Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Educational Sciences (ICES 2018)

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Action Research: Eliminating bullying by applying conflict resolution’skills

Rohayani Ida, AR. Endang Danial, Malihah Elly, Sundawa Dadang
Almost every child has bullying treats to other whether consciously or unconsciously. He adopted through intercourse or imitating from people close to him. Similarly seen in teenagers in high school age, such as discriminatory attitudes and cannot accept the advantages of others. This study describes...
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A Governance Model Study of Shimin Center in Japan and Educational House in Indonesia in the Basic of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Achmad Hufad, Dadang Yunus, Yanti Shantini
This study examines the governance model of community education units in two countries, namely the Shimin Center in Japan and the Educational House in Indonesia, particularly exploring the conceptual model and its implementation to support Education for Sustainable Development. This study aims to provide...
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Digital Literacy in the Use of Technology-based Information System

Ade Romi Rosmia, Melly Suziani
Digital literacy is an urgent need for society today, because technological advances that are not balanced by intelligence in using modern technology tools will have a negative impact on human civilization. Surveys conducted by the Indonesian Internet Network Organizing Association (APJII), for example,...
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Youth Empowerment Model based on Group Dynamics

Ade Sadikin, Dadang Yunus Lutfiansyach, Cucu Sukmana
The youth is the successor to the struggle of the nation’s founder who should be actors of society development in the rural as well as the urban. Youth is the national asset who determined the direction of the nation’s progress. For the country’s development, it was necessary to empower the youth to...
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Differentiated Instruction: An alternative learning approach for all learners in inclusive setting

Ana Lisdiana, Achmad Hufad, Didi Tarsidi, Imas D. Aprilia
The presence of diverse learners in an inclusive setting requires teachers to re-examine the teaching and learning practices that have been applied so far. The homogeneity of learners has been replaced by a wide variety, but in many contexts teachers seem to have not adapted the learning methods to follow...
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Development of Peer Tutors Learning Media based on Android Application to Improve Learners Independence

Anan Sutisna, Elais Retnowati, Adi Irvansyah
This study aims to develop peer tutoring learning media based on android applications to improve learners' independence. The alternative taken to achieve this goal is to apply peer tutoring learning media based on Android applications with emphasis learners learning independence especially life skills...
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Implementation of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT) in the Learning of Mathematics in Elementary School

Andhin Dyas Fitriani, Effy Mulyasari, Rosiana Mufliva, Harsa Wara Prabawa
This case study was aimed to assess implementation of the involvement of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (MKT) in the learning of mathematics in elementary school. Specifically, the study also examines the implementation MKT in the development of learning materials for mathematics as well as its...
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Basic Attitude Ability of Early Childhood in Aquatic Learning

Anne Hafina, Lutfi Nur, Nandang Rusman
The purpose of this study was to look at the ability of early childhood attitudes in aquatic learning. This research uses a descriptive method. The subjects in this study were eight students of children aged 5-6 years. The instrument in this study uses structured observation and field notes about children's...
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Family Role and Good Environmental Behavior

Arin Khairunnisa, Achmad Hufad
Family plays an important role in educating and forming the good behavior of its members in handling (managing) the waste that they had produced. The purpose of this study is to know about various fostering methods and good environmental behavior. Parents educate children with various parenting methods,...
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Literacy Media Ability of Grade 5 Student Elementary School

Asra Asra, Assyifa Khairunnisa Isman
The focus of this research is to know how far the knowledge of media literacy in the student at grade 5 elementary school. This research is based on the low level of literacy in Indonesia based on data released by PISA, the literacy rate in Indonesia is still in the bottom 10, which is ranked 62 out...
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Descriptive Accountability Audit Program of Guidance and Counseling Senior High School

Deta Firda Octivasari, Herdi Herdi, Sri Lestari
This study aims to find out the audit program to assess the suitability of counseling and guidance programs in schools. The program is a systematic process for collecting and analyzing information about its efficiency, effectiveness, and impact on programs and services for students. Guidance and counseling...
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Incorporating Self-Regulated Learning into English Teaching: Early lessons from the implementation of SMELT I 4.0 DE in an UPI Senior High Lab School class

