Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Literature, Art and Human Development (ICLAHD 2021)

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“Dig the Source of Water and Inherit the Red Gene”: Analysis of the Current Situation and Research Countermeasures of the Development of the Red Revolutionary Zone in the Century Since the Founding of the Party

A Case Study of Longchi Town, Changyi City

Han Bingxuan, Chen Yufan, Gao Xin, Tian Yuchen, Cong Kaiyuan, Liu Wennuo, Chen xin
Red culture is an advanced culture with Chinese characteristics jointly created by the Chinese Communists, advanced elements and the people in the era of revolutionary war. It contains rich revolutionary spirit and profound historical and cultural connotation. This year is the centennial of the founding...
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Memories of Atomic Bombings in Hiroshima: Traces Documented in Photographs Here Goes River

Xinhui Zhang
Practices of narrating culture memories based on various mediums is significant for the community’s sustainable development, also contributes to the formation of their historical knowledge. This paper will base on the concept of trace, and takes the narrating of culture memory of the atomic bombing in...
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Warriors, Kings, and Donors: The Integration of Tomb Art Elements in the Buddhist Imagery at Xiangtangshan Cave-temples

Liwen Xing
During the 6th century CE, the construction of Buddhist cave-temples has been flourished in China despite the rapid regime change that took place in both the north and the south. The Northern Xiangtangshan cave temples as royal grottoes of the Northern Qi Dynasty (550-577), is a locus preserving an important...
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Natural Building - Reflections on Bionic Architectural Design

Yaqi Wang, Yixuan Liu
This paper starts from the etymology of “bionic”, re-examines the meaning of bionic in design, takes bionic architectural design as the starting point, and categorizes current bionic architectural design to explore the pulse of thinking about the ride. From the three dimensions of “nature”, “body” and...
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Translation of Culture-loaded Words from Synopsis of the Golden Chamber under the Theory of Functional Teleology

Liang Jing, Chen Ji
Synopsis of the Golden Chamber is the earliest monograph on diagnosis and treatment of miscellaneous diseases in China, and is the representative work of “medical sage” Zhang Zhongjing to construct the theory of syndrome differentiation and treatment. The chapters are divided by the names of diseases...
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Research of Social Media and Minority Languages in Guizhou

Fuhong Tian
This study investigates minority languages and social media. The focus is on examining people’s attitudes towards ethnic minority languages, ethnic language users and the future of languages. It also evaluates people’s views with regards to whether ethnic minority languages should be used on social media....
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In Light of Contemporary Social Media, Can We Still Speak of a Digital Public Today?

Shuran Zhao
Even though Habermas’ public sphere is already a highly debated subject in academia, the growth of social media in the previous decade appears to generate a new transformation and influence the conception of the public sphere. While we consider the advent of digital media as the second structural transformation...
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An Analysis of the Feminist Core from Different Writing Perspectives

Take Wang Anyi’s Desire Writing as An Example

Yuhan Chen
In recent years, Wang Anyi’s desire narratives and the private writing of the 1990s have attracted the attention of many scholars in the field of feminism. This paper summarizes the relevant research results in the current academic field in terms of the background, causes and evaluation. At the same...
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The Development and Influence of Japanese Animated Film Style

Zhu Zhiyi
Japanese animated films have a history of more than 100 years since 1917. From 1973, Belladonna was shortlisted in the main competition unit of the Berlin Film Festival to 2002, the Ghibli animation Spirited Away won the Golden Bear award of the Berlin Film Festival. Japanese animated films have entered...
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The Construction of African American Women’s Subjectivity in Toni Morrison’s Home

Zhang Bei
Toni Morrison’s novels mostly focus on the experience of African Americans, especially the African American women’s miserable experience in the white-dominated society. Loss of self-identity has always been Morrison’s concern in her writing. Home, which was published in 2012, tells a story about how...
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Analysis of Historical Writings in Jane Austen’s Novels

Jane Austen’s novels not only show her feminism to the reader but also appeal women to be independent. Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma are frequently used for analysing her feminism. Historical writings are regarded as a science because they not only explain the historical evidence...
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Planning English Lessons for Refugee-background Students

Jiaji Zhang
This study illustrates how instructors in secondary school training programs prepare courses for English as an Additional Language (EAL) pupils from refugee backgrounds, the major planning problems that instructors encounter, as well as methods used to deal with them. It shows that there is a significant...
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Appreciation of the Classic Horror Movies of the 20th Century

