Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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Finger ECG De-noising Based on GA-wavelet Shrinkage

Shenshen Zou, Xiaohong Zhang
In view of the low signal to noise ration and the difficulty on de-noising for ECG signal collected under unconstrained environment, a GA(Generation Algorithm) based wavelet method of finger ECG de-noising is proposed after a systematic study of wavelet threshold de-noising and generation algorithm....
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FinFET Reliability Analysis by Forward Gated-Diode Method

Ming Fang, Jin He, Wen Wu, Wei Zhao, Ruonan Wang, Ping He, Lei Song
The reliability issue of the FinFET is studied in details in this paper by the forward gated-diode R-G current method. Extraction of the stress induced interface states and oxide traps of FinFET is performed from a series of the R-G current measurement and developed physics expression. As the result,...
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Analytical Model of Channel Electric Field Profile in FinFET

Ming Fang, Jin He, Wen Wu, Wei Zhao, Ruonan Wang, Mansun Chan, Ping He, Lei Song
A simple analytical model for the lateral channel electric field profile in the velocity saturation region of the FinFET with undoped body is proposed and developed by solving the Poisson Equation in the velocity saturation region with a simplified boundary condition. The model has been verified with...
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Natural Vibration Frequencies of an SRF Module at Liquid-Helium Temperature

Ming-Hsun Tsai, Lee-Long Han, Ming-Chyuan Lin, Chaoen Wang, Meng-Shu Yeh, Chih-Lung Lo, Mei-Hsia Chang, Tsing-Tshih Tsung
As a superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) cavity is a thin-shell structure with several thin bellows to bridge to its cryostat, any external excitation readily induces oscillations. The operation of a SRF module becomes unstable when the RF resonant frequency varies, due to mechanical vibrations, to...
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Design and Operation of the Dual Return Valves to Stabilize Helium Vessel Pressure of the SRF Module

Mei-Hsia Chang, Chaoen Wang, Ming-Chyuan Lin, Meng-Shu Yeh, Chih-Lung Lo, Ming-Hsun Tsai, Po-Yuan Chen, Fu-Tsai Chung, Ling-Jhen Chen, Lung-Hai Chang, Tsung-Chi Yu, Zong-Kai Liu, Chi-Lin Tsai
The Taiwan Photon Source at National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center selects the KEK-B type superconducting radio-frequency (SRF) module to deliver RF energy to the 3-GeV electrons circulated in the storage ring. Each SRF module has its own control valve box to adjust the flow rate of transferring...
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Design of Low Phase Noise and Low Stray Frequency Source Based on FPGA+HMC833

Tianli Li, Yuansi Chen, Gang Xu, Donghui Zhou, Junli Xu
Microwave resonator sensor has been applied to various fields of measurement. A frequency source with low phase noise, low stray, low power consumption, small step is the key to measurement of microwave resonator sensor. In order to adapt the requirements of the measurement, this paper selects and uses...
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Near Optimal Low-hit-zone Frequency Hopping Sequence Set with Partial Hamming Correlation Property

Zheng Xiao, Xiangqian Dong, Li Du
In this paper, we present a class of low-hit-zone (LHZ) frequency hopping sequence set (LHZ FHS set) with periodic partial Hamming correlation property from the Cartesian product of known FHS sets. It is shown that the sequence set is near optimal with respect to the partial Hamming correlation bound...
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High Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer System for Medium Power

Zhiyuan Shi, Shaorong Fang, Nenggui Chen, Zuosheng Xie
As the technology matures and increased demand for wireless charging, the development of wireless power transfer technology is getting more and more concern. This paper analyzed the wireless power transfer system through mutual inductance equivalent model and obtained the mathematical relationship between...
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The Grid Inverter of Negative Sequence Compensation Rapid Phase-Lock Control Strategy

Jin Xu, Lin Li, Sanqin Zhao
Aiming at the shortage of traditional phase-locked method in the three-phase unbalanced conditions of power grid, this paper proposed a novel software phase-locked loop control strategy. This paper introduces in detail the working principle and designing method of the digital PLL by comparative experiment....
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The Analysis of the Quasi-likelihood Algorithm of the Estimated Parameter of the Signal with Unknown Localization within the Observation Interval