Didi Suherdi, Sudarsono M. Ihrom, Nuri Nurbiyatun
Self-regulated and autonomous learning strategies are now in the heart of Indonesian curriculum. Ministerial regulation on standards of process requires teachers transform their teaching from teacher- to student-centered, autonomous, and self-regulated learning. As an effort to develop this learning...
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Efforts Made in Enhancing Communication Skills of Student University Librarian in the Digital Age

Doddy Rusmono, Euis Rosinar, Susanti Agustina
Library and Information Science (LIS) students as Students of Non-English Department (SNED) need advancement in terms of approach from their facilitators (lecturers or instructors, that is). The approach should bring with it an atmosphere of enlightenment of which nature should be inspiring, triggering,...
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Enhancing of Student Competency in Psychrometric Subjects Using the Edutainment Method

Ega Taqwali Berman, Apri Wiyono, Asep Zakaria, Siswo Supriatno
This research background by issues imbalance mastery of concept, practice, and student’s activity in psychometric subject. Therefore, teacher sought using edutainment methods to occurred learning atmosphere interesting and fun. The aims of this research is knowing both the increasing of learning outcomes...
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The Effectiveness of Exercises Group Technique for the Development of Senior High School Adolescents’ Gratitude

Fitra Marsela, Nandang Rusmana
This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of group exercise techniques for the development of adolescent gratitude. This study used a quantitative approach with the quasi-experimental method and used pre-test and post-test control group design. Subjects of research in the X grade of high school students...
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Study on Implementation of Integrated Thematic Learning in Indonesian Curriculum to Achieve Communication and Collaboration Skills in Third Grade of Elementary School in Bandung

Harmoni Sofa, M. Ridwan Sutisna
This study aims to oversee the contribution of Indonesian curriculum about the integrated thematic learning curriculum 2013 in developing student’s abilities to achieve 21st-century skill. Based on the Minister of National Education Regulation No. 20 Years 2016 about Graduate Standard Competence, primary...
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The Influence of the Need to Belong on Self-Presentation of Teenage Instagram Users in Bandung, Indonesia

Herlina Hasan, Nisrina Farahana S. Wibowo
The present study aims at finding out the influence of the need to belong on the self-presentation of teenage Instagram users. Need to belong is a basic need to form and maintain interpersonal relationships. Self-presentation is behavior that is motivated to give a certain impression verbally or nonverbally....
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Impact of Using Hypnoteaching Methods on Increased Learning Interest of Participant in English Language Courses

Ihat Hatimah, Wulan Megayuniar
In the era of globalization, Indonesian people are required to have the skills or skills to work. One skill that must be possessed is in terms of English language skills. Many people are pessimistic about themselves about their English proficiency, because English is not a mother tongue that is not commonly...
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The Implementation of the Time Token Arends Model in Civic Education Learning in Developing Students’ Democratic Attitudes

Iim Siti Masyitoh, E. Maria Ulfah
This research is motivated by the number of students who experience problems in the learning process of the Civic Education learning, specifically in terms of the lack of students’ democratic attitudes. The aim of this present study was to acquire a comprehensive description in relation to the development...
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From Women (A social movement for women in the family)

Wilodati Wilodati, Siti Komariah, Puspita Wulandari
Various problem in society are believed to be the impact of weak family ties, not least about the lack of understanding of family resilience until women choose to become single parents. The development of the women’s field in the status of a wife becomes the central point of the Persatuan Islam Istri...
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The Comparison of Professional Identity of Prospective Teachers between UPI Indonesia and UPSI Malaysia

Ilfiandra Ilfiandra, Riswanda Setiadi, Sumarto Sumarto
This study examined how prospective teachers develop their professional identity before living their professional life. Because the teacher professional identity is dynamics and change over the course of career, this study aims to describe the profile of the professional identity of prospective teachers...
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Ecological Model in Empowering Families of Children with Special Needs

Imas Diana Aprilia, Tjutju Soendari
Barrier to early intervention remains that lack of clarity over learning children with disabilities means that parents often fall between the gaps in services. In this obvious issue, conducted through descriptive qualitative research method, the current study draws attention to design a model based on...
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The Curriculum Model for Inclusion Schools for Gifted and Talented Based on Psychosocial and Emotional Intelligence Abilities

