Proceedings of the 2022 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Social Sciences (ICBDSS 2022)

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Guiyun Guan, Bo Qu, Ding Zhou
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Big Data: Quasi-public Goods Correlating with National Security and Social Stability

Yunlong Zhang, Jiangbo Wang, Yue Liu, Wuji Yan
In the Internet era, data is occupying an increasingly important position, and some important data may even affect the country. More and more people demand that big data correlating with national security and social stability be treated as public goods which hold the characteristics of non-excludable...
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Research on Delayed Evacuation Strategies of University Teaching Buildings Under Epidemic

Yun Lu, Daoliang Zhao, Hu Zhou, Lei Shi, Cong Geng, Huimin Cui
In order to study the impact of delayed evacuation strategies on the evacuation of university teaching buildings under the epidemic situation, this paper selects a university teaching building F area to carry out personnel evacuation experiments and uses software to build an evacuation simulation simulation...
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Research on the Evaluation of China’s Major Scientific and Technological Infrastructures

Chengchao Wang, Gang Li, Liming Cao
The construction of major scientific and technological infrastructures is the basis for original innovation and scientific and technological breakthroughs and it promotes the transformation and upgrading of industrial structures. However, there are lack of top-level design, R&D support and many problems....
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Research on Data-Driven Text Adaptation of ESP Course Based on “ENG-EDitorTool

Sun Rong
The promotion of big data promotes the development of applied linguistics, and the cultivation of reading ability in foreign language teaching has always been the focus of research. In the process of learning ESP Courses, learners need to be provided with texts of appropriate difficulty for extended...
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Empirical Research on Economical Spillover Effect of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area on Surrounding Cities Base on Spatial Big Data

Yun Yang
Using TOPSIS evaluation method, the comprehensive strength of cities were calculated and evaluated according to some economic indicators of Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) and surrounding cities in 2021, and the social network analysis tool was used for empirical research to analyze the...
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Research on an Intelligent and Intrinsic Security Data Circulation System Based on the Infrastructural Enablers for Web 3.0

Qingqing Tu
With the development of digital technologies, data security is under various risks, which impedes the data circulation to release the data value. Fortunately, the development of Web 3.0 provides a novel paradigm to solve this problem. With recent advances, Web 3.0 is considered a ubiquitous and decentralized...
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Design and Application of Digital Network Education Platform for Economic Management Major in Colleges and Universities Based on PHP Language

Zhihua Yu
First of all, this paper expounds the importance of teaching reform of economic management major in colleges and universities from the perspective of “four new” construction, then analyzes the current teaching situation of economic management major in colleges and universities, and then puts forward...
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Research on Multidimensional Relative Poverty Measurement of Rural Left Behind Children and Its Influencing Factors Based on Big Data Samples

Meng Lei, Tianhui Zhuang, Feng Qiu
This paper measures the multidimensional relative poverty of rural left behind children based on the big data samples of the 2018 China family tracking survey (CFPS), and empirically studies the influencing factors of multidimensional relative poverty of rural left behind children by using logistic model....
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Research on the Construction and Information System Framework of Geological Data Standardization

Xiaohong Wu, Hanrui Sun
In order to promote the transformation and development of geological work, realize the efficient collection of geological survey data and improve the management and service capabilities, it is necessary to carry out the standardization of geological data. The purpose and significance of the standard...
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An Analysis of Sports News in the Era of Big Data - Visual Data News with NBA Coverage as an Example

Kai Gao, Li Tang, Jialin Lu
With the rapid development of information and communication technology, the sports industry's use of big data is not only manifested on the field of play, but also closely integrated with big data. The ever-expanding data information has made the process of data screening to data utilization more...
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Research on the Motif of Chinese Science Fiction Literature Based on Big Data Mining

Sixin Zhu
Data mining is an important technology in the field of big data. In addition to being applied to artificial intelligence, finance and other fields, data mining can also be applied to the research of humanities and social sciences, and has high application value. China has entered the era of big data....
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Research on the Time-Space Impact Paths of Economic Convergence-Empirical Evidence from 30 Provinces in China

Hewen Yang, Wei Huang, Xun Ma, Yifan Xu, Minyu Huang
By constructing a geographical distance matrix and a technological distance matrix, a double-fixed spatial Durbin model empirical test was conducted using panel data of 30 provinces during 2002–2020 to explore the factors influencing the convergence of inter-provincial economic growth in China. The outcomes...
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The Impact of Heterogeneous Reputation Evaluation Laws on Cooperation Based on Net Logo

Zhenghong Wu, Shiwei Huang
This paper explores the effect of three different reputation evaluation laws on the promotion of cooperation in the public goods game. Net Logo is used to analyze the main content. We find that tolerance is more conducive to promoting cooperation than rationality. Injecting more collectivism into a society...
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Evaluation of Digital Transformation in Chinese Government from Data Mining Perspective

Ping Lan
Currently, science and technology are changing rapidly, digitalization and intelligence are developing deeply, profoundly affecting economic development trends and social operation laws, and the digital era is coming. Governments around China are in full swing in the process of digital transformation...
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Will Résumé Data Tell Stories About Job Skills?

