Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Computer, Communication, Control and Automation (ISCCCA 2013)

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Database Design of three Dimensional Simulation and Optimization System for Mine Ventilation Network

Yun Shen
According to the characteristic of three dimensional simulation system for mine ventilation and database technology situation, the systems database was built by SQL Server. This paper analysed the data model, data dictionary, database access control strategy and technology, which provided solid dependence...
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Application of Fusioncharts in Web System

Ting Zhang
This This paper mainly introduces Flash report components Fusioncharts of functions and basic usage, emphatically describes how Java Web development system provided by the use of dynamic data-driven Fusioncharts icon-based, and through examples to achieve Fusioncharts Web system.
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Study on the Equipment Management System Based on Internet of Things

Jiangkun Mao, Yufeng Xu
For the demands of unit equipment management under the new situation, equipment management system model was constructed based on Internet of Things, building programs of equipment information management system was put forward based on the system. Information sensing device are combined with inside LAN,...
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An Fuzzy Petri Net Model of Accident Evolution Process of Coal and Gas Outburst

Li Ma
This article has proposed an accident evolution model of coal and gas outburst on the basis of fuzzy production rules, because the coal and gas outburst accident has the characteristic of fuzziness and uncertainty. Firstly, adverse searching method is used to reduce the initial model so as to decrease...
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Research on a Scheme for Improving the Chord Routing Algorithm

Xiaobin Wang, Qingjun Wang
The research and application on Peer-to-Peer (P2P) is a topical issue in the present computer network field. The current P2P systems can be separated into two types. One is structured and the other non-structured. The Structured P2P system is based on the principle of DHT which aims to solve some of...
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A Cooperative Hybrid Caching Strategy for P2P Mobile Network

Mo Zhou, Bo Ji, Kunpeng Han, Hongsheng Xi
Recently mobile network technologies develop quickly. To meet the increasing demand of wireless users, many multimedia proxies have been deployed over wireless networks. The caching nodes constitute a wireless caching system with an architecture of P2P and provide better service to mobile users. In this...
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An Improved Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Bitonic TSP

Jian Li
This paper puts forward an improved dynamic programming algorithm for bitonic TSP and it proves to be correct. Divide the whole loop into right-and-left parts through analyzing the key point connecting to the last one directly; then construct a new optimal sub-structure and recursion. The time complexity...
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The Research of ARMA Model in CPI Time Series

Fengwang Zhang, Wengang Che, Beibei Xu, Jingzhi Xu
The changing trend of CPI to a certain extent reflects the degree of inflation, which has a great significance on macro-control and research on national economic. ARMA model is one of the simple and practical models in financial time series analysis with relatively high forecast accuracy. The paper utilizing...
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A new type of optimization method based on conjugate directions

Xin Pan
A new type of optimization method based on conjugate directions is proposed in this paper. It can be proved that this type of method has quadratic termination property without exact line search. The new method requires only the storage of 4 vectors such that it is suitable for large scale problems. Numerical...
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Study on Personalized Recommendation Technology of Digital TV Programs

Xiaobin Wang, Qingjun Wang
This paper aims at one of key technologies in digital television development ---intelligent personalized recommendation technology of digital TV programs for study. This paper proposes to take advantage of ample TV-Anytime to describe metadata so as to perform specific plans of guide service for TV programs...
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Time-varying LQG control for vibration of coupled vehicle-bridge system

G. Song
Time-varying linear quadratic Gaussian (LQG) control for vibration of coupled vehicle-bridge system is studied. The vehicle is modeled as a moving mass model with three degrees of freedom, which consists of vehicle body, bogie and wheel. Active suspensions are adopted for the primary and secondary ones,...
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A Multiple Constrained QoS Routing Algorithm for the wireless sensor networks

Zeshun Zhou, Yi Xu, Junjie Yan, Zhongwei Nie, Layuan Li
Routing problem is one of the most important issues to a wireless sensor network (WSN). It is the key problem to find an efficient energy strategy for prolonging network's lifetime because power supply might be impossible. This paper discusses the multicast routing problem of WSN with multiple QoS constraints,...
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Design of Electric Power Steering for Forklift Based on ARM

Dongmei Ma
After analyzing Electric Power Steering (EPS) and electric control unit (ECU), a controller system based on ARM LPC1752 is designed. Direction control circuit, H-bridge control circuit and PWM technology were used to control a motor. The PD fuzzy control algorithm was used to control the steering system...
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A Localization Model based on Irregular Quadrilateral for Wireless Sensor networks

