Proceedings of the6th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Biotechnology and Environment (ICMMBE 2016)

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On energy-saving control during the power plant production process and its application

Song Zhao
Faced with the threat of environmental pollution and energy consumption, China has put forward the sustainable development policy, and encouraged all sectors and industries to realize energy-saving production. As important energy supply units, power plants should also actively explore an energy-saving...
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Research on Evaluation Method of Jamming Effect on ISAR Using Wavelet Moment

Jianchong Huang, Rui Cui, Jing Zhu
the jamming effect evaluation of ISAR is a hot and difficult issue in the field of electronic counter measures (ECM). Traditional evaluate methods are unsuitable to ISAR because of its new system; a new evaluation method of barrage jamming on ISAR is given according to the principle of radar jamming...
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Synchronization of JESD204B-based ADCs

Tao Yan, Shanqing Hu, Xingming Li
With the rapid development of radarsignal processing systems, a great demand of high-speed communication is required. JESD204B interface has become an outstanding solution for ADC-related data transmission, and has been widely applied. However, the synchronization of multiply JESD204B-based ADCs has...
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Synthesis and investigation of the self-assembly behavior of guest block copolymers for supramolecular responsive materials

Shufei Jiao, Yanzhen Yin, Yun Wang, Zhongfeng Shi, Shuming Zhong, Zuqiang Huang
A supramolecular guest copolymer (PNAP-co-PAM) based on naphthol-containing monomer (NAP) and acrylamide was synthesized via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization. The structure of supramolecular guest copolymer was characterized by NMR and GPC. And the self-assembly behavior of supramolecular guest copolymer...
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A novel Parameter Estimation method based on FRFT in Bistatic MIMO Radar System

Li Li
We study the problem of parameter estimation in in wideband bistatic MIMO radar system. Firstly, we propose a novel algorithm to estimate Doppler stretch and time delay in fractional Fourier transform (FRFT) domain. Secondly, we also construct two sub-array models based on the peaks of fractional Fourier...
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Research into Genetic Problems of Powdery Mildew Resistance Gene in Tobacco

Yan Chen, Jiazhong Liu, Hongmei Li, Shuyingi Li
Objective: To study the genetic problems of powdery mildew resistance gene in tobacco. Method: after tobacco powdery mildew resistant variety and susceptible variety provided by a greenhouse during May 2015~ May 2016 were selected as the research object, to build a genetic model, genetic laws of resistance...
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Analysis of Urban Sewage Treatment in Environment Engineering

Fu Lu
At the present stage, with the continuous deepening of urbanization of China, the urban population increases day by day. As a result, water demand and urban sewage discharge also grow. Nowadays, some factories in peri-urban areas violate laws to discharge wastewater, which greatly threatens our water...
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Exploration of Product Design Mode under Low-carbon Concept

Ying Gao
in recent years, product design concept has extended and expanded continuously. People's attention to low carbon concept improves gradually. In particular, the concept of low carbon and environmental protection starts to fuse in product design so as to improve environmental protection idea of products,...
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Analysis on Practical Application and Construction Process of Grouting Technology in Architectural and Civil Engineering

Gang Li, Bo Huang
In the construction industry, the construction quality and safety attract a widespread attention, and such problems are also critical in this industry. The acceleration of urbanization in our country results in ever-increasing construction problems, among which crack and leakage are more common. Thus,...
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Analysis and Countermeasure of Plastic Film Mulching to Soil Pollution

Quanke Zhao
In recent years, plastic film mulching in our country has been widely applied to agriculture and well promote the development of agricultural industry. However, the residual pollution of plastic film mulching affects the better development of agriculture, because when the age limit of plastic film mulching...
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Effects of single and combined pollution of Pb, Cd and Cu on growth, metal uptake and translocation in rice

Heng Wang
A field experiment was conducted to investigate the single and combined of lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), and cooper (Cu) on the growth and development of rice plants and the uptake of these heavy metals by rice. The results revealed that the growth and development of rice plants were more affected by combined...
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A Successful Alkali/Surfactant/Polymer Flooding Test on Silica Sand

Lei Ding, Guicai Zhang, Jijiang Ge
The Alkali/Surfactant/Polymer formulation is selected based on surfactant solubility tests, phase behavior experiments, IFT measurements, polymer viscosity measurements and alkali/surfactant/polymer compatibility tests. Ultralow IFT (<10-3 mN/m) can be achieved at optimal condition. Water flooding recovers...
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Effect of Ce on Deformation Performance of ZK20 Magnesium Alloy

Quan Li, Weibo Zhu, Bin Zeng, Xianquan Jiang
In this paper, Effect of different contents of Ce on the Mechanical Properties of ZK20 magnesium alloy and thermal deformation behavior, through the use of room temperature tensile and compression test thermal simulation, analysis Ce element is present in the form of ZK20 magnesium alloy and its alloys...
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Effect of Ce on Cast and Extruded Microstructure of ZK20 Alloy

