Proceedings of the 2nd International Academic Conference on Blockchain, Information Technology and Smart Finance (ICBIS 2023)

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Peer-Review Statement

Jerome Yen, Mohammad Zoynul Abedin, Wan Azman Saini Bin Wan Ngah
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Investment Portfolio Establishment

Based on Mean, Variance and Sharpe Ratio

Han Yang, Jiachen Li, Rong Shi, Mancang Gu
The objective of this article is to reveal the evolution of the investment portfolio establishment approach. The evolution from the diversification effect, whose primary goal is to minimize risk, to the use of the Markowitz model to find the portfolio with the highest return per risk, to finally taking...
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Design of Demand Response Pricing Mechanism Under the Trend of Sustainable Development: The Case of Gansu

Jie Xu, Fengyu Su, Jingde Yan, Junpeng Gao, Yang Liu, Xiaoqing Wang
In Gansu Province, China, the power supply is more than demand, and the imbalance between power supply and demand needs to be solved urgently. As an important means of DSM, demand response can effectively alleviate the peak valley difference and reduce the power supply cost. This paper first summarized...
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Female Executives, Corporate Performance and Social Responsibility in Big Data

Yimin Ding
In today's society, the development of Internet big data technology has brought new opportunities and development direction to enterprises. With the improvement of women social status, global women continue to break through the “career development ceiling”, break the stereotype of “gender discrimination”,...
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Rice Price Volatility of Expors Leaders in World Markets Using TGARCH Model

Kewalin Somboon, Chonrada Nunti, Varattaya Jangkrajarng
This paper studies the price volatilities of rice regarding the world market leaders as Thailand, India, and Vietnam provided by the time-series data of the monthly rice export prices between 1998 – 2021. The study found that the most suitable model is the TGARCH model considered by the lowest AIC criteria....
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Study on the Relationship Between Corporate Financial Leverage and Financial Performance Based on Linear Multiple Regression Model via Stata System

Haomin Wu, Zezhou Zhao, Weicheng Zhai
The size of corporate financial leverage is one of the important factors affecting corporate financial performance. The proportion of debt capital in corporate assets will bring additional benefits and risks to enterprises through the financial leverage effect, which will affect the value of the company,...
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Comparison Analysis of Stock Price Prediction Based on Different Machine Learning Methods

Zhiyuan Jiang, Jiachen Liu, Lixuan Yang
This paper aims to compare the stock prices trend for industries affected by the pandemic in the post-Covid era. Specifically, the delivery and cardboard box industry are chosen as examples to project future growth in four different Machine Learning Methods. Furthermore, an optimized asset portfolio...
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The Impact of Emerging Service Industry on the Economy of Henan Province from the Perspective of the Modern Logistics Development: Based on Multiple Regression Analysis

Yongzhe Li, Zhengmao Zhu
At present, the world is greeting a “service economy era,” and China has given the emerging service industry an important strategic position and development significance. This paper selects the development of the modern logistics industry as the representative of the current emerging service industry,...
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Happiness Index Prediction Using Hybrid Regression Model

Yuning Han, Yichen Shao, Yazhuo Zhang
In the field of social science, research on happiness combines multiple subjects like philosophy, psychology, sociology and economics, and plays an essential role in national health. In this report, with the publicly available questionnaire results, we select multiple sets of variables, including individual...
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Storage and Modeling Research of Yoga Injury Cases by Using Computer Information Technology

Hong Zhang, Yanling Sun
This paper analyzes the main factors causing the acute injury in yoga practice using the least squares SVM. Special statistics were made for parts and categories prone to damage in yoga practice. Athlete injury factor of least squares supporting vector machine was used to provide special statistics on...
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Cooperative Game Analysis of Asian Handicap Big Data Based on Quantitative Difference Model

Lu Tang, Haiqi Lin
Purpose: Game theory is mainly divided into cooperative games and non-cooperative games. Most sports game is a non-cooperative game, but football games do not seem to be the case. In order to explore the relationship between football handicap and game rules, a cooperative game model of the interaction...
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The Effects of Investor Attention on Cornstarch Futures Markets

Lu Zhang, Li Sun, Peng Liu, Shiyang Sun
The futures market price of agricultural products is affected by many factors. We introduce the Baidu search index as a proxy variable for investor attention and examine the link between corn starch futures and the Baidu index. The Granger causality test is used to observe the direction of causality,...
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Use of NLP-Powered Sentiment Analysis in Trading Strategy

Zanyang (Neil) Chen
The research paper focused on sentiment analysis powered by natural language processing and its use in trading strategy. Previous sentiment analysis based trading solutions are usually proprietary and produce market reports on a daily or weekly basis. We, therefore, aimed to address the lack of transparency...
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Analysis of Environmental and Human Habit Factors on Where People Drink the Most Beer, Wine and Spirits

