Proceedings of the 2022 7th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2022)

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How the Traditional Cars Companies Maintain Consumers’ Loyalty

Jiaxian Wang
In people’s Daily life, cars have become an indispensable part, more and more cars have been invented and manufactured. In this process, new energy vehicles were designed and gradually began to replace traditional cars in the leading position in the industry. Under such circumstances, how should traditional...
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Analysis of GameStop’s Stocks Fluctuation

Maozhi Tang, Haoyang Zhang, Weichen He, Qizhen Jiang, Zihao Yan, Zhuoxin Qian
The stock price of GameStop started to fluctuate drastically over the last nine months. What happened to GameStop? What were the causes that made the GameStop price change? This paper analyzed the main reason for the sixteen times stock prices since the beginning of the year for GME.
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Economic Sources behind the Esports Industry

Yinuo Zhang, Runzhen Liu
In recent years, with the development of computers, internet, media and live streaming. The industry of eSports had merged. This article will discuss the reasons for this and analyse eSports from an economic point of view, looking at different time periods or different sources of economic activity such...
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Customer Churn Prediction on Credit Card Services using Random Forest Method

Xinyu Miao, Haoran Wang
With the continuous development of the Internet, more and more people are spending money using credit cards online, therefore, retaining customers in order to maintain profit margin becomes very important for many banks. This paper aims to make predictions on credit card customer churn through machine...
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Research on Supply Chain Process Based on TOPSIS Analysis and Multi-objective Programming

Tao Xu, Rui Zhang, Xueru Chen
Based on the supply chain model, under the condition of ensuring the weekly production capacity of the production enterprise, this paper works out the order plan which can complete the weekly production plan and the transfer plan which can minimize the loss of transshipment volume. Firstly, this paper...
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Quantitative Analysis of Tesla Inc. in the Context of the Covid-19

Junyang Song
Value investing is one of the most pragmatic valuation techniques for investors to decisions based on real for business or industry in various periods, and it has proved to be successful in many practical applications such as the acquisition the company shares based on the exploration of its current...
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Research on Countermeasures to Economic Challenges Faced by Enterprises in the Environment of Semiconductor Industry

A Case Study of ABCtronics

Shaofan Du
In 2021, IC chips are in extreme shortage in many factors. The companies in the semiconductor industry are facing various problems: high production costs, unsatisfying the high demand, and so on. However, difficulties create opportunities and innovation. In facing the big data and new information era,...
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Investment Feasibility of a Start-up Company Based on POCD Framework: Evidence from Overwolf

Mingjun Jiang, Muteng Liu
Along with the development of the society, a lot of start-up company take out. In addition, investors can gain huge return with invest a good start-up company. This paper uses POCD framework to evaluate the feasibility of investing in Overwolf and expand this way to other start-up companies. Based on...
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Study on the Development of the Marine Aquatic Sector under COVID-19 Epidemic - The Case of Korea

ShuWen Zhao, HuiMin Yang, Kim Chul-Soo
We analyze the impact of COVID-19 on the marine and aquatic sector and its countermeasures in the case of Korea, and analyze the “Korean version of the New Deal” with the “Digital New Deal” and “Green New Deal” as its two main axes. We will analyze the “Korean version of the New Deal” with the “Digital...
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Analysis Tesla in the Future by Binary Option and Four Different Sensitivity

Zijian Huang, Shunnan Qi, Zelei Sun
There is a large global market in new energy vehicles, and one of the most noticeable kinds is Tesla. Through the inclination of Tesla graph is upward, many people worry about the risk of Tesla because of its security lead to value. Since a binary option was a fast and extremely simple financial instrument,...
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The Marketing Model of Chinese Warehouse Retailers under the New Retail Background

Yi Fei, Weiye Zhang, Zhao Zhang
New retailing refers to companies relying on the Internet to upgrade and transform the production, circulation, and sales processes of commodities through the use of advanced technology such as big data and artificial intelligence, thereby reshaping the business structure and ecosystem, and providing...
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The Impact of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games on Beijing’s Economic Growth

Zitai Ren
The 29th Summer Olympic Games was held in Beijing in 2008. Like the previous Olympic Games, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games had a profound impact on the local economic growth of Beijing, which could be divided into three stages: the pre-Olympic Games, the mid-Olympic Games, and the post-Olympic Games....
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The Analysis of the Current Stage about Level and Market Development in Chinese Street Dance

