Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Forum on Energy, Environment Science and Materials (IFEESM 2017)

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Analysis on Bacterial Community Structure of Groundwater in Changzhou City

Chenyu Liu, Jihua Wang, Jianfei Guan, Yao Ji, Haichao Sui
The groundwater was monthly sampled from two underground wells of wastewater treatment plant in Changzhou City during March 2016 to February 2017 to monitor groundwater quality and cultivated bacterial community in water. This study aims at analyzing bacterial community structure shift along with environmental...
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Dynamic evolution of the fractures and hydraulic pressures in water-resistant strata between karst cavity and tunnel based on discrete element method

Zhenyu He, Jiaqi Guo, Fan Chen
Based on the discrete element software (UDEC), the variation laws of the seepage field and displacement field in water-resistant strata between karst cavity with high-pressuried water and tunnel are simulated and analyzed in thin limestone strata. The results show that under the same karst water pressure,...
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Effect of Ammonia Concentration on Shortcut Nitrification and Denitrification

Na Li, Xiaomin Hu, Guode Li, Xin Zhao
In this examination we have experimented the effect of ammonia concentration on shortcut nitrification and denitrification in a moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR). The results show that, when the influent ammonia concentration slowly increased to 200 mg/L, the ammonia removal rate and the nitrite accumulation...
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Mechanical behavior of post-installed anchorage between steel and concrete under high temperature

Song Xue, Qun Xie, Ping-Ping Guan
As a reliable technology for connecting a new steel element to the existing concrete structures, the post-installed anchorage is widely used in the field of structural retrofit and strengthening. In order to analyze the mechanical behavior of post-installed anchorage between steel and concrete under...
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Principle of 0.2V0 in frame-tube structures under expected rare earthquake

X.M. Chen, J. Duan, Y.G. Li
Shear walls could present much more lateral stiffness than frames in frame-tube structures, so the load carried by frames may increased because of the redistribution of plastic internal force induced by the damage of walls under expected rare earthquakes. To ensure structures with double fortification...
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Evaluation of Metro Construction Emergency Management Capacity based on COWA Operator and Grey Clustering

J.X. Zhao, M.M. Wang, D.D. Wu
From the point of view of improving the emergency management ability of metro construction, combining with the relevant measures of emergency management, the index system of emergency management ability of metro construction is established. Then, the weights of indexes are determined by the C-OWA operator,...
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Research on the Application of Project Arrears Based on Complete Information Repeated Game Theory

Wenxia Hong, Jinyu Qian, Yan Han, Minglei Jia
The paper first introduced the background and causes of arrears of project arrears, and got the following four reasons: unimplemented Project funds; imbalance supply and demand of the construction market; layers of subcontracting; imperfect credit system of the market. This paper talked about the implication...
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Triaxial Test Numerical Simulation Based on Duncan - Chang Model

Dawei Sun, Xiangwei Chen, Kangping Wang, Zhequn Li
Based on the secondary development platform of large-scale finite element software, the Fortran subroutine of Duncan - Chang EB constitutive model was compiled and embedded in software. Drainage consolidation shear triaxial test of Shuibuya dam materials was carried out. The triaxial experiment results...
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Applying multiple attribute decision-making methods to solve the problematic selection of living environment

Chien-Chien Chu, Ting-Yi Chiang, Yeng-Horng Perng
The selection of an ideal living environment is a complex process that involves multiple attributes, which makes the decision of an appropriate living environment difficult. Hence, a suitable assessment model is needed to solve the complexity. The multiple attribute decision-making methods-Fuzzy Delphi...
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Subway operation safety evaluation based on IAHP-entropy weight method

J.X. Zhao, D.D. Wu, M.M. Wang
Aiming at the subway operation safety assessment of empowerment as relatively one-sided, the game theory method is adopted to combine the improved AHP and the entropy weight method. On the basis of considering the factors of passenger flow, a system of evaluation index of metro operation safety is constructed.Taking...
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Multi-Effect Factor Analysis of Residential Engineering Quality Problems

Xue-Liang Hou, Yi Wang
There are many quality problems appearing in residential engineering in recent years. Such residential engineering quality problems are investigated. Through statistical analysis of survey samples, 24 kinds of major quality problems and their corresponding features which often appear in residential engineering...
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Study on the Influence of Human Activities on Loess Landslide

Yong Yao
In view of the frequent occurrence of human activity loess landslide, this paper focused on the influence of the main human activities such as irrigation, excavation, loading and mechanical vibration. The most typical mechanism of loess landslide caused by irrigation was the creep liquefaction mechanism...
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Identification of Pore Structure of Waterproof Sheet in Underground Engineering Based on Micro-CT Technology