Quan Li, Weibo Zhu, Bin Zeng, Xianquan Jiang
In this paper, Effect of different contents of Ce on ZK20 magnesium alloy by conventional metallographic, X-ray, SEM, XRD, analysis of Ce element exists in the form of ZK20 magnesium alloy and microstructure of action the results show that: in the experimental range (0% ~ 0.68%Ce (mass fraction)), with...
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The combined process of PAC-MBR on wastewater treatment

Jun Yang, Yongwei Song, Jingdong Zhang
Membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology has currently been widely researched and used in water treatment field. In order to further expand the application fields and control membrane fouling problem of MBR, powdered activated carbon-membrane bioreactor (PAC-MBR) combined technology has become a study hotspot...
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Effect of surface tension for nanomaterial under normal triangle distribution force

Liyuan Wang
Consideration the effects of surface tension on the elastic field of solid material has applications in several modern problems in solid mechanics. This paper proposes an application of surface elasticity theory in the analysis of contact problem at nanoscale. The Fourier integral transform method is...
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Targeting cancer stem cells in cancer therapy

Chang Zhou, Hong-Yuan Chen, Hongce Chen, Wen Rui
Cancer stem cells (CSCs) have emerged as a population of cells that plays a vital role in recurrence of metastatic cancer, particularly resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In this article, we will discuss the correlation of CSCs with tumor immunology, microenvironment, long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs)...
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Natural transverse vibration characteristics of jack-up riser and its applied research

Fengde Wang, Wensheng Xiao, Hongyan Wang, Junguo Cui, Jinsheng Song, DingLi Wang
In order to resolve the resonance problem of jack-up riser with drill string, the frequency equation of natural transverse vibration with compressive axial load and the length of the riser above the seabed as independent variable was derived in this paper. Then the frequency equation was solved by the...
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Research on Helium Mass-spectrometer Back Pressure Leak Detection Purification Craft for the Specimen with Epoxy Resin

Yingjun Huang, Xudong Liao, Guoyun Bai, Bo Li, Miao Lou
The purification effect of the blow wash method, low thermal air blow wash method, vacuum method and alcohol cleaning + blow wash method for helium mass-spectrometer back pressure leak detection were researched and compared. It is found that these four purification craft will not accelerate the helium...
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Experimental research on concrete material components impacting on mechanical properties under uniaxial compression

Jianxin Ding, Xiaolin Liu
Concrete is one of the important materials in engineering construction. The uniaxial compression experiment reflects its bearing capacity and deformation performance, which is an important method for concrete material properties research. In this paper, the traditional uniaxial compression experiment...
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Experimental Study on COD Composition and Electrochemical Degradation of Wastewater in Offshore Oilfields

Bo Jing, Mengying Yang, Wenjuan Chen, Xianqing Yin
COD standard discharge of wastewater in offshore oilfields is an important part of oilfield wastewater treatment. The polymer-contained oily wastewater from oilfields in Bohai Sea was taken as the object. Combining with the wastewater treatment experiments, the major composition of COD as oils, polymer...
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Non-isothermal Curing Kinetics of Modified Amine-Epoxy Asphalt

Jingbo Mao, Dejin Cheng, Jie Wang, Jiale Song, Weiguang Li
The curing reaction characteristics of modified amine-epoxy and epoxy asphalt system under different heating rates were analyzed by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The relationship between curing degree and activation energy during the curing reaction is studied. The Kissinger equation was used...
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Optical properties of pyrazine derivatives compared with their s-triazine analogs

Yan Li, Xiao-Shuang Ma
A series of aryl-substituted pyrazine derivatives, as well as their s-triazine analogues, have been synthesized. For the three-branched compounds, the pyrazine derivatives show strong emission, while its s-triazine analogue TSTA shows too weak emission to be detected. Furthermore, the two-branched pyrazine...
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Growth Inhibition and Recovery of Lemna aequinoctialis after Pulse Exposure to Cd2+, Cr6+, Pb2+ and Cu2+

Jingbo Xu, Fengyi Zhang
The exposures of aquatic organisms to pollutants are usually pulses yet the exposure concentrations in the standard toxicity tests are constant. It raises a question that whether these standard tests include the effects of pulse exposure Therefore, 24-hour pulse exposure to 4 heavy metal ions (Cd2+ Cr6+...
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Numerical Simulation on the Die Casting Forming Process of a Magnesium Alloy Bearing Block

Hanwu Liu, Huihui Sun, Junming Liu, Zhiping Zhang
Magnesium alloy has the great advantage of aluminum compared to other light alloy materials, so magnesium alloy is being carried out step by step in automotive applications and attracted attention of the automobile industry because of superior characteristics of recirculation replace previous material...
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Simulation and Random Vibration Test of Structural Dynamic Characteristics of Vacuum Tube

