Proceedings of the 2022 4th International Conference on Literature, Art and Human Development (ICLAHD 2022)

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Bootheina Majoul, Digvijay Pandya, Lin Wang
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“All Shall Be Well, Jack Shall Have Jill”—On the Value and Significance of Feelings in The Romance of Western Chamber by Wang Shifu

Jingyi Wu
The Romance of Western Chamber, created by Wang Shifu in the Yuan Dynasty, was adapted on the basis of Tang Yuanzhen’s Biography of YingYing and Dong Jieyuan’s Western Chamber Zhugongdiao, reflecting the influence of social backgrounds and emotional concepts in different times. Wang Shifu’s The Romance...
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The Discussion and Analysis of the Treatment of the Bipolar Disorder

Xianglong Zeng
This article is a general overview of the treatment of bipolar II disorder, including pharmacological treatments, psychosocial treatment, and recommendations for future development. This research aims to systematically review different types of bipolar disorder treatment to promote further research of...
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From the Perspective of Gender Discrimination: The Tragic Ending of Female Characters in Higuchi Ichiyo’s Works “Self-immolation” and “Childhood Sweethearts”

Weiqing Chen, Yingcheng Huang, Xintong Wang
Higuchi Ichiyo is a famous female writer in the early Meiji period. Hers works not only reflected the social status of the bottom class in the Meiji period, but also the forerunner of women’s consciousness awakening in the Meiji period. Therefore, based on the analysis of “Self-Immolation” and “Childhood...
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The Renovation of Fulong Pagoda Park’s Landscape Design Using New Light-Storing Self-luminous Materials in Rural Cultural Construction

Yan Lin, Jiayi Wang, Haoxi Yang
Fulong Pagoda Park’s rural cultural construction incorporates both ancient pagoda culture and the most modern self-luminous environmental protection elements. The major topic of the visual guidance system is Fulong Pagoda Park, and other design principles include the “micro-renewal” design idea, people-oriented,...
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Behavioral Study of Family Educational Cooperation on Preschool Children’s Language Skills Development

Chuting Duan, Hantong Zhao, Xiangning Zhang, Yuting Lu
The process of global economic integration has accelerated with the emergence of the knowledge-based economy and the information age in the twenty-first century, competition, cooperation, and exchange among nations in the political, economic, cultural, and military fields have increased and deepened,...
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Reflections on the Roles of Consonants and Vowels in Babyhood Acquisition and Speech Processing

Jiaxing Lin
Consonants and vowels play significant roles in human language systems. The roles they carried and the process they went through arise many researchers’ interest. The present study reviews the research and papers about the laboring system of consonants and vowels in babyhood acquisition and language...
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A Concerto of Confucianism and Taoism in Li Bai’s Thoughts

Hua Zhang, Xiaorui Li
Li Bai has left his glorious poems and essays for thousands of years. Exploring his poems and essays, we can find that the ideas embodied in his works are complex, among which the most important ones are Confucianism and Taoism. Li Bai’s life was a positive and enterprising life. Under the influence...
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An Analysis of the Role of Piano Accompaniment in Folk Music Performance

Yingyu Wu
The piano has been a keyboard instrument in Western classical music for over three hundred years. It is known as the “king of musical instruments” because it has the most complex internal structure and at the same time has an excellent all-round performance and a wide range of tones. As the most popular...
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Study on the Effect of Women’s Education and the Number of Children on Well-Being

Empirical Analysis Based on CGSS (2017) Data

Lei Han, Lan Gao, Xinyi He
The relationship between women’s educational attainment, number of children, and well-being are closely related to the layout of demographic strategies by academic and government departments. The survey investigates the relationship between female educational attainment, number of children, and happiness....
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The Code-Mixing of Chinese and English Among Chinese College Students: A Qualitative Study

Yuanhao Guo
Code-mixing is an important phenomenon in Chinese society. There has been less research on code-mixing of Chinese and English among Chinese college students. This study used qualitative research methods of an interview to investigate the code-mixing of five Chinese college students. Through in-depth...
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Design and Innovation of Traditional Dragon Pattern

Xiang Wang, Siyu Kang
As an ethereal form, the dragon has lasted for more than 10000 years in Chinese civilization. Although no one has seen it, it objectively exists in Chinese history and people’s ideas. He also played a mysterious, dignified and noble role. Dragon is a symbol of Chinese national culture and a traditional...
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Interpret the “Laotong” Identity and Emotions of Lily in “Snowflake Secret Fan” from the Perspective of Queer Theory

