Proceedings of the 2nd 2016 International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD 2016)

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Analysis on the Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Farmers' Will to the Treatment of Livestock and Poultry Breeding Pollution ??Survey from 447 Farmers in Hunan Province

Mu-Rong Bin, Kong-Liang Wen
Farmers are the main participants involved in livestock and poultry breeding pollution control, whether they are willing to control the breeding pollution by the mutual influence of many factors. Based on the field survey data of 447 households in Hunan Province, the Logistic regression model and the...
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Comparative Study on Drying Characteristics of Sewage Sludge in Two Kinds of Indirect Heat Drying Equipment

Jie-Liang Chen, Zhen Deng, Wen-Di Chen, Lu-Kai Lyu, Fei Wang
Sludge samples are taken from Qige Waste Water Treatment Plant in Hangzhou. The drying characteristics of sludge are determined by self-made small batch type drying machine. The paddle dryer and disc dryer are used in the drying tests to explore the effect of blade form on the sludge drying viscosity...
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An Improved Design of Pressure Relay Based on Optical Switch

Shan Chen, Jun-Chun Ma, Feng Li, Xiao-Guang Yao, Da-Zhi Cao
This paper proposed one kind of improved design of pressure relay based on optical switch aiming at the problem with pressure relay, for example as large switching value, large deviation of set point, low repeatability, etc. Firstly, the structure and principium of pressure relay was analyzed, also the...
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Effects of Straw Incorporation and Reduction of Chemical Fertilizer on Soil Nutrients and Crop Yield in Farmland

Zhu Chen, Jing-Jing Yue, Ya-Nan Yan, Hong-Xiang Hu, Yun-Fei Di
It's adopted the method of field experiments studied the effects of straw incorporation and reduction of chemical fertilizer on soil nutrients and crop yield, through the treatments of no fertilizer + straw (NS), optimized fertilization with straw to field the full amount (SF), optimization by providing...
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Size Structure of Phytoplankton Community and its Response to Environmental Factors in Spring and Summer in Xiamen Bay, China

Ting-Ting Fu, Bao-Hong Chen, Wei-Dong Ji, Wen-Feng Chen, Hui Lin, Yong Luo, Kang Wang
Environmental characteristics and phytoplankton size structure were investigated during spring and summer cruises in 2015 in Xiamen Bay of China. The distribution of total Chlorophyll a (Chla) showed a seasonal and spatial variation. In surface water, total Chla concentration increased from west to east...
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Study on the Effect Influence Factors and the Optimal Operating Conditions to Treat the High Ammonia-Nitrogen Wastewater by SDMBR

Zhi-Yong Han, Bao-Chuan Qi, Ling Li, Yan Kong, Kun Han
The Sequencing dynamic membrane bioreactor—SDMBR was proposed and adopted in this study to treat the high ammonia-nitrogen wastewater according to the features of its wide sources, large emission, high difficulty to be treated and easily lead to serious eutrophication etc. Then, the effluence factors...
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Effect of Metal Ion on Ammonium Bicarbonate Solution Decomposed into Carbon Dioxide

Lu Hu, Hai-Feng Li, Mei Jin, Guo-Xian Yu
Ammonia-based carbon capture process is one of the promising technologies for CO2 mitigation. However, it has a problem to be solved for practical implementation due to the high volatilityof ammonia, which incurs ammonia lose during regeneration. Effects of Fe3+ or Co2+ on ammonia escape and CO2 desorption...
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Adsorption of Chromium from Aqueous Solution Using Activated Carbon Coated Sand

Mei-Ling Huang, Shi-Quan Liu
Activated carbon coated silica sand (AC@sand) synthesized by hydrothermal carbonization and KOH activation was used to adsorb chromium from aqueous solution. The factors which influence the removal of Cr(VI) onto the AC@sand including the pH, initial concentration, contact time and temperature was studied....
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Review of Research on In-vehicle Pollutants in China

Ming Li, Yue Xu, Chang-Hua Wei
With the improvement of living standard, vehicles have been widely used in life. However, health problems associated with in-vehicle air quality happen more frequently. Recent researches on in-vehicle air quality control measures for human health are reviewed in this paper. The problems and challenges...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Surface Ion-imprinted Polymer Based on Mesoporous Silica SBA-15 for Selective Removal of Cu(II) from Aqueous Solutions

Sheng-Fang Li, Lin Yang, Wei-Jun Song, Chun-Yan Sun
A Cu(II) ion-imprinted polymer (Cu(II)-IIP) for the selective adsorption and separation of Cu(II) was prepared by modifying the surface of mesoporous silica SBA-15 through surface ion imprinting. The prepared polymer was characterized by Fourier transmission infrared spectra (FT-IR), X-ray diffraction...
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Wear Characteristic Study of the Flat Slipper of Shearer Considering Oblique Cutting

Hui Liu, Yan-Qi Kan, Peng-Fei Li, Chun-Hui Wang
In order to investigate the wear characteristics of flat slippers of shearer, this study firstly built up the static model of the whole shearer machine. Basing on the static simulation research for the flat slipper by ANSYS, the maximum values of stress and strain of the flat slipper was obtained. Then...
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Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Productivity of Fractured Horizontal Wells in Changji Low Mobility Tight Oil of Xinjiang Oilfield