Haijun Mo, Huarong Qiu
Vacuum tube is working in a very harsh conditions, a high requirement for structural reliability has to be put forward. The research method of structural dynamic characteristics analysis was discussed in this paper, and the method combined finite element simulation and random vibration test is used to...
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Harmonic Suppression and Reactive Power Compensation Based on PWM Rectifier and SVC

Chunlai Li, Yan Shi, Yindong Liu
Electrolysis is an important branch of metal smelting. But due to the introduction of rectification device will produce a large number of harmonic, this undoubtedly greatly increased electric cost and the maintenance cost. This article used harmonic data in power supply system as the simulation parameters,...
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Vibration Controlling Techniques for Aircraft Hydraulic Pipe Excited by Pressure Pulsation Forces

Shunan Dai, Yiqin Ling, Yan Su
In order to decrease the vibration of aircraft hydraulic pipeline, the vibration control techniques are studied from two aspects, i.e. suppression of the vibrating source and installation of dynamic vibration absorber. In this paper, the methods of increasing the length of the tubular joint and reduce...
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System Modeling and Simulation of a Wind Power Generation with Doubly Fed Induction Generator

Yun Shi, Ai Liu, Chengwu Lin
Variable speed constant frequency (VSCF) doubly fed wind power generation system, which is mainly composed of doubly fed induction generator (DFIG), excitation control system and wind turbine, is a complicated system of electromechanical energy transformation and control. It is quite necessary to study...
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Electromechanical Coupled Vibration between Traction Motor and Bogie of High-Speed Train

Zhiqiang Zhang, Xinying Zhao, Xiangfei Li, Fei Lin, Zhongping Yang
In high-speed train, the harmonics generated in invertor due to control and nonlinear of switch may lead to the torque ripple in different frequency and amplitude. The driving device which consists of rotor, coupling, gear, shift and wheels of bogie has some resonance frequencies. When there are frequencies...
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Research on Torsional Vibration in Traction Drive System of High-speed Train

Cao Jiang, Xinying Zhao, Xiangfei Li, Fei Lin, Zhongping Yang
In high-speed train, since parts of driving medium are not fully rigid, it is common to have fluctuation of rotating speed in different sizes and phase leading to shaft torsional vibration in driving devices for kinds of reasons. Slight vibration can change the torsional stress on axis, which aggravate...
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Feature Extraction of Bearing Status Based on Multi-Scale Bistable Stochastic Resonance Array

Xiaofei Zhang, Jingwei Gao, Lijun Song, Shuming Yang
Multi-scale bistable array (MSBA), which combines normalized scale transform, stochastic resonance effect driven by colored noise and parallel array, can be applied to weak signal detection under heavy noise. The experimental application in incipient fault feature detection of rolling element bearing...
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Study of Moisture Content Automatic Detection Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

Caixia Liu, Zhuanye Li, Qingzhi Yan, Yanyan Hou
Precise and high efficiency of moisture content detection is important to the oil production and management in the oil chemical industry. In this paper, a new technology on moisture content automatic detection based on single chip microcomputer is proposed. This system can accurately measure the moisture...
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Accurate Fault Location for Double-Circuit Lines on the Same Tower with Asymmetrical Parameters

Yiyang Zhu, Hongji Du
Traditional six-sequence components can only be applied to the double-circuit lines with symmetrical parameters. In reality, there may appear partially coupled lines with asymmetrical parameter because of the difference in construction. A new decoupling method is adopted to solve this problem. Three...
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Introduction to Raw Material Quality of Asphalt Pavement Construction

Yizhen Yang, Hong Gan
In terms of domestic, road surface is divided into cement concrete and pavement of asphalt concrete. Asphalt concrete pavement has the characteristics of fast repair, low noise. So is a good use of asphalt pavement quality of road, but if you want to play to the performance of the asphalt surface, should...
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Research On Structural Dynamics Of Safe Operation Of The Large Wind Turbine

Zhiqiang Xu
The modal analysis is conducted to the base -tower. The effects of stiffness changes in different directions of the pile foundation on the natural frequency of the wind turbine is studied. After the analysis to the harmonic response of the base-tower, the response of the structure of the tower at different...
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Research On The Inherent Characteristics Of The Wind Turbine Tower Based On DQM

Zhiqiang Xu
DQM is widely used to solve common boundary conditions of a variety of structures, but rarely applied to the complex boundary conditions corresponding to the actual projects. Most of the time , what is obtained is the dimensionless frequency, which can not be applied directly to the general engineering...
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Short-term Load Forecasting of Electric Power System Based On Meteorological Factors

