Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Public Management (ICPM 2016)

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The Relationship between Economic and Social Trust:Taking Four Counties (Districts) in Guangdong as examples

Yingying Han, Tingzhi Zhou, Qiang Zhang, Xiaojuan Xie
Four counties (districts) in Guangdong are the examples of the study. The study through reviewing literature, annual financial data, questionnaires and surveys reveals the relationship between economic development and social trust. Based on the study of the data, we found that the trust levels of the...
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Perception of Syahadatain Community to Social Cohesion as Capital to Realize Unity

Abdul Rohman
This study entitled : Perception Syahadatain Community on Social Cohesion as Capital to Realize Unity . The objective of this study are to determine Syahadatain community in building social cohesion and attempt to achieve unity in society. Based on the study conducted , it could be concluded : 1 ) that...
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Research on the Confirmation of Rural Land Rights from the Perspective of Urbanization

Genli Tang, Pengcheng Zhao
This paper tries to put forward pertinence suggestions and feasibility countermeasures for the problems of the confirmation of rural land rights in the process of urbanization. Through field research, literature review and case analysis, the paper found some issues, such as: the confirmation of rural...
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The establishment and Improvement of Yunnan regional economic multilevel medical security system

Youyang You
The establishment and improvement of Yunnan regional economic multilevel medical security system, should base on the problems existed in the current Yunnan regional economics. The suggestions should be not only for the multiple needs to the people ,but also for an increase aging population. After all,...
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Literature Review on the Mode of Community Governance

Zhihui Wang, Yuan Cui
community governance plays an important role in the social development, there were three typical modes in western countries: government-led mode, community autonomy mode and mixed mode. These three modes had well-established community management system, including complete law, convenient facilities,...
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The New Industrial Structure of Manufacturing Village and Social Relations Changes in Minority Areas:A Case on Village Xinhua in Yunnan

Xiaobo He
Manufacturing village in minority areas is a new development mode of social community and regional economy based on traditional and outstanding handicraft of ethnic group its own. Because of handicraft industry, the village's service industry can be developed rapidly. So it not only broke the agricultural...
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Research on Integration conception of Urban and Rural Endowment Insurance System

Yuanyuan Wu, Yuan Yuan
China's pension system mainly includes Civil Servant Pension System, the Endowment Insurance of Urban Workers and Endowment Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents, which is a fragmented state. This article hopes to establish a step-by-step integration of the endowment insurance system, in which the...
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Social Anthropological Research on Urban Ethnic Groups

Wei Mu
This paper provides theoretical reviews on the urban ethnic studies from the social anthro-pological perspective It also provides the possible directions and the methods on the urban ethnic studies.This paper points out that there are at least three kinds of studying areas on the urban ethnic studies...
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The Plight of the Village Committee of the "Hollow Village"

Zhechao Song
Since 1798, a large number of rural labors have migrated with the spread of reform and opening up and market economy in rural areas, thus a great deal of villages are called "386199" troops.There are only few personnel left to adhere to the villages,which results in hollowing out in the countryside.The...
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Self-help-group (SHG): Toward Increasing Prosperity for Tobacco Farmers in Temanggung Regency, Indonesia

Azyani Zulfatindayu, Achmad Sofiyudin, Alvita Ega Mawarni, Nadya Audina
The best of Indonesian tobacco produced in the district of Temanggung, Central Java. However, condition of tobacco farmers there turned out to be far from prosperous. Data from the official website YLKI (2008) mentioned that the wages of farmers and farmer workers on average only about Rp413.374 / month....
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Innovation Policy of A Regional Paper in Semarang, Indonesia

Sunarto, Adi Nugroho, Heni Indrayana, Agus Toto
The future of regional newspapers in Indonesia are not good enough economically. Competition between regional papers themselves and the encouraging of communication technology are among problems that be faced by the papers. How do the papers solve the problem to support their economical life in the future...
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Cooperation mechanism between government and NGOs in the treatment of infectious diseases: Case study of malaria in Yunnan, China

Shuliang Zhao
this paper tried to describe infectious disease prevention and control situation of Yunnan, China. many departments together build the urgency of Yunnan border infectious disease prevention and control of defense were analyzed, and the problems emerged in the process of cooperation is discussed, to put...
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Some Thoughts on the Establishment of Xishuangbanna-North Laos Cross-border Tourism Cooperation Zone