Zixuan Wang
The twentieth century is an important period for the development of the film industry as the world film has achieved a leap from silent to sound, black and white to colorful. However, there is no Internet and advanced equipment, which made shooting and post-production very challenging. In particular,...
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Film Industry Research Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong Films

Qiuyu Li
As a key media sector in China, the film can capture national culture and promote exchanges and understanding of different cultures through its unique methods. This paper presents the development process of the film industry of the two places by comparing the film industry of the two places, using examples...
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Duchamp’s Influences on Chinese Modern Artists—the Example of Huang Yongping

Heyan Wang
As the pioneer of experimental art in the 20th century and the representative of Dadaism and surrealism, Duchamp plays a very important role in the development of art. His influence is all over the world, and Huang Yongping is one of his followers in China. There are traces of Duchamp in many of Huang...
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Analysis on the Conflict Plot of the Film Avengers: Endgame

Ziqing Liu
The introduction summarizes the background of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also shows the great impact The Avengers: Endgame had on it. It also narrates and summarizes the birth of the Avengers films and the composition of the Avengers. Its main entry point is as one of the original Avengers heroes,...
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Analysis on the Differences between Chinese and Western Marriage Culture in the Film The Wedding Banquet

Yiting Wang
The Wedding Banquet is a movie directed by Ang Lee and released in the United States in 1993. The film tells a series of absurd stories from the wedding of Wai-tung, a gay man. The movie shows the two generations’ absolute different attitudes towards marriage issues, vividly demonstrates the different...
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Overuse Injuries of Foot and Ankle and Healthy Training in Young Female Ballet Dancers

Ziyan Zhou
This essay mainly focuses on analyzing ballet-specific risk factors about overusing injured feet and ankles and proposing some healthy and effective approaches that could help young female ballet dancers to prevent these injuries from affecting their performance. The risk factors can be categorized as...
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The Application of Maximalism in Film Production

Jiaqi Xia
Maximalism is an artistic expression based on the Italian “Baroque” style, which constitutes an extremely prosperous artistic effect through the application and superposition of natural objects. Since the 20th century, maximalism doctrine has been widely used in artistic creation, such as painting, design,...
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Light and Increasing Time-space Dimensionality of Media in Biological Art

Guanhua Li
The dimensionality of media, especially artistic media, has shown a slow but clearly increasing trend. As the frontier of contemporary art, biological art is very likely to break the upper-limit of time-space dimensionality in existing artistic areas. Light has rich properties in physical, chemical,...
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Derivation in Arabic Word Formation

Liu Wenjia, Liu Ziwei
Derivation, as the main word formation method in Arabic, is also one of the most prominent language signs of Arabic. The derived morphology of Arabic is different from the derivation in English, French and other languages. It is a very characteristic and regular derivation system. This article will base...
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Bionic Design-based Practice of Cultural and Creative Product Design

Bing Wu, Yixi Zhang
The most basic bionic form of bionic design is to refine the forms of all things in nature and express the characteristics of people, animals and plants in a figurative and intuitive way. The seemingly simple lines actually demonstrate the magical structure of all things in nature and the designer’s...
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Exploration of Education Mode in Art Colleges under the Background of New Liberal Arts

Take Environmental Design as an Example

Lai Xinyi
“New liberal arts” is an important strategic measure that conforms to the trend of the development of The Times and the revolution of industrial science and technology, takes inheriting cultural roots as the basis, innovating cultural development as the direction and cultivating cultural confidence as...
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Subversion and Containment in Female Images: A Study of “The Dead” From the Perspective of New Historicism

Han Yang
James Joyce is one of the most famous writers in the field of literature and “The Dead” is the last part of his short stories collection, Dubliners. The novel centers on the protagonist, Gabriel and his confrontation with three main female characters, Lily, Miss Ivors and Gretta. This thesis focuses...
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Colonialism and Popular Music: Moments in Japan and Korea’s Encounter With Foreign Culture Between The Late Nineteenth and Mid-Twentieth Century

Ziyun Lan
Japanese music historian Takashi Iba wrote “Technically, Japanese culture was largely imported from foreign countries, then refined into Japanese things.” As a Japanese scholar who would have lived through the late nineteenth century, Iba witnessed the peak of colonialist and imperialist practices by...
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The Stereotypical Characterizations in Chineses Drama during Republican Period