Houxu Wang
As we all know, people in almost all countries are inseparable from alcohol. Alcohol has multiple functions. Different alcohols have different functions and different manufacturing methods. This article will study the drinking preferences and habits of different groups of people in different regions....
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Stock Price Forecast: Comparison of LSTM, HMM, and Transformer

Qianzhun Wang, Yingqing Yuan
With the development of deep learning, different kinds of neural network models are applied to the analysis and prediction of time series data. In the field of finance, deep learning models are widely used to forecast the stock market, which is an integration of technical data that can directly provide...
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Personalized News Recommendations Based on NRMS

Xiao Li, Zhong Xu, Heping Peng, Hongbin Wang, Qingdan Huang
Personalized news recommendations are a crucial technology for assisting users in discovering news content of their interest and reducing information overload. At the same time, personalized news recommendations allow for effective statistics on news data and will provide assistance in the application...
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Research on the Design of Community Creation Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process Under Social Innovation

Lei Zhang
A demand index system is established to explore the practice model of social innovation in community creation, and to build the corresponding design strategy. The affinity diagram is used to summarize user demand indicators, and each weight value is calculated with the help of hierarchical analysis and...
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Stock Trading Strategy Developing Based on Reinforcement Learning

Zeyu Xia, Mingde Shi, Changle Lin
Reinforcement learning has achieved superhuman performance on many sequential decision-making problems, but only very few works are done on applying reinforcement learning to market trading. In this study, we take the stock trading problem as an Markov decision process, and applied PPO algorithm to solve...
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Research on New Investment Demand Forecast of Power Grid Company After Investment Interface Extension

Keyao Lin, Juhua Hong, Linyao Zhang, Zhenda Hu, Lin Liu, Xiaofeng Li, Yangzi Chen
By extending the investment interface, power grid companies increase investment in business expansion projects, which not only effectively improves market share and customer satisfaction, but also supports economic and social development. However, after the extension of the investment interface, the...
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The Spread of TikTok’s Influence Worldwide from the View of the SIRO Model

Yijia Wang
TikTok is the most downloaded short video platform in the world which brings a significant negative impact on adolescents. Furthermore, there is a substantial similarity between the spread of TikTok’s influence and the spread of the epidemic. Based on this fact, we can model the spread of the TikTok’s...
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Research on E-Sports User Preferences and User Characteristics of Student Groups in Anhui Province

Ling Yuan, Shanhui Sun
Electronic Sports (E-sports) is a competition of intelligence and physical strength between people using electronic equipment as sports equipment. At present, e-sports competitions have become an official sports event, and are no longer synonymous with unprofessional work. E-sports will be a business...
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Study on the Development Status and Influencing Factors of Traditional Chinese Medicine Service Ability in Jilin Province Based on Logistic Regression Algorithm

Yanyin Cui, Fang Xia, Shuqing Xing, Jingshuo Liu
Objective from the perspective of doctors’ perception and institutional development, the current situation and influencing factors of the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine service ability in Jilin Province were analyzed to provide a reference for the targeted development of primary health care...
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H&M Personalized Fashion Product Recommendation Using LightgbmRanker

Dan Xian, Shaozan Cui, Bo Wang, Lishuai Cui
The product recommendation system is a system that analyzes user preferences, searches for a large number of product information in the e-mall, and recommends products that may be of interest to users, providing an intelligent shopping experience for online shopping users. It can help users more accurately...
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Application Research of Online Transaction History Extraction System Based on Lucene

Hui Zhang
With the rapid growth of the Internet economy, online transaction fraud occurs frequently and the victims are all over the country, which brings great difficulties to the public security organs in investigating and handling cases. This paper analyzes the history files generated by computer in the process...
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The Factor Drive People Buy Travel Insurance

Yuqing Dai
In the century of the rise of the travel industry, many related industries are also on the rise, and the insurance industry is one of them. The analysis of tourists or customers to predict or determine whether they will buy insurance is the general context of this paper. Predictions can be found everywhere...
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A Bibliometric Analysis of Conceptual Metaphor Translation Research in China Based on CiteSpace

Qunfang Zhang, Jiabao Wang
With the use of the visual analysis tool CiteSpace software, the paper makes a statistical analysis of the literature related to “conceptual metaphor translation” from the dimensions of the journal volume, high-frequency keywords and emerging theme words. It presents the current situation and trend of...
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Research on the Investment Value of Stocks in SSE Star Market Based on Factor Analysis and Cluster Analysis