Wenhui Wang, Youlin He
China is accelerating its implementation of the "One Belt and One Road" strategy, Laos has joint the WTO which certainly will speed up its pace of opening up and an all-around transportation network is being rapidly built between China and Laos. In such a context, the development of tourism in Xishuangbanna...
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Study on Innovation of Ecological Tourism Governance Mode in Indigenous Ethnic Minority Areas of Yunnan Province

Huibai Liu, Min An, Ziming Kuang
Yunnan boasts excellent traditional eco-culture of indigenous ethnic minorities, which is the root and soul for ecological tourism development. The ecological tourism governance mode in indigenous ethnic minority areas in Yunnan is a core knowledge system, which is abstracted from management practice...
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The relationship between ecological environment protection and social development to Chinese Resource-exhausted cities

Quanfang Han, Shaolin Ge, Jianlei Yu
The most Inclusive welfare of people is good ecological environment, ecological environment protection and coordination mechanism of development are keys to promote Resource-exhausted cities. The article analyze development and drain of mineral resources, and these factors Influence society a lot. Build...
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Changes, Challenges and Innovation in the Local Government Public Services of the New Media Era

Ke Jiang
With the rapid development of the Internet and mobile communications equipment as the core of the new media, the new media is different from traditional media ,such as newspapers, radio, television and so on, which because of the new media crosses times and space, spreads fast, interactive efficiently,...
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The management of foreigners in the China-Myanmar border Region

He Gu, Fang Yuan
There are several key problems for the management of foreigners in the China Myanmar border area: the dilemmas between border daily life and national regulations, local regulations and national system, lack of multilevel governance mechanism, and so on. It should focus on the characteristics of the border...
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Detachment,the Fieldwork on Shuncheng Community of Hui people in Kunming City during the Process of Urbanization

Donglei Wang, Wancheng Yang, Zhiying Gao
When the cities in China were in the process of Urbanization, the traditional living style of Hui people in cities have been changed, such as Hui people who lived in Shuncheng Street which is the center area of Kunming city. There are a lot of Hui people lived here. Because of the needs of cities development,...
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Study on the Development of Urban Community Pension Service Human Resources of Kunming City

Keji Ma, Yinchun Gao
Facing the aging tendency in Kunming is more and more serious,the auther pointed out the present situation of total human resources of urban community pension service is currently insufficient,the educational status quo is lower and so on,analysed the probloms of existed human resources such as low professional...
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Social Governance Study on Cross-border Marriages in Yunnan Border Areas-A Case Study of Jiangcheng County

Han Xia, Xiong Yan
Yunnan border areas have seen long history of cross-border marriages among its border residents and an annual growth trend of it, based on its unique geographical location and similar culture background. Brought by the situation are issues of marriage management, household register and rights and interests...
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Analysis of Low-Income Housing Policies and Perfecting Suggestions of Kunming City

Jun Mou, Jie Jin
Housing construction surges in central urban areas of Kunming, and it plays an important role in promoting continuous, healthy and rapid development of national economy. By intensively analyzing low-income housing policies of Kunming City, the thesis tries to provide some suggestions and measures concerning...
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Discussion on "Self-Protection" Strategy of Rural Communities under Risk Society Background

Dingcai Liang, Yinchun Gao, Jia Wang
The society is ever-changing nowadays. Our society is confronted against increasing risks, such as financial crisis, typhoon, Wenchuan earthquake, draught in Yunnan. How can rural communities cope with various risks with unsubstantial manual labor, property and financial resources How can social work's...
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Village as a Basic of Safe Migration: The Enforcement of Head of Village and Local Regulation (Perdes) as a Strategy to prevent Human Trafficking in Banyumas Central Java

Tyas R. Wulan, Sri Wijayanti, Dalhar Shodiq, Wita Ramadhanti
Due to BNP2TKI ( Indonesian Workers Occupancy and Protection National Board) Crisis Center data of 2013, there are at least 13 thousand cases faced by IMWs working in many countries all over the world. According to Ecosoc (2007), problems faced by IMWs in the destination countries, 80 percent of those...
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Public Service Innovation Through the Application of Smart Kampong Concept in Local Government Banyuwangi

Puji Wahono
Banyuwangi is a local government with the total area 94 times the size of the city of Banda Aceh and eight times the size of Jakarta. It consists of 24 districts and 189 Kampong (Villages). Therefore, people who wish to gain local government services have to travel for two to four hours to get it. It...
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Institutional Innovation in Zakah Management: The Experience of Putukrejo Village, Indonesia

