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Characterization of Solar Cells Based Natural Chlorophyll and P3HT Polymer

Agus Surpyanto, Fahru Nurosyid, Yofentina Iriani, Kuwat Triyana, Ari H. Ramelan
Characterization of organic solar cells based organic material and polymer using natural chlorophyll and P3HT have been investigated using current-voltage (I-V) Keithley 2602 instrument. Chlorophyll is extracted from Spirulina sp by column chromatography method. It is found that the absorbance spectra...
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Study of Industrial Liquid Waste Pollution Using Geoelectrical Method in Sukaregang, Garut, West Java

Sasqia Nurul Fauziah, Nurhasan, Sofiana Herman, Randi Rusdiana, Howard Situmoran, Syamsul Hidayat
The rapid development of industry causes more and more waste to be produced and can lead to pollution. One of those is the pollution of the leather tanning industry in Sukaregang, Garut, West Java. Tannery waste is disposed of directly into the river area. Seepage of waste below the surface from river...
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Prediction of Reservoir Temperature for the Tianjin Geothermal Field, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Y. Pei
Reservoir temperature is a key parameter for genesis analysis, potential evaluation and research of waterrock interactions of geothermal systems. It is necessary to identify the suitable geothermometer for a certain geothermal field for better characterization of the geo-temperature field. In this paper...
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Experimental Study on Compressive Strength of Manufactured Sand Concrete

Sheng-Dong He, Hua Wang, Lei Li
Compressive strength is one of the important mechanical properties of conerete, and the indicator of compressive strength of manufactured sand concrete is more important to be promoted. This paper presents the results of the compressive strength tests on concrete specimens using the manufactured sand,...
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Effect of Pre-Strain on The Longitudinal Residual Strain of Dissimilar Metal Welded Between Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel

Susilo Luhur, Triyono Triyono, M. Refai, Nurul Muhayat
Welding process is generally used in manufacturing industry. It usually produces distortions in the weld metal. To reduce distortion, one of the methods used is the pre-strain. This study aims to determine the effect of pre-strain during welding process on the residual strain of dissmilar metal weld...
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Study on Compressive Strength and Moisture Content of Different Grades Density of Foam Concrete

Wen-Wu Long, Jing-Song Wang
Influences of curing period and dry density on Moisture content and compressive strength were investigated through eight different densities of foamed concrete be in 650 kg/m³ to 850 kg/m³. The research results show that foam concrete in same age stages with increasing dry density, compressive strength...
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A Simple Digital Calorimeter as Practicum Innovation Based on W1209 Thermostat Module

Rika Ratnasari, Aris Doyan, Susilawati, Muhammad Faris, Moammar Qadafi, Ulfah Nurkhaeroni, Via Monica Devi, Istiqomah, Ferniawan, Bung Ashabul Qahfi, Baiq Fitri Rahmayanti
A calorimeter is an instrument used to measure the amount of heat transferred to or from an object. The calorimeter used in schools is analog. The data obtained is less accurate, and students have difficulty interpreting the data. This research aims to create a simple digital calorimeter practicum tool...
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The Problems and Countermeasures of Cathodic Protection Accepatnce of The Yili River Crossing by Horizontal Directional Drilling Method

W. Fu, X.Y. Zheng, Z.L. Zhang, Y.Z. Liao, J.J. Li, S.S. Chen
This paper aims at the problems and countermeasures of cathodic protection acceptance of the Yili River crossing project by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method, addressing the performability of the acceptance criteria using polarization potential offset of not less than 0.7V required by the...
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A Note on Grid-Type Directed Acyclic Graph for Important Property of Resource Allocation Problem

Mochamad Nizar Palefi Ma’ady, Tabina Shafa Nabila Syahda
We consider the following resource allocation problem on a directed acyclic graph (the precedence graph). Suppose we have a given X units of a resource that must be distributed among N activities with some of given return functions ri(x). The problem is to allocate all of the X units of resource to the...
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Uncertainty in Estimation of Anthropogenic Aerosol Indirect Effect

X.J. Shi, X.F. Zhi
In this paper, uncertainties in estimating anthropogenic aerosol indirect effects on warm clouds are explored using the recently developed Grid point Atmospheric Model (GAMIL) with prescribed aerosol fields. The anthropogenic aerosol indirect effect is calculated by the change in shortwave cloud forcing...
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Synthesis of Indium Oxide (In2O3) Nano Particles Using Sol Gel Method as Active Material on Gas Sensor

Slamet Widodo, Nanang Sudrajat
Synthesizing of indium oxide (In2O3) nano particles using sol-gel process as an active sensing material of gas sensor has been carried out. As starting material, indium acetate/In(CH3COO)3 was dissolved in diethylene glycol and heated up at 1300C until homogeneity is achieved. Nitric acid (HNO3) was...
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Land Subsidence Analysis Based on 2D Resistivity Modelling of DC Resistivity Method in Curugpanjang, Banten

Syamsul Hidayat, Nurhasan, Enjang Jaenal Mustopa, Dini Fitriani, Randi Rusdiana, Howard Situmorang, Sasqia Nurul Fauziah
Land Subsidence is a phenomenon of subsidence of the land surface compared to the reference point. This phenomenon can be caused by natural factors, groundwater extraction, and building factors. Geoelectrical method was used to analyze the subsurface conditions in Curugpanjang consisting of four lines....
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Establishing and Optimizing AFLP Amplification Reaction System of Shiraia Bambusicola

Bing Yang, Yi-Meng Chen, Yong-Xiang Liu, Zuo-Yi Liu, De-Qun Zhou
DNA of Sharaia bambuiscola was extracted by the improved method of CTAB. The several key factors affecting the effect of DNA digestion and the PCR selective amplification such as the time of DNA digestion, the times of the per-amplified dilute products, the mount of the selective amplification primer,...
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Benzothiazole Derivative Accelerates Excretion of Total Sterols in Long-Term High Fat Fed C57BL/6J Mice