Naihao Tan
“Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” is a well-known novel written by Chinese-American writer Lisa See. The whole text takes the “Female Book” as a clue. It tells the sincere and touching emotional story of a pair of “laotong”. Queer theory is a theoretical trend about this group that emerged in the West...
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Dance in Public Art Education Reform, Innovation Inheritance and Development Research

Hui Jing, Jia Chi, Dingluo Jia, Yunhan Jia
A significant portion of the public art curriculum in colleges and universities includes dance courses. This course has changed how public art courses are taught and more than made up for the typical non-art majors’ deficiencies in the subject of dance with its distinctive educational structure and creative...
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Crazy Rich Asians: Deformation and Reconciliation of Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law Conflicts in Western-Centralism Perspective

Siyu An, Yushu Dong, Yexuan Xing
This article focuses on Eleanor and Rachel, a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law and analyzes the causes of conflict and reconciliation between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in terms of stereotypical characterization and discourse hegemony. Western-centralism has shaped the behavior of Eastern mothers-in-law...
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How Yu Kwang-Chung’s Concept of Translation Affects His Cross-Cultural Writing

Yuxian Zhang
At present, the research on cross-cultural writing mainly focuses on the writing mode of specific writers and quantitative analysis based on theories, lacking the integrated research from an interdisciplinary perspective. This paper takes cross-cultural writing as the research object, analyses the skills...
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The Development of Educational Linguistics from 1972 to 2022

Cong Fang
2022 is the 50th anniversary of the birth of educational linguistics. American linguist Spolsky first proposed educational linguistics in 1972, which gradually developed into an independent new discipline with a “transdisciplinary” research paradigm. This paper systematically reviews the development...
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An Investigation of Chinese High School Students’ EI, English Writing Anxiety and Performance

Wenjia He, Shiming Li, Yaodan Zhang
The present study investigated 197 Chinese Year-2 senior high school students through a survey and analyzed the correlations between students’ EI, anxiety, and performance. Major findings were: (1) Chinese high school students’ EI and English writing performance are in the middle level, and they experience...
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Causes and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in College Students

Yinle Ouyang
In recent years, bipolar disorder is gradually becoming younger, and the incidence rate among young people is increasing yearly. However, the dissemination of information and awareness about bipolar disorder among young people, especially college students, has been slow or lacking. Although associated...
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Positive Relational Network Construction for Major Public Health Events: A Case Study Based on the COVID-19 Process in Shenzhen During Early 2022

Xinyu Wu
The public focus on COVID-19 is transitioning from the public health dimension to the social dimension under the combination of temporal and geographical advances and multi-subject practices. Local governments are aiming to maximize their situational crisis response, engagement, and governance capacity...
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Value Connotation and Evaluation Method of Cultural Space of Urban Heritage Park

Yang Feng, Jianqing Ye, Cui Zhao, Yue Shen, Jing He
In most cases, urban culture is perceived by the public through urban heritage, sites, and cultural space. As an important part of urban landscape heritage, the cultural space of urban heritage park plays an essential role in site protection, cultural display, and mass communication. It is of great significance...
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A Study of the Town Narrative of the Southern Goods Shop Under the Urban-Rural Counterpoint

Xinyi Jin
Set in the particular spatial subject of the ‘town’, The Southern Goods Store transforms the county town into an important link between the countryside and the city. This paper discusses three aspects of the unique town narrative of The Southern Goods Store: the novel’s perspective of the multitude,...
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Artistic Reflection on the Return of Digital Film Aesthetics: From Metaverse to Professionalism Explained

Ying Xu, Na Wang, Wenni Zhang, Jian Zhang, Xiaoxin Cheng, Hui Jing, Ying Yang, Longzhu Sun
The idea of cinema as a present, holistic, moving image seems to prevail in the debate over whether it is indexical or digital due to three findings: first, due to exposure time, even in traditional film, indexicality is difficult to achieve a true “one-to-one” correspondence, and subjectivity can take...
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Research of Homo-Wife’ Sociosexual Issues Based on the Dear Ex