Supranoto, Moh. Zaini Bin Abu Bakar, Moh. Zahri Bin Hamat
This article aims to describe the experience of Putukrejo, a village in Indonesia, which develop innovative institution to manage zakah. Zakah is philantropical action that is obligated for every muslim. Zakah can be paid directly by the obligated individual to another individual eligible for zakah....
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Attribute Attractiveness of City, City Brand Love and Tourist Behavior: the Case of Jakarta

Elia Ardyan, Naili Farida
This research is conducted to answer two questions research, namely (1) how the influencing attribute does table of city attractiveness on a city brand love (2) How does the influence of city brand love on tourist behavior (visiting back and positive word of mouth This research examines 162 tourists...
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The Capacity of Local Leaders to Improve Performance of New Autonomous Region (Dob) in Indonesia 

Titi Darmi, Sri Suwitri, Yuwanto, Sundarso
This study conducted in Seluma district as County decentralized mandates as beneficiary with the DOB policy formation on the basis of Act No. 3 in 2003, is a wise step in order to achieve the goal of autonomous region. Bases on the study results, the performance of Ministry of Intern Country, Seluma...
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Management Policies of Mangkang Wildlife Park in Semarang, Central Java

Tri Yuniningsih
The policy is made bases on Local Regulation number 3 in 2010 on tourism. An interesting phenomenon is policies management related to Mangkang wildlife parks whose haven't been optimal in the implementation, especially in order to improve tourism attraction in Semarang city. The study aimed to describe...
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Identification Poverty in Semarang City

Voni Hardila Iswari Derlauw, Sri Suwitri
Poverty is problems in indonesia until now unresolved. The city of semarang is the town of the with a poverty rate was higher than other cities in Central Java. To reduce poverty in semarang city the government issued regional regulation no. 4 years 2008 about poverty reduction in order to accelerate...
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Study of Implementation Village Apparatus Training in West Kalimantan Province

Ismiyarto, Sri Suwitri
Implementation of the village regulation Number 6 in 2014 about the problems that needs to solve so that each village government able to exercise governmental functions and development. Training activity towards the village apparatus need to be developed while they have capabilities in carrying out the...
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Institutional Empowerment Policy of the Municipal Disaster Management Board in Padang City, West Sumatera Province, Indonesia

Khairul Khairul, Hartuti Purnweni, Sri Suwitri
In Indonesia, awareness of considering disaster risks in each developmental process should be made more efficient and effective based on the country's position which is prone to various disasters. This study presented analysis on disaster management in Padang City, West Sumatera Province, Indonesia,...
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Public Service Innovation of Licensing Process in Kudus District

Endang Larasati
Complaints against the leak services quality continues to increase, it is one indicator that suggests do not fulfill performance by Government bureaucratic apparatus. Needing fundamental strategy and efforts organizing the granting and public service renewal with thoughts, creations, methods, and innovative...
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Samin Community Acceptance to Public Health Program in Baturejo Village, Sukolilo District, Pati Regency, Province of Central Java

Taufik Suprihatini
In effort to create a society that is healthy, smart and qualified, the government continues to do socialization and cooperation with various parties in order to facilitate the development programs that have been planned. However, to realize the program on public health, especially in Samin community...
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The Policy of Minimarket Business Control in Semarang City

Devi Nur Puspitasari, Ari Subowo, Sri Suwitri
Urban areas have a great chance to develop the economy in terms of trade, services and businesses. The growth of economic is followed by an increase in public consumption and the availability of business space which can be reached easily and close to the residential area. The closeness of minimarket...
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Innovation in Acceleration of Community Empowerment with Information Technology Applications: An Action Research Experience

Darmanto Sahat Satyawan
The National Program for Community Empowerment in Rural Areas (PNPM-MPd) have been implemented since 2006. PNPM-MPd is a community development program that aims to encourage the strengthening of local communities, especially poor families to get a better quality of life. PNPM-MPd is believed to have...
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Communication Strategies of DFTW (Domes for The World) in Post-Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Nadia Farabi, Hermini Susiatiningsih
This paper explains how DFTW, a United States-based NGO, organized to move Sengir Village residents to Nglepen Baru, after the 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake. Reconstruction and rehabilitation were needed in order to avoid citizens from disaster that devastated their homes and livelihoods. DFTW gave humanitarian...
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A study on public service of convention and exhibition in the Internet+ era: a case study from the CITM in Kunming in 2015

