Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Language, Art and Cultural Exchange (ICLACE 2020)

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Study of Translation Strategies for English Version of the Diamond Sūtra from the Perspective of Skopos Theory

Tingting Mi
The Diamond Sūtra is written in Sanskrit originally, which was translated into Chinese afterwards. Kumarajiva’s version is the most popular one. Most of the English versions of the Diamond Sūtra that are widely spread in western countries are all translated according to Kumarajiva’s Chinese version....
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The Possibility of Chinese Characters Becoming Universal Characters From the Perspective of the Development and Function of Chinese Characters

Zhang Ling, Chen Lina, Pan Yingdian
Chinese characters are not only the symbolic system of recording Chinese, but also the cultural link of national unity. Chinese characters cannot be assimilated in the ocean of letter characters, on the one hand, due to the barrier of geographical environment, Chinese characters have long enough space...
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Interpretation of the Film the Godfather From Sound Effect, Movie Frame, Filming Technique and Narrative

Juncong Lu
The Godfather tells a romantic gangster epic in a sober, brooding style. It is one of the greatest gangster movies in the history. This paper attempts to interpret the Godfather from sound effect, movie Frame, shooting techniques and movie narrative, which would be helpful for today’s film shooting and...
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Analysis of the Reasons for the Popularity of Teen-Campus TV Shows in China Since 2000

Dongrui Xiong
Through analyzing the TV shows’ market and investigating the tendency of the development of the mass culture, a new type of teen campus TV show has emerged. This kind of genre can meet the needs of the masses and will gain a high popularity among the audience. The storytelling in these new teen campus...
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Diego Velázquez and John Singer Sargent: The Hidden Social Expectations in Female Portraits

Yueling Li
Artistic representations always reflect the values and norms of the contemporary societies. This paper focuses on the genre of portrait paintings and its relationship to the misogynistic social historical context. This paper specifically discusses the Spanish court painter Diego Velázquez’s portrait...
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Exploring the Use of Montage in Chinese Films

Shiya xu
Montage is one of the key elements in determining the art of film, which plays an irreplaceable role in the film. In attracting the audience, shaping the characters, the construction of the story also plays a key role. For the art of film, whether artistic or technical, montage is very important. How...
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Analysis of the Japanese Iyashikei Films and the Culture Behind These Films

Jiawen Ren
The theory is to analyze the Japanese Iyashikei Films and the culture behind these films. The author chooses our little sister, little forest, and Kikujiro’s summer as exemplars to analyze the plot. Except the analysis on the content of the film, knowledge in psychology, communication, and sociology...
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Exploring the Realization of the American Dream—Taking the Pursuit of Happiness as an Example

Yufei Wang
This paper mainly studies the rise and fall of the American dream and the American dream embodied in the pursuit of happiness. This paper has found a lot of kinds of literature, and the research result is that the American dream has two-sided, which can not only make people more confident and work harder...
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The Casting of American and Chinese Sitcoms From the 1950s to the 2010s

Jinyuan Zheng
Sitcoms production teams often choose actors with unique styles. Longevity of actors’ performance and versatility are two major qualities that the sitcom actor should maintain [2]. Old actors are experienced, while the new actors can bring up the spirit of contemporary society. Therefore, both kinds...
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Research on the Dispirited Culture—Based on The BoJack Horseman

Feilin Chen
This study aims to interpret the relationship between the BoJack Horseman and dispirited culture, and analyze the psychological ecology of contemporary young people reflected behind. Dispirited culture, a new form of youth subculture, often refers to the language, words, and images with negative emotions....
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Blurring Human and Machine Boundary--The Post-Humanist Metaphor of Cyborg-Body in Artificial Intelligence and Minority Report

Dongyang Li
Cyborg, also known as e-bio human, is a body type with mechanical/digital transformation as its representation, which was born out of the cyberpunk subculture. This paper aims to make a detailed comparative study of two opposite types of the cyber body in films Artificial Intelligence(Steven Spielberg...
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The Impact of Religion on Realistic Choices: A Separation

Jing Zhu
After the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran adopted the tradition again. However, with the development of the modernity, there were lots of problems in Iran, such as the status of women and inequality and poverty of the underclass. A Separation is a great film that reflects these problems. In this article,...
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On the Cultural Meaning of Anyi Ancient Village Folklore and Woodcarving Art

