Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Modelling, Identification and Control

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Counting of Visible Foreign Particles in Liquid Injection Based on Trajectory Modelling

Wang Sirui, Zhuo Qing, Xia Ji’an
In order to meet the requirements of counting of visible foreign particles in liquid injection, an automatic visible foreign particles counting system based on trajectory modelling is developed. The mechanical part drives containers to spin and stop abruptly and afterwards the liquid continues to spin....
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Teaching the PPP Network Course Based on Network Simulator

Wang Anbao
Due to the complexity of network, the original teaching method cannot meet the needs of development of network. Network simulation is an effective means of researching in network protocols and a new kind of network design and optimization technique, it can provide reliable network planning design of...
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Modeling and Analysis of Linkage Fluctuation Network for Complex Industrial Process

Gao Jian-min, Gao Zhi-yong, Xie Jun-tai, Gao Xu
Industry process includes a variety of monitoring variables, there are strong relevance between variables. Time series from different monitoring points can reflect the relationship of system’s linkage fluctuation. Using coarse graining method, monitoring series has been changed into a sequence of characters....
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Moving Object Detection Based on Improved Codebook Model

Gao Ruidong
Background modeling is a key technology in video surveillance field. Conventional methods used to detect the moving object have drawbacks in the aspects of accuracy and robustness. In order to address these problems, we change the RGB columnar structure in traditional codebook model and establish codebook...
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A Method to Establish the Dynamic Models of Multibody System Based on Kane’s Equations

Zhong Yangwei, Wang Liangming
According to the tree structure description of the multibody system, the Kane’s equations to establish the dynamic equations of the system are proposed. The forms of the equations are general and simple. Moreover, the equations are not only minimum in dimension but also convenient for computer calculating....
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Simulation of Wind Loads on High Rise Buildings Taking into Account the Construction Site Environment

A.A. Antipin, V.N. Alekhin, S.N. Gorodilov, S.V. Khramtsov, A.S. Noskov
The paper presents the results of numerical simulation of wind pressure on high rise buildings being under construction and planned in Yekaterinburg city (Russia). Simulation is performed in the program ANSYS. The simulated building is placed in a domain that is the numerical analogue of wind tunnel....
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Research on the Control Method of External Characteristic of Speed Based on CVT

X.S Yan, X.X Wang
According to the changes of the traditional speed ratio control of CVT speed ratio frequently, resulting in low efficiency, serious wear of CVT, researched a method of speed ratio control based on external characteristic of engine, to ensure the change speed ratio of CVT economy and power performance....
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Technique For Determining The Fuel Consumption Of A Vehicle On A Given Route

Vladislav Kravets, Roman Musarsky, Anton Tumasov
The article presents the results of calculation and experimental determination of the fuel consumption of light commercial vehicle on a given country route traffic as well as structure of methodology of fuel consumption estimation.
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The reading of passive UHF tags by RFID technology using a various combinations of antennas motorola AN480

Petra Juránková, Libor Švadlenka
The article deals with the measurement of the accuracy of the reading of passive UHF tags (ALN-9640, ALN-9654, ALN-9662 and ALN-9629 from the company Alien) located on postal crates through RFID technology using various combinations of antennas Motorola AN480. The aim of the measurement was to compare...
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Multi-Behavior-Based Path Planning for Indoor Mobile Robot

Chen Hongxu, He Guotian
To figure out a local path planning for mobile robot during its autonomous navigation indoors, the paper presents a behavioral fusion path planning on the basis of fuzzy logic, in which positioning method of robot is based on RFID technology. Through using twenty-four ultrasonic sensors to collect information...
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The Lathe with Hinge Thread Taper Shank of Research

Ma Tinghui
The rapid development of the manufacturing industry today, for the thread machining production increasingly requires high precision, and the accuracy of thread processing is influenced by many factors. For external thread processing in large quantities, in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy...
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A Novel Image Mosaic Method for Strip-Type Paper Fragments

Cheng Guo, Zhang Zhenshi, Zhang Tieliang
Paper fragment mosaic is one of the applications of Image Mosaic, which plays an important role for Historical Document Re. Based on a series of modeling ideas, we propose a novel method to mosaic strip-type paper fragments In this paper. Firstly, the boundaries are sampled and binarized from paper fragments....
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Recognition Method for Abnormal Water Surface Based on SOM