Hongzhong Xie, Lijia Huang
In the era of the Internet+, with the constant updating of new technologies and more and more software and hardware systems are being applied into public service of convention and exhibition industry, which obtains great leaping development. Every coin has two sides, along with the new technologies come...
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Innovation of Service Quality in City Bus Transportation

Kristina Setyowati
The existence of city bus public transportation is very important and desirable to those having no transportation vehicle or incapable of riding their own vehicle. The objective of research was to find out the innovation of service quality in public transportation particularly city bus in Surakarta....
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Research on the Development Path of Rural Electronic Commerce in the Perspective of Precision Poverty Alleviation

Weidong Wu, Yu Xie
In order to make more and more benefits of the Internet to farmers, and achieve the new strategy of precision poverty as soon as possible, authors in this paper aim at the current problems in the development of rural electricity suppliers, under the guidance of "the sweet idea", take advantage of Taobao...
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To optimize the safety guarantee mechanism of the rural self-produced food

Yanling Lu, Yi Liu
Rural self-produced food is the food that farmers produce and sell in the rural market. We found some problems by observing the actual condition of rural food security and reading relevant literature. The lack of security assurance for production, circulation, sales and consumption; the relevant laws...
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Studies on Legislative Practice of Chinese Government Performance Evaluation

Weidong Wu, Mengtao Zhang
At present, the legislation of performance evaluation has become a key issue in the research of government performance in China. Through focusing on its practices, by using methods of literature analysis and case study, authors in this paper point out the achievements, problems and most importantly the...
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Research on the Fund-raising Mechanism of China's Basic Pension System for Urban and Rural Residents

Tianxiao Chen
In 2014, Chinese government merged the New Rural Social Pension (NRSP) program and the Social Pension for Urban Residents (SPUR) program and implemented a unified Basic Pension System for Urban and Rural Residents (BPSURR) scheme. Fund-raising is the key to the success of the BPSURR scheme. However,...
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The comparison of Long-term care insurance system and the revelation:Hebei Province for example

Yanhua Zhao, Yanxiao Gao
Began in 2000, Hebei Province ran into an aging society, in this situation, the demanding of sharing the medical costs with the government is being more and more essential. But how to solve the problem in Hebei Province is the task for the government. This paper is trying to find out one of the solution....
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Research on Community Care Mode for the Elderly Based on Enterprise

Xinhe Fan, Jia Jia
Now elderly care has become an unavoidable problem in aging China society. Family planning has collapsed traditional family pension mode in China, and institution pension mode does not conform to the traditional concept of Chinese old people. Community care not only conforms to the traditional concept...
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Innovations in Social Governance Amid the New Media Era

Taiyong Wan
The transformations of the social governance environment in the context of social media lead to the government will face some new situations and new problems in social management. Transformations in the application of the media, result in the transformation of thinking mode for the audience from the...
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The Sustainability of Urban Planning and Construction

Hong Liu
Although the rapid economic development is so fast, the per capital resources of is limited, population growth, and there is also an increasing pressure on the ecological environment in the city, urban situation faces more severe competition, how to determine the nature of the city, deciders need to...
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Study on the innovation of urban public service supply mechanism

Yi Zhang, Yinzhu Zhang
The innovation of urban public service supply mechanism is the key factor to determine the success or failure of the local government's public service. The innovation of public service provision mechanism of city government is conducive to meet the needs of people's public life. It is an important part...
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Analysis on Promotion of Government Information Disclosure for Social Welfare

Ya Li
Government information disclosure is of great significance in terms of social welfare in that it may promote the development and improvement of social welfare. The author intends to discuss the social welfare nature of government information disclosure, based on which suggestions are proposed.
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The Study of Chinese Government Performance Management on Public Comment:Taking the Public Comment in Kunming as Example

Xiaodong Hu, Jueru Chen
Scholars who study government performance evaluation will not neglect the public comment, for it is largely beneficial to improve the government's administrative efficiency, public service level and public satisfaction. Public comment in China, with the distinctive Chinese characteristics, is one of...
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Research on the innovation of public service of Yunnan Provence—based on "the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road" Strategy

Guofang Ma, Peng Peng
In order to promote the development strategy of "the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21-Century Maritime Silk Road" (B&R), China will sufficient exertion the comparative advantage of domestic regions, therefor the central government of China is going to enhance the cooperation and interaction between...
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From Unemployment Insurance to Employment Security the inventible choice for the unemployment insurance reform in China