Y. Yu, H. Jiang, J.L. Ao, H. Wang, E.B. Hua
Benzothiazole derivative (BD): [N-(3-(benzothiazol- 2-yl) phenyl)-1H-pyrazole-3-carboxamide] was tested for excretion of total sterols of high-fat diet fed C57BL/6J mice in view of lipid metabolism. The results showed that BD as supplementation of high-fat diet significantly improved the output of cholesterol...
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Android Learning Design to Increase Interest in Learning Music

Erlando Doni Sirait, Puput Irfansyah, Aan Risdiana
This present research develops an android-based learning design to increase interest in learning music. Technology that has penetrated education can be used as an alternative to achieve learning goals. Music, as one of the lessons taught in school, can help students to increase their creativity. However,...
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Minimizing Risk of Accidents by Selecting Reverse Delete Fuzzy-FMEA Route

Rifki Ilham Baihaki, Rosanita Nisviasari, Dafik, Ika Nur Maylisa, Ika Hesti Agustin, Valeriana Lukitosari
Roads are often used to travel from one place to another. To shorten the trip, it is usually done via the shortest route. Choosing the shortest route cannot be separated from the risks that can occur, such as accidents. Risk management serves to minimize this from happening. Analysis of the feasibility...
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Design and Simulation Fuzzy Neuro Generalized Learning Vector Quantization-PI (FNGLVQ-PI) on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)

Ricky A. Daniel, M. Anwar Ma'sum, Grafika Jati, Wisnu Jatmiko
Classification is a machine learning technique that used widely for various applications. One of the classification algorithm is FNGLVQ that can be used to solve several types of classification problem in previous research. On the other side, Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is an instrument currently...
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The Biological Behavior of Osteoblast on the TiO2 nanotube array coating

X.G. Shi, A. Tian, H. Yang, X.X. Xue
TiO2 nanotube arrays formed by anodic oxidation on titanium surface can effectively promote osteoblast’ migration, proliferation and other biological behavior, and it has potentials of loading drugs and biological agents. In this study, TiO2 nanotube arrays with different diameters were prepared by anodic...
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The Preparation and Fluorescence of Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles with Triphenylamine Derivatives

Yue-Hong Zhu, Xian Zhang, Yuan-An Qin, Zhao-E Liu
The conjugated polymers TEB1 and TEB2 were synthesized by Wittig and Wittig-Horner reaction, and the conjugated polymer nanoparticles CPNs1 and CPNs2 were prepared by reprecipitation method with TEB1 and TEB2, respectively. Moreover, the morphology and fluorescence of CPNs were investigated. The synthetic...
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Electrodeposition of Cobalt on the Carbon Surface from Cobalt Sulfate Solution by Cyclic and Linear Voltammetry in Developing Selective Electrodes for Phosphate Ion

Siswoyo Siswoyo, Istimahillah Mawaddah, Yudi Aris Sulistiyo
Phosphorus in nature is very important both in water and in soil. The form of the compound phosphate has become an important study in agriculture and the environment. Potentiometry is a recommended effective method to measure or monitor ion phosphate’s concentration in nature compared to the spectrometric...
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Solubility, Free Amino and Freeze-Thaw Stability of Soy Protein Isolated Prepared by Papain Modification

M.J. Liu, G.P. Yu, Y.X. Yao, P.P. Guo, W.W. Qi, X.H. Cai
Peptide size control is important for obtaining desirable functional properties so that these peptides can be better utilized. Proteolytic enzyme modification of soy protein isolates (SPI) is an effective way to fractionate these proteins into peptides with controlled molecular size. SPI was partial...
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2D Set Partitioning In Hierarchical Tree (SPIHT) On Embedded Devices For Multilead ECG Signal Compression

Grafika Jati, M. Anwar Ma'sum, Wisnu Jatmiko
Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the world according WHO data. One of the mayor cause is the lack of cardiologists. One of the proposed solution is tele-electrocardiograph (Tele-ECG) system. However, the sizeof ECG data recorded from patient is not small. Therefore, it must be compressed...
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Pre-service Elementary Teachers: Analysis of Mathematics and Physics Concepts with Traditional Games in Sundanese Ethnomathematics Learning

S. Supriadi, F. Robiansyah, D. Wardana, S. Susilawati
Endog-endogan and engklek are traditional games used in Sundanese ethnomathematics learning. This game has many mathematics and physics ideas for elementary school teacher education students to explore and apply in lectures and science. This research goal is to discover the ideas of mathematics and students’...
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Rosemary Extract Mediated Lifespan Extension in Drosophila Melanogaster

H.L. Wang, Z.S. Zhang, Z.O. Sun, H. Wang, N. Ma, H. Wang
Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) has always known a versatile, aromatic herb and addition to being used as a food flavoring is also known medicinally for its powerful antioxidant activity, antibacterial and hepatoprotective properties. In this study we examined the effects of rosemary iextract on...
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Diffusion Bonding of Magnesium Alloy (AZ31B) to Cu by Using Sn Foil Interlayer

Shuang-Ming Du, Jie Hu
The experimental investigation of diffusion bonding of magnesium alloy (AZ31B) to Cu in vacuum was carried out by using Sn foil as transition metal. The microstructure of the welded joints was studied by SEM, EDS, XRD and the mechanical properties of the samples were tested by tensile experiments. The...
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The Effect of Magnetcic Field on the Phase Transition of Swollen Liquid Crystal Elastomers

