub. Malaysia is among the top 11th world ranking exporter in the scholarly discipline. However, there is lack of empirical study on mobility programme in higher learning institution. Recently, social media technologies become popular...

Implementation of Bilateral Investment Treaty at Joint Enterprise Agreement

Edi Krisharyanto, Fries Melia Salviana
Bilateral Investment Treaty is an agreement made between two parties, of which both parties are countries. Bilateral Investment Treaty aims to increase supprort, as well as to provide legal protection to investors from regime changes or changes in political and economic policy from Host State. Joint...

Regional Economic Convergence in Sumatera Island: An Analysis by Industrial Sector

Anna Yulianita, Fenny Marissa
This study aims to analyze the economic convergence of industrial sector between regions in Sumatra and analyze the factors that influence the industrial sector growth. The scope of this study is limited to the problems associated with the convergence of economic, industrial sector investment and industrial...