Sihao Pan
With the global depathologization of homosexuality, more and more Chinese-language filmmakers are using films to speak out for gay groups and fight for their rights. However, homo-wives, as a derivative group of the gay group, are often the unseen foil in gay films. This article explores and analyzes...
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The Study of Female Writing in Higuchi Ichiyou’s Novels

Zhongxing Cui
Higuchi Ichiyou’ works described the vicissitudes of life of the middle and lower class people in Japan, depicting many female characters. Female characters in Higuchi ichiyou’s works began to understand themselves and have deeper thoughts about their existence. After the awakening of self-awareness,...
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Research on French Children’s Literature—Take Le Petit Nicolas as an Example

Yuxiao Wang
France has some excellent children’s literature books circulating in the world, After the Second World War, French children’s literature writers emerged in batches, and their works are of high quality and quantity. This work talks about French Children’s Literature, and will take Le Petit Nicolas as...
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Impact of Attachment History on Development of Social Relationships Through Emotion Regulation

Yukun Chen
Attachment theory, since its discovery, has drawn substantial attention in the research community. Since Bowlby’s proposal of attachment as an innate need for infants in the last century, several influential researchers such as Harlow and Ainsworth followed up and made impactful progress that confirmed...
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A Study on Strategies in Chinese-English Political Translation and Interpretation

Bing Xiong
Political translation, one of the most important translation areas, is important due to its sensitivity and specificity, as well as the national ideology. During the process of translation, translators are often required to use highly skilled translation techniques to proceed with words and sentences...
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Understanding TikTok Usage: Communication Strategy of ByteDance Based on the Background of New Media

Xiaoci Fan, Jinchun Luo, Xiaojia Wang
This research provides a wide framework for understanding how young people use TikTok to make meanings. Evaluation of user motivations and interactions, as well as the TikTok platform’s ability to facilitate these activities, was conducted using both walkthrough techniques and unstructured interviews....
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Research on the Status Quo and Development Strategy of TikTok Operation Mode

Taking Short Video Module as an Example

Minghe Qu
With the advancement of technology and the fast-paced life brought about by social development, people are increasingly dependent on fragmented time for information and entertainment. The rapid expansion of people’s demand for information has created a new market, enabling many businesses to see the...
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Translanguaging as a Theoretical Lens in Language Learning and Its Pedagogical Functions in Multilingual Classrooms

Xiaoning Guan
The theory of translanguaging has been prevalently used in exploring multilingualism and multiculturalism. Currently, with the expansion of human communication and the migration, the mastery of multiple languages has become essential. This article focuses firstly on the development of translanguaging...
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Reflections on the Adaptation of Orthographic Scripts Between Cuneiform and Kana: From Logogram to Phonogram

Haotian Luo
Cuneiform and Kana are representative in the scope of the world’s writing system more ancient text system, both are derived from hieroglyphs, their prototype was the early Sumerian pictographs and Chinese characters, the two writing systems are different depending on nationalities and different language...
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The Color of Post Colonialism of “Metamorphosis” Writtened by Wangmeng

Yuhan Zhang
“Metamorphosis” is a literary work that describes the half and half social environment in modern China. It is not a strict post colonial work, but the colonized mentality expressed in it strongly shows the confusion and despair of Chinese modern intellectuals in cultural identity. The incompatibility...
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Acting Self, Performing National Films: Comparing Song Kang-Ho and Ge You in Their Screen Images

Yue Wang
South Korean actor Song Kang-ho and Chinese actor Ge You are often compared with each other, not only because they both won the best actor in Cannes Film Festival (there have been only four Asian actors achieved this accomplishment), but also due to the similarity with regards to their performing styles...
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Research on Problem Identification and Optimization Strategy of Bilibili User Experience

Anna Wang
In the past decades, with the development of technology, some companies like Bilibili stand out as one of the most popular short video platforms. However, even though Bilibili has achieved great success in the past decades, a few researchers have analyzed the negative user experiences of Bilibili and...
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Posthuman Thinking on Humanity in Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out

Kejia Li
The animal writing in Life and death Are Wearing Me out is representative in Mo Yan’s works. The novel reveals the madness of human society and the ugliness of human nature through the animal perspective, and also records the development and changes of rural life in China over more than 50 years, from...
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Values and Ethics - How Artificial Intelligence Will Better Serve Humanity