Li-Feng Liu, Qi-Quan Ran, Xin Wang
Tight oil is one of the important substitute areas of the oil industry in China. The effective development of tight oil is of great significance for the development of China's economic sustainable and stable. Changji tight oil of Xinjiang oilfield is a typical Chinese blocks of tight oil, it has the...
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Ecological Stoichiometric Characteristics of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Urban Wetland in an Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau ??Taking Huoshaogou wetland in Xining City as an example

Xiao-Jun Liu, Xu-Feng Mao, Xiao-Yan Wei
Ecological stoichiometry has been widely applied to ecosystem management around the world, mainly through analysis of carbon(C), nitrogen and phosphorus (P). Ecological stoichiometric characteristics have important imply meaning on key processes and mechanisms of protection, restoration and reconstruction...
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The Preparation of Color Glasses Using the Solid Waste Generated in Crystalline Silicon Cutting Process

Zhi Liu, Shi-Quan Liu
Solid waste generated in crystalline silicon cutting process (referred to as the silicon waste) was used to prepared color glasses. Silicon carbide and silicon in the silicon waste acted as silicon source and iron fragments as coloring agent. All components in the waste were fully used by vitrification...
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Research on Smelting Process and Submerged arc Furnace for Silico-calcium Alloy

Wei Lin
With the comparision of smelting process technology and submerged arc furnaces for silico-calcium alloy at home and abroad, it is seen that the development of large capacity arc furnace technology for silico-calcium alloy is necessary and urgent in China.
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Process Performance and Kinetic Characteristic of Anaerobic Digestion Focusing on Swine Manure Content

Chun-Lan Mao, Xiao-Jiao Wang, Yong-Zhong Feng
This study investigated the process performance and kinetics of mono-, and co-digestion of swine manure and corn straw focusing on swine manure content in the total substrate. Batch anaerobic digestion tests were conducted at mesophilic condition. First-order model and Logistic model were used to assess...
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Water Pollution Risk Assessment for Water Transfer Projects

Lan-Lan Song, Jian-Yun Zhang
Due to the imprecision of water environmental system and the repeated scarcity of quantitative information during transfer project, fuzzy theory might be an effective tool of the water pollution risk evaluation. Firstly, triangular fuzzy numbers of environmental parameters were defined. Then, fuzzy -cut...
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Fast Pyrolysis Biomass Oil as the Substitute of Phenol for the Synthesis of Resol Resin as Wood Adhesive

Fu-Xia Sun, Fang Kong, Hong Sun, Zhe-Hui Wang
The bio-oil from fast pyroysis of cornstalks was used as the substitute for phenol to synthesize resol resins as aln ideal candidate of wood adhesives. The effects of formaldehyde/phenol (F/P) molar ratios and bio-oil/phenol (O/P) weight ratios on rheology, thermal cure, thermal resistance and adhesion...
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Removal Efficiency of Treat Biogas Slurry Using Ecological Filter-Artificial Wetland Combined System under Different Hydraulic Loading

Renfeng Tu, Lang Lang, Jian-Bo Fan, Jiang Zhu, Lu Han
The treatment effect of biogas slurry using ecological filters and the artificial wetland combination stabilization pond system under different hydraulic loading were researched. The analysis was carried out on the hydraulic load effect on the performance of the combined system, and the contribution...
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Nonlinear Simulation of Pre-Darcy Flow in CQZS Super-Low Permeability Reservoir

Qing-Yan Xu, Rong-Liang Guan, Cong Wu
A newly developed nonlinear flow numerical software was used to make a research for the Pre-Darcy flow of CQZS super-low permeability reservoir. The results show that: the nonlinear seepage dominates in a large scale of formation; under the conditions of present well pattern, the residual oil saturation...
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The Application of Energy Tower Heat Pump Technology in Air Conditioning Engineering

Dong Yang, Hui-Chao Qi
Explain the development character of energy tower heat pump technology , introduce the working principle of tower of energy of the system and the way of operation and management, analysis and comparison of energy tower and the different methods of cooling towers and other cooling, heating . Comparing...
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Draft Genome Sequence of Acinetobacter Y1, a Heterotrophic Nitrifying and Aerobic Denitrifying Bacterium Isolated from Coke Plant Wastewater

Ting Yang, Ya Yang, Yu-Xiang Liu, Ze-Ying Liu
Acinetobacter sp. Y1, with a remarkable capability of heterotrophic nitrification and aerobic denitrification, was isolated from the activated sludge of a coke plant wastewater. It can simultaneously remove specific organic matter and different nitrogen (ammonium nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen and nitrate...
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Simulation for Integrated Systems of Typical Coal-to-liquids Processes and Waste Energy Exploitation Based on Different Gasification Processes

Ge-Wen Yu, Xiao-Li Yang, Yan-Ming Wang
Integrated systems of FT liquids processes and waste energy utilization based on Shell, GSP and GE gasification are designed and simulated. The results show that under the condition of 1 000 t/hr coal feedstock, the yields of the liquids, including diesel, naphtha and LPG, are 205.2t/hr, 73.2t/hr and...
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Interface Discharge Behaviour at Polypropylene Nanocomposites and Silicone Rubber under AC Voltage

Jin-Shan Yu, Chun-Yan Hao, Jun-Ke Guo, Xin He, Xiang-Ying Yu
Polypropylene has a great electrical property and may be used as primary insulating material in electrical power cable. In cable accessory, the field distribution is often distorted since the very complicated physical structure, which makes interface discharge between PP and cable joint insulation easy...
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Effects of Land Consolidation Period and Tillage of Hollowed Villages on Soil Properties in Loess Plateau