Content Analysis of the Russian IT, Internet, and Telecom Industry

Fengchen Wang, William Attatsitsey, Natalia Volkova
Recruitment has been more streamlined, more convenient, and less time-consuming thanks to the advent of digital technology, which enables employers or recruiters to scan through a bank of job seekers’ résumés on the job site. As a result of the advancement of e-recruiting, which allows job seekers to...
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Textual Clustering Analysis of River Chief System Policy in China

Zhimo Zhao
The river chief system is an innovation of China’s water resources management system, the core of which is to control and protect the water environment of rivers and lakes. The optimization of the river chief system cannot be achieved without the support and guarantee of policies. In this paper, the...
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Pandemic-Related Media Coverage in Overseas Chinese Media Based on Big Data Analysis: A Case Study of “oushi 1983”

Nan Dai, Yujie Guo, Miao Wang
Under the background of the big data era, analysis and processing technology based on big data has given birth to new methods of humanities research. Taking the reporting practice of overseas Chinese media during the COVID-19 pandemic as the research object and the new media platform “oushi 1983” of...
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Research on the Development Status of Hot Spring Tourism Resorts in Northern Guangdong Mountainous Areas from the Perspective of Data Footprint

Xinlei Wu
In the era of experience economy, tourists attach importance to experience satisfaction, and will truly feed back and share tourism consumption feelings and evaluations through online tourism platforms. The hot spring industry in Guangdong has developed early and has a large scale, accounting for a large...
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Data Collaboration Model for Nuclear Power Business

Hui Zhang, Siqi Jin, Wei Dong, Menghao Han, Zhenyan Ji
To unify different departments, business systems and terminal protocols in nuclear power business, data collaboration technology and distributed data storage are introduced to realize intelligent collaboration between cloud servers and edge nodes with the help of edge-cloud collaboration, which can break...
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Research on Tourists Characteristics Based on Big Data Analysis in Cultural Tourism

Siwei Dong, Shan Lu
Due to the fierce competition in the cultural tourism market, it is very necessary for tourism enterprises to accurately grasp the characteristics of tourists. In technological contexts, the continued development of information and communication technologies has enabled travel enterprise to gain in-depth...
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A Statistical Framework for Evaluation of Graduate Student Leadership Training Based on Entropy Method in the Context of New Engineering

Xun Wang, Hai Pan
Economic development and education have placed new demands on graduate education, especially leadership training. China proposes that universities should accelerate the construction and development of new engineering disciplines. In order to solve the above problems, this study conducted a questionnaire...
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The Data Analysis of the Process of Early Marxist Chinesization from the Perspective of Cultural Leadership

Taking the Texts of New Youth as an Example

Ruiya Song, Xiufeng Zhao
In order to explore the process of constructing early Marxist in China, this paper uses a combination of data retrieval and social science statistics, through high word frequency statistics, keyword extraction, and collocation analysis, to examine the ways in which cultural change was embedded in New...
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Research on the Development Trend of Enterprise Information Security Strategy in Cloud Environment

Kai Li, Kai Li, Chunlei Chang, Qiaoli Wang
Due to the combination of cloud computing and big data, the infrastructure and architecture of information networks and information systems have changed. Defense centered strategies cannot cope with advanced target attacks. By analyzing the security requirements of the bank’s digital transformation,...
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Traffic Public Policy Tracking and Evaluation by the Difference in Differences Method and the Linear Regression Model

Shiyu Han
Energy efficiency and environmental preservation must have substantial support if sustainable growth is to be achieved. Asia has the worst urban air pollution of any region in the world, making air pollution reduction essential. Government policies have an impact on the control of air pollution, as is...
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An Empirical Study on the Effect of Information on College English Teaching

Anlin Hu
Based on the empirical data and panel regression model of Yunnan Vocational College of Land and Resources, the relationship between the degree of informatization in teaching and learning and the effect of English teaching was empirically analyzed with the average score of AB grade English test as a surrogate...
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How Digital Technologies are Applied to Fight Against the Covid-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Macao