Sini Yang
This paper mainly focuses on the investment value of stocks in the SSE Star Market using factor analysis and cluster analysis with Python language. The SSE Star Market is an important platform in Shanghai and even China since it gathers resources and capitals of innovation and technology to help and...
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Data-Driven Environment, Society and Governance: Exploring How Green Finance Sparks Sustainability Based on Scientometric Analysis

Wei-Keng Zhou, Yi-Lin Yu, Yu-Mei Peng, Meng-Ting Liu, Ning-Chang Guo, Ye-Cheng Xu, Yi-Wen Tang, Lin-Sheng Huang
The core concept of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era is to promote high-quality social development and build a sustainable ecological civilization. In recent years, China and even the rest of the world have begun to focus on the development of green finance, which is also one of the...
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Innovation and Tax Burden of Manufacturing SMEs

Statistical Analysis of the Data Based on the Annual Reports of Companies Listed on the New OTC Market

Xiaoya Kong, Yan Zhao, Jing Yang
The innovation ability of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises is of great significance to the development of the real economy with the rapid development of the digital economy. This paper analyzes the data of the 2020 annual report of manufacturing enterprises listed on the New OTC Market,...
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Prediction and Analysis of the Social Network Structure of Financial Institutions Based on the Dissemination of Public Opinion

Lingyi Li, Yuejiang Peng
Along with the rapid development of the Internet in China, the Internet has become an important and indispensable component of our modern life. At the same time, with the rapid and vigorous economic and social development after the reform and opening up, we have to admit that it has also brought some...
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Research on Price Mechanism of Gas-Fired Power Generation in China

Jing Bai, Rui Zhao, Jianjie Xue, Ling Wang, Peiwen Wang
As an important support for optimizing the energy structure, gas-fired power generation units play an important role in achieving the “carbon neutralization and carbon peak” goal and building a new power system. In view of the survival status of gas-fired power generation units, this paper analyzes the...
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Research on the Transmission Effect of Energy Price Fluctuations in High Energy-Consuming Industries

Weiwei Zhang, Kan Yang, Qiujie Sun, Junjie Li
High energy-consuming industries are an important part of China's industrial structure, and are of great significance for China to promote “steady growth” and “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”. Energy is a key raw material in the production process of energy-intensive industries. Therefore,...
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Using Machine Learning Models to Assess Users’ Credit Default Risk

Yuxi Huang
As far as the current social situation is concerned, more and more people choose credit cards as a way to pay for their daily expenses. When it comes to credit cards, we have to mention the credit default risk associated with them. We know that when a person's credit default risk is too high, his...
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Research on Distribution Network Capital Investment Allocation Optimization Technology Considering Enterprise Development and Policy Constraints

Ying Zhou, Jiyuan Zhang, Qian Wang, Qian Li, Zhuhan Long
In addition to the characteristics of general capital-intensive investment projects, power grid capital investment also has some of its own characteristics, such as long-term investment, economic dependence, regional limitations, and constraints that include resources, environment, policies and other...
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Research on the Impact of Digital Transformation on Manufacturing Enterprise Performance

Jinchao Guo, Huimin Tan, Gelegjamts Adilbish, Fengjie Wang
Research on the relationship between intelligent upgrading and the performance of manufacturing enterprises has been widely concerned by academia; however, the relationship between the two and the mechanism of influence has not yet reached a consistent conclusion. Digital transformation has a huge impact...
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Research on the Four-Chain Synergy Degree of Venous Industry in China

Guofu Zhao
-To measure the synergy degree of the four chains, namely the industrial chain, innovation chain, service chain, and capital chain in the development of China’s venous industry, this research establishes an evaluation system for the synergy degree and carried out empirical research on two typical venous...
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Trend Prediction and Analysis of Total Health Expenditure in Jiangsu Province Based on Grey GM (1,1)

Jiawei Xu
With the rapid development of the social economy, people’s consumption level is increasing, and more attention is paid to health security. Especially in the context of the new coronavirus epidemic sweeping the world, people’s demand for a healthy environment is more urgent. The environment is people’s...
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A Study on the Livelihood Model of Immigrants in the Construction of Hydropower Projects in Zuojiang and Youjiang Revolutionary Old Areas Based on AMOS Software Analysis

Guangbo Lin, Shanyu Chen, Wengui Yang, Min Tu
The migration work of hydropower projects in the old revolutionary area of the Zuojiang and Youjiang River has certain particularities. The old revolutionary area of the Zuojiang and Youjiang River River is located in the southwest border of China at the junction of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi, which...
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Analysis of the Dynamic Relationship Between Foreign Trade and Technological Innovation Based on VAR Model