Wei-Hua Zhang, Zeng-Hui Ma, Lu Zhang
The land consolidation in hollowed villages deeply affected soil properties in loess plateau. The object of this work was to analysis the soil properties changes in 6 consolidation years with 2 tillage types. Results showed that the soil bulk density, soil clay content, pH, soil organic matters, total...
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Removal of Cr3+ in Aqueous Solutions by Zeolite A/Activated Carbon Composite Synthesized from Elutrilithe

Yong Zhang, Juan-Juan Ma, Hui-Gang Wang, Xing-Yu Cui, Feng Yu, Wen-Ping Cheng, Jing-Hong Ma
In this work, the zeolite A/activated carbon (A/AC) composite was synthesized from elutrilithe and pitch, and the removal of Cr3+ from aqueous solutions has been evaluated. The effects of batch experiment conditions, such as solution pH, contact time and initial concentration, on Cr3+ adsorption performances...
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Leaching Characteristics of Vanadium with Assistant in Sulfuric Acid from Titano-Magnetite

Xiao-Bo Zhu, Wang Li, Wen-Zhong Li, Shen Tang
The recovery of vanadium with calcium fluoride in sulfuric acid medium was put forward from vanadium titano-magnetite in order to enhance the leaching efficiency of vanadium and reduce the environmental pollution. The main factors, leaching mechanism and kinetics analysis of vanadium from vanadium titano-magnetite...
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Permeability Acquiring and Application for Coal Reservoir

Wen-Guang Zhao, Na Li, Chun-Lei Li
Permeability is important in evaluating coal reservoir, and the acquiring methods are various. In this paper, four main methods, i.e., drill stem test (DST), diagnostic fracture injection test (DFIT), production data analysis, and simulation were introduced. Though the hypothesis condition and application...
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Evaluation Research on Intensive Land Use of Modern Agricultural Park

Chun Yang, Lu Li, Wen-Kuan Chen
With nearly thirty-year rapid development, contradiction of the demand of sustainable and sound development of agricultural park and limited land supply becomes especially obvious. The article takes the modern agricultural park in Pengxi County, Sichuan Province as an example. Establish the evaluation...
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Research on Evaluation of Network Planning Based on Rough Set

Xu Zheng, Yong Huang, Xiu-Wen Xiong, Da-Wei Huang, Kai Yuan, Min Xu
An evaluation method of network planning based on rough set theory is proposed. Index weights assigning method is used to evaluate the coordination of network planning with the indexes of power system in reliability, safety, economy and environmental impact. On the principle of attribute importance of...
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Research Progress in the Selective Adsorption of Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Wastewater

Li-Li Ma, Qing-Lin Xie, Qing-Feng Yu, Nan-Chun Chen, Hui Xu
Toxic heavy metals in water have been a serious hazard human beings health and eco-environment. However, these heavy metals are usually important natural resources. How separate them from polluted water and reuse them, which is a hot issue in environmental protection field. Adsorption is widely used...
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Study on Adsorption of Cd2+ by Manganese Modified Diatomite

Hui Xu, Nan-Chun Chen, Qing-Lin Xie, Li-Li Ma, Qing-Feng Yu
Diatomaceous earth itself has a large specific surface area, porous structured, large aperture and uniform, modest, stable skeleton structure of hole wall, easy to modify, high adsorption capacity, good thermal stability, mechanical stability and water, etc. Make it will benefit the adsorption of heavy...
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Study on Separation/Enrichment of Bismuth using Microcrystalline Thymolphthalein Loaded with Diacetydioxime

Chang-Qing Tu, Xin-Rong Wen
A novel method for the separation/enrichment of trace Bi3+ using microcrystalline thymolphthalein loaded with diacetydioxime was established. The effects of different parameters on the enrichment yield of Bi3+ have been investigated. The possible enrichment mechanism of Bi3+ was discussed. The results...
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Relationship between Glyoxylate Cycle and Nitrification Efficiency based on Heterotrophic Nitrification Bacterium Acinetobacter sp.Y1

Ya-Qing Li, Yu-Xiang Liu
The growth and ammonium removal ability of heterotrophic nitrification bacterium are strongly influenced by carbon sources, as well as the activities of key enzymes of glyoxylate cycle. To obtain a better insight into the relationship between glyoxylate cycle and nitrification, the two key enzymes of...
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Biochemical Oxygen Demand Soft Measurement Based On LE-RVM

Long Luo
In order to solve the modeling problem of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) in wastewater treatment process. This paper proposes an online BOD predictive method based on Laplacian Eigenmaps - Relevance Vector Machine ( LE-RVM) . First, the easy to obtain the parameters of the wastewater treatment process...
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Environmental Regulation Theory and Its Application

Li-Ping Wang
This article reviewed various arguments about environmental regulation and its theoretical basis, combined with the practice of environmental protection in China's enterprises, put forward several directions for further research, so as to provide a decision-making reference for the environmental protection...
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Competitive Adsorption of Heavy Metals Copper, Cadmium and Lead by Synthetic Zeolite