Xuefei Wang
Macao was shown to perform effectively in combating the Covid-19 pandemic despite being a heavily populated international resort city in China. By using documentary and comparative analysis, this paper aims to identify the key elements that are essential for dealing with the pandemic. It makes the case...
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The Development and Application of “One-Stop” Cluster Analysis Application System Under the Background of Big Data

Zhengju Song, Jun Li
In the era of big data, the application level of data analysis and processing algorithm determines the presentation of data value. As one of the widely used exploratory analyses, clustering analysis has many ways to realize it, but users still face many difficulties in the actual application process....
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Exploring the Impact of China’s Labor Force Changes on Economic Growth: A Quantitative Study

Xiaochen Han
Trends in labour force changes can have a powerful impact on macroeconomic growth. The persistently low population growth rate in China has become a matter of immediate concern for policymakers and academics. Based on the data of the communiqué of the seventh population census of China and the National...
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Big Data Analysis of Chinese Postgraduate Scholarship Evaluation Policy Based on SPSS Software Statistics

Weina Zhang, Fang Sun, Boyue Su
Based on the CIPP model, this paper constructs an analysis model of Chinese postgraduate scholarship evaluation policy from four dimensions of Context evaluation, Input evaluation, Process evaluation and Produce evaluation. In policy background, we use questionnaires and SPSS to survey three representative...
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Design and Implementation of Interactive Smart Classroom System for Preschool Education Major

Dongen Zhou
In the introduction, this paper first expounds the characteristics and requirements of preschool education major, then analyzes the present teaching situation of preschool education major, and puts forward a feasible optimization scheme according to the present situation. Then it gives a brief overview...
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Research and Application of Power Grid Data Blood Relationship Analysis

Ming Liu, Shijin Liu, Lihua Sun, Hongyu Ding, Chuanrong Lu, Yang Zhang, Tiancheng Qian
State Grid Corporation of China implements the digital transformation strategy, integrates the resources of various data islands in various power fields under the traditional model, and quickly forms the capabilities of data governance and data services. The implementation process will encounter problems...
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Research Progress and Trend of Storytelling in Marketing Based on Literature Search Visualization Tools: From Independent Creation to Co-creation by Enterprises and Consumers

Wenmin Zhang, Bo Qu, Kechang Gao
This paper uses HistCite and VOSviewer, literature search visualization tools, to analyze the hot research topics of storytelling in marketing and their logical relations which will provide a basis for understanding and wider adoption of storytelling in marketing in practice. With the aid of HistCite,...
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Research and Application Path Analysis of Deep Learning Differential Privacy Protection Method Based on Multiple Data Sources

Junhua Chen, Yiming Liu
The deep learning model will contain user-sensitive information during training. When the model is applied, the attacker can recover the sensitive information in the training data set through model inversion attacks, and directly or indirectly disclose the user-sensitive information. The existing methods...
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Research on the Growth and Development of 6-Month-Old Infants by SPSS Feeding Method Under the Background of Social Big Data

JinFu Yao, Shu Tang
To investigate the effects of feeding patterns on the growth and development of 6-month-old infants based on social big data. A cross-sectional retrospective study was conducted to investigate the height, weight and feeding methods of 2156 infants at the age of 1 month, 3 months and 6 months, which were...
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The Design and Development of Virtual Simulation Teaching System for Alpine Skiing Based on VR Technology

Jiandong Lin
Aiming at the problems existing in the current alpine skiing teaching, such as limited teaching environment, single teaching method, weak safety awareness of students and strong fear of beginners, a virtual simulation teaching system of alpine skiing is developed based on VR technology. This system uses...
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Influence of Characteristics of Volunteer Service Projects on Assessment from the Perspective of Big Data

Qi-An Wang, Yu Lv
Since the first China youth volunteer service project contest (CYVSPC) in 2014, a large number of project related data have been accumulated. These data describe the development of volunteer service and are rich in valuable historical experience. Based on the data of the 5th CYVSPC, this study aims to...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Urban Elderly People’s Willingness to Care for Leisure in Rural Areas

Ningzhi Cai, Xiaoyan Qiu, Yingxin Zhang, Linghui Liu
Urban elderly to rural leisure pension is not only a useful supplement to the traditional pension model, but also can promote the transfer of urban pension industry to rural areas, drive the flow of urban factor of production resources to rural areas, and help rural revitalization strategy. Based on...
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Research on Quantitative Investment of the CSI 300 Stocks Based on Monte Carlo Algorithm

