Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering

1459 authors
Li, Yubo
Process Automation System Development of Lyocell Staple Fiber Plant Based on PlantPAx
Li, Yuhua
Effect of Exogenous 24-Epibrassinolide on Salt Resistance of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.) under Salinity Stress
Li, Yujing
A Low-power Cordic and CSD based DCT Architecture
Li, Yun-Gui
About the Effects of Mesh Size and Compatibility
Li, Yunjiang
Climbing Performance Analysis of Radial Tire on Wet Pavement
Li, Zhaodong
A Study on Optimized Design Method of the Pre-machined Hole for Flanging of Square Tributary Junction on Cylindrical Steel Tube
Li, Zhekun
Experimental Study on the Performance of Vortex Microbubble Generator
Li, Zhengdong
Design and Optimization of H.264 Encoder Based on the PNX1700 Platform
Li, Zhengdong
The Design of AGC Circuit Based On the Variable Gain Amplifier AD603
Li, Zhengdong
Design of Wireless Monitor System Based on ZigBee Technology
Li, Zhuang
Making of Free Cutting Austenitic Stainless Steels with Additions of Sulfur, Rare Earth and Bismuth
Li, Zhuang
Effect of Thermomechanical Processing on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Low Carbon Steel
Liang, Bo Hsiao
A genetic algorithm to determine a production schedule under time-vary unit cost and shortages
Liang, Chenkun
The experimental study on shear behavior of concrete I-shaped beam with web openings
Liang, Gaofeng
Study on Photodynamic Therapy Instrument Based on Photonic Crystals
Liang, Jinglong
Analysis of Metallurgical Raw Materials and Environmental Protection
Liang, Jinglong
Application Analysis of Dry Dust Removal Technology
Liang, Lijuan
The method to reduce the post-construction settlement of soft soil subgrade
Liang, Qunzhang
Study On High Speed Driving Stability Of Tractor-Semitrailer
Liang, Xia
Research on motion characteristics and application of multi degree of freedom mechanism based on R-W method
Liang, Xiaoyu
Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Multi-Heat Source Stirling En-gine Combustion Chamber
Liang, Xinhe
Study on optical measurement technology for automotive covering parts
Liang, Yilong
Thin HfSiN Films prepared by Magnetron Sputtering
Liao, Fusheng
An electrochemical codeine sensor based on CdS nanparticle label
Liao, Fusheng
An E-DNA Sensor for Sequence-Specific DNA detection
Liao, Hongbin
Effect of Pre-stretching Process on Quenching Residual Stress of EW75 Magnesium Alloy
Liao, Hongqiang
Research on Assembly Process Modelling Method based Assembly Task Collection
Liao, Linjing
Simulation and Comparison Research of Lagrange and Kane Dynamics Modeling for The 4-DOF Modular Industrial Robot
Liao, Y.J.
Effect of coal moisture on denitration efficiency and boiler economy
Lin, Ken
Thermal Reliability Analysis of Machining Center Spindle Based on Virtual Prototyping
Lin, Nan
Deformation prediction of foundation pit with PCA-SVM
Lin, Yanyan
Mechanical Properties and Fracture Toughness of Epoxy Resin Improved by Low-viscosity Hyperbranched Epoxy
Lin, Yuxiang
Collaborative