Oleg V. Chernoyarov, Andrey P. Trifonov, Konstantin S. Kalashnikov, Boris I. Shakhtarin
We carried out the synthesis and analysis of the quasi-likelihood estimation algorithm of regular parameter of an untailored pulse with the unknown moments of appearance and disappearance observed against additive Gaussian white noise. We studied the influence of prior ignorance of the moments of appearance...
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Analysis of Pressure Characteristics of Tube-contained Raw Material Pipeline Hydraulic Transportation under Different Discharges

Jun Wang, Xihuan Sun, Yongye Li
Tube-contained raw material pipeline hydraulic transportation is a new energy-saving and environmentally -friendly technique of piped hydraulic transportation. In the paper, some pressure characteristics of tube-contained raw material pipeline hydraulic transportation under different discharges were...
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Analysis of Bus Power Balance Based on Mathematical Statistics

Fujun Bao, Miao Wang, Qiang Li, Lei Wang, Yansheng Lang
The bus power balance is an important index to quantify the power system basic data. In view of the current shortage of power imbalance evaluation at single time section, in this paper, imbalanced power is regarded as a normal distributed random variable and the its historical data is statistically analyzed....
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Hybrid Electric Vehicle Traffic Flow Image Restoration using Blind Deconvolution Algorithm

Qingsheng Shi, Ke Lu, Shijie Zhang
With the characteristics of multi-source, time-varying and fuzzy, traffic decision information needed by hybrid vehicle energy management system has become the major bottleneck to restrict hybrid electric vehicle's energy optimization. The first step to obtain valid traffic information is image processing...
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A Fuzzy Clustering Method for Enterprise Knowledge Creation Enablers Measurement

Yunpeng Wu
We induce enablers of knowledge creation capability from five different aspects through analyzing process of knowledge creation. After that, by applying the fuzzy set theory and fuzzy clustering approach to analyze these enablers, a method based on fuzzy clustering is proposed. Using this method, the...
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Analysis of Control Strategy for Hybrid Active Power Filter

VanBao Chau, CongPhuong Vo, MinhThuyen Chau
The hybrid active power filter is very efficient in filtering harmonics and power factor correction. But its efficiency depends on many factors; including control strategy plays a very important role. Therefore, this paper aims to analyze mathematical model of the hybrid active power filter. On that...
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A Fiber-Optic Icing Sensor with Multi-Light Paths

Kan Lu, Feng Chen
Fiber-optic icing sensor is a kind of light-intensity-modulation sensor. It can indirectly measure the ice thickness based on light intensity. To increase measuring scope of the reflective fiber-optic icing sensor, a fiber-optic icing sensor with multi-light paths is presented. , a set of fiber array...
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The Integrity of 28nm HK/MG nMOSFETs Probed with Drain Bias Stress

Mu-Chun Wang, Shea-Jue Wang, Shuang-Yuan Chen, Chao-Nan Wei, Dai-Heng Wu, Jun-Wen Cai, Wen-How Lan
Adopting coupling drain bias stresses to probe the device integrity achieved the good consequences in the study of device leakage, interface state, and oxide trap causing some degradation effect in the tested devices and observed the GCIP effect at the higher drain stress conditions.
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High-speed Image Acquisition and Network Transmission System Based on FPGA

Hao Wang, Zhi Weng, Xiaochun Li
Through the study of the Camera Link interface protocol, the Ethernet protocol, and the VGA display sequence, the writer designs a high-speed image acquisition and network transmission system based on FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) and details the...
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DPN Treatment plus Annealing Temperatures for 28nm HK/MG nMOSFETs with CHC Stress

Mu-Chun Wang, Shea-Jue Wang, Chii-Wen Chen, Hui-Yun Bor, Zhi-Hong Xu, Wen-How Lan
The possible nano-crystallization formation and thicker interface layer at the higher annealing atmosphere, however, is easy to suppress the superiority of high-k dielectric deposition in the improvement of drive current and reliability. This phenomenon was apparently observed at 900oC annealing tested...
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Novel Chipless RFID Technology Using Open Loop Resonator

Ayman S. Al-zayed, V.A. Shameena
The paper presents the design and development of a low cost compact chipless RFID system for secure near field data transfer. The proposed system is suitable for use in credit cards, personal data keeping cards and identification cards based on the principle of “data transfer by contact” which at present...
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Dynamic Factor Analysis of the Distributed Innovation Process under the Internet Environment

Deyan Liu, Xiaoqin Gao
The developments of information and communication technologies in combination with world-wide logistics processes can be seen as the main driver for distributed innovation processes. s. The key question is how multinational companies can manage such distributed innovation processes under the internet...
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Simulation Research on Detection Sensor of Metal Wear Particle in Oil Fluid