Xinyan Yu
The White-Haired Girl is the first mileage-brand work in the history of Chinese opera, which is the symbol of the maturity of Chinese national opera. Its successful performance is of great significance in the history of Chinese modern music and opens up a new stage for the development of Chinese opera...
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Journalism and Communication in Digital World

Xiao Han
With the development of culture and technology, digital media platforms have a strikingly effect on journalism. This article analyses the achievements of journalism and communication in digital world ranging from the horizontal application of digital technology in economic development to social stability...
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Bridging a Gap on Knowing a Word

Challenges and Suggestions for Vocabulary Learning in China

Lu Li, Xiang Ji
The mastery of vocabulary greatly influences learner’s English proficiency in four main language skills and learning efficiency of further study. Nation proposes three criteria for knowing a word, which includes nine subcategories [1]. However, most Chinese teachers still focus on the meaning and spelling...
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China’s Vaccine Diplomacy during Covid-19 Pandemic: When it Worked and When it Did Not Work?

PengHao Wang
This article mainly analyzes China’s policy of vaccine distribution to different countries during COVID-19 since 2020 (China’s vaccine diplomacy). It analysed comparative cases in four countries: Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and India. Through the study of these comparative cases, this paper...
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Simple Analysis of the Aesthetic Characteristics of Dehua and Shiwan Ceramic Sculptures

Li Min, Xie Chunji
Dehua and Shiwan are important ceramic sculpture producing areas in China, which are with a long history of ceramic sculpture development. Through the analysis of materials and craft aesthetic characteristics of dehua and Shiwan ceramic sculpture, this paper will provide inspiration and theoretical basis...
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Discussion on Intercommunication, Mutual Learning, and Common Development between Chinese Martial Arts and Japanese Bushido

Jiachen Li
China and Japan are neighboring countries, separated by only a strip of water, with a long history of in history, the two countries have exchanged and learned from each other in many aspects. Martial arts are an important part of Chinese culture and some boxing techniques such as Kendo, karate and Taijiquan...
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The Art of “Chakedahun” in the Poetic Drama Themed with Buddhism Deliverance in the Ming Dynasty: Taking Zen Master Yu and Red Lotus as Examples

Wang Yuhui
“Chakedahun” (comical language and actions) is an indispensable part of Chinese opera. In recent years, researches have focused on “Chakedahun” in Yuan poetic drama and Ming legendary opera, while ignoring the use of “Chakedahun” in Ming poetic drama. Furthermore, compared with common Ming poetic drama,...
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Analysis on the Aesthetic or Unaesthetic Beauty in Film and Television Advertising

Hanyu Jiang
Beauty comes from life, and beauty is higher than life. The aesthetic feeling is the process of sublimation of people ‘s feelings of material life. The aesthetic feeling is also people’s reflection, appreciation and evaluation of beauty, beauty and a series of beauty feelings caused by the inner heart....
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Existential Angst and the Question of Human Freedom

Yijun Zhou
This paper briefly explores the metaphysics of freedom and death through an analysis of the short film, Amito 502, from an existential point of view. It brings into philosophical light the motivating drive by which the film’s main character commits murder as a means of self-realization and a daring act...
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Successful Aging Among Older People: How Social Support Contributes to Psychological Health

Wenjing Mo
This article reviews both theoretical and empirical findings on the effects of receiving and providing support on psychological health of older people, addressing confounding effects from perspectives of gender and functional status. Psychological health is the key to successful aging. It is generally...
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The Evaluation of the University Language Admission Standard in Australia

A Case Study based on IELTS Scores

Yue Wang
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) scores are widely adopted by universities as a language admission standard. A few studies have focused on the predictive validity of the IELTS test on the subsequent academic performance; however, few studies have explored the rationality of language...
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Art as a Business: The Intention of Andy Warhol’s Brand Images

Yunping Cai, Yuting Gong, Xinqian Zhang
This paper focuses on the business and artistic values of Andy Warhol’s three artworks, Green Coca-Cola Bottles, Campbell’s Soup Cans, and Brillo Box. The three art pieces could be considered typical examples of the cohabitation of art and business, the two seemingly conflicting concepts. The business...
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Progress in Digital Landscape Research in China based on CiteSpace