Ziwei Wang, Weirui Liu, Yiqi Zheng, Yanke Wu
With the development of science and technology, quantitative investment was involved as the three main methods of stock investment together with fundamental analysis and technical analysis. In this paper, a quantitative investment model is proposed to automatically and accurately capture the real-time...
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Social Media Use and Consumption Culture: Evidence from a Cross-Sectional Survey and Machine Learning Approach of College Students

Xinzhu Pu, Yanning Wang, Zichuan Huang, Zhe Zhang
As an essential information tool for daily lives, social media has profoundly affected the consumption of college students. However, no study has investigated the mechanism. This paper bridges the gap by testing a dual mediation path model in a sample of undergraduate students (N = 713), and using machine...
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Analysis on the Blockchain Venture Industry in the United States

Keren Wang
This paper provides a first look at the newly emergence of start-up firms in the U.S. blockchain industry, by documenting the gradual development of business models, technological changes, firm operations and investment behaviour of venture capitalists in this field. Drawing an analysis of the compounded...
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Research on the Promotion Path of Part-Time Graduate Students’ Social Identity in Era of Big Data: Based on NVivo 12 Software Analysis

Boyue Su, Fang Sun, Weina Zhang
In the context of the big data era, this paper examines the current situation of part-time graduate students’ social identity with ‘situation,’ ‘emotion,’ and ‘symbolic’ dimensions derived from a model of interactive ritual chain and compares positive and negative microblog comments using the NVivo 12...
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Optimization Analysis of Public Policy Online Voting System Based on Data Mining Algorithm

Haisheng Hu, Dong Chen
Correct decision-making and effective implementation of public policies will bring positive results to the development of the economy and the advancement of society. Errors in decision-making or improper implementation will bring certain negative effects. In a sense, the issue of public policy is the...
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Investigation and Empirical Analysis of Personal Information Collected by Digital Business Platforms

From the Perspective of Big Data Discriminatory Pricing (BDDP)

Huali Chen, Fei Wang
The rapid development of big data and artificial intelligence is changing the traditional economic model. By collecting a wealth of personal information from the consumer manipulated by algorithms and then using algorithmic technology to accurately profile them, digital business platforms provide greater...
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Research Hotspots and Evolution Context of Digital Platforms Based on CiteSpace

Jianli Gao, Yang Chen, Xinqi Du
Digital technology has enabled high-quality economic development, and digital platforms have become a new engine of economic development at home and abroad. In this paper, we use the papers on “digital platforms” in the core database of the web of science as a sample, and use CiteSpace to systematically...
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An Analysis of the Impact of EU Membership on the Export of Agricultural Products from Central and Eastern European Countries to China

Savo Stanojevic
Given the importance of the agricultural sector for Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC) and their close trade relations with the European Union (EU), this study aims to examine the impact of EU membership on agricultural exports from CEEC to China. We use a gravity model and a panel dataset...
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Research on the Image of University Campus Environment from the Perspective of Image Theory and Data Analysis

Taking Hubei University of Technology (HBUT) as an Example

Tianjia Wang, Ziyang Dong
With the rapid development of Chinese universities and the expansion of the number of students, how to use urban design analysis to study the built campus environment has become a primary issue. Based on the quantitative investigation and analysis of urban image theory, this paper compares the quantitative...
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Application of K-means Method Based on SPSS in Graphic Design Score Analysis

Jing Luo
Usually the method of personnel training examination cannot fully verify the effect of teaching reform. Therefore, SPAA statistical software was used for α reliability coefficient analysis and K-means cluster analysis. In this paper, K-means algorithm is used to analyze and classify students’ graphic...
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The Impact of Entrepreneurship Policy Supply on Establishing Family Farms for University Students Returning Home

Yu He, Lichun Huang, Linghui Liu
The current study seeks to investigate the brain drain of high-quality talents, such as university students, who return home to work in agricultural construction and establish family farms. Based on previous research and theoretical analysis, the policy needs of university students returning home to...
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Analysis of Mental Health Status and Social Factors of Patients with COVID-19 Based on Big Data

Shu Tang, Le Chen, Xubo Dai
Objective: To understand stress response, depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions of COVID-19 patients, social influencing factors and the correlation among them. Methods: A total of 172 patients with COVID-19 in isolation treatment were selected from 3 hospitals by SO JUMP and investigated...
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Data Analysis of Middle Distance Running Strategy Based on Binary Discrete Choice Model