Zuo Jianjun, Wu Youfu
Abnormal Water Surface monitoring and recognition technique still is the research focus at present. In this paper, we first establish a background model with Gaussian Mixture Model, achieve the abnormal region quickly using background difference method, then, a improve algorithm of color moment calculation...
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Design and Realization of Improved Image Restoration Method Based on Fuzzy Projection onto Convex Sets

Li Xin
Noise affects the recovery effect. So this paper proposed an improved method for image restoration. In this method, first of degraded images using wavelet transform to remove noise while fuzzy POCS algorithm to measure the reliability of the wavelet coefficients, so while eliminating noise can incorporate...
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Adaptive Control of Vehicleposition with Non-linearizable Feedback

V. Pshikhopov, M. Medvedev, V. Krukhmalev
The problem of vehicle control is considered in the paper. The model of vehicle is represented by the equations of kinematics and dynamics of a rigid body. The features of control that could appear for complicated maneuvers are investigated. In such motion the determinant of the matrix of kinematics...
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The Design of Greenhouse Environment Control System Based on LabVIEW and ZigBee

Wang Lei
The Internet of things technology widespread application in the management of agricultural greenhouse. In this paper, research finding on the greenhouse environment management in tangshan laoting county modern NongYeYuan, which is based on LabVIEW and ZigBee. System is divided into upper desktop module...
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Design and Implementation of Multimedia Material Library Based on Campus Network

Yang Chenying
This study focuses on the extensive application of multimedia courseware in practical teaching and develops a set of multimedia material library based on campus network, according to the design and preparation of course material by the scholars. Besides, it introduces the significance of system development...
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Research Method of Forecasting the Equipment Maintenance and Ordnance Demand

Wang Xiuhua, Shu Zhengping
Equipment maintenance demand forecasting plays a very important role in equipment maintenance support work. Three ways of forecasting methods are displayed in this paper, they are equipment maintenance demand forecasting method based on historical data, reliability-based method and method based on artificial...
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Regional Industrial Water Demand Prediction Based on Improved Series Gray Neural Network

Hu Zhen-Yun, Chen Zhi-Ming, Wei Zhang
The advantages of nonlinear adaptive gray theory weaken the ability of information processing data sequence-specific volatility and neural networks to construct an improved series gray neural network model system to Nanjing industrial water demand for the study, from 2000 to 2009 data as training samples...
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A Full-Wave Rectifier Based on Memristive Systems

Vavra Jiri, Biolek Dalibor
Precision low-voltage rectifiers are important building blocks for analog signal processing. In this paper, a full-wave rectifier based on two Bipolar Memristive Systems with the Threshold and one inverter is presented. The traditional approach based on OpAmp and diodes exhibits undesirable effects caused...
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FEM Analysis of the Different Spinning Speeds of Inner Groove Copper Tube Formed

Wang Shigang, Zhao Boyu
Aiming to explain forming mechanism of copper pipe workpiece with inner groove copper tube via ball-rolling at different spinning speeds, the copper pipe workpiece and straight die is modeled in ABAQUS. And the whole simulation includes forming process, analysis of strain and stress. It is concluded...
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Performance Analysis on Taper Roller Bearing System Based on Romaxd

Wan Yuanji, Wang Shigang, Gu Le, Wang Fengjuan
Tapered Roller Bearing System is widely used in rotating machinery system, the dynamic performance has a significant impact on rotating machinery. In this paper, 30207 Tapered roller bearings as an object, used Romax software to build the dynamic model of tapered roller bearing system, we studied the...
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Research on Feature Extraction Curves and Surfaces in Reverse Engineering

Ao Linzhe, Wang Shigang, Jiang Shufeng, Jiang Shengyuan
Based on the measurement data reconstruction in reverse engineering has been widely used, the results contain a lot of noise data points are ubiquitous feature extraction as a key step in surface reconstruction more significance and difficulty. This paper describes the emergence and significance of reverse...
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Surface Reconstruction Based on Reverse Engineering and Testing

Wang Shigang, Yan Yong, Jiang Shufeng, Wang Fengjuan
Reverse engineering is an important part of CAD/CAM technology. Reverse engineering technology plays an important role in the highly competitive global market, the use of this technology can shorten the time from design to manufacture, which can improve the product in the international market competitiveness....
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Thinking Method of Product Form Design of Bionics Based on Nine Screens