Haiying Jiang, Ping Gao, Wenjun Zhao
Using COMSOL Multiphysics software established finite element models of the 2D axis symmetric and the 3D for the detection sensor of metal particle. Under different models and parameters, containing particles in different positions of five models, excitation frequency, turns ratio, the distance between...
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Design of Signal Transceiver System Based on High Temperature Sensor SiCN

Tianli Li, Donghui Zhou, Gang Xu, Yuansi Chen, Junli Xu
This paper puts forward the passive and wireless SiCN temperature sensor in the applicability and necessity of the turbine engine internal environment temperature measurement. Using the principle of resonance frequency scanning tracking method based on perturbation to be the system test method, while...
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Design of The SiCN Temperature Sensor Detecting System Based on LabVIEW

Tianli Li, Junli Xu, Gang Xu, Donghui Zhou, Yuansi Chen
The SiCN temperature sensor is a passive wireless sensor cavity, which uses SiCN ceramic as dielectric resonator, the material has some advantages such as thermal shock, corrosion and oxidation resistance, etc. Through the analysis of resonator sensor modeling, uses the theory of weak-disturbance modifying...
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Securing Authentication Within Hadoop

Michael Kanyeba, Lasheng Yu
In this paper, we discuss authentication issues for Hadoop security in a cloud environment. The main focus is on security issues that are associated with authentication in Hadoop which is framework for storing data on large clusters of commodity hardware — everyday computer hardware that is affordable...
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Analysis of Marketing Modes Based on Time-space Check-in Data

Haiping Wang, Xiaolong Chen, Min Ren
We analyzed how to apply the check-in data to marketing areas by means of the current check-in software based on the theory of Time-Space Path. First, we explored possible marketing modes according to the path in the Time-Space theory and several kinds of interactive ways between people in time-space...
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Recognition Effect Evaluation of Radar Signals Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Jun Han, Yichun Pan, Bo-lin Cheng, Jing Wang
The recognition of radar emitter signals (RES) is one of the key technologies in electronic countermeasures intelligence system, it’s a brand new subject to scientifically evaluate the recognition effect. In this paper fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method is introduced to build relevant evaluation model...
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An Improved AES Key Expansion Algorithm

Junjie Yan, Feng Chen
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) has been widely used in wireless communications with advantage of the small amount of computation and fast speed. In order to overcome the drawback of typical expansion algorithm whose key is easily attacked by Square, an improved AES algorithm is proposed. In this...
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Study on Recognition of Metallic Ions by a Photo-Sensitivity Liquid Crystal of Ethylcyclohexyl Acyloxy Azobenzoic Acid

Yongsheng Wei, Minyan Zheng
A ethyl cyclohexanyloxy azobenzoic acid molecule constructed by liquid crystalline structure was synthesized as a sample in this paper. The compound was a multi-functional molecule with liquid crystalline and photo-sensitive properties. The recognition of some divalent metallic ions such as Fe2+, Mn2+,...
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Supply Chain Sustainability Assessment: the Case of the Automotive Industry

Miguel M. Barros, Susana G. Azevedo
The objective of this paper is to propose a framework to assess and monitor the level of sustainability at the automotive supply chain, followed by its validation with a case study considering several companies from United Kingdom (UK).
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Knock Detection in Piston Engines

Pedro Dias, Francisco Brójo
The present work had as main objectives to detect and analyse detonation vibration patterns and evaluate which ignition angle should be used for each angular velocity on the used engine.
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Analysis of Disturbance Properties of Solar Array Drive Assembly in Different Sub-Divisions Drive

Mariyam Sattar, Cheng Wei, Jiangpan Chen, Asif Israr
The micro-vibrations, generated by Solar Array Drive Assembly (SADA), of satellite can extensively alter and reduce its imaging quality as well as pointing direction precision. The present work aims to analyze the active and structural vibration disturbances of SADA driven in two different kinds of sub-division...
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Research on Multi-target Directional Disassembly of Products Based on Ant Colony Algorithm

Weike Chen, Yu Liu, Tan Wang, Dong Xiang
In view of the green manufacturing and remanufacturing product disassembly planning problem, one disassembly sequence planning method based on mixed graphs model of single entry specific target set is put forward, all possible disassembly sequences are generated through the construction of specific target...
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A Case Study on Performance and Safety Test of Defibrillator Devices