Youmeng Zhang
The street dance market springs up in China recently, with an increasing number of educational institutions and related television programs. However, the actual level of Chinese street dance needs to be measured and verified. The topic of this essay is to determine whether the rapid development of Chinese...
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The Economic Situation of China and the United States under the COVID-19 Epidemic

Zheyuan Hu
The COVID-19 pandemic that broke out at the end of 2019 has caused a global economic recession, which has put a lot of tests on the economic resilience and governance capabilities of countries. As the two largest economies in the world, the performance of China and the United States in this round of...
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An Analysis of the Evolution Characteristics and Construction Points about Common Prosperity

Li Guangpu
Starting from the main topic of the 10th meeting of the central financial and Economic Commission, this paper expounds the evolution characteristics and ideological connotation of common prosperity since Deng Xiaoping’s “northern talk”, analyzes the common thinking misunderstandings or bad tendencies...
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The Core Competentness of Apple Inc

Weiyu Tian, Mengyao Wang, Qichun Wang
Apple Inc. is one of the most competitive enterprises in the world, and its rather unique internal business strategy and business philosophy have created strong industrial advantages for Apple. In the industry with the rapid development of science and technology and increasingly fierce competition, the...
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Value Investing: Comparison Among Aviation, House Holdings and Financial Industries

Yanni Han, Siqi Wei, Chuan Yang
Value investing is crucial for modern financial participants. This paper analyzes three companies in different industries, i.e., Delta Air Lines, M.D.C. Holdings Inc., and SVB Financial Group from the perspective of value investment and finds out which is the most valuable investment object. In the research...
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Research on the Impact of China’s Fixed Asset Investment on Import and Export Trade

Ying Chen
Import and export trading can boost gross domestic product and is a major factor of long-term economic growth. Based on the data of fixed asset investment in China from 1997 to 2017, this paper adopts the unitary linear regression model to conduct heterogeneity analysis from the perspectives of trade,...
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Research on Business Model Innovation of Electric Vehicle Industry

Taking Tesla as an Example

Zhou Huang
With the increasing challenges of global energy shortage, environmental pollution and driving safety, the global automobile industry is developing in the direction of new energy, intelligence, networking and sharing. Based on both energy security and ecological environment, China has taken the new energy...
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The Effect of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on the Stock Performances of Hospitality and Airline Industries

Zhiyi Cui, Yihua Xu, Zhanwen Zhu
The current global economy absolutely experienced a serious impact from Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic not only brought various challenges and probabilities to many industries but also affected the future development trend and competition pattern of the industry....
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On the Efficiency and Influencing Factors of China’s Direct Investment in Countries Along the “Belt and Road”

Qu Song
With continuous economic development, China has become the second-largest economy in the world. The “Belt and Road” initiative provides a good platform for economic development and promotes China’s foreign investment. This article discusses the background and significance of the “Belt and Road”, the...
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The Impact of Internet Economics, Computer, and Family Educational and Financial Background on Students’ Academic Performances: Evidence from Mexican Seven Graders

Wenhao Hao, Xinyang Wang, Kangyi Xu, Mingyang Lu
The new millennium has seen the world transforming from a handicraft and manufacture-based economy to one that relies heavily on technology and innovation. Accompanying such trends are teachers nowadays trying to utilize technological devices to facilitate or enhance their teaching experience for students....
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Baidu: The Long March Towards Success

Guanru Li is currently the top Chinese search engine in the world. Going through three series of funding and IPO, Baidu has faced difficulties and challenges, but also revenues and progress. At its inception, Baidu faced capital shortages and pressure, yet it managed to survive with careful planning...
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Dynamic Connectedness Between Cryptocurrencies, Gold, U.S. Dollar Index, and Oil During COVID-19

Zhe Zhou
This paper aims to find the connectedness between cryptocurrencies and traditional assets. Using daily data of three representative cryptocurrencies and three traditional assets over the period August 2015 to July 2021, this study explores the cross-sector connectedness between the cryptocurrencies market...
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The Business Model of Multinational Retail Companies under the New Retail Environment in China

