Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Management Science and Economics

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Problems and Countermeasures in the Construction of Teaching Staff in Private Colleges-A case study of private colleges in Northwest China

Jingfeng He
The purpose of this paper is to discuss how to establish a contingent of teachers in private colleges. Taking Xijing University as an example, this paper analyzes the main problems existing in the construction of the contingent of teachers in private colleges, and puts forward some reasonable suggestions...
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Prediction of City Saturated Load Based on Combined Logistic Model

Jing-min Wang, Jie Zhang
Accurate load forecasting is the prerequisite for efficient resources distribution among the power supply, power grid and the users. Based on traditional logistic model, data accumulated generating method and grade differential format are used to design the logistic of grade difference format. In the...
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Coordinated Contract Design for Two-Level Supply Chain Considering Supplier's Quality Level

Pin Zhuang
This paper investigated procurement contracts in a two-level supply chain system which includes a supplier and a manufacturer who sells the supplier's product to the final market, and the market demand function was given by linear demand function in quality and price. We designed three supply chain contract...
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Study on College Students' Mental Sub-Health and its Intervention System

Yin Tan
With the aim to solve college students' mental sub-health problems, this paper discriminated the related concepts such as health, mental health, mental sub-health, analyzed the causes of college students' mental sub-health from themselves, their families, the community, schools, I also constructed an...
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Chinese Subsidies in Economic Development: the Case of the Jamaica Logistics Hub

Kimberly Chin
This paper focuses on the impact Chinese investment will have on the proposed logistics hub and its impending economic development for Jamaica. There is uneasiness about the discloser of government's negotiation proceedings with China Engineering Harbour Company (CHEC), the company selected to undertake...
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A Prediction of Financial Distress for Listed Companies of the New tertiary board Based on Factor Analysis and Logistic Regression

Zhuoxi Yu, Qi Sun, Milan Parmar, Tiansong Zhang
Under the complex and changeable marketing environment, all walks of life are facing various risks and challenges. The enterprise financial crisis is more likely to happen. The company's financial situation is a standard judgment for investors, creditors and suppliers to make a decision. And it can affect...
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Collaborative Development of Innovation Industrial Agglomeration and Urbanization

Huixin Yu, Zheng Xia, Zhidong Ma
Based on innovative industry agglomeration, this research analyzes the main elements and components of innovative industry agglomeration area. The formation of innovative industry agglomeration and development of urbanization go hand in hand. Innovative industry agglomeration plays an important role...
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A Trial of Implementing Engineering Education for Undergraduate Students in Optoelectronic Major

Yifan Huang, Qun Hao, Yao Hu
The paper describes how the engineering education was implemented at School of Optoelectronics of Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China. In order to improve the engineering ability of the undergraduate students, we designed an engineering training plan and developed a curriculum including 6...
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Project-Based Hybrid Education of Graduate and Undergraduate Group

Yao Hu, Qun Hao, Ya Zhou, Yifan Huang
Most of the professors majored in Engineering complete their education of graduates and Ph.D candidates during the progressing of their projects. Meanwhile, they encourage undergraduates to join their groups and learn how to do scientific research from real projects. Hybrid education of different students...
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A Research on the Cognitive Differences of Female College Students' Employment from the Perspectives of Social Gender-A case study of female college students in the southeast area

Shanghong Le
Since the reform and opening policy, the subjective consciousness of Chinese women has been an unprecedented development --women's self-awareness continues to improve; rights awareness is promoting; development of awareness is raising. But in the development of the subjective consciousness, it also showed...
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Analysis on the Talent Training Program and Educational Administration by Fujian and Taiwan Cooperation Projects

Baoxiu Li
Fujian and Taiwan joint training project gives full play to the advantages of professional teachers and majors of universities in Fujian and Taiwan, which is of great significance in promoting the reform and development of higher education in Fujian province. However, the cross-straits different political,...
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IEI Model Research on Entrepreneurial Intentions of Chinese College Students

Wentong Zou, Zhiyun Zhang, Xianbin Wang, Lin Xue
Based on research on factors influencing entrepreneurial intentions of Chinese college students, IEI model is established by dividing the existing relevant factors into intrinsic and extrinsic factors. By analyzing 2,114 effective questionnaires, a structural equation model method is applied to verify...
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Utility Function Evaluation on Economic Variables-Construction Bidding Portfolios for Contractor Project Management