Ali Tavakoli Golpaygani, Mohammad Mehdi Movahedi
Nowadays more than 10,000 different types of medical devices can be found in hospitals. In this way, medical electrical equipment is being employed in a wide variety of fields in medical sciences with different physiological effects and measurements. Hospitals and medical centers must ensure that their...
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Novel Approach for Determination of Generator Contribute in Transmission Usage Based On the Average Tracing Method

Syarifuddin Nojeng, Muhammad Nawir, Mohammad Yusri Hassan
This paper is a study to solved the problem of the utilization of transmission by using some method of transmisision usage allocate. In a deregulated power system required method of determining the actual power flow on each line of the generator to load. The main purpose of this paper is to provide an...
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Manufacture of the Printed Circuit Boards for Microstrip Transmission Line Circuits

Sudram Arkom, Karnna Chayaphon, Chanthong Apirun, Tantiviwat Sugchai
Microstip transmission line circuits play important roles in many microwave communication systems. This paper presents to manufacture of the printed circuit boards (PCB) based on spray etching machines for microstrip transmission line circuits. This is an experimental research with the objectives to...
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Microstructure and Properties of Ni-based and Fe-based coatings by Thermal Spray

Binfeng He
Thermal spray is an effective method in the remanufacture process. In this paper, Ni-based and Fe-based powders were sprayed onto a steel substrate40Cr using a thermal flame spray technology. The coatings were remelted by the heatronicheater. The morphology of the coatings was characterized by using...
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Automatic Modulation Recognition of both Digital and Analog Communication Signals

Tiger Sun, Jiakuan Jia, Guojun Yu
Six feature parameters P1-P6 based on the first statistical moments of the received signals were proposed for automatically classify the modulation of digital and analog communication signal, which were calculated by signal processing methods. The calculation process is simpler than witch traditional...
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Analysis of Dynamic Inspection Respond of Integrity Float Supported Pile

Dongwei Wang
In engineering construction, Piles have been come important base reinforce form. In this paper we established the mechanical model of the pile motivated vibration, and got the vibration partial differential equation of the pile, with the boundary conditions and initial conditions. From the mathematical...
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Proposal of a Maturity Model for Supply Chain Sustainability

Elisabete M.F. Correia, Susana G. Azevedo, Helena Carvalho
This paper proposes a Maturity Model (MM) to assess the level of sustainability of Supply Chains. To reach the integrated Maturity Model an hierarchical and partitioned perspective is adopted by sustainability practices, sustainability dimensions and by SC. A simulation study is performed to illustrate...
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Grey Ontology Model for Expert Knowledge Representation

Bin Shen, Shuyu Zhao
In order to improve the knowledge representation of ontology for dealing with grey uncertainty, grey ontology is proposed. Firstly, grey systems theory, probability theory and fuzzy theory are compared. Secondly, interval grey number and its calculation are introduced. At last, the model grey ontology...
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Research on Parameters Tuning of PID Controller Based on Critical Proportioning Method

Xuewen Shi, Qinglan Wang, Yuqiang Wu
Critical proportioning method is an important and widely used method for PID engineering tuning. Since textbooks only introduce PID parameters tuning steps and simulation examples, without giving the value of critical proportion amplification coefficient (CPAC) and the research on system’s stability,...
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Research on the System of Parallel Computing in R

Xianyi Cheng, Lu Xie, Quan Shi, Ping Qu
With the advent of big data, the research of data analysis software become the concern of academia and industry in big data. In order to let R to adapt to the big data processing, must break through to parallel computing and memory limit restrictions. In this paper, by analyzing the Rhdoop package, bigmemory...
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Time Coupling Constraints Modeling and Analysis in Unit Commitment

Shuai Cao, Zhenglin Yang, Haihua Cheng, Yaxian Zheng, Jian Geng
Tight time coupling will require the high modeling performance, especially the minimum on/off time constraint. The authors referred to the thought ofthe cutting plane theory, and built 4 kinds of models ABCD of the minimum on/off time constraints, to completelydemonstrate the problem. Then they gave...
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From the Perspective of the Times to Research the Application of Ergonomics in the Tractor Moulding

Wei Chen
The application of ergonomics in the tractor modeling has experinced three phases. They are design phases of mechanical center, “man-machine” system and “man-machine-environment” system. In the design phases of mechanical center, only considered mechanical design in terms of mechanics; In the design...
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Research on Chip Cooling of High Power Density Integrated