Using Walmart as an Example

Junyu Shu
With the rapid development of Internet information technology, many changes have taken place in consumers’ buying methods, which makes the traditional retail sales models become difficult to match consumers’ new consumer demands. Therefore, physical retail must be readjusted. This paper analyses Walmart’s...
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Research on the Causes of Nintendo Switch Shortage during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Chen Zheng
Based on the Covid-19 disease pandemic, it is worth to be discussed how to stabilize economic development. This paper studies the reasons for the global shortage of Nintendo’s product switch during the epidemic. For the videogame industry, take Nintendo Switch as a research model, the required stay-at-home...
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Application Status of Intelligent Investment Consultant Based on Artificial Intelligence in China

Taking “Ant Financial Services Group” as an Example

Mengli Chen
After the outbreak of the epidemic, developed countries have implemented extremely loose monetary policies, which aggravates the global excess liquidity and leads to the increase of domestic inflation. The traditional low-risk commercial bank savings can no longer meet the financial needs of most people....
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Management Accounting in The Era of Big data

Yutong Yan
With the rapid development of big data, the challenges and opportunities in the development of management accounting coexist in the enterprise transformation. To maximize the role of management accounting, enterprises must utilize big data’s technology. In this process, combine management accounting...
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The Research of Fama-French Three-factor Model’s Applications in the Chinese Stock Market after the Financial Crisis

Zhaojun Guo, Yajun Shen, Zheyi Tang, Luyuan Wang
Nowadays, arguments about the three-factor model by Fama and French are becoming more and more various. In contrast, the effect that this model generates in China’s stock market is still not confirmed. This study employed the three-factor model to determine factors that have a big influence on the Chinese...
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Outlook of Digital Currencies and Future Restrictions on Cryptocurrencies

Qi Chen, Suyi Dong, Jinqiao Li
The concept of cryptocurrency first started to come into public awareness in 2009, when Bitcoin was released. Over the years, due to its secrecy and unregulated value, an immense amount of wealth was gathered in the market, leading to a series of problems. This article aimed to identify the potential...
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Research on Synergy Effect and Value Enhancement in Mergers and Acquisitions based on Danaher Corporation

Yuxin Jin
With economic globalization, many enterprises have emerged to integrate through mergers and acquisitions with diversification criteria in the financial markets. A study of Danaher Corporation to discover what problems a good enterprise should be aware of when expanding into new businesses and opening...
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Analysis of the Impact of Fintech on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Yuxin Sun, Linglin Ying, Jie Zhang
Since its creation in 1838, Fintech has given a huge boost to the financial sector. Especially in recent years, Fintech innovation has developed rapidly, which has had a multifaceted impact around the world. This paper is going to study how Fintech innovation influences small and medium-sized enterprises....
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Multi Dimensions of Cultural Heritage Sustainability Research

Zhuolin Wang, Jiankang Zhang
This paper reviews the history of theoretical research on cultural heritage, sorts out the theoretical dimensions of cultural heritage sustainable development, and explores the new direction of cultural heritage sustainable development research in the new era.With globalization as the background, it...
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Used Car Prices in India: What about Future?

Xinru Chen, Shiyu Gu, Ximing Deng, Lei Huang
With the steady increase in the demand for cars and the shrinking supply of the new cars due to chip shortage in the worldwide market, the used car price has risen dramatically in recent years. This paper investigated Used Car prices in India market by applying multiple machine learning models to predict...
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The Impact of Viral Marketing on the Live Broadcasting Industry under the Influence of COVID-19

Ruoyu Wang
Under the influence of the new crown virus, many industries have been greatly affected using traditional marketing methods, but some industries have made great progress through the combination of network and marketing, using viral marketing. Among them, the most representative is the live broadcasting...
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Chinese High-tech SMEs and IPOs in STAR

Zhiyi Chen, Fengyi Qin, Xi Zhang, Yingqing Zhou
To support the development of high-tech industries, the Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market was launched on July 22, 2019. Due to the China-US trade war, which is essentially a technological war, there is a more urgent need for China to have technological innovation and the evolution of science and technology...
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The Establishment of Multi-variable Linear Regression in Steam Sales

Haocheng Zhang
Based on the development of the Internet, the game platform launched by the Internet companies led by Valve has changed the way consumers purchase games. Compared with the previous methods based through CDS, the emergence of game platforms makes game developers have more sales methods, such as progressive...
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Small Commercial Launch Vehicle Industry Analysis