Fengjun Shang, Hongxia Gao
Localization is used in location-aware applications such as navigation, autonomous robotic movement, and asset tracking to position a moving object on a coordinate system. In this paper, we present a localization model based on the irregular quadrilateral in wireless sensor networks. Firstly, a quadrilateral-positioning...
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Design for realizing arbitrary fractional divider based on FPGA which duty cycle is up to 50%

Songwei Zhang, Cheng Zhao
This paper proposes a novel method for realizing arbitrary fractional divider based on FPGA. Analyzing the limitations of the existing frequency-divided methods, a new model which consists of two-level dividers is put forward. An arbitrary frequency-divided clock output can be obtained by this method...
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An Energy-efficient Security Node-based Key Management Protocol for WSN

Jiana Bi, Xu E
A security node-based key management protocol is proposed for cluster-based sensor networks. Member nodes and cluster heads are responsible for data collection and transmission. Security nodes are responsible for key management. Security nodes restrain key management function of cluster heads, and reduce...
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The Liquid and Plastic Limit Data Treated System Based on VC++

Xiaodong Zhang, Jianqiao Li, Ruiyang Shi, Meng Zou, Yang Wang, Hao Li
According to two standards for soil test methods with liquid and plastic limit combined test, a liquid and plastic limit data treated system was developed using object-oriented visual programming Microsoft Visual C++6.0 based on analytical method. The flow char indicated that programs of the system used...
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In C Language How to Use Pointer to Access Two-Dimensional Array Element

Weiqing Bai
In C language, it is difficult to use the pointer to access the two-dimensional array element. The reason is the addresses of two-dimensional array are many, pointers that can access the two-dimensional array element are many and complex. This paper analyzes the two-dimensional array address and pointer,...
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Research on the cooperation method of traffic control and route guidance of local area network

Weiqing Bai, Maolei Zhang
The city traffic control system and traffic guidance system are two important subsystems of Intelligent Transportation Systems, also main means of the city traffic management. This paper studies the method of control and guidance system coordination for a specific local area, usually 2-6 signalized intersections,...
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Research on Dynamic Modeling Of Virtual CNC System Of Human Machine Interface

Bashir Osman, Deji Hu
In this paper, a Virtual CNC system of Human machine interface Modeling described the structure of the real CNC system operator panel, virtual modeling and parser function of CNC panel using Delphi language programming logic as an advanced dynamic modeling concepts and techniques to carry out the virtual...
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Construction of Odd-variable Boolean Functions with Optimum Algebraic Immunity

Zhichao Zhang, Zheng Huang, Jie Zhang, Qiaoyan Wen
Recently, algebraic attacks becomes a major attack method to threat to cryptography security. In order to resist algebraic attacks, algebraic immunity as a Boolean function cryptographic property has been put out. This makes that Boolean functions should have high algebraic immunity to resist algebraic...
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Research on Attack Source traceback

Wei Xu, Qiaohong Xu
The existing methods of attack traceback still have many defects, such as input debugging method requires the professional intervention; ICMP traceback message takes up the network bandwidth resources and so on, so a new collaborative network is picked up, based on ant source of ideological attack tracking...
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The Improvement Scheme Based on SIPT

Jieying Lao, Zhilei Sun
Speedy IP Traceback method (SIPT) is deficient in monitoring and position attack sources, this paper puts forward an improvement scheme based on SIPT, it only marks two-three times for the packet on the key locations, and the propose also overload rarely used fields on IP packet header to store the checkpoint...
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A Secure and Energy-efficient Rooting Protocol for WSN

Jiana Bi, Xu E
In directed diffusion rooting protocol, interest and exploratory data are disseminated by flooding, which will bring broadcast storm resulting in substantial energy consumption of wireless sensor networks. Grid-based directed diffusion rooting protocol can improve energy efficiency where geographic grids...
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Research and Design of Beamforming Device of SLC- LSCMA Algorithm Based on FPGA

Qingfang Zhou, Yanyan Yu, Lei Wang, Jun Yang
In this paper,we design a uniform circular array beamforming device of 16 yuan based on the least squares SLC- LSCMA algorithm (based on the linear subspace constrained least squares cma) high stability and rapid convergence for the foundation. The design of the complete beam-forming the SLC-LSCMA algorithm...
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Design and Implementation of Reconfigurable Encryption and Decryption System Based on SOPC