Warsono Warsono, Pekik Nurwantoro, Kamsul Abraha
The effect of magnetic fields on the swelling of liquid crystal elastomers (LCE) dissolved in liquid crystal (LC) solvent have been studied. The Flory-Huggins model used to calculate the free energy of an isotropic mixing and the Maier-Saupe model used to calculate the free energy of a nematic mixing....
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A Conceptual Framework of the Ethno-Inquiry Learning Model and Its Validity to Support Pre-service Science Teachers’ Critical Thinking Performance

Saiful Prayogi, Sukainil Ahzan, Indriaturrahmi, Joni Rokhmat
The purpose of this study is to create a conceptual framework for the ethno-inquiry learning model and determine its validity in supporting pre-service science teachers’ critical thinking ability. The conceptual framework is constructed on an in-depth study of theoretical and empirical studies, information...
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Construction and Functional Analysis of Luciferase Reporter Plasmid Containing CaV1.2 Gene Promoter

M. Li, H.Q. Gong, J. Zhang, N. Wang, T.C. Zhang
L-type Ca2+ channels (LTCCs) are the main mediators of Ca2+ influx. LTCCs are multi-subunit complexes, of which CaV1.2 subunit forms the channel pore for Ca2+ movement. Ca2+ influx through LTCC CaV1.2 is a proximal signal for pathological cardiomyocyte hypertrophy. However, very little is known regarding...
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The Preparation of ZnO/AC Composite Photocatalytic Material for Coking Wastewater Treatment

Yan-Fen Wang, Xiu-Qian Dai, Chu-Yang Xu, Meng-Ting Li
A simple and low-temperature method was utilized to attach nanostructured ZnO to the surface of porous activated carbon (AC). The phase structure and surface morphology of the as-prepared sample were characterized. XRD analysis confirmed patterns for the wurtzite hexagonal phase of ZnO and AC from the...
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Small-Scale Farmers’ Decisions to Purchase Subsidized and Non-subsidized Fertilizers: A Logistics Regression Analysis

Ahmad Zainuddin, M. Rondhi
Fertilizer is becoming a big subject among small farmers. Due to a lack of fertilizers, small-scale farmers have been obliged to purchase both subsidized and unsubsidized fertilizers. This issue has effects on farmers’ decisions to purchase fertilizers that are subsidized or not. This study intends to...
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Design and Control System of Acidity Degree and Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Aquaponic Systems

Putri Yeni Aisyah, Fadiya Rofilia
The inhibiting factors for plant and fish growth in aquaponics systems are farmers who never control and monitor the quality of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels and the degree of acidity/Power of Hydrogen (pH) of water properly. Uncontrolled and monitoring of the quality of pH and DO in water properly and...
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Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on Film-substrate Bonding Strength of DLC Film/High-speed Steel

Yang Zhao, Chao-Yin Nie, Yan-Zhong Nie, Xiao-Dong Liu, Xiao-Ling Gong
In order to investigate the effect of cryogenic treatment (CT) on film-substrate bonding strength, 2µm thick DLC film was deposited on quenched W9 high-speed steel by unbalanced magnetron sputtering technique followed by CT at -196 for 30 hours. Samples before and after CT were characterized respectively...
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Construction and Functional Analysis of Luciferase Reporter Plasmid Containing GSNOR Gene Promoter

D.L. Zheng, X.H. Liao, Z.Q. Wei, F. Du, H.P. He, T.C. Zhang
S-nitrosoglutathione (GSNO) is a nitrosylating agent which mediates the posttranslational process of Snitrosylation on proteins resulting in modulation of their activity. GSNOR (S-Nitrosoglutathione reductase) is an enzyme related to GSNO degration, which has been used extensively in controlling S-nitrosylation...
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Synthesis of Carbon Microspheres from Saccharides Based on Hydrothermal Process

S.J. Xu, Y.F. Luo, W. Zhong, Z.H. Xiao, Y.P. Luo, H. Ou, H.W. Wu, F. Ye
Three types of saccharides including glucose, fructose and starch were used as the carbon precursors to synthesize carbon microspheres (CMSs) through hydrothermal process and subsequently pyrolysis, with emphasis on investigating the effect of the types of saccharides on the particle size and morphology...
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The Research on Synthesis of Polyacrylamide with Photo-Initiation

Meng-Ting Li, Xiang Zhang, Chu-Yang Xu, Yan-Fen Wang
This paper has studied the influence of different initiation of flocculants synthesis, the effect of flocculant products based on solid content and characteristic viscosity indicators to the performance on different types of polyacrylamide products, and then chose the best one as the research object....
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Vertical Market Integration of Cooking Oil Commodities in Jember Regency: Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) Approach

Illia Seldon Magfiroh, Intan Kartika Setyawati, Luh Putu Suciati, Rena Yunita Rahman, Ahmad Zainuddin
The price of cooking oil in Jember Regency, has continued to fluctuate over the past few months. These changes in cooking oil prices certainly have implications for the decline in people’s purchasing power and the producer’s selling power. Prices at the producer level must be properly transmitted to...
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Physics Learning Tools of Inquiry-Creative-Process Integrated Ethnoscience: Its Validity to Train Prospective Teachers’ Critical Thinking Ability

Ni Nyoman Sri Putu Verawati, Ahmad Harjono, Wahyudi, Syifa’ul Gummah, Saiful Prayogi
This study aims to develop physics learning tools of an inquiry-creative-process (ICP) model integrated with ethnoscience and to find its validity in training prospective teachers’ critical thinking skills. This study’s learning tools developed and tested for validity comprise lesson plans (RPS) and...
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Effect of Organic Loading on Biogas Yields from Continuous Semi-dry Fermentation of Swine Manure