Qingguo Wang, Qixin Yang
The microstructure of waterproof sheet in corrosive water environment of underground engineering was studied by using X-ray CT technology, and the indexes characterizing the failure of material impermeability were explored. Distilled water and NaOH solutions were prepared to simulate corrosive groundwater...
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Seismic Response Analysis on Continuous Beam One-way Slope Bridge with High and Low Pier in Mountainous Regions

Guodong Zheng, Bo Geng
The internal forces at the end of pier, anti-push stiffness at the pier top, and seismic forces distribution law of one-way slope bridge with high and low pier, continuous beam and ordinary laminated rubber or lead-rubber bearing in mountains were analyzed by inputting EL-centro earthquake wave into...
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Study of a weather and stain resistant outer concrete wall protecting agent

Chunlei Xia, Huiqing Xue, Weiping Wu, Shiyuan Li, Yurong Li, Feng Yu
This paper developed a concrete wall protective agent with high weather-ability and contamination resistance. In order to realize the properties of protective agent, acrylic / polyurethane emulsion, fluorocarbon emulsion was used as basic raw material, with ultraviolet absorbent, anti-foam agent, preservative,...
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Research on Coordination and Optimization of Conventional Bus Routes in Environment of Rail Transit

Xiaoju Zhao, Feigang Tan
We need to optimize and adjust the conventional bus network in the rail transit environment to give full play to the key role of the rail transit function and its overall benefits, to form smoothly linking combination of rail transit and conventional bus network. This paper is to analyze the defects...
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Study on time-dependent compressive strength of self-compacting concrete coated with aerogel mortar under tunnel fire

Chunhong Chen, Shizhou Chen, Pinghua Zhu
With the development of railways and highways, the construction of the tunnel are increasing, then the number of tunnel fires is also increasing, resulting in a large number of casualties and economic losses. The research breakthrough point of the tunnel fire prevention measures are mainly in two aspects...
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The Solving Method of Residential Engineering Quality Based on Evidence-Science

Xue-Liang Hou, Yi Wang
In order to solve residential engineering quality problems, the concept of evidence-science and its management principle is analyzed. Under the guidance of the evidence-science, the program to solve residential engineering quality based on evidence-science principle is put forward together with the characteristics...
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Analysis of the Spatial Sequence in Jinan Traditional Streets

Mingchun Ma, Yun Yuan
This paper mainly focuses on discussing the spatial sequence in the renewal of traditional street and lane space through the analysis of space distribution, street alongside interface and street node space of traditional street in Jinan old city. Furthermore, the characteristics of traditional commercial...
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Failure Behavior Of Sand Under Principal Stress Axes Rotation Condition

Jian Dong Wang, Xue Feng Li, Yu Qi He
In order to describe the failure behavior of sand involving the rotation of principal stress axes, a failure criterion with the method of macro-micro incorporation is employ in this paper. Considering the geometric relationship of loading stress and sand micro fabric, the proposed failure criterion can...
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Application of Fuzzy AR (p) Model in Data Processing of Deformation Monitoring

Wei Chen, Jian Zhang
Compared with general time series forecasting methods, fuzzy time series has the main advantage of dealing with linguistic variables or fuzzy data in time series. In this paper, the fuzzy AR (p) model estimation theory is introduced into the data processing of deformation monitoring,and the steps of...
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Modeling Based on LS-SVM Method and Predicting Dewatering Ratio in Sludge Process

Fei Luo, Xinghong Qiao, Weihao Liao
The sludge produced by treating the urban sewage needs thickening and dewatering and it is important for improving environment to reduce the quantity of discharging sludge by increasing dewatering ratio in sludge process. This paper proposes a novel method that can model least squares support vector...
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Selection of Recommended Engineering Geological Parameters of Soil Dam Foundation in Suki Kinari Hydropower Project in Pakistan

Cheng Shan Dong, Yan Chao Yuan, Lin Zhao, Hai Yan Fang, Zheng Quan Yang
For the dams built on deep-thickness overburden, selection of engineering geological parameters has outstanding importance, which directly affect the design and construction of dam. In the study, the Suki Kinari Hydropower project in Pakistan is discussed as an example, considering the characteristics...
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Second-order Nonlinear Analysis of Aluminium Alloy Frame

Xiawei Tan, Zheng Zhang, Juanjuan Huang, Rensheng Liao
Aluminum alloy is widely used in civil engineering because of the advantages of light weight and high strength. But the elastic modulus of aluminum alloy is only one-third of steel, and the deformation of aluminum alloy is more notable. Second-order nonlinear finite element analysis is performed to analyze...
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Research on the Effects of Consolidated Ice on Seismic Performance of Offshore Bridge Pier

Fuqiang Qi
Based on the simplified dynamic response calculation model of the bridge pier under the coupling effects of seismic loads and dynamic ice force, the effects of consolidated ice on the seismic performance of the bridge pier are studied. The results show that consolidated ice can even enlarge the maximum...
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Research on applications of LEDS in evaluation index For Interior lighting design

