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The Course Construction of Case Analysis of Financial Engineering

Xin Sui, Sige Wang, Junjie Wang, Bingbing Fu
In recent years, the competitions among financial institutions have become more and more intense. In such a case, financial institutions’ demands for talented persons with solid financial engineering expertise are increasing day by day. At the same time, considering that risk management is one of the...

Research on the Development Status and Countermeasures of Grain Industry in Shandong Province

Hua Zhao
This paper, starting with the development of the grain industry in Shandong Province, analyzes the characteristics of the grain industry in Shandong Province in the aspects of industrial distribution, equipment application, scientific and technological innovation. The development mode of Shandong's grain...

Research on Credit Scoring Mechanism of P2P Lending Platform

Yonghong Zhang, Miao Xu, Cheng Chen
P2P lending is a financing method suitable for small and micro enterprises. With the development of information technology, P2P lending has become an important aspect of traditional financing research. It is a great challenge for P2P companies to effectively check the borrowers and detect those with...

Research on Interpreting Volunteers Practice in Sports Events in Sichuan Ethnic Areas

Yang Ke, Bi Yunhui
Sports events are an important part of China's sports industry, and interpreters are indispensable human resources in large-scale sports events. This paper analyzes and discusses the promotion effect of the participation of students from colleges for nationalities in the practice of interpreting volunteers...

Several Views on the Reform of Supervision System in the Context of Anti-corruption in China

Zou Yi
With the continuous promotion of anti-corruption work in China, the loopholes in the current supervision system are increasingly obvious. Aiming to thoroughly change the situation that the legal status in the past is not independent, anti-corruption powers are scattered and the efficiency is low. The...

Broad Money Growth, Corporate Innovation Investment and Enterprise Technological Progress

Zhao Yan
Innovation investment and technological progress have always been the focus of academic circles. This study takes A-share listed companies as the research object, and examines the mechanism and effect of broad money growth, innovation investment and technological progress. The results of the study are...

Study on NGOs Participating in the Production of Public goods in Anti-poverty

Mao Yaping
This paper proposes to focus anti-poverty funds on the provision of public goods in view of the overall lack of funds for government anti-poverty. Through the introduction and role analysis of NGO organizations, it is proposed to strengthen the cooperation with NGOs in the guidance of the government...

Research on the Construction Strategy of Knowledge Management System of JLY Company in Guangzhou City

Xie Baosheng
Knowledge management is the process in which enterprises use their intellectual capital to generate wealth. Having a sound knowledge management system is the key to enterprise development. This paper studies the knowledge management system of JLY Company in Guangzhou, analyzes the problems of insufficient...

An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship Between China's Economic Growth and the Stock Market

Zhou Mingwei, Shang Yingchao
This article mainly uses econometric methods such as cointegration tests, variance decomposition to make an empirical study the relationship on the growth of GDP and the stock market. The results show that there is a long-term equilibrium relationship between the growth of GDP and the stock market after...

Dilemma of the Cooperation Between University and Enterprise Under the New Media Age and Its Breakthrough Route Taking the Major of Public Relation as an Example

Wang Lu
As the connection of professional education and practical teaching, the cooperation between university and enterprise has become an indispensable beneficial complement of the professional education in universities. However, the cooperation degree and effect after the establishment of cooperation alliance...

Research on Brand Cultivation and Management of Tourism Industry Cluster Taking Shaanxi Province as an Example

Liu Xiaoyan
The construction of tourism industry clusters is characterized by strong spatial agglomeration, large resource intensity and strong correlation. It is an inevitable trend of regional tourism industry innovation, internal cooperation, brand building and environmental governance of tourism destinations....

Discussion on the Reform of the "North Hankou" International Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center in Wuhan, Hubei Province and Circulation Mode

Zhang Xiaojun
As a new mode of trade circulation industry in Wuhan, "North Hankou" is not only a rising growth pole of regional economic development, but also a special area for the development of Wuhan's open economy. Therefore, it is helpful for Wuhan to build an international trade city and promote Hubei province...

Comprehensive Evaluation of Social Sustainable Development in Wumeng Mountain Area Taking Liupanshui as an Example

Ning Baoquan, Shan Zhenpei
Liupanshui is an important member of the Wumeng Mountain contiguous destitute area, so studying its social sustainable development has very important practical significance. This paper firstly gives the comprehensive evaluation index system of social sustainable development of Liupanshui, and then empowers...