Yilu Gong, Leichang Huang, He Liu
With the gradual development of Internet technology, the digital era has gradually come, and digital landscape has come into being. Based on CNKI database, the progress and hotspots of digital landscape research in China are sorted out through the help of CiteSpace information visualization tool. It...
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Study on the Paper Flower Craft and Derivative Cultural and Creative Commodities of Bionic Pith Paper: Actor-Network Theory Perspective

Yi-Fang Kao, Hung-Cheng Chen
Pith paper is a native plant in Taiwan and an important cash crop of aboriginal tribes. The pith core of the plant was purchased by the Hakka people, made into paper flowers by Minnan people, and finally sold to traders. Therefore, the craft of pith paper flower can be a traditional craft industry symbolizing...
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Self-cognition of the Female Artist

Comparison Between Self-Portrait (1790) by Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun and Self-Portrait (1980) by Alice Neel

YueYi Wang
By comparing a self-portrait (1790) by Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun and a self-portrait (1980) by Alice Neel, the paper tries to analyze how these two portrait artists demonstrate their self-cognition in their own self-portraits. By means of comparison, such as clothing, character’s posture and facial...
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An Investigation of the Cultural Awareness Cultivation in Primary School English Teaching: A Case Study

Sichen Huangfu, Yujie Ouyang, Xuan Meng
After entering the 21st century, in the context of globalization, more and more people from different cultural backgrounds communicate with each other. As a universal language of the world, the learning of English has become more and more important. The ability to communicate in English is closely related...
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Reason for the Success of The Wandering Earth

Mingqi Zhang
Little Sun, created in the 1960s, was considered the first Chinese science fiction film. Sixty years have passed, but science fiction had never been a major stream in Chinese film-producing history. There had been several attempts but no one had received wide popularity. Until 2019, appeared a film called...
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Negative Female Characters in Cindy Sherman’s Photo: The Changing in Thinking That Feminism Has Brought in the 1970s

Nan Liu, Bingxin Xie, Yating Yang
A great number of people regard postmodernist photographer--Cindy Sherman--as feminist though she herself has never admitted the identity. In her Untitled Film Still, it is quite strange that almost all females have negative facial expressions instead of common smiling faces. The objective of this paper...
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Body Shaming in Different Forms for Males and Females in Modern Urban Chinese Society

Jiran Li
Body shaming has long been seen within society. It incorporates not only the outward appearance, but the overall image presented which includes temperament, clothing, cosmetics, and so on. Certain beauty standards, although especially rigid for females, can make both genders their victims. This paper...
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The Interweaving of Consciousness and Poetic Space

Fusun Zhang, Zhanjun Fan
Imagination vitalizes language, language creates poetic space, and space serves as the “residence” of consciousness. The operation of poetic space and imagination has been discussed and interpreted by Gaston Bachelard, a French philosopher, in his <The Poetics of Space>. The subtle connection between...
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How Does Plath’s Poem Daddy Express About the Poet’s Psychological Response to the Conditions of Living in Her Patriarchal Society?

Mingli Zhang
Being a postmodernist poetess, Sylvia Plath devotes a big part of her poetry to representing the dilemmatic condition the modern women are confronted when facing the patriarchal values and the awareness of the voices of their own existence, identity as well as self-value. This paper embarks on probing...
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The Study of the Cross-Cultural Communication of Mulan based on 5W Communication Model

Runyi Tian
The live-action film Mulan, which was released in 2020, did not receive ideal reviews in China. In order to explore the failure of adaptation and integration of Chinse culture and Chinese spirit in Mulan, this paper analyzes Chinese culture and expression symbols in the content of the film based on Lathwell’s...
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Comparison Between Chinese and Danish School-based Sex Education from Gender Aspects

Xinran Yang
School-based sex education is distributed unequally in different areas, to be specific, more advanced in most western countries while still requires significant development in most eastern countries. Therefore, two randomly selected nations: China and Denmark, are chosen for school-based sex education...
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A Study of the Morphological Bionic Design of Beast-faced Tiles

Yang Meng, Xin Yue
This paper analyzes and explores the beast-faced tile, and explores the application of morphological bionic design in beast-faced tiles. Inductive analysis method was used to analyze the form of beast-faced tiles, factor analysis method was used to extract the form and shape of bionic design, relying...
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Differences Between Chinese, English, and Russian Languages’ Reflections on Thinking

