Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Reinventing Business Practices, Start-ups and Sustainability (ICRBSS 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Meena Rani Nimmagadda, S. Catherine, Praseeda Challapalli, V. Sasirekha
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the International Conference on Reinventing Business Practices, start-ups and Sustainability- ICRBSS 2023 during 2-3 November 2023 in Chennai. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee...
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Frugal Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Chandan Kumar
By elucidating the values and methods, social entrepreneurs provide a narrative of perspectives and aspects of innovation models that are pertinent to theory, practice, and policy related to innovation management. This chapter’s statistics and discussion show that social entrepreneurs have differing...
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Starting a Business-Intention of Higher Education Students in Southern India

K. Ganesh Kumar, D. P. Sudhagar
Internal and external stakeholders in Higher Education have been actively pushing entrepreneurship as a profitable career choice among students since the adoption of the National Innovation and Startup Policy and the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020 throughout the Nation. There is...
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Sustainable Factors Affecting Women Entrepreneurs: A Comprehensive Review

Mamatha S. Mamatha, Subramanyam Mutyala
A survey of 209 Women entrepreneurs was used in this study to examine how sustainability factors affect women business owners’ interest in and capacity in the rural Karnataka districts of Ramanagara and Kolar. They were looking into how microenterprises helped other businesses maintain long-term viability...
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Deciphering the Indian Start-up Landscape: A Spotlight on Chennai’s Ecosystem

Kabirdoss Devi, D. Janis Bibiyana, K. Sampath, Meeya Nawazkhan
Post-independence, India had been exceling in all the fields of science, engineering, arts, and business challengingly against the rough international competitive and political environment. India is compelled to keep up its economy strongly through its gross domestic product. It is also forced to take...
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Small Business Entrepreneurs in Odisha: A Study on their Seriousness and Persuasion Skills

Madhulika Panda, Surya Dev
The success of an entrepreneurial venture depends on the seriousness of the entrepreneur. Willingness to learn, expand business, take risks, investment in new technologies, implementing new marketing strategies, focus on long-term relationships, and openness to feedback reflect the seriousness of an...
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A Study on Green Start-Up Prospects in India - Fostering a Greener Future in Entrepreneurship

S. P. Deepeka, S. Balamurali, Heet Dagli
India’s start-up ecosystem has seen incredible growth in recent years, positioning the country as one of the world’s most promising destinations for entrepreneurial endeavours. This study explores emerging start-up opportunities in India with a focus on fostering a sustainable and environmentally conscious...
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Innovative Assessment Methods for Measuring Practical Skills in Higher Education

Arun Chandra Mudhol
The article entitled “Innovative Assessment Methods for Measuring Practical Skills in Higher Education” aims to address the limitations of conventional assessment frameworks that often fail to adequately measure practical skills essential for modern-day professional environments. Drawing from a rich...
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An Analysis of Customers’ Perceptions of Sensory Marketing at Restaurants with Reference to Chennai

V. Vanitha, T. M. Gowri
A customer’s impression of a brand consists of nothing more than their subjective evaluation of that brand. Although apparently simple, it plays a key role in gaining and retaining regular customers. Customers’ impressions of Chennai ECR eateries’ sensory marketing strategies were analyzed for this study....
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Marketing Ethics: Mediating Influences on Sales Managers’ Ethical Decision-making

Leena Jenefa, R. Karuppasamy, Vignesh
Ethics plays an vital role and dominant in the company. The ethical problems faced by the buyer and seller in the market leads to negative or positive commercial relations. The seller have to give more emphasis towards this process will lead to a shake-up in trade and commercial communications between...
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The Influence of Brand Associations on Brand Loyalty: An Empirical Study Regarding Banking Sector in Bangalore

Shivani Raghuvir, N. Meena Rani
Incontestably, a superior brand is not desirable but a primary requisite for the organisations in this extremely competitive environment. Hence, the organisations attempt to figure out ways to achieve it. One of the established components to building a successful brand is strong and unique associations...
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Green Washing: A Deceptive Marketing Practice and its Implications