Tingting Zheng, Xi Yang, Shanwen Cao
Through video analysis, this paper establishes the database of the pace strategy of distance runners in the 2008–2019 World Championships and the final of the Olympic Games. Combined with the econometric binary discrete selection model, this paper analyzes the differences between the self pace strategy,...
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Research on the Relationship Between Gender Concept and Family Business Model Based on SPSS

Hao Zhang, Luyi Liang
The application and promotion of big data technology in social science research has made it possible to explain the influence of gender concept on social activities in a deeper and more logical way. Based on the survey data of China General Social Survey (CGSS) in 2015, OLS regression model was used...
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A Study of the Global National Food Security System Based on the AEG Model

Jinglin Zeng, Xiancai Zhang, Ruijie Tang
At present, although the global food system is highly efficient and functioning well in some parts of the world, it has brought great harm to the environment, and as the number of people worldwide increases, the impact on the environment is getting worse and worse. Therefore, for the global food system...
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Research on the WeChat Concern of Tourist Attractions Based on Internet Big Data——Taking Li Garden of Wuxi as an Example

Hong-ying Zhang, Xiao-wei Bian
Big data is mainly represented by digital, text, photo, video, audio and other data information existing in the network space. At present, it has become a hot topic to carry out relevant research with a variety of digital footprints. This paper collects the WeChat tweet digital footprint of Wuxi Li Garden...
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The Application of Big Data Analysis to Assist the Design of Children’s Food Packaging Experience Model

Ting Wen, Chunlei Fan, Ting Tao, Wenbin Gao
In the era of experience economy, the unchanging and boring packaging form has been unable to meet the emotional experience and psychological needs of consumers. Especially in the field of children’s food products, packaging design should fully consider children’s physical and mental characteristics....
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Use Big Data to Predict Unemployment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jamie Chen
Since the pandemic, unemployment has always been a concern in the United States. The aim of the paper is to use big data to predict unemployment in the U.S. Based on results from correlation matrix and OLS regression, I conclude that the Google Trend Index is a helpful reference to understand the situation...
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Investigating Design Style Evaluation in User Cognitions Using Statistical Methods

Jihong Liu, Yu Zhi
Based on the modern design theory, the product design style is the subjective feeling of the product's whole form, and its research and classification depend on the user's sensibility evaluation. But for a long time, the emphasis of style quantification has focused on the relationship between...
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Research on the Construction and Application of Smart Tourism Platforms Based on Big Data Technology

Yongjun Zhang
With the advent of the mass tourism era, innovative tourism services have attracted increasing attention from numerous tourism consumers. The wide application of big data and cloud computing technology makes it possible to build an intelligent tourism service platform to improve the experience of tourists....
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A Study on the Spiritual Imagery of Chinese Overseas Chinese Yinxin in the Digital Humanities Perspective-Based on Neural Network and Text Mining Method Application

Yuting Li, Kailin Huang, Siying Zhang
With the rapid development of the economy and technology, the construction of memory heritage resources is facing severe challenges. The continuation, inheritance, reproduction, and design of overseas Chinese bank letters are particularly important. To address the shortcomings and limitations of traditional...
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Research on the Innovation of Cross-Border E-commerce Customer Service Model Based on Big Data in the Post-epidemic Era

Jiahui Liang
In the post-epidemic era, with the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, massive amounts of customer information data are generated every day. This article explores useful business information data, innovates cross-border e-commerce customer service model, optimizes customer service details,...
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Earnings Management Behavior and the Stickiness of Income Tax Burden: Big Data Analysis Based on China A-share Listed Companies

Mengyuan He
This paper uses the panel data of China A-share listed companies from 2009 to 2019 to calculate the manipulable accruals and explore the impact of corporate earnings management on the stickiness of income tax burden. The empirical results show that for every 1% increase in corporate profit before tax,...
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Research on the Application of Big Data Technology to Tracking Audit in the Implementation of Targeted Poverty Alleviation---Taking County C as an Example

Xiaohui Sun, Yixiao Cheng
Poverty has been a crucial factor in the process of comprehensively building a well-off society. In today’s world with a significantly improved physical wealth, there is still a proportion of people on the edge of poverty. The tracking audit of governmental information in the poverty alleviation can...
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A Profound Analysis on the Image of “New Adam” in American Literature with Big Data Text Mining and Processing Technology Based on OCR

Zhengying Wu
In the era of big data, with the development and in-depth application of data mining and retrieval, image retrieval, cloud storage and computing, digital text research technology has begun to be applied in literature research. By analyzing and discussing the basic characteristics of big data, this paper...
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A Probe into China's Cross-Border e-commerce Operation Model Under the Big Data View Domain