Xiao Zhang, Ting Cheng, Chen Chen
The experiments are to study the competitive adsorption properties of three heavy metals of Cu2+, Cd2+ and Pb2+ ions through synthesizing zeolite. The influencing factors and competitive adsorption kinetic modes are investigated. The results show that, with the increase of adsorbed dose, the removal...
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The Research of Using Fly Ash based Polymer Materials to Immobilize Iodine Ion

Chen Chen, Rui-Yang Lv, Fan Feng, Ting Cheng
The article discusses the immobilization on Iodine ion by using fly ash based geopolymer materials, the compressive strength, XRD and IR patterns vary with the amount of immobilization. The leaching experiment and the fitting of leaching kinetics data are done on the previous basis. The experimental...
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Reversible Capture of CO2 by Cucurbit[7]uril Absorbent

Li Liu
Traditionalamine absorbents for CO2are oftentimes corrosive to equipment and degrade through oxidation, thus severely restricting the wide application in CO2capture. Herein, asupramolecular approach to CO2capture by cucurbit [7] uril (CB [7]) complex was developed. NH2 (CH2)6NH2 CB [7] complex can convert...
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Research on Hyperspectral Unmixing Oil Spill Monitoring

Can Cui, Ying Li, Hong-Ji Chen, Bing-Xin Liu, Jin Xu, Guan-Nan Li
Hyperspectral unmixing is an important technique for hyperspectral image analysis. In this paper, we took Airborne Visible Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) hyperspectral imagery as dataset to monitor oil spills. The information of oil spills was retrieved through image preprocessing, minimum noise...
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Effect of Corona Discharge Treatment on Interface Discharge Behaviour between Polypropylene and Silicone Rubber

Jun-Ke Guo, Chun-Yan Hao, Jin-Shan Yu, Li-Qiu Lu
Electric field distribution in cable joint can be enhanced because its structural complexity, this forms interface discharge between the main insulation of cable and the insulation of cable joint. Polypropylene (PP) has good electrical property and is suitable for being used as insulation material of...
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Rebuild strategy for Coastal Villages with Reasonable Expense Renjiatai Trial

Min-Min Guo, Li-Ting Zhou
Aims at putting product design into practice,Renjiatai trial is designed to investigate the rebuild model of coastal villages in eastern area of Shandong.Based on the requirements from being both product and art output, we tried to investigate the commercial and art value of the traditional architecture...
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Experimental Study on the Removal of Algae and Odor with the Combined Process of Potassium Permanganate and Powdered Activated Carbon

Feng-Ping Hu, Wen-Jie Hu, Xiao-Jun Peng, Hong-Ling Dai
The pre-oxidation agent is potassium permanganate (KMnO4) and the adsorbent is powdered activated carbon in this experiment. The raw water is treated by KMnO4 comparing with KMnO4 and powdered activated carbon in order to study the removal of turbidity, algae and odor. When the KMnO4 dosage is 1.2mg/L,...
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The Eco-Environmental Fragility Assessment of Ningdong Base

Feng-Jun Li, Min Hu, Xiao-Le Guo
We select the Ningdong Energy and Chemistry Industry Base (referred to as Ningdong Base) as research object and take the ecological environment as evaluating target. According to the subject and object factors, the SVM model of ecological environment vulnerability assessment is constructed by using principal...
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Overview of Pavement Materials and Operation Phases for the Minnesota Road

Shuang Li, Zhen-Gang Feng, Xin-Jun Li, Pei-Long Li
Asphalt pavement is easily suffered from early damage under exposure to the natural environment. Regular pavement performance monitoring is mostly based on laboratory test, which could not simulate the actual pavement conditions effectively. Thus it is significant to develop an accelerated test facility....
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Heterogeneity and Controlling Factors of Oxfordian Stage Carbonate Reservoir of Odjarly Gas Field, Amu Darya Basin

Bing-Xiong Lu, Long-Hua Mo
Based on core observation and thin section authentication, the control factors of Oxfordian Stage carbonate reservoir of Odjarly Gas field of Amu Darya Basin were discussed by comprehensive utilization of geological, drilling, seismic data etc. It was concluded that the carbonate reservoir developed...
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The Trace Element Characteristics of Shales from Upper Ordovician-Lower Silurian in Wuling Depression: Implication for Block Amalgamation Time and Tectonic Setting

Yuan-Yuan Peng, Zhi-Hong Kang, Hui-Yu Han, Lei Zhou
The collision time of the Yangtze Block and the Cathaysia Block has been controversial for decades.This paper discusses the sedimentary provenance and tectonic setting through the analysis of the trace element characteristics. The study results suggests that the Yangtze Block and Cathaysia Block were...
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Research of a Novel Fluorescence Probe for Cu2+ and Its Applications in Environmental Analysis

Tian-Tian Su, Yan Liu, Yi-Min Zhu
In this paper, a novel fluorescence probe based on Rhodamine(RB), which can be used in the quick detection of Cu2+ in environment, was synthesized. It was found that the addition of Cu ions led to a significantly enhanced fluorescence, while other common metal ions such as Na+, K +,Mg2+,Ca2+,Mn2+,Co2+,Ni2+,Ag+,Ba2+,Zn2+,Fe3+andFe2+...
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Performance Study and Analysis of a 300MW High Backpressure Heat Supply Unit Condenser after Retrofit