Yi-Chen Lo, Ting-Yi Chiang, Yeng-Horng Perng
With their technology getting mature, LED are energy efficient and have almost replaced the traditional light source. Therefore, in practice, there is a need to apply LED in an evaluation index for the interior lighting design. In this study, the fuzzy Delphi method (FDM), Analytic Hierarchy Process...
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Eco-compensation practice in China's river basins

Genfa Chen, Hongzhen Ni, Qiuxia Zhang
The eco-compensation mechanism can help alleviate the contradiction between economic-social development and water conservation as well as promote the transformation of economic development mode and the sustained sound development of economic society. In this study, the eco-compensation practices of five...
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Analysis of Uplift Force of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams Under Negative Moment

Wenyuan Liao, Dewen Liu, Bihui Dai
In order to investigate the uplift force of composite beam under negative moment. Three composite beams were analyzed by using the finite element program ANSYS and the finite element models were established with both material and geometrical non-linearity. Specimens had the same section size and different...
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Study of Tendering Strategy on the Improvement Works of School Building – An Example of Taiwan University Campus

Ling-Er Liou, Ting-Yi Chiang, Yeng-Horng Perng
This research began with the status of the implementation of school construction projects to explore the relationship between the characteristics of its management and its impact on different levels. Through gathering literature, interviewing experts, statistical methods, and other methods of analysis,...
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Simulating the microscopic pedestrian turning region of a subway station passageway

Xiaoqian Ma, Xiangyong Yin, Yi Xing, Yafei Liu
This paper investigates pedestrians' behaviours in the turning regions in the Xizhimen subway station passageway in Beijing. Through data-processing and data analysis, it can be concluded that the pedestrians tend to turn approach at the turning arc and the speed during the turn decreases initially and...
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The Construction of the Orbit for CRTS Type Plate Without a Frantic Jumble

Hong Gan, Yizhen Yang
Taking the railway track construction practice of ning,an intercity railway as an example. Emphatically discusses the CRTS type without a frantic jumble rail construction technical preparation, base plate, rail board shop coarse and fine adjustment, cement emulsified asphalt mortar filling layer perfusion...
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Research on Integration Management of Large Engineering Project based on PBS

Yanwei Wang, Jing Li
This large scale engineering project is a complex system. How to effectively manage large engineering project is a problem at present. Firstly, this paper studies Project Breakdown Structure, and then establishes a model of integrated management for large engineering projects based on PBS and Hall three-dimensional...
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Analysis and Application of Flood Estimation Methods during Project Construction

Jishu Yin, Jianbin Wang
An estimation of the design flood is required for projects constructed across rivers. Flood peak values exert direct effects on the selection of construction proposals, the cost prediction, and the construction safety. Differenct methods for flood estimation may be determined specifically in each case....
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Green Synthesis of Au@POM Nanostructures By Coating Reduction-type Polyoxometalate

Rongxin Tan, Jia Meng, Tongxin Xiao, Jin Wang, Pingping Zhao
Different morphological Au@POM nanostructures were prepared under different molar ratios of polyoxometalate Na9[SbW9O33]·19.5H2O (SbW9) at a definite concentration of Au (0.15mM). The influences of polyanion SbW9 for morphology were investigated systematically and quantitatively. The results show that...
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Seepage Safety Assessment for Baiyun Hydropower Station

Wei Liang, Bo Li
Baiyun Hydropower Station is located in Chengbu County, Hunan Province, which is 5km from the county town. By combining the analysis of monitoring data of leakage amount of above-mentioned dam and the numerical calculation results, it is concluded that, there are serious leakage at the lower face of...
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Quantitative Research of Spatial Attribute from Urban Commercial Circles

Shanyao Zhu, Danyang Li
Based on the spatial syntactic axial model, combined with POI data, from the angle of urban road space structure, the paper chooses 10 representative commercial circles in Xi'an as the research object. Firstly, quantitatively calculates its commercial potential, then carries on spatial attribute analysis...
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Thermal Performance Testing of a Ceramic Solar Collecting System

Chongjie Wang, Ding Ding, Xiaohan Xu
The low-cost and long-life ceramic solar collector provides a new train of thought to solve the heating problem in Chinese rural areas. Through testing, the average daily useful heat gain of the ceramic solar system is 7.08 MJ/m2, and the average collecting efficiency is 41.63%.
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Influence of Shield Construction on Close-Access Pile Group Foundation of Bridge

