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Evaluation Method for the Maturity Levels of Augmented Reality Industries

Huili Liu, Dong Yao, Yan Lu, Shu Zou, Tiange Shen, Xiaoyu Liu
Development of an industry follows an objective cyclical law that is an inevitable progression from technological and manufacturing maturity to a developed market for new products. With the development of augmented reality (AR) technology, the more and more strategic emerging industries are developing...
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A Stock Price Analysis and Prediction Method Based on Machine Learning

Runqi Wang
Changes in the stock market have a significant impact on individual investment management and are closely related to economic research and market development trends in the country as a whole. If the trend of stock prices can be predicted more correctly, investors will make more scientific investment...
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The Research on the Prediction of Cryptocurrency Based on Linear Regression and LSTM

Feng Ding
As the growing interest of investment on Cryptocurrencies and the huge volatility of their price, a need for scientific model to predict the future price is growing. In this context, the paper uses linear regression and LSTM model to predict the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The result shows that the...
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Research on the Practical Application of Virtual Simulation Task Driven Mode in Electronic Technology Course

Li-hua Qi, Dong-qiu Xing, Jing Zhao, Jing-na Cui
In view of the problems existing in the current teaching of electronic technology courses, the virtual simulation task driven teaching mode is con-structed with the demand as the traction and the students as the center. The mode is applied to the teaching of electronic technology courses, and the specific...
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An Auxiliary System for Ideological and Political Teaching in Colleges and Universities Constructed Using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Jialu Peng, Wenjin Zhu, Yangguanqi Guo
For a long time, the ideological and political education in colleges and universities has been adopting traditional teaching methods. Traditional teaching methods cannot catch up with the new era of college students. In order to improve the quality of ideological and political education in colleges and...
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Research on Personal Information Security Protection of Social Networks in the Era of Big Data

Xuerong Zuo
With the advent of the era of big data, there are some new problems in the security protection of personal information on social networks, such as user data privacy leakage, spam and network attacks, network rumors and network public opinion information. In view of the current situation of personal information...
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The Design of Multimedia English Teaching System Based on Virtual Technology

Sha Gong, Wei Wang
With the universal use of contemporary information technology and network, multimedia teaching has become an inevitable development direction in the field of education. Traditional English teaching mode has many disadvantages, such as single form and biased teaching content. Multimedia English teaching...
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Research on the relationship between sharing behavior and turnover intention in WeChat Moments with organizational identity as a mediating variable

Jing Xiao, Zhang Sun, Ermei Zhang
The employee turnover rate has significantly affected the stability of the organization. Because human behavior is elusive, for managers of enterprises, maintaining the stability of the organization and minimizing the loss of turnover has become one of the important contents of managers' work. Based...
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The Design and Development of Online Learning Platform of College Mathematics Based on PHP

Xiuhui Liang, Xiushu Liang, Mingjian Shi
With the development of science and technology and the popularization of computer technology, mathematics has been widely used in various engineering fields, such as natural science and engineering technology. The society has put forward stricter requirements for mathematics teaching in colleges and...
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Analysis and Research on Technical Characteristics of Basketball Players Based on Big Data Mining – Taking CBA League as an Example

Lie Li, Suzi Tu, Weijing Xu
In today’s world, With the rapid progress of information technology innovation, the development of big data is a necessity of the times, and the data mining technology is a signature product within the development of the big data era.This paper uses mathematical statistics and data mining technology...
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Design A Personalized Network Assisted Music Teaching System According to The Market Demand

Xiaoxu Jie
The Internet has changed people's lives and set off a storm in the field of education and teaching. According to the needs of the mobile learning market, it is necessary to design an auxiliary teaching system for music courses and apply modern information technology in it. By using ASP.NET technology...
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Construction and Practice of Smart English Classroom Based on the Internet of Things in China

Jixian Wang, Jiajing Zheng
With the popularity of Internet of Things (IoT), rapid educational information, digitization, intelligence and ecology are affecting all aspects of teaching and learning. The outbreak of the epidemic in early 2020 has made China’s online education show explosive growth, accelerated the formulation and...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Teaching Quality of BIM Bidding Course of Engineering Cost Specialty based on AHP

Hui Lu
With the development of BIM technology, the integration of BIM technology into curriculum teaching becomes more and more important. In order to effectively evaluate the teaching quality of BIM courses and clarify the influencing factors of curriculum teaching quality and the weight of each factor, this...
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Credit Card Default Prediction with Data Modeling