Q. Li, Y.P. Tan, J. Ma, J. Hu, C. Chen
Down pushed flow anaerobic reactor (DPAR) was adopted in the paper to reveal the yielding gas process by taking swine manure as the material under different volume organic loading (3.11, 4.44, 5.78 gTS.L-1.d-1) and to detect the optimal volume organic loading for semi-dry fermentation of swine manure....
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Experimental Research on Mechanical Properties of Fiber Reinforcement Cement Stabilized Soil

Le Jiang, Xing-Zhong Weng, Bo-Han Yang, Jun Zhang, Jun-Zhong Liu, Xiang-Cheng Yan, Hua Fang
In order to investigate the strengthening mechanism of modified polypropylene fiber reinforcement cement stabilized soil (MPFRCSS), the unconfined compressive strength (UCS) was used to test the performance of soil with different fiber contents, different cement contents, and different maintaining conditions....
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Improving the Value of Spent Coffee Ground by Converting Carbohydrates into Sugars by Saccharomyces cerevisiae to Produce Bioethanol

Syahruddin Syahruddin, Hayyun Lisdiana, Erdawati Erdawati
Spent coffee grounds contained 45% carbohydrate, 26% lignin, 13% lipid, and 13% protein. To improve the value of spent coffee grounds in a sustainable way, a study was done on how to convert carbohydrates into fermentable sugars which could be used to make value-added products. To accomplish this, a...
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Temperature Influence Bacterial Residual of Escherichia Coli Associated with Lettuce

T.W. Zhang, F. Tan, M.S. Hou, X. Dong, M.M. James
Bacterial contamination is one of the most concern for food safety control in supply chain of fresh vegetables. The bacterial residual is available to be used for expression of the potential risk. Select Escherichia coli 1.1187 as a target to simulate bacterial contamination associated with lettuce....
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Soil Chemical Properties Improvement by Addition of an Enriched Biochar for Growth Promoting on Soybean

Sugeng Winarso, Rendy Anggriawan
Biochar is a carbon-rich material that has various functions in improving soil properties. This research aimed to determine the characteristics of improvement in soil chemical properties and soybean plant growth by adding biochar from various biomass sources. The design used was a factorial complete...
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Effects of Curing Conditions on Properties of Fly Ash-based Geopolymer Concrete

Xue-Hua Ye, Jin-Yu Xu
The fly ash-based geopolymer concrete (FAGC) were prepared by using fly ash as the main binder. The influences of curing conditions on mechanical properties and permeability were investigated by compressive test, flexural test and permeability test. The results indicate that elevated temperature curing...
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Preliminary Development of Refutation Texts for Conceptual Change on Lunar Phases

D. Devianty, S. Syuhendri
The conceptual change model by Posner et al. states that students must be dissatisfied with the old conceptions, and the substitute conceptions must be intelligent, plausible, and fruitful to ensure the conceptual change. The previous study has obtained students’ misconceptions about the Lunar Phase...
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Chemical Composition Characteristics and Usability Evaluation of Flue-cured Tobacco Leaves –A Case Study of Tobacco-producing Areas in Chongqing Municipality, China

B.W. Huang, C.F. Wei, H. Deng, J.K. Lv
The market of Chongqing flue-cured tobacco always lacks a relatively perfect evaluation of its quality objective system. In order to solve the mentioned problem, this paper will carry on the appraisal to the chemical of flue-cured tobacco and availability. There are nine main tobacco-producing districts...
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Fabrication and Characterization of Microcapsules Containing Eel Fish Oil (Anguilla marmorata (Q.) GAIMARD)

Yonelian Yuyun, Nurwahidah M. Pide, Asriana Sultan, Jamaluddin
Eel (Anguilla marmorata (Q.) Gaimard) oil consists of unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, which quickly oxidize to become rancid under the influence of oxygen be inhibited by microencapsulation by the spray drying method. This study was designed to identify the microcapsule characteristics...
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Preparation of Fe73Cr18Ni9 Alloy Powder from Nano-Fe73Cr18Ni9 Composite Oxide by Hydrogen Co-reduction Process

Hui-Min Yu, Zai-Yuan Li
In this paper, Fe73Cr18Ni9 composite oxide nano-powder was prepared by chemical co-precipitation method taking FeSO4•7H2O, CrCl3•6H2O, NiSO4•6H2O and NaOH as raw materials. Its particle size was about 50nm. Then Fe73Cr18Ni9 alloy powder was obtained by hydrogen co-reduction process taking advantage of...
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Potential of Actinomycetes from Bora Hot Springs Central Sulawesi to Produce Antibacterial Compounds

Abd Rahmat Sapa, Ayu Lestari, Meryany Ananda, I. Nengah Suwastika
Actinomycetes are Gram-positive bacteria that could produce antibacterial compounds, and it is able to survive in high temperatures environment such as hot springs. In this study, Actinomycetes were isolated from Bora hot springs before, characterized, and determined their potential in – other antibacterial...
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The Effectiveness of PBL (Problem-Based Learning) Sound Wave Electronic Student Worksheets to Improve Critical Thinking Skills of High School Students

Husnul Fuadi, Gunawan, Susilawati
Digital teaching resources are an alternative to traditional textbooks in the “digitalization 4.0” era. The student worksheet is one of the digital instructional resources that can be generated. Along with using digital teaching tools, the selection and implementation of learning models are equally important...
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Proximate Quality of Laying Hens Feed with the Addition of Sardine Waste

Anik Fadlilah, Edy Susanto, Husnul Muthoharoh, Wahyuni, Ida Susila, Edi Sutanto, Marsha Savira Agatha Putri, Habi Suryo Margono, Muhammad Fakhrur Rozi
This study aims to determine the effect of increasing the value of carbohydrate, protein, fat, and calories content in artificial feed added with fish oil and to find out the best composition of the addition of fish oil in artificial feed that provides optimal protein levels for the growth of laying...
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The Influence of Fiber on the Resistance to Chloride-Ion Penetration of Concrete under the Environment of Carbonation

