Proceedings of the International Conference on Business, Economic, Social Science, and Humanities – Humanities and Social Sciences Track (ICOBEST-HSS 2019)

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Website Design as a Promotion Tool for Village’s Featured Products

Adi Rachmanto
The purpose of this study is to design and implement a village website. This research conducted used the waterfall method and data collection techniques in the form of interviews, observation, and literature. To facilitate the construction of a website, this study developes a village website using Content...
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Corporate Social Responsibility Analysis as an Alternative Source of Regional Development Financing

Poni Sukaesih Kurniati, Suryanto
The purpose of this study is to analyze the sources of development funding originating from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds from both private companies and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. CSR funds are funds that are set aside from profits earned by the company....
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The Practice of Community Consultations on Development Planning (Musrenbang) Bandung in Terms of the Communication Policy Process

Tatik Rohmawati
The aim of this research is to know the process of the communication policy on the practice of Musrenbang Bandung. Data collection in this research was using literary studies and field-studies. Then, it will be analysed by descriptive qualitative analysis. The results show that there are three factors,...
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Exploring Online Shopping Behavior among Indonesian Students: Digital Marketing Communication Perspective

Melly Maulin Purwaningwulan
The increasing of internet usage in Indonesia has encouraged the phenomenon of online shopping into needs or hobbies for social network users, especially students. This research aims to analyze and discover the uniqueness of online shopping behavior among Indonesian students, which consists the stage...
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Guest’s Perception Visits in Guest Service by the Protocol of a Private University

Desayu Eka Surya, Arif Tri Cahyadi
The purpose of this study is to determine the perception of guest visits to guest services by the Protocol of Universitas Komputer Indonesia (UNIKOM). Public perception of the organization influences the efforts of PR to establish, build, and maintain the image of the organization, so that the directorate...
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Millennial Generation in West Java Governor Election: Political Communication and Information Media

Adiyana Slamet, Dadang Rahmat Hidayat, Karim Suryadi, Deby Sri Aprilliani
This research intends to know how millennial generation elect in 2018 West Java Governor election and the kind of political communication media that is used by millennial generation to search for the information about the West Java Governor candidates, so they make certain about their selection based...
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The Source of Communication Influences the Students’ Attitude of Deciding Study

Trustorini Handayani
The competition in education field is tight. Sustainability of private college in Indonesia depends on the number of students obtained. Universitas Komputer Indonesia (UNIKOM) is one of a private college offering several majors, one of them is Management Major. Management Major of UNIKOM Bandung developed...
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Graduates’ Responses Regarding Communication Strategies of Private University Career Center

Tine Agustin Wulandari
This research aims to give evaluation and input for the career center of a private university through the response from graduates regarding the communication strategies conducted by the career center in order to obtain the job for the graduates. The sub-focus used in this research is the graduates’ responses...
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Paradiplomacy of West Java Province in East Asia (2015–2018)

Sylvia Octa Putri
The purpose of this study is to determine the West Java Province paradiplomacy in East Asia countries. Specifically, this research wanted to identify the readiness and activities of paradiplomacy carried out by the West Java Province in trade, investment, and tourism (2015–2018). The research method...
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American Foreign Policy in Cyberspace

Dewi Triwahyuni
The purpose of this study is to comprehensively understand the importance of cyberspace in US foreign policy. Cyberspace is very crucial in all sectors of life in the United States. Cyberspace provides information distribution and is a vital communication medium, both for government, trade, academia,...
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China’s Public Diplomacy in Taiwan

Rizal Budi Santoso, Aelina Surya, Windy Dermawan, Taufik Hidayat
The purpose of this research is to explain China’s peaceful development using public diplomacy towards Taiwan together with China’s focus on enhancing its image in the world through Chinese soft resources. Specifically, this research will identify the influence of Chinese public diplomacy in Taiwan to...
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Legal Aspects of the Digital Signature in E-Commerce Connected to Law Number 19 Year 2016 about Amendments to Law Number 11 Year 2008 about Information and Electronic Transactions

Hetty Hasanah, Eman Suparman
This research aims to find out the legal aspects related to digital signature authentication in e-commerce. The research method used was the normative juridical approach method, and the resulting data analyzed qualitatively juridical. The results obtained are that digital signatures have an important...
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Analysis of the Causes of Problemed Home Loan and Alternative Solutions for Development of National Banking Performance