Xue-Tong Wang, Yu-Feng Yan, Ang Song, Chuan-Ling Liu
This paper introduces the retrofit of the condenser of a 300MW high backpressure heating turbine. According to the test data of high and low backpressure situation, we calculated the operation indexes of the condenser at these situation. The condenser terminal temperature difference is both small at...
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Casing Damage Prevention and Control Technology of Super Heavy Oil Thermal Production Well A Case research of Du 84 block in Shu 1 area, Liaohe Oilfield

Jia-Nian Xu, Hong-Li Liu
A large number of thermal recovery wells casing was damaged during the early development of Du 84. Casing damage thermal production wells amounted to 214 by the end of 2002, accounting for 66.7% of the production wells. The casing damage had affected the normal production of these thermal wells. Thus...
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Quantitative Analysis of Huangshui River Basin Landscape over Last Twenty Years using RS and GIS

Huan Yu, Rong-Xiang Du, He-Ping Tao, Bin-Tao Liu, Bo Kong
Landscape pattern change will lead to flows and changes of energy, material and nutrients between different land units, and cause sectional ecological processes and functional changes. As the political, economic, cultural and traffic center of Qinghai province, Huangshui River basin landscape structure...
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Carbon Performance Evaluation Indicators based on Resource Value Flow

Cai-Ping Zhang, Ying Zhang
Carbon performance evaluation indicators are made up of carbon cost efficiency, carbon economic efficiency, carbon reduction efficiency and carbon intensity according to the theories and methods of resource value flow. The results shows that carbon performance evaluation indicators for the perspective...
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The Preparation of Coating Material by Modified Asphalt Waterproof Roll Material

Su Zhao, Da-Ren Guan, Ruo-Nan Wang, Guang-Yi Ma
In order to enlarge the utilization of the Buton rock asphalt, reduce the cost of polymer modified asphalt waterproofing roll materials, After mixing Buton rock asphalt into matrix asphalt,adding polymer SBS modifier,and prepare composite modified Buton rock asphalt,Then add the suitable amount of naphthenic...
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Influence of Sandstone Layered Structure and Characteristics in Coal Overburden on Mining Subsidence

Yan-Jie Sun, Xiao-Guang Zhao, Shi-Jie Song, Wen-Jie Nie
Taking the coal-bearing strata with fine sandstone-siltstone interbedded structure as the example, 12 different types of stratified structure models were constructed with the quantity of rock strata, rock-soil ratio and mining depth as the variables. Based on the theory of key stratum, the stability...
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Detection and Analysis of Heavy Metals in Vegetables in Xinzhu Vegetable Base

Xiao-Guang Zhao, Bing Li, Meng-Di Gao, Yang Li
In order to study the pollution of heavy metals and the safety of vegetables in Baqiao area of Xi'an, the contents of Cu, Zn, Cr and Pb in 8 fresh vegetables were determined. The results show that:(1)Most of the contents of heavy metals in vegetables in Baqiao Xinzhu vegetable base did not exceed the...
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Vertical Distribution of Wind-eroded Dust within 50m High at Minqin Dust Source Area in North-Western China

Duo-Qing Man, Shi-Zeng Liu, De-Lu Li, Zi-Zhu Yan, Qing-Zhong Zheng, Yin-Ke Li, Yuan-Yan Wang
15 Aeolian Dust Samplers (ADS) were fixed to a 50m high steel tower above the ground at Minqin sand-dust source area in north-western China, dust was collected and treated respectively after each sand-dust storm event and end of the month in a year round. The vertical distribution of dust mass monthly...
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Vulnerability Assessment of Water Environmental System in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei(BTH) Region

Xiao-Hua Yang, Yuan Xie, Bo-Yang Sun, Mei-Shui Li, Yi Ye, Yu-Qi Li
Rapid population growth and increased economic activity impose an urgent challenge on the sustainability of water environmental system in Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei (BTH) region. Water environmental system is a complex uncertain system under change which is of vulnerability. But water environmental system...
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Assessment of Atmospheric Environmental Quality in Baoji City

Yin-Ge Liu, Peng-Ying Shi, Yong-Gang Zhang
Using comprehensive pollution index and Daniel trend test rank coefficient methods and monitoring data from 2007 to 2013, the characters of the main air pollutants were analyzed and trend of atmospheric environmental quality was evaluated. Influence factors on air quality were discussed. Results show...
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A Review on Wastewater Treatments of Lead-Zinc Concentrator in China

Xu Dong, Si-Qing Liu, Hai-Lin Liu, Dan Wang, Yi Pei
During the last decade, lead-zinc mining industry in China has made a significant progress and China has become one of the most important producers in the world. In this paper, the recent developments in both treatments and reuse of wastewater of lead-zinc concentrators in China are briefly reviewed....
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SS and CODremoval in Artificial Stone Wastewater using Coagulation Process

Ping Zhang, Lin-Feng Chen, Qi-Meng Zhang, Sheng-Min Wang, Qing-Lin Xie, Nan-Chun Chen
The obvious features of artificial stone wastewater are high SS and COD concentration, and the wastewater cannot meet the discharge standard. Three-stage coagulation procedure was adopted to dispose wastewater by controlling the different coagulants, coagulant dosage and pH value in this study. The results...
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A Study on Change and Difference of Provincial Fishery Efficiency in China

Bo Li, Lin Wang, Hui-Ling Qiao
This paper uses Chinese provincial panel data, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) method, Malmquist index calculation method and Theil index decomposition method to study the efficiency of Chinese fishery and the structure of provincial fishery efficiency differences. The results show that in a large number...
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Removal Effect of CODcr Ammonia Nitrogen and Total Nitrogen of Rural Domestic Wastewater in Southern China by A2/O2 Process