Qi Huang, Xiao-Shuang Shi, Qing-Yuan Wang, Ling Tang, Hong-En Zhang
The rapid chloride penetrating test of ordinary Portland concrete (OPC), glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) and basalt fiber reinforced concrete (BFRC) were carried out under the environment of carbonation. This study investigates the differences of carbonization depth, porosity and permeability...
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Isolation and Characterization of Endophytic Actinomycetes on Onion Root (Allium Ascalonicum L.) Palu Cultivar

Ayu Lestari, Abd. Rahmat Sapa, Meryany Ananda, I. Nengah Suwastika
Endophytic microbes are microbes that during their entire life cycle are in plant tissues. Actinomycetes is one of the endophytic microbes that produce secondary metabolites and can be found in the roots of onions. This study aimed to isolate, characterize and determine the growth rate of endophytic...
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Microstructure Evolution Simulation during Microextrusion at Elevated Temperature

S. Chen, F. Chen, L.J. Zhang, X.H. Huang, X.Y. Ding, X.P. Zhang
Controlling the microstructure in the final product is significant to metal hot forming at either macroscale or microscale. The microstructure evolution during the hot forming must be fundamentally understood in order to control the microstructure. Elevated temperature contributes to minimize the size-effects...
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The Participation of Tenggerese Farmers in Supporting Food Security

Sudarko, Sofia, Yuli Hariyati, Sugeng Winarso
Food security is a system consisting of three sub-systems, namely availability, distribution and consumption. The participation of horticultural farmers in efforts to support food security is needed to achieve food self-sufficiency. The purpose of the research is to analyze; (1) gender conditions and...
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Environmental Literacy of Prospective Science Teacher in Lombok Indonesia

Khaerus Syahidi, A. Wahab Jufri, Aris Doyan, Kosim, Joni Rokhmat, A. A. Sukarso
This report describes the Skills literacy environment of student candidate teacher chemical in Faculty MIPA at University Hamzanwadi. Skills consist of competence environment, knowledge environment, and attitude to the environment. Data were collected by surveying semester 4 and 6 students. From the...
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Isothermal Adsorption Model of Reduction of Ni2+ Ion by Chitosan Membrane of Rice Snail Shell (Pilla ampullaceal)

Dwi Juli Puspitasari, Nurlaila L. Tapo, Arif Ahmadi, Prismawiryanti
Heavy metals are detrimental to living organisms and ecosystems because they are non-biodegradable and accumulate in the environment and food chain. The research objective was to determine the maximum contact time, pH, and the isothermal adsorption model for the adsorption of Ni2+ ions by the chitosan...
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Research on Non-autoclaved Fly Ash Lightweight Wall Block with Material Properties

Jie Zhang
Non-autoclaved fly ash lightweight wall block with industrial waste fly ash as main raw material enhance the activity of fly ash by mechanical activation at the normal temperature and pressure, and through adding activator sodium silicate, gypsum, sodium sulfate for chemical activation. Experiments show...
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Lubrication Simulation and Solution of Oil Film Force and the Equilibrium Position of Three-lobe Journal Bearing

Kun Qian, Wei-Gang Guo
Through the simulation of lubrication condition, the solution of the nonlinear oil film force of the three-lobe journal bearing with Difference Method and the solution of the axis equilibrium position of the three-lobe journal bearing based on Secant Method, we obtained that installation angle of the...
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Analysis of Digital Literacy of Pre-service Teachers Involved as Teaching Assistants in Independent Study Programs (Called MBKM) 2022

Hairida, Lily Thamrin, Putri Tipa Anasi, Dyoty Auliya Vilda Gasha, Nurfadilah Siregar, Erlina, Anggi Fatmadiw
Digital technology cannot be separated from education as it can support teaching and learning activities. Therefore, pre-service teachers must have digital literacy. This study aimed to determine and analyze the digital literacy of undergraduates involved in the program MBKM as teaching assistants at...
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Effect of Trioctylamine on Microstructure of Water Containing Polystyrene Microcapsules

Sukhbaatar Batchuluun, Kentaro Yasui, Hideki Matsune, Koichiro Shiomori, Shiro Kiyoyama, Ochirkhuyag Bayanjargal
Microencapsulation technology has been used in a variety of fields including materials such as buildings, walls, industrial, medicine, and cosmetics. One of the most active research on microencapsulation is microstructure formation. Important properties of microcapsules such as releasing rate of active...
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Welfare of Paddy Farmers and the Influence of Paddy Prices on Rice Prices in Lumajang Regency

Evita Soliha Hani, Rachmat Udhi, Djoko Soejono, Gatot Subroto
Rice products come from paddy cultivated by farmers. Farmers as upstream actors in rice agribusiness obtain lower exchange rates than paddy and rice traders. This condition reflects the low purchasing power of farmers from paddy farming for the products consumed (e.g., rice). This study aims to (1) determine...
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Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipes used for Jacking Construction of Experimental Research and Finite Element Analysis

Yan-Min Yang, Run-Tao Zhang, Bo Qu
This paper reinforced jacking construction method, which used reinforced concrete sewer pipes to conduct the external pressure load test, and the cracking load and the failure load of reinforced concrete sewer pipes were tested, and its local and overall deformation under different load levels. At the...
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Perceptions of Chemistry Teachers at Pontianak City State High Schools in Utilizing Information and Communication Technology