XiaoYun He
In our country, the folk style of the southern region and the northwest region is very different, and this is mainly because the geographical location of the southern region and the northwest region is different, the different geographical location will give birth to different cultures, and the cultural...
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The Construction of Parallel Corpus Based on the Seven Classical English Versions of Tao Te Ching

Xincun Huo, Fumin Zuo
Since the 18th century, Tao Te Ching has been translated into English over one hundred times. However, the research on these translations are far from enough in both quantity and quality, with few innovations in research method and perspective, which cannot match the significant status of the book all...
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A Study on the Way to Optimize the Ideological and Political Education Model in Colleges and Universities Based on the Construction of Campus Culture

Chunming Xu, Can Wang, Nan Yang
As the base for the future talent training, universities are attaching more and more importance to the training of higher education with the reform of education in China. In universities, in addition to students’ daily work and study, ideological and political education is particularly important for...
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Study on the Application of Horticultural Therapy in the Landscape Design of the Community for the Aged

Guo Yunjia
From the initial “forest bath” and “aromatherapy” to “forest therapy” and “horticultural therapy”, after medical verification, this kind of behavior is beneficial to the body. In a series of changes of social role and economic status, the elderly need to find a way to adjust their living conditions and...
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Literary Imagination of Construction of Community With a Shared Future in Alice Munro’s Stories

Haixia Zhang
Alice Munro has made a great contribution to Canadian literary history because of her writing about her own town and nation in a style of realism and the achievements she has gotten in short-story writing. Under her pen, the life of the city, community and family is full of stress and tension in a piece-looking...
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What’s the Destination of Atonement: A Literary Darwinian Interpretation of Briony

Xinya Lu
Literary Darwinism, a new trend of literary criticism emerged in the late twentieth century, advocates the objective pursuit of true knowledge about literary works to identify the specific configuration of meaning in any text. Atonement by Ian McEwan is a realistic metafiction, which aims to explore...
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A New Genesis: Rethinking Gender Expressions in Ursula K. Le Quin’s The Left Hand of Darkness

Shu-Yuan Chang
Ursula K. Le Quin’s The Left Hand of Darkness focuses on humanity in which she interrogates the system of dichotomies such as male/female, self/other, light/dark and shift/mind speech. Le Guin’s concern with the dichotomy of sex/gender is shown in Genly Ai’s perspectives on the biological sexual differences...
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Study on the Way to Realize the Function of Network Culture in Higher Education

Chunming Xu, Can Wang, Nan Yang
With the advent of the new media era, new media has penetrated into every aspect of college students’ study and life, bringing opportunities and challenges to college education. Colleges and universities should take the initiative to occupy the position of network culture education, fully explore the...
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On the Teaching Practice of the Red Opera Under the Education of Red Culture in Colleges and Universities — Taking the Opera Fragment “Folk Song” as an Example

Jinghan Li
The integration of Red Culture Education into colleges and universities can strengthen the construction of humanities education for college students. Red Culture is the treasure of Chinese traditional culture, allowing red culture to enter the classroom and strengthening the theory and practice of red...
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A Corpus-Based Study of Syntactic Shifts in Chinese-English Conference Interpreting

Lei Gao
Due to linguistic differences between Chinese and English, and the expectation of immediate communication effect, syntactic shifts often occur in C-E conference interpreting. Through a self-built parallel corpus, the article investigates the syntactic shifts in terms of mean sentence length, grammatical...
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Non-Verbal Communication on Campus and Its Cultural Differences

Donghong Li, Min Yang
It’s well known that good communication is the foundation of any successful relationship, whether personal or professional. It’s important both for teachers and students to recognize that their nonverbal communication is the most powerful. The ability to understand and use nonverbal communication is...
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A Study on the Oral Language Inheritance System of Gejia People

Gu Jijian
Language is the soul of ethnic culture, and words are the carrier of language. Unwritten Language culture is a wonderful cultural heritage, but it may be a mournful or unsustainable phenomenon of civilization. The Gejia people fit exactly into this characteristic, and the research on the language and...
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The Impact of CBI on English Majors’ Vocabulary Learning

Si Li
Content-based instruction is a teaching approach emerged from Communicative Language Teaching. Previous studies have been made on CBI and its impact on students’ learning pronunciation or reading comprehension. To further investigate the impact of CBI on students’ language skill learning, the aim of...
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A Comparative Study on the Two Chinese Versions of The Color Purple From Perspective of Feminist Translation