Chih-Hsien Lin, Yao-Kuang Chen
The work of contractors mainly comes from bidding strategy, they take this as the main process of the construction project life cycle. And also, it is the most important part to be discussed in the construction management field. This case study considers the economic environment changes, objectively...
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Research on the Development Trend of Visual Communication Design Education in the Cultural and Creative Industries

Bing Liu, Fu Liu
From the theoretical evolution and practical development, the theoretical framework, development status and characteristics of the teaching reform of visual communication design are studied. The results shows, cultural and creative industries are the important factors that affect the development of visual...
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Research and Practice on Teaching Reform of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Junjie Zhu, Haoran Liu, Feng Jiang
After decades of reform and exploration, higher education has achieved significant experience and achievements in personnel cultivating. Meanwhile, the professional competitiveness of students has also been enhanced rapidly. However, contradiction still remains between universities and enterprises. This...
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Construction of Gymnastics Performance Evaluation Model Based on Multiple Intelligence Theory

Xiangle Meng
By using the method of literature, logical analysis, the study reviewed the connotation of the multiple intelligences theory, analyzed the inspirations brought by the theory to gymnastics performance evaluation, expounded the necessity of the reform of gymnastics performance evaluation model, and finally...
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Analysis of College Students' Information Quality and Study on Correspondence and Education System in "Internet+" Era

Li Han
This article pays attention to the basal connotation of information quality and did plenty of surveys and analyses about the contemporary undergraduates. Base on the new requests of training the information quality of college students in the age of' "Internet+", it explains the necessity of creating...
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Translating the Survey Results into the Association Meeting Strategy: A Case Study of the 2nd Chinese Promotion Conference on Health Services for the Aged

Xuehui Zeng, Juan Wang
The purpose of the present study is to help the association meeting planners better understand the needs and expectations of the attendees before developing the meeting concepts. We designed the survey questionnaire and delivered it to the potential attendees of the 2nd Chinese Promotion Conference on...
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Research on the Modes of Undertaking Industry Transfer: Based on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Regional Industrial Isomorphism

Jingmin Wang, Hao Zhang
Industrial collaborative development, as an important joint, lays the foundation for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaboration development. By analysis of the industrial isomorphism coefficient, location quotient and industrial gradient coefficient, it is concluded that the industrial structure of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei...
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Factors Affecting College Students' Entrepreneurial Intentions

Haiyan Zhao, Ruiyu Wang
The employment of college graduates are facing severe challenges. To solve this problem we must actively promote their own businesses and flexible employment, and update the employment ideas and models, thus help them create employment opportunities for themselves. In order to analyze the key factors...
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A RCA Analysis of China's Competitive Advantage to Export Textile and Apparel to Australia

Chunying Cui, Shaoshao Chen
The textile and apparel (TA) trade between China and Australia was investigated by calculating trade indices, based on an overview of status quo. The paper used Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) method to analyze TA trade advantage between China and Australia. Then, factors that affect China's TA...
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Incorporating World English into ELT in Chinese Universities: Issues and Strategies

Gengyan Li
English norm in the Inner Circle countries or specifically the Anglo-American norm has long been viewed as the standard in English language teaching and learning at colleges and universities in China. After introducing English varieties and nativised varieties in particular, the paper presents problems...
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What Are the Current Quality Issues in Higher Education?

Elimawaty Rombe, Patricia Lebonna Datu Allo, Mirna A. Tolla, Septyana KusumaDewi
Quality is an important part in managing higher education because it can impact on the overall performance. In the recent years, Indonesia Ministry of Education has been planning to improve the quality of higher education especially in business education. This study aims to identify the main quality...
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Analysis of Spatial-Temporal Characteristics and Pattern Evolution of Fishery Geographic Agglomeration in China

Yang Rui, Julin Li, Xiaoqiong Liu, Jian Zhang, Xinzheng Zhao
To explore the spatial-temporal characteristics and pattern evolution of geographic agglomeration of Chinese fishery for the period from 1988 to 2013, a set of indexes which can directly report the spatial-temporal characteristics and pattern evolution of that are used, including the Gini coefficient,...
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A Study of Job Attributes, Strategic Behavior and Governance of University Faculty in China