Fatmawati, Hairida, Rini Muharini, Rody Putra Sartika, Rahmat Rasmawan
Information and communication technology (ICT) is very important in 21st-century education because it can improve students’ understanding. The purpose of this study was to describe the perception of chemistry teachers at SMA Negeri Pontianak about the use of ICT in learning. The research method used...
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Exploration of the Potential of Dandang Gendis Leaf Extract (Clinacanthus nutans L) as an In Vitro Antidiabetic (A-Glucosidase Enzyme Inhibition Test) and In Vivo (Decrease Glucose Levels and Glut-2 Expression in Mice)

Artati, Ahyar Ahmad, Abdul Karim, Sofa Fajriah, Harningsih Karim, Nuradi, Arfiani Nur, Ummi Zahra, Syahida Djasang, Muhammad Nasir, Siti Nurul Fajriah
Diabetes mellitus is thought to play a role in increasing free radicals, de-creasing antioxidants and triggering oxidative stress, and causing damage to GLUT 2. GLUT 2 on the pancreatic cell membrane is responsible for the transport of blood sugar in mice which will stimulate insulin secretion. Dandang...
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Investigation of Uniaxial Asymmetric High-cycle Fatigue Failure Behavior of 7075-T651 Aluminum Alloy Sheet

Da-Lian Yang, Yi-Lun Liu, Song-Bai Li, Jiu-Huo Yi, Jie Tao
In this investigation, the high cycle fatigue life of 7075-T651 aluminum sheets under different stress levels were tested, and S-N curves were obtained by fitting the test data. For the problem that the traditional S-N curve fitting methods without considering the effect of fatigue limit on the S-N curve...
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Effect of Flexoelectricity on the Electromechanical Coupling of Piezoelectric Nanoplates

Zheng-Rong Zhang, Li-Ying Jiang
Flexoelectricity is referred as an instantaneous polarization of dielectrics in response to non-uniform strains or strain gradients. Due to the fact that strain gradients are inversely proportional to the feature size of structures, the flexoelectricity is believed to be significant at the nano-scale....
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Influence of Fibres on the Strain Hardening Behaviour of Ultra-High-Performance Geopolymer Concrete: A Review

Shimol Philip, M. Nidhi
Continuous cement manufacturing has increased the percentage of CO2 emitted into the air, thereby increasing the problem of global warming and its damaging effects on the environment. Therefore, adopting a more sustainable strategy to replace conventional concrete has become essential. Geopolymer concrete...
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Calcined Kaolin as Adsorbent for Organic Compounds in Peat Water

Nelly Wahyuni, Gusrizal, Yeni Juliawati
Kaolin is a clay mineral composed of silica tetrahedral and octahedral alumina layers, which have high absorption capacity and are abundant in nature. This study aims at determining the optimum temperature of kaolin calcination and the effect of variations in pH, stirring time, kaolin mass, and stirring...
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Warping Effect to Bend-twist Coupling Characteristics for Box Spar of Wind Turbine Blade

Xing-Yin Zhou, Li-Qiang An, Zhang-Qi Wang
In order to study the effects of sectional warping to bend-twist coupling characteristics for box spar of wind turbine blade, section stiffness of different regions are calculated with weather considering warping effect or not, the results show that warping effects differently in different part of the...
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REACT Strategy: Efforts to Link Concept Colligative Properties Application in Daily Life and Science Development

Rahmat Rasmawan, Hairida, Rody Putra Sartika
Applying the concept of colligative properties of solutions is closely related to everyday life and science development, so the REACT strategy can be applied in learning. This research aims to develop a valid flipbook for learning the colligative properties of solutions that relate the concepts and their...
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The Influence of Mineral Salt Interface Modifier to Pavement Rubber Concrete Strength

Yi-Ning Zhao, Shuai Tian, Yi-Ming Chen, Yu-Ting Yan, Shao-Yue Jin, Xu Zhang, Guang-Bao Li
The experiment researched the influence of mineral salt to pavement rubber aggregate and the interface shear strength of cement matrix, which also discussed the mechanism of action about mineral salt interface modifier .Research showed: mineral salt has a big effect on the compressive strength of rubber...
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Phytochemical Analysis and Escherichia coli Anti-bacteria Activity of Teak (Tectona grandis Linn. f) Leaves Extract

Abdul Hapid, Ariyanti Ariyanti, Erniwati Erniwati, Muthmainnah Muthmainnah, Zulkaidhah Zulkaidhah, Hamka Hamka, Rita Mayang Sari, Asniati Asniati
Teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) is a medicinal plant that has been traditionally used by people around the forest as medicine. Teak leaves contain antibacterial compounds. This study aims to find out what compounds are contained in teak leaves extract and test antibacterial activity against E. coli bacteria....
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A Sensor System to Monitor the Early-Stage Corrosion of A36 Carbon Steel

Dong Chen, Max Yen, Paul Lin, Steve Groff, Richard Lampo, Michael Mcinerney, Jeffrey Ryan
An innovative sensor containing A36 carbon steel was explored for corrosion monitoring. After being soaked in an aerated 0.2 M NaCl solution, the sensor’s normalized electrical resistance (R/R0) decreased continuously with the extent of corrosion from 1 to 0.64. Meanwhile, the sensor’s normalized capacitance...
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Melting and Crystallization Behaviors of Poly(lactic acid)/Polypropylene Blends

Zhi-Fei Bai, Qiang Dou
The melting and crystallization behaviors of poly(lactic acid) (PLA)/polypropylene (PP) and PLA/PP/PP-graft-maleic anhydride (PP-g-MAH) blends were investigated by means of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and polarized light microscopy (PLM). The results showed that the pure PLA and the PLA in...
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Separation of Unsaturated Fatty Acids of Nyamplung Oil Using Urea Crystallization as Basic Ingredients of Synthesis Dihydroxy Stearic Acid

