Proceedings of the International Conference on Emerging Trends in Business & Management (ICETBM 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Sudarsan Jayasingh, Kirubaharan Boobalan, Thiruvenkadam Thiagarajan
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Study of Purchase Behaviour Using Black Box Model

J. Reeves Wesley, G. R. Logeshwari, K. Mercy Freeda, G. Pavithra, R. Prathiksha
The Black Box model is a contemporary framework designed to be cognizant of the behavioral patterns of the consumers. The objective of this study is to understand the level of influence of the Marketing mix elements, Environmental factors, Consumer characteristics, brand image and Sociological preferences...
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Online Visual Merchandising Cues Impacting Consumer Pleasure and Arousal: An Empirical Study

Arunkumar Sivakumar, Sudarsan Jayasingh, Ernest Johnson
The visual merchandising is a crucial aspect of physical and online retail establishments, as it significantly impacts consumer behavior. In an online retail setting, visual merchandising takes the form of online visual merchandising cues (OVMC), such as product images, videos, product descriptions,...
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Adoption of Learning Management System Among Students in Higher Educational Institutions - A Case on Moodle LMS

J. Usha Rani, J. P. Senthil Kumar, D. B. Chetan Raj
The goal of this research is to investigate the factors that influence students’ use of learning management systems (LMSs) in order to facilitate more efficient pedagogy in higher education institutions (HEIs). The data was collected through a structured questionnaire in online form from the students...
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Effectiveness of Job Satisfaction on Employee Retention in Hotel Industry

J. Prince Antony, J. D. Aarthi Dhakshana, A. Arun Kumar
This study mainly focused on the job satisfaction and employee retention in hotel industry. The researcher gathered the primary data from the 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels at Cauvery delta region. The snowball sampling techniques is adopted by the researcher to collect the data from the sample respondents....
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Attributes Influencing Consumer Perception Towards Online Food Ordering in Rajasthan, India

David Campbell, Mohit Totuka, Chandra Kant Upadhyay
The number of customers who choose to buy food through a digital platform has increased significantly in recent years. The present study aims to find attributes of Online Food Ordering (OFO) company offerings that are important for customers to decide which company to select. The primary survey for data...
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Progression of Electronic Customer Relationship Management 2000–2022: A Bibliometric Analysis

S. Lokesh, S. Vasantha
The Electronic Customer Relationship Management (ECRM) has evolved into a key business application, by gradually creating its impact over the years, where the organization made it one of the imperative requirements of effective Business operation. ECRM in recent years emerged as, a more Business and...
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Factors Causing Stress for Health Care Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic

Thiruvenkadam Thiagarajan, Sudarsan Jayasingh
Healthcare employees face a higher risk of adverse psychological health outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is critical to comprehend health-care workers’ well-being and the factors that most influence their well-being because of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact at the individual, interpersonal,...
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A Dialogue-Based Intervention Model for Nurturing Team Psychological Safety in Strategic R&D Project Teams

V. Kiran Govind, Sumati Sidharth
Strategic R&D projects are complex in nature, include several uncertainties and necessitates risky decisions involving knowledge, skills, attitudes or perceptions of team members. A strategic R&D project aimed at development of innovative technology and new products requires a team environment...
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Investigating Traits Towards Readiness in Entrepreneurship Among University Students

Eng Hui Ng, Muhammad Adha Ismail, Nabilah Abdul Rahman, Murugan Thangiah
This study aims to examine the factors contributing to undergraduates’ readiness for entrepreneurship in private higher education and the most influential factor contributing to the readiness. Data were collected from 88 students (n = 88) studying in Malaysian private universities. Findings that highlight...
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Comprehensive Review on Statistical Modeling Approach to Predict the COVID-19 Transmission

Vallaippan Raman, Navin Aravinth, Preetha Merlin Joy, Kowsalya
This study aims to focus on the statistical model for forecasting the transmission of covid-19. The dynamics of the spreading nature can be determined by prediction models. Various prediction models are devised and/or used to know the disease dynamics and the existing ones based on statistical models...
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Opportunities and Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs Engaged in Biodegradable Products Business at Vellore District of Tamil Nadu State

K. Kalaivani, T. Bharathi
Role of women in the society has been seeing a paradigm shift ever since women became self-aware. More and more women today are moving out of their comfort zone and trying their hands at things no one ever measured they were capable of many women are stepping out of their homes into workplaces. “Women...
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Contribution Factors Influencing the Perception of Green Supply Chain – A Literature Review