P. Aparna, K. Siva Murugan
Greenwashing is becoming a prevalent issue in the present era. It is a deceptive marketing technique of conveying misleading or fake representation to the public to believe that the product/service or the company is environment friendly than actually it is. Green washing is a practice of appealing the...
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Unveiling the influence of Social Media and Email Campaign of Healthcare services and its perception: Exploring the mediating roles of patient testimonials and trustworthiness

J. Vidhya, Shanthi Venkatesh
The Internet and social media are remotely connecting people around the world. Social media is an interactive platform that makes sharing information among online communities easier. Social media campaigns greatly assist businesses in massively attracting new and potential customers. Email campaign stimulates...
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Sustainability by Design: IKEA’s Eco-Friendly Marketing Efforts

S. Mahalakshmi, Anitha Nallasivam, S. Hemanth Kumar, K. S. Kalavathy, Kavitha Desai
IKEA, the global retail, and home furnishings giant, takes center stage in this comprehensive case study, as we delve into the multifaceted realm of its sustainable marketing initiatives. IKEA has not only established a remarkable presence in the industry but has also redefined the way we approach sustainable...
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Theoretical Framework: Sustainable Practices of Digital Media Marketing On Rural Youth

G. Swetha, S. Kanaka Rathnam, Dora Ratnapriya, V. L. Govindarajan
India is the Country of Rural. As per the economic survey, 65% of India’s population lives in rural areas. With the upgradation of 4G internet, rural areas are happening with digital technologies. The Digital platforms has become a big part of human’s lives and it has the potential to assist the rural,...
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Exploring the Digital Shopper: How Facebook and Instagram Influence Consumer Behavior in the FMCG Sector

Anitha Nallasivam, S. Mahalakshmi, A. R. Keerthana, Tadpigari Mahesh Babu
When it comes to the promotion of goods that move rapidly (FMCG), consumer behavior is crucial. Numerous variables impact this behavior, and in the worldwide world of today, the requirements and tastes of customers change with time. Given that this sector has a big impact on India’s GDP expansion, it...
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The Impact of Consumer Buying Decision towards Online Shopping in Ramanathapuram District

T. Chithra Lekha, S. Nasar
The researcher’s motto of this paper is to know the purchasing decision towards online buyers. What are the factors influencing the people to buy online? The researcher selects Ramanathapuram District online buyers. In this area many of the people are educated and branded showrooms are very less compared...
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A Study on The Market Characteristics, Consumer Purchasing, and Behaviour Towards Footwear With Reference to Vellore Dist., Tamilnadu

P. Venkatesh, V. Selvakumar, M. Ramu, M. Manikandan, C. R. Senthilnathan, M. Krishnamoorthi
The market for footwear is one that has huge prospects but is still a relatively undeveloped industry. The use of innovative techniques for segmentation and positioning can assist manufacturers and retailers in understanding the finer nuances of customers not only in the home market but also in the international...
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Analysis of Marketing and Innovation Strategies Used in Footwear Products with Special Reference to Andhra Pradesh, India

S. Chandra Sekhar, S. S. Prasada Rao, Praveen Kumar, S. Sreedevi
The footwear business has seen significant change throughout the years, reflecting global economic growth, evolving consumer tastes, and technological advancements. This article looks back at the history of the footwear manufacturing business, tracking its development and highlighting significant turning...
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A Study on Purchase Frequency Levels in Social Networking Sites With Special Reference to Gender

N. Sarulatha, Sasirekha
Advancements in technology has given rise to a novel online shopping phenomenon known as “social commerce”. Users share their insights, expertise and experiences as content creators. It provides business opportunity to leverage social media for understanding customers and engaging them. Companies gain...
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A Study on Consumer Intentions for Continuous Adoption of Mobile Food Delivery Application through Attitude and Motivation using SAMS Model

Densingh Joshua Israel, T. Monika
With the rapid evolution of the digital age, the culinary landscape has witnessed a profound transformation, largely facilitated by the emergence of Mobile Food Delivery Aggregator (MFDA) apps. These innovative platforms have redefined the way consumer’s access, explore, and indulge in a diverse range...
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Factors limiting consumer’s preference towards the online shopping; a critical analysis