Iqbal Fahri, Achmad Hufad, Didi Tarsidi, Imas Diana Aprilia
This article proposes an inclusive school curriculum model that is able to identify intelligence and talent, social-emotional problems, and student learning disabilities through a school-based psycho-social approach and the development of an emotional intelligence training program to develop the emotional...
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Improving Learning Outcomes through Students' Interaction on Social Media

Irmala Sukendra
The millennial generation is highly associated with gadget and thus makes their lives revolve around social media. It is common for them to spend hours juggling from one social medium to the other. It is time consumed and fruitless in the eyes of parents. Despite that many linguists and educators find...
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Management of Premarital Education to Build Readiness to Marry Youth in the Community Education Perspective

Jajat S. Ardiwinata, Purnomo Purnomo, Cucu Sukmana
Implementation of premarital education programs answers the facts of the problems that often occur in the community, especially the lack of premarital guidance to adolescents. Based on preliminary studies, the reasons that often arise from young people are the need for substantial costs to participate...
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The Soft Skill Training to Improve the Readiness of Alumni in Entering the Working World

Joni Rahmat Pramudia, Jajat S. Ardiwinata, Elih Sudiapermana, Muhammad Irfan Hilmi
In the era of this global competition, everyone is expected to improve their competencies both in soft skill and hard skill. An excellent human resource does not only have proficiency in hard skill but also in soft skill to handle various challenges and changes of technology in the working world. This...
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The Analysis of Implementation Mentoring Method on Students Personality

Lathifah Khaerunnisa, Laksmi Dewi
The aim of this study is to investigate how far the influence of mentoring method to students’ changing attitude so that it can be evaluation material for the related students and lecturer. This study is based on the development of technology and information as well as food and lifestyle that affect...
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Flipped Classroom Application and Improvement of Motivation and Creativity of Participants in the Educational Technology Research and Development Study

M. Ridwan Sutisna, Dadi Mulyadi, Muthia Alinawati
The development of instructional model in the subject of research and development of educational technology requires the process of improvement and development, in order to nurture the students so that they can devote the ideas and creativity reflected in the lecturing activities of the project's final...
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The Function of Surau in Minangkabau Culture

M. H. D. Natsir, Achmad Hufad
The purpose of the present study is to describe the complexity of the surau function in Minangkabau culture society. The subjects of the research were students, alumni, Sheikh who served as teachers and surau managers, and key informants consisting of intellectuals, alim ulama, ninik-mamak, government,...
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Rural Youth Entrepreneurship Training Based on Local Potential

Mustofa Kamil, Dadang Yunus Lutfiansyach, Cucu Sukmana
Youth in millennial era has significant role, especially in overcoming social problems, such as unemployment which systematically dominated by the youth in their productive age. The economy wheel of the society will increase rapidly when the youth have the skills (both hard and soft skills) to utilize...
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Study of Implemention of Mustaqilli Method on the Arabic Language Learning Process in the Vocational High School

Nabila Zakiya, Dadi Mulyadi
The purpose of this study was to determine the improvement of the ability to speak Arabic in santri/wati in Daarut Tauhiid Vocational High School. To collect data, researchers used several techniques, including interviews, observations, questionnaires and documentation studies. The interview was conducted...
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Wellness Based Group for Enhancing Psychological Well-being for College Students

Nandang Rusmana, Fadhila Rahman
Many academic activities in colleges can be effect to difficulties for student’s life. It impacted for physical and psychological conditions that associated with psychological well-being students. The purpose of this study is to examine wellness-based group to improve psychological well-being among the...
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Strengthening of Rumah Pintar Al Barokah Institution Capacity through Need-based Management Training

Oong Komar, Ade Sadikin, Cucu Sukmana
Strengthening of Rumah Pintar Al Barokah House partners as the center of various activities in the Cibeureum Village area of Wetan. Al Barokah Smart House. The lack of optimal performance of local managers and the lack of maximum effort in developing centers from each of the existing centers is the main...
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Evaluative Study of Logic Models in Women Empowerment

