Proceedings of the 2022 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Social Sciences (ICBDSS 2022)

Conference name: Proceedings of the 2022 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Social Sciences (ICBDSS 2022)
Date: 19-21 August 2022
Location: Hulunbuir, China (Online)

The 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Social Sciences (ICBDSS 2022) was successfully held on August 19–21, 2022, in Hulunbuir, China. Given the current developments regarding the novel coronavirus, it was held in the form of both physical and virtual conference. ICBDSS 2022 provided a platform for experts, scholars, and engineering technicians to share research results and cutting-edge technologies and understand academic development trends, promoting the academic achievement industry platform for chemical cooperation.

We had the honor of having invited Prof. Qin He from Center for Digital Economic & Management Research, China, to serve as our Conference Chairman. The conference consisted of keynote speeches, oral presentations, and online Q&A discussion, bringing together 200 academicians, researchers, and industry experts. Firstly, keynote speakers were each allocated 30–45 minutes to hold their speeches. Then in the oral presentations, the excellent papers we had selected were presented by their authors one by one.

During the conference, we were greatly delighted and honored to invite two sophisticated keynote speakers to make speeches. For a start, Assoc. Prof. Yuefeng Liu from Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology, China, as our Keynote Speaker to address his speech. Based on China’s construction of intelligent discipline inspection and supervision, he and his team constructed a knowledge graph and a bidding knowledge graph, as well as proposed a case characterization and discipline measurement method, realizing the whole process from unstructured data to knowledge graph establishment and intelligent question answering using the graph and providing technical reference for domain-type knowledge graph construction. Besides, Assoc. Prof. Bo Xu from Northeastern University, China, reported on the Extracting Similar Electronic Medical Records: A Novel Federated Learning-Based Case-Based Reasoning Framework, in which he proposed a novel federated learning (FL)-based CBR framework for extracting similar electronic medical records (EMRs), named FL-CBR, enabling doctors to use clinical data from multiple isolated hospitals to support their decision-making process while protecting patients’ privacy. The wonderful and dramatic speeches had triggered heated discussion. Moreover, every participant praised this conference for disseminating useful and insightful knowledge.

The proceedings of ICBDSS 2022 is a compilation of the accepted papers and represents an interesting outcome of the conference. These papers feature but are not limited to the following topics: Big Data Science and Foundation, Big Data Algorithm, Visual Graphics and Context Models, Multicore Computing and Accelerators, etc. All the papers have been checked through rigorous review and processes to meet the requirements of publication.

On behalf of the conference organizing committee, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to the keynote speaker, peer reviewers, and all the participants. In particular, we would like to acknowledge the Atlantis Press, for the endeavor of all its colleagues in publishing this paper volume. We truly believe that all the attendees have had fruitful discussions and gained valuable knowledge and will enjoy the opportunity for future collaborations.

Committee of ICBDSS 2022