Shufang Wang, Zhiyong Yang, Wei Xi
Increasingly, heat flux density on one chip reached to 1KW/cm2 with the development of integration technology. However, it is hardly to meet the demand of 417K for conventional cooling way. Chip cooling become the bottleneck of integration further. This paper put forward that integrated micro channel...
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Research on the Bearing Preload of Main Reducer of Rear Drive Automobile

Jianming Li, Xiaobin Wang
The structure characteristic of the main reducer of one rear drive automobile was introduced in this paper, and also the bearing preloads effect on the supporting stiffness of main reducer was discussed. Analyzed the calculation of bearing preload theoretically, and compared it with the simulation through...
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Optimization of Sheet Metal Forming Process Parameters by Artificial Neural Network and Orthogonal Test Method

Wenqiong Zhang, Dongwei Wang
Combined with artificial neural network of good features, using the orthogonal experiment data obtained as the training sample of neural network we established a neural network model of the input for the process parameters, output for the springback amount, and the accuracy of the ANN model was verified...
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Tool Path Generation Method of Complex Surface 5-axis Machining

Huiying Li, Liangji Chen
To enhance 5-axis CNC machining precision of complex surfaces with a ball-end cutter, the generation method of cutter contacting (CC) paths is presented in this paper. By means of curvature circle, the feeding length was calculated within allowable error. The step-over in the perpendicular direction...
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The Fused Deposition Modeling 3D Printing

Longwei Yan, Huichao Sun, Xingtian Qu, Wei Zhou
Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is one of the most widely used additive manufacturing processes for fabricating prototypes and functional parts in common engineering plastics. From the view of the control structure, 3D printer based on the FDM technology is divided into two layers: the host computer...
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Comparative Study of Long Span Beams Built up with an Ordinary Structural Steel at High Temperatures

In-Kyu Kwon
Fire resistance for steel framed buildings is very important not only to guard lives that live and visit but to sustain the structural stability to prevent falling down. To evaluate and compare the fire resistance of long span beams built with ordinary structural steels, fire engineering method using...
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Investigating the Surface Superhydrophilic and Superhydrophobic Modification Using Nanoscale Bilayers Assembly on Stainless Steel Plate

Shen-Chun Wu, Cheng-Chung Lin, Sin-Jie Lin, Kuan-Wei Chen, Sze-Wei Chang, Shen-Jwu Su
This study investigated the use of nanoscale bilayers assembly for superhydrophilic and superhydrophobic surface modification on stainless steel plate. This study performed nanoscale bilayers assembly method ,as well as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to perform fluorosilan treatment on the modification...
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SEA Subsystem Attribute Correction Based on Stiffness Multipliers

Jie Gao, Yong Yang
This study introduces the principles and application procedures of the stiffness multiplier method used to correct the statistical energy analysis (SEA) subsystem attributes. Using the cockpit floor of a certain type of fighter aircraft as an example, this study combines the finite element method and...
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The Application of Inertia Relief Method in Ranat and Xylophone

Joompon Bamrungwong, Pattaraweerin Woraratsoontorn
The percussion instrument usually involves some kind of striking. There are so many Thai percussion instrument such as the Ranat, the Cymbal ect. The aim of this analysis to study transverse modes and find out the important parameter to get proper sound frequency which are excited in bars that are struck...
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Crack Maintenance Effect Model Testing Study of Mine Construction Metro Lining

Yujie Li, Huijie Xu, Guoxia Song, Jianjun Luo, Xiaoshi An
Taking lining structure crack diseases on one line of Beijing subway as the research object, using indoor model test method to studying lining structure damage rule and crack maintenance effect. Through experiment, it was concluded the main conclusions as follows: Through the contrast test could be obtained...
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Object Detection in a Cluttered Scene Using SURF for Computer Assisted Histopathology

Aqeel Abbas, Talat Zehra, Fu Li
Computer vision imitates human vision ability to perceive real world. Computer vision has proven its part from autonomous navigation on martin surface to histopathology images recognition. In practice, histopathologists examine microscopic imagery of diseased tissue and diagnose on the bases of malignancy,...
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Uncertainty Approval of Gear Ring Radial Runout in Image Measurement

Yaodong Xu
To resolve the extra workload of spindles’ preparation, image measurement method was applied in various part measurement of geared ring radial runout without spindles. An experiment was made to explore the errors and uncertainty of gear measurement through image measurement .By analysis of data, the...
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Error Analysis of Circular Gratings Angle-Measuring System