E. Soundrapandian, K. Priya
Many consumers worry about the safety of their personal and financial information when making online transactions. Cases of data breaches and cyber-attacks have made some people hesitant to share their details online, which can act as a significant deterrent. Another key factor is the inability to physically...
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Trust Alchemy: Illuminating its Impact on Consumers’ Behavioral Intention to Purchase in the Realm of Mobile Shopping Apps

Rhytheema Dulloo
Building confidence in mobile shopping apps is extremely difficult, given the virtual nature of mobile shopping. Through the use of mobile shopping apps, researchers seek to investigate the relationship between trust and consumers’ behavioral intention to purchase. In the initial stage, this research...
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An Empirical Study on the Users’ Satisfaction with Various Services of the Mobile Phone Service Providers

B. Balaji, V. Senthilkumar
User satisfaction with various services offered by mobile phone service providers is a critical aspect in the telecommunications industry. It directly influences customer loyalty and the overall success of the providers. Customers today expect seamless and reliable connectivity, high-speed data services,...
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Prediction of organic products purchase decision by Generation Z consumers- An Empirical Perspective

S. Rengalakshmi, S. Viji, K. Ravindran
Sustainability is an emerging concept getting eminent among Generation Z people who are growing their concern towards the environment. There are numerous reasons to adopt organic products. They can be health concerns, environmental concerns, and so on. Also purchasing organic products is seen as a status...
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Exploring Ethical Consumer Among Generation Z Using ICSM Scale

Latha Lavanya, S. Catherine, M. Vijayalakshmi
In the current generation, everyone has an unconventional approach to life; they- are different from the previous generation. Some generations had more exposure than the next generations, who were born in 2000 or 1999. This Generation breathes in the digital sphere and is sentimentally connected to internet...
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The Regulatory Practices of Indian Financial Market and its Impact on Sustainable Long-Term Savings of the Women

A. Ruban Christopher, A. R. Nithya
Women’s participation in the Indian workforce has steadily increased over the years, while on the other side of the spectrum, India’s financial markets are also undergoing phenomenal transformative changes driven by the sustainability considerations. This rise in economic activity coupled with the increased...
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Asset Quality of State Bank of India During the Pre and Post-Merger Period

S. Sasikala, B. Sudha
The State Bank of India is an Indian multinational public sector bank with a 23 percent market share of assets, and 25 percent of total loans and deposits on 25th March 2022. The associates of SBI viz., State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Travancore,...
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Investor Attitude towards Crowd Funding Operations and Fund Model

M. Rajeswari, R. Magesh
This study aims to analyses problems and prospect of crowd funding. It is a project and source of venture by raising a quantity of money by inviting a large number of people. Exploratory research conducted on Crowd funding in details with its actors involved, process of operations and models. Demographic...
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Blockchain Technology Usage in Applications of Productivity and Performance

R. Magesh, M. Rajeswari
Definition of Blockchain is a block possess information. Techniques leads to an intended to time framed documents of digital surely not possible to backdate or tamper. From this study it aims to investigate the security threats and attacks of existing in blockchain and to provide the list of outstanding...
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Financial Literacy in Promoting Sustainable Finance

A. Ruban Christopher, A. R. Nithya
In an era marked by heightened environmental awareness and concerns about the long-term health of our planet, sustainable finance has gained significant traction as a means to align financial activities with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. At the heart of this transformation lies...
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A Study on Asset Liability Management and Profitability of Aavin Co-Operative Milk Producers in Chennai City

M.Nasrin Sulthana
For every business the main motive will be wealth maximisation and profit maximisation. This study Asset – Liability Management will help the banking and Industrial sector to improve their financial performance as well as the way to increase the profitability of the business. The main objective of this...
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Risk–Return Analysis of Selected Equity Stocks Listed in Bombay Stock Exchange Using Capital Asset Pricing Model