Qingfang Zhou, Qian Huang, Ying Yuan, Jun Yang
The system is based on DES/3DES AES cipher algorithm as the research object.According to the characteristics of the algorithm, designs a configuration mode which can share resource in space and configurate algorithm in time. Then it uses hardware description language Verilog HDL to realize and optimize...
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The Application of Fuzzy Reasoning in Cement Particle Size Soft Sensor

Weilei Luan, Qingjin Meng, Tao Shen
In the cement production process, cement quality is the most important indicator. One way to measure the quality of the cement is the cement particle size. Only the cement particle size is symmetrical and the specific surface area could reach the national standard that this kind of cement is qualified...
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The convergence of SaaS and SOA magnify effect

Xiaoye Jin, Xianhui Liu, Weidong Zhao
SaaS is a software distribution model in which customers can receive their special types of software application services from the SaaS provider via the Internet, the specified software can be ordered according to customer’s demand. SOA is a valid architecture pattern to provide integrated systems, applications...
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Predication of Gas Emission Based on Wavelet Multi-resolution Analysis

Baoming Qiao, Qiao Kang
Gas emission is basically non-stationary time series, Based on this view, wavelet multi-resolution analysis was applied to the predication of gas emission. Firstly, the gas emission data was decomposed by wavelet multi-resolution analysis. Secondly, the single branch reconstruction of each layer was...
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Applications and Prospects of Sensor in the field of Sports

Jinwei Wang
Sensor technology is rapidly developing and has penetrated into the field of sports. Give the specific application of sensor technology in some field of sports, working principle and characteristics of the various sensors. Point out sensor in sports engineering practices will be increasingly widespread...
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A Fault Injection System Based on QEMU Simulator and Designed for BIT Software Testing

Yi Li, Ping Xu, Han Wan
An important step in the development of dependable systems is the validation of their fault tolerance properties. Fault injection has been widely used for this purpose. This paper presents a simulator implemented fault injection and monitoring environment based on the QEMU platform, called BitVaSim,...
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On the adjacent vertex distinguishing proper edge colorings of several classes of complete 4-partite and 5-partite graphs

Xiang-en Chen, Chunyan Ma, Fang Yang, Bing Yao
A proper k-edge coloring of a graph G is an assignment of k colors, 1; 2; · · · ; k, to edges of G. For a proper edge coloring f of G and any vertex x of G, we use S(x) denote the set of the colors assigned to the edges incident to x. If for any two adjacent vertices u and v of G,we have S(u) = S(v),...
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Optimal Boundary SVM Incremental Learning Algorithm

Jian Cao, Shiyu Sun, Xiusheng Duan
Support vectors(SVs) can’t be selected completely in support vector machine(SVM) incremental, resulting incremental learning process can’t be sustained. In order to solve this problem, the article proposes optimal boundary SVM incremental learning algorithm. Based on in-depth analysis of the trend of...
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Research for Model Based on Petri Nets about Maintenance and Support of Military Aviation Equipment

Zheng Wang, Jianhua Song, Xingdong Zhu
In this paper, the model based on Petri Nets about maintenance and support of military aviation equipment is researched. And this paper analyzes its process and puts forward a simulation model based on Petri net. This model not only considers most factors in the process, but also appends other elements...
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Linguistic Controller Design of LDS upon Cell-to-cell Mapping

Zhiquan Xiao
The theory of linguistic dynamic system (LDS) focuses on modeling, analysis, control and evaluation of complex systems at a linguistic level through computing with words. The concepts, frameworks and methods in conventional dynamic systems (CDS) are adopted in research of LDS. This paper is concerned...
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A Compact Ultra-wideband Monopole Antenna with Dual Bandstop Characteristics

Wen Li, Junjun Wang, Yanchao Sun, Xianchao Meng
A compact and simple ultra-wideband microstrip-fed planar antenna with double bandstop characteristic is presented. The antenna consists of a rectangular monopole and two W-shaped slots inserted into the radiating patch and the truncated ground plane. By using a W-shaped slot defected ground structure...
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Multicast Address Allocation Based on Interest Constraints

Yunxia Yu, Weiqun Han, Xiaoxuan Tian
Multicast address allocation is a key and difficult points of HLA simulation system. Multicast address allocation need to select or improve according to the actual application needs. In the data distribution management based HLA simulation grid, for the contradiction of redundant data receives and multicast...
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A study in the technology implementation of the network massive Information Processing Platform

Yue Li, Ran Liu
With the popularity and development of the network, the support of the high-performance computer technology becomes increasingly important as the huge information storage and the convenience of Information retrieval function of the internet that attracts more and more people join the netizens’ team....
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Self-alignment algorithm for strapdown inertial navigation system under strong flurry interference