Popi Siti Ichsanniaty
Developing and empowering the community is inseparable from the programs run by both the private and government. In this research, the program under evaluation is related to women’s empowerment program named Female Heads of Household Empowerment Program (Indonesian, and henceforth, PEKKA) conducted by...
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The Effect of Internet of Things Implementation on Inclusive Practices in High School

Rafiudin Nurdin, Achmad Hufad, Didi Tarsidi, Imas Diana Aprilia
The purpose of this study is to determine the application of IoT (internet of Things) for the practice of inclusion in secondary schools (SMA) in Bogor. The research method used was a quasi-experimental research design with a control group design pretest random pretest. The research sample was students...
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Bilingual / Bicultural Education for Children with Hearing Impairment

Renny Sri Herdianty, Achmad Hufad, Didi Tarsidi, Imas Diana Aprilia
Similar to other students, students with hearing impairment in inclusive schools should receive adequate support systems to overcome various difficulties, especially in terms of communication. Learners are no longer homogenous; however, in reality teachers in inclusive schools tend to be unprepared for...
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Designing Student Engagement in Project Based Learning

Yanti Shantini, Laksmi Dewi, Takahashi Mitsuru
Purpose of this study is to describe the design and implementation of ethnology learning process by making video projects in project-based learning. The method used in this study is addie method in collaborative class for six months with 59 students as participant. The results of study are cultural learning...
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Training for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Does it improve their affective functions?

Sitti Chotidjah, Herlina Herlina, Helli Ihsan, Rudi Susilana, Angga Hadiapurwa
Children are every couple’s dream. However, having a child with special needs is not something expected by any parents. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have become a challenge for parents to develop potentials in them. Unfortunately, many parents feel stressed and unconfident in their own...
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Increasing Knowledge of Homeland through Game Wayang Nusantara

Sofia Hartanti, Nurjannah Nurjannah, Rizka Safitri
Knowledge about homeland can be given during early childhood education. Study conducted in children aged 5-6 years in Islamic Kindergarten in Indonesia. Research shows that there is an increase in knowledge about the concept of homeland through the wayang Nusantara game. The Wayang Nusantara game is...
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Economic Literacy and Student Consumption Behavior

Sri Lestari, Tjutju Yuniarsih, Nanang Fattah, Eeng Ahman
This study aims to find out how economic literacy, consumption behavior, and is there a correlation between economic literacy and consumption behavior of Islamic university students in Tangerang City. The population was 1282 students and a sample of 305 students. This research used explanatory survey...
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Hybrid Learning for Education Inclusion

Swasto Imam Teguh Prabowo, Achmad Hufad, Didi Tarsidi, Imas Diana Aprilia
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of applying hybrid learning through Quipper media on improving mastery of 2013 curriculum specialization material in inclusive schools. The research method used was a quasi-experimental research design with a control group design pretest random pretest....
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Analysis of Optical Concepts with Understanding Expository Model for SMP

Teuku Hasan Basri, Bachtiar Akob, Adi Bejo Suwardi
The aim of this study is to know the level of comprehension to understand the concept of optical through an expository model for students in SMP Negeri 6 Paya Seunara Sabang, Aceh. This study uses an experimental approach involving 62 students from 5 class asses chosen randomly. The results showed that...
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Teacher Pedagogic Competency Contribution on Understanding of Basic School Students in Era of Disruptive Innovation

Nadia Hanoum, Uli Maulida
The focus of this research is to find out about the pedagogical competencies of teachers, as well as how they contribute to the formation of students 'understanding of learning materials. This research is a qualitative approach through RPP (The design of learning) data analysis, the results of PAT (end...
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Analysis of Determinants of Students’ Learning Success in Senior High School as a Basic Development of Specialization Program at Junior High School

Yaya Sunarya, Nurhudaya Nurhudaya, Eka Sakti Yudha
This study aims to analyze the determinants of the success of senior high school students’ learning, which later will be used for the development of demand programs in junior high schools. The determining factors of success referred to in this study are the aspects of academic talent that is measured...
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The Effect of Expository Teaching Model on Learning Outcomes of Junior High School Students in Sabang, Aceh