Xianke Li, Chongyan Li
Since the reform and opening up, foreign trade has played a significant role in China's economic growth. Based on the relevant data of China from 1995 to 2019, this paper systematically analyses the dynamic relationship between foreign trade and technological innovation by using the vector auto...
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Application of Machine Learning in Financial Asset Price

Zixuan Pan, Zhiqiu Wang, Junming Chu
Asset pricing is an important part of modern financial theory. How to reveal its pricing law is an important research topic in the current financial field. Starting from asset pricing, expounds the application and development of machine learning technology in asset pricing, and classify it as a machine...
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New Low Carbon Power Marketing Scheme for Island Based on User Ranking

Hezhong Xu, Mingfeng Xu, Chengxuan Hui, Zeming Lv, Yong Li, Hefei Wang, Xing Sun, Yin Yuan
With the social progress, the market competition in the power industry is becoming more and more fierce. In order to improve their economic benefits and competitiveness, power enterprises implement power precision marketing from the aspects of power marketing management. In the context of the island...
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Valuing Electricity Customers of Electricity Retailers Based on Bayesian BWM-Inverse Entropy-Cloud Model

Zhili Liu, Dizhang Xie, Jun Dong, Xihao Dou, Yuzheng Jiang, Shicheng Peng
With the continuous reform of electricity market, the competition in the retail market is becoming more and more intense. How to select high quality customers will become an important issue for the development of electricity retailers. At present, the value assessment of customers by electricity retailers...
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The Google PageRank Algorithm

Jiyu He
The original purpose of Google's PageRank algorithm is to assess the significance of web pages based on their link structure. However, based on the principle of PageRank, it could be used to any network or graph in any domain, also over time it has been developed for social network analysis, link...
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Research on the Effect of Green Fiscal and Tax Policies on Carbon Emissions - Evidence from Provincial Panel Data Models of China

Xingran Zhao, Xiaowei Deng, Yulong Wang
The issue of carbon emissions was a major problem faced by the whole world. In the process of moving along the path of low carbonization in various fields, fiscal and taxation policy was an important tool for the government to guide and support it. This paper used provincial panel data (excluding Tibet)...
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Stock Price Prediction Based on ARIMA-GARCH and LSTM

Xingdan Huang, Panlu You, Xiaolian Gao, Dapeng Cheng
Stock price prediction is a hot topic in the financial industry, and accurate stock price prediction is an important method to prevent risk and protect market stability. To this end, this paper constructs time series models and deep learning model, respectively, and compares the prediction results of...
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Mechanisms of the Impact of COVID-19 on Financial Risk and Governance Responses in China Based on Big Data

Qi Li
COVID-19 has a serious impact on China’s economy and China’s financial system. In order to clarify the impact of COVID-19 on China’s financial risk, this paper first analyzes the impact mechanism of COVID-19 on China’s financial system, and then combines statistical analysis of key indicator data to...
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Research on Teaching Mode and Evaluation System Design of Tourism Management Specialty in Local Undergraduate Colleges Based on Network Technology

Xiaonan Zhang, Lihui Qiu
With the development of computer network technology, it has brought the reform and development of college education to a new height. This article analyzes the importance of practice teaching in China’s tourism management major, and the establishment of the tourism management professional curriculum system,...
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Study of Business Models and Benefits of Integrated Energy System

Xu Qian, Xiaochen Xu, Jingdong Zhu, Pengxu Dong, Yibo Li, Yongli Wang
Integrated energy systems plays an important role for improving Social Energy Efficiency and promoting the large-scale consumption of renewable energy and the Gradient utilization of energy. Integrated energy systems breaks through the technical, market and management barriers of traditional energy systems...
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Research on Improving Logistics Efficiency by Digital Economy from the Perspective of High-Quality Development

Chunjuan Wang, Kaige Guo, Xiangyu Yin
Building a modern industrial system is an important focus point for promoting high-quality development. The logistics industry is an important part of the modern industrial system, and the improvement of logistics efficiency is the key to the high-quality development of the modern industrial system....
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Research on Intelligent Service Quality Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Companies Based on Hierarchical Analysis

Jing Guan, Nan Han
From the perspective of comprehensively improving the quality of intelligent services in the pharmaceutical industry, the service quality evaluation system of pharmaceutical enterprises is constructed in order to improve customer experience. The intelligent service quality evaluation model applicable...
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Research on Risk Measurement of Carbon Markets Between China and EU

Zhanglin Li, Nailin Gong, Jing Zhang, Jin Li, Shiru Lan, Jiao Tian
This paper measures the risk of the carbon trading market, and studies the risk spillover effect between markets, which provides a theoretical reference for the policymaking of the carbon market. This paper mainly studies the risk spillover effect between Risk spillover effects between China’s carbon...
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An Analysis on Effects of Negative Population Growth on the Chinese Society