Huiting Ju, Hui Wang
In the e-commerce industry, the traditional e-commerce data has been eliminated and replaced by big data with 5V (volume, variety, velocity, value, veracity) characteristics. The high-speed big data can quickly judge from many aspects and a large number of valuable data, and help the e-commerce industry...
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COVID-19 Based on Big Data Analysis Research on the Influence and Countermeasures of 5A Tourist Attractions in Jiangsu Province

Hong-ying Zhang
The sensitive vulnerability of tourism determines that it is vulnerable to natural, social, economic and other aspects. As a sudden public health event, the outbreak of COVID-19 has a serious impact on the domestic and foreign tourism industry. As the core element of tourism, scenic spot is one of the...
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On the Ethical Dilemma and Countermeasures of Algorithmic Recommended News

Caixia Zhang
In the era of big data, algorithm technology is widely used in the field of news dissemination, which has promoted the reform and development of journalism. However, algorithm recommendation, as the main form of news distribution, is also facing controversy in the development process. On the one hand,...
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Study on the Application of Big Data on the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries

Ye Bei
In recent years, the vigorous development of the cultural and creative industries reflects the importance that the country attaches to the important role of cultural and creative industries in economic transformation. With the rapid development of information technology, cloud computing. Internet of...
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Research on Enterprise Innovation Behavior Based on the Regression Analysis Under Big Data Technology

Siqi Chen, Zhaohua Li
This paper uses the 2016–2018 SME Board listed companies as sample, takes the senior executives’ professional experience as an explanatory variable, and divides them into two dimensions: academic, overseas, to empirically test the impact of different professional experiences on corporate innovation investment....
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A Scientometric Analysis: The Application of Big Data in the Enterprise Supply Chain

Chung-lien Pan, Yongzhen Yan, Nuanjia Wang, Lingyan Guo, Xinxin Liu
Using big data analytics to deliver services to businesses is becoming increasingly popular among professionals. At the same time, the application in the supply chain is very important for practitioners. As a part of enterprises, the supply chain plays an important role in enterprises. Although many...
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Research on the Path and Function of Precision Marketing of Agricultural Products Brands Based on Big Data

Yu Yan, Bo Zhang
The technological change of big data has accelerated the process of transforming traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, digital agriculture and information agriculture, and has also provided a solid basis for precision marketing of agricultural products. This article is based on the actual combat...
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Research on Situational Prevention of Drug Crimes from the Perspective of Big Data Based on SPSS Software

Cheng Bo
Due to the complexity, concealment, and intelligence of drug crimes, traditional social prevention, penalty prevention and other measures are difficult to effectively deal with. The advent of the era of big data has brought opportunities for the prevention and control of drug crimes. The track, record,...
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An Analytical Research on Current Development Situations of Social Organization Standards of Guangdong Province on the Basis of Big Data Analysis Method

Tingjun Huang, Youhong Yang, Zhengyuan Wang, Jingyang Mao, Hanying Zhi
People from all walks of life are paying more and more attention to social organization standards, which play an important role in meeting market and innovation demands. This paper uses the clustering analysis method and the entropy weight method based on big data to analyze the current development situations...
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A Research on the Development of Resource-Based Cities by Using the Big Data to Realize the Economic Transformation

Taking Jining City of Shandong Province as an Example

Shengye Tao, Zhen Li
The technological revolution, based on the big data, has exerted a huge impact on people’s work and life styles. Currently, China has to simultaneously deal with the slowdown in economic growth, make difficult structural adjustments, and absorb the effects of previous economic stimulus policies, namely...
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Application of IoT and Big Data Technology in Digital Testing Platforms

Xin Wang, Liwei Yang, Dejun Liu, Bowei Chen
With the advancement of Internet of things and big data technologies, they have been introduced to the traditional experiment testing industry. This paper introduces the composition and functions of digital testing platforms, elaborates the purposes and objectives of these platforms, and analyzes its...
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Analysis of RV Marketing Strategy in North China Based on Big Data

Minhui Zhou, Xuefeng Yang
With the development of Chinese economy, the improvement of people’s income level, the change of travel mode, climate conditions, natural and cultural resources and huge market, the RV industry in China has developed rapidly. In this study, 341 questionnaires were obtained, and the RV sales data were...
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Empirical Study on Work Pressure, Regional Differences and Audit Quality Based on Big Data

