Proceedings of the 3rd International Academic Conference on Blockchain, Information Technology and Smart Finance (ICBIS 2024)

Conference: Proceedings of the 3rd International Academic Conference on Blockchain, Information Technology and Smart Finance (ICBIS 2024)
Date: 23-25 February 2024
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Hybrid)

This Proceedings contains the selected papers from 2024 3rd International Academic Conference on Blockchain, Information Technology and Smart Finance (ICBIS 2024), which was held via hybrid form in Malaysia from February 23 to 25, 2024.

The 3rd ICBIS was aimed at the academic and scientific community and the productive sectors of the region, with the aim of disseminating academic and research work; moreover, it promoted the exchange of experiences among researchers as well as the participation of the productive sectors in research, extension, technological development and innovation activities, contributing to the strengthening of the relationship among universities, enterprises and institutions.

This Conference was articulated with different topics around the theme of blockchain, information technology and smart finance to discuss on the research findings, possibilities as well as challenges. The relevance of ICBIS 2024 themed on a wide range of disciplines is reflected in the papers that have been submitted for publication. The topics covered in the Proceedings include: Blockchain Algorithm, Data Security, Fault Tolerance Mechanism, Deep Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Financial Industry, Quantitative Trading Strategy and Financial Supervision Based on Big Data Technology, etc. All the papers, having been reviewed through a double-blind review process, are original contributions to the topics and show the researches that are doing in the fields of the described themes.

We had about 80 participants all around the world. The scientific program of the Conference was composed of keynote speech, oral presentation and poster presentation. During the keynote speech part, one of our keynote speakers A. Prof. Por Lip Yee (Universiti Malaya, Malaysia) talked on Enhancing Security and Usability in Graphical Passwords. In an increasingly digitized world where safeguarding sensitive information is paramount, the development of secure yet user-friendly authentication methods is of utmost importance. Assoc. Prof. Por Lip Yee explored an innovative approach to graphical passwords, specifically designed to mitigate the vulnerabilities associated with shoulder-surfing attacks. Graphical passwords offer a compelling alternative, capitalizing on human aptitude for recognizing and recalling images, patterns and symbols. It revealed that the proposed approach not only bolsters security but also achieves faster login times compared to benchmark methods. The brilliant speeches and the heated discussion followed by provided a feast of knowledge for all the participants, bringing reflections and enlightenment to them and allowing them to communicate with each other and get some insights on ongoing and future researches.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude go to all the participants for making ICBIS 2024 such a comprehensive Conference, leading to the enhancement and development of related research fields. Special acknowledgment goes to the members of Atlantis Press for making this Proceedings published. We appreciate the effort from all those involved and look forward to a more successful conference next year.

The Committee of ICBIS 2024