Jing Liu
In this paper, it analyzes the characteristics of the changes of meteorological factors and short-term load. Besides, it studies the relationship between meteorological factors (temperature, humidity, rainfall) and short-term load forecasting, so as to select the important meteorological factors, after...
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Study on the Effect of Wind-Thermal Installed Capacity Ratio on the Stability of DC Islanded System

Zhicheng Sha, Yan Wang, Shuai Zheng, Jingfang Dong
Wind-thermal-bundled power transmission by UHVDC system is regarded as one feasible way of developing global clean energy in the future and its characteristic of stability should be paid attention to. Different wind-thermal installed capacity ratio is proposed with the wind from the change of power angle...
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Development of Virtual Reality Simulation Training System for Substation

Zongzhan Du
In order to improve the reality of substation training environment, a 3D training system is developed to train operators' operating skills and ability to deal with accidents by means of a virtual reality environment. Functions, architecture, key technologies and application of the substation simulation...
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Research on the Optical Computer Based on Photonic Chip

Lingling Zhao, Xuemei Liu, Qiaoyun Sun
Today's computer science and technology is developing rapidly with the development of optical technology. But any kind of technology development will be subject to its own limitations inherent physical properties. With the development of the VLSI, best integrated on a single chip electronic components...
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A Brief Talk on Information and Communication Safety Management of Electric Power Enterprise

Wencui Li, Xiong Li, Ying Yang, Ying Ding, Xinjian Shu, Yong Zhang
With the development of power enterprise informatization,the information and communication security have get more and more attention.With the further development of Henan Company"two transformations",the information and communication security are facing the new situation and challenges. Aiming at these...
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Backstepping Controller Design for a Kind of High Speed Vehicle

Wenguang Zhang, Zijian Lin, Junwei Lei
A kind of backstepping controller is designed for a kind of pitch channel model of hypersonic aircrafts. The main task is to realize attack angle tracking of hypersonic aircrafts. Compared with traditional linear design method, the main difference is that the nonlinear model is directly used in the design...
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Study on Influence to The Overglaze colors by Low-carbon Catalytic Combustion Furnace of Natural Gas

Meixian Wei, Tianyu Bai, Qiusi Zhang, Shihong Zhang
Compared with conventional combustion, catalytic combustion as a developing technology could make the pollutants emissions to zero. The experimental studies and theoretical analysis have been involved in this essay to study on if catalytic combustion furnace can burn overglaze color.In this paper, by...
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Surface Defect Detection Method of Mechanical Parts Based on Target Feature

Chengcheng Wang, Shengqi Guan, Wensen Li, Benben Hong, Hong Liang
Through the analysis of surface defect characteristic about mechanical parts, a new method of based on target feature was presented to surface defect detection of mechanical parts. First of all, the test image is processed by mean-filter in order to eliminate the effect of noise on the detection. Secondly,...
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Development board design of open electronics experimental system based on single chip microcomputer

Xingshan Li, Yuanshen Guo, Jian Lu
The study included for the innovative design of the image electronics course teaching experiment device, object oriented higher vocational college, school teachers and students. The results of the project to take a most intuitive and the most feasible way to replace the existing teaching equipment. It...
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Study on the determination of the reasonable finished state for cable-stayed bridge with hybrid girder

Junfeng Guo, Jinzhi Wang
In order to obtain the optimal values of cable force, and determine the reasonable finished bridge state for large span Cable-stayed bridge with hybrid girder, the space finite element simulation analysis model of the whole bridge is established, considering the characteristics of its span arrangement...
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The structure and associated formation mechanism of deformation twins in Cu-Nb alloy

Ruoshan Lei, Guangruan Chen, Mingpu Wang, Shiqing Xu, Huanping Wang
The microstructure and associated formation mechanisms of deformation twins (DTs) in Cu-Nb alloy prepared by mechanical alloying (MA) at room temperature have been investigated by transmission electron microscope (TEM) and high-resolution TEM (HRTEM) observations. The results show that DTs form in Cu...
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Laser deposited Ni-based gradient coating with high wear-resistance on the surface of copper

Suiyuan Chen, Guili Yin, Ruixue Wang, Jing Liang, Changsheng Liu
A Ni-based alloy gradient coating with four layers of the different composition was produced on surface of Cu alloy substrate using YAG laser. The microstructure, anti-wear and anti-heat shock properties of the gradient coating were studied by means of analysis techniques. The results show that there...
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Parabens analysis in cosmetics by ultrasonic extraction coupled with HPLC detection

Fenhua Xu, Dandan Zhao, Zhimin Liu
Parabens extracted from five kinds of daily cosmetics by ultrasonic extraction were detected by high performance liquid chromatography. The optimal extraction solvent was dichloromethane. And the extraction time was 15 min. The linear range was from 0.01 to 50.0 mg/L. Parabens were found in 3 kinds of...