Ning Li
In the 1970s, the famous “cultural turn” in translation field combined feminism with translation studies. Feminist translation theory then came into being and became popular across the world. The feminist translation theory aims to manifest the female identity and strive for women’s status through translation,...
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On the Interest in the Still Life of Modern Lacquer Painting

Wen Xiaoling
Lacquer painting is a form of painting with unique national characteristics and oriental temperament, and the concept of still life was introduced into China from the West. In recent years, the number of lacquer paintings with the theme of still life in lacquer painting exhibitions has gradually increased....
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The Teaching Research on Collaborative Learning to Improve Students’ Spoken Proficiency in Secretarial English

Tang Qing
The general trend of higher education indicates the reformation of the core curriculum in management. This thesis introduces the teaching theory of collaborative learning, takes the example of the specific contents of secretarial spoken English teaching, compares it with the traditional teaching method,...
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Discussion on the Fiber Art Works and Their Spatial Attributes In Art Exhibition

Zhenzhu Wang
As one of the numerous art forms in public art, fiber art has been paid more and more attention by artists, who have attracted more public attention with new ideas and innovative forms. This paper takes some of the exhibits in Hangzhou fiber art triennial as examples to illustrate that fiber art is affecting...
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A Study of Chinese Immigrants as Second Language Learners in Thomas Burke’s Limehouse Nights

Yanxin Wang
This paper takes character conversations in Thomas Burke’s Limehouse Nights as research corpus and combines historical materials to analyze the second language acquisition phenomenon. Historical, cultural, and social factors shaping the characters’ acquisition and use of English will be explored. By...
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Discussion on the Creating Techniques of Watercolor Painting in the Pork

Liu Guoji
The Pork is a series of watercolor paintings by the author, consisted of three watercolor paintings of pork. This paper attempts to discuss the performance techniques and comprehensive application creation of watercolor tool materials through The Pork and tells the possibility of exploring the performance...
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The Reconstruction of Greek Religion in Late Antiquity

SONG Jun-yan
In 4th century A.D, Roman Empire gradually transformed into a medieval agricultural society. Former Greek religion, which couldn’t adapt the need to maintain the unity of the Empire and consolidate the centralized rule, declined and faced the crisis of survival. To this end, Iamblichus and Julian reformed...
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The Study on the Polysemy of “Men”: A Cognitive Linguistic Analysis

Chengchieh Su
Based on the in-depth examination of corpus data, this paper examines the semantic extension of Men from the perspective of cognitive linguistics. The basic meaning of Men is the openable device to a building. Men extend the meaning of access to a building via metaphor, and further extends the meaning...
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Research on Landscape Conservation of the Traditional Villages of the She Nationality in Fujian Based on Ecological Wisdom

Jie Tian, Hui Pan
Under the background of ecological civilization, the current rural construction is confronted with the ecological dilemma. Deeply exploring, transferring and elaborating the contemporary value of traditional rural eco-wisdom will help ease the increasingly serious rural ecological crisis. The She village...
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Analysis the Roots of Cultural Confidences From the Perspective of High and Low Context Cultures — A Case study of Burberry’s Advertisement

Gao Yanmei, Wang Yuan
Burberry’s New Year advertisement was introduced as a case in this article to illustrate the differences and conflicts between high context and low context cultures. The main differences between high and low context cultures lay in the following two aspects: the conveying of information and the interpersonal...
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Research on the Mode of Chinese Art Education History Based on Art

Liangliang Wei
The history of art education is a new subject formed by the intersection of pedagogy and art. The history of art education is a special subject for further study of the history of art education. Based on the perspective of fine arts, starting from the disciplinary nature of the history of fine arts education,...
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A Continuation Method in the Teaching of Academic English Writing for Chinese College Students

Lei Gao
The ‘continuation method’ means that people tend to borrow or imitate their interlocutors’ language to express ideas or to continue a discourse construction. There were 20 Chinese second-year college students in the study. They were given two tests on academic English writing. In Test 1, the students...
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Study on the Winter Landscape Construction in the Shadow Area of High-Rise Residential Buildings——Taking Shijiazhuang as an Example