V. Bheemeswara Reddy, N. Harish
Investment in Stocks is considered the best alternative to earn higher returns in form of dividends and capital appreciation. Two important ways to investment in Stocks viz., Risk and Return. Indeed, each return on investment is influenced by varying levels of risk. Investors consider Stocks which offer...
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Analysis and Preventive Measures of Banking Frauds with Reference to Indian Banking Sector

Subba Rayudu Thunga, P. B. Lavanya, Naveen Chinni
Economic development of the nation is largely dependent on banking sector performance. It accelerates industrial progress through smooth flow of financial resources, offer huge employment opportunity and extend financial support to the needy. Financially sound banking system is a boon to the nation’s...
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Embracing Sustainability: The Evolution of Conventional Banking through Green Banking Initiatives

T. C. Catherin, C. L. Jeba Melvin
In India, the banking sector wields substantial influence over various industries and plays a pivotal role in the country's economic and monetary progress. Recently, there has been a growing emphasis on environmental consciousness and ethical social responsibility within banking practices, leading...
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Analysing the Bibliometric of Circular Economy and Customer Behavior: A Study from 2018 to 2023

A. Menaga, S. Vasantha, S. Lokesh
This study performed an extensive bibliometric analysis of 1520 articles catalogued in Scopus from 2018 to 2023, specifically focusing on the immediate findings of examining the connection between the Circular Economy and consumer behaviour. Its primary objective was to map this research domain’s scientific...
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Empowering Sustainable Development Goals in the Banking Industry: A Comprehensive Analysis of Ethical Banking Practices and Economic Viability

G. Kiruthika, M. Gowrishankar, P. K. Jawahar Kumar
In an era characterized by escalating environmental concerns and social inequities, the role of the banking industry in fostering sustainable development has gained pivotal significance. This research paper delves into the confluence of ethical banking practices and economic viability as potent drivers...
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Impact on the Risk Attitude of Investors Towards Stock Market Investment

K. Ravikumar, S. Chandrasekaran, S. Loganayagi, K. Santhi
This study explores the risk tolerance attitudes of investors in the context of stock market investments. Comprehending investors’ perceptions and reactions to risk is essential for making sound financial decisions, as the stock market is naturally volatile. The research aims to analyse various factors...
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Migration and Invisible Economies of Care- Exploring the Hidden Pains

B. Latha Lavanya, L. Anitha, P. Sangeetha
Workers have various welfare needs at various phases in their lives. In terms of time, age, culture, social and ethical standards, etc., welfare is a relative concept. According to this study’s findings, younger employees should focus on organizational relationships, psychological stress, and occupation...
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Analyze the Impact of Financial Literacy on Poverty-Prevention Strategies in Families: A Case Study in Bengaluru Rural District

M. Krishnamoorthi, M. Thinesh Kumar, R. Mohan Kumar, P. Venkatesh
This study aims to investigate the degree of financial literacy among families categorized as falling below the Poverty Line (PL) and to evaluate their capability in successfully managing financial decision-making processes. This study aims to examine the level of knowledge among participants about various...
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Impact of Gamification on Employee Engagement- An Empirical Study With Special Reference To IT Industry in Bengaluru

Priyanka Sharma, H. K. Manjula, Divyesh Kumar
Gamification is a growing trend in employee engagement that helps workers accomplish specific goals & objectives by utilizing a digital environment. The worker engages in a game that provides points, standing, & incentives as they advance the abilities, objectives, or goals the business is attempting...
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Green Work Life Balance Practices on Work Place Conflict Resolution among IT Employees

A. Vanitha
The pace of corporate life has become increasingly fast-paced, making it more difficult to balance work and family life. The purpose of this article is to explore the impact of green work life balance (GWLB) practices on resolving workplace conflicts, particularly among Information Technology (IT) employees....
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An Analysis of Investor Behavior with Regard to Mutual Funds in Chennai City