Wang Shigang, Zhang Jie, Wang Xifeng, Wang Fengjuan
We proposed a thinking method for product form design of bionics to solve the problems of low efficiency and the confused thinking which existing in the current thinking of this field. In the proposed method, we combined the advantages of nine screens method and product form design of bionics, and clear...
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Weight Analysis of QoS Based Cloud Evaluation Index System

Cheng Cong
This thesis aims to analyze and study construction of public cloud evaluation index system and its weight. As specified, ANP Model is to be used for creative construction of two-level cloud service quality evaluation index system in combination with features of cloud computation; whereas Super Decision...
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Supply Chain Logistics Business Process Reengineering of Automobile spare parts Based on SCOR

Li Ming, Qin Fangli, Zhai Xiang
At present, with the continuous development of the automotive supply chain management, logistics enterprises in the auto parts business and logistics services to keep up with growing JIT logistics requirements of OEMs. In this paper, based on organizational restructuring SCOR's main line, BRP theory...
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Development of Portable Bridge Strain Detector

Zhang Nan, Qiao Jiangang
The safety of the bridge impact the traffic capacity of road, and the bridge will be deformed to the disease when it is under repeated loads. In order to detect the real-time detection of operating conditions, we combine computer and automatic control technology, with which around the core parameter...
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Data Preprocessing and Classification for Taproot site data sets of Panax notoginseng

Huang Dao, He Jin
The herbs from different producing regions have differences in the active constituents and efficacy. The quality of the herb from the authentic region is better than other producing regions. Nowadays, many peddlers substitute non-authentic herbs for authentic-region herbs in order to make more money....
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Qualitative Research on Frequency -Frequency Rank Distribution ofAncient Chinese Characters in Corpus

Tian Haoyang, Liu Ying
This article analysis the statistic of ancient Chinese characters’ frequency-frequency rank in corpus from Pre-Qin to Qing dynasty, and give the linear curve for the statistic with and lnK as parameters, further more, we give a high order function fitting to strengthen the expressive and reduce the complexity...
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An Improved Stereo Matching Algorithm Based on Guided Image Filter

Gao Ruidong, Chen Yun, Yan Lina
Stereo matching is a challenging issue in computer vision field. To address the poor accuracy behavior of local algorithms, we propose an improved stereo matching algorithm based on guided image filter. Firstly, we put forward a combined matching cost by incorporating the absolute difference and improved...
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A New Fractal Hyperspectral Image Compression Algorithm

Chen Yun, Gao Ruidong
Because of the great data of the hyperspectral image, it is not good for storage and transmission. To work out a high efficiency compression method for hyperspectral image is essential. Prediction encoding is easy to realize and has been studied widely in the hyperspectral image compression field. High...
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On Generalized Order of Vector Dirichlet Series of Fast Growth

Lu Wanchun
The concept of vector valued Dirichlet series was introduced by B. L. Srivastava [2] who characterized the growth of entire functions represented by these series. In this paper we introduce the generalized order of analysis functions fast growth.
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Study of Numerical Method of Synthetical Surface Heat Transfer Coefficient on Rail during Spraying Process

Li Ge, Liu Zhimin
In order to get precise synthetical heat transfer coefficients, the synthetical surface heat transfer coefficients on rail are calculated respectively by Two-point method, Three-point method and Whole method during spraying process, taken into the calculation model to get the cooling curve to compare...
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Musical Signal Processing Based on Digital Signal Processing Technology

Liu Yuying, Chen Liangliang
With the rapid development of computer and information,the theory and application of digital signal processing achieved great progress, which was widely applied in audio frequency field, The use of digital signal processing technology made it more flexible and convenient to record and process musical...
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Research Based on the Frequency Hopping Wireless Communication Networks

Wu Shuang, Zhao Ke
Wireless networking is becoming more and more popular, because of the usage wireless communication technology. Therefore, it will inevitably be affected by multipath fading, interference tracking, interception and other effects in the communication process. The RF signal frequency bandwidth after expanding...
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Blocking Temperature and Hysteresis Characteristics of the Decay Products Titanomagnetites