Deasy Soeikromo, Sarah Roeroe, Nike Kelly Rumokoy
The purpose of this study is to comprehend the meaning of factors which cause problematic home loan (KPR) and alternative solutions for the development of national banking performance. This study used sociolegal (socio juridical) method, with the aim of identifying credit problems and legal rules on...
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Study of Cultural Transformation Based on the Hatsune Miku–Vocaloid Phenomenon

Tiara Isfiaty
This paper reports my in-depth literature study and observation on digitarian generation as a dominance culture actors in the present time. The purpose of this study is to describe indications of cultural transformation in the past and the current digital era. This millennial generation has a great dependence...
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Effects of Interior Design on Hotel User Behavior Sharia Concept

Dina Fatimah
This research aims to find the effect of user behavior on the interior design concept of Sharia Hotels. Sharia hotels are hotels that designed using Islamic principles. The method used in this research was to describe the layout (interior design of the room) in a case study and an in-depth analysis....
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Coworking Space: A New Requirement at Fast Food Restaurant in Millennial Era

Ryanty Derwentyana Nazhar
The purpose of this study is to conduct a literature review of the phenomena at this time, regarding the emergence of new needs in fast-food restaurants in order to adapt to the needs of the millennial generation as the latest target market. Holding coworking space is one of the answers to anticipate...
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Visual Communication Morphology Study in Stall Banner of Street Vendors in Lamongan

Gema Arifrahara
The tent stalls are one of the small merchant businesses in Indonesia to survive the current economic hipness. Migrating to the city by opening a large roadside field is a trader’s strategy to get customers. This research aims to discover the uniqueness of street vendors through visual analysis of visual...
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Metaphor Concept of Creativity Process with Narrative Approach in Stool Design

Cherry Dharmawan
This research describes how the application of the metaphoric concept in stool design with a narrative approach method. The study was based on the results of the work of UNIKOM students in the furniture class in 2016. The research took place for 4 months. Starting from the pre-elementary design stage...
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Building Brand Awareness Through Film Narrative

Irwan Tarmawan
Film becomes one of the commodities that build brand awareness through product placement, films that combines product messages with stories in the film’s narration gives the message value naturally from scenes in the film. The relationship between product placement and storytelling in film narratives...
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The Application of Storytelling in Promotion Through Story Feature in Instagram

Deddy Kurniawan
This study aims to find out the storytelling method used by the chosen brand, Otten Coffee, which is engaged in the sale of coffee along with its manufacturing equipment especially in Instagram story. The method used in this study was a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach. This phenomenological...
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Sunggingan Artifact Project on Javanese Keris of Surakarta Gayaman Warangka

Adityo B Hardoyo
In 2005, UNESCO gives to Indonesia recognition for Indonesia Keris. Keris is traditional dagger that can found in apart of some islands in Indonesia, specialty in area who establish kingdom, kasultanan, and kasunanan. Until now, research about Keris topics is very rarely. In this research of Keris from...
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The Method in Designing Book Series Cover

The cover is the front of the book that we first see. The cover has an important and strategic role in imaging the identity of the book. In marketing, several books come in single and serial formats. Book series usually consists of several books that are packaged in one package or sold separately. The...
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Lake Toba Tourism Promotion Through Video Advertising Media

Deni Albar, Boy Zulkarnaen Hutajulu
Traveling is something important for the community to enjoy leisure time and unwind from their daily routines. One of the tourism potentials in Indonesia is Lake Toba which has a beautiful charm. Lake Toba is the largest tourism lake in Indonesia. Toba Samosir Regency is one of seven districts that surround...
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Color Perception: a Smoking Cessation Experiment

Ivan Kurniawan
This experimental study aims to propose smoking cessation methods through experiments on the color perception of cigarette products. This study used qualitative method by measuring the desire to smoke using a 5-scale Likert scale. It provides different stimulants through 6 colors of cigarette products....
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The Dining Experience at the Pool-themed Restaurant

Febry Maharlika
This study describes the experience of customer’s sensory on eat experience at swimming pool area. This restaurant uses water as an interior element, so consumers can feel the sensation of eating by soaking feet in the pool. Interaction of water with all the senses in the human body in eating activities...
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Innovation and Creativity as Capital in the Creative Economy Sector