Xingren Feng, Mingkang She, Baoguo Chen, Xinying Mao, Chengxuan Jiang
The influence of shield tunneling on close-access existing pile group foundation of bridge has always been a difficult engineering problem. To analyze this problem, the finite difference software FLAC3D was conducted to simulate the whole process of shield crossing the adjacent pile group foundation...
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Analysis on the Ecological Pattern Succession of Vegetations in Xiliaohe Plain under the Water Change Condition

Qiuxia Zhang, Minjian Chen, Fang Wang, Limin Chu
The change of water condition directly influences the composition and succession of regional vegetation communities. In this study, the Xiliaohe Plain was selected to systematically analyze the succession of vegetation's ecological pattern under the change of water condition in semi-arid area. Based...
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Study on Pile Foundation Quality Control Measures of Quanzhou Sihai Building

Yujie Wang
In China's engineering construction, the pile foundation has become an important foundation form of a lot of high-rise buildings and large-scale buildings. The pile foundation is the groundwork of the whole building. The pile foundation quality is very important for the whole building. Combined with...
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Experimental study on the seismic performance of PUFA confined RC bridge pier

Fangda Hao, Lianzhen Zhang
Polyurethane Fly Ash (PUFA) is a new type of environmentally friendly material, with high strength, light weight, easiness of construction, and many other advantages.In this paper, according to the ductility design method, PUFA is bonded to the surface of the existing reinforced concrete bridge pier...
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The Application of Factor Analysis in Construction Project Post-evaluation

Hai Yan Zhang, Jin Wei Zhao
Project after the authenticity of the evaluation results to a large extent depends on the rationality of the evaluation method, this article in view of the construction project post-evaluation of current method is a systematic research, and put forward the factor analysis method used in the construction...
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About the Torsional Constant for thin-walled rod with open cross-section

Jin Duan, Yun-Gui Li
This paper presents theoretically the torsional inertia moment for open thin-walled rod, based on the theory of thin-walled shell. In the deduction, the rigid contour hypothesis is adopted and the cross-sectional warp is taken into account. With the above torsional inertia moment obtained and using the...
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Solving the kinetic equations with geometric nonlinearity considered

Jin Duan, Yun-Gui Li
This paper presents a new time integration method to solve the kinetic equations with geometric nonlinearity considered, by combining the Newmark integration method and Newton-Raphson iteration method. In this method, the Newmark method is used for the time history integration and the Newton-Raphson...
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Conservation and Renewal of Ethnical Minority Group's Cultural Heritage in China: Case study of Master Planning and Design in Lingtang Town

Qingwen Rong, Guoping Xiong
Taking three Hui communities as cases, and basing on analysis on characteristics of urban space organizations and Islamic architecture in China, this paper seeks a method to promote conservation and renewal for ethnical minority group's cultural heritage by overall planning, protection on ecological...
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Exploration of Creative Landscape Design Based on Chinese Traditional Gardening Techniques

Aibin Yan, Ling Yang
In recent years, with the growing attention to Chinese own cultural characteristics, how to create a unique cultural landscape space has increasingly become one of the most important topics in landscape architecture, especially in the urgent need of activation and renewal in historical areas, scenic...
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Analysis of the Strategy of Government's BIM under the International Comparative Perspective

Jianwen Cao, Chufeng Chen
This paper summarizes the development policies of BIM technology by the United States, Britain, Singapore and Japan.From the policy-making organization, time, implementation to analyze governments' promotion of the development of BIM,And made recommendations for China's BIM development strategies for...
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Preparation of UHPC with cement replaced by rich-silicon iron ore tailing powder

Lin Yang
In order to study the influence rule and mechanism of iron ore tailing powder(IOTP) replacing cement in UHPC, the influences of different specific surface area and dosage of IOTP replacing cement on its strength and liquidity were tested. Moreover, the pore structure and hydration products morphology...
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Research on Social Conflicts of the Old-caring Villages under the Background of Industrial Transformation

Yuan Fang, Wang-Ming Li, Li-Xiong Zhu
Industry transformation is the main development process of rural modernization and new urbanization. The huge changes of social, economic and cultural caused by rural industry transformation have shocked the social order, values and other aspects of the village, leading to various direct or indirect...
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Numerical study on thermal performance of tunnel lining with electrical heating system in cold region

Runlin Yang, Chengjin Ma
Application practice of tunnel engineering in cold area shows that the repeated seasonally freezing and thawing cycle of surrounding rock and soil can lead to further breakage and cracking of tunnel lining, resulting in the seepage and freezing of the pore water in surrounding rock and soil. The seeped...
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Experimental study on thermal performance of the tunnel with active heating system in cold region

Chengjin Ma, Runlin Yang, Shuai Zhang
In the cold region, the seasonal freezing and thawing for the pore water in the rock or the soil are very likely to occur repeatedly. Engineering practices show that: in the service period, more than 80% of the tunnels have different degrees of frost damage. Hence, the frost-resisting problem must be...
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Numerical simulation of thermal performance of different frost-resisting measures for the tunnel lining in cold region