Xiang Ruan
The particularity of unemployment insurance has determined the co-existence of both its positive and negative impact on employment. In view of this, we must attach importance and strengthen the role it has played in promoting employment. The unemployment insurance established in the context of enterprise...
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Path Study on Innovative Undergraduate Social Practice through Service-learning

Dan Lu, Ping He
Service-learning is a concept originated from America, and it is a teaching method which combines community service and academic curriculum. This article, based on integrative analysis on problems arised from undergraduate social practice, the necessity to perform social practice, basic mode and implementary...
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Research on the Influence of China's Urbanization Process on Rural Construction

Zaijin Zou, Lei Yang
With the deepening of reform and opening up, the urbanization level in each region of China has improved quickly. The urbanization has caused the positive influence on the rural development, but the new rural problems are emerging in the process of urbanization. This paper defines the urbanization, analyzes...
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Issues and Cause Analysis in Volunteer Management in Chinese Non-profit Organizations

Junrong Zhao
In recent years, Chinese non-profit organizations(NPO) are developed rapidly. They are playing an important role in public management, such as social welfare, environmental protection, and humanitarian assistance. NPOs cannot run well without volunteers, volunteer management is closely related to the...
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Research on Issues Concerning Chinese Civil Servant Resignation Administration

Yongkang Li, Hejun Xie, Yuping Duan
The resignation system of Chinese civil servants has been basically established, and civil servants have an unimpeded "exit". However, there are several issues in need of in-depth study: firstly there are three issues concerning civil servant resignation administration: adverse selection and brain drain...
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Study on Sub-National Government's Participation in International Regional Governance

Yonglun Zhao
As the globalization evolves, international governance system gradually displays diversified pattern, and a growing number of non-government subjects get involved in international governance and plays an increasingly important role. In regional international governance, sub-national subjects have strong...
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Study on Land Law Enforcement Agency Team Building in Underdeveloped West China

Qiongli Ma
The main problem of this paper is to look for the ways and means of promoting land law enforcement agency team building in underdeveloped West China. The author mainly through reading literature and field research to carry out research. Land law enforcement agency team building in underdeveloped West...
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A Study on the Social Governance Function of Cultural Industry of the Directly-entering-socialism Ethnic Group Areas :A Case Study of Lao Dabao Happy Lahu Performing Arts Company of Lancang County

Xiong Yan, Yijing Yue
The development of cultural industry in the directly-entering-socialism ethnic group areas with backward economy and rich cultural resources can exert five social governance functions such as serving as the "catalyst" to help cast off poverty and get rich. The paper focuses on Lao Dabao Happy Lahu Performing...
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A Brief Analysis on the Problems and Measures of NGO's Participation in Public Crisis Management

Linghua Li
At present, China's public crisis is more serious than before. The traditional public crisis management thinking is difficult to adapt to the needs of the development of the new situation. This paper based on the governance theory .Public crisis management may be defined as a kind of management in the...
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The NGOs Integration Mechanism of Self-discipline and Heteronomy: Taking Yunnan as an example

Xueying Yang
For a long time, Yunnan NGOs pay more attention to heteronomy in the process of governance. Annual inspection is the main form of government management to NGOs. The way which only focuses on external forces dampens enthusiasm for the participation of NGOS. This paper investigates 25 NGOs through questionnaire...
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The Theory of the Value Orientation and Implementation Path of Social Governance

Jianding Zhu
The key to the transformation of social construction from management to governance is to choose the value orientation according to the transformation. The function of fairness, justice, democracy, equality, rule of law and transparency are very significant undoubtedly during the transformation. The value...
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Research on Innovation of Human Resource Management of Public Sectors

Yanhong Yang
Human resource management plays a vital role in the development of public sectors. However, the human resource management of Chinese public sectors currently have many practical problems like rigid system, low performance etc. which prevent public sectors from giving play to its advantageous human resources...
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Employment Policies for Women with Disabilities: Utopia or Dystopia Welfare ---A Case Study on Surakarta City, Central Java, Indonesia

Rina Herlina Haryanti
Women with a disability are a new issue in the discourse of human governance and feminism. Her presence helped develop an analysis of the social construction of social welfare disability within the framework of public administration. Conditions triple discrimination women with disabilities today is the...
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Transnational Migrant Workers' Life: Paguyuban Seruni's Strategy to Solve Migrant Workers' Problems Overseas by Using Online Media