Pingping Liu
In recent years, the constantly occurring phenomenon that behavior of university faculty members departs from their roles, such as academic misconduct and negligence in undergraduate teaching, directly influences the social reputation and healthy development of universities in China. Within this context,...
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Analysis of Mathematical Education on Economics Specialty

Guo-dong Li, Bing Yang
In this paper, we has analyzed some questions on the economic mathematics education. And then proposed to simplify the teaching content, improve teaching methods, strengthen the mathematic modeling teaching, and change the assessment methods of the teaching measures. The quality of teaching economic...
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Discussion on Improving Quality of Metal Structure Graduation Design

Mingliang Yang, Zhengyan Chang, Luyang Cheng
The graduation design is to cultivate students' comprehensive use of the knowledge and skills, to analyze and solve the technical problem of the general engineering professional range, training students to establish the correct design ideas, grasp the general procedure, standard and method of Engineering...
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A Research on Incubation Effectiveness of Enterprise Innovative Talents in China

Qianwen Li, Shan He
This paper divides innovative talents into managing talents and technological talents to study the influence of all investment in incubation respectively with distributed lag model and D-G production function. The results indicate that the "leverage effect" of incubation was very obvious, and the investment...
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The Training Methods Research on Emergency Recovery of Marine Electrical Equipment

Zhensheng Xia, Haipeng Zhang
For the practical application and popularization of ship electrical equipment emergency recovery technique, the training mission and training requirements of ship electrical equipment emergency recovery technique was analyzed. The Models and approaches of Ship's emergency recovery training were studied....
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Course Design Based on Virtual Simulation Training System-A case study of < Introduction of Hospitality Today >

Wei Liu, Bin Lai
The great development of information technology has brought revolutionary changes to China's Higher Vocational Education, the course reform has entered into the information era, and the virtual simulation teaching is an important breakthrough to deepen the reform of education. Taken the course teaching...
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Study on Virtual Technology Application in Display and Exhibition Design

Zhimin Zhang, Bin Lai
Display is one of the basic daily activities for human beings, and more and more attention has been paid to the clarity of display information. Under the guidance of information era, virtual imitation system can show the actual image and the application of virtual technology in teaching of design major...
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Analytical Study on Improving Expertise of University Students through Innovative Training Project-Centered on Game Design

Yuan Yang
In this paper, the detailed process of college students' innovative training programs is introduced, including the application, initiation and completion. Game design and production is a long, complicated and hard process after which users are brought into a brand new electronic entertainment world by...
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Innovation and Development of Commercial Banks in an Internet Finance Environment

Zhu Chen
Through analysis of internet financial development models such as the third party payment model, the P2P lending model and the crowd funding model, the article discusses the impact of internet finance upon the commercial bank's place among payment agencies, its method of profit, traditional financing...
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Virtual Reality Technology in Higher Vocational Education "China Tourism Geography" Teaching Application

Ge Jiang, Bin Lai
In view of the existing virtual reality technology (VRT) used in the process of problems, such as: teachers lack of awareness of the use of virtual reality technology, virtual reality technology features the use of low efficiency, virtual reality technology and the reform of classroom teaching integration,...
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Analysis of the Influence of Rural Land Stock Cooperative System on Farmers' Income-A Case Study of Farmers in Zaozhuang City

Lin Zhang
Basing on the field investigation of the Zaozhuang city in Shandong Province, this paper made an empirical study on the impact of rural land share cooperative system on the income of peasant households. The conclusion is that the rural land stock cooperative can increase peasants' total income, non-...
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Analysis of the Core Competency of Small and Medium-Sized Commercial Banks in China

Lu Guan
Through analyzing the current development of China's small and medium-sized commercial banks, this article discusses problems such as the imperfect management system of small and medium-sized enterprises during core competency construction, the lack of knowledge accumulation and product service innovation,...
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The Mobile Game Design about Chinese Character Modules for Cultivating Chinese Character Thought

Yan Wang, Xin Guo, Tong Chen
With the decline of Chinese character thought and Chinese language learning craze, we hope to help Chinese learners cultivate Chinese character thought imperceptibly and improve the cognition efficiency of Chinese characters on entertainment. On the basis of principles of Chinese characters and the experimental...
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Research on the Situation of General Education Mode in Colleges and Universities of China

