Proceedings of the 3rd International Academic Conference on Blockchain, Information Technology and Smart Finance (ICBIS 2024)

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Peer-Review Statements

Kannimuthu Subramaniyam, Lu Leng, Jing Li, Ali Hussein Wheeb
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 3rd International Academic Conference on Blockchain, Information Technology and Smart Finance (ICBIS 2024) during December 23-25, 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific...
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An Empirical Study of Relationship Networks of Listed Forestry Enterprises

Xu Wang, Lei Gao, Jielong Huang, Liqun Wang
Based on the data of the a-share national listed forestry enterprises in 2023, this paper uses the social network-analysis method to study the network structure characteristics of the national listed forestry enterprises and the role positioning and functional differences of the internal member enterprises...
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Dynamic Network Model of Economic Indicators Based on Time Series Analysis

Hengrui Zhu, Zhitao Wang, Mingyue Liu, Xumin Song
The new agenda of Sustainable Development Goals is broad and ambitious, addressing the sustainable development economic and financial resources. To better analyze the trend of economics development of the countries worldwide, the mixed linear effect model was proposed to quantify the indicators of each...
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Input-output benefit analysis of automobile industry based on grey correlation method

Hao Chen, Jiarong Li, Weiwei Bao
The automotive industry is an important pillar and strategic industry of the national economy, as well as an important area for stabilizing growth, promoting consumption, and ensuring employment. This article selects 11 listed vehicle companies as samples, and based on input-output theory, constructs...
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Feasibility Analysis of Blockchain Technology in Addressing Supply Chain Finance Bottlenecks

Menghao Su, Jincheng Yu, Pu Du, Wenbing Zan, Haoying Li, Lu Han, Yuran Bai
Blockchain technology, initially introduced as the underlying technology for Bitcoin, has garnered significant attention for its decentralized advantages. This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the feasibility of applying blockchain technology to address bottlenecks in supply chain finance....
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Research and application of digital Collection smart Contract Method based on Block-Chain

Lili Quan, Yong Pan, Wen Zhong
There are still some problems in the traditional art market, such as piracy, copyright and market narrowing. How to use block-chain technology to convert specific words, pictures, music and other items into digital credentials is an urgent problem to be solved. Compared with traditional works of art,...
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Visualization of large-scale user-related feature data based on nonlinear dimensionality reduction method

Xiuzhuo Wei, Chunjie Wang, Bo Tang, Huinan Zhao
Powerful tools and technical support are needed to extract meaningful information from massive data, understand the relationship between users and discover potential patterns. In this context, the visualization of large-scale user-related feature data has emerged as an important means to deal with the...
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Applying Big Data Technology to Improve Human Resource Performance Management

Lan Jiang
Big data makes mining human resources more precise and convenient. It makes enterprise organizational structures more systematic and flat. At the same time, it also makes human resource planning more scientific and intelligent. Through the application of big data, enterprises can not only build a human...
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Research on financing efficiency of small, medium and micro enterprises in Hunan Free Trade Zone based on DEA-Tobit model

Haifeng Tang, Zhenzhu Wu
This paper takes the financing efficiency of small, medium and micro enterprises in Hunan Free Trade Zone as the research object. With DEAP 2.1 and Stata 17 software, DEA-Tobit model is used to analyze the financial data of 31 listed enterprises in Hunan Free Trade Zone from 2020 to 2022. The results...
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Research on the Design and Implementation of Web Pages with Integrated Information

Yanmei Dai, Yongsheng Xie
Currently, numerous industries exhibit close interconnections. Nevertheless, the information asymmetry prevailing among various industries leads to the operational inefficiency of related industries. To tackle this issue, web pages with integrated information are designed by utilizing Linux, Apache,...
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The Random Forest Model for analyzing and Forecasting the US Stock Market under the background of smart finance

Jiajian Zheng, Duan Xin, Qishuo Cheng, Miao Tian, Le Yang
As an important part of the financial market, The stock market plays a crucial role in wealth accumulation for investors, financing costs for listed companies, and the stable development of the national macroeconomy. Consequently, significant fluctuations in the stock market will not only damage the...
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Correlation analysis of publication volume in abnormal behavior detection: A knowledge network perspective

Shilong Wang, Jinghuan Zhu, Li Chao
His study employed CiteSpace software to analyze research outcomes related to abnormal behavior detection based on video surveillance. The primary focus was on the China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) and “Web of Science” (WoS) databases. The objective was to identify research trends and provide...
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Analysis and Design of Preventive Protection System for Ancient Buildings from the Metaverse Perspective

Jiqing Cao
The article analyses the damage characteristics and causes of traditional Chinese ancient architecture, and identifies corresponding risk monitoring indicators. Introduce a Process Performance Model to establish quantitative relationships between or among multiple monitoring indicators, and propose improvements...
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Research on the Composition and Identification of Ancient Glass Products

Xuan Lu, Haoran Xiong
Because ancient glass is easily weathered by the burial environment, judgments about its type are easily affected. In addition, due to the influence of the surrounding environment, the internal elements of ancient glass will undergo a large number of exchanges with environmental elements, thus causing...
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Study on Lifetime Prediction of Locking Block Based on Artificial Intelligence

Jun Cao, Jianghong Gan, Hui Guan
Data analysis and data prediction based on artificial intelligence technology have a wide range of applications in daily production and life. Predicting the lifetime of the locking block enables train maintenance personnel to understand the current and future status of trains, and to develop targeted...
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Research on tripartite evolutionary game and simulation of cold chain food traceability system