V. G. Murugan, V. Venkata Rao, S. K. Gurumoorthi, E. Gnanaprasuna
A mutual fund is a pooling of investments from various investors and invests this money into a combination of securities. A survey was conducted with around 240 investors in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and India. Before that, an introductory examination was conducted by approaching 50 respondents in Chennai...
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Analyzing the Corporate Mindset on Women Board Membership

Y. Nagamani, T. Chandrasekhar Yadav, Shaiku Shahida Saheb
The development of corporate governance's efficacy has elevated in importance in light of the current global economic climate and several company scandals. The composition of a board has a significant impact on its efficacy. This study analysed the roles, experiences, and expectations of male CEOs...
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Sustainable Practices Contextualized to Training and Development within HR and OB

Dora Ratnapriya, S. Kanakarathnam, G. Swetha
Training and development in business organizations have evolved beyond conventional approaches, integrating sustainability as a pivotal component. The intersection of sustainability with Organizational Behavior (OB) and Human Resources (HR) signifies a strategic alignment towards ethical, responsible,...
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A Study on Performance Appraisal at Private Limited Companies in Chennai City

N. A. Arshiya Afrin
In this study, the researcher mainly focuses to study performance appraisal processes happening at private limited companies at Chennai city. The primary objective of this study is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Performance Appraisal system utilized by Private Limited companies in Chennai...
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A bibliometric analysis on HRM in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Trends and Challenges

N. Jayanthi, S. Thangamayan
The examination spans a broad spectrum of data, encompassing insights on the most prominent authors and influential institutions, as well as the focal themes that have garnered significant attention within this domain. It serves as a tool for pinpointing areas where knowledge gaps persist and where further...
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Unlocking the Keys to Employee Retention: Insights from Bibliometric Analysis and Systematic Review in the Indian Pharmaceutical Sector

U. Syed Asrar Ahmed, Vijayakumar
In today’s competitive labor market, the significance of employee retention cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts the retention of talented individuals. This study underscores the importance of compensation, job satisfaction, and work-life balance in influencing employee retention via extensive...
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Reviewing the Landscape: A Literature-based Exploration of Sustainable HR Practices and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Green HRM for Assessing Organizational Sustainability

S. Malarvizhi, V. Raji
In the dynamic and ever-evolving business environment of today, there is a growing emphasis on the integration of sustainability principles into Human Resource Management (HRM) practices (Delmas & Toffel, 2008). This study is dedicated to the critical examination of Sustainable HR Practices (SHRP)...
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Weathering the Storm: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the IT Industry Post-COVID-19 Epidemic and the Role that Employee Learning and Development Plays in Enhancing Employee Performance - A Mediation Approach

Kathiravan Manoharan, Prema Rajan, Anitha Rajathi
The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the integration of artificial intelligence into the IT industry. This study examines the multifaceted implications of AI adoption in the post-pandemic IT landscape, with a particular focus on the role of employee learning and development as a strategy to...
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A Study on Effect of Job Satisfaction, Stress and Emotional Intelligence on Job Performance among HEI Faculty Members

Sahana Achyutha, V. Lakshmi Suneetha
Work satisfaction, stress, and emotional intelligence are important characteristics that have an impact on individual’s performance. The purpose of this research is to gain a better understanding of the relationships between faculty members’ stress levels, emotional state, and performance. Faculty members...
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Sustainable Practices of Teachers in Private Educational Institutions: Exploration of Organizational Behavior

A. H. Vidhyalakshmi, D. Arivazhagan
Sustainable practices within their organizational behaviour are increasingly recognized now-a-days, private educational institutions play a vital role to the development of future generations. This research paper undertakes a comprehensive examination of the sustainable practices adopted by teachers...
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Implementing Six Sigma Methodologies to Enhance Quality in Healthcare Sector

S. Suba, Kamalakkannan Kasi
This article explores a study on enhancing the quality of healthcare services in both urban and rural areas. It focuses on effective and efficient management strategies to foster a positive internal climate within hospital administrations. The study also seeks to discover what additional features and...
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A Study on Nurturing Sustainable Strategies for Managing Attrition among Gen Z Employees