Zhaohong Wang, Cheng Han Wen, Wenda Zhou, Jun Zhang
This paper aims to build a predictive model to identify credit card default and minimize losses for financial institutions. The study uses data from the Credit Card Approval Prediction dataset on Kaggle, with 36,457 rows and 17 predictors. The credit card default is an unbalanced outcome variable, with...
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Impact of Research and Development Investment on the Performance

Evidence from Artificial Intelligence Companies

Yining Zhu, Yuxuan Lian
Artificial intelligence (AI) has gradually become an important factor in enhancing the core competitiveness of a country. This paper is based on the data of 40 AI companies from 2018 to 2020 as samples, and conducts an empirical research on the impact of research and development (R&D) investment...
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Design and Implementation of E-Commerce Online Teaching System in Colleges and Universities Based on J2EE

Ting Li
In order to solve the problems of lack of teaching resources and single teaching form in online teaching system of e-commerce in colleges and universities, this paper takes e-commerce teaching as the research object, and develops a set of online teaching system of e-commerce in colleges and universities...
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Neural Network and Evolutionary Game Theory

Linshu Xu, Shuchen Zhang, Kai Cheng, Hai Ci, Ruotong Shen
This thesis proposes the feasibility to advance evolutionary game theory by parameterizing evolutionary game problems with a finite payoff matrix. It eliminates subjectivity while determining the parameters in evolutionary game problems. A neural network trained through learning a large database of the...
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Practice and Innovation in Advanced Mathematics (Science and Engineering) Under the “Morality and Humanism”

Jing Li
“Casting root and cultivating soul” is one of the teaching objectives of the higher mathematics curriculum. It organically integrates political and ideological education elements, “implants” mathematical thought roots, and tries to stimulate students’ interest in learning and exploration in the process...
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Application of Virtual Simulation in Practical Teaching of Industrial Robot Specialty

Guang Lin, Yajuan Chen
Taking the teaching method of industrial robot training course as the research object, this paper puts forward the teaching scheme of industrial robot training course based on virtual simulation technology in terms of teaching content, teaching method and teaching means. Relying on the real system and...
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Optimization Analysis of University Music Education Mode Under the Background of Artificial Intelligence

Yingge Wu
In recent years, the active attempts and breakthrough progress of artificial intelligence (AI) in university music education have been amazing. In this regard, the purpose of this paper is to study the optimization of university music education models under the background of AI. this paper first describes...
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How Parental Health Affects Household Financial Risk Assets Selection

Renze Liu, Xiaoli Gan, Shuhan Yang
With the continuous improvement of economic level, the asset allocation of Chinese households are increasingly skewed towards financial products. At present, most researches about the household asset allocation mainly focus on the influence of residents’ characteristics or financial literacy, while few...
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Design and Implementation of College English Personalized Teaching Platform Under the Background of Internet Plus

Mi Zhou
With the further development of the data age, the trade and cultural exchanges between countries have become closer and closer, and the state has put forward new requirements for foreign language professionals. In order to ensure the quality of training foreign language talents, this paper takes computer...
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Application of Particle Swarm Algorithm in Architectural Design Teaching System Under VR

Qiao Wang, Dante Caseldo
As a new technology, VR is changing people's study, life, work and entertainment, and has been widely used in various fields. Virtual reality, numerical control processing, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies are increasingly entering the architectural design classroom. Their...
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Design of an Online Education Platform for High-Tech Agricultural Talents Based on ASP. NET Technology

Qi Wang, Guanghai Li, Jingang Song
Agricultural talent education is a characteristic of the current development of agricultural modernization in China, and it is the core mode of agricultural economy that combines emerging digital technology with the agricultural production. Modern agricultural talents are the key to supporting the development...
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Effectiveness Evaluation of Wechat Ideological and Political Education in College

Based on Decision Tree and Neural Network algorithm

Yifan Han, Yuncong Zeng
"Who to cultivate, what kind of people to cultivate and how to cultivate" is always the fundamental issue of education, and keeping students well educated is an important guarantee to cultivate qualified builders and successors of socialism. Nowadays, China is in the post-epidemic era of rapid...
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Investigation on Course Evaluation of Building Morality and Cultivating People for Mechanical Manufacturing Technology Based on Improved AHP