Yuning Han
Language was never only a tool people used to communicate but also a reflection of a nation’s thinking mode and cultural values. Due to the differences in the speakers’ perceptions, the phonetics, grammatical rules, and morphology all differ. This article is concerned with the influence of a culture...
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A Study of Cultural Conflict in American Column Criticism from the Perspective of Cultural Code

Hao Lei
The Pulitzer Prize for Art Criticism plays an important role in the field of art criticism. It’s award-winning works not only interpret artworks, but also build a bridge between art and reality, focusing on the cultural conflicts and contradictions of different people. In the context of globalization,...
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Application of Subconscious Theory in Painting Creation Teaching in Art Education

Manli Xue, Jiaxin Yue, Jiajun Jiang, Jingjing Wei
The teaching of painting creation is an important and difficult point in art teaching in Colleges and universities. At present, the curriculum of art teaching in Colleges and universities focuses on the training of basic painting skills, and the teaching link of painting creation is generally weak. This...
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Virtual Reality and Modern Visitor in the Museum

The Technological Integration and Its Debates

Yingru Qian
Virtual reality(VR) experience and VR-style technology change the view of the modern individual. It is a deliberated question for museology to determine whether the satisfactory outcome will redefine the museum’s storytelling with immersive VR technology. Successful evidences from other industries are...
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Current Issues in Chinese Language Teaching

Jiaji Zhang
Globalization has increased the importance of second language acquisition. This article examines three problems in my language teaching practise as a Chinese pre-service language teacher. There are differences between students. Thus, strategies to cultivate student autonomy in second language learning,...
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Research on the Construction of Emotional Design in Shared Office Space

Bei Fan, ZheCheng Han, Ying Zhou, Runkun Li
With the rise of sharing economy in modern society and the continuous innovation of working mode, shared office mode is increasing day by day, With the rise of the sharing economy in modern society and the continuous innovation of working mode, shared office mode is increasing day by day, and people’s...
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Arguments for and Against Using Task-based Approach to Foreign Language Teaching

The Appropriation of TBLT Adapt in the Chinese Context

Xiang Ji, Lu Li
The need to enhance students’ communicative competence has grown in recent years, and instructional strategies like conventional pedagogy aren’t meeting learner’s needs. Thus, English school introduced and implemented Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT). This article is going to define the concepts ‘task’...
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Analysis of Love in Chinese Culture from Movies The Treatment and Saving Face

Mengyue Geng
Bases on movies The Treatment and Saving Face, this paper mainly talks about love in Chinese culture from Chinese films. To be specific, it analyzes that how the uses and existences of elements of love, Chinese cultures and the environment with conflicts in culture can strengthen the power of love, which...
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The Identity of Jewish Chess Players: An Analysis of Jewish Chess History Writings of the 19th and the Early 20th Century

Lan Yao
The study of the history of Jewish chess players is a brand new field of history study. This paper deals with how Jewish chess players in the 19th and early 20th century considered chess and the identity of the Jewish ethnic group. This study will analyze writings related to Jewish chess players, which...
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Reasons-Responsive Theories and the Nature of Reasons

Qiuxuan Zheng
In the contemporary free will debate between compatibilism — the thesis that free will is compatible with determinism, and incompatibilism — that free will is incompatible with determinism, many scholars are sympathetic to compatibilism, yet disagree in how the position is best characterized. As one...
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Current Situation on Exam-Oriented Education in China and the Outlook for Quality-Oriented Education

Taking Oral English Education as an Example

Hanyi Meng, Mengyuan Tang, Mingjun Wu
This paper looks at the current situation of exam-oriented education in China, then discusses its different root aspects and the influences such an educational model has on Chinese society. Exam-oriented education has many flaws, which has been widely recognized by the public and educational professionals,...
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Walking with History

Discussion on Realistic Sculpture Creation Since China’s Reform and Opening up

Sun Peng
With the pace of China’s reform and opening up, the realistic sculpture in China has undergone great changes. China’s reform and opening up is the most fundamental internal motivation to promote the development and change of Chinese realistic sculpture. Reform and opening up not only provide abundant...
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Comparison Between 3d Animation Design and 2d Animation Design

Jinan Du
2D animation, after a long time of development, technological innovation, and animation model changes, gradually built the animation industry chain. The commercial value of 2D animation was improved well, and animation as a kind of cultural communication form for young and old, has been formed in multinational...
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Review of the Research on the Relationship Between Algorithmic News Recommendation and Information Cocoons