Qing Sun, Yutong Zhang
As a guiding concept, general education has been introduced and widely spread in colleges and universities of China in recent decades. However, combined with the current situation of higher education in our country, many problems have to been solved urgently so as to establish a healthy, complete and...
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Customer Service Marketing Management of Power Supply Enterprise in Big Data Context

Lixian Xing, Liying Yang, Xue Zhao
In the recent reform of electric power enterprises, big consumers' direct power purchase is the main factor in the decline of profits of electric power enterprises. Electric power enterprise needs to make out rational big consumers marketing strategies. The rational strategies could prevent the customer...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors about University Teachers' Knowledge Collaboration

Wenli Zheng, Juan Huang
Knowledge collaboration would not only increase the teacher ability, but also enhance the competitiveness of the university. Because different knowledge collaboration team has different operational efficiency, the paper analyzes the factors that influence the university teachers' knowledge collaboration...
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Research on Multi-Subject Incentive Cooperation of College Students' Network Entrepreneurial Education

Zhe Zhang, Xi Zhou
The aim of this study was to discuss the Incentive Mechanism of the Cooperation among the government, enterprise and college so as to promote the development of College Students' Network Entrepreneurial education. We analyze the interest demands and cooperation mechanism of each subject in the process...
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A Review of Research on Virtual Simulation in Education and Teaching

Ming Xiang
At present, virtual simulation technology has been widely used in various industries, more attention has been paid especially in the commercial area. However, it is relatively slow in education. For more systematic and comprehensive understanding of the research status of virtual simulation in teaching,...
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Reform and Practice of SCM Curriculum Based on Project Teaching Method

Zheng Huang, Fang Wen
Principle and Application of SCM (Single Chip Microcomputer) is a very practical course. The traditional teaching is not adapted to the training objectives of engineering education in Universities under the new situation. This paper introduces a kind of project teaching method with the combination of...
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Practical and Innovational Ability's Research and Cultivation of Local Colleges Applied Statistics Major under Transformation Background

Zong-yi Hou, Yan-xiao Wei
Under the background that the center government put classification reform to higher education, the local colleges only respond to country's call and carry out the transformation reform, then can cultivate the applied talents with practical and innovational ability to service the development of local...
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Reflections on the Economic Transformation and Upgrading, the Post-Modeling Specialty Construction in Higher Vocational Education

Ze Zhang
With the acceptance of the last key specialties in national model vocational colleges, higher vocational colleges enter a connotative construction period from expansion construction in an all-round way. The specialty construction of post-demonstration period should proactively adapt to the global industrial...
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Practical Discussion of Dialogue-based Teaching Model in College English Teaching

Caiyun Zhang
This paper is to discuss the dialogue-based teaching model in College English teaching. Generally, there are some common types of dialogue teaching-Teacher-Student Dialogue, Student-Text Dialogue, Teacher-Text Dialogue, Student-Student Dialogue, Teacher's Self-dialogue and Students' Self-dialogue. To...
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Identification, Evaluation and Control of Risks at the Middle Stage of the M&A by Baoneng Clique-AHP-AGA based Improved Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Junyang Ma, Yingshi Fu, Zhiying Hu
At present, the battle for equity ownership between Baoneng Clique and Vanke Clique has become a point at issue among scholars and media. This paper first identified the risks possibly arising at the middle stage of the M&A by Baoneng Clique, and built a four-layer risk index system. It then improved...
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Promotion of Vocational Education by Transferring Notions and All-Round Cultivation

Peng Tong, Mingxing Zhao, Ke Ma
The continuous development of economy in our country needs a large number of high-quality practical talents. Higher vocational colleges must keep up the pace, implement the scientific concept of development, people-oriented, combined with the actual, and explore the profound connotation of students'...
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Assessment of Electric Power Generation Potential of Typical Forestry Biomass Resources in China

Zhibin Liu, Xiaoning Li
Carrying on the research of potential assessment of forestry biomass power generation in china systematically is significant not only theoretically but also realistically; it can guide the industry layout and reduce the operational costs of forestry biomass power generation in China. To assess the collectable...
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Prediction of Electricity Consumption Based on Multiple Liner Regression