An Insight into Representative Companies

Yukun Sun
In recent years, technology improvement has enabled small satellite commercial demand surge. Many emerging enterprises are developing commercial small launch vehicles. It is necessary to pay attention to this industry that is likely to have disruptive innovations in the next decade. In the commercial...
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Coexistence of Opportunity & Challenge: Research on Evaluation and Strategic Integration of Amazon’s Acquisition of MGM

Zerui Jian, Yanling Lin, Haokai Mo
Amazon and MGM’s acquisition is an opportunity for both companies to develop their career in the entertainment business. However, without an organized integration system and proper resource allocation, the two companies will also risk splitting apart. With the secondary data analysis, comparative analysis...
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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Labor Force in the Primary and Secondary Industries

Sheng Wang, Wei Wang
Since the new century, with the workforce, algorithm, big data, and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, AI has significantly influenced our lives. In this paper, the existing artificial intelligence technology workers from all walks of life talk about the influence of various aspects, which...
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Study on the Application of Learning-Style in Junior Middle School English Teaching

Take the Eighth Grade of Z Middle School in H Province as an Example

Junbo Chen, Hongwei Li, Mengmeng Jin, Jinglan Xue, Jianfeng Li
This research takes the 8 grade of Z middle school in H Province as the research object, adopts Reid’s learning-style tendency questionnaire, analyzes it through SPSS17.0 software, describes and analyzes the learner’s style tendency from the aspect of learning-style, and explores the relationship between...
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Research on U.S. Housing Prices and the Real Estate Industry

Longyu Yang
The U.S. housing prices have increased continuously during 2020 and 2021. Although the U.S. economy has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic greatly, the housing price shows an up-forward trend. This paper researches whether the increasing housing price is a sign of a housing bubble like the bubble...
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Insufficient Consumption of Vaccines in China from Behavioral Economics Perspective

Yukun Lu
The COVID-19 outbreak began in January 2020. China began to provide free vaccination in early 2021. Although vaccines have been recognized by many countries, according to surveys, some Chinese people still choose not to get vaccinated because of concerns about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines....
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The Optimal Machine Life in Tesla

Zeyun Lu, Jilin Lyu, Zhengyang Wan, Yanzhi Wang
Tesla is an American electric car and energy company that makes and sells electric cars, solar panels, and energy storage equipment. We analyze how can Tesla buy and sell the machines in the most profitable way. Based on photovoltaic (PV) and net present value (NPV) rules, the infinite time optimal machine...
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The Application of POCD Framework

Investment Suggestion for PSYKHE Fashion

Yifang Bian
Successful investment requires accurate and effective analytical models. This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of PSYKHE Fashion to assess the risks of business to help investors decide whether to invest. This paper start with a detailed investigation of the company, including its background,...
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Derivatives Trading in the 2015 A-share Bubble

Haochen Zhang
Since June 2015, the Chinese stock market crisis has brought a massive impact on the Chinese financial market. This paper focuses on the internal relationship between the high leverage ratio and the stock market crash before the “stock market crash.” It analyzes the causes of the “stock market crash”...
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The Comparison of LSTM, LGBM, and CNN in Stock Volatility Prediction

Jiabao Li
In financial markets, volatility reflects the magnitude of price fluctuations. Forecasting volatility will be an important measure of the future direction of the market. Measuring and prdedicting stock market volatility has received increasing attention from academics and the industry over the past few...
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Media Coverage Influence on Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

Lantao Cao, Yidan Hu, Jiachen Liu, Yuwei Mao
This paper introduces the IPO (Initial Public Offering) for the enterprises which want to go public, and discusses the role of media in this process. Prior research found the correlation between media reports and IPO underpricing by the uncertainty of events reported by the media. And researchers found...
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The Development of China Pakistan Economic Corridor in Post-pandemic Era

Junxin Sun, Xinrui Wu
As a model project of the Belt and Road initiative, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CEPC) has made remarkable achievements in economic cooperation, energy cooperation, infrastructure construction, culture and education since 2015. At the same time, the construction of CEPC also faces risks and...
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Research on the Launch of Knowledge Payment App Based on SWOT Analysis

Junkai Wu, Yinuo Zhang
Modern society has already stepped into a new era, and advanced technologies have greatly influenced daily life. People can satisfy most of their needs using apps on their phones, so many new apps have emerged, followed by a series of problems for the promulgators. The app introduced is a new try of...
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Analyze the Growth Rate of Price using Machine Learning