Yuegang Wang, Jiasheng Yang
For the strong flurry interrupting, the body will suffer large swaying motion when it is in erecting state ,the output of its strapdown inertial navigation system (SINS) will be disturbed for the high gravitational center of IMU, the conventional methods are difficult to achieve alignment rapidly and...
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An Fast Refined Algorithm for Image Mosaic

Yuping Feng, Wencang Zhao
In order to improve accuracy and speed of image mosaic, an optimized algorithm of image mosaic based on corners is presented. Frequency phase correlation is used to estimate the overlapping area, in which improved Harris operator is used to extract corners. Then, rough and RANSAC accurate matching will...
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Performance of Pulsating High-Frequency Current Injection Based Sensorless Control of PMSM

Jianmin Wang
In the paper the principle and performances of the pulsating current injection based sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) are analyzed theoretically and investigated by simulations. In the analyses, the effects of the speed EMF terms and the deviation between the actual d-axis...
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Fractal Structures of General Mandelbrot Sets and Julia Sets Generated From Complex Non-Analytic Iteration Fm(Z)=Zm+c

Dejun Yan, Xiaodan Wei, Hongpeng Zhang, Nan Jiang, Xiangdong Liu
In this paper we use the same idea as the complex analytic dynamics to study general Mandelbrot sets and Julia sets generated from the complex non-analytic iteration . The definition of the general critical point is given, which is of vital importance to the complex non-analytic dynamics. The general...
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Research of The Harmful Gas Detection and Control System In Dairy

Shifeng Yang, Yajuan Liu
This design constructs the harmful gas detection and automatic control system for NH3 and H2S in the dairy, which based on the electronic nose and LabVIEW virtual instrument technology development platform. This control system tests the harmful gas concentration of NH3 and H2S through the semiconductor...
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Application of a Dynamic Collaborative Learning Oriented Knowledge Model

Jianhui Shi, Lihua Liu
Collaborative learning is becoming a very important teaching mode in course teaching. This paper puts forward a dynamic collaborative learning oriented knowledge model and course teaching mode, and then designs the process of course teaching. Different leaning modes are used for different kind of course...
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An SC-FDMA Channel Estimation Algorithm Research Based on Pilot Signals

Jianbin Xue, Songbai Li
SC-FDMA as LTE uplink main technology has been widely studied,at the same time, channel estimation around such technology is becoming hot,In order to research and increase channel estimation accuracy of LTE uplink system,an algorithm based on pilot is proposed in this paper,this algorithm’s main idea...
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A Hierarchical Fuzzy-neural Multi-model Applied in Nonlinear Systems Identification and Control

Feng Ye, Weimin Qi
The paper brings forward a hierarchical fuzzy-neural multi-model with recurrent neural procedural consequent par for systems identification, states estimation and adaptive control of complex nonlinear plants. The parameters and states of the local recurrent neural network models are used for a local...
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Adaptive Dual Conjudate Gradient Projection Algorithm for Compressed Sensing Image Reconstruction

Haixia Yan, Yanjun Liu
In order to improve the quality of noise signals reconstruction method, an algorithm of adaptive dual gradient projection for sparse reconstruction of compressed sensing theory is proposed. In ADGPSR algorithm, the pursuit direction is updated in two conjudate directions, the better original signals...
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A Novel Model-Based Method for Automatic Generation of FMEA

Juan Zhang, Guoqi Li
FMEA is a popular safety analysis method for embedded software and its automatic generation is a hot topic recently. In this paper, a novel model-based method for automatic generation of FMEA is presented, which is hopeful to overcome the shortages of exit automatic generation methods. The methodology...
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A Nonlinear Predictive Controller Based on Chaos Optimization Apply to Reheated Steam Temperature

Weihong Wu, Weiping Yan, Zhimin Guan
In the power plant reheat steam temperature control system with large time delay, large inertia and dynamic variation of uncertainty, a new nonlinear predictive controller is proposed which combines neural network identification, chaos optimization algorithm (COA) and the concept of predictive contro1....
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Research of Sign language synthesis Based on VRML

Shicai Yu, Rong Lu
Sign language is to help the deaf and normal hearing people natural communication and computer assisted instruction. Through the analysis of language features, and proposed one kind based on the VRML human body modeling and virtual human based on context of gesture smoothing algorithm, thus the sign...
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The Model Building for the Influence of the Water Environment on Urban Tourism Ecological Capacity