Teuku Hasan Basri, Bachtiar Akob, Adi Bejo Suwardi
The aim of this study is to determine the level of understanding of optic concept and the changes in student learning behaviour through the application of expository models for students in SMP Negeri 6 Paya Seunara Sabang, Aceh. This study uses an experimental approach involving 62 students from 5 class...
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Contribution of Entrepreneurship Training to Entrepreneur Motivation for Training Partners Pension Preparation in Agency PT Duta Transformasi Insani Bandung

Guruh Rahmat Gumilar
This research is based on the implementation of entrepreneurship training during retirement preparation held at Lembaga Pelatihan Lembaga Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Syariah PT. Ambassador of Transformation Insani followed by employees preparing for retirement or retirement period as additional insights...
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Challenges of Community Education in the Digital Era

Uyu Wahyudin, Purnomo Purnomo, Surfa Yondri
This research is based on the empirical study result of descriptive study on community education program conducted in all “sekolah perempuan” by utilizing ICT in their learning process. This study uses a case study qualitative approach. The implementation of community education program now has developed...
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Sensory Integration-Based Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM)

Nenden Ineu Herawati, Ahmad Juntika Nurihsan, Ahmad Hufad, Tjutju Soendari
Sensory Integration-based Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM) is a modification of Emily Calhoun’s. Sensory integration-based PWIM is developed to help build early reading abilities of children with Learning Disabilities (LD). This model is based on Gestalt’s theory stating that a child’s thinking ability...
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Implementation Philosophy Jaipongan Movement Against Social Behavior in Society

Aah Konaah Handayani, Dasim Budimansyah, Wilodati Wilodati
The existence of traditional art currently has challenges such as the development of western culture that developed especially in West Java. Art-art that was originally part of a traditional ceremony, or as inauguration region, has many converted into a performing art that is more concerned with entertainment...
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Sharia Entrepreneur Development for Students in the Environment of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia through Business Unit Baitul Mal Wa Tamwil

Aceng Kosasih, Firman Aziz, Pandu Hyangsewu
One of the entrepreneurial development program by observing the level of to-high 20s halal is through the effort of creating and realizing a reliable employee and superior-Sharia entrepreneur FPIPS environment for students in ICU so generating the production, distribution, and consumption of goods are...
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Nested Type Integrated Learning Model through Learning Motivation towards Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

Yeyen Suryani, Tina Ayu Liani
The problem in this research is low student's thinking ability, indicated by the lack of active participation of students in the learning process and their lack of ability to develop the knowledge they have, especially in problems that require the ability to analyze. This is caused by the role of teachers...
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Media in Community Guidance Services

Muhammad Ali Equatora, Mulyani Rahayu
Social media guidance services are a good equipment in the form of software or hardware that have a function as a tool in activity of guidance services. Community guidance media can also be interpreted as everything that is used to channel messages or information from community counselors to correctional...
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Ethno-Pedagogy Perspective on Ethnic Minority Discourse of Education

Hapsari Dwiningtyas Sulistyani, Turnomo Rahrdjo
This study focuses on the contextualization of ethno-pedagogy perspective for creating a local specific educational model. As an educational approach, ethno-pedagogy concerns on the appropriation of local culture characteristics in the educational process. Sikep is a marginal ethnic minority in Central...
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Information of Public Opinion through

Drina Intyaswati, Supratman Supratman
Various issues and problems that exist in society will generate public opinion. Along with the development of technology and mass media, is a website that became the media for the formation of public opinion, through campaigns that were conducted trying to garner support for public opinion...
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Adult Education, Democracy and Social Justice

Misturu Takahashi
Once, Seiichi Miyahara, on the basis of understanding of the adult education, pointed out that “two major conditions to support the development of social education are democracy and technology”. Adult education and democracy is closely connected to each other. I would like to emphasize on the importance...
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Model Development of Ideological Education Reform Order Pancasila

Yadi Ruyadi, Nandang Rusmana, Supriyono Supriyono, Asep Dahliyana
This study aims to develop a model of ideology Pancasila education in Indonesia in order reform. This is because, from time to time Pancasila has not been shown to be effective in shaping the character of citizens and Pancasila cannot be realized in the life of the nation state as well as being the basis...