Shunqing Ren, Qingbo Liu, Hongbo Zhao
In order to analyze the error sources of circular gratings angle-measuring system, a series of coordinate systems were established on the gratings angle-measuring system through taking many mechanical errors into account, such as rotary errors of the axis system, installing eccentricity and tilt of circular...
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Combustion Analysis of Diethyl Ether Blends in Gasoline Engine Operated with Ethanol

D. Balaji, T. Maridurai, S. N. Mani Varmaa
This paper investigates the effect of using unleaded gasoline with di ethyl ether blends on spark ignition engine (SI engine) performance, exhaust and combustion analysis. A four stroke, single cylinder SI engine was used for conducting this study. Exhaust emissions were analysed for carbon monoxide...
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Success Criteria in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Projects

Seyed Hossein Razavi Hajiagha, Maryam Shokouhinia, Shide Sadat Hashemi
The aim of this paper is to discuss success criteria of oil, gas and petrochemical projects and developing a pattern for evaluation of these projects. It is conducted following a case study approach in which the projects of Arya Petro Gas Co. are examined. The methodological framework of this research...
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The Research of Taiwan’s Green Building Energy-Saving Techniques

Yu-Chung Wang
This research is based on Taiwan’s first zero-carbon green building-Magic School of Green Technology in National Cheng Kung University. Actual energy consumption will be measured to explore benefits of energy-saving. The design origin for this building encompasses 13 green energy-saving techniques. United...
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Research on Health Assessment for Ecologic Restoration of Slope

Shu Cao, Feng Xiong
Environment problems have drawing more and more attention in recent years,the ecologic restoration engineering of slope have progressively increased too.As a result, the engineering is needed to be assessed. Now,a lot of methods which macroscopicallyassesse that in all respects are used, but this paper...
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Research on Characteristics of Hysteresis in Accordance with the Oil Line of Clutch System

Hyun-sik Kim, Sung-mo Yang, Hyang-woo Kim
This thesis conducted a comparison analysis via an experiment on clutch pedal effort hysteresis response characteristic in accordance with oil line characteristic which makes up the drive system in automobile clutch. Clutch drive system experiment Jig was composed and used in comparison analysis of response...
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Design and Experimental Research of a New Kind of NC Rotary Swing Workbench

Lei Xing, Xiangdong Liu, Wei Lu, Yongcheng Jiang, Fujun Ren
To realize the application of reciprocating electrical sparkle wire cutting technology and to solve the technical problems of sculptured surface machining, one new kind of NC rotary swing workbench has been studied based on computer aided technology. The advantages can be concluded as high precision...
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The Non-precision Goal Algorithm of Robot Fish Based on Fuzzy Control

Dan Zhang, Yulian Jiang, Qi Zhou
In the water polo match, the key to win the match is to seek a rapid and precise goal method. To solve this problem, the non-precision goal algorithm based on fuzzy control is proposed in this paper. The relative position of the water polo and the robot fish is described as the input of the fuzzy control...
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Study on Fresh Agricultural Products Supply Chain Structure and Status Monitoring

Xixi Zhang, Hui Hu, Hezhen Ma, Xing Fu
Many fresh agricultural products (FAP) cannot achieve “smooth flow of goods" and “make the best value”. FAP are perishable items and difficult to store and transport for a long time. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to study the structure of FAP supply chain. In this paper, firstly, it introduced...
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Space Structure of Smart Land Use in Maanshan Based on Buffer Extention

Shenmin Wang, Qifang Ma, Wenqi Liu, Xinyue Zhang
The research of land suitability evaluation based on GIS using buffer diffusion methods, to optimize the Ma ' Anshan city’s intensive land-use spatial structure in order to achieve The highest land use efficiency, meet requirements of the smart use of land. Research results indicate that Ma ' Anshan...
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Modeling and Optimization for a Multi-degree Manipulator with Constrained Positions

Guojun Yu, Yu Liu, Tiger Sun
For the urgent demand of lunar landing program, design a space manipulator and its arm with a flexible rotation, high precision, non-polluting and a vacuum operation from a long distance. Determining all the possible constrained positions and optimizing them by finite element software Abaqus, we get...
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Design of Intelligent Diagnosis System for Heavyweight Measurement System Based on IOT