Zuyong Wan, Juqin Shen
This article first define the concept of the urban water environment and city tourism environment capacity, and points out that the urban tourism environment capacity including urban tourism ecological capacity, urban tourism spatial capacity, urban tourism economy capacity and city tourism mental capacity,...
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Fuzzy Clustering for Military Decision Analysis with Remote Sensing Information

Jifeng Yang, Yongzhi Liu, Bingjie Liu, Weiliang Chen
In ocean military actions, there are many environmental factors to influent the military decision. In this paper, the fuzzy C-means(FCM) clustering is used to evaluate the influents of ocean environment, including sea winds, sea wave, sea current and the sea surface temperature gradient in military game....
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Performance Evaluation of Finite-Resolution IR-UWB Signal Detection

Yan Ma, Fei Sun, Peng Li, Huarui Yin
Finite-resolution digital receiver is considered to be a potential solution to meet the severe demand of ADC that results from wideband of IR-UWB signal. However, the quantized distortion is totally different from full-resolution quantized signal. In this paper, the finite-resolution quantized signal...
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Design of Embedded System-Based CAPTCHA in C

Bo Qu, Zhaozhi Wu
This paper describes the technical details of design and implementation of embedded system-based CAPTCHA (verification code) in C, including a brief analysis of techniques for implementing CAPTCHA, and a simple and practical CAPTCHA system designed by the author of this paper, which can be used not only...
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Design of Web Based Secure Embedded System in C

Bo Qu, Zhongxue Yang
This paper describes the design and implementation of Web based secure embedded system, including tiny secure Web server, embedded system-based CGI library, and utilities for security, such as CAPTCHA program and mail sending program. The entire system is designed in C by the author of this paper on...
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A Novel Method for Data Calibration in Wireless Sensor Networks

Weimin Qi, Jie Xiao
In order to provide efficient and suitable services for users in a ubiquitous computing environment, many kinds of context information technologies have been researched. Wireless sensor networks are among the most popular technologies providing such information. Therefore, it is very important to guarantee...
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An Improved Channel Estimation Method in OFDM System

Shunxian Li
In this paper, we will focus on channel estimation (CE) in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) systems. The time-varying (TV) channels are modeled by a basis expansion model (BEM). Due to the time-variation, the channel matrix in the frequency domain is no longer diagonal, but approximately...
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Development and Implementation of WEB-based Online Hotel Reservation System

Ping Hu, Dongxiao Gu
The Internet accelerates the communication and understandings between people, which make information unprecedented important. Furthermore, it changes the way that people book rooms, which makes rooms-booking diversified, convenient, and individualized. Out of the demand of modern hotels and based on...
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Impact Analysis of Communication Network Reliability Based on Node Failure

Fei Zhao, Ning Huang, Jiaxi Chen
Node failure is an important factor causing network faults. Through research on node failures, mastering the effect laws of failure is a reasonable and effective method to improve network reliability. This paper summarized and classified the node failure modes of communication network. Meanwhile, combined...
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Challenges On Coordination For Cyber-Physical Systems

Meng Sun
Cyber-physical systems integrate computing and communication with monitoring and control of physical entities. The complex interaction with the physical world makes coordination models and languages very important for the analysis, design and development of cyber-physical systems. This paper discusses...
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Wavelet Linear Estimation for Different Distributed Random Variables

Jinru Wang, Meng Wang
In this paper, we construct a wavelet linear estimator for the component of a finite mixture under independent identically distributed biased observations. We evaluate its performance by determining an upper bound of L risk of B(A,L) function classes.
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CDMA VPDN-based Wireless Data Communication System for Mobile Pipeline Patrol

Fei Sun, Jun-yuan Song, Jun-xia Xu
Communication is the basic method to guarantee oil transportation command and scheduling of mobile long-distance pipeline and is the nervous system of the mobile pipeline. Based on the characteristics such as varied topography of the region it extends, long distance between stations, large volume of...
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Video Copy Detection Based on Fusion of Spatio-temporal Features

Wei Bao, Lixin Ji, Shilin Gao, Xing LI, Lixiong Liu
A video copy detection method based on fusion of spatio-temporal features is proposed in this paper. Firstly, trajectories are built and lens boundaries are detected by SURF features analyzing, then normalized histogram is used to describe spatio-temporal behavior of trajectories, the bag of visual words...
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SIFT Feature Extraction Algorithm for Image in DCT Domain

Zhen Wu, Zhe Xu, Rui-nian Zhang, Shao-Mei Li
Image feature extraction is an important technology in image matching and retrieval. For the problem of high computational complexity of spatial domain image feature extraction using the SIFT algorithm, and by studying the relationship between DCT coefficient matrix and image, the paper designed the...
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Hydraulic system modeling and motion control of demotion robot’s working equipment