Karunya Janaky Ravi, Vaneeta Aggarwal
Nowadays, the environment is at high risk, and sustainability is at stake owing to the high pollution, wastes & effluents released from the industries, hazardous chemicals and so on. Supply chain sustainability is, of late, among the most primary global challenges because of the vision of the United...
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A Study of Factors Affecting Consumers’ Behavioural Intention Towards Online Shopping: An Exploratory Study

Saniya Marwah, Radhika Thapar
As e-commerce has grown, the shopping landscape has changed from offline to online, sparking a lot of interest in research about online shopping in recent years. The variety of factors affects purchasing decisions. Here, the term & channel of shopping refers to online shopping; the main aim of this...
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An Exploratory Study on Stimulators in Influencer Marketing: A Critical Review on Content and Audience Engagement

Anand Thakur, Kavita Singla, T. Mohammed Irshad
Social media influencer (SMI) marketing is reshaping the mainstream of the digital world. Scholarly work indicates the significance of relevant and effective SMI content to ensure audience engagement and a trustable profile of the influencer. Based on an exploratory research design, the present study...
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Performance Analysis on Electronic Service Quality Apparel Attributes in E-commerce Industry Using Bibliometric Analysis

P. Krithika, S. Vasantha
“E-commerce websites” is a prominent topic due to the state and boost of the e-commerce industry sales growth in recent times. The study’s objective is to employ performance analysis to clarify the electronic attributes of apparel. This study conducts a bibliometric evaluation of the time 2001–2020....
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A Mathematical Model to Minimize the Total Cost in Apple Fruit Supply Chain: The Case of Indian Scenario

M. Yuvaraj, R. Jothi Basu
Apple cultivation is a major employment and extremely successful economic activity in the Kashmir valley (India). The apple supply chain (ASC) in India is conventional and entails value loss at many levels of the supply chain (SC), which raises the cost of the final product. With increased production...
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Why People are Obsessed with Products? – A Case Study of Royal Enfield Motorcycle

N. Meena Rani, S. Catherine
Product is the most important and valuable benefit a marketer could offer to the consumers. Consumers’ passion for the product and its performance as per their expectations leads to obsession. The present study aims to: a) capture consumers’ expectations and perceived performance regarding automobile...
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Self-Attribution - Behavioural Bias in Investor Decision Making

P. Priyadarsini, S. Prithi
Research on Behavioral Finance is gaining in its importance with respect to investor decision making. Behavioral Finance analyses how people behave in financial settings. Investors fail at times by the influence of behavioral bias in their decision making as the human choices are not made rationally....
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Critical Success Factors in Asset Securitisation in Indian Banks

Gopalan Ramachandran, Srinivas Gumparthi, Tariq Aziz
Asset securitization is the structured business process whereby Banks’ loan assets and other receivables are packaged and sold in the form of ‘as-set-backed securities’ (ABS), thereby loan originators transfer some of their loan-risks to third parties. Asset securitization considers a pool of performing/non-performing...
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Will Telemedicine Become a Future Preference of People Over In-Person Encounters Going by the Physicians’ Perspectives?

N. Kavipriya, Selvam Jesiah
Telemedicine is still not seen as a formidable alternative in the making to face-to- face Clinical encounters of Physicians and the patients. Face to face encounters are substantially more assuring and patient-satisfying, though Telemedicine is making in-roads into the conventional medical practice with...
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Progression Towards a Safer and Private Authorization for Business Entities: Fire OAuth

D. Bala Gayathri, M. Tharunraj, Rozen Berg, M. Sanjay Kannan
There is growing interest in alternatives to conventional techniques like username and password combinations due to the growing requirement for safe and effective authentication and authorization systems. Token-based solutions, like the OAuth framework, are one such possibility. But there are a number...
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Contribution Perception on Confidentiality of Digital Transactions Among Santhal Community

Durga Prasad Singh Samanta, B. C. M. Patnaik, Ipseeta Satpathy, Liji Panda, Kandan Hansdah, Snigdharani Panda
The study undertakes a survey from indigenous respondents specifically belonging to Santhal community about their perception towards digital transactions and to understand the demographic factors like gender, age and literacy and its significance on confidence of individuals on digital transactions,...
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A Framework for Machine Learning Based Support System for Post-graduation Admission with the Case Study Conducted on D.K.M. College for Women, Vellore

M. Vasumathy, R. Hamsaveni, C. Jayashree, S. Ellakiya Priya
India and other developing nations face difficulties building effective higher education systems, particularly when it comes to female students. Although the government made an effort, our nation did not benefit from its innovative and excellent educational policies. Indians still have a lot of issues...
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Women Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Solutions - An Exploratory Study