Li-Qiang Xu, Hai-Xia Yu, Jiang-Hua Yu, Huan Luo, Yuan-Long Zhang
Taking rural domestic wastewater in Southern China as the experimental object, the removal efficiency of CODcr, ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen in different stages of the biofilm reactor and aeration conditions was studied by using the experimental simulation method in the A2/O2 process. The results...
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Analysis of Indoor Inhalable Particle Concentration under Variable Air Volume Air Conditioning System

Xin-Long Li, Yue-Wu Huang
In order to study the factors of influencing indoor particle concentration under the variable air volume air conditioning system, utilizing the law of mass conversion establish unsteady model on indoor particulate matter concentrations. As the inhalable particle for researchful object(particle diameter...
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A Research for Reduction the Pollution in the Pretreatmentprocess of PAEs Inhuman Serum

Min Li, Cui-Qin Wu, Yong-Heng Chen, Jian Gong, Ying Li, Yi-Wen Zhong, Ying Nie, Liang-Zhi Xu
Phthalate acid esters (PAEs) are widespreadin the environment. In order to reduce pollution in the process of human serum PAEs pretreatment, someexperimental conditions had been investigated. Shortening the exposure time of the eluent and nitrogen blowing time, purifying silica gel and using glass chromatography...
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Application of Chebyshev Polynomial in Annual Electricity Consumption

Lai-Bin Gao, Bo Wang
Based on statistical data of National Statistical Bureau of China, and giving the least-squares fitting of Chebyshev polynomial, the data of electricity consumption in per capita from 1983 to 2013 is analyzed by GM (1,1) method and Chebyshev polynomial least squares method respectively. The results showed...
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Uncertainty of the Offshore Wind Energy Resource Assessment due to Long-term Variability

Bo Jiang, Ping-Ping Hou, Song Zhang, He Wu, Jie Ding
The long-term uncertainty of offshore wind energy resource in Sansha sea area was studied using the 24-year (January 1st, 1988-December 31st,2011) CCMP (cross-calibrated, multi-platform) wind field data with spatial and temporal resolutions of 0.25°×0.25° and 6 h, respectively. In this paper, three kinds...
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Study on the Influence of the Operation of Multiple Wind Turbines on the Turbulent Kinetic Energy in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer

Fei Li, Ting-Ting Lu, Zheng-Ren Wu
By analyzing the potential influence of the operation of multiple wind turbines on the surface boundary layer was studied. Gambit software was used to establish multiple wind turbine and wind field model, and the Fluent software was used to simulate the flow of four sets of wind turbine in parallel and...
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Effect of Different Thermochemical Pretreatments on Fuel Quality of Sewage Sludge

Zhen-Gang Liu, Chao Gai
Sewage sludge contains large amounts of energy and gasification of sewage sludge may be one of the promising sustainable approaches for hydrogen-rich syngas production from sewage sludge. However, raw sludge is unsuitable for direct gasification and thus pretreatment is necessary to improve its fuel...
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Application of Legendre Polynomial in Annual Electricity Consumption

Hui-Jie Jiang, Hong-Qin Zhang
Based on statistical data of National Statistical Bureau of China, and giving the least-squares fitting of Legendre polynomial, the data of electricity consumption in per capita from 1983 to 2013 is analyzed by GM (1,1) method and Legendre polynomial least squares method respectively. The results showed...
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Voltage Compensation for Solar Cell Array Comprising Multiple Strings

Hong-Ren Shen, Chang-Lin Tsai, Hurng-Liahng Jou, Kuen-Der Wu, Jinn-Chang Wu, Cheng-Huan Chung
This paper proposes a voltage compensator (VC) for a grid-connected photovoltaic generation system to compensate shadowing phenomena. The solar cell array in this paper is composed of several strings using the same maximum power point. The proposed VC is an isolated DC-DC power converter which supplies...
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A Review of the Development of Nuclear Waste Treatment for China's Nuclear Power Industry

Yue Shu, Zhi-Ming Liu, Xian-Jun Lin, Rui-Zhi Wang
The paper describes the sources and treatment of nuclear wastes generated during the production and operation of nuclear power plants, discusses the current situation and development prospects of nuclear waste treatment of China's nuclear power plants and proposes that accelerating and promoting the...
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The Role of Renewable Energy in China´s Sustainable Energy Transition

Xiao-Yang Sun, Bao-Sheng Zhang, Liang-Ping Zou, Rui-Zhi Wang
To realize China´s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution on Climate Change for post-2020 period, we should implement a plan for renewable energy development. How to choose a development order for different kinds of renewable energy, such as hydro power, solar power, and wind power This paper simulates...
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Sustainable Design of Waste Fabric and Contemporary Textile Materials

Fang Wang
Through sorting and researching the visual characteristic, design characteristic and culture characteristic of waste fabric, combining with the analysis of designers and brand product cases, this article puts forward the material attribute for sustainable use of waste fabric and its creative possibilities...
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Reviews of Resource Assessment on Tidal Current Energy of China

He Wu, Ya-Nan Wu, Yang Bai, Guo-Wei Wu
In the context of global energy crisis and climate change, tidal current energy is one kind of marine renewable energy rich in total resources with little effect on environment and higher TRL and have promising prospects of utilization in the offshore region of China. Although significant progresses...
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Operational Performance of a Combined TLP-type Floating Wind Turbine and Heave-type Floating Wave Energy Converter System