Guohua Qin, Huamin Wang, Xiaochun Lai, Zhuxi Wu
By revealing the contradiction of the requirements for “made in China 2025” talents demand with the current teaching status of Mechanical manufacturing technology, the paper pointed out the necessity of ideological and political education in the course of mechanical manufacturing technology. Consequently,...
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A Logging Design Based on Embedded Software

Hai Luo, Yikun Wu, Long Ma, Ting Zheng
The black-box feature of embedded software is always a problem that software developers need to face in the development and testing process, and it is often impossible to locate and reproduce the problem in time when the software fails to run. In this paper, based on the characteristics of embedded software,...
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Music Chord Recognition Based on Robust PCP Feature and SVM

Hairong Cui
Music is the most direct and effective means to express emotion, and the effective identification of music works can help us better understand the works and realize the correct interpretation of music. This paper takes robust PCP feature and SVM as the research object. Firstly, the related concepts of...
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Hot Spot Perspective and Trend Analysis of Blended Teaching Research

Xuehan Zhou
This paper attempts to investigate the hot spots, cutting-edge trends of China's mixed teaching research so as to clarify and address the focus of their improvement in the post epidemic era. The information visualization software Cite Space was explored to visualize and analyze the relevant journals...
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The Design of Multifunctional English Memory App Based on Artificial Intelligence

Yuan Liu
In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has made great breakthroughs. Big data, cloud computing, voice recognition and deep learning have become new concerns in the eyes of the public following the Internet and the Internet of Things. Driven by relevant information and communication technologies,...
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Design and Application of Web-Based Financing Management Information System for Infrastructure Projects in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiaoning Chen
At present, the enrollment scale of higher vocational colleges is expanding day by day, the demand for infrastructure construction is strong, and the funding gap is large, so a scientific financing management model is urgently needed to solve the problems of financing difficulty and weak supervision...
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The Mixed Curriculum Reform of Mechanical Design Basis Based on OBE Concept

Xulong Wang, Yaming Wang, Fuxin Mao
OBE concept is the mainstream trend of the development of higher education in the new era. To change the traditional teaching method of Mechanical Design Basis for a long time, This paper carries out a mixed curriculum teaching reform based on OBE concept, establishes a teaching mode guided by ability...
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Development and Design of Teaching Experiment Platform Based on Intelligent Manufacturing

Zhen Shang
In order to meet the needs of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent production in automobile industry, an experimental platform for intelligent manufacturing Teaching of automobile is designed and built. The teaching experiment platform is composed of a movable workbench, which makes use of Industrial...
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Research on Economic Benefit Calculation Method of Typical New Power Grid Project Under New Power System

Zhang Li, Shanzi Li, Liwei He, Dandan Dai, Xiaoqing Wang, Wenran Shi, Yuxin Xie
Frequent natural disasters and extreme weather events have encouraged governments around the world to speed up efforts to promote low-carbon transformation in various sectors. Under the goal of “double carbon”, the construction of new power system has been continuously promoted, and the following new...
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A Review of the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Investigation

Yingjie Du, Shancheng Lin, Hongyu Lv, Xinyan Liu, Ning Ding
In recent years, new types of crimes have emerged, posing a great threat to the safety of communities and citizens. Traditional criminal investigation measures are too passive and are not conducive to preventing and combating crimes. Currently, artificial intelligence is being used to improve policing...
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Research Hotspots and Trend Outlook of Hydraulic and Hydropower Construction Safety—Knowledge Graph Analysis Based on CiteSpace

Fanchen Kong, Jiangbo Geng, Yi Kang, Xinyu Xia, Xiaochao Jin, Shuai Hao
As a representative of China's energy transformation, water conservancy and hydropower development play an essential role in China's realization of the dual carbon goal. Under the background of attaching great importance to safe production, the issue of safe production in the construction of...
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Research on Speech Recognition System Based on Virtual Reality Technology

Jing Luo
The rapid development of cloud things (cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence), especially the innovative development of virtual reality technology, has had a profound impact on school enrollment and employment promotion. Based on this, this paper briefly introduces the...
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Research on Laboratory Safety Management and Teaching in Applied Universities -- An Example of Industrial Robot Laboratory

Xiang Li, Yaping Lu
At present, the use of industrial robots has become a powerful means for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, realizing the " robot employment ". With the improvement of production efficiency, it brings frequent safety accidents, and the industrial robot...
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Research on Online Courses of Business Education Based on Information Technology During the Epidemic in China

