Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electrical, Computer Engineering and Electronics

847 authors
Zhao, Zhengyu
On-orbit Service System Based on Orbital Servicing Vehicle
Zhao, Zhenjiang
Stabilization of complex-valued neural networks with time-varying delays via linear feedback control
Zhao, Zhenjiang
Global Exponential Stability of Discrete-Time Complex-Valued Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delay
Zheng, Jun
Efficient Key Management Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zheng, Xing
Energy efficient solutions for the networks and routers
Zheng, Yuwen
Research on Computer Architecture based on Distributed Cluster Structure
Zheng, Yuwen
Implementation and Optimization of Embedded Image Processing System
Zheng, Yuwen
Research on Multi-core Embedded Computer Architecture based on Cloud Computing
Zhi, Yuan
Research on classification query optimization algorithm in data stream
Zhong, Chongquan
Tasks Scheduling in PAC System Based on Heuristic Shortest Path Algorithm
Zhong, Danmei
Mitigation of GPS L2 signal in the HI observation based on NLMS algorithm
Zhong, Hai
Numerical Simulation for Dual-energy CT Imaging
Zhong, Juan
The Watermark Technology Application Research Guided by the Idea of Computer Safe Operation
Zhong, Mengchun
Wavelet Packet Energy Feature Extraction Method of Recoil Mechanism Wear Signal
Zhong, Ying
A Design of Autonomous Goods Transport System Based on Quadcopter
Zhou, Hong
Research on classification query optimization algorithm in data stream
Zhou, Jihe
Research on real time telemetry system in bicycling training
Zhou, Kui
The Editing method of "Electronic patients" based on XML DataBase and Relational DataBase
Zhou, Meili
Multi-Opponent Model of Weighing Used in Up-stream Equipment Weighing System
Zhou, Wenlan
An improved PSO algorithm coupling with prior information for classification of large scale dataset
Zhou, Xing
Optimization design method of multimedia technology in large-scale broadcasting and television project
Zhou, Xinli
The Optimization Of Boiler Operation Based On Intelligent Algorithm
Zhou, Yanmin
Analysis on the Design and Application of the Small and Large Current Photomultiplier Tube
Zhou, Yanmin
Analysis on the Organic Photosensitive Diode Structure Optimization based on the Optical System
Zhou, Yanmin
Analysis on the Optical Performance and Test Technology of the Multiple Beam of the High-power Laser System
Zhou, Ying
The Study on the Circuit Design and Implementation of the Low Voltage Variable Frequency Speed Regulating Device
Zhou, Ying
Analysis on the Design and Application of the Protection Circuit of the Low Voltage Motor
Zhou, Yun
The Optimal Control Based on Particle Swarm Intelligence Algorithm
Zhou, Yun
The Comparison and Simulation for the Response and Following of the Power Plant Coordination Control Scheme
Zhou, Zhengjie
The Design of PLC Entrance Guard System Based on RFID Technology
Zhou, Zhenzhen
Medical Image Denoising and Compressing Using Discrete Orthonormal S-transform
Zhou, Zhenzhen
Numerical Simulation for Dual-energy CT Imaging
Zhou, Zidong
Performance Analysis of TDCS Based on Adaptive Threshold
Zhu, Baoqiang
Reliability analysis of partly repairable dual-mode redundant system
Zhu, Caisheng
The Design of the 3D Reconstruction System of Line Structured Light Vision
Zhu, Gen
An Intelligent Doctor-Patient Interaction System for Chronic Disease Telemonitoring
Zhu, Jinbao
A Design of Autonomous Goods Transport System Based on Quadcopter
Zhu, Jinhua
The Security Management of Aluminum Electrolysis Based on CAS-MES
Zhu, Lei
Introduction and Application of LXI Bus Technology
Zhu, Qiang
Research on data location method under the cloud computing environment
Zhu, Shiping
A Modified Image Segmentation Method Using Active Contour Model
Zhu, Tong
Research of a MFC-based wireless communication system
Zhu, Xinliang
Discussion on the Technology of Computer Network Hacker Attack and Defense
Zhu, Yanju
GPU-Based Hybrid Method for Electromagnetic Scattering of Electrically Large Objects
Zhu, Yejun
The Design and Application of Statement Neutral Model Based on PCA
Zhu, Zongzhi
Research and Development of Network Virtual Laboratory Based on B/S Mode
Zhuang, Yanran
Distributed Stream Processing of RNN Query in Mobile Computing