Sri Wijayanti, Nurul Azizah Zayzda
This paper discusses about the role of online media of Paguyuban Seruni– a migrant workers association- in helping Indonesian migrant workers. This website was created to give any relevant information to the community and to help migrant worker overseas. This study is a qualitative research which applied...
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Institutional Innovation in Development Administration to Respond the Problems of Transparency and Accountability: A case study of “Accounting Clinic” in Aceh Tamiang Regency, Indonesia

Slamet Rosyadi, Wita Ramadhanti
One of the problems of development administration in developing countries is the transparency and accountability in the management of local development budgets. In Indonesia, the indication can be identified from the weak preparation and presentation of financial statements of local government. There...
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Study on Social Problems and Social Policies of the Chinese resource-exhausted cities

Shaolin Ge, Quanfang Han, Weiwei Xu, Xin Wang
Social conflict follows beginning and ends of social change of the resource-exhausted cities. Social policies are urgently needs action in many of the resource-based cities in China, especially the resource-exhausted cities. Many resource-exhausted cities of China are commonly faced with a range of issues...
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Home or Abroad: Vietnamese Refugees' Community Attachment in China

Kaipeng Gan
The paper studies the community attachment of Vietnamese refugees along the border between China and Vietnam based on previous research findings. The results show that the level of community attachment of Vietnamese refugees is relatively high, the mean score of community identity is the highest, while...
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Research on the "Cloud" Early-warning Mechanism of Public Emergencies

Xiaoning Zhu, Shiyi Li
With the rapid development of cloud computing, cloud management, which is IT-oriented, offers us a new idea and new method in solving complicated management problems. This paper focuses on solving the problem of information shortage in early warning, mainly explains the application of cloud computing...
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Spatial Policy in the Industrial Area in the Town of Semarang : A Case Study of Spatial Area of Simongan

Hamidah Kurniawati, Aloysius Rengga
Spatial planning is the process of and utilization of space area to control development. Spatial planning Semarang itself arranged in Semarang City Area Regulations number 14 in 2011 about the Spatial Plan of the city of Semarang in 2011-2031. The implementation of local regulations is difficult to do,...
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The Obstacles Of Implementing Local Regulation No7 In 2012 About Green Space Arrangement At East Semaang Sub-district

Kidung Sukma Dewi, Dyah Lituhayu
Green spaces are really needed in urban areas as society activities places. Green space is also one of key components in the construction of city infrastructure. The importance of green space in urban areas demanding the Government or private parties in order to fulfill the green space necessities. But...
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The Responsiveness Bureaucracy within the Governance Policy of Dieng Plateau Conservation

Eny Boedi Orbawati, Sri Suwitri, Humaidy Joeri
The number development of population and activity Dieng plateau exploiting land led to a decline environment quality. The Government needs to formulate a conservation management has policy responsiveness. It is responsive have a high responsiveness towards complaints, problems, and public aspirations....
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Analysis Of The Factors For The Strengthening Of The Indonesian Traditional Market

Sri Suwitri, Sri Indarti
The traditional market is heavily developed by the Indonesian Government in the last two decades, where as one of the underpinning national economy, it is improved hold many labor, a main container product sales – products of people's economy. As the traditional market of public space has local identity...
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The Innovation of Community-Based Policy for Excellent Public Service in Central Java, Indonesia

Herru Setiadhie
The main focus of public policy in a modern state is a public service, which in principle is the responsibility and implemented by the government to maintain or improve the quality of people's lives. The essence of public service is the provision of excellent service to the community. Said excelence...
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Empowering the Transient Poor: An Alternative Strategy for Poverty Eradication in Indonesia

Djonet Santoso, Sri Suwitri
Poverty reduction policies in Indonesia are primarily informed by periodic cross-section household survey data that provide estimates of static poverty rates. The focus of these policies appears to be chronic or long-term poverty. While estimates of poverty at specific points in time might correlate...
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What Makes Master of Public Administration Program Chosen by Indonesian Civil State Apparatus

Sofjan Aripin
Improvement on the competence of the Indonesian State Civil Apparatus (ASN) is a must for each apparatus and the government is obliged to manage its implementation to strengthen the professionalism of the apparatus. The phenomenon of the raise of corruption rate with various modes, the policy is not...
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Managing The Media Policy in The ASEAN Economics Community (AEC)

Hedi Pudjo Santosa
On the National Press Day, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jokowi, stated that the press has an important function of social control. Information always has two contradictory sides, just like 'Jamu'.Although it tastes very bitter, it is a healthy vitamin. By giving information that is inconsistent...
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The Narratives of Moral Panics in LGBT News Reporting