Taking a University in Guangzhou as an Example

Xingcheng Guo
Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, business education has shown some new features: adapting to new business teaching methods has become the mainstream, and online teaching mode based on information technology has become the new normal. Objective this paper tries to find out the...
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The Training Base Construction of Network Security of Power Monitoring System

Xinxin Song, Shitao Wang, Jixiang Zhao, Chunhong Shan
The training base of network security of power monitoring system covers an area of 592 square meters with 114 training stations. It supports horizontal interconnection and vertical connection with the existing training rooms of the State Grid of China Technology College (SGTC), such as dispatching master...
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A Research on Valuation Models in Private Equity Investment

Fanshen Xu
This paper aims to study the valuation models and build a valuation model taking the macroeconomic variables into consideration to assess the value of the startups. This research method uses the Fisher equality and DCF three-stage model, then build a cluster model taking account of the inflation rate,...
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Research on the Bridging Teaching Mode of College English and ESP of Flight Attendant Specialty based on SPOC

Ruolan Li, Guangyong Liu
SPOC is the product of the application of information technology in education and teaching. It realizes the flip of online and offline learning, and effectively solves the problem of the lack of professional characteristics in College English teaching. This paper analyzes the current situation of the...
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Research and Application of Key Technologies for Network Security Situational Awareness Based on Machine Learning

Hongbin Gu, Xiaolong Li, Xi Yang, Kongpeng Wei
With the emergence of a large number of network attacks due to the booming network, it is no longer possible to meet the higher requirements of network security if we only rely on simple network security protection technologies such as access control, firewall, intrusion detection, etc. In this situation,...
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Reinforcing English Vocabulary Learning by Reviewing with Multi-media Software

Ying Cai
Many college English learners found it difficult to retain English words. This study aimed to examine if multimedia vocabulary learning soft wares could help college English learners review newly learned words in a more efficient way in comparison with reviewing words in traditional mode with word list...
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Teaching Exploration of Integrated Circuits Under the Background of Informatization

Zhenxing Wu, Lei Zhang, Weihua Yu, Xinghua Wang, Xiaoran Li
This paper explores the teaching mode in digitalization and informatization, taking integrated circuit major as an example. By introducing practical engineering projects into curriculum practice and taking discipline competitions as the guide, it is explored new method to improve the ability to solve...
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Research on The Evaluation of Online Learning Effect of College Students in Guangxi in The Post-Epidemic Era

Donghong Liu, Minjuan Feng, Hanwen Zhang, Ting Zhang
Comparing the situation of online learning during the epidemic and during the period of normalized prevention and control of the epidemic, 305 valid questionnaires were collected in Guangxi colleges and universities using the questionnaire survey method. And other five dimensions, using SPSS for correlation...
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Knowledge Base, Hot Areas and Development Context of Mobile Learning Research in China

Citespace Analysis Based on CSSCI Database (2002–2021)

Lin Chen, Sharipah Ruzaina Syed Aris, Mohd Khairezan Rahmat, Wenxuan Ren
Through CiteSpace, this paper analyzes the literature on the theme of “mobile learning” from CSSCI journals from the knowledge base, research hotspots and development trends of mobile learning. The period of literature collection is 2002–2021. The conclusion is that the research on mobile learning has...
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Research on College English Teaching in the Context of Big Data Technology

Weina Sun
In the era of big data, it has become a general trend to optimize and innovate college English teaching. Therefore, it is a feasible approach to build a new college English teaching system platform based on big data technology. Based on this, in order to meet the needs of teachers, students and teaching...
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Advances in Integrated Avionic Systems

Wen Chen
With the development of flying quality and need, the functions of avionic systems is increasing. Information organization and environmental constitution is becoming more complicated. How to improve the performance of avionics system and consider the development of avionics system, this paper puts forward...
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Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Online-Offline Hybrid Teaching and Learning Effect of Experimental Course Based on AHP Method

Xiaoyun Feng, Xuehan Zhou
The online and offline hybrid teaching mode has become a new direction of the experimental teaching, as the traditional evaluation method that evaluates the learning effect of students’ experimental process based on the results is no longer applicable. In this paper, aiming at the problem of comprehensive...
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Research on the Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Golf

Yixiong Hao
The emerging technologies from the field of artificial intelligence (AI) have been deployed in many industries such as various online services, construction, car, and cybersecurity. Such technologies are advantageous because they can process and react to their environment or inputs in a way similar to...
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The Effectiveness of Achieve 3000 Integrated Model on Improving English Reading Performance