Yunfeng Zhang, Xuhui Zhang-Sun, Yang Liu, PengHui Qin
Cold chain food safety problems emerge one after another, which is an important factor affecting the safe and stable development of society, how to reduce the probability of food safety and quickly solve safety incidents has become the key to the problem. Taking cold-chain food as an example, establish...
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Design and Implementation of Digital Copyrights Management System Based on Blockchain Technology

Yanhua Gao, Sai Zhang, Lu Li
With the advent of the digital age, the dissemination and sharing of digital content is becoming more and more normal, and the copyright disputes brought about by it are becoming more and more serious. The traditional copyright protection mechanism has some shortcomings in dealing with the copyright...
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Smart City Construction Based on Deep Learning and Building Information Modeling

Jiaheng Lv, Yujia Liu, Tao Fu, Xiran Bai, Sirui Wang, Jiangjun Li
In recent years, BIM research has significantly influenced the economic planning of smart cities globally. With advancements in big data, the Internet of Things, and other emerging technologies, BIM technology, has evolved, and CIM based on BIM has become crucial in urban construction. However, managing...
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Research of an Integrated Organization and Management Methods for Natural Resource Data

Xueyuan Li, Changqing Liu, Chen Fan, Wei Tang, Yizhou Yang
With the continuous growth in the diversity, volume, and complexity of natural resource data, a singular approach to organize, store, and manage spatial databases has become insufficient for managing multi-source data. Against this backdrop, this research conducted to build upon traditional spatial data...
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Intelligent Contract Design of Enterprise Annuity Management Based on Blockchain

Jiaxi Liu, Xiaohan Huang, Liang Chang
Traditional annuity businesses have some problems, such as multi-agent trust crises, low transaction process efficiency, and difficulty guaranteeing data security. In view of the above problems, this paper introduces blockchain technology into enterprise annuity management, analyzes the annuity process,...
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Modeling and analysis of the social network of Dream of Red Mansions based on natural language processing

Yueming Liu, Chiawei Chu, Jiaheng Yang, Haokai Deng, Yifeng Hua
With the development of machine learning technology gradually deepening, the research and application of relationship mapping has also made great progress. Therefore, the analysis of character relationship mapping using social network model breaks the limitation of the traditional storage medium of character...
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Spatialisation of GDP based on NPP-VIIRS night lighting and urban utilization

Censhan Gao, Junhan Li, Tengyue Wu, Runjie Wang, Jie Wang, Haolin Chen, Yutong Jiang
Spatialisation of Gross Domestic Product combines GDP data with geospatial information can be used to visualize economic differences between regions. It allows for objective evaluation of economic disparities and can aid in identifying areas for targeted development. Besides, a city's economic level...
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Exploring the Landscape of Financial Deep Learning: Models, Applications and Future Directions

Qin Wang, Mary Jane C. Samonte
With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and financial technology, the application of machine learning, especially deep learning, in the financial field has aroused strong research interest. In order to explore the application field of financial deep learning, the literature of financial...
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A Survey of Deep Reinforcement Learning in Financial Markets

Ying Yu
This paper surveys the application of reinforcement learning (RL) in stock price prediction, highlighting its potential and limitations. We explore how RL can be used to optimize trading strategies, manage investment risks, find arbitrage opportunities, and predict trends. The review classifies research...
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A regression network age estimation method with ordered anchor replacement

Tian Tan, Chunlong Hu
Face age estimation is often regarded as a regression problem, and anchored regression network is a representative regression algorithm. It selects a facial feature from each age group as an anchor point for linear regression, and then combines all the weighted linear regression results to obtain the...
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Fundamental Behavioral Precision Marketing (FBPM) Theory of Optimal Bigdata-AI Marketing Model (OBAIM)

John C. Yeh
Bigdata (suggested as a brief form for big data in the paper) and artificial intelligence (AI) integrated together is unprecedentedly fast making business intelligence (BI) ever powerful. The paper uses Bigdata-AI or Bigdata AI or BAI to mean a system of bigdata integrated AI; and BAIM to mean a Bigdata-AI...
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Editable Blockchain Scheme Based on threshold changeable secret sharing

Ou Ruan, Xin Jiang
The blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization and tamper-proof and has received extensive attention. As the application of blockchain becomes more and more extensive, problems also follow. Once the data is stored in the blockchain, it cannot be tampered with. Therefore, the editable blockchain...
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A Cross-Chain Scheme Combining Notary with Linkable Ring Signature and Hash Time Lock Contract

Yukun Zheng, Yahui Guo, Yinyan Dou, Yuanzhe Liu, Zhiming Cai
Cross-chain technology is essential for achieving blockchain scalability and interoperability. This paper presents a cross-chain scheme combining notary with linkable ring signatures and the hash time lock contract. The scheme uses linkable ring signatures to act in the notary election process, which...
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Research on Automated Pricing and Replenishment Decision for Vegetable Products based on Optimization Model

Tong Yang, Shengjie Xu, Jinyu Lu, Zhiyun Yu, Xinfeng Liu
In the current retail environment, efficient and accurate pricing and replenishment strategies are particularly important for vegetable products, which typically have a short shelf life and are highly volatile in market demand. In this work, we analyzed the sales data of vegetable categories and established...
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Research on Digital Identity Authentication System based on Spark Blockchain

Kai Yuan, Minghao Gu, Yadong Hu
At present, Internet network only has the ability to transmit data accurately and efficiently end-to-end, which cannot determine the identity of the sender and receiver. Traditional authentication systems, plagued by vulnerabilities and inefficiencies, necessitate a shift towards more secure, decentralized...
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Research on blockchain based data trading methods and platforms

Zihan Wang, Jiqun Zhang
The emergence of blockchain technology provides a more secure, transparent and efficient way for data transaction. In this paper, based on the analysis of the basic principles and application scenarios of blockchain technology, the design scheme of blockchain-based data transaction method and platform...