Triyono Lukmantoro
News media reporting for 20s January to end of February 2016 about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) expressed narratives of moral panics. The headlines of LGBT issues stated that the sexuality group threatening social order. LGBT was positioned as the transgressor of social and religious...
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A survey of Market Orientation in Public and Nonprofit Organization (MO-PNPO) Research (2005-2015)

Over the recent years, the concept of market orientation has become an attractive avenue for research in marketing. However, despite an array of theories, a systematic framework investigating the role of market orientation in non-profit organizations remains limited. Through the integration of concepts...
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Reflection on Peat Swamp Fires in Indonesia

Alamsyah, Sri Suwitri, Kismartini, Yuwanto
Peat swamp fires, particularly in Sumatera and Kalimantan island, Indonesia, has been occur every year. Literature study shows that this phenomenon has been attracting scientists from various disciplines of science and produced significant contribution to understanding peat swamp fires and haze disaster...
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Keys to Successful Innovation Strategy of Implementing Online Appraisal Performance

Kismartini, Galih Wibowo, Edoardus E. Maturbong, Yearzy Ferdian, Karel Betaubun
E-government is one of innovation phenomenon that is done by its country bureaucracy system. Innovations are applied to support organization performance. But they aren't enough to reach the goal. The environmental strategic factors become innovation strategy that done to improve performance. While they...
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Office Analysis in the Determination Process Officials --Based on the Public Works Agency in Bengkulu Province

Iqbal M. Mujtahid, Sri Suwitri, Hascaryo Pramudibyanto
Human resources are a prime organization mover. The civil servant management is using the analysis of the position, this analysis resulting position description job title and specifications position. This research aims conducting a study of the institutional compliance office and analysis bases on the...
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The Review Implementation of the Auction Office Echelon I and Echelon II in Realizing the Government's Apparatus Characterised by Professionals at the Ministry for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Apparatus

Irawan, Sri Suwitri, Kismartini, Y. A. Warella
Image of bureaucratic Indonesia is still has to be improved, in the culture of State apparatus, it is still encountered corruption, collusion and nepotism so that influence on the service organization quality. The Government apparatus professionalism has to be improved, among others through auctions...
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One Door Integrated Service Bureaucracy Known as (PTSP) in Indonesia

Ngalimun, Sri Suwitri, Hardi Warsono, Kismartini
Integrated Service reform one door (PTSP) is to improve public services quality preceded by a changing of bureaucracy paradigm that is clean and serve. PTSP arranged in presidential regulation Number 97 in 2014 about One Door Integrated Service management. Regulation of the Minister of State for Administrative...
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Transformation Analysis of Inalum Ltd.Post-Acquisition: A McKinsey Framework

Nicholas Marpaung, Bulan Prabawani, Hari Susanta
Inalumtransformationof post-acquisition has brought significant change in the firm. There are variety of discrepancies between planning and implementation in the business operation. Using elements of McKinsey Model with case study from in-depth interview and observation, this study has found seven soft...
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Innovation of Social Aid Grant Service "Sabilulungan" in Bandung, Indonesia

Hardi Warsono, Sri Indarti, Ransta L. Lekatompessy
Innovation of public service is a necessity in this contemporary era, due to the complexity of public interest and current development requires creativity and innovation in services. This study aimed to examine the profiles, implementation services and challenges in innovation of social aid service "Sabilulungan"...
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Good Governance Implementing into Social Assistance Management Known as (Bansos)

Titi Darmi, Sri Suwitri, Yohanis Endes Returan
The main aim of social assistance is to increase society prosperity. The presences of these are able to creating job employment, reducing poverty range and society able to their skill advantaging so that they can survive faced for future life. Social assistance management slide from the first aim, because...
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The Readiness of Banyumas District in Investment Sector to Face ASEAN Economic Community 2015

Elpeni Fitrah, Ayusia Sabhita Kusuma
This research seeks to analyze the readiness of Banyumas district, in Central Java Province, Indonesia facing the challenges of the ASEAN Economic Community, especially in the investment sector. The aim of this research is to see how local governments draw up strategies and programs in order to welcome...
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Exploration of Balanced Scorecard-Based Government Performance Management in China

Leilei Ge
The extremely rapid economic development in China has made public sector organizations, especially local governments, increasingly under pressure to meet the various demands from diverse stakeholders. Local governments not only need to improve their performance but also need to demonstrate such improvements...
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Application of ICT in EFL Classes: An Integrated CALL and Task-based Approach