Guodong Sun
Until now, scholars have attempted to investigate the solutions to reading problems from linguistic, psychological and cognitive aspects. However, reading is a recursive complicated process in which integrating and innovating solutions from various aspects is indispensable in achieving English reading...
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Conceptual Model Framework of Intelligent Distributed Ew Operations Based on OPM

Zheng Li, Mingyue Feng, Jianhao Liu, Qingyun Wei, Qiyong Liu
Modern warfare is increasingly intelligent and distributed, so a unified model framework is needed for future electronic warfare to ensure effective team communication and consistency among models. Therefore, an electronic warfare model framework based on OPM is proposed in this paper. The framework...
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Design and Construction of Personalized Recommendation Teaching System Under Artificial Intelligence Background

Yue Liu
Facing the problem of single teaching mode in teaching reform, this paper studies the personalized recommendation teaching system under the artificial intelligence background of sharing teaching resources to improve teaching quality and strengthen students’ autonomous learning ability. The system adopts...
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Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Social Science: A Bibliometric Analysis

Yajun Yuan, Wei Zhu
Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven big data analysis, algorithms and computing power introduce new thinking models and decision-making methods for social science research, reconfigure the research paradigm, and thus enhance the depth and breadth of understanding of social phenomena and the laws of social...
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Research and Design of SPOC Teaching Service Platform Based on Big Data Technology and AHP

Jiajing Cai, Huandong Chen, Jinmei Shi, Guangfu Zhang
Higher education has been transformed and reformatted as a result of the new generation of information technology, which is typified by mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, and big data. Higher education will inevitably undergo a digital transition as it moves from the traditional period to the...
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Construction of Oral English Teaching Behavior Based on PBL Model

Sai Zhang, Hui Sun, Chao Song
According to the requirements of the curriculum standards, English teaching needs to focus on the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability to enhance students' practical application ability. Most teachers neglect the creation of the theme or the real situation, fail to dig deeply into...
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Machine Learning Assessment of Factors Associated with Social Media Addiction Among Chinese College Students

Shuang Luo, Mengke Zhu
Research has showed that the excessive use of social media has an impact on the user’s functioning. Young students are among the most vulnerable to the impacts of social media addiction. This study aims to determine the status of social media addiction amongst Chinese college students and access the...
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SWOT analysis of Blended learning method in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of Internet Informatization

Hou Jia
Based on concept of " Internet +" informatization, SWOT analysis in this paper is used to explore and analyze the blended learning model in higher vocational English teaching as the breakthrough, centered on the teaching goal of higher vocational colleges, combining with the characteristics...
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Finite Element Software Analysis of Engineering Structure Test and Teaching Reform of Integration of Production and Teaching

Kun Zhu, Zaiyong Ma, Furong Wang, Lijuan Geng, Ruitian Wu, Xianyue Meng, Lin Wang, Hui Gao
The reform of information teaching in civil engineering specialty is an inevitable result under the background of information age. The course of architectural structure is a very important course of civil engineering, and civil engineering is a very practical major. Most of the civil structure test work...
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Construction of Education Evaluation System Based on MFA under Big Data Technology

Bo Dong
Aiming at the problem of imperfect management evaluation system in current college education, which lacks of scientific and systematic, big data technology is uitilized to design a college education management evaluation system based on the combination of MFA and BP neural network. The college education...
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The Future of the “Metaverse”: Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

Keke Yang
The “Metaverse” has been determined as the future form of cyberspace, and how to ensure the safety of people in cyberspace has become the first issue to be considered before the arrival of the “Metaverse”, in which Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role. On the one hand, the development of AI has...
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Research and Practice on the Ideological and Political Digitization System of Medical Laboratory Technology Curriculum Based on Distributed Data Processing

Kun Peng
Digital technology is an important starting point of China’s education and teaching reform. Through research and practice, the team clearly takes digital technology as the starting point, the spirit of medical craftsman as the ideological and political goal of the course, adopts the processing technology...
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Dynamics-Aware Gated Graph Attention Neural Network for Student Program Classification and Knowledge Tracing

Tiancheng Jin, Liang Dou, Guang Yang, Aimin Zhou, Xiaoming Zhu, Chengwei Huang
Faced with a large number of questions on the programming OJ (Online Judge) system, students are usually mindless when choosing questions, which is not conducive to helping students quickly improve their programming ability. Programming Knowledge Tracing (PKT) is a technology that dynamically traces...
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Application of Information Technology in Research & Development of AIoT Energy Curriculum