Shi Wang
Starting from 1990, China’s population development has been at an unprecedented turning point. Based on the data from the seventh national census in 2020, predictions concerning the country’s population structure indicate that the population aging rate is faster than expected. China will soon enter the...
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The Enlightenment of US Demand Side Response Participating in PJM Market Trading Mechanism for China

Jian Zuo, Bo Bao, Xiangzhen He, Yun Yang, Lian Tu, Shuiping Zhang, Minjing Yang, Yixing Chen, Yulin Dong, Xuanli Lan
The basic idea of demand response originates from comprehensive resource planning, which equates the controllable energy demand on the user side with the supply side resources, and integrates it into the category of resource planning and utilization. It enhances the energy utilization efficiency, improves...
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Research on Service Quality Evaluation of Networked Collaborative Manufacturing Platform Based on SERVQUAL Model–Take the J Company as an Example

Jingyuan Han, Xiaoqian Qi
With the development of information technology, Internet technology and Internet of Things technology, networked collaborative manufacturing has become the future development direction of manufacturing industry. However, there are still a series of problems in the development of the new model of networked...
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Evaluation of Cultivated Land Productivity Based on the Perspective of Big Data

Mingliang Duan, Min Zhu
In order to objectively evaluate the indicators affecting cultivated land productivity, under the background of big data, taking Jiaozuo City as an example, data mining is used to analyze the cultivated land productivity indicators, and finally the cultivated land in Jiaozuo City is divided into three...
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The Influence of Real Exchange Rate Changes of Yen on FDI Absorption in Japan

Jiatong Ju, Ziyu Zhou, Haiyang Liu, Wenwen Yin, Yiyi Fu, Xiaofan Li
This paper empirically investigates the relationship between the real exchange rate of the JPY and FDI absorption in Japan from 1995 to 2020 using cointegration tests and Granger causality tests. On the one hand, when the exchange rate changes, there is a time lag in the investment decision of enterprises,...
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A Study on the Impact of Digital Economy on Agricultural Green Total Factor Productivity—Empirical Analysis Based on Mediating Effect and Threshold Effect

Yuhua Ma, Qifang Xiao, Tong Lin
Based on China’s provincial panel data from 2011–2019, this paper constructs an indicator system of the digital economy and measures the digital economy and agricultural green total factor productivity using the entropy value method and the SBM super-efficiency model with non-expected output, to explore...
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Quantitative Study on Carbon Emission Reduction of UHV AC Engineering Equipment Transportation

Shuo Wang, Weiwei Li, Xin Qie, Huijuan Huo, Yijiang Liu, Dan Xu, Litong Dong
The construction of UHV AC projects has significant advantages in improving the clean energy consumption capacity and optimizing the large-scale allocation of energy resources. At present, the carbon emission reduction benefits of UHV AC projects have not been quantitatively studied, and equipment transportation...
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Implied Volatility Prediction of Financial Options Products Based on the CL-TCN Model

Yuemeng Li, Chenyu Wang, Zhongchen Miao, Jian Gao, Jidong Lu
The implied volatility of options is a key factor in judging the price trend of options and analyzing their trade, so it is very important to use a reasonable method to predict it accurately. Since the traditional B-S-M formula calculation method cannot reflect the actual changes of Tick-level granularity...
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The Logistics Operation Mode Selection for e-Commerce Enterprises

Xinran Zhang, Mengru Shen, Xifu Wang, Jianfeng Chang
Choosing an appropriate logistics operation mode will help enterprises achieve the pursuit of low cost and high profit of logistics. In this paper, the logistics operation mode used by e-commerce enterprises is divided into three forms: completely self-supporting, completely outsourcing, and logistics...
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Evaluation and Prediction of Urban Shrinkage in Liaoning Province Based on Grey Theory

Benzhe Ding, Dongyang Xi, Tingting Yan, Qimeng Zhao, Xiangxin Wu
In order to ensure the sustainable and stable development of cities in Liaoning Province, aiming at the problem of urban shrinkage in Liaoning Province, this paper uses entropy weight method (EWM) and analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to preliminarily determine and moderately correct the weight of each...
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Investment Decision of Small-Scale Fishing Companies in Scotland Based on Regression Analysis Prediction Method

Tingting Yan, Long Ma, Teng Liu
Rising sea temperatures and migration of fish under the influence of global warming have affected the returns on investment for small-scale fishing companies in Scotland. Rational investment decisions for small-scale fisheries companies over the next 50 years are an effective means of avoiding losses....
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An Empirical Study on Influencing Factors of China's Tax Revenue Based on Principal Component Regression Model