He-rui Cui, Ting-ting Wu
The prediction of power load is important content, prerequisite and basis of the planning system and running of power grid. The healthy development of power industry is based on scientific and accurate prediction. Multivariate linear regression analysis is a method to analyze the linear relationship...
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The Reform and Practice of the Practical Teaching System of Marketing Major in Application-Oriented Universities

Chenglei Liang
There is not a perfect practical teaching system in marketing major in many application-oriented universities, which leads to the difficulty in realizing the goals of talents training. Based on the characteristics of applied talents training mode and the requirement of marketing major, this paper analyzes...
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Research on the Talents Training Mode of the Automotive Electronics Technical Major

Ying Yan
For the development of automotive electronics industry demand and the improvement of the competitiveness for talents, one talent training pattern was constructed including improving the level of the teachers and school-enterprise cooperation mechanisms besides the reforms of curriculum system. It was...
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Overseas Tourist Market Analysis and Overseas Promotion of Shanxi Province

Lingling Li, Jian Mao, Xiping Cheng
On the basis of tourism related data of Shanxi province, using pro-scene and other indicators index analysis of the overseas tourism market in Shanxi Province, the purpose is to reveal the spatial and temporal distribution and the overall characteristics of the overseas tourist market in Shanxi. Comprehensively...
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Research on Southeast Asia's Maritime Thoroughfare Security in the Construction of the Belt and Road Initiative

Jiahao Yang
Southeast Asia is a main area in building the Maritime Silk Route. The aim of this study is to explore the probable security risk when constructing maritime thoroughfare and provides suggestions and countermeasures. This paper discusses the requirements to construct new maritime thoroughfare for national...
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From Death Penalty with Immediate Execution to Life Imprisonment without Parole and Commutation: Amendment to Chinese Criminal Law against Corruption

Jie Chen
The paper outlines different opinions on the new kind of punishment in Amendment ? of Chinese Criminal Law-life imprisonment without commutation and parole. To keep up with the current situation, we give an introduction on the present penalty system in China and the background on the Amendment and its...
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Research on the Construction of Innovation Education Curriculum System in Science and Engineering

Ming Zhang, Yao Ma, Honglei Chen
With the transformation the educational reform of and development of colleges and universities, cultivating applied talents is the goal and purpose of curriculum system reconstruction. The structure and content of curriculum system are reformed. The combination of production and teaching for the path,...
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Construction and Reform of Course System for Economic Mathematics Experiment on Local Universities of Finance and Economics

Youling Feng, Yao Chen, Guangyu Mu, Jing Kang, Limin Wang, Zhuoxi Yu, Zhongbo Cao, Tiezheng Sun
The college graduates from financial universities should have professional knowledge and comprehensive quality to dealing with big data. It requires more reasonable economical mathematics experiment courses. Take Jilin University of Finance and Economics as example. From talents training on different...
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Research on the Teaching Pattern of Cultivating College Students' Innovative and Practical Ability Based on Subject Competition

Bangfu Wang, Qixin Zhu, Jun Wang
In order to strengthen students' practical ability and cultivate their innovation consciousness, subject competition system is established using subject competition as carrier. The paper analyzes and explores the operation mechanism of subject competition system on cultivating college students' innovative...
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Research on the Reform of Japanese-language Teaching Methods in College

Fengjuan Wu
The development of the Internet has brought great changes to the educational leadership, and also greatly affects the way of Japanese language learning for college students. The author carried out grouping investigations and questionnaires on college students majoring in Japanese, and summarized the...
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Integration Study of Cultural Context and Multimedia Technology

Caiyun Zhang, Li Zhang
This paper aims to improve the learning ability of second language learners by integrating cultural context theory with multimedia technology. The author mainly uses questionnaires, network communication and field visits to explore the important significance of multimedia teaching to strengthening the...
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A Relevance-Theoretic Study of Offensive Utterance in Film Dialogues

Yang Yu
The present study probes into the nature of offensive utterance in film dialogues in terms of its generating mechanism and responding strategy. Methodologically, the study adopts the way of qualitative analysis and description of the data which are mainly extracted from classic film dialogues of China...
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Necessity and Ideas on the Construction of Case Base of Geological Disaster Prevention Course for Graduate Students