Rini Maulina
The era of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) today makes creativity and innovation important. Communication and information networks gives benefit in creative and productive ways. The resources needed are skills, abilities, and expertise in the field of creative industries because those...
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The Visual Meaning of “Kang Pisman” as a Mascot to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Movement in Bandung

Taufan Hidayatullah
This study aims to determine the visual meaning of Kang Pisman mascot. Kang Pisman mascot was raised to support the KangPisman movement as a Bandung City Government program to reduce, separate and utilize garbage. The visual meaning of Kang Pisman mascot known used Roland Barthes’s semiotic method. This...
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Ideology in Cigarette Brand on Television Advertising

Kankan Kasmana, Fikran Lukman
This study dissected the visual narrative aspect contained in the Sampoerna A Mild version of Wow advertisement, a low nicotine cigarette with late adolescents and adult segments. These advertisements carried the turmoil of the spirit of self-change, in contrast to the products they sell, which considered...
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Semiotic Analysis of Gundala Movie Poster

Satria Indra Praja Persada
The purpose of this research is to analyze the visual meaning of the Gundala poster in 2019. The method used in this study was the semiotic method; Ferdinand de Saussure developed the semiotic approach. Gundala was an Indonesian superhero created by Hasmi, and in 2019, the superhero figure made by the...
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Study of Toilet Facilities Based on User Choice in Kiaracondong Station

Alvian Fajar Setiawan
Kiaracondong Station is the second major train station in Bandung. At this station, it serves economy class, business, and executive trains. The station is one of the public spaces that must be equipped with toilet facilities. This study focused on the completeness of supporting facilities available...
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Model of Travel Planning and Tourism Costs with Integration of Creative Industries Information Using Web and Mobile Technology

Rahma Wahdiniwaty, Eko Budi Setiawan, Deden Abdul Wahab Syaroni
Travel arrangements in tourist activities are necessary so that the execution goes as expected and does not exceed the planned cost. This research provides a model that can use when planning tourist activities so that it can obtain several recommendations that are the total cost required, weather forecast...
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Life Reiteration in “Life Is Strange” Video Game

Nenden Rikma Dewi S
A story within a video game can be defined clearly yet the narrative is various based on the nodal situation and structures; thus this paper focuses on the representation of life reiteration in a videogame narrative. This research is significant to be executed since through its’ players can learn that...
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Empowering Semiotic Codes for Persuasion

Retno Purwani Sari, Diba Basar
This study investigates the semiotic modes of Aladdin poster in persuasive technology application that allows children to experience critical evaluation and enhance children’s morality towards maturity. Moreover, by focusing on the use of semiotic resources to maximize the persuasive effect, Jewitt et...
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Literary Appreciation in Digital Literation

Fenny Febrianty
This study aims to describe the stages of literary appreciation in digital literacy activities. This research used descriptive research with data collection techniques using the literature study. The output of this study is a description that literary appreciation activities can be applied in digital...
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A Discourse Analysis of Interpersonal Metafunction in Donald Trump’s Speech Recognizing Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

Muhammad Rayhan Bustam
This study examines the discourse strategies used by Donald Trump in his speech recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In implementing the analysis, the study employs Systemic Functional Grammar (SFG) theoretical framework, specifically interpersonal metafunction elements, to analyze all uses of...
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Perlocutionary of the Commissive Illocutionary in “JusticeForAudrey”

This article studies the perlocutionary of the commissive illocutionary on netizens’ posts in IG JusticeForAudrey. The case of Audrey, a junior high school student in Pontianak who was assaulted by 12 female students of high school, gave to various comments from netizens who felt empathy for the case...
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Speaking Through Silence: Trauma in Literary Work

Nungki Heriyati, Riris K. Sarumpaet, Christina T. Suprihatin
Traumatic experience is hard to express easily because it is beyond comprehension and too threatening to be accepted into consciousness. As one of the traumatic history in Indonesia, 1965 history is inaccessible and haunts Indonesian. New Order strictly controls the history by silencing the certain group...
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Tracer Study of Japanese Department Graduates in West Java

Soni Mulyawan Setiana, Rusman, Mohammad Ali
This study aims to describe the profile of Japanese Department Graduates in West Java which includes waiting period to get the first job, type of job, type of company where alumni work, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) grade that is owned by graduates, and the feedback given by alumni to the...