Chengjin Ma, Runlin Yang, Shuai Zhang
Frost-resisting problem is important for the tunnel in cold region, and thus some thermal protective measure are necessary in order to avoid potential frost. With the development of land transport, tunnels plays an important role in the improvement of land transportation, so it is urgent to prevent the...
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Construction Mode and Strategy Research on Micro Idyllic Complex in Wuxing, Huzhou

Jiayan Fu, Zhu Wang, Zhongqi Yu
In 2017, for the first time, the "Idyllic Complex" is included in the Document No.1 of the Central Government. This paper demonstrates the core construction mode and strategy of "Idyllic Complex" through analysis of its five features. The "Idyllic Complex" needs to follow the "regional gene". According...
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Analytical Solution of Plastoelastic Buckling of Rectangular Section Column Strengthened by Carbon Fibre Sheets

Chengzhu Qiu
Based on the Ježek method of computing elastic-plastic buckling of compression-bending member , analytical solutions of buckling ultimate load for rectangular column strengthened by carbon fibre sheets are derived. A new method of theoretical research on elastic-plastic buckling of steel member is provided....
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Technological Aesthetics of Modern Architecture as an Expression of Structure

Fangxin Ouyang, Huilian Chen
Given that architectural aesthetics, as a combination of both art and engineering technologies, has been drawing more and more attention, it's has been architects' top priority how to strive a balance between them to achieve real structural aesthetics with an integration of stiffness and softness.
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The Variation Law of Longitudinal Sonic Wave Velocity in Argillaceous Rock in Kohala Hydropower Project in Pakistan

Cheng Shan Dong, Yan Chao Yuan, Jian Feng Hu, Zheng Quan Yang
During the investigation in powerhouse area in Kohala hydropower project, slaking is found in most of the argillaceous rock, whose integrity decreasing with time, and cause the rock strength decreases. During investigation, we performed longitudinal sonic wave velocity test, therefore the variation law...
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Numerical Simulation of Static Wind Coefficient and Flow Field of Box Girder of High Pier and Large Span Continuous Bridge

Zhipeng Zhou, Guangbiao Jiang
Based on the CFD method, the numerical analysis of the box girder of Gulongshan Bridge is carried out.The static wind coefficient of the bridge box girder under different working conditions is extracted,The influence of the static wind coefficient on the wind speed, the angle of attack and the beam height...
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Strength Increasing Of Ultrafine Unsized Tailing Back-filling Materials

Chao Chen, Hongbao Li
This paper adopts physical experiment method to design uniform experiment on the basis of ultrafine unsized tailing in allusion to the problem of ultrafine unsized tailing back-filling. In this paper, the relationship between the strength of filling material and the ingredients-concentration-ratio of...
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Study on Ecological Design of Agricultural Landscape in Northeast China

Dong Chu
Agricultural landscape is a reality show about the agricultural civilization, which is an expression of the agricultural economy, society and other aspects, including cultivated land, crops, roads, canals and forest belts as the mosaics of the landscape patches. It is a kind of synthetic expression of...
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Identification Of The Dominant Noise Source Using Pass-By Time History

Di Wu
Identification of the dominant source could provide instructive guidance for noise mitigation. In this paper, the relation between aerodynamic noise and rolling noise was quantitatively analyzed based on the characteristics of high speed train's pass-by noise. The results indicate that at the speed of...
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Stability Parameter Analysis and Deformation Simulation of Subway Foundation Pit

Shiwei Hou, Shaopo Guo, Shihe Ma, Xuli Liu
Based on the strength reduction method, the deformation process of subway foundation pit was predicted, and the stability parameters were analyzed. The analysis parameters contain the settlement displacement of soil, lateral displacement of the underground continuous wall, and safety factor. It is to...
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The dynamic response analysis of curved bridge under the moving load

Xiaodong Li, Jianying Ren, Xing Liu
This paper takes a four span continuous curved box girder bridge as an example. The bridge calculation model was established by finite element software ABAQUS. The calculated data is compared with the field test data to verify the model. Then the dynamic response of the bridge under different moving...
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Hydraulic leveling control system of harvester chassis

Xiangwen Song, Shukun Cao, Shizhuang Li, Hao Shen
Based on the research of the position error control algorithm and the angle error control algorithm, according to the specific characteristics of the harvester, the leveling control strategy of angle error control algorithm is proposed in this paper. Making leveling at both direction of X and Y, first...
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Model Test Research on Excavation Method of Large-span and Shallow-buried Bias Tunnel in Cobble and Gravelly Soil Layer