You-li Feng, Meng-tao Wang, Li-jing Yu
There are number of casualties and economic losses alarming caused by geological disasters each year in China. It is serious to prevent and control geological disaster. In order to make graduate students master the theory and practical skills of geological disaster prevention and control work, the paper...
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Analysis of the Investment Cost of Typical Biomass Power Generation Projects in China

Zhibin Liu, Xiaoning Li
Biomass power generation has the characteristics of good power quality, high reliability and mature technology, and plays an important role in maintaining energy security, optimizing energy structure, relieving environmental pollution and promoting rural economic development. But the unit investment...
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The Function of Physical Education for Building Social Values

Jing Yuan
Two kinds of values are generally distinguished in sociology and philosophy: objective ones and subjective ones. Objective values are those objectively existing objects of reality (nature or society) which individuals, social groups, classes or society as a whole normally assess as either positive or...
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Critical Thinking Instruction in English Reading Situation

Li-xia Shen
There some essential ideas on the clarification of conceptions of critical thinking, including the discussion on the alternatives to the concept of critical thinking, the definitions of critical thinking, and critical thinking model. The second topic focuses on critical thinking instruction. It includes...
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An Empirical Study on a Corpus-based Model of Teaching Second Language Writing for English Majors

Jie Xia
This study constructs a corpus-based model of second language teaching for English majors, applying corpus techniques and resources to the teaching of English writing. A comparative empirical study lasting 16 weeks was conducted to testify the efficiency of the new model. Results show that after a 16-week...
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Impact of Customer-to-Customer Interaction (CCI) on Customer's Purchase Behavior in E-Commerce

Ruoqian Yang
With the development of e-commerce, e-commerce logistics service industry as a new service industry has become the focus of development to enhance the overall level of China's e-commerce service network system. E-commerce logistics service providers in convenience and improve the efficiency of service...
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On "Kun Ming Mode" of Government Performance Management in China

Xiaodong Hu
Public comment to the third party evaluation is an important aspect, at present, the government Chinese third party assessment has been developed fiercely, but in the midst, there are many problems: the evaluation of the main problems, the index setting problem, index system, evaluation content, results...
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How Economic Society Impacts Medical Purpose in China

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
In recent years, with the globalization into China, the boundary of culture is becoming more broad and even more uncertain. The rise of consumer culture fundamentally changed the people's cultural viewpoints. Even so, the poor can't be abandoned their rights of basic medical care. The society with its...
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How to Improve Primary Health Care and the Meaning of Primary Health Care

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
Primary health care is still a focus in world health work today. Primary Health Care is a kind of basic health care, which depends on the feasible and reliable methods and techniques welcomed by the whole society. It works through personal and family full participation and popularization and the cost...
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How to Improve the Relationship between Doctors and Patients

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
This article is trying to find the major cause of this phenomenon and analyze the current doctor-patient contradiction and conflicts at a different point of view. According the literature and the current status, we prove that this problem can be relieved by system construction, including specifying the...
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Organ Transplantation and Relevant Law

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
It is a very realistic subject to establish a scientific and rational legal system, especially the criminal law system to limit organ transplantation which is a new technology in the proper purpose, but objectively not inhibit it developing, in order to prevent the abuse of human organs and the crime...
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Study on the Importance of Doctors' Attentive Duties

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
Reasonable doctor standard and medical standard are the standards for judging doctors attentive duties. The attentive duties of doctors include informing duties, reasonable treatment duties and faithfully maintaining secrecy. To understand doctors' attentive duties correctly is very important for the...
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The Content of Experimental Medical Studies and the Relevant Law

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
Modern medical instruments and new technologies are widely applied to our medical practices. Along with it, many problems arising associated with medical experimental studies, so it is very necessary to establish a perfect legal system to restrict illegal medical practice and to protect the life and...
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The Government Responsibility and Function in the New Medical Reform

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
The bright spots in the new reform of health care are fairness and justice, including a preliminary solution to the problem of "difficulty and high cost of health treatment" and serving for the masses of ordinary people, that is to say, the government will place national health care in an important position....
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The Interpretation of Ethical Purpose of Urology