Yuxiao He
People buy things every day, and the prices of different items change every day for various reasons, such as economic or political issues. This paper will focus on the crude oil price. Crude Oil plays a significant role in the stability of the world economy, and it is also one of the indispensable materials...
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Fintech Development and Regulation in China

Beichen Wang
Due to rapid development of science and technology in China, the development of finance and technology has shown a higher level of integration. However, it also has exposed the lag of the regulatory model, which cannot meet the development requirements of China’s financial technology. In the study of...
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Discussion on Economic Situation of China During COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020

Macro Analysis of the Impact of Covid-19 on China’s Economy

Youdan Zhang
The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has brought great external impact to China’s economy, which is facing complex internal and external environmental challenges. The pandemic has caused direct losses to the aggregate supply and demand in the macro-economic area, and brought indirect negative effects to...
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Empower the Operation of Agricultural Insurance Companies with Big Data Technology

Jiacheng Liu
Innovative startups that combine big data technology with existing businesses turned many industries upside down in recent years. The traditional enterprise that follows a human-centric decision-making strategy faces unprecedented pressure from data-driven algorithm-empowered new competitors who provide...
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Research on the Marketing Communication Strategy of Tesla Motors in China under the Background of New Media

Chang Shen, Qiwei Zeng
Tesla entered the market of China at the end of 2013. China’s new energy vehicle sales have increased significantly, and they have become the focus of competition among the various manufacturers in the future. This passage will fill such research gaps using quantitative research, case analysis, and survey....
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The Value of Talent Show to Business—Take Youth With You Series as an Example

Qianwei Zhou
In recent years, Produce 101 Series has become a popular program. The contestants of this kind of program are young idols, they show themselves in the program by singing and dancing. Each user can vote for his idol. Through the number of votes, people can decide the candidate for debut after three rounds...
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Analysis of the Status Quo of New-style Tea Beverages on the Market—Taking Nayuki as an Example

Nan Jiang
With the improvement of people’s living standard, people have more and more needs for leisure and entertainment, and then the industry of new-style tea beverages has emerged. It has become a way of life for modern young people in China to have a good conversation with friends, while having a good cup...
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Analysis on the Impact of Monetary Policy on Corporate Financial Development

Xiaoyan Zhang
The monetary policy can affect the corporate financial development to achieve the prospective intervention effect through the adjustment of market financing and other ways. However, on account of the close connection process between the two, it is easy to arise structural deviation. This text, based...
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The Comparative Research on the Background of Cultural Industrial Policy System Between China and Japan

Dong Tong
Japan is one of the countries with relatively perfect cultural industrial policy system in the world. Under the guidance of its strategy of building a nation through culture, the Japanese government has constructed a cultural industrial policy system to promote the development of cultural industry and...
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Research on Forecasting Model of New Retail Sales Volume Based on BP Artificial Neural Network and RBF Neural Network Algorithm

Longhao Pang
With the continuous development of China’s consumer market, the production mode of new retail enterprises is gradually moving forward to multi-variety and small batch. Therefore, the importance of accurate demand forecast for sales categories is self-evident. First of all, this paper makes an analysis...
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The Traditional Hedging Method in Times of Crisis and the New Tool: Cryptocurrency

Quanhao He
This paper gives a clear definition of the crisis and summarizes the hedging methods used to apply risk in times of crisis. The results show that active hedging strategies are more effective than passive hedging strategies when the economy is at its worst. Then, it proposes a new type of hedging method...
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A Summary Report on the Government’s Strategy for Economic Recovery During the COVID-19 Period

Weixi Zhao
The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019 brought challenges to the global public health industry as well as the national economy. However, when some governments adopt policies such as blockade and self-isolation, they will further affect economic development. Facing the dual challenges, different countries have...
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Analysis of China’s Economic Downturn: From the Perspective of Macro-control

Jialin Li
China’s economic downturn is the result of multiple factors, and macroeconomic regulation is an important cause. China’s macro-control policy has changed from a large-scale stimulus to maintain economic growth during the global financial crisis in 2008 to a “micro-stimulus” approach to maintain the internal...
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Legal Governance of Digital Currencies and Regulatory Sandboxes in the Blockchain Era