Amy Lin, Yin-Kuei Lai, Ruey-Chang Shiao, Fanny Lin, Louis Lin
The purpose of promoting green energy in various countries is to replace traditional hydroelectric or thermal power generation, especially nuclear power, which is a safety concern. However, in exploring the application of green energy, special attention should be paid to not only saving energy, but also...
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Development Review: 2012–2022 Physical Training Visualization

Tong Zhou, Yaqi Su, Yihang Huang, Keyi Liu
In order to better grasp the research progress of physical training, explore the current research hotspots and trends, and provide a theoretical basis for subsequent research. The current physical fitness training was systematically analyzed through visual analysis software CiteSpace 6.1.R6 and VOSviewer...
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Research on Classroom Teaching Quality Evaluation in Colleges and Universities Based on Cloud Model

Ping Xiong, Hua-bin Cheng, Bin Shen
Classroom teaching quality evaluation (CTQE) has always played an important role in college’s teaching systems and teaching quality management. Firstly, the evaluation criteria of college’s CTQE is given by analyzing the university classroom teaching from teaching ideology and politics, teaching content...
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Design and Application of Quality Traceability System Based on Improved Production Process of Cigarette Packaging

Mengshi Fan, Chengkun Xu, Li Chen, Jianfeng Xu, Zhaoshun Li, Zhenhan Zhang, Baocheng Hu, Bei Cao, Wen Zou
As most of the finished tobacco products are only sprayed with two-dimensional codes and the frequency of scanning is low, it is not national unified standard, and no correlation among the pack, carton, and box of tobacco products. The study of combing two-dimensional codes and radio frequency tags helps...
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Research and Application of Online Learning Mechanism Based on Data Drive

Zhao Liang, Xiaohua Xiao, Ruixia Wu, Guili Zhang, Hanyue Zhang, Yinglong Yu, Gang Cao
With the rapid development of online teaching, teachers’ and students’ online teaching and learning activities have generated massive amounts of behavioral data. Through in-depth mining and analysis of these behavioral data information, such technologies as teacher-student clustering technology, user...
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Statistical Analysis of the Data Processing Model of Sensation Seeking and Adolescent Mobile Addiction – The Mediation of Parent-Child Communication Problems and Peer Fear and Inferiority

Ting Wu, Yuqing Zhang
At present, teenagers play an important role in the use of smartphones, and their behavior problems have always been the focus of social attention. Studying the mechanism of teenagers’ smartphone addiction has practical significance to reduce the use of problematic mobile phones. In this study, 312 junior...
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Information Technology Education and Impact in U.S.A.

Xiuling Yin, Zhaoran Xu
The United States has the strongest information industry in the world. It is the world leader in the number of invention patents in information technology filed. This is closely related with its Information Technology Education through its entire educational process. This also led to the rising income...
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Scitometric Analysis on Energy Literacy Based on CiteSpace Between 1993–2022

Chunyong Fan, Min Wang
In recent years, with the emergence of a series of problems such as energy shortage and resource depletion, people pay more attention to energy security. Energy literacy is the knowledge and skill about the energy using. Energy literacy largely affects energy consumption and sustainable development....
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Influence of Pre-translation Project Management on Translation Quality: A Study Based on SPSS20.0 Software

Hong Xie, Peng Wang, Lulu Cheng
This study aims to explore how text types and staff size in the pre-translation affect translation project quality. SPSS20.0 software is a commonly used software for data analysis, featuring with complex statistical algorithms but simple operation and clear interface. Hence, statistical survey and one-way...
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Design and Development of College English Online Teaching System Based on J2EE

Minrong Fu
In order to improve the effect of college English teaching and cultivate professional English talents who meet the needs of the society, this paper takes college English teaching as the research object and designs a set of online college English teaching system based on J2EE with the help of network...
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Analysis of Learning Effectiveness Based on Knowledge Graph

Yanqin Tang, En Yuan, Weiwei Chen, Suojuan Zhang, Ling Liu, Yongfen Wu
Based on the construction of the knowledge map of “Data Structure and Programming” course, the data of PTA platform, rain class data, MOOC and other platforms are integrated, and the comparative analysis is carried out according to the different granularity of knowledge points, trying to find out students’...
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An Empirical Study of Higher Vocational English Learning Efficiency Based on DEA Model