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
The development of society and modern medical science make the existing medical purpose face challenge, especially in urology which includes organ transplantation, andrology and reproduction which are all sensitive to ethics. The requirement of health is not only the basic need of human beings, but also...
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The Meaning and Methods of Cost Accounting of Medical College Education

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
Setting up and improving the university education cost accounting and management system is the urgent needs of the reform of higher education in our country and an inevitable trend of financial management innovation of colleges and universities. Because it can deliver important information to all parties...
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The Present Situation and Management Measures of Adverse Drug Reactions in China

Jinguo Wang, Na Wang
Adverse drug reaction monitoring work in our country has made many achievements, but there are still some problems in practice. With the international implementation of the adverse drug reaction monitoring earlier and more successful than countries, our country's adverse drug reaction monitoring work...
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Teaching Reform and Exploration of "Power Electronic Technology" Course Based on Project Teaching Method

Zheng Huang
Power Electronics Technology Course is an important basic course for electrical engineering and automation. In order to adapt to the rapid development of power electronics technology, deepen the reform of education and teaching, aiming at the problem that the practical ability of the students cannot...
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Research on the Evaluation of Teaching Quality Based on CGSAB

Jiatang Cheng, Yan Xiong
Teaching quality evaluation is an important work in teaching management. In order to improve the accuracy of teaching quality evaluation, according to the evaluation data at a certain university, an evaluation model based on BP neural network optimized by gravitational search algorithm (GSABP) is proposed....
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Difficulties and Countermeasures of Cultivating Rule of Law Thinking of Leading Cadres

Kuohai Zhang
Leading cadre is the important force during the construction of a country under the rule of law. We need to catch the "key minority" when comprehensively ruling the country by law. The focus of leading cadres is to cultivate their rule of law thinking. At present, the cultivation of rule of law thinking...
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Research on Virtual Simulation Experiment Center Construction Practice and Resource Sharing Management Mechanism-Taking Mechanical Foundation and Textile Equipment Experiment Center as an Example

Jiancheng Yang, Zhifang Wang, Tao Yang, Xinrong Li, Dandan Li, Yongli Zhao
In order to promote the opening and sharing of virtual simulation experiment teaching resources, this paper expatiates on the construction content and characteristics of virtual simulation experiment center of mechanical foundation and textile equipment based on the construction work of "virtual simulation...
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The Analysis of Ricardian Model under the Production Possibility Frontier

Ming Su, Xue-mei Dai, Qi Zhang, Yong-hui Zhou
Ricardian model as the cornerstone of the theory of comparative advantage considers a linear production possibility frontier and shows that the marginal rate of substitution is constant. However, production possibility frontier is often nonlinear in real life. In this paper we give a full mathematical...
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Teaching Situation and Future Viewing of Introduction to Vacuum Tube Transportation

Yaoping Zhang
Vacuum Tube Transportation is a new coming hyper-speed transportation mode. The relating research and development is being progressed and its construction would be started in the near future. As a promising important industry, relating student education, subject building, specialty branch and course...
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A Study on the Necessity of Promoting "National Primary and Secondary School Students Martial Arts Aerobics" in Primary and Secondary School

Minghua Zhou, Nan Cheng
Chinese martial art has a long history and embodies the wisdom of Chinese nation. As an important part of Chinese traditional culture, martial art is the treasure of Chinese culture and the important content of PE teaching in primary and secondary schools. It has the important value of enhancing the...
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The Coal-Fired Power Plant Based on Minimizing the Total Cost Inventory System Optimization Research

Jianna Zhao, Wenduo Dong
In terms of the power plant supplies warehouse management, warehouse management ownership still exist unclear, management does not reach the designated position, inventory optimization has obvious flaw. Therefore solve the above problem, this paper supplies rational order and inventory optimization of...
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Steps Towards Carbon Market in Russia

Irina Belik, Natalia Starodubets, Alena Yachmeneva
The paper is dedicated to the issue of carbon market organization in Russia, which is especially important because of establishment in Russia goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the intention to accede to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. In paper authors review the situation with carbon...
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Correlation Analysis on the Environment Protection Industry Investment with Economic Growth

Jianna Zhao, Di Xin
The purpose of the present study was to analyze on the environment protection industry investment with economic growth. This paper describes the current situation that the scale and structure of environmental protection investment and the growth of economic in china during the past 15years and analyses...
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Research and Application of Classroom Assistant Software Based on Android