Yuting TAN
As an application of blockchain technology, digital currency has the risk of affecting the existing financial legal relationship, and has triggered the problem of digital currency regulation. Consumer protection, globalised asset flows, the dichotomy between the respective regulations of a single jurisdiction,...
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Investment Potential Analysis on Chinese Stock Market in Metaverse- Take VR Industry as a Sample

Yurui Qin
In March 2021, the success of Roblox listed on the New York Stock Exchange brought Metaverse into public view and set off a wave in the stock market. Benefitting from this, the VR industry as the pioneer industry of Metaverse meets the development chance again. However, it is unclear whether the new...
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Integrated Machine Learning Approaches for E-commerce Customer Behavior Prediction

Yuran Dong, Junyi Tang, Zhixi Zhang
How to predict the customers’ behavior is always a crucial problem for enterprises in E-commerce. In this paper, a data set containing the behavior data for 2019 October and November from a large multi-category online store has been used as well as diverse Machine Learning algorithms are used in Python...
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Based on STP Analysis of Consumer Perception in Generation Z, the Influence of Chinese and American Sports Brand Image and the Enlightenment to Chinese Sports Goods Brand---Nike and Li Ning as Examples

Yuanchun Fu
China’s sports brands account for a large share of the world and its economic impact should not be underestimated; In the 1990s, international brands such as Adidas and Nike flocked to the domestic market, which had a great impact on local brands in China. In this paper, the proposed sporting goods enterprises...
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Overview of Photovoltaic Product Benefits and Photovoltaic Development Suggestions

Danlei You
In order to improve these energy problems and environmental issues, many researchers have turned their attention to renewable and clean energy sources such as solar, wind, nuclear, and so on. Due to the relatively low cost of solar energy, solar photovoltaic power generation technology has been developed...
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A Review of the Impact of the COVID-19 on the Macroeconomy

Wenjia Han, Kaiyue Wang, Yichen Zhang
The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic at the end of 2019 had a huge impact on the world economy. This article is based on the actual economic development at this stage, combined with the research results on the impact of the epidemic on the economy, and the existing research results from the...
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Identification and Analysis of Core Factors of Fintech Based on CRITIC-ANP

Guanxu Wang, MengIan Lei
Identifying the core factors of financial technology is of great significance to the research and development direction of financial technology. This paper selects the data of inclusive financial index of 21 indicators in China from 2011 to 2020 and divides them into three levels according to the correlation...
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Portfolio Diversification across Listed Insurance Companies and Agri-technology Companies in China

Ziyi Wang
I look at how investors can use insurance market stocks to make a profit and reduce risk by increasing their investments in high-tech agricultural types of counter-cyclical industries. By comparing the correlation coefficient between the two companies, the investment target is determined, and then the...
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Research on Accounting Treatment and Report of Data Assets in Universities

Ding Xue-hui, Li Yong-na, Bi Zhi-li
The data resources in universities are increasing rapidly with the maturity of big data technology.The state has invested a great deal of money to promote the construction of the intelligent campus and the data assets in the universities play a vital role in the various decisions made by the university...
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Customer Value and Customer Loyalty: Comparison and Application

Tianxin Cai, Wangyuan Chen, Songxia Li, Hangshuo Qiu, Jinglei Shang
Customer value and customer loyalty are hot research points. They have attracted many researchers in recent years, and they are the keys to increasing companies’ profit, maintaining high-value customers, and cultivating potential value customers. In this article, we summarize some popular researches...
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Research on the Effect of Change in Consumption under COVID-19

Wanhe Li
The spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in 2019 has led to a social crisis in the world. The virus’s restriction on social offline activities, as well as the virus’s psychological panic, changed human consumption behavior on products, negatively impacting the operations of businesses in a variety...
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Developing Strategies of Chinese Cosmetics Industry

Case of Florasis

Yifei Duan
Chinese cosmetics high-end consumers and more than 60% of the market share are occupied by foreign brands. Chinese cosmetic brands have great space for development in the domestic market. The present study aims to explore the potential developing strategies of the Chinese cosmetics industry to expand...
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The Development Prospect of Cleaning Robot in Chinese Market in the Next Ten Years