Zhiyu Kong, Xiaoru Zhang, Ruilin Wang
In recent years, the rapid growth of algorithmic news recommendation has brought huge commercial value. Considering the current development and application of algorithmic news recommendation, many experts and scholars worry that it will lead to information cocoons, which will destroy the value system...
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Character and Decision Meaning Analysis of The Legend of 1900

Yasong Dong
As a masterpiece in the history of film, The Legend of 1900 describes a unique pianist 1900’s life, including his birth, music, love, and decision. Not only the music of the film has high research value, but the historical background of the film fully represents the era of the early 20th century. Plus,...
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Female and Artistic Identity in the Self-Portraiture of Lavinia Fontana and Artemisia Gentileschi

Cenxiao Huang
When thinking of the Baroque period, people are most likely to first recall names like Velazquez and Caravaggio, who were the representative artists during this period. However, few would know that during the same time, a group of female artists also strived to establish their reputation, and some succeeded...
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A Study of the Influence of a Doll’s House on Chinese “Women walk out” Literature

Yuheng Yan
After Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House came to China, the story of “Nora walks out” had led Chinese writers to focus on the issue of female liberation. As a result, it promoted the emergence of “women walk out” literature in China. As Chinese “women walk out” literature is similar to it in character, plot...
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Differences Between Chinese and American Cultures Through the Study of Reality Shows

Hanyi Lu, Ying Han, Yijun Wang
In recent years, reality shows are popular all over the world. Reality shows were originated in Europe in the end of the 20th century and spread around the world from the United States with different categories of reality shows in the 21st century. The United States and China are now two of the world’s...
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Based on Returning to My Farm to Walden to Analyze the Hermit Culture in Chinese and West

Zhang Peilin
Highly developed science and technology are used as tools to liberate people from heavy manual labor. But with the haze of war and economic depression, the original moral system is on the verge of collapsing. What’s worse, People is assimilated by machines and is losing their uniqueness as human beings....
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A Review of Oral English Teaching Methodologies in Chinese Colleges

Xiyue Sun, Bingyao Xie, Ruifeng Zhu
As second language (L2) acquisition plays an increasingly important role in modern education, the demand for effective L2 teaching methods proved to be urgent. Nowadays, almost all Chinese colleges offer the L2 course of English, yet the L2 teaching methods vary dramatically. This paper examines the...
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Research on Cultural Representation of Bionic Design of pre- Qin bronzes

Xiaojing Zhang, Ge Zhang
Taking the pre-Qin bronzes as a model, this paper explores the expression content and cultural attributes of semantic representation in the intentional design language in the bionic design of bronzes. This paper demonstrates the formation motivation and content of cultural representation in bronze bionic...
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Research on Creative Product Design of Nvshu Culture

Jian Rao, Xinyue Zheng
This paper explores the design and application strategies of contemporary cultural and creative products based on Nvshu culture. With the cultural deposits of Nvshu culture as the core and the characteristics of Nvshu elements, this paper analyzes the status quo of cultural research and practice on Nvshu...
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Analysis of Filial Piety in the Relationship Between Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law

Zhang Lihua
Starting from the history of female filial piety culture, this paper explores the performance of filial piety in the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. In feudal society, the mother-in-law was inferior to her daughter-in-law, and the daughter-in-law obeyed her mother-in-law without...
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“Erya wing” “Release Grass” Training Characteristics Exploration

Houjiao, Fuxinjun
“Erya Wing” is a famous famous exegetic book in the Song Dynasty. During the Southern Song Dynasty, with a prosperous economy, developed culture and popular classics, people had a great interest in the ancient book “Erya”. Luoyuan wished to feel the lack and ignorance of names and words at that time,...
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Analysis of the “Chinese-Nora”

The Reason for the Chinese Women’s Social Plight

Shiyi Fan
The runaway woman has always been a classical literary theme. Song of Youth is a classical story about run-away women. However, it is not hard to find out that those women could be trapped in another plight when they left home from the story of Lin Daojing who is the heroine of Song of Youth. This paper...
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The Stereotypes About Women’s Appearance Throughout the History of China

Yi Tang
Nowadays, women’s rights are improved to some degree in China. However, there are still many stereotypes about women’s appearance in China. In addition, the history of these stereotypes about Chinese women’s appearance can go back to ancient China. Like slender waist and foot binding in the past, today,...
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Irony in George Orwell’s 1984: An Analysis from the Perspective of the Echo Theory