Jinsong Tang, Baolin Xiong, Chiguang Liu
In order to select reasonable excavation method of tunnel engineering in complex conditions, model test was done for large-span and shallow-buried bias tunnel in cobble and gravelly soil layer, the reasonable excavation scheme was determined by analysis of tunnel surrounding rock and internal support...
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Study on the deformation regulation of high speed road crossed by new small clear distance double line subway tunnel

Aiyuan Zheng
As the development of urban city, the traffic problem becomes increasingly severe, and metro tunnel is a effective method to solve this problem. However, the influence of underground tunnel construction towards existing structure cannot be ignored. For this purpose, based on the Shenzhen metro line 7...
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Research on Performance of Pavement Cement Concrete Mixed with Iron Tailings and Fibers

Aiping Fei, Tiezhi Zhang
In order to recycle iron tailings and fibers and analyze the performance of pavement cement concrete mixed with it, tests and numerical simulations are carried out. The compressive strength of concrete is significantly influenced by the content of Anshan iron tailings, and the highest 28-day compressive...
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Experimental Investigation on Shear performance of RC beams with UHTCC layer in tension zone

Xiufang Zhang, Ruiqiang Liu, Shaopeng Guo
Ultra-high toughness cementitious composite (UHTCC) macroscopically exhibits tensile strain hardening characteristic and excellent crack control ability due to steady development of multiple fine cracks, and therefore can be regarded as a promising repair material. Shear tests were conducted on RC beams...
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Construction Risk Analysis of Subway Station Based on Bayesian Network

Shiwei Hou, Xin Zhang, Zhiguo Xin, Xueli Zhang
The subway station construction risk factors of uncertainty is researched based on Bias network theory, the safety risk of metro station foundation is analyzed taking a metro station in Shenyang as an example. The possible risk factors for the construction process of subway station was collected combined...
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Application of Steel-Magnesium Hybrid Buckling Restrained Brace in Steel Power Plant Structure

Song Lin, Yinfeng Dong
To improve seismic reduction and self-centering performance of buckling restrained braces (BRBs) placed in a steel power plant structure, magnesium alloy is used to completely or partly replace steel as the core material of BRBs. First, steel power plant structure models with BRBs using different core...
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Experimental Study of the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Recycled Aggregate Pervious Concrete

Yangang Zhang, Yunxing Shi, Kun Ni, Fasheng Zhang
Mix design of recycled aggregate pervious concrete for construction is introduced. The effects of aggregate binder ratio and water cement ratio on the compressive strength and flexural strength of recycled aggregate pervious concrete were studied, The result shows that the compressive strength of the...
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Study on Mechanical Character of C50 Box-beam Concrete with Natural Pebbles

Mingqiang Qin, Guozhi Zhang, Wen Zhang, Shunkai Li
The mechanical character of natural Pebbles concrete and crushed stone concrete is studied in this study. The results show that compared with the aggregate concrete, the W/B can reduce the crushed stone concrete to a certain extent. For the C50 box beam concrete, the water cement will decrease by about...
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Influence of roof forms on the indoor thermal environment of rural houses in west China

Qiubo Xiao, Yu Liu, Chen Wang, Jinghui Ma
SF roof (a sloping roof combined with a flat roof) is a special kind of roof existed in the west China. Based on Energy Plus software simulation, this paper investigated such roofs as well as normal flat roofs and sloping roofs of rural houses in the Ningqiang county of west China. It was found that,...
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Elastic constants and homogenized moduli of gypsum structure based on Density Functional Theory

Jia Fu, Weihui Lin
Elastic constants and homogenized properties of gypsum structure were investigated by first-principles method. The gypsum (chemical formula of CaSO4•2H2O) is an evaporite mineral and a kind of hydration product of anhydrite (chemical formula: CaSO4). Elastic constants are calculated based on Density...
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Study of axial stress distribution on the buried-pipeline in longwall coal mining

Guoming Cheng, Kunyuan Wang, Peiyong He, Li Cui
Taking one coal mine in Shanxi section of the west-east gas pipeline as case study, numerical modeling was adopted to study the axial stress distribution on the buried-pipeline in longwall mining. The stress distribution of the simulated pipeline coincides with the monitoring results. The results revealed...
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Experimental Study on Compression-bending of A New Type Wall Panel

Yan Liu, Yunxiang Fu, Xiaolai Yu, Rongxin Tian
With the adjustment of China's industrial policy, clay bricks which were used for many years has been out of the building field, and some new wall body materials are developing as the main current gradually, including a new wall called EVG-3D introduced from EVG Company in Austria. In this paper, three...
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Simulation and analysis of energy consumption of the energy-saving building in Shanghai

Jianmei Sun, Di Chen, Jiadong Hu
We use the building energy simulation software named Ecotect to carry out the simulation analysis of the overall thermal environment of residential buildings, to find the main factors of high energy consumption, to improve architectural design by analyzing several pieces of case. Firstly, we build 3D...
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Life-cycle seismic insurance model for multi-story RC frames based stochastic big-data analysis