Jianna Zhao, Fengyi Zhao
In society, the use of mobile technology as a link for efficient transmission of knowledge to achieve the time and geographical restrictions on the education model has become important and urgent task combined with the development needs of China's contemporary education with the popular application of...
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Research on BP Neural Network Algorithm Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization in Short-Term Power Generation Forecasting

Jianna Zhao, Xiaobo He
In order to overcome the shortcomings of traditional BP neural network, and realize the fast and accurate prediction, this paper will construct a new prediction method by combining genetic algorithm and neural network. The method significantly improves the optimization ability of the model, which can...
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Analysis on the Combination of Activity-Based Costing and Balanced Scorecard

ShuLiang Liu, Jing Wu
At present, the activity-based costing (ABC) and the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) application in the enterprise management, most are analyzed alone on them, very few combine the two together for comparison, but the actual life experience shows that there is a certain correlation between ABC and BSC, the...
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Classical Cases Study on the Construction of City Subsidiary-Centers in Japan

Fang Zhao, Yanjun Liu, Wei Zhang, Qiong Wu, Linyue Hu
In the context of the rise of urban sub centers in China's major cities, to offer counselling service, the latest information and data of typical urban sub centers in Japan has been collected through information tracking by professionals. Compared with gathering information of a single case, this is...
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Research on the Examination Mode of Blending Teaching based on National Learning Resources Repository On Computing Application Technology-Case Study of Virtual Technology

Haiyan Liu, Xiaomin Liu, Qi Sun
A multi-angle student examination mode combined with the characteristics of the computer courses is presented on the basis of the existing examination methods in order to overcome the shortcomings of examination mode of the blending teaching. The mode integrates the online examination and the offline...
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Study on the Status of International Students' Satisfaction with the Quality of Higher Education Service

Qiting Chen, Qianqian Miao
the research designed a survey and took a college in Nanjing as the cases to evaluate the international student satisfaction of higher education service quality. Survey results show that students are not satisfied with the overall service quality of higher education. Study finds 6 factors influencing...
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Reform Practice of Evaluation Method of Drawing Courses in Chinese Colleges Adapting to Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Yonggang Dong, Jianfeng Song
The greater demands have been placed on the Chinese higher education system in recent years with the development of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Characteristics of drawing courses in Chinese colleges were introduced firstly and the demand of Advanced Manufacturing Technology for the reform of engineering...
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The Teaching Practice of "Database Principle and Application" Course Based on the Application of Innovative Ability

Xiuying Jiang, Jiaguo Lv, Qingyun Chi
This paper analyzes the target of training courses, training innovative ability of students based on the teaching content, teaching mode, curriculum design, assessment methods, textbook reform and so on has carried on the beneficial exploration, introduces the self-compiled teaching textbook content...
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Extension Analysis of Employee Management Based on Social Network Model

Honghui Zhu, Xingsen Li
This paper establishes a social network model to analyze the correlation between employees and reduce the turnover rate in the application of the model. The model is combined with Extenics, which uses the matter-element" (physical existence), "affair-element" (events and actions) and "relation-element"...
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Research on the Pricing Mechanism of Photovoltaic Power Generation

Jianna Zhao, Wei Zhang
With the vigorous development of China's green energy power market, the pricing problem of electricity market, especially the electricity market of green energy generation side, has gradually become an important issue in the reform of China's electric power structure. According to China's Development...
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Game Theory Analysis of the Pricing of Foreign Trade Products in High Tech Industry

Jianna Zhao, Tongfei Zhao
High tech industry as the embodiment of the comprehensive strength in different countries has become the main force of international competition. In this paper, the Hotelling model is used to analyze the problem of pricing the products. We find out that equal pricing will bring them greatest profits...
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Study on the Mode of Cultivation Information Management Professionals Based on Innovation and Practical Ability-Take NingBo Institute of Technology of ZheJiang University as an Example

Shaoying Li, Yuanhao Wang, Xingsen Li
In this paper, starting from the social demands for the innovation and practical ability of the information management professionals, a new curriculum structure and training program for the innovation and practical ability of the information management professionals is constructed, combined with the...