Erin Ryantin Gunawan, Dedy Suhendra, Dina Marlina Oktavia, Murniati
Dihydroxy stearate acid (DHSA) is a compound used as an emulsifier and additive in cosmetic formulations. This study aims to separate the unsaturated fatty acids of nyamplung oil, synthesis DHSA, Characterization of unsaturated fatty acids and DHSA compounds. The separation of unsaturated fatty acids...
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Effect of Sintering Temperature on Hydroxyapatite Yield of Cuttlefish (Sepia sp.) Using the Wet Deposition Method

Abd Rahman Razak, Agnes Stasya, Ruslan, Hardi Ys
Hydroxyapatite, abbreviated as HAP (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2), is the main component in bone structure which is osteoconductive. The HAP either synthetic or natural source, is widely used in biomedicine especially orthopedics or dental repair. In this study, HAP was synthesized using calcium and phosphate. Calcium...
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Preparation of Bi2WO6 Nanoparticles with Improved Photocatalytic Properties by Adding Triblock Copolymer P123

Su-Hua Chen, Hong-Mei Wan, Guo-Ping Wu
Nanocrystalline bismuth tungstat with good visible light response has been synthesized using Pluronic P123 triblock copolymer as surfactant. The prepared samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction, UV-visible spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and BET surface area analysis. The activity...
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Recovery of the Rhodium( ) Octanoate Dimer by Aminopyridine-modified Resin

Rong-Geng Wang, Xue-Lei Pang, Hai-Yan Zhao
Macroporous chloromethyl polystyrene resin (MCPR) was modified by (2, 3, 4-) amino pyridine. Then Rhodium ( ) octanoate dimer (ROD) was recovered by the amino pyridine-modified resin. The adsorption and elution of ROD on the modified resin were investigated. The results showed 2-amino pyridine modified...
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Change Point Detection in Time Series Data of Annual Maximum Daily Rainfall in Mamminasata Region of South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Wahidah Sanusi, Sahlan Sidjara, Sudarmin Patahuddin, Muhammad Danial
This research aim is to detect the change point year of annual maximum daily rainfall at eight rainfall stations in the Mamminasata region for the period 1989 to 2020. The Mamminasata region covers Makassar City, Maros District, Sungguminasa/Gowa District, and Takalar District. Research data were obtained...
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Synthesis of Polyol Through Epoxidation and Hydroxylation Reactions of Ricinus Communis L. Oil

Dedy Suhendra, Erin Ryantin Gunawan, Sri Seno Handayani, Haerani
Polyols are intermediate compounds used as raw materials to produce highly valuable industrial materials. Generally, the raw materials for synthesizing polyols are petroleum-based, non-biodegradable fossil fuels. In this study, the raw material used is oil from Ricinus communis L. (Local name: jarak...
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Facile Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Silica Submicron Rods

Jie Chen, Ye Sheng, Li-Rong Ju, Ke-Yan Zheng, Mei-Qi Chang, Hui Zhang, Hai-Feng Zou
Silica submicron rods were conveniently synthesized through a simple sol-gel method at room temperature. The SEM images demonstrated that the obtained silica submicron rods had high purity and uniform diameter of about 380-400 nm. The XRD results showed the obtained silica submicron rods were amorphous....
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Gender Inequality Index Modeling in Indonesia Using Geographically Weighted Panel Regression Method

Khaira Umi, Junaidi, Fadjryani
The Gender Inequality Index (GII) is an index that describes the failure of human development achievement due to the inequality of gender that is measured by several aspects such as health, empowerment, and labor market access. The Geographically Weighted Panel Regression (GWPR) is a developed model...
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A Method about Printing Special Characters Using the Micro Printer

Wei-Dong Zhang
This paper introduced the capability and characteristic of micro-printer, and method of single chip microcomputer connecting with micro-printer. It’s important to illuminates the ideas and concrete steps to achieve how micro-printer is controlled to print special character by single chip microcomputer....
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Online or Offline? A Pedagogical Debate on the 5E Learning Cycle Model

Rody Putra Sartika, Rahmat Rasmawan, Lukman Hadi, Masriani, Hairida, Yunita Puspasari, Helsa Ulfa Destari, Pingkan Ramadhan Sailendra, Muhammad Iqbal Abdul Hafiz
Learning has been carried out flexibly, meaning that if the Covid-19 condition increases, the learning will be carried out online. If the Covid-19 conditions decrease, the learning will be carried out offline again. This study aims to determine the differences in conceptual understanding of students...
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An Experimental Study of the Property of Phase Transition Temperature for Organic Composites Phase Change Materials

Wei Cai, Zhi-Gao Sun, Hong-Kai Ma
In order to obtain suitable phase change materials and phase transition temperature, a series of organic composite phase change materials were prepared with decanoic acid (CA), louric acid(LA), myristic acid (MA), palmitic acid (PA), stearic acid (SA) and 1-dodecanol (DE), tetradecanol (TD) as raw materials....
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Web Application of Classification of Potential Earthquake Region in Central Sulawesi

Jihad Nurul Islami, Rohis Rachman, Yayang Matira, Junaidi, Fadjryani
An earthquake is a shaking incident of the earth due to the movement or shift of rocks in the lithospheric part. This occurs suddenly due to the movement of tectonic plates. Central Sulawesi is an area of Sulawesi Island that has a high level of seismicity. This is because Sulawesi Island has many active...
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Equivalent Laminated Model of the Aluminum Honeycomb Sandwich Panel

Jun Zhang
In order to improve quality, safety and dependability, researches on the mechanical characteristics of the aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel have been given more prominence. In the present study, an equivalent laminated model with three layers is presented to simulate the behavior of the aluminum honeycomb...
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Implementation of the Gath-Geva Clustering Algorithm in the Clustering Districts/Cities in Central Sulawesi Based on Public Health Development Indicators