Anlin Hu
The evaluation of learning efficiency is an important part of teaching work. However, traditional evaluation methods mainly focus on learning results and ignore the input factors of students. In view of this, this paper considers the relationship between input and output of learning and constructs DEA...
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Research on the Application of Multimedia Technology in Junior High School Music Classrooms

Zongchen Hou, Ruicong Ma, Chulan Xue
Music education is an important part of quality education in our country. Music education is an important way to improve people’s comprehensive culture and artistic accomplishment, and an important means to promote our music development. In the process of junior high school music teaching, the author...
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Proposal of Presentation Training System in the Context of Knowledge Science

Xinbo Zhao, Yi Sun, Baodan Xu
As a popular means of knowledge expression and communication, PowerPoint based presentation is widely used in education, scientific research, business and other fields. However, in a random survey of 522 students in Grade 1–2 from a Chinese university on presentation, more than 90% of the students were...
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Research on the Application System of VR Technology-Enabled Digital Education Transformation

Xiao Zhang
With the development of digital technology and innovative application in the field of education, the education informatization has entered a new stage of education digitalization, and digital education transformation has become the main content of promoting education informatization. As a new digital...
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Research on the Model of Autonomous English Learning Based on the Digital Learning—Take the Lan’mo Cloud Class as an Example

Liang Gu
Based on digital learning, the paper takes the Lan’ mo Cloud class as a teaching method, and studies the autonomous learning ability of two groups of students, the advantages of Lan’ mo Cloud class in digital learning and its influence on students’ autonomous learning ability are analyzed in detail....
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Design and Application of Blended Learning Based on Flipped Classroom

Zhenhui Li
Blended teaching has realized the integration of teaching resources and improved teaching efficiency, but there is a lack of interaction between teachers and students, and students’ online learning experience is insufficient. Flipped classroom is where students watch the teacher’s videos before or after...
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Design and Research of Online Education Data Platform Based on Hadoop

Huan Zhou, Yu Xu, Chunling Ding, Cuiyun Wang
Online education is a convenient way to combine content dissemination and rapid learning with electronic products and Internet. Online education advantages include high content production efficiency, no time and space constraints, and study whenever or wherever you want. During COVID-19 pandemic, millions...
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The Dynamic Effects of Economic Policy Uncertainty on Education Market Return Dynamics

Wang Gao, Qian Cao, Linlin Zhang
In order to better explore the impact of economic policy uncertainty on the education market, this paper uses the time-varying parameter - random fluctuation vector auto regression (TVP-SV-VAR) model to analyze the impact of economic policy uncertainty (EPU) on the education rate of return and the education...
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Application of Hierarchical Analysis Method in the Evaluation of Online and Offline Teaching Effect Method

Lanying Lian, Yang Yang, Ya Wen
In order to explore the influence of various elements of online and offline teaching on the teaching effect, this paper established a three-level evaluation system of online and offline courses by issuing questionnaires and using the analytic hierarchy process, and evaluated the weight of indicators...
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Construction and Evaluation of D&A System Maturity Index System

Fangyuan Tian
Given the extreme importance of data, this paper investigates the maturity of the data and analysis (D&A) system using Intercontinental Cargo Services (ICM) as an example. In this paper, we first established indicators to assess the maturity of D&A system using hierarchical analysis and conducted...
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Association Analysis-Based Aggregation Method for Resource Virtualization in Cloud Manufacturing

Xuhao Li, Youling Chen
Cloud manufacturing resource virtualization is the basis for cloud manufacturing services to be carried out, where resource virtualization aggregation is an important way to improve the efficiency of subsequent resource allocation and scheduling. However, current resource aggregation methods mostly construct...
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Research on the Application of VR Technology in Taekwondo Teaching

Zhenqiang Xie
As VR (virtual reality) technology gets better and better, VR reality course teaching realizes the transformation of teaching scenes, cultivates students’ interests, and effectively improves the teaching effect. Under the background of the extensive promotion of VR, virtual reality technology has been...
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Comprehensive Quality Evaluation for Secondary School Students Based on Big Data

Yulong Chen, Yanyan Li, Wenzheng Li, Xinyou Li, Weiqi Zhou, Xiaoye Wang, Yiyi Long, Yi Wu
The present study proposes a kind of comprehensive quality evaluation model based on big data with an attempt to rank and grade secondary school students’ comprehensive quality ability in Shandong, in order to optimize the traditional comprehensive quality evaluation model. The model is a fusion of TOPSIS...
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Design of an Interactive Educational Information System Based on the SECI Model