Meng-Ran Zhou, Ying Pan, Nian-Xin Ren, Ying Zhu
This paper deals with a novel concept by combining a tension leg platform -type floating wind turbine and a heave-type wave energy converter that is referred as the 'TWWC' (TLP-WT-WEC- Combination) system herein. Concept feasibility study has been carried out by using numerical simulations in the time...
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Calculation of Distributed Photovoltaic Grid Acceptance Capacity Considering Timing Characteristics of Photovoltaic Output

Xue Wang, Qiang Sun, Ying-Ting Ni, Qiang Yin
The smart power network is development trend of the modern power system, which is an important carrier and composition part for current energy source revolution in the world. Construction of the smart power network brings profound influence on the traditional power distribution network. Development mode,...
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Research of the Development Feature and Trends of the World's Nuclear Industry in 2015

Kai Zhang, Xian-Jun Lin
The paper introduces the current status of the world's nuclear power units in operation and under construction, tracks the nuclear power policies and their changes in the developed and developing countries and predicts the future nuclear power development. It summarizes some features of the world's nuclear...
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Technology of New Energy Grid Remote Testing Based on Internet + Exploration

Yong Zhi, Chen Liang, Run-Qing Bai, Wei Zheng, Xi-Chao Zhou
The characteristics of new energy are points more, wide distribution. This article in view of the traditional fixed field test cost a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources of the status quo, put forward by applying Internet technology to realize remote test and intelligent analysis...
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An Experimental Study of Shower Spray Properties and Shower Comfort

Wing-Kwong Chan, Ling-Tim Wong, Yang Zhou, Kwok-Wai Mui
Shower comfort influences the adoption of water saving showerheads, and thus the implementation of sustainable water conservation programs. This study investigates the shower spray properties of 7 sampled showerheads experimentally and evaluates their relationships with user satisfaction according to...
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Research on Medium and Long Term Energy Demand Forecast underNew Urbanization

Bao-Guo Shan, Cheng-Long Zhang, Ding Ma
The "national new urbanization plan (2014 - 2020)" was promulgated in China in 2014, will have a profound impact on medium and long term energy demand in China. This paper put forward economy-energy-environmental model system, set up two scenarios (baseline scenario and new urbanization scenario), analyzed...
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Magnetic Levitation Device for Harvesting Power-frequency Magnetic Field and Mechanical Energy

Wei He, Yue-Ran Lu, Chi-Wen Qu, Cheng-De Lin, Gao-Feng Che, Ji-Tao Zhang
Energy harvesting from ambient energy sources has been receiving considerable interest as the power supply of wireless sensors networks. In this paper, a hybrid energy harvester based on magnetic levitation is presented for scavenging power-frequency magnetic field and mechanical energy. A Halbach array...
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Research on Optimal Adjustment Test for SCR Denitrification System in Coal-fired Power Plant

Ke Liu, Meng Zhang, Hai-Chao Wang, Li-Meng Zhang, Fan-Jun Hou, Qing-Chuan Zhao
We present an effective optimal adjustment test method for SCR denitrification device. The decrease of catalyst activity in local regions can lead to non-uniformity of NOx concentration and augmentation of slipped ammonia around outlet of SCR device. In this case, we introduce a two-step adaptive adjustment...
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Solar Thermal Energy Storage with Phase Change Material - Heat Exchanger Design and Heat Transfer Analysis

Xi-Li Duan, Josh Roul, Stephan Ryan, Skylar Hodder, John Stamp
Solar energy is clean and sustainable but intermittent in nature. Efficient storage of solar thermal energy is critical for its wider applications. This paper presents design and research on a thermal energy storage unit using phase change material (PCM). Aprototype of PCM heat exchanger with a helical...
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Nonlinear Effects of Provincial Economic Growth on Environmental Pollution

Jian-Bao Chen, Qiong Xia, Zi-Jia Wan
Using panel smooth transition regression (PSTR) model, we study the nonlinear effects of provincial economic growth on environmental pollution in China. The empirical research shows that the relationship between provincial economic growth and environmental pollution in China exists nonlinear smooth transition...
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Study on the Path Selection of Regional Development in Karst Mountainous Areas Based on Evaluation of Location Advantages—A Case of Panxian County, Guizhou

Qian Feng, Zhong-Fa Zhou, Quan Cheng, Yu-Ting Hou
Choosing the regional development path reasonable according to the local advantages, and use them to promote the regional economy development,play a positive role.Using the correlation method of SPSS to analyze the relationship between the economic development level and the location advantages in Panxian...
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Paleoenvironment of Carboniferous Shales in Wuwei Basin

Hui-Yu Han, Zhi-Hong Kang, Yuan-Yuan Peng, Lei Zhou
Shales are enriched with diverse suites of trace elementsthat reflect theirdepositional environment. The purpose of this paper is to restitute the paleoenvironment of Carboniferous shales in Wuwei basin. In this study, we used and analyzed comprehensively trace elements(B, Sr, Ba, Ga, V, Ni, Co, U, Th)...
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Correspondence between Turning Points in Trend of Oil Price and Business Cycles in Japan