Afremov Leonid, Iliushun Ilia, Maria Shmykova
This work is devoted to the theoretical study of the temperature dependence of the blocking, the coercive force of the spontaneous magnetization and the size of the magnetite core core / shell nanoparticles of magnetite / titanomagnenit. It is shown that the coercive force and the saturation magnetization...
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Hysteresis Characteristics of Interacting Fe/Fe3O4 Core/Shell Nanoparticles

Sergei Anisimov, Leonid Afremov, Iliac Iliushin
In this work, we show our results of the theoretical study of the hysteresis characteristics of a system of interacting Fe/Fe3O4 core/shell nanoparticles. We show that increase of the volumetric concentration of nanoparticles lead to decrease of the coercive field and remanent saturation magnetization....
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High-k Gate Stacks Influence on Characteristics of Nano-scale MOSFET Structures

Konstantin O. Petrosyants, Dmitriy A. Popov
The models of electro-physical effects built-into Sentaurus TCAD have been tested. The models providing an adequate modeling of deep submicron high-k MOSFETs have been selected. The gate and drain leakage currents for 45 nm MOSFET with PolySi gate and SiO2, SiO2/HfO2 and HfO2 gate dielectrics have been...
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The Density of Gaps in the Seal Joint in Elastic Contact of Microasperities

P.M. Ogar, D.B. Gorokhov, A.S. Kozhevnikov
Initially, a contact between a rigid rough surface and a homogeneous elastic half-space without taking into account the mutual influence of microasperities is considered. To determine the dependence of the density of gaps in the joint on dimensionless the force elastic geometrical parameter, the discrete...
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Magnetics, Magetostriction, and Spin Reorientation of Tb0.3Dy0.6Pr0.1(Fe1-xAlx)1.95 Alloys with Substitution of Fe by Al

X.P. Zheng, P.F. Zhang, Kui Cheng, X. Zhang, P.Y. Wang, M.J. Yu
The effects of Al substitution for Fe on the structure, magnetism, magnetostriction, anisotropy and spin reorientation of a series of Tb0.3Dy0.6Pr0.1(Fe1-xAlx)1.95 alloys (x=0. 05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3) have been investigated. The alloys of Tb0.3Dy0.6Pr0.1(Fe1-xAlx)1.95 substantially retain MgCu2-type...
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Experimental Modeling of Transition Layer at Phase Boundary in Composites

V.A. Smirnov, E.V. Korolev, A.V. Evstigneev
Properties of composite materials with different matrices and disperse phases are greatly affected by phenomena occurring at the phase boundary with largest area. This is a boundary between matrix and fine filler. Numerous processes take place during preparation, homogenization and curing of the thermoset...
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On Paving Bricks on the Streets of the Southern Cities of the Song Dynasty

Li Hequn, Song Zhiyi
-In the Song dynasty, brick-paved streets mainly emerged in the southern cities dealing with rainy weather and slippery road surface. This article discusses some brick-paved streets of the southern cities, such as Chengdu, Junzhou, Yangzhou, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. These streets were often slightly convex...
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Non-linear Impedance of a New Sound Absorptive Fibreless Material Title

Fabio Auriemma, Heiki Tiikoja
The Micro-Grooved Element (MGE) is a novel acoustic solution for noise control aiming to provide high sound absorption coefficient with cost effective technology. In this paper the main characteristics of the MGEs are described, including the geometry and the impedance model. The non-linear part of the...
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Intelligent Retrieval of Axisymmetric Solid Parts in Machining Process Planning by Case Based Reasoning

Ricardo Sors Lancho, Alexis Cordovés García, Arlys Michel Lastres Rondon, Aleaga Ricardo Lorenzo Avila, Rogelio García Muñoz, José Antonio Yarza Acuña, Edwin Esteves Parra
This research is intended to address the cases retrieval phase related to a CAPP system for axisymmetric solid parts supported by the Case Based Reasoning (CBR). The traits of similarity between two parts were identified from the characteristics of the stock and the finished part. As a result of this...
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Hydrogenation of Phenol with Different Catalysts in Supercritical Alcohol

Kong Zhaoni, Zhang Jianping, Guan Qingqing, Gu Junjie
Pd/C, Ni/SiO2-Al2O3 and Ru/C were used for hydrogenation of phenol in supercritical alcohol system. The results indicate that Pd/C is an efficient catalyst for hydrogenation of phenol in supercritical alcohol system, over 80% phenol was removed at initial 40 min and cyclohexane, cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone...
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The Preparation and Biological Toxicity Research of the New Controlled Release Carrier Nano-silica