Si Chen, Wenbo She
The 21st century engineering design innovation has developed in the direction of green and low-carbon ecological design, service-oriented design, emotional design, and advanced intelligent manufacturing. In China, words such as “Internet+” and “Artificial Intelligence+” frequently appear in top-level...
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Disney Market Positioning Analysis and Competitive Strategy Research

Haipeng Li
As the most successful theme park in the world, Disneyland, with its world-class brand influence and appeal, has repeatedly set off a wave of Disney tourism storms worldwide, creating a unique and unparalleled travel experience. Tourists who come here have fully experienced the sensory stimulation and...
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Research on the Sense of Viewing Rituals of Online Film Festivals in the Post Epidemic Era

Jiuxiang Tian, Yang Li
In the era of new media, the form of the film festival itself affected by the epidemic is also in the process of gradual change. It is not only limited to commercial operations such as film trading and publicity, but also cultural consumption such as ceremonial screenings and awards, and constructs diversified...
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Research on the Appreciation of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 44 and 45

Xiaoyan Pan
Love is an eternal motif in Shakespeare’s sonnets. Among his 154 sonnets, he reveals, implicitly or passionately, the different states of love with profuse metaphors, deep philosophy and coherent emotions. There are always connections and similarities between sonnets. Take Sonnet 44 and Sonnet 45 as...
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Nationalism in China: The Xuanzang Temple Incident in Nanjing

Bolin Ji
In July 2022, a citizen of Nanjing exposed the memorial tablet of Japanese war criminals enshrined in Xuanzang temple, which caused an great uproar on the Internet and offline. The government and the police responded quickly to the matter, dealt with the temple involved and detained Aping Wu. The thesis...
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The Current Situation of College Students’ Writing Apprehension

Take College English Test Brand 4 as an Example

Wenxuan Zhang
This study investigated the level of writing apprehension and its triggering factors during the College English Test Brand 4 (hereinafter referred to as CET-4) for university students through a questionnaire survey of 150 students from Hebei Agricultural University, and compared whether there were differences...
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The Influence and Thinking of Online Exhibition on Audience Expansion of Art Institutions

Xuechun Yuan
With the constant development of Internet information technology, more advanced online exhibition technical and artistic dissemination systems have gradually emerged. Additionally, as the Internet’s digital transmission technology has developed, it has had a more significant impact on the process of...
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A Fugitive Slave’s Writing

The Examination of the Rhetorical and Insightful Literature of Frederick Douglass

Jinliang Li
Frederick Douglass is a renowned American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, and writer. This research paper aims to Frederick Douglass’s writing in order to analyze his usage of the rhetorical triangle and literary devices incorporated in his works to support his reputation as a renowned author....
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Comparison of Moon Imagery in Chinese and Western

Xiaotong Li
Throughout history, the moon has been repeatedly mentioned in both the East and the West. The imagery of the moon is both the same and different in Chinese and Western cultures. The moon has a rich imagery in both Eastern and Western cultures. The moon, as a recurring image in poetry, and it has been...
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An Exploration of the Status Quo of Traditional Villages After Scenic Transformation from the Perspective of Residents: A Case Study of Pengjiazhai

Yanchen Sun
The scenic transformation of traditional villages has brought earth-shaking influence to the lives of the original residents in the villages. This paper takes Pengjiazhai as the research object and investigates its residents. It analyzes the current situation of residents in traditional villages in terms...
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The Use of Meier’s White Design Technique in the Jubilee Church

Shuaibing Yuan
Richard Meier is an important representative of the white school in modern architecture. He adhered to the practice of modernism function, and the use of white and three-dimensional composition style fully reflected the purity of his architectural concept. Therefore, Meier is a representative figure...
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Research on the Competitive Analysis and Competitive Strategy Optimization of Netflix

Yiou Wang
As a company established only for more than 20 years, Netflix has become a strong competitor of a large broadcasting platform through its continuous development, inseparable from its competitive strategy and development model. This article will analyze Netflix’s development, status, and trend and how...
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Study on the Evaluation Index System of Youth-Friendly Cities

Xiaolin Feng, Xutong Wan, Erwei Wang
According to the research results of youth-friendly city construction at home and abroad and the characteristics of youth work in the new era, this paper summarizes the connotation of the youth-friendly city, and proposes an evaluation index system of youth-friendly city to provide decision-making for...
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A Study on Innovative New Media Communication Strategies of ByteDance Employer Brand for Fresh Graduates