Tripti Arvind, P. V. Ranjith
The paper is an attempt to understand entrepreneurship and role of women in entrepreneurship. The study understands and investigates the different problems encountered by women in starting and running entrepreneurship and possible solutions to it. Social challenges, lack of proper education and financial...
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A Study on the Plant Design Software on the Digital Transformation and MSME Entrepreneurs Emotions Towards Business Sustainability and Autonomy in the Energy Service Industry

Marirajan Murugan, M. N. Prabadevi
The energy industry mainly covers Oil & Gas, Renewable energy, and Power, and the energy industry plays a vital role in society globally. Among this industry, as per McKinsey’s Global Energy Perspective 2022 [12] and global energy statistics and facts, more than 50% of primary energy consumption...
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Revisiting the Rural Education and Their Attainment Towards Societal Development: A Comparative Study of Maharashtra State

Prashant Vijaysing Patil
Rural development is crucial to the growth of our economy because villages house more than half of the country’s population. Education is today’s primary driving force behind the growth of the economy. In the same way that the liver is responsible for the body’s proper functioning in the human body,...
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Fintech, Crisis, and Marketing: How Technology-Driven Financial Firms Adapt Their Approach to Retain Customers

S. Shreyanth, P. T. Suwetha, V. Kathiroli, S. Niveditha, Harshitha Jayaprakash
Fintech, or financial technology, has revolutionized the way consumers access and manage their finances. In times of crisis, retaining customers becomes even more important for financial firms to maintain market share and minimize financial losses. This research aims to explore how technology-driven...
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Innovative Work Behaviour as a Mediator Between Transformational Leadership and Employee Retention

S. Anisha Estherita, S. Vasantha
Work behaviour that brings about innovation is making use of one’s creativity for solving newly emanating problems and it emphasizes on creativi-ty and innovation for developing new ideas, products, services or strategies. A transformational leader supports their subordinates to reveal their innovative...
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Business Challenges of Forecasting Sales in Bakery Industry: Applications of Machine Learning Algorithms

Perini PraveenaSri, Vaddi Naga Padma Prasuna, R. Murugesan, S. P. Usha
The bakery industry is continually advancing with the send-off of inventive items there by making future development. The rising impact of western consuming regimens, expanding urbanization, the rising working ladies’ populace, essentially add to the advancement of the baked products industry. The worldwide...
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Green Entrepreneurial Leadership Style

E. Nivedha, M. N. Prabadevi
Technology advancement is both a blessing and a curse because it has caused a shift in people’s lifestyles that is harmful to both humans and the environment. People are shifting toward more sustainable lifestyles as a result of the exploitation of the earth for the sake of development. This shift in...
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Big Data to Big Impact: Effect of Big Data in Modern Decision Making

R. Akshaya, Varsha Ravi, S. Raja Lakshmi, R. Aparna
In today’s emerging world of computer techniques and technologies of social media and internet, decision making has become a non-trivial task for all major industries and organizations. Due to the surging competition in the business world, a single inaccurate decision can lead to radical setbacks. Data...
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The Influence and Impact of AI-Powered Intelligent Assistance for Banking Services

D. Sheela Margaret, N. Elangovan, Vedha Balaji, M. Sriram
Technology plays a major role in helping businesses or organizations achieve their goal of providing good services to their customers. One such strategy is the adoption of Artificial intelligence (AI). AI is transforming the global financial markets rapidly. Chatbots are virtual assistants of the bank...
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Effect of Life Skills Training on Employability Preparedness Using Cluster Analysis

S. Swaraj, R. Jayaraman
The study is intended to explore the effect of life skills on the job preparedness of private university graduates of the Kanchipuram district. Skill training is required to prepare the young minds for facing the real life challenges. The existing study attempts to bring out the positive effects of life...
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Adoption of Digital Transformation on Employee Performance – Systematic Review

P. C. Saranya, S. Vasantha
Digital transformation is a Computerized change, an idea brought into the world in the web within a short time, which is acquiring its presence lately, portraying the utilization of advanced innovation to all parts of organizations. In the event which is the need of the hour and this movement will totally...
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Influence of Big Five Personality Traits on the Investment Decisions of Investors-Empirical Approach

B. Harini, S. Subramanian
Financial planning is essential for managing rising living costs and achieving the desired standard of living. Investments thus play an important role in a person’s life. People base their investment decisions on their suitability, risk tolerance, and expected return. Consumers, on the other hand, do...
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An Examination of Trends and Future Research How Digital Marketing Has Changed Over Time

Raja Kamal, Nihar Ranjan Mishr, Prasant Kumar Choudhury
This study is limited by the lack of high-quality macro-level literature (e.g., net of science). After reviewing the literature, we decided to stop searching for new Digital Marketing buzzwords. One keyword simplifies author grading. Digital marketing rising popularity has sparked major worries regarding...