T. Monika, Densingh Joshua Israel
Attrition is simply the reduction of the number of employees in an organization calculated for every particular time. According to various studies, among today’s employees, this is higher compared to the previous generations. It differs from one organization to the other according to the system that...
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Life Balance and Environmental Sustainability: Investigating the Link between Employee Well-being and Engagement in Green Work Practices

R. Ramya, M. Gowrishankar, B. Sivaranjini
In the contemporary landscape of organizational dynamics, the interconnection between work-life balance, employee well-being, and the adoption of sustainable practices holds paramount significance. This research critically investigates the intricate relationship between employee well-being and the engagement...
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A Study to Analyze the Influence of Performance Management through Career Resilience – with special reference to IT Professionals in Chennai

M. Mahalakshmi Priyadharshini, Lakshmi Kumaraswamy, M. Avanthika
Human being is considered to be the supreme power in the world but the creation of the God is in such a way that no one can guarantee human life span. The great stalwarts compared human being with products and drafted a life cycle for the products as introduction, growth, maturity and decline and the...
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Evaluating the Efficiency of E-Recruitment from HR Recruiters’ Perspectives

D. Prabha
This research focuses on the perspectives of HR recruiters within various HR consultancy companies to evaluate the efficiency of e-recruitment. It delves into the shift from traditional recruitment methods to e-recruitment tactics and investigates the benefits and dimensions of e-recruitment media. Moreover,...
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A Comparative Analysis of Factors Influencing Work Life Balance Among Nurses Working in Government and Private Hospitals - An Empirical Study in the State of Andhra Pradesh

P. B. Lavanya, A. Kanaka Durga
Purpose: Nurses play a predominant role in hospitals and their work contribution is inevitable. The responsibility of nurses at government and private hospitals in Andhra Pradesh is engrossed with multiples tasks. Their inclination towards personal and family sphere is equally important. Thus, many professional...
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The Intellectual and Conceptual Foundations of Moonlighting – A Bibliometric Study

Kulwinder Kaur, Rhytheema Dulloo
Moonlighting or holding multiple jobs simultaneously to realize a boundary-less career is a trending labor market phenomenon. Factors like the rise of the gig economy in the present digital age, socioeconomic disparities, and psychological factors like motivation, etc., have been some of its key drivers....
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Digitalization and Employee Performance With Mediating Role of Resilience – A Systematic Review By Bibliometric Analysis

P. C. Saranya, S. Vasantha
One must consider not only the technical, but also the social components, when using new technologies. Therefore, it is important that companies prepare their employees for change and the challenges that come with it. It is difficult for the change process to work, without the commitment and motivation...
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Unlocking Organizational Excellence: The Impact of HRM Practices on Employee Performance Across Sector

Abhilash Chandra, Adarsh Lawrence Lobo
The success of any organization relies significantly on its human resources, which possess the skills, knowledge, and competencies necessary for implementing organizational policies and strategies. Human resource management (HRM) practices play a pivotal role in optimizing these resources, ultimately...
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Bridging Competency Gaps and Navigating Emerging Horizons in HR Management: A Study in the Foundry Industry of Kolhapur, India

Bindu Menon, Madhura Mane
This study aims to explore the competencies of HR managers and the disparities between actual and expected competencies while considering the influence of age. The research is based on data collected through surveys, structured questionnaires, telephonic interviews, job analysis, job evaluation, expert...
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Employee Retention Practices in Indian Hotel Industry

Chetan Chauhan, Sandeep Guleria
Employees are considered as internal customers of the organization. Research main focus is to find employee retention practices in Indian hotel industry. Secondary research is conducted with the help of research papers & articles to find out issues related to employee retention and strategies to...
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A Study on the Mediating Effect of Attitude on the Relationship between Past Behaviour, Hopeless, Financial Literacy, Anxiety, and Intention to Invest in Stock Market

J. Reeves Wesley, V. Geethapriya, G. Keerthivasan
Investment avenues are many, however, investors are cautious about investing in stock markets. Many factors influence their decision to invest in stock markets. This study captures the relationship between factors such as financial literacy, anxiety, hopelessness and past behaviour and intent to invest....
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Challenges Faced by Transgender People in Obtaining Employment – A Thematic Analysis