Wanru Huang
With the post-90s and post-00s into China’s talent pool, their requirements for companies no longer stop at salary and benefits but start to pay more attention to corporate culture, work atmosphere, and personal value realization. Most scholars mainly study the application of corporate communication...
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Research on the Aesthetic Analysis of Film from the Misconception of Literary Film and Art Film

Yang Xu
In recent years, the variety of films has been increasing, but literary films still account for half of the world. And it is still difficult for audiences to distinguish between the genre of literary films and art films. They are easily confused. Therefore, this paper will explore the difference between...
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The Female Writing of Quiet and Profound: Chantal Akerman’s Films in the Perspective of Feminism

Xinran Hao, Xiaoge Liu, Jialu Xu, Jiancheng Yang
As one of the most important feminist film directors in the twentieth century, the works Je, tu, il, elle; Jeanne Dielman, and Les Rendez-vous d’Anna during the seventies by Chantal Akerman all presented a similar kernel on the expression of feminism and have influenced many of the filmmakers throughout...
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Desire and Madness: The Construction of Female Narrative Subjects in Fingersmith from the Perspective of Foucault’s Theory

Jiaqi Lu
Fingersmith, the final book in British novelist Sarah Waters’ Victorian trilogy, is dedicated to Victorian lesbians through multiple narratives, depicting a history of a marginalized community forging their own identity. Adopting Foucault’s theory, this thesis examines their suppression of desire, their...
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Exploring the Development of Second Language Motivation

Lina Luo
The development of L2 motivation research has a relatively long history, which has been an important topic in the Second Language Acquisition filed. Although plenty of studies have introduced the concept of L2 motivation, most of them are focused on one or two L2 motivation models and fail to give an...
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Chinese University Students’ Willingness to Communicate, Motivation to Learn, and Performance in Japanese as a Foreign Language

Aochu Leng
The present study explored the relationships between Chinese university students’ WTCJ (willingness to communicate in Japanese), motivation to learn, and their performance in Japanese. 103 students majoring in Japanese participated in the survey, and 4 of them accepted the interview. The quantitative...
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A Cynical Theory and Wicked Men: The Origins of Classical Realism’s Pessimism and Cynicism

Chutao Zhang
Classical realism is renowned for the nuanced understanding of international relations without reducing it to a realm of intense power-political competitions for security. It bridges the gap between individuals and international politics by attributing state behaviors to human nature, an unchanging concept...
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An Analysis of the Construction of Shanghai’s Urban Consumer Public Sphere in the Works of Eileen Chang

Yirou Gang, Xihan Deng
Throughout the history of Modern Chinese Literature, Eileen Chang is a prominent female. In the 1940s, she observed the cultural form of Shanghai as an urban woman, depicting the daily life and humanity during the city’s prosperity and desolation. Shanghai’s urban culture provides a constant source of...
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The Development of Feminist Thought in Modern English Literature

Yang Zhao
The 19th century is the greatest period in the history of English literature, with many female writers and works on women. She shook the social and cultural tradition of modern Britain with her keen insight and unique perspective, combined with rational and critical thinking, and expressed her understanding...
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A Study of Racial Discrimination in Green Book from the Perspective of the Cooperative Principle

Kun Hu
The United States is a multi-racial country formed by immigrants, which regards itself as a “melting pot”, but different races have different statuses, thus giving rise to the problem of racial discrimination. This kind of discrimination mainly started with the sale of the first black slaves in the North...
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The Influence of Chinese and Western Thinking Differences on English Writing

A Case Study of Sentence Patterns

Dan Yang
Thinking mode is the deep mechanism of language generation and development, and the difference between Chinese and Western ways of thinking is an important factor that causes language differences. This difference is also reflected in the sentence structure of English writing. Based on the difference...
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Influence of Algorithm on Art Communication Content

Yuhan Liu
With the development of economy and technology, the development of network technology plays a very important role in art communication technology. Through intelligent algorithm technology, we can better develop art communication: broaden communication channels and improve communication effectiveness....
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Investigate Phonology to Address Dyslexia

Zihan Zheng
At first, researchers believed that dyslexia was a disorder that was passed down via families and was most common in children and teenagers. The majority of people, however, believed that dyslexia was not an illness but rather the result of a child’s reluctance to put in the effort required to become...
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Research on the Homology of Indo-European Languages from the Perspective of Comparative Linguistics