Yu-wan Cen, Ya-fen Jiang, Han-dong Zhang
Based on the electro-hydraulic proportional system of a demolition robot working device, a simplified mathematical model was established by analyzing dynamic characteristics of the electro-hydraulic proportional valve, flow equation, the continuity equation and force equilibrium equations, and the fuzzy...
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3D visualized technique for coalbed methane integrated surface and underground drainage

Xinfeng Du
According to the different features of 3D elements in the coalbed methane (CBM) surface and underground drainage system in the coal mining area, and adopting the 3DMAX static modeling of the drainage equipment and the dynamic modeling of the geological body based on the borehole data, the 3D model of...
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Adaptive semi-fragile watermarking based on complete quantization and image contents

Guo Wu, Dawei Wei, Guangming Tang, Jinfeng Yang
Complete quantization principle is proposed in this paper, based on which, an adaptive semi-fragile watermarking algorithm based on image contents is proposed. The algorithm uses the low frequency sub-band to construct watermarking related to the content of image, and then uses just noticeable difference...
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A Wavelet Neural Network Forecasting Model Based On ARIMA

Bin Wang, Wen-ning Hao, Gang Chen, Deng-chao He, Bo Feng
Stock index series is Non-stationary, Nonlinear and factors with impact on stock index fluctuation are complex, a time series forecasting model combined ARIMA model and wavelet neural network is presented. The combined model uses BP neural network as the main framework, uses wavelet basis function instead...
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Research on Modeling and Simulation of Expert_PID Controlled Servo System Based on MATLAB/S-function

Fei Kang, YanBing Liang
The paper elaborates Expert_PID controller applied in servo system. Illustrates an S-function construction method on complex control law. Designs an Expert_PID controller based on MATLAB/S-function and writes partial core code of Expert_PID controller. Establishes the simulink model of servo system based...
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OFDM parameter design of a digital broadcasting system in FM band

Jilong Li, Yanbin Yin
A thorough OFDM parameter design method of a digital broadcasting system in FM band is presented in this paper. Key OFDM parameters are analyzed from their constraints. Cyclic prefix should satisfy the requirement of channel delay and formation of SFN. Design of system bandwidth should consider coherent...
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A Relation Oriented System Analysis Method

Xuemin Zhang, Yanqi Bai, Jie Liu, Zhongpeng Liu
System analysis is a main part of military system simulation. Six-element analysis method is integrated the advantage of system analysis method for function and system analysis method for entity. This method analyses the system through its connotation, category, structure, function, state and operation....
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Design of Mini Multi-Process Micro-Kernel Embedded OS on ARM

Bo Qu, Zhaozhi Wu
This paper describes the design and implementation of a mini multi-process micro-kernel embedded Unix-like operating system on ARM platform in technical details, including MMU and memory space mapping, init process, inter-process communication, process management, TTY and tiny shell, multi-level priority-queue...
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Model Parameters Estimation for Image Motion Compensation

Xunyu Zhong, Xiaoshan Li, Yonggang Zhao
Fast and optimal motion estimation method is proposed for electronic image stabilization. First, an approach for macro-block judgment is presented. Before motion vectors calculation, gradient information is analyzed, only useful reference blocks that are indispensable for accurate motion estimation are...
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Stacked Tri-Band Circularly Polarized Microstrip Patch Antenna for CNSS Applications

Kang Ding, Tong-bin YU, Dong-fang GUAN, Cheng Peng
This paper proposes a novel stacked tri-band circularly polarized antenna which has three independent ports. To obtain tri-band operation, a stacked three layers of microstrip antenna working at different frequency is presented. Each of them is fed by dual feed probes. The simulated results show that...
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Bayesian Networks Application in Multi-State System Reliability Analysis

Sheng Zhai, Shuzhong Lin
Aiming at the limitations of traditional reliability analysis theory in multi-state system, a method for reliability modeling and assessment of a multi-state system based on Bayesian Network (BN) is proposed with the advantages of uncertain reasoning and describing multi-state of event. Through the case...
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Noether theorem of a kind of singular integral equation with Hilbert kernel on closed contours

Li-xia Cao
We considered a kind of singular integral equation with Hilbert kernel on closed contours. By using the method of complex functions, we obtain the extended Plemelj Formula with Hilbert kernel, and based on this, we obtained the related conditions of solvability and the general solution for the characteristic...
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Comparative Analysis of Mobile Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols Simulation