Research on the Innovation of Residential Property Management Under Internet Thinking

Yang Yan
After years of development, residential property management has shown some drawbacks. Under the background of “Internet plus”, there are some innovative models in property management. How to make better use of Internet thinking and improve the professionalization and modernization level of residential...

Investigation and Research on the Influence and Practical Significance of the “Equal Rights for Home Tenants and Owners” Policy A Case Study of Guangzhou City*

Huang Bingchao, Xiao Xiaozhuan, Kong Deyu, Sun Yuechun
The “school district housing” in China’s housing rental market is the main target of scarce educational resources and “education investment”. Guangzhou Municipal Government has taken the lead in promulgating policies to implement “equal rights for home tenants and owners”, and empowered eligible tenants’...

Linkage Mechanism of “Internet Plus Targeted Poverty Alleviation” Theoretical Logic and Case Evidence

Xiao Shuxing, Bai Fuchen
Since the implementation of “Internet plus” action plan, exploring how to fully integrate Internet technology with targeted poverty alleviation and guide targeted poverty alleviation to develop towards informatization, intelligence and science and technology is a practical problem that needs to be further...

Research on Influence of Supply Chain Transformation on Economic Benefits of Commercial and Trading Enterprises Experience and Evidence from Supply Chain Integration

Zhou Hong
At present, the development mode of commercial and trading enterprises has transformed from internal integration to external integration. It is an important problem to be solved by commercial and trading enterprises and even the theoretical circle as how to coordinate and cooperate with relevant upstream...

A Study on the Impact of Mainland Structural Reform on Cross-strait Economic and Trade Exchanges

Xu Yonghui
This paper inspects the effects of structural reforms of the mainland on the cross-strait economic and trade exchanges between 1995 and 2014. The research focuses on four fields: the institutional reform, the reform of the financial sector, the reform of the labor market, and the reform of the trading...

Further Comprehension of Social and Historical Background of Institutional Reform of Party and State

Lang Deming
Deepening the institutional reform of the party and state is a profound change in advancing the modernization of the state governance system and governance capacity, and is a major political task that affects the overall situation of the party and the state. Only by profoundly understanding and accurately...

Thoughts on the Strategy of Green Finance Supporting Rural Revitalization

Wang Bo
China's rural green industry is huge in scale, but its financial supply is obviously insufficient. Under the background of vigorously implementing the strategy of rural revitalization, the development of green finance is just in the right time. At the time the strategy of rural revitalization has provided...

Research on the Human Resource Management in Small and Medium Enterprises

Yan Xin
The human resources management system is not perfect in today’s SMEs due to relatively backward management mode, insufficient recruitment work, lack of effective employee incentive mechanism, lack of scientific compensation system, insufficient staff training and neglect of corporate culture construction....

Research on the Status Quo of Yunnan Social Organizations Participating in Community Governance

Ruan Mingyang
The participation of social organizations in urban and rural community governance is another major measure for the Chinese government to manage the country. From the current situation of social organizations participating in community governance in Yunnan Province, this situation has not yet been formed....

Research on the Two-way Linkage Development Mechanism Between Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao Bay Area and Guangdong Free Trade Zone

Zhong Jiayi, Zhu Aihua
The development plan of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area is going be launched soon, and the construction of Guangdong Free Trade Zone will continue to advance. Guangdong faces the dual national strategic and policy advantages of the Bay Area and the Free Trade Zone in the “One Belt and One Road”...

The Paradox of Mixed Ownership Reform in State-owned Enterprises and Its Countermeasures

Chen Tinghao, Tan Yang
The ownership of state-owned enterprises does not refer to the ownership of “state”, but to a common ownership formed by the transfer of ownership rights in individual ownership by the whole people. The retention of the residual claim by the whole people is a prerequisite for the establishment of joint...

Problems in Industrial Structure of International Tourism in Guangdong Province and Its Optimization

Li Hui
This paper is guided by the theory of industrial structure optimization, aiming at promoting the leap of Guangdong's international tourism industry. By analyzing the status quo and problems of the industrial structure in the development of Guangdong's international tourism, combining with the product...

Investigation and Thoughts on the Competency of New Young Teachers in Private Undergraduate Colleges

Chen Dan
The new young teachers are the main force of the teachers of our national undergraduate colleges. Their competency level has an important influence on the quality of talent training in private undergraduate colleges. Through the survey of 500 new young teachers in 20 private undergraduate colleges in...

Exploring the Development Path of Supply-side Structural Reform of Sports Industry Under the New Normal

Wang Hai
2017 is a year for deepening supply-side structural reforms. It is also the initial year of China's sports industry reform. It analyzes the new normal and supply-side structural reforms, the new normal of sports industry. And it believes that promoting the supply-side structural reform is the only way...