Jiaqi Liu
This paper gives an overview of the development of comparative linguistics and Indo-European language family, and analyzes some cognates in Indo-European language family from the aspects of meaning, pronunciation and inflectional form based on comparative linguistics. It is expected to have a deeper...
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American Optimism and the Tough Reality of Asian Americans

Xiaoshuai Wang
In this paper, I will explore the question: how do we interpret minor feelings when American optimism contradicts the tough reality of Asian Americans? To answer this question, I will focus on the tough realities of Asian Americans in the field of education and how the “dogma of American optimism” [1]....
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Domestication of Hip-Hop Music in China: Innovations and Similarity

Zhenjie Wu
Arrived in 1993, hip-hop in China had been though two staged (1993 to 2000 and 2001 to 2013) as it is currently entering stage three (2014 to present). This paper illustrates the similarity and differences between Chinese hip-hop music and western hip-hop music (mainly American hip-hop) and examines...
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Investigating EFL Learners’ Self-efficacy and Their English Learning Anxiety in Chinese University English Classroom

Xin Xiang, Chujun Hou, Leqi Peng, Xiaohan Qian
Emotion is an important factor that affects foreign language learning. This study conducted a questionnaire survey among 150 Chinese college students and an interview with 8 Chinese college students. Statistical analysis and thematic analysis were utilized to investigate students’ self-efficacy and learning...
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Homeric Epics on the Notion of Justice in Ancient Greece’s Dark Ages

Dai Cui
The concept of time in the early Greek culture was infused with mythological, theological, and historical imagination. The Homeric epics described a straightforward empirical sense of time understanding and life perception, and the Archaic imagination of time perception was primarily found in the two...
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The Input, Output and Interaction Theory in Chinese English Classroom Teaching

Qianya Nie
In developed societies today, people gradually realize the importance of learning English, but how to master the language flexibly still needs to be explored. This paper argues that there are many problems with English teaching in China and traditional teaching methods are still adopted. Therefore, based...
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The Blend of Reality and Illusion – Analysis of the Artistic Characteristics of Stop-Motion Animation

Yizhao Gong
Since the beginning of creation, stop-motion animation has attracted the attention of countless viewers and creators because of its unique artistic style and particular art form. The main reason is that stop-motion animation gives people a new experience of watching movies so that people are in a fictional...
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A Study of the Commonalities of Online Novels with “Big Heroine”

Cuiyan Chang
Since the 1990s, as literature “touched the net”, women’s online literature has taken on a prairie trend, occupying half of online literature, and there is no doubt that the online literature has ushered in the “her” era, and among them, “big heroine” [1] novels abound. This article uses examples and...
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Industrialization of the Culture and Aesthetics: Reconsideration of the Lingnan Opera Films in 1950s and 1960s

Wenjuan Chai
This paper takes the Lingnan opera films in the 1950s and 1960s as the research object to explore the cultural transmission and industrial aesthetic construction in Lingnan opera films during this period. Under the theory of film industry aesthetics, this paper probes into the transformation of opera...
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Study on the Characteristics of Short Video in Chinese Dialect and the Reasons for Its Popularity

Yang Yang, Jieyu Zhou
With the continuous development of new media platforms, the categories of short video have become various. Recently, one of the most popular short video category is the short videos with all the actors speaking dialect. Due to the vigorously promoting Mandarin in the mainland China, the use and spread...
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Based on Online and Offline Dance Classroom Teaching Integration Model Analysis

Jingjing Wang, Ying Fan
With the rapid advancement of Internet information technology in recent years, online dance classroom teaching mode has received great attention. In the future, high-tech tools will unavoidably be used in dance education to carry out instructional tasks. Care must be taken to fully utilize scientific...
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Roles of Vowels: Existing in Our Daily Life

Yuntao Jia
The vowel is a natural part of a language that carries information in grammar and lexicon. The vowel in every language is a must for learners. If we notice it carefully, we will recognize that there are so many details of vowels in our daily life that we might have concluded them as common phenomena...
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Research on the Application of Emotional Marketing Strategy in the Brand Development Process of Nongfu Spring

Yiyang Hou
With consumption upgrading and the saturation of the Chinese drinking water market, the production technology and quality assurance of the major brands have developed. In this context, consumers are not only pursuing the practicality of products but more about achieving the resonance and personality...
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A Study of the Motivation of the Chinese College English Learners