Liang Zhang, Xiaofeng Liu, Pei Mu, Jong-won Kim
Heavy-weight Measurement System in Heavy-load Truck-scale is proposed using fuzzy logic Combined the technology of Internet of things (IOT). This system makes an inference in Fuzzy Logic Controller for each load-cell state and manage information based on IOT system. We investigated validity of system...
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Radioactive Nuclides Diffusion Simulation Analysis of Equipment System Accident

Xin Ren
The prediction of the radioactive nuclides concentration of equipment system accident is the basis and premise of equipment system radioprotection and it is an important part of radiation accident emergency rescue. Based on the one-dimensional diffusion model, the radioactive nuclides transient, continuous...
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Area Delay Modeling Based on Traffic Assignment

Lingyun Zhu, Feng Chen
Delay model is the basis for traffic flow optimal control. The current work mainly focuses on delay model of intersection, and less research is paid to area delay model. To meet the demands of area coordination control for urban traffic network, this paper proposes an area delay modeling method based...
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The Method of Mission Planning System Verification

Ming Cheng, Yong Song, Yuhan Chen
For the needs of developing mission planning system, all levels of mission planning system from home and abroad are studied and analyzed, such as the main functions and applications at the operating environment, ways of working, content, deployment and other ways. Finally, starting from the system development...
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Kinematics Rapid Modeling Method of Tendon-Driven Robotic Mechanisms Using the Tendon-Routing Matrix and Equivalent Radius Matrix

Hongqiang Sang, Chenghao Yang, Fen Liu, Jintian Yun, Fa Chen
A new kinematics rapid modeling method for N-degree-of-freedom (DOF) serial tendon-driven robotic mechanisms with N, N+1, and 2N configurations is proposed in this paper. Introducing the tendon-routing matrix (TRM) and equivalent radius matrix (ERM), which gotten by observing the routing topology of...
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Application of Fuzzy Mathematics in the Mold Simulation Software of Intelligent Assembly

Hua Sun, Wenbo Hao
Taking the threaded hole in the virtual model as research object, According to the calibration method of absolute value reduction method, Based on fuzzy relationship matrix and fuzzy relationship matrix auto operation, make it meet the transitivity. According to the calculation results, the clustering...
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Practical Application of Cloud Service Evaluation Index System

Cong Cheng, Zehua Niu
This paper has picked cloud storage services provided by 5 cloud providers that the users are familiar with, investigated, added up and analyzed their 12 service indicators and eventually come up with the total scores and ranking of the service quality for cloud storage. It has creatively come up with...
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Simulation of Convex Aspherical Surface Testing with Partial Compensating Interferometer

Yao Hu, Shaopu Wang, Jingxian Wang, Yan Ning, Xuemin Cheng, Qun Hao
Large aperture convex aspheric optical components are widely used in imaging systems such as astronomy and space telescopes. Measurement of the figure error of the convex aspherical surface with high precision has been a challenge. We have proposed partial compensating interferometry with catadioptric...
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Study on the Building Mechanism of Straw Immobilized Microorganisms

Xiuxia Zhang, Qiongqiong Shang, Hongting Zheng, Zhesen Zhong
Using the single hydrocarbon degrading bacteria, two kinds of straw materials called MG and SY as the carrier, and then preparing two kinds of immobilized microbs by adsorption, examining their strain absorption rate and petroleum hydrocarbon degradation rate after 7 days. Characterizing the morphology...
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An Intelligent Interface Design Method Based on DSP and FPGA

Zhiyou Chi, Qingzhong Jia, Xingdou Wang, Zongrui Liu, Ping Wu
This paper which is based on the development of intelligent test platform and embedded processor technology, discuss configurable intelligent interface design method according to different interfaces of different test devices or even a same device, propose an intelligent interface design method based...
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Design of Color Recognition System Based on FPGA

Guibin Sun, Zhi Weng, Peng Zhao, Dongxu Guo, Yu Tian, Lei Xiao
Color recognition plays an important role in Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence. In this article, a system based on FPGA applying to image acquisition, storage, display and color recognition is designed mainly to complete the recognition and calibration of fixed colors. Color images are captured...
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3D Reconstruction of Property Right Body Based on E00

Lingling Zhang, Yunfei Shi, Zhenfeng Cai, Changjiang Shao, Liming Lin
The property right body is the registration object for 3d cadastre. Its fast an economic reconstruction is the key to realizing the precision management of 3D property rights. Most property rights are rule bodies and they have corresponding construction data and height information. The method of “stretching”...