Siwei Zhang
The accelerating social pace of development has greatly occupied the disposable time of Chinese women at home. As a new type of household cleaning equipment, sweeping robot is gradually needed by more and more families. This paper first expounds on the pressure of modern women’s lives and the great impact...
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Research Proposals on the Reform of Real Estate Tax in China

Based on China’s Actual Situation and International Experience

Jiayi Huang, Haoni Jiang, Fuming Wang, Xiaochen Zhao
The real estate tax is a local tax widely set up all over the world, providing local governments with stable and sustainable tax revenue. Through the analysis of the pilot policies of the real estate tax in Chongqing and Shanghai, it is shown that real estate tax in Chongqing and Shanghai is not the...
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Research on the Impact of Epidemic Control on Airlines—Taking Chinese and American Aviation Industries as Examples

Yue Yang
After the outbreak in 2019, the novel coronavirus ravaged the world in less than half a year. The novel coronavirus not only causes inconvenience to people’s lives and travels, but also greatly hinders the development of the world economy and even leads to some extent to an anti-globalization trend....
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Major Sudden Risk Shocks and US Stock Market Volatility Evidence from COVID-19

Kepeng Liu
The occurrence of major emergencies will impact the stock market, and the short-term fluctuation and rebound of stock prices can be estimated through relevant data to predict the impact of emergencies on the stock market. By employing a GARCH (1,1) model, the empirical analysis of the impact of Corona...
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Compare the Differences Between Overseas Payment Platforms and Domestic Third Party

Yuquan Zhao, Rui Zhang, Longji Huang
In the third-party payment mode, after purchasing goods, the buyer uses the account provided by the third-party platform to make payment for goods, and the third party notifies the seller of the arrival of payment for goods and requires delivery. The buyer shall notify the third party of payment after...
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Problems in Implementing Theoretical Concepts in Practical Accounting

Ping Zhou
Accounting sector experiences technicalities in data-keeping and retrieving due to the changing technology. As a result, accountants have to remain updated on the new technological practices adopted to enable effectiveness and efficiency in the industry. For this reason, accountants may face challenges...
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Analysis of the Impact of the Epidemic Situation on Macroeconomy and Countermeasures

Zhiyuan Chen
Since January 2020, COVID-19 has spread across the country, and the entire country has participated in the fight against the epidemic. In order to better respond to the impact of the epidemic on the macro economy, the country needs to strengthen macro-control, carry out counter-cyclical macro-control,...
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The Impact of Shadow Banking on Small and Medium Enterprise in China - Based on Trust Company Statistics

Sifan Tao, Ziyang Lu, Hanyu Li, Xingcong Liu
With the development of the Chinese economy, small and medium enterprises have made up an essential part of the national GDP. However, the difficulty of financing of SMEs remains unsolved. This paper evaluates the current situation of shadow banking influencing the funding of SMEs in China. This paper...
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An Insight into How Companies’ Structures are Influenced by Domestic Environments

Jingchun Zhang, Jingbo Zhang, Qijia Zhou, Anqi Li
This study aimed to understand how domestic environments influence companies’ structures. A descriptive research design was adopted to analyse the difference in the business model between Whole Foods Market and Fresh Hema. The research was conducted from offline functions, data management, customer analytics,...
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An Empirical Study on the Equity Nature, Ownership Structure and Corporate Performance of Mixed Ownership Enterprises

Based on the Mixed Ownership Enterprises in Competitive Industries

Jia Zhou
This article uses the cross-section data of 1468 listed companies collected on the CSMR database in 2020. It uses STATA15 software with OLS model to conduct empirical research findings: In the field of competition, the performance of mixed-ownership enterprises which are controlled by state-owned capital...
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The Market Strategies of Apple in China

Bingyan Lu
The purpose of this paper is to find the Apple’ marketing strategies in Chinese market, one of the most successful smartphone brands in the world. This paper will give the details of Apple marketing strategies in China, a marketing strategy refers to a business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective...
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Pricing Strategy for Museum Cultural Souvenirs

Wendi Yu
Alongside the ascending level of human’s life quality, people are no more satisfied with normal groceries. In order to enrich their spiritual life, a huge amount of people are now increasing their demand for cultural products. Among all kinds of cultural products, museum souvenirs can be a typical example....
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Discussion on the Reform and Innovation of Mengniu Dairy’s Business Model Based on Time