Lijuan Zeng, Linxin Liu
This paper analyzes the influencing factors of tax revenue from an empirical point of view, adopts the principal component analysis method to reduce the dimension and simplifies the regression model, and on this basis introduces the BP neural network method to predict the tax revenue. The empirical research...
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Research on the Impact of Fintech on the Performance of Commercial Banks

Based on Text Mining and Panel Metering

Qiao Jiang, Qianting Ma, Xiaoxing Liu, Jianing Zhang, Renjia Liu
The development of Fintech is both an opportunity and a challenge for traditional commercial banks. It systematically analyzes the theoretical basis of the impact of Fintech on the performance of commercial banks. Based on the sample data of 37 listed commercial banks from 2011 to 2020, it uses the text...
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Spatial and Temporal Evolution Characteristics of A-grade Logistics Enterprises in Hubei Province

Lingfeng Zhou, Huiyuan Jiang
A-grade logistics enterprises are the carriers of the regional economy, which are important for promoting the coordinated development of the regional economy. Based on the data of A-grade logistics enterprises in Hubei Province, this paper uses nuclear density analysis, hot spot analysis, and spatial...
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Early Warning Method of Credit Risk of Agricultural Enterprises in Guizhou Province Based on AHP

Manxue Zhang, Ni Li, Chang Zhang
As the basic industry and traditional industry of the national economy, agriculture plays an extremely important role in economic development, especially in today’s global food shortage and frequent natural disasters. The supporting position of agriculture is becoming more and more important. Agricultural...
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Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Method Based on Fuzzy Hierarchy Analysis

Xiangna Li, Fang Xu, Zhaojun Yuan, Zhenxiang Pan, Bin Ma, Feifei Lv, Tao Zhang
Facing the problem of low rate of change of customer satisfaction evaluation methods, a customer satisfaction evaluation method based on fuzzy hierarchical analysis is designed. Optimising the customer relationship management structure, promoting the transformation of customers from willingness to behaviour,...
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Research on Input-Output Efficiency of Listed Companies of Solar-Thermal Power Concept Based on DEA-BCC Model

Zhen Xu, Ping Lu
This paper uses DEA-BCC model to construct a system of input-output indicators to measure the input-output efficiency of China’s listed companies of solar-thermal power generation concept using panel data of 24 listed companies of solar-thermal power generation concept in China from 2017–2021 as research...
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Measurement and Spatio-Temporal Differentiation of Common Prosperity Level in China

Evidence From the Analysis of Location-Based Big Data

Qianqian Zhang, Meng Li
This paper constructs an evaluation index system from the dimensions of affluence and common degree, and uses entropy-TOPSIS method to measure the common affluence level of China’s provinces during 2016–2020. Based on Dagum Gini coefficient, Moran index and effect model, regional differences, spatio-temporal...
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Research on the Correlation of China’s Financial Systemic Risk Based on Granger Causality Test

Shiru Lan, Jin Li, Yanxin Wang, JiaoTian
In this paper, the ARMA-GARCH model is constructed to estimate the heteroscedasticity, so as to eliminate the impact of non-systematic risk on the model. On this basis, the Granger causality test is carried out. Finally, this paper empirically studies the Granger causality correlation between 22 financial...
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Design and Implementation of Precision Marketing System Based on Data Mining Technology

Na Yang
In view of the low-efficiency marketing problem caused by customer orientation ambiguity in many enterprises’ marketing strategies, this paper studies the calculation of customer value based on the existing customer behavior characteristics data, comprehensive utilization of hadoop data processing software,...
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Construction and Application of Investment Benefit Evaluation Model for Differential Distribution Network Project

Peng An, Caiyang Yue, Lili Zhang, Shibiao Zhang, Guanlei Dong, Kai Huang, Kai Wang
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the economic level of China’s power grid, power grid enterprises have shown high enthusiasm for investment, which undoubtedly increases the investment benefits of enterprises, making the investment scale of power grid enterprises show a growing trend....
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Multivariate Analysis of Employee Emotional Labor on Customer Reuse Intention of Express Delivery Enterprises

Wei Li
At present, scholars have put forward many theoretical and empirical studies that affect customer intention. Taking express delivery enterprises as an example, this paper collects 217 valid questionnaire data from customers, uses structural equation model and Bootstrap interval estimation and other statistical...
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Market Mechanism Design to Stimulate the Value of Energy Internet

Zechen Wu, Menghua Fan, Gao Zhang, Shijun Tian
In recent years, with the deep integration of energy revolution and digital revolution, the power grid is accelerating its transformation and upgrading to Energy Internet with a higher level of intelligence and interaction, stronger resource allocation and value creation capabilities. The construction...
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New Drug Research Hotspots and Frontier Visualization Analysis in China