Nichen Grasya Peso’a, Rais, Nurul Fiskia Gamayanti
Public health development indicators are a health indicator set that can describe health problems. The health indicators set can, directly and indirectly, increase longevity and healthy life expectancy. Central Sulawesi was listed as the sixth province in Indonesia with the lowest public health development...
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Effects of Dimethyl Formamide on Laser-induced Damage to SiO2 Films Prepared by the Sol-gel Method

Pei-Tao Guo, Yu-Hong Man, Yong-Ping Zhang
Monolayer SiO2 films with various dimethyl formamide (DMF) concentrations were prepared on BK7 glass by the sol–gel method. The refractive index and physical thickness of the SiO2 films were calculated using the transmission spectra of the samples. Laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) results showed...
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Preparations of Methylphenyldiethoxsilane by One Step Grignard Method and Methylphenylcyclosiloxane by Hydrolysis and Pyrolysis Methods

Min Li, Liu-Meng Chen, Bo-Quan Jiang
Methyl phenol cyclic silicone (MPCS) and methyl phenyl diethoxy silane (MPDS) are important materials for production of addition-cured liquid silicone rubber. The one step Grignard method was used to synthesize MPDS and the orthogonal test method was applied to optimize the process. The maximum MPDS...
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Graph Clustering Based on Chemical Similarity in Marine Compounds and Antibacterial Compounds

Edy Saputra Rusdi, Nur Hilal A. Syahrir, A. Muh. Amil Siddik, Supri Bin Hj Amir, Wahyudi Rusdi
Many potential medicines have been discovered from marine natural products (MNPs). It indicates that marine compounds are essential sources in drug development and discovery. Although many marine compounds show particular biological activity, few are recorded as antibacterial compounds. Therefore, finding...
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Preparation of Methylphenylvinyl Raw Rubber by Bulk Polymerization and Ring-Opening Polymerization Methods

Ting Liu, Shi-Jian Chen, Bo-Quan Jiang
Methylphenylvinyl raw rubber (MPVRR) is one of the important materials for preparation of phenyl-containing additive molding liquid silicone rubber (AMLSR). Two methods, bulk polymerization (BP) and ring-opening polymerization (ROP), were used to prepare MPVRR. The effects of formulation, temperature...
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Optimization and Models of Decalcification from Bighead Carp Scale with Citric Acid by Response Surface Method

Yu-Mei Huang, You-Qin Zou, Bo-Quan Jiang
Fish scale is a newly developed alternative resource for extracting collagen,which is one of the important biological materials. To extract collagen from fish scale has a great significance to prevent pollution and receive good economic benefits. In this paper, based on the experimental results of single...
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The Transversal Neighborhood Domination Number on Parachute Graph and Semi-Parachute Graph

Fransiskus Fran, Nilamsari Kusumastuti, Yuni Elisa, Steven
Given V be a set of vertices on a graph G. A set D ⊆ V, is dominating set of G = (V, E) if all the vertex that is not in the set D are neighbors to at least one vertex of D. The smallest number of elements in D is known as the domination number. A set D ⊆ V(G) is called...
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Process and Models of Decalcification of Bighead Carp Scale by Hydrochloric Acid

Yu-Mei Huang, You-Qin Zou, Bo-Quan Jiang
Collagen is one of the important biological materials. Fish scale contains rich collagen. Extracting collagen from fish scale not only reduces the biological pollution but also receives good economic benefit. In this paper, based on the experimental results of single factor test made in our previous...
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The Ambulance Route Efficiency for Transporting Patients to Referral Hospitals Based on Distance and Traffic Density Using the Floyd-Warshall Algorithm and Google Traffic Assistance

Clarisa Yovanda Priliana, Isnaini Rosyida
The route of delivering patients using an ambulance is important thing because it relates to a person’s life. It Requires finding an efficient route for patient delivery so that it can facilitate the ambulance journey. In this study, the ambulance route from the public-health centers to the referral...
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Research Situation and Existing Problems of the Direction Reduction Process for Utilizing Vanadium Bearing Titano-magnetite

Gong-Guo Liu, Yong-Cai Wen, Jie Qin
A pilot plant for comprehensive utilization of the vanadium titanium magnetite resources was constructedin Pangang Group, and the plant applies direction reduction in the rotary hearth furnace (RHF)-melting deep reduction in electric arc furnace (EAF) as the main process. Through constant experimental...
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Mechanism and Control Study on Metallized Pellet Bonding with High Temperature

Jie Qin, Gong-Guo Liu
The problem of metallized pellet bonding at high temperature, which appeared in the production of Pangang pilot plant for resources comprehensive utilization, is analyzed. It shows that it is the main cause leading to the metallized pellet bonding of low melting silicate phase bonding, and it is caused...
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Measuring the Contribution of Batik Education Treatment Due to the Optimal Control of the Dynamic Model of Drug Addicts

A. L. Jaya, R. Ratianingsih, M. Abu, S. Saldi, D. Aryanto, N. Nacong, I. Setiawan
Central Sulawesi placed as the 4th of addicted drugs highest number in Indonesia. This paper proposes batik education treatment as an alternative for BNNK Palu in conducting its controlling program. There are three running programs; that are education ( C ...
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Advances on Manufacturing of POSS Reinforced Resin Matrix Composites

Dan-Yong Wang, Jun-Cong Liu, Yi-Wei Chen, Shu-Hu Li, Hua-Zhen Wei, Min Xia
POSS with cage-like hybrid molecules composed of silicon and oxygen has raised great interests of materials researchers owing to its excellent mechanical and thermal properties, such as tensile strength, tensile modulus and glass transition temperature Tg. And it has been widely used in electronics,...