Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

ICEMIE 2016, the International Conference on Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering will be held on April 24-25, 2016, in Phuket, Thailand. The conference topics cover a large research field including electrical engineering, power engineering, automation and control engineering and test theories and its applications.

Electrical engineering and its automation play an important role in the industrial production. Its developmental state has a direct influence on industrialization. It can be seen that the related techniques have been applied to many fields. And scientists and researchers are laying more and more stress on the related researches and development. This conference will offer a platform for academic communications on which participants from all over the world are able to share their ideas and thoughts on these topics without limitation.

Before the conference begin, the conference committee have made much effort till the conference is well prepared. It’s believed that the conference will achieve a great success with passionate participants and a devoted conference committee.

ICEMIE 2016 has received a lot of support from researchers owing to its significance and practicability. Many researchers and scholars have submitted their original papers to us to present their unique thoughts and valuable advice. All these submissions have gone through a strict reviewing process before acceptance as below procedures:

The received submissions were double blind reviewed with the reviewers and the authors keeping anonymous. Each paper was reviewed by at least 2 reviewers with related academic experience assigned by TPC chairs. Papers were accepted if without different opinion; those with different opinions would be reviewed again by the third reviewer. Accepted papers will still be revised by the contributors according to the reports from the reviewers.

Until the deadline, 314 submissions were received and 80 submissions are accepted and published in this book after reviewing. The book is divided into four chapters:

1: Electrical, Electronics and Magnetoelectric Engineering and Industrial Applications
2: Applied Mechanical and Power Engineering
3: Design and Manufacturing Systems and Technologies
4: Automation and Control Engineering

It’s the full support from the contributors and conference committee that make the conference a great success. I am also thankful to Atlantis Press and the organizer—the Science and Engineering Research Center, Hong Kong, China.

Finally, we hope that all our participant will do benefit from the conference.

ICEMIE 2016 Committees