Yufang He, Zhen Gong, Chengye Zhang, Fang Xia
Objective To explore the status, hot spots and frontiers of new drug research in China through visual maps. Methods Using CNKI as the literature source and using CiteSpace software, the quantitative tool CiteSpace software was used to visually analyze the literature related Chinese to new drugs in China...
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A Measurement and Treatment Method of Bond Default Risk Based on Monte Carlo Simulation Technology

Chunyan Xue
In the scenario of bank bond risk measurement, due to the scarcity of bond default sample data and feature information, the model after machine learning modeling is not enough to represent the past and predict the future, which affects the accurate measurement of bond default risk. The system uses Monte...
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Statistical Analysis of Factors Influencing the Per Capita Disposable Income of Urban Residents in Anhui Province

Jiangshuang Huang
With rapid social and economic development, the living standard of residents is also rising. The disposable income per urban resident, which is one of the indicators of the living standard of the residents, is also attracting more and more attention. Therefore, it is of great significance to China's...
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Quantitative Analysis of China's New Drug Policy Based on Text Mining Perspective

Yufang He, Ruoyao Jia, Wenjing Duan, Zhen Gong, Chengye Zhang, Kaiyue Shen, Fang Xia
This paper focuses on the vital domains and developmental trends of new drug-related policy. A total of 98 policy texts from 2010–2021 were subjected to cluster analysis and strategic coordinate analysis. The results showed that the number of new drug policies is fluctuating upward, the coordination...
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Analysis on the Spatial-Temporal Evolution of Zhaotong’s Industrial Structures Under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Huaying Qu, Rong Xu, Jinxiang Shen, Chuanqing Deng
In the context of rural revitalization, the application of big data can accurately provide data support for industrial revitalization and agricultural development. Based on the statistical data of Zhaotong City from 2006 to 2020, this paper adopts shift-share analysis, industrial structures conversion...
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Research on the Evaluation of Terminal Express Service Quality in the Context of Epidemic

Le Zhang, Jiaqi Jiang, Hong Yang, Yuxuan Cen
During the epidemic, improving the service quality of terminal logistics is helpful to promote the benign development of the economic environment. Therefore, this paper firstly combined AHP analysis with TOPSIS method, and used Delphi method to invite 5 professionals to give weight scores to the indicators....
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Study on Simulation of Nanjing Housing Sandwich Class Scale Based on System Dynamics

Xianghua Wu, Yaosheng Hu
With the failure of the housing market, the scale of urban housing sandwich class grows rapidly. They are residents who cannot afford commercial housing in the city, but whose income exceeds the local security line. Based on the theory of adequate housing rights, this paper proposes a measurement method...
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Research on the Influence of R&D Investment on High-Tech Product Trade in China

Yi Chen, Long Zhang, Xiaobei Lei, Yanling Chen
At present, China’s economy has gradually formed a new development pattern of “dual circulation economy”. The high-tech industry is responsible for improving the capacity of independent innovation and plays a key role in achieving high-quality economic development and promoting the new development pattern...
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Application of Fuzzy C-Means Clustering and Support Vector Machine in Stock Price Analysis

Jinliang Wang, Wennan Wang, Tuli Chen, Fu Luo, Shiyang Song
With the rapid development of the global economy and the continuous expansion of the investment scale in the financial market, more and more transaction data and market public opinion information are generated in the stock market under the background of big data, which makes it more difficult for investors...
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Risk Preference vs. Income + Spending

Teng Zeng
This paper provides a detailed explanation of categories of risk preference and classification of the risk level. Also, the evidence of how the main variables react to risk preference. Our analysis is based on the 2018 CFPS family samples and personal panel. Adopting Stata analysis technology, and using...
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Improved Large-Scale Multi-objective Optimization Algorithm for Portfolio Management

Shengtao Zhang, Xuyang Li, Jie Zhang, Wanqing Li
For securities investors, the return and risk of investment are the two main aspects of their concern. However, in real life, the vast majority of investors are not professionally trained, which makes them confused about portfolio selection in the face of tens of thousands of investment targets in the...
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Policy Effects of the Establishment of a National-Level Integrated Big Data Pilot Zone on Industrial Structure Upgrading

--Empirical Study Based on City Panel Data

Yaping Wang
The construction of national-level big data comprehensive pilot zones has profound implications for promoting the development of China’s big data industry and accelerating the upgrading of industrial structure to achieve higher quality economic development. However, the current study has not explored...
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LSTM Neural Network in Stock Price Prediction