Ying Liu, Shahriman Zainal Abidin, Shaolong Yang, Jie Wang
The construction of an educational informatization application system has become an important content of current educational informatization construction. Based on SECI knowledge management model, this paper discusses the training of teachers and the construction of a learning mechanism, and the construction...
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Exploration and Practice of Improving the Effectiveness of Financial Aid Education in Colleges and Universities Based on Big Data

Hongli Tao
The new aim of Financial Support for Education at colleges and universities is financial aid education. The development of big data technology has brought unprecedented development opportunities for accurate financial aid education in colleges and universities. We design and develop a big data-based...
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Research on Online Teaching Evaluation Based on CiteSpace

Qin Qin, Shihui Jiang
In this study, Cite Space software was employed to analyze the keywords co-occurrence of 1000 literatures in the field of online teaching evaluation based on the core collection database of Web of Science. Combined with the content analysis of literature, the research frontiers and hot spots of online...
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Exploring the Teaching Reform of “Traffic Planning” Course Under the Background of Modern Industrial College Construction Based on Computer Software Analysis - Taking Nanning University as an Example

Lanfang Zhang, Jie Shang
Under the background of Internet + education, in order to implement the requirements of the General Office of the Ministry of Education, General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the construction guidelines of modern industrial colleges, and to cultivate high-quality applied,...
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An ANOVA-Based Study on the Factors Influencing College Students’ English Learning Attitudes in an Intelligent Environment

Jing Zhang, Yinan Guo
With the acceleration of the deep integration of information technology and education teaching, the blended intelligent teaching based on intelligent learning environment will become the new normal of school teaching. This paper selects a typical teaching class of non-English majors in Jiaying University...
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Acoustic Study of Vibrato in “Hezhou Hua’er”

Li Ma, Jing Wang, Yonghong Li
This paper takes vibrato in “Climb up the high mountain to oversee the plain (Primary Song of Hezhou)” sung by Mr. Zhu Zhonglu as the research subject, and the parameters of the vibrato such as duration, pitch, intensity and sound quality are studied. From the perspective of duration, the vibrato in...
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Establishing a Pattern of Mobile Assisted Language Learning Under the Big Data Age: To Exemplify by the University English Practical Teaching Beneath the Frame of MALL

Lei Zhang
With the continuous deepening of college English teaching reform and the rapid popularization of wireless communication technology, the new English teaching model based on big data technology and Internet technology provides unlimited development space for the cultivation of college students’ English...
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Application of Mobile Intelligent Classroom in Teaching and Analysis of the Teaching Effect—Take the “Management Accounting Practice” Course as an Example

Di Fan, Zhou Li, Ying Peng
The classroom teaching reform in the era of “Internet plus” has become an irreversible trend of the times. The mobile intelligent classroom is a representative of new technology and is being built in the universities. This paper makes a case study on the course of Management Accounting Practice to expound...
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Application of Data-Driven Semantic Map Modeling in International Education of Chinese

Ying Zhang
To better reveal the patterns of negative interlingual transfers made by international learners of Chinese, large-scale cross-linguistic data are required to be compared. In presenting and analyzing big set of data from 71 languages of the world, the study employs digital technologies of data analysis...
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Research Hotspot and Prospect of Application-Oriented Undergraduate Personnel Training——Visualization Map Analysis Based on 2018–2022 CNKI Database

Ruixuan Zhai, Shaojie Gan, Siwen Han
In order to clarify the research and development status of application-oriented undergraduate personnel training, the research hotspot and development context in this field are analyzed. In this paper, 3270 literatures published in the CNKI database from 2018 to 2022 were retrieved, and the knowledge...
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Construction and Application of Financial Analysis Model Based on Big Data Technology

Yong Wen, Yuping Zhu
Big data technology provides powerful storage capacity and massive computing capacity, which has penetrated into all aspects of financial management. The paper designs a financial data analysis model platform based on big data, constructs a cost prediction big data model and algorithm model based on...
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The Research and Practice of Higher Mathematics Classroom Teaching Mode in the Information Technology Era

Hongyan Su
In this paper under the background of promoting the reform of classroom teaching in colleges and universities, with information technology for teaching means, combined with higher mathematics classroom practice teaching before class preview, class learning, review the teaching content design, based on...