Wenqing zhang
Irony is a regularly used writing skill in literature and is an important research topic of many scholars. George Orwell is well known by his application of irony in his novel. As an opponent of totalitarianism, his works are always filled with satire art. He exposes the dark side of politics, culture...
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Ethical Issues in the Era of Big Data

Yixiao Liu
The advent of the era of big data makes people change their way of life, transforms the structure of enterprises, and even changes the nature of competition. Nowadays, it has become an outdated concept to regard information technology as an auxiliary or service tool. Information technology has had a...
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Multi-dimensional Innovation of Realistic Youth Drama in the Age of Fusion Media

The Run for Young as an example

Shuaikang Song
In recent years, youth dramas of domestic realistic themes have gradually moved away from simple campus-style romance and are no longer confined to “Mary Sue”-style virtual satisfaction, but have begun to show the psychological demands and emotional expressions of teenage audiences in a multi-layered...
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I Am for You What You Want Me to Be

Motherhood and Women’s Quest for Self in Sula

Haiqing Wang
Helene Cixous came up with the idea of “feminine writing” and discussed its relationship with motherhood in The Laugh of The Medusa, in which she view “mother” as an idealistic metaphor. In contrast, Toni Morrison created more complicated mothers and mother-daughter relationships in her novels, especially...
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Exploration on the Key Points of China’s Rural Public Goods Supply Side Structural Reform under the Rural Revitalization Strategy

Wuning Xia
As a supply side structural reform to improve the level of socialized mass production, it is by no means limited to the production of private consumer goods, and the reform of public goods supply and production is also deeply involved. Under the Rural Revitalization Strategy, promoting the supply side...
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Construction of Mutual Gaze

A Review of Studies on Male Gaze, Female Gaze, and Mutual Gaze

Xinyan Yu
This paper mainly combs the relevant research results of the male gaze, female gaze, and mutual gaze. Through the comprehensive analysis of the above-related achievements, we can see that with the progress of society and the prosperity of feminism, the female gaze has increasingly become a social phenomenon....
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Translation for Children: A Case Study of Chinese Version of Gulliver’s Travels for Children

Zhixuan Gong
Gulliver’s Travels is a long travelogue-style satirical novel written by English writer Jonathan Swift, first published in 1726. Due to its unique fantasy adventure, it becomes a classic children’s literature when it is translated into China. This paper examines the definitions of children as well as...
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Eva’s Power: Black Motherhood in Toni Morrison’s Sula

Yijin Zhu
In Sula, Toni Morrison discusses questions about the position of black women in the communities and reinterprets black motherhood, showing the importance of black motherhood for the existence and continuity of the black communities. It contributes to black survival and the transmission of black culture...
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Rethinking Legal Belief Based on Religious Feelings

Yiling Lu
In the history, religion and law, as two basic means to maintain social stability and development, seem to be irrelevant, but in fact they are inseparable. However, with the gradual enhancement of people’s pursuit of rationality, religion also gradually declined with the development of social system....
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Analysis of Gender Stereotypes in Disney Female Characters

Jiaxin Ji
Disney company has already released many female-led animated films, but its films have gender stereotypes towards females. Since 1937 Disney released its first princess film Snow White, Disney has always created beautiful princesses who are attached to men. Although Disney and fans of Disney asserted...
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Research on Bionic Design Strategies for Northeast Regional Cultural and Creative Products

Yan Liu, Yijun Liu, Huiqiang Liu
This paper focuses on the design strategies of cultural and creative products of regional specialties in Northeast China’s regional culture. The paper discusses the importance of establishing a reasonable theme in the design of cultural and creative products, which have both cultural and functional themes....
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The Cycle of Fate: Analysis of the Lower Class and the Family of Origin in the 《Hillbilly Elegy》

Lu Jiafei
This paper took American writer J.D. Vance’s memoir 《Hillbilly Elegy》 as the research object, discussed the influence of the family of origin on children and the difficulty of class mobility, and analyzed how J.D. Vance achieved class jump by taking exams and joining the army. This paper also attempted...
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Analysis and Comparison of Various New Waves of Movies

Taking France, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea as Examples