Jian Zhu, Junhai Zhao
The estimation of annual average seismic insurance premium in life service period for multi-story reinforced concrete (RC) frames based stochastic parameters models is the focus of the research. An innovative seismic analysis methodology is adopted for seismic loss estimation of buildings. The damage...
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Characterization of Titanium Dioxide by Microwave Assisted Homogeneous Precipitation

Di Liu, Shi-Ting Deng, Hong Yu, Yong-Guang Bi
Nanoparticulate TiO2 microspheres were synthesized by microwave assisted homogeneous precipitation. The effect of concentration of oxysulfate sulfuric acid complex hydrate (TiOSO4·xH2SO4·xH2O), urea and temperature were investigated. The obtained powder was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning...
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Synthesis of Micro-nanostructured TiO2 Sphere with Homogeneous Precipitation assisted by MicrowaveIrradiation and its Drug Loading Capacity

Di Liu, Shi-Ting Deng, Hong Yu, Yong-Guang Bi
Nanoparticulate titanium dioxide were synthesized via homogeneous precipitation assisted by microwave irradiation.The powder was characterized by X-ray diffraction(XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy(SEM), Differential scanning calorimetryand thermogravimetric analysis(TG-DSC), Roman spectra and Transmission...
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Ultrasonic-assisted Synthesis Of Rod-shaped Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles

Shi-Ting Deng, Hong Yu, Yong-Guang Bi
In this paper, to develop a new method to rapidly synthesize hydroxyapatite nanoparticles as a controlled release carrier, sonochemical method was used to prepare nano-hydroxyapatite (nHAP) without any surfactant and used calcium nitrate tetrahydrate and diammonium hydrogen phosphate as source materials....
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Development and Application of Dam Safety Monitoring Automatic System of Xianlin Reservoir

Kangkang Yao, Yulun Zhang, Chao Gao, Xushun Fang, Wenang Hou
The paper introduces the structure, composition, monitoring point arrangement, instrument use and information management system of the automatic monitoring system of Xianlin Reservoir.
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Damage Identification of Structures based on Wavelet Analysis and Artificial Fish-Swarm Algorithm

Deqing Guan, Xiong Tang, Jiawei Zhang
Wavelet analysis and artificial fish swarm algorithm are combined to study structural damage identification problem. Firstly, establishing the finite element model of structure and calculating the strain mode, then the wavelet maxima modulus of the wavelet transform are used to identify the damage location....
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Frame structure damage identification based on wavelet - artificial immune algorithm

Deqing Guan, Jiawei Zhang, Xiong Tang
Structural damage detection and diagnosis is a very important factor of the structural safety. In order to improve the application of artificial intelligence algorithms for structural damage detection, we try to wavelet analysis and artificial immune algorithm to combine the analysis by finite element...
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The Research of Structural Damage Identification via Wavelet-Genetic Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Deqing Guan, Qinchang Wang, Yungang Liu
Due to disadvantages of premature convergence and poor local optimization, a structural damage identification based on wavelet-genetic stimulated annealing algorithm(abbreviated to SAGA) was proposed.Firstly, wavelet analysis is applied to identify the structural damage location and the number of damaged...
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Structural Damage Identification Based on Wavelet Analysis and Particle Swarm Optimization

Deqing Guan, Yungang Liu, Qinchang Wang
In order to identify the multiple damage of the structure, this paper presents a method of structural damage identification based on wavelet analysis and particle swarm optimization(PSO). Firstly, analyzing dynamic characteristics of the finite element model to obtain the strain mode, then continuous...
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Analysis of wave force on steel pipe pile under construction

Cheng Peng, Longzai Ge, Bin Yu
In this research, a two-dimension physical model experiment was conducted, which studied the wave force characteristics on steel pipe pile under three different construction stages. The experiment results show that the single pile horizontal force maximum and sub-maximum and total horizontal force maximum...
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Two Dimensional Numerical Model Study on Malaysia KEMAMAN Wharf Project

Meiling Huang, Peng Zhao, Xiyu Ouyang
A two-dimensional numerical model was used to study the current characteristic and deposition around wharf project in Malaysia KEMAMAN. Model study was carried out by using the Commercial software MIKE 21from DHI. The numerical model was calibrated and verified first using measured data and plan layout...
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Two Dimensional Tidal Current Numerical Model Study on COAL-FIRED Power Project

Xiyu Ouyang, Meiling Huang, Peng Zhao
Hydrodynamic survey data include tide, tidal current, wind and wave are analyzed near the project location. The two-dimensional tidal current Numerical model is established and are calibrated by the measured hydrographic data to ensure the accuracy of the model. The tidal current model is calculated...
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Theoretical analysis of active earth pressure behind a rigid retaining wall