Koki Kyo, Hideo Noda
Oil price is crucial to understanding economic fluctuations in Japan. In this paper, we decompose the time series of oil price in the period from January 1971 to December 2012 into a long-term tendency (also called trend) and short-term variation, which is expressed by an autoregressive model. The correspondence...
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The Inverse Eigenproblem for Complementary Submatrix of Generalized Jacobi Matrices

Zhi-Bin Li, Yun-Fei Wang
This paper deals with the reconstruction of generalized Jacobi matrices from eigen-pairs of the matrix and its complementary submatrix of give up k row and k column. The paper discussed the existence and uniqueness of the question's solution. The possibilities are exanimated by numerical example.
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Literature Review of the Implementation Evaluation on Land Use Planning

Guo-Hua Liu
With the fast development of social economy, the contradictions between social development and land use are becoming increasingly serious. In order to ease the contradiction between human and land, and promote the balanced development between social economy and resource environment, there should be a...
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Pricing Strategy of Remanufacturing Closed - loop Supply Chain Based on Subsidy and Carbon Tax Mechanism

Wen Liu, Hai-Yan Wang, Long-Gang Li, Jie Deng
Under the government subsidy and carbon tax mechanism, a game-pricing model of government and closed-loop supply chain members is established for closed-loop supply chain system consisting of manufacturers, retailers and third parties. The optimal subsidy intensity and carbon tax rate are obtained by...
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Further Understanding of the Supply Source of Shaizhudong Spring in the Central Weibei

Zhi-Yuan Ma, Mei-Jing Zhai, Yang Meng, Yong Xu
Shaizhudong spring is the largest one in the central of Weibei, Shaanxi Province, China, for its supply source predecessors have done a lot of research, it was considered that Jinghe leakage is the main source of supply, and it is the concentrated discharge points of Shaizhudong spring area hidden karst...
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A Study of the Demand for Fiber Fabrics of Chinese Elderly Clothing Market

Fan-Yao Nie, Yu-Mei Cui
Along With the accelerating aging process of china, the number of the elder continues to increase, and the development of the elder garment industry is imminent. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, the fabric of elder clothing is still unable to satisfy the actual needs of...
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Meta-analysis of Psychological Interventions on Breast Cancer Patients' Immune Function

Ling Qi, Jing Wang, Hong-Ling Zhang
Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of psychological interventions for improving the immune functioning of breast cancer patients. Methods: Comprehensive searches of electronic databases from 1990 to 2012, hand searches of reference lists of articles, and contacts with researchers. Meta-analytic approaches...
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Weather Conditions Associated with Corn Simulated Yield in the Corn Belt of Northeastern China during the Past Three Decades

Zeng-Hui Sun, Zhe Liu
The Corn Belt of Northeastern China (CBNC) accounts for about 35% of the nation' corn production in China. In the past three decades, corn yield in CBNC have increased under changing in climate and crop management. It is important to investigate the contribution of these changing factors to the historical...
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Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Refrigeration System with Vapor Injection Using Reciprocating Piston Compressor

Hao-Jie Tang, Shu-Xi Zheng, Yu-Tao Yang, Chao Wang, You-Xin Zhao, Su-Yan He
Vapor injection systems have been used on scroll compressor and rotary compressor. Literature about the use of vapor injection on reciprocating piston compressor are rare. In order to increase the application range of the piston compressor, based on the single stage circulatory system, a reciprocating...
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The Application of A3 Aerial Photography in Island Surveying and Mapping

Ping Wang, Fan Yang, Zheng Wei, Ji-Sheng Zeng, Yu-Chao Sun
Based on the demand of island mapping, this paper analyzes the necessity of island mapping by aerial photogrammetry. Based on the key technical problems of island aerial photography, A3 aero-photography is used for island aerial photograph. This paper studies the route design, image processing and production...
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Design of an Ecological Immigrant Compensation Program for China's Nature Reserves

Xiao-Yan Wei, Xu-Feng Mao, Feng-Gui Liu
Reasonable ecological compensation is about efficiency, equity and sustainable development of nature reserves in China. A large quantity of cases on ecological migrant's compensation in various nature reserves of China was utilized to summarize the main program contents and methods of ecological compensation...
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A Method for Automatical Extraction of Typical Disaster-bearing Targets from LiDAR Point Cloud in Coastal Zone

Ping Wang, Zheng Wei, Yu-Chao Sun, Ji-Sheng Zeng, Fan Yang, Ling Tang
This paper presents a method based on georeferenced feature image to automatically extract typical disaster-bearing targets from coastal LiDAR data. Firstly, the noise and the water surface of LiDAR point cloud are removed by using the elevation histogram. Secondly, by analyzing the spatial distribution...
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Research on Target Polarization Recognition and Classification Based on BP Neural Network

Bang Wu, Qi Jia, Wei-Dong Xu, Xu-Liang Lv, Jiang-Hua Hu
Polarization detection technology has become an important means of detection technology. This paper discusses the principle and measuring method of polarization detection, typical features and the polarization characteristics, such as rock, concrete, soil, vegetation and military targets. According to...
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Developing an Agent-Based Model to Explore the Impact of Social Networks on Building Occupant Energy Consumption

Hui Xie, Tao-Tao Yin, Ya-Lin Wang
Building occupant behavior has a great impact on the energy consumption in buildings. Indirect conservations are achieved through information transmission of energy efficiency measures from one occupant to his/her neighbours. Within the social network, energy use information can propagate through social...