Aishwarya Krishna, Pranami Sharma
Purpose -Right to work is a fundamental right as per the Indian Constitution. The Transgender Persons (Protection) act has also reiterated that irrespective of gender every individual deserves an employment opportunity to earn one’s livelihood. Yet Transgender people in India are struggling to find employment...
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Upshots of sustainable HRM practices in building employee fulfilment fostering towards Intrapreneurship

A. Poomagal, P. S. Velmurugan, S. Lakshmi Devi
Sustainability in HRM practices is gradually fetching its attention as a consequence of World’s to do list is gearing up. In turn, it is also wired up to make certain an effectual and proficient HRM functions for 1firm competitiveness. Components such as 2training, partaking, and appraisal based on result...
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Impact of Leadership style on Employee Commitment in Public Sector

M. Padmavathy, V. Venkatragavan, A. Geetha
Workers tend to experience higher levels of contentment and dedication to their organizations when their leaders exhibit the courage to communicate a clear vision and articulate the mission within a friendly and pleasant working environment. It is advisable for leaders to embrace an open-door policy,...
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Exploring the Factors of Employee Engagement and their Impact on Organisational Citizenship Behaviour and Intention to Stay with Reference to Millennial Employees of Private Sector Banks in Chennai

P. Kanchana
Commercial banks in India perform a wide range of functions, including managing foreign exchange, enabling payments, releasing deposits, offering investment services, making loans, promoting financial inclusion, and preserving stability in the financial system. Private sector banks give the Indian banking...
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Adoption of HR Strategies and Its Influence on Employee Retention in Service Sector with Special Reference to Chennai City

R. Thanigaiyarasu, SanthoshKumar, V. V. Padmaja Veturi, M. Nasrin Sulthana
The current study's objective focuses on HR strategies and its implication on employee retention in Service sector at Chennai city. The middle-level managers and supervisors employed in Chennai service industry are included in this sampling frame. Data for the study was gathered through a survey...
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Employee Involvement and Engagement in Automobile Sector in Chennai City

G. Santhoshkumar, V. V. Padmaja Veturi, R.Thanigaiyarasu, M. Nasrin Sulthana
This study deals with Employee involvement and Engagement in Automobile sector in Chennai city. Main objective of this study is to identify the impact of employee involvement and employee engagement in automobile sector. Chief Executives mustrecognize as well as investigate every phase of human resource...
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Assessing Maintenance Performance within Manufacturing Entities: A Comprehensive Evaluation and Tangible Guidance

Sanjeev Kumar Khare, Sumati Sidharth
The paper provides a comprehensive literature review and practical recommendations for measuring maintenance performance in manufacturing organizations. The study emphasizes how monitoring maintenance performance has become more important as a result of the changing nature of maintenance and the complexity...
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Empowering Sustainable Grain Processing for Food Security

D. Krupavathi, Arun Mudhol, Karunakar Reddy, Sree Sai Pranavi, Kaveri, Arun Kumar Yadav
An initiative to improve sustainable grain processing in flour mill products to support food security is described in this article. The well being of rural populations, many of whom depend on agriculture for their livelihoods, depends heavily on the availability of a reliable and nourishing food supply....
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Sustainability in Aviation Industry- A Bibliometric Analysis

T. Pramod Kumar, Rhytheema Dulloo
Amid mounting concerns about environmental impact, social responsibility, and economic stability, the aviation industry stands as a critical nexus for the convergence of sustainability dimensions. With the persistent growth in air travel demand, the imperative for sustainable practices within the civil...
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Strategies for Promoting Sustainability in IT and Analytics

S. Lakshmi
Since we are all in information era especially in the electronic age, it is a foremost requirement to follow the sustainable practices in not only in IT but also in data analytics to reduce the environmental impact. Generally, the organizations long term viability and environmental impact comes from...
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Digital Engagement and Sustainability: Analyzing the Impact of Social Media Dependency on Academic Performance, Network Choices, and Influential Factors