Yuyang Wu
With the development of the world economy and the rapid implementation of poverty alleviation in China, people’s demand for quality of life has shifted from basic food and clothing to the growing need for a better life, so the demand for the dairy industry has also increased substantially. As a leading...
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A Systematic Review of Applications of Behavioral Economics in the Health Sector

Yuqing Wu
People often make poor decisions when it comes to their health, such as choosing high-calorie food choices, taking medicines in the wrong way, and delaying treatment when they have a disease. Since traditional economic theory assumes that people make decisions based on a rational process, behavioral...
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The Basic Macaulay Duration Theories and Limitations that are Necessary for Investors to Know

Zeyuan Zhang
The concept of duration was proposed by Frederick Macaulay in 1938 and has become a popular tool for measuring financial instruments nowadays. This paper not only provides investors with a detailed introduction to Macaulay Duration and affirms its role but also reminds investors of Macaulay duration’s...
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Report on the Paper titled “Calibrating Option Pricing Models with Heuristics”

Mutian Liu
This paper was based on the fact that calibrating option pricing models to market prices usually result in optimization issues to which standard strategies (as some based on gradients) cannot be used. It investigated two different models: Bates’s model, and Heston’s stochastic volatility model, and they...
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Research on SYNSH Development Strategy Selection and Implementation Based on DELPHI-SWOT Model

Jiaming WANG, Yong ZHANG, Xueyi DU, Yunfei ZHANG, Chengyao LIN
Rural commercial banks with an indispensable part of China ‘ s financial system, are from the early reform of rural credit cooperatives, but compared with other early development of banking institutions, in addition to the weak foundation, and in some management system, risk prevention and control, business...
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The Impact of National Policies on the Real Estate Industry in China

Yanshu Ma, Yifeng Yue
China’s real estate has always been a very important driving force of China’s economy. The proportion of real estate investment in GDP increased from 5% in 1995 to more than 13% in 2019, of which more than 70% was used for residential construction. Real estate not only accounts for 23% of household consumption...
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Analysis of the Reasons for Opposing College Students’ Entrepreneurship

According to a survey, 90 percent of college students in China have the intention to start their own businesses. According to a 2020 report by the National Development and Reform Commission, 741,000 college students started businesses in 2019, up 9 percent from 2018. At the same time, the state and governments...
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Improvement of the Negative Responsibility to the Right to Health of the Multinational Enterprises

Analysis from the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights

Qi Chen, Boxin Li, Kuang Zhang
States have always been regarded as the subject that undertakes obligations of the right to health. Although the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights allows companies to assume some obligations of the right to health, they only respect but do not actively protect this right. With the increasing...
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Industry Diversification and Optimal Industry Combination of Portfolios

Mingyu Lyu, Xiaolong Qiu, Zijian Liu, Xu Yang
The importance of asset diversification has been tested and proven many times in the past few decades. Investors can allocate their money into different asset classifications, such as stocks, golds, and funds. Undoubtedly, returns and risks vary across different types of assets. A huge number of risk...
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Research on the Direction of Marine Science and Technology R&D Policy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution-The case of Korea

Zhao ShuWen, Yang HuiMin, Kim Chool-Soo
In the fourth industrial revolution environment, it has become an important issue to improve the first-stage R&D planning system of the national research and development business of marine science and technology. Taking South Korea as an example, it is of great practical significance for the development...
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Various Methods Aim to Solve the Limitation of IRR

Yushan Chen, Zhanxu Dong, Yuxuan Wu, Weihui Zhang
Both NPV and IRR are metrics that are used to calculate the profit and help investors to make decisions about their investments. While these methods help investors to identify the most profitable project, we cannot ignore some limitations of using them as well. Through analysing the strengths and limitations...
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Research on the Innovation of Supply Chain Finance of Private Core Enterprises Based on New Technologies

Xinyue Li
The support of national policies, the theoretical research of supply chain finance, and the application of new technologies ushered in many opportunities for private core enterprises to actively participate in the cooperation and innovation of supply chain finance business. This paper uses SWOT to analyze...
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The Effectiveness of NPV and IRR Used in Fundamental Financial Markets

Yuke Zhang
In financial markets, investors often use internal rates of return and net present value to evaluate the value of alternative projects. In this paper, the income of two independent projects will be calculated to decide which project is more worthy. By comparing the calculation results of net present...