Kejia Zhang
Being an important part of the national economy, the stock market has always performed an important role in economic development. Following the growth of the times and variations in the investment philosophy of people, an increasing number of people have become involved in the stock market and predicting...
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Digital Finance and Total Factor Productivity: Evidence from China

Xiaoqing Lian
This study investigates the effect of digital finance and ESG performance on total factor productivity. Using a large sample of Chinese listed firms over the period 2011–2020, we find that the deepening and improvement of digital finance can have a positive impact on the total factor productivity of...
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Digital Technology is Used for the Innovative Inheritance Research of Meishan Nuo Opera

Zhi Yang
As a large number of visual culture has entered people’s lives, the traditional drama such as Meishan Nuo Opera, which is restricted by the performance and viewing conditions, has been given an unprecedented impact. Meishan Nuo Opera as one of the national intangible cultural heritage, the urgent need...
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Research on the Influence of Digital Finance on Operating Efficiency of Chinese Commercial Banks

Zizheng Wang, Xinlei Li
As a new form of finance, the development of digital finance is closely related to the development of digital technology, Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies. The rise and development of digital finance has had a profound impact on the traditional financial...
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Research on Econometric Risk Assessment Method Based on Grey Clustering

Haochen Guo
Economy is a powerful driving force for the progress and development of human society. The close relationship between consumption and economic development has been widely concerned by scholars in various fields. Today, we focus on high-quality economic development, and exploring the impact of energy...
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Multiple Association Rule Mining Algorithms for Supply Chain Finance Risk Prediction

Yuezheng Yang
As China’s economy enters a new stage of development, the financial dilemmas faced by small and medium-sized enterprises, which are a major component of the national economy, are attracting more and more attention. In this paper, while reviewing a large amount of literature, the causes and correlations...
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Competition Strategy of Crowdsourcing Logistics Service Quality Based on Big Data Technology

Haiwei Zuo, Aiqun Zhu, Shiman Li, Yanpin Zhu
“Big data” has become a century-old keyword and will comprehensively involve all aspects of economic and social life. Big data is a leap in data storage and processing capabilities in the Internet era. In the era of big data, logistics companies are listed as one of China's top ten emerging service...
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Design of LAN Security Defense System Based on Honeypot Technology

Zhifang Yao, Hongyan Chen, Kaicheng Wang, Heng Dong, Junwei Wan, Li Zhang
Aiming at the problems that the existing network security protection system adopts traditional and passive defense, which cannot respond effectively to unknown attacks quickly and has poor defense capability, this paper designs and develops a LAN security defense system based on honeypot technology....
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Evaluation of Stock Market Risk Model Based on Random Forest + Two-Way LSTM

Yunlan Xue, Jian Yao
In view of the fact that the traditional risk evaluation model has the problem of repeated indexes when evaluating the risk of stock exchange market, this paper uses random forest and two-way LSTM model to evaluate and study the risk model of stock exchange market. Firstly, random forest method is used...
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The S&P 500 Index Prediction Based on N-BEATS

Yichen Liu, Chengcheng Zhong, Qiaoyu Ma, Yanan Jiang, Chunlei Zhang
The stock market prediction has been a hot topic in the field of economics and finance. As a consequence of the complex and volatile nature of the stock market, it is challenging to accurately forecast the stock S&P 500 index. Currently, with the purpose of predicting stock market, intelligent algorithms...
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Research on Risk Assessment Model of Rural Economic Development Based on Artificial Intelligence

Qing Luo, Meng Lin, Ying Fang
It is an important mission of the Party to improve the poor and backward face of rural areas and reduce the number of poor people. At present, the “13th Five-Year Plan” has come to a successful conclusion, and the “14th Five-Year Plan” has been fully drawn up. My country has taken many measures to improve...
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Research on the Supply and Demand Synergy of Smart Tourism: Theoretical Framework and Evaluation System

Lan Xiao
Smart tourism is the strategic direction of tour informatization development in China, and the dislocation of supply and demand is the basic problem to be solved in the early days of development. The paper constructs the model and evaluation system of smart tourism supply and demand system, expounds...
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Comic Image Style Transfer Based on De-GAN

Zuoyun Yang, Hongqiong Huang
There are still many problems in the current comic style transfer method, such as the style of the generated image does not conform to people's aesthetics, the color is far from the original image, and so on. This paper proposes a new network architecture based on the idea of generative adversarial...
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Application of Machine Learning in Financial Fraud of Listed Companies: An Innovative Prediction Model

Zehao Wang, Moqin Yang, Yizhan Du, Hanqing Hu
The over-reliance on financial statements published by listed companies as the main reference data can lead to great losses to capital market investors and hinder the orderly and healthy development of the capital market in the event of financial fraud by the company. In this context, the establishment...