The Path and Countermeasures of Regional Industrial Promotion and Restructuring by “Internet Plus”

Lin Changhua
In the new normal of economic development, The country implemented the "Internet plus" action plan relying on the foundation of industrial development advantages, promote the innovation of the Internet and the integration of the three major industries, it become the effective way to promote the upgrading...

Research on the Correlation Between Carbon Performance and Enterprise Performance

Du Ziping, Li Genzhu
Why do companies spend money to disclose these carbon information? From the perspective of internal economic motives, this paper attempts to select the Fortune 500 companies as samples, and use the OLS method to study the relationship between carbon performance and corporate performance from both the...

Research Progress of Domestic Reverse Logistics Management from the Perspective of Circular Economy

Li Yabing, Pan Ting
With the development and application of Internet technology, the logistics industry has entered an unprecedented period of development. In order to achieve environmental, economic and social development, circular economy has been identified as an important part of the national development strategy and...

Research on the Typical Modes of China’s Rural Land Management Right Stock Cooperative

Deng Wenli
This paper compares and analyzes the six typical modes of rural land management right stock cooperatives in China, extracts the general characteristics of rural land management right stock cooperatives, and reveals the necessary conditions for the development of rural land management right stock cooperatives.

Effect of Financial Measures on the Export Competitiveness of Mongolian Livestock Products

Naranbat Dolgion
The agricultural sector is unique in comparison to other industries. Most of the households in Mongolia are having agricultural workers, most of who are in the local traditional animal husbandry industry. Local animal husbandry is a traditional industry that is adapted to the natural features of the...

The Impact of Electronic Money on Commercial Bank Loan Business

Lu Hualan
This paper uses state space model to study the impact of electronic money on commercial bank loan business. Through the establishment of a theoretical model system, the research methods are selected, and the indicators are selected and processed. Finally, the impact of electronic money on the commercial...

Analysis on the Problems and Perfecting Strategies of the Social Security System for Disabled People in China

Sun Jia
In China's social security system, disabled people, as special social groups, are vulnerable groups. They should receive more attention from the society. Also, there should be a sound and reliable social security system to help and protect disabled people. In recent years, China's social security system...

Research on Financial Management of Research-based Universities Under the Guidance of the Education Strategy in 19th CPC National Congress Based on the Perspective of Contingency Management

Chen Jing
Under the guidance of the education strategy of 19th National Congress of CPC "Promoting Development by governance", it is bound to trigger the resonance of research-based universities and affect their financial governance behavior. Based on the education strategy of 19th CPC National Congress and the...

Economic Transformation, Monetary Policy and Enterprise R&D Investment

Zhao Yan
The impact of macroeconomic environment and its regulatory policies on micro-enterprise investment and financing behavior has become one of the research hotspots in the company's financial field. This study takes 1754 listed companies listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges in 2007-2017 as...

Study on the Relationship of Trademark Portfolio and Enterprise Performance in China

Ran Huaqing, Xiao Yangao, Kang Kaiyue, Yu Ao
Since 2002, the number of registered trademark applications in China has consistently ranked first in the world. However, some scholars questioned whether massively registered trademarks had significant positive influences on enterprise competitiveness. From the perspective of trademark layout of enterprise...

Study on the Satisfaction for Resident Community Services in Weicheng District of Weifang City in the Background of First Diagnosis in the Community

Zheng Hong, Li Shanshan, Xu Lirong
Objective: To understand the operation situation of community first diagnosis in Weicheng District of Weifang City, to study the influencing factors of residents' degree of satisfaction with community health service organizations, and to analyze the existing problems and propose countermeasures. Methods:...

Thoughts on How to Do a Good Job in Information Service of Postgraduate Entrance Examination from the Perspective of Medical Students

Pan Bian, Wang Yuchen, Zhang Liangli
Because of the changes in professionalism and national policies, the postgraduate entrance examination for medical students has become an essential choice. Under the high rate of students taking part in the examination, due to the lack of information, a large number of medical students have to take the...