Haihong Li, Yuanyuan Yang
As an important monitoring mechanism for company management, the quality of audit affects the achievement of audit business objectives. In this paper, we selected A-share listed companies in China from 2015–2019 as the research sample, used the analysis method of multiple linear regression, and conducted...
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Ethical Study on Problems and Development of the Online Crowdsourcing Translation Platform Yeeyan Based on Big Data

Xiuying Lu, Jia Li
The emerging crowdsourcing translation industry, originating from the practice of enterprise crowdsourcing, driven by the urgent needs of the increasingly diversified translation market, effectively integrates the scattered translation resources and public wisdom. Online crowdsourcing translation platforms...
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Research on the Extraction and Application of Vinegar Culture Elements in Zhenjiang Under the Background of Big Data

Gan Gao, Mingzhu Li
As one of the Four Famous Vinegars of China, Zhenjiang vinegar has a long cultural history and great cultural significance, which is a profound refinement in the lifestyle and cultural spirit of Zhenjiang people. In recent years, with the explosive growth of data resources, the channels of access to...
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The Implementation Effect of Chinese Soil and Water Conservation Law in Pisha Stone Area Use SPSS Analyses Big Data

Minglei Kang, Binbin Li, Yanshuang Zheng, Feifei Dong, Zhan Zhang, Yuanyuan Chang, Liting Hou, Haibin Zhao, Cheng Chen, Yang Liu, Huiling Duan, Maolin Li, Zhenzhou Shen
The soil and water loss is very serious in Pisha stone area of Yellow River basin, which is called the “ecological cancer of the Earth”. The area covers only 1.67 × 103 km2, but the coarse sediment produced by the area accounts for 25% of the silt deposited in the lower Yellow River. We used SPSS data...
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Research on the Practical Dilemma and Solution of Big Data Talents Cultivation

Wenhua Liu
In the internet age, massive data gives birth to so called big data. Big data is affecting people’s life in every regard. Therefore, big data age has resulted in high attention from all stakeholders. The development of big data industry raises the new challenge of talents cultivation. The article firstly...
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Research and Analysis of Crime Prediction in China and Abroad Based on Knowledge Graph

Yixin Liu, Juan Wang, Peng Zhang
The era of big data is changing the mode of police work. Crime prediction based on big data analysis has become a research hotspot in crime prevention and combat. In order to fully reveal and summarize the current development status and characteristics of the crime prediction field in China and abroad,...
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Spatial Pattern Analysis of Zhuhai Urban Development Based on POI Big Data

Zili Zhao, Xiupeng Zhang, Zhi’ao Zhang, Xintao Peng
This study is to obtain accurately the urban development & evolution characteristics and spatial development pattern information of Zhuhai, to analyze its urban development laws by using spatio-temporal big data, to improve its scientific entity and effectiveness of planning, as well as to help its...
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The Evaluation Model of Social Governance Under the Background of Rural Revitalization Based on Big Data

Chunfang Feng, Xuankai Ding
With the in-depth implementation of the rural revitalization strategy in China, the rural social governance is facing new opportunities and challenges. The construction of a systematic and scientific evaluation index system of rural social governance has important guiding significance for the modernization...
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Research on the Brand Promotion Design of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Era of Internet Big Data——Take Decoration Design Enterprises as an Example

Tingting Tang, Dun Zhao, Ling Lin
Purpose: Relying on the Internet platform and using big data technology, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are encouraged to establish a new corporate brand operation model from the perspective of brand positioning, brand design, and brand promotion, so as to improve the effect of corporate brand...
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Operation Strategy of “Cloud Tourism” Platform Based on Big Data Technology

Yujie Bai
The cloud tourism experience platform uses big data and virtual technology to construct a virtual tourism environment. It can change the marketing model of tourism companies and the consumption model of tourists. Based on big data analysis, this article explains the operation strategy of the cloud travel...
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Financial Technology Risk Supervision Method Based on Big Data

He Zhang
In order to promote the stable development of economy and avoid the risk of economic recession, the risk supervision of financial technology is very important. The traditional financial technology risk supervision methods are not comprehensive in risk early warning, and the accuracy of financial risk...
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Coupling and Coordination Development Between Urbanization and Eco-environment in National New Areas

Wei Dang, Mengjie Zhu
Taking 22 prefecture-level cities from national new areas as the research objects, based on entropy weight method and coupling coordination model, we analyzed the coordination degree’s temporal and spatial dynamic evolution between urbanization and ecological environment from 2003 to 2018. The results...
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Analysis of Extreme Weather in Three Northeastern Provinces Based on Big Data