GUO Yunjia
Under the state-owned and planned economy system of urban land, China’s cities have formed a collective housing mode, and the housing supply mode tends to high-rise housing. Due to the transformation of residential form to high-rise and super high-rise buildings, the shadow area of multiple types of...
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Humanity Consideration From the Perspective of Money Worship

Jian Tao
Japanese famous author Kouyou Ozaki ’s famous work “Golden Yasha” [1] deeply considers the distortion of human nature from the perspective of money worship, analyzes the protagonist’s variables at the crossroads between rich and poor, and reveals the intricate relationship among love, marriage, life,...
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Research on Urban and Rural Public Cultural Service System Under the Development of Digital Technology

HE Xiu-ying
Digital technology can provide effective development strategies for urban and rural public cultural service systems. This article analyzed the opportunities and challenges brought by digital technology to the urban and rural public cultural service system and proposed three aspects to improve the system...
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The Study on the Translation of Metaphor in Cognitive Perspective

Fuyuan Lei, Ping Yi
The study of metaphor has gone through more than two thousand years. The traditional method of metaphor study was confined to the field of rhetoric. In this method, metaphor was considered as a decorative part of the language. Modern metaphor studies have found that metaphor is not just a rhetoric device,...
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Analysis of the Cognitive Style Reflected in The Book of Changes and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Huang Jiangang
The theory of traditional Chinese medicine is the application of the theory of Yijing Yin Yang, Five Elements and Qi. The thinking way of traditional Chinese medicine originates from Yijing (the Book of Changes). This paper focuses on the influence of the cognitive thinking way of Yijing on the theory...
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On the Differences Between Chinese and American Campus Culture and Their Causes

Gong Qing
This paper discusses the definition of “campus culture” and the corresponding four levels from the four levels of “culture”. On the basis of a clear understanding of the basic concepts, this paper makes a comparative analysis of the differences between Chinese and American University campus cultures...
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Interactive Design of Picture Album Based on Painting Scheme and Texture Experience

Kai Yao, Jie Tian
The schema language and extremely rich texture effect of lacquer painting make it much more different than other kinds of painting. This paper discusses the interactive design of picture albums from the perspective of schema language and texture language of lacquer painting. It elaborates the mechanism...
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The Derivative Design Research of Artistic Conception in New Chinese Style—Taking Ceramic Design as an Example

Yang peiyu, Li min
Under the increasingly fierce competition of contemporary world culture, the new Chinese style has become an important factor in design. It has entered various industries such as architectural design, interior design and product design. Its style not only creates a unique artistic conception, but also...
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The Iceman Cometh by Eugene O’Neill and Chinese Thoughts

Xincun Huo
In The Iceman Cometh by Eugene O’Neill, alcohol, death, pipe dream and inner peace are the key words that appear frequently, which reflects O’Neill’s mindset of self-exploration in the face of social and psychological conflicts. Pipe dream is closely related to the Taoist idea that life is like a dream....
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On the Aesthetic Image of “Painting Says Chinese Characters” - From the “brand” Consciousness

Through the “brand” consciousness of the ancestors, combined with relevant words such as “yellow”, “concubine”, “female”, “first” and “qiu”, this paper interprets the aesthetic consciousness and aesthetic image of the ancestors, combs the synchronicity of context, hoping to inspire creativity for IP...
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A Study on MOOC Based Blend on Online Foreign Language Teaching Model During Epidemic Prevention and Control Period

Zhu Yanhua
In the context of the epidemic, the space between teachers and students is estranged. In order to improve the online and offline teaching quality, this paper constructs a foreign language full online blend teaching mode based on MOOC, which takes MOOC as the platform, supplemented by virtual offline...
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Preliminary Study on Epidemic Prevention landscape Design of High-rise Residence Based on Healthy City

Guo Yunjia
SARS broke out all over the country in 2003. 321 cases of SARS occurred in Taoda Garden, a high-rise tower in Hong Kong. This incident caused the spread of infectious disease virus and the thinking of living space. In order to build a healthy city, this paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages...
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The Influence of Impressionist Painting on Xu Beihong’s Oil Painting

ZhaoTian Yujun
At the beginning of the 20th century, Xu Beihong studied in France and began his new painting exploration. During the period of staying in France and after returning back to China, Xu Beihong mainly focused on realism painting. However, based on the conclusion of related literature and artworks, it was...