Song Yang, Wenlin Geng, Yongfeng Wang, Zhenxing Wang, Yang Liu, Pengqiang Yu
The goal of this study is to precisely estimate the active earth pressure acting on a rigid retaining wall under translating mode. In this study, the problem of the retaining wall with a parabolic slip surface in the backfill behind the wall is investigated using a two-dimensional system of equilibrium,...
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Optimized design of slope roof space of the building based on thermal insulation performance analysis

Juan Zhao, Yu Liu, Jin Wang, Yuanxin Zhao
Through the research on the traditional houses and modern rural houses in the Ningqiang area of southern Shaanxi, it is found that the traditional rural houses generally use the storage space under the roof of the slope for summer heat insulation. However, the roof design is generally lack of climate...
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Influence of nutrient factors on phosphorus accumulating organisms (PAOs) Bacillus sp. PK1

Qian Zhang, Yao Li, Chunbiao Li, Hui Ku, Meng Li, Chenhui Jia, Ziyi Xu
A kind of phosphorus accumulating organism (PAO), Bacillus sp. PK1, which showed high phosphorus removal efficiencies, was isolated from special medium in the SBR reactor. To further explore the effect of nutrient factors on its potential phosphorus removal efficiency, initial phosphorus content and...
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The Effects of Topographic Change on the Trajectory of Patinopecten Yessoensis Larvae

Ruijin Zhang, Qiaofeng Ma, Jianuo Xu, Yanbin Xi
The spatial and temporal distribution of patinopecten yessoensis larvae has high uncertainty, leading to the difficulty of harvest natural seedlings. Based on the survey data of and the numerical results by DHI MIKE, the effects of topographic change on the trajectory of the larvae was discussed. Hydrodynamic...
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Influences of Strength Parameters' Polymorphic Distribution on Instability Probability of Slope Based on M-C Method

Yi Liu, Ningyu Zhao, Kai Chen
The conventional landslide calculation is obtaining a specific stability safety factor by using limit equilibrium method or strength reduction method based on the given strength parameters of soil. Although the M-C(Monte-Carlo) method provides a path to predict instability probability of landslide, in...
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Triaxial Test on Clay with Vertical Reinforcement

Ying Nie, Yanjun Li, Fenghan Hu, Tao Wang, Xiaofeng Zhao, Ningyu Zhao
A unconsolidated-undrained triaxial test of vertically reinforced clay was carried out. Fiberglass geogrid was used as reinforced material in the form of centrally symmetrical arrangement. The stress-strain relationship, strength characteristics and failure modes of reinforced clay were studied. The...
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Research On The Buttress-Warehouse Retaining Wall Based On Centrifugal Model Test

Ying Nie, Xuepeng Ling, Fenghan Hu, Qingsong Zhang, Xiaofeng Zhao, Bo Liang
The buttress-warehouse retaining wall is the combination of buttress retaining wall and warehouse retaining wall. In this paper, with different widths of buttress, the wall's soil pressure and deformation characteristics have been discussed in geotechnical centrifuge model experiment. The results show...
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Study on Project Portfolio Management Organization Maturity for Major Construction Enterprise

Na Guo
There are many different kinds of projects in major construction enterprises, thus, it is very important to well manage the whole project portfolios. However, not all the construction enterprises can easily and expertly manage these complex project portfolios. Project portfolio management organization...
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Research on Stress and Deformation Characteristics Pile Foundation System to Support Roof

Fei Xiao, Jun Han, Wan Zhang
Pile foundation is often used in the construction of communication tower in the karst region. Stability of pile foundation to support roof is related safety of the superstructure equipment. No deep special study on stability of pile foundation in karst region has been reported yet. Reliability of evaluation...
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Finite Element Analysis of Surcharge Preloading on Soft Ground Using Equivalent-load Method

Binbin Xu
The surcharge preloading method is reproduced numerically in this paper. The plastic vertical drain is simulated using the drainage surface and the embankment is represented by equivalent load. The results show that the settlement and the pore pressure are correct, which can be used for the future engineering.
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Review of Secondary Consolidation of Structured Soft Soil

Binbin Xu, Linbo Xie
The mechanical response of natural sedimentary clay is very different from the usual clay due to its highly-developed structure. When the structured soil is loaded, its structure varies accordingly, which results in the corresponding variation of physical and mechanical properties of soft soil. If the...
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Typical Failure Mode Analysis of Embankment during Construction

Binbin Xu, Wei Si
In order to help the engineer to understand the variation inside the ground before and after the failure of the embankment, to avoid the accident, the surcharge preloading with plastic vertical drains is carried out numerically. The loading rate is accelerated artificially to analyze the variation of...