Xiyin Nong
Learners’ learning motivation is one of the essential concerns in second language acquisition. Researchers have found that motivation is an important factor affecting second language achievement. The existing research on second language learners’ motivation is mainly based on integrative and instrumental...
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Exploration of Separation Anxiety Disorder

Linyuan Huang
This article explores separation anxiety disorder, including its biological and environmental factors for etiology, social and psychological impacts on children, effective treatments, and future development suggestions. Distinct from other research papers, this paper focuses on children with SAD because...
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The Embodiment and Thinking of “Identity” in Shooting Records

Haowen Guan
Youth subculture is a kind of time-varying cultural expression form. On the one hand, youth subculture is closely linked with the development of the times, promoting cultural innovation to a certain extent, enriching cultural forms, and making certain contributions to the development of the entertainment...
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A Study of Non English Majors’ English Argumentative Writing Anxiety

Ke Yuan
Using the second language writing anxiety scale, this study investigated the English writing anxiety of 110 non-English majors from two universities in Guangdong Province by means of questionnaires and interviews, and analyzed the anxiety differences from the perspective of gender and major. The results...
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Effects of Word of Mouth and Celebrity Advertisement Under the Internet Era

Hao Wu, Yiwen Gao, Zhenting Lei
This paper analyses the effect of word of mouth in the internet era and how celebrity endorsement affects it. We will also focus on other key parts of this topic including impulse consumption, buying intention due to many factors, and advertisement effectiveness. This paper included studies that indicated...
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Research on the Development Status of Wechat Official Account of Hot Spring Tourism Resorts in Northern Guangdong Mountainous Area

Xinlei Wu
As an important platform for interactive communication and service marketing between scenic spots and tourists, many powerful scenic spots have realized the important value of wechat official account.Guangdong has huge geothermal resources reserves. The mountainous areas in northern Guangdong is the...
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Research on the Market Positioning Analysis and STP Strategy of Marvel Enterprises

Junxiang Wang
Due to the end of the Avengers series and the withdrawal of Iron Man, Marvel’s most important film and television character, Marvel Studios needs to re-analyze its market positioning and STP strategy research. So far, Marvel Studios has been going through a huge transformation since the end of the Avengers,...
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The Film Development of the East German Film Studio DEFA

Lin Wang, Fei Yu
The East German film studio Deutsche Film AG (DEFA) has gone through a full 45 years from its establishment in 1946 to its disappearance in 1991. In the interim, it produced about 750 feature films and 2,250 documentaries and short films, of which 14 feature films were listed among the 100 outstanding...
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Comparing the Functional Orthography Unit Between Chinese and Alphabets

Haolin Lu
Functional Orthography Unit (FOU) is the letter in the alphabet and is the radical in Chinese. The present study reviews how researchers come to the aforementioned conclusion utilizing same-different judgement against participants and MRI scans pointing to the posterior region of the brain as the location...
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Analysis of “Crazy Thursday” from the Perspective of Meme Theory

Meijie Lyu
With the advantages of low cost and high efficiency, Internet marketing has become the first choice of marketing methods for countless businesses. Online communities and social media promote the public to participate in the imitation, replication, innovation and dissemination of information. Such information...
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Diachronic Study on the English: Chinese Code-Switching in Chinese Main-Stream Media Based on LiVaC Corpus

Qiaoyue Ren
This study is to use LiVaC corpus to investigate the changes in the patterns and frequency of the code-switching in different types of Chinese main-stream media text to figure out the type of the development in the frequency of the utilization of the code-switching in Chinese main-stream media text,...
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The Impact of Self-media on the Spread of Consumerism

Duo Yu
The research background of this essay is based on contemporary China in the last two decades, and it aims to explain the positive relationship between the prevalence of self-media and the emergence and spread of consumerism in contemporary China. This may provide a new angle to investigate media studies...
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Spielberg’s Filmmaking Style and Techniques

Zhaoyi Ding
Spielberg has managed the nearly unachievable position of one of the most successful directors by ensuring that his films are iconic, which means that any person will see that every possible element of his film is usually very well thought out and implemented excellently. Even the production designs...
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Analysis of Anxiety Disorder and the Relationship with Family