Qingru Ye
The term “New Wave” is widely used to refer to the new film movements that emerged in other countries in the history of cinema after Second World War. New Wave movements are often influenced by more than just one factor. The reasons for the New Wave in different regions are common but also different....
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A Study on the Folk Belief Culture in Yi Language

Zhang Dehua, Li Budumo
Primitive worship is a common cultural custom and typical belief phenomenon among the Yi people. The vocabulary of belief in Yi language is rich and profound, which condenses the primitive worship thought and primitive belief culture of Yi nationality. The study of Yi belief vocabulary is of great value...
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A Study of Children’s Acquisition of the Deixis in Chinese Mandarin: Asymmetry Distribution of “zhe”, “zhege” and “na”, “nage” between Positions of Subject and Object

Xiaohui Sun
Acquisition of the deixis category has been a hot topic for over decades and many linguists have researched it from different perspectives. However, many studies focus on L2 acquisition of deixis learning rather than on children’s acquisition of native languages especially Mandarin Chinese. Thus, this...
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Transmission and Reconstruction of Artistic Concept: From Artist Studio to Museum

Yiqun Ding
Concept is the essence and the source of vitality in contemporary art. By using visual language, artists explore society and history based on their own emotions and consciousness. The curator’s responsibility in the process of curating is to establish a bridge between artists and audiences, introduce...
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Cancer Drugs in China: Unaffordability and Policy Solutions

Yining Liu
The high cost and unaffordability of cancer drugs present serious challenges to treatment access and cancer outcomes. This issue is particularly salient in developing countries, where health care provision is limited and patients are themselves responsible for a large portion of treatment costs. What...
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Analysis on Whether DNA Database Should Be Built According to Its Morality

Yubai Sun
Nowadays, criminal is an essential social issue which needs to be solved. In order to increase the efficiency and accuracy on those crimes, more and more countries began to use DNA database as a method to figure out the criminals or their features. However, the biggest problem of DNA database is losing...
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Exploring the Evolution of Confucianism and Taoism in the Late Ming Dynasty from the Perspective of Sexual Culture

Taking the Ming and Qing Novels Involving the Descriptions of Male Love as an Example

Xie Lu, Bei Zhang
In the mid and late Ming dynasty, the bud of capitalism appeared, with the rapid development of the commodity economy, which triggered the ideological trend of evolution of the whole society. It cannot be ignored is that the “male love” peaked at this time and the relevant novels are the rage. Almost...
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Small Universe: Exploring Microorganisms in Water from an Artistic Perspective

Jingying Zhen
The scope of this thesis was shown visualization of microorganisms in water from an artistic desire and present the viewers with an opportunity to discover an invisible world, which is offering a possibility to see the combination of art and science. This included my observation of real microorganisms...
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Rome Remembers: The Memory and Ethics in Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura

Jingying Mo
The history and public memory of Roman history have been extensively studied from various kinds of materials, except the poetry in the late Republic. Being a significant figure of Roman literature, Lucretius and his work De Rerum Natura (DRN) has been extensively studied for its philosophical and political...
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“Tame” the Masses: The Second Construction of China’s New War Films in Multiple Spaces

Meng Yang
Since its inception, movies have received wide attention and popular love from all walks of life. With the development of the entire film industry and the generational changes in the mainstream of the popular aesthetic consciousness, Chinese war-themed movies have different visual presentations and theme...
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Deconstructive Weapons Against the Male Gaze: Writing and Showing of the Female Body

Chengxu Guo, Jiatong Yao, Shuting Zhang
Through the brief introduction of female roles in independent films and the discussion of Cindy Sherman’s photographic works, this paper, by means of Hélène Cixous’s theoretical text and the relevant discussion of the uncertainty of postmodernism, explores the deconstruction thought behind the writing...
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Modernity Mythology: Reconstruction of Female’s Narrative Associated with The Red Detachment of Women

Chengwei Han
Revolutionary drama is not only a guiding star of Chinese drama revolution in the 20th century but also serves as a critical concept to explain the paradox between Chinese women’s liberation and political revolution in the 20th century. In particular, The Red Detachment of Women, among the eight model...
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The Effect of Cavity Resonance on the Timbre of Vowels

Peilun Zhang
Vocal music is an art that combines music and language which is the foundation of vocal music. From the subjective hearing point of view, people generally think that the sound position of Bel Canto is backward, and the sound is produced through nasal resonance. The timbre is relatively dim. People usually...