Xiaoyan Wei
A Mobile Ad Hoc Network(MANET) is a popular research topic. In this paper, we first describe characteristics of MANET, proactive and reactive routing protocols. Then AODV and DSDV, which are widely investigated in Ad Hoc network are introduced. We use simulation tool NS-2 to design three experiments...
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Design of Deformation Monitoring Terminal System Based on STM32

Kaihua Xu, Di Zhang, Yuhua Liu, Ke Xu, Yuanhao Xi
One monitoring Terminal system based on STM32 is introduced in this paper. The system used STM32 as core controller, GPIO and USART as control and communication channel. GPS, GPRS, wired transmission and power section together makes up the system motherboard. The design has been tested and been applied...
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Data Fusion and Bayes Estimation Algorithm Research

Yulian Gai, Yaping Wang
This paper starts from the prospective of data processing and use of information, analysis the meaning and realistic background of processing integrated data by using Data Fusion technology. On the basis of a clear basic idea and principle theory of Data Fusion, studies and discusses its hierarchical...
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A Topic Study of Microblog Based on Specific Events

Zhenyu Zhou, Fang Li
This paper describes the study of topics on microblog based on specific events. First, we use a famous topic model – LDA to extract topics from microblog about events. Then, we propose three indexes: Attention Factor(AF), Evolution Factor(EF) to see the performance of microblog topics and Diversity Factor(DF)...
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Electrical Parameter Detecting System of Jordan Refinner Based on Virtual Instrumentation

Shifeng Yang, Peng FU, Ye Yang
There are some disadvantages like that single-function and lower extent of automation in the electrical parameter detecting system of Jordan refiner, so it’s hard to adapt the system to the demand of the large-scale automatic detecting industry. Depending on the jordan refiner used in paper making, basing...
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An Improved Feature Selection Algorithm Based on Parzen Window and Conditional Mutual Information

Deng-chao He, Wen-ning Hao, Gang Chen, Da-wei Jin
In this paper, an improved feature selection algorithm by conditional mutual information with Parzen window was proposed, which adopted conditional mutual information as an evaluation criterion of feature selection in order to overcome the deficiency of feature redundant and used Parzen window to estimate...
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Improvement on LEACH Protocol of Wireless Sensor Network

Xiaowen Ma, Xiang Yu
Wireless sensor networks comprise of minor battery driven devices with restricted energy resources.Once installed,the minor sensor nodes are usually unapproachable to the operator, and thus auxiliary of the energy source is not practicable.Hence,energy proficiency is a vital design issue that needs to...
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The Target Vehicle Movement State Estimation Method with Radar Based on Kalman Filtering Algorithm

Xin Jia, Zuolong Wu, Hsin Guan
In this paper, based on Kalman filtering algorithm, a method of target vehicle motion state radar estimation with radar(or lidar) is presented. The state equations is established based on rigid plane dynamics theory, and then with a Kalman filter to do radar data processing, the position, velocity and...
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Research on Command&Control Simulation System Architecture

Jie Liu, Haitao Sun, Xuemin Zhang, Tao Ge
The Key Problem of Command&Control Simulation is to solve how to communicate between Command&Control information and operation models of simulation system. Aiming at such problem, the BML and BOM technical are used together. Meanwhile, both models are presented in XML. Thus the Command&Control Simulation...
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SEA Based Multi-dimensional Space Description Model of Equipment Support Capability

Si Li, Shao-chuang Ma, Ping Gu, Wang-hu Sun
Aiming at the traditional methods of research equipment support capability to the lack of scientific quantitative description of the overall support capability, It builds the multi-dimensional space description Model of equipment support capability based on SEA Initially, introduces the basic idea of...
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An Effective Image Matching Algorithm Based on Rotation Independence

Xianying Huang, Weiwei Chen
Traditional image matching algorithms has poor accuracy in image comparing, such as histogram intersection method. A new image matching algorithm based on the similarity comparison of irregular shape is presented in this paper, which divides the image into a number of irregular regions according to different...
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The analysis of marine magnetic field detection influenced by the platform migration

Dan Wang, Cheng Chi
Marine magnetic field detection is influenced by the environment of marine and the platform,The influence of the platform is mainly caused by platform migration.The variation of the geomagnetic field caused by different directions of the platform migration are compared by using the World Magnetic Model...
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The Design and Implemention of Subjective Questions Automatic Scoring Algorithm in Intelligent Turtoring System