Bingyuan Chen, Haotian Deng, Yuhan Shi, Yu Tian
The most widespread and harmful mental health issues are anxiety disorders. The COVID-19 pandemic, according to the World Health Organization, has led to a 25% rise in the prevalence of anxiety disorders worldwide in recent years. Due to the exceptional stress brought on by the pandemic’s state of social...
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An Analysis of the Future of YA Print Fiction in Australia and America

Zifeng Zhang
With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of printed books have been affected to varying degrees worldwide. For a while, the future trends of the print book industry were met with concern. This paper uses young adult fiction sales in Australia and the United States as a study to analyse the impact...
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Intercommunication Path Between the Novel Paper Drunk and Gold Fans and the TV Series Adaptation

Jiajie Wu
Paper drunk and Gold fans is a 1930s Anti-Japanese War novel by Zhang Henshui, which was adapted into a TV series in 2008. Zhang Henshui’s novels are utilitarian in literary concept and commercial in the market of TV dramas. The novels have a positive impact on TV dramas in terms of language and narrative...
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The Exploration of Contemporary Innovations as a ‘Bridge’ to Narrow the Generation Gap and Awaken the Vitality for Sichuan Opera in China

Ziyang Wang
As the highly developed society’s every feature, such as lifestyle, habits, aesthetics, and so on, changes from generation to generation, fewer and fewer young people spend time learning, knowing, or attending Sichuan opera shows. In this essay, the author will explore how to narrow the generation gap...
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Effects of Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety on French Majors’ Language Achievement in COVID-19

Jingyi Wang
As there have been few studies on learning anxiety in online foreign language courses, especially in minor languages, this study, therefore, employed both qualitative and quantitative research methods to survey a total of 109 French undergraduates from 16 universities. Statistical analysis was conducted...
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Investigating the Construction of Attitudinal and Grading Meanings in University Enrolment Advertisements

In the Case of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Jiangsu University

Yuxi Wang
The present study draws upon the Appraisal system to compare the attitudinal and grading resources employed by two tertiary institutions inside and outside the Chinese mainland to present how they are evaluated as excellent education options for the prospective students. Findings indicate that The Chinese...
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Anorexia Nervosa: Cause and Prevention

Rongruo Li, Jiarui Liu, Menghan Sun, Zhiyao Yan
Anorexia nervosa, as a kind of eating disorder, can cause people to have excessive worries about their body weights and shapes; the distorted thinking of one’s body image can also damage their physical and psychological well-being. It can be seen that the disorder affects people on a large scale. To...
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Research on Brand Emotional Marketing Based on Douyin Short Video

Xiancheng Lu, Xingxing Wang
With the rapid development of new media, Brand Emotional Marketing has gradually become an important Marketing method. In this paper, the concept and characteristics of Brand Emotional Marketing are discussed, the key points in line with consumers’ cognition and the emphasis of Brand Emotional Marketing...
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Enlightenment and Help Can Apply to Chinese Native Speakers from CPH in Their Second Language Acquisition

Yipeng Li
Starting from the critical period hypothesis, this paper attempts to explore its role in second language acquisition, and will find and look for any enlightenment and help in this process that can be applied to Chinese native second language learners. As a physiological concept, the critical period hypothesis...
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The Effects of Foreign Language Anxiety and Countermeasures

Yuqi Mao
In the process of foreign language learning, learners usually express foreign language anxiety which debilitates the process of learning a new language for the most part. Therefore, this kind of issue makes learning foreign languages extremely difficult. Nevertheless, anxiety can sometimes motivate students...
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Dialogue Between the History and the Present

Regarding Serenade of Peaceful Joy’s Narrative Style, Aesthetic Claim, and Promotional Strategy

Siyuan Li
A costume drama Serenade of Peaceful Joy set in the Song Dynasty that was just produced by Dongyang Noon Sunshine has about 400 million invested in it. It was well-liked once it was released, but the respondent was different. The play actually employs unique narrative, aesthetic, and promotion strategies,...
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Analysis of How Sound, Voice and Music in Film Disturbs the Border Between Inside and Outside

Yangziyi Jin
This article proposes the awareness of the sound effect in the digital cinema world. The complexity and art-based dimensional thoughts about sound design behind the scene are argued in the essay. The study utilized the mass reading that talks about sound and perception experiments. Despite real perceptions,...