M. A. Raajarajeswari
This research study aimed to investigate how the workplace well-being has a significance on teaching effectiveness in Arts and Science Colleges in Coimbatore district. The study is essential as it directly influences the teachers’ classroom delivery and their overall performance, which ultimately benefits...
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A Study on Customers’ Experience On Cybercrimes And Its Protection Measures in Chennai

S. Sudha, A. Meera, R. Aarthi Alamelu
The most common crime that is wreaking havoc in modern World is cybercrime. In addition to causing the government and society to suffer greatly, criminals are also able to keep a large portion of their identity a secret. Numerous unlawful actions exist that are carried out by technically proficient crooks...
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A Study on the Relationship between Knowledge Management and Organizational Resilience in the Healthcare Sector of Trivandrum District, Kerala

Sunitha Sahadevan, V. Sheela Mary
Redesigning strategies is inevitable for organizations to prevent company failure. Organizational resilience is the ability of an organization to adapt and increase its value for its shareholders. Organizations now need to be resilient, or able to bounce back from setbacks, because they are more likely...
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Greening the Game with Sustainable Practices in Sports Performance Analysis

V. V. Prasanth, G. Nallavan
One of the prominent concerns in the world of sports is sustainability. Sports bodies and professionals are taking a lot of actions to reduce environmental impact by promoting responsible practices. This study focuses on the world of analysis and its related practices that can be implemented to achieve...
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Knowledge Management Process in Pharmaceutical Companies: Role of Innovation on Organizational Performance

R. Priyavarsha, S. Sudha
In the dynamic landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, knowledge management plays a pivotal role in shaping the organizational performance of companies. This paper explores the multifaceted relationship between knowledge management processes and innovation, highlighting their profound influence on...
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Adapting Floating Solar Power Projects: A Study of Sustainability and Economic Viability in Tamil Nadu, India

V. Vardhini, Kabirdoss Devi
The pursuit of sustainable energy sources has become imperative in mitigating climate change and addressing India's growing energy demand. Floating solar power projects offer a promising solution, particularly in regions with limited land resources, such as Tamil Nadu. This study investigates the...
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Indian Origin Banks’ Global Operations: Pre-Merger Performance Analysis

Veturi V. V. Padmaja
While banking sector has been competing across the world towards global economy, the banks of Indian origin area also playing a significant role, globally. The operational performance evaluation of select banks overseas with that of all Indian banks overseas is studied in relation to operational ratios,...
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Preference of Millenial Women Towards Eco-Friendly Menstrual Cups- A Study from Bengaluru Urban District

K. A. Dave, M. Z. Ashfaque, R. S. Kumar
Menstruation is most often taken as a taboo in India. Women are hesitant to share their thoughts or experiences about it. It is considered to be impure and women are restricted to participate in normal day-to-day activities. Many women lack knowledge about menstrual hygiene and menstrual hygiene products....
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An Empirical Study on Empowering Women through Self Help Groups

N. V. Suresh, V. Arul Mary Rexy, Vijayalakshmi
Empowerment is regarding change, choice and power. It is the development of change by which individuals or groups with title or no power gain the authority and ability to make choices that influence their lives. The structure of power that has it, what its sources are and how it is exercised directly...
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Sustainable Inclusion of Women In Digital India

N. Padmavathy, R. Kandavel
In 2014, Government of India took an initiative to achieve Inclusive growth in India and to transform India by 2018 into a country with good digital space for holistic development”. India has 1.38 billion people which is leading in highest population country in the world. The IAMAI Kantar ICUBE 2020...
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Nudging for Sustainability: Innovative Practices in Sustainable Tourism and Public Policy

Mary Metilda Jayaraj, A. Chandrakala
This study delves into the dynamic intersection of behavioral economics and sustainable tourism, focusing on the innovative use of nudging techniques to promote responsible and eco-friendly behaviors among travelers. Nudging, a concept rooted in behavioral science, is harnessed to design interventions...