Hong Yue
In recent years, with the aggravation of global climate change, extreme weather events occur frequently in the three northeastern provinces. Using the data of meteorological stations in Northeast China from 1960 to 2010 for more than 50 years, the occurrence regularity of common extreme weather phenomena...
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Analysis on the Prevention and Control Measures of Water Pollutants from Ships in the Yangtze River Economic Zone Based on E-vessel Bigdata System

Hongyan Wang, Lei Chen, Yujun Tian
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has put forward a series of new ideas and requirements on the construction of ecological civilization, and required that priority must be given to ecology and green development. Because the Yangtze River Economic...
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Application of Big Data Analysis for Energy Consumption Standards Establishment of Oil Wells

Yun Liu, Tingting Liu, Xingping Cheng, Weiyi Xie, Runfang Miao, Shan Gao, Fengjiao Qu, Zhiyong Liu, Fei Zhao, Lihong Du
The big data analysis of oil wells uses the historical production data of the oilfield to find out the internal relationship between the data, to guide on-site production and to realize energy consumption reduction. Due to the huge of wells’ historical data the big data analysis methods such as descriptive...
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Effect of Edge Cues on Perceptual Advertising Marketing-- Based on SPSS Analysis

Jingjing Ye
With the development of mass media, the themes and forms of emotional advertising are increasingly enriched. Many advertisers want to expand publicity and enhance competitiveness. Advertising companies have launched a series of “flow war” and “topic war”, using the “star effect” of spokesmen to improve...
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Dynamic Commercial Poster Design Based on AHP in Digital Media

Lanchuan Wang, Yanhao Chen
Based on AHP and the design theory of dynamic commercial posters, a set of dynamic commercial posters for Wahaha juice drinks is designed. Firstly, the dynamic commercial poster design system is constructed. Secondly, the key design elements and their hierarchical models of dynamic commercial posters...
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Intelligent Pet Product Design Based on Kansei Engineering Analysis

Runze Cao, Dongming Ma, Hao Qian
This paper guides intelligent pet product design by analyzing the needs of the pet-owning population with the research method of Kansei engineering and visualizing the abstract sensual expression into product design elements. Through the design method of Kansei engineering, the intelligent pet product,...
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Research on the Innovation of Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Based on Digital Technology

The Hakka Kirin is an Example

Yan Lin, Haoxi Yang
Pearson correlation analysis and regression of cultural and creative satisfaction are used to examine the need for innovation of intangible cultural assets on the basis of research on the existing state of Hakka Kirin. Digital technology is used to explore digital conservation and creative conservation...
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Current Situation Analysis and Potential Solutions of Desertification in Inner Mongolia---Based on Big Data Analysis Methods

Yuehan Diao
Desertification has long been a destructive environmental issue in Inner Mongolia. It turns fertile soil into arid sand, aggravates sandstorms, destroys habitats of wildlife, and threatens the normal living of Inner Mongolian residents. To overcome this natural crisis, the public is actively searching...
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Research on the Mechanism of Sports Industry Promoting China's Economic Growth -- Based on the Two-Dimensional Log-Linear Model

Changhong Zeng, Jing Liang
China is in a critical period of economic transformation, and the sports industry is particularly important to economic transformation. Based on this, the paper uses the statistical data from 2003 to 2019 in China to propose three mechanism hypotheses for promoting economic growth, and uses a two-dimensional...
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Research on Financial Early Warning Analysis Based on Big Data Technology

Xiangxia Shao
Financial early warning analysis is of great significance to the survival and development of enterprises, and the application of big data technology helps to collect and process non-financial data in the financial early warning analysis model. This article first introduces the characteristics of big...
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Study on the Application of Big Data in Business Operations as the Core Strategy

Chenkai Liang
Big data is used as the core strategy by companies as the key to success. In this paper, the author illustrates three different kinds of companies – the company that makes business decisions based on big data at the first stage, the revolutionary company that utilizes big data to achieve their ultimate...
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Research in the Application of Big Data in the Field of Stock Investment

Wanying Qi, Michelle Sun
In some fields like stock investment, every decision matters. To decrease the risk that may be caused by monitoring large quantities of information artificially and increase the security, investors usually use Big Data to process information. In this paper, we are going to discuss how Big Data works...
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Ontology-Based Knowledge Modeling of Muli-factors for Severe Weather Risks in Snow Sports

Shuangfeng Wei, Xiaobo Sun, Shaobo Zhong
With the frequent occurrence of severe weather events in winter snow sports, it is important to ensure the agility of response to meteorological emergencies and the intelligence of decision making. To solve the semantic heterogeneity of risk information and insufficient knowledge representation related...