Yaowen Xia, Zhiping Li, Saidong Lv, Guohua Tang
Automatic subjective question of marking is a key technology in the network test system. In order to solve this problem, this paper analyzes the grading teachers thinking reviewers subjective questions. Then introduce the concept of a one-way approach degree based on the nearness theory of fuzzy mathematics....
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The Research and Design of Intelligent tutoring System in Intelligent Turtoring System based on Campus Grid

Yaowen Xia, Jili Xie, Saidong Lv, Guohua Tang
Grid technology has become the computer and network technology’s research hotspot and frontier, Grid technology development and the consummation will promote the development of educational information. The intelligent has shortcoming which are resource isolated, update difficulty etc, Based on the grid...
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Study on the Intelligent Recognition Method for the Maturity Grade of Fresh Corn Ear based on Computer Vision

Huihui Wang, Yonghai Sun, Yan Lv, Xueheng Tao, Xuejun Wang, Jixin Yang
In order to realize the intelligent recognition for the maturity grade of fresh corn ear, intelligent inspection system was studied based on computer vision, which could automatically complete the collection and handling of ear graphic and the recognition of maturity of the corn ear. Based on the study,...
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Timing Acquisition with Cooperation of Two Distributed Receive Antennas over Flat-Fading Channels

Chaojin Qing, Jincheng Wei, Ling Xia, Ying Liu, Chuanhui Ma, Youxi Tang
In the flat Rayleigh channels of linear cell, two distributed receive antennas are employed to receive the signal transmitted from the mobile station (MS) with a single antenna. We exploit the false alarm probability at the central processor to guarantee that the false alarm probability at each distributed...
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A Fast Algorithm for Monostatic RCS based on LU Decomposition

Xiaogang Xie, Tongbin Yu, Zuping Qian, Lei Zhang, Ying Liu
Compared with bistatic RCS, the monostatic RCS calculation is more difficult for the needs of surface current on scatterer induced by the incident wave of every single angle, so the calculation burthen is very large. Based on the character of “impedance matrix of MOM is invariable whether the angle of...
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A Reliable Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Strategy for Cognitive Radios

Shoutao Lv, Zeyang Dai, Jian Liu
In cognitive radio networks (CRNs) , the secondary users (SUs) need to continuously detect whether the primary users (PUs) occupy the spectrum. In order to improve the spectrum sensing accuracy, a novel reliable cooperative spectrum sensing strategy based on the detection results relayed twice from the...
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Volume Rendering Method for Spatial Seismic Data Based on GPU

Zhongxiang Duan, Guohe Li
Volume rendering is one of the focuses in the research and application of computing visualization. On basis of the spatial data volume formally defined principles and methods are introduced on the division of volume data, computation of resampling and composition of image in the ray casting algorithm....
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A user-friendly building energy consumption program

Yilong Jia, Jianxiang Jin, Xuanhao Zhou
Building energy simulation program plays an important role in reducing energy consumption for heating in North China. For the past 60 years, a wide range of building energy simulation programs have been developed. However, in China, building energy simulation programs are not popularized smoothly because...
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Analysis of Microstrip Circuit by Using Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Method

Lei Zhang, Tong-bin Yu, De-xin Qu, Xiao-gang XIE
The microstrip circuit is mostly analyzed in transform domain, because its equivalent circuit equation is often nonlinear differential equation, which is easily analyzed in transform domain relatively, but hardly did in time domain, so the analysis of microstrip circuit is a hard work in time domain....
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A Novel Frequency Locked Loop Based on Stochastic Resonance

Weitong Zhang, Zhiqiang Li, Wenming Zhu
Frequency locked loop (FLL) plays an important role in carrier synchronization because of its excellent dynamic performance. However, it performs inadequately in low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). In this paper, the principle of stochastic resonance (SR) is briefly introduced and a SR processor is proposed....
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A Double Semantic Network for Intelligent Search

Guogang Li, Tao Feng, Guoqiang Li, Hua Wang
The traditional semantic network retrieval has the following two urgent problems to be solved . The first problem is that the two concepts on the surface look very relevant, but vocabulary used to describe the two concepts has no contact, and in fact ,the two concepts are very poorly correlated. The...
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Design of Unsymmetrical Doherty Power Amplifier for 460MHz LTE-Advanced Applications

Chuanhui Ma, Wensheng Pan, Youxi Tang, Chaojin Qing
An unsymmetrical Doherty power amplifier (DPA) at 460MHz is presented in this paper. The carrier and peaking amplifier of the DPA, which base on two equal-sized devices, are matched with different networks to mitigate the performance degradation caused by the limited load modulation. Measured with continuous...