Li Xinxin, Zhang Wenjuan, Tong Bobo, Zheng Xiang, Zhao Yali, Wang Zhilong
The different particle sizes’ nano silica spheres are synthesized by the TEOS hydrolysis method. The XRD patterns testified that the sample is single phase and its strongest peak is significantly broadened. From the photos of TEM we can see that the samples’ surfaces have a good dispersion and uniform...
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Effect of Shot Peening on Water Vapor Oxidation Resistance of Austenitic Stainless Steel TP347H

Chen Rui, He Guikuan
In order to study the effect of shot peening on water vapor oxidation resistance of austenitic stainless steel TP347H, spare reheater tube of a certain power plant is made into the experimental sample, and part of the samples have been shot blasted, the experimental samples are used to do the contrast...
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Design of 3.7GHz BeO Ceramic Window

Tang Yunying, Liu Fukun, Wang Xiaojie
The design of 3.7GHz ceramic window is needed in the Lower Hybrid Current Drive (LHCD) system of Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST). The material of ceramic disk chooses BeO which owns low dielectric constant, low loss tangent and high thermal conductivity. RF results obtained from...
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The Structures and Properties of Hierarchical Mesoporous TiO2 Microspheres in Dye sensitized Solar Cells Controlled by Different Reagents

Li Zhenquan, Kong Lingdong, Liu Jun
In this paper, using aniline, lauryl alcohol and nonanoic acid as the structural controlling reagents, hierarchical mesoporous TiO2 microspheres composed of connected nanoparticles are synthesized via a coupled sol-gel and solvothermal process. The dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) with the mesoporous...
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Research of Luminescent Properties on Eu3 + Doped YAG

Ling Aixia, Li Zhenquan, Liu Jun
Using rare earth oxides, aluminum nitrate and gelatin as raw materials, YAG:Eu3+ based luminescent materials were successfully synthesized by gel-network co-precipitation method. The formation and luminescent properties of YAG:Eu3+ was investigated by means of fluoresce spectra. For YAG:Eu3+, the differences...
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Surface Modification of the UHMW-PMMA Film Processing by Solvent Molding

Du Zhongyan, Wan Jihu, Wen Shaoguo
This paper have compared the properties of UHMW-PMMA film with GMW-PMMA film in terms of contact angle, gas permeability, heat resistance, surface resistance changes by surface modification of UHMW-PMMA film like thermal treatment, acidation and alkalization modification. All the datas showed that UHMW-PMMA...
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The Solar Sail and Your Use Into Renewable Energy

Celia Ximena, Mendez Cubillos
To discovery alternative sources of energy besides fossil fuels becomes necessary looking for the space. In the space, there is an abundant energy resource: The solar radiation. Solar Sails have long been envisaged as an enabling technology because is a promising low-cost option for space exploration...
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The Training Methods Research of Rapid Shooting Based on Human Instinct

Li Xiang
At present, domestic violence cases of assaulting a police officer is increasing, to the police in the amount of law enforcement itself and the country and the people's lives and property caused a great loss. Rapid reaction shooting as a skill of police, in the face of violence assaulting case, for the...
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A Quantitative Mechanism Based on Environmental Compensation for Trash Incineration

Zhang Zhenshi, Chen Huangke, Pei Huanle, Li Yipeng
A trash incineration would pollute the around environment, and the citizen lived there should get compensation. In this paper, we design a pollution inspection model based on the Gaussian Diffusion Model and weather conditions. With the help of this model, the gas concentration distribution around the...
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The Current Development Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Chinese Labor Market

Zhu Xinci
Under the condition of socialist market economy, labor market has become a new mechanism of allocating labor resources. Through the observation data in recent years, it is not difficult to find that China labor market has many problems. The imbalance between supply and demand, the discrimination phenomenon,...
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The Effects of Different Excavation Angle on Intersecting Tunnel Surrounding Rock Stability

Li Jinkui, Wei Xianke, Liang Wenjing
Various contacting channels and intersecting tunnels often need to be constructed in the tunnel construction process. While in the process of intersecting tunnel construction, the excavation of back tunnel will cause surrounding rock and supporting structure stress adjustment and redistribution. The...