Risk Analysis of China's Internet Finance and Strategies

Xie Libin
In recent years, China's Internet finance has been developing rapidly. Compared with the traditional financial industry, Internet finance enjoys advantages of low cost, high efficiency, wide coverage and rapid development. At the same time, China's Internet finance has a large risk hidden danger. Starting...
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[WITHDRAWN]Perinatal Al-Quran Sound Affects Novel Object Recognition Memory and Hippocampal Formation Cell Count

Tryando Bhatara, Achadiyani Achadiyani, Uni Gamayani
Brain development is influenced by many factors including sensory stimulation. Al-Quran sound as a form of auditory stimulation may influence nervous systems related to learning and memory. We investigated the effect of Al-Quran auditory stimulation to NOR (Novel Object Recognition) memory and amount...
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Burn Healing with Binahong (Anredera cordifolia (Tenore) Steenis) Leaves Extract as A Topical and Systemic Treatments

A.F. Hapsari, D.A.W. Setyaningrum, R.P. Wardhani, A. Alfina, R.B. Ginting, W.A. Dzakiy, M.F. Fajriansyah
Burn is still an important problem in health facility worldwide. Burns management from ancients ago until now is quite varied either giving topical therapy alone or combination with systemic drug along with various clinical considerations. Research on the healing of burns with phytoextract has been done...
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Mitotic Index In Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Nst (IDC-Nst) of Breast and Its Relation With Tumor Size and Regional Lymph Nodes Status

Dyah Ayu Woro Setyaningrum, N.C. Siregar, H. Tjahjadi
Until nowadays, breast cancer is still the highest malignancy in women in both the developing and developed countries. The main causes of death in breast cancer is metastasis. Patients who have experienced distant metastases have a poor prognosis. Proliferation is a biological process that is important...
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Impact of Learning Family Medicine in Community in Preclinical Students of Medical Faculty of University of Riau

Elda Nazriati, Adi Heru Husodo, Ova Emilia, Tri Nur Kristina
WHO recommends for training students in family settings, but its implementation is still challenging. This study was aimed to evaluate learning in family setting with home visit model. One hundred and ten preclinical students of sixth semester were participated in this study. A post-test only control...
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Genetic pattern of CYP1A1*2A (T>C) gene in patients with colorectal cancer in South Jakarta – Indonesia

Chris Adhiyanto, Witri Ardini, Hoirun Nisa, Zeti Harriyati, Dina A. Amu, Kemal A.L. Fajar, Suryani, Taslim Poniman, Rofi Saunar, W. Aditomo
The information of relationship between genetics and cancer in Indonesia, especially colon cancer, is still limited. This study aimed to determine the genetic pattern of colon cancer allele in Fatmawati Hospital, Jakarta -Indonesia. We conducted a case-control study of 40 colorectal cancer patients and...
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The Evaluations of Bleach as Decontaminant Solution to Promote The Positivity Rate of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Culture for Sputum Specimen

Erike Anggraini Suwarsono, Agus Sjahrurachman, Anis Karuniawati
Background: Tuberculosis (TB) is still worldwide health problems. Sputum is contaminated by normal flora, that make its should be decontaminated prior to culture. Bleach known as a potent disinfectant, easy to access because it is commercially available, could be the alternative solution as decontaminant...
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Designing An Ideal Model For Skill Laboratory Teaching And Learning In Developing Country, Lesson Learnt From Indonesian Medical School

Erike Anggraini S., Dyah Ayu W. Setyaningrum, Riva Auda
Skill laboratory teaching and learning is a part of medical school curriculum. The learning involves many things such as knowledge as well as affective and psychomotor capability, tutor role, and faculty financial support. In developing country, there is not only financial burden to support skill laboratory...
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Association Between 25(OH)D Serum Levels with Calcaneus Bone Mass Density in Elderly at Rural Public Health Care Clinics of Jakarta Islamic State University in 2017

Achmad Zaki, Nurhayati Adnan, Sudarto Ronoatmodojo, Fika Ekayanti, Flori R. Sari, Amalina Fitrasari, Ning Indah P
Osteoporosis is systemic bone disease marked by decline of bone mass density (BMD) and deterioration of bone microarchitecture so that bones become brittle and break easily. With the increasing of life expectancy, number of elderly in Indonesia will increase simultaneously. Estimated 10% of Indonesian...
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Iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome caused by treatment with traditional herbal medicine, a case report

Hari Hendarto
Iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome is caused by the administration of exogenous glucocorticoids. The use of exogenous glucocorticoids has been found as an adulterant in many traditional, alternative medicines. In this case report, we describe a patient with iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome due to chronic use...
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Prolactinoma with galactorrhea and dysfunction erectile in man, a case report

Hari Hendarto
Prolactinoma, is the most common type of pituitary adenoma. Signs and symptoms are due to either the effect of excess hormone secretion or local compression. Here we report a male patient with prolactinoma presented with high prolactin level, severe headache, diffuse arthralgias, visual field impairment,...