This research is about the applications of ICT for the teaching and learning of English as a foreign language (ESF classes) especially the integration of Task-Based approach and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) to improve English Speaking skill of psychology students in Indonesia. The research...
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The Analysis of the Governance Mode of Mass Incidents in Yunnan Frontier Minority Areas:Based on the Perspective of Polycentric Governance

Bin Xiao
Under the background of social transformation in China, the social structure of frontier minority areas in Yunnan have sharply changed, the interest pattern have adjusted profoundly and the social conflicts have intensified, it will outbreak the mass incidents easily. It is an important theoretical and...
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Comparison of Grassroots Community Groups and Folk Environmental NGOs in China's Environmental Protests and Relevant Enlightenment: Based on the Investigation on Two Protests against the Waste Incineration Project in Asuwei, Beijing

Shuang Tan
Grassroots community groups which focused on and ENGO which focused on ecological protection are the two pillars of China's environmental contention. Analysis on the "Asuwei event "started by "Aobei volunteer group" in 2009 and Led by "Natural University" in 2015, it shows that there are significant...
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The Linkage between Decentralization and Governance: Bring Politics Back In?

Himawan Bayu Patriadi
There has been a general assumption that the adoption of decentralization would facilate the improvement of governance quality. Based on an empirical study of Indonesia case, however, it is argued that such a kind of assumption is not always the case. Any good governance is hard to achieve because the...
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Improving Fiscal Transparency in Government Comprehensive Financial Report Reform: How Fiscal Transparency should be in China

Yaqin Yang
As fiscal transparency in China is still waiting to be improved, the Comprehensive Financial Report (CFR) Reform started from 2014 would be one of the best opportunities for it. This paper argues about what is fiscal transparency and what we should do to improve it in the background of CFR. By distinguish...
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Research on Government Function Allocation and Role Positioning in Low-carbon Construction --A Case Study of Baoding, Hebei

Xiaozheng Chen
Low-carbon construction has become a major theme in government management innovation, and Baoding's experience has great demonstrative value for low-carbon construction in China. In the discourse framework of the social governance system, the idea of building a "guidance-oriented government mode" is...
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Research of Regional Innovation in Public Services ---the Development and Application of Elevator Network Security Monitoring Service Platform

Yinghao Wei, Baozhu Ou, Rui Chen
In order to solve the problem of elevator monitoring and improve the safety level, Elevator Network platform of security monitoring services is proposed in this paper. It monitors the real-time operation status of the elevator. The effective traceability and regulatory supervision of elevator manufacturing...
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Research on SysML-Based Urban-village Security Administration System

Xiaoning Zhu, Liwei Yang, Jiasheng Han
Urban-village is a special and widespread phenomenon which has been resulted from urban-rural dual structure. Urban-village security problem is the major difficulty for urban governance. As the reconstruction of Urban-village can't be accomplished in one-time action, Urban-village security problems will...
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Multidimensional Poverty Measurement of Migrant worker and Factors Analysis during Urbanization of China - a Sample from Construction Industry

Shiyong Cheng, Na Li, Senlin Xiang
Based on the contribution of Amartya Sen on forming mechanism of poverty, the analysis framework of global poverty and its reduction issues has been transforming from "single-dimension" poverty research, taking wage income as core, into multidimensional ones. Regarding to the multidimensional poverty...
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Website for Solving Hyperreality of Indonesian Village Government Budget

Wita Ramadhanti, Tyas R. Wulan, Sri Wijayanti, Dalhar Shodiq
There are sudden shift in Indonesia village law in 2014. The villages that usually "forgotten", now empowered fully by central government. Village organization have to make radical structural change in organization body, budget and accounting. This change will be analyses with qualitative approach using...
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An Analysis on Social Unstable Factors of the Urban New Poverty Group

Yutong Liu, Yong Ding
With the China's reform and opening up, and the social, economical and industrial transformation, the amount of urban laid-off workers and rural migrant workers is increasing rapidly. As the social management and security system development are lagging behind, the gap between the rich and the poor in...
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The Study On Transformation Of Government Functions In Urban Community Care Services For The Old--Based On A Survey Of Tianjin Binhai New Area

Xiaoli Hu, Xiaofeng Li
Along with the aging of population in our country, the model of community care has gradually developed into a new model best suits China's national conditions. At present, China's urban community care services for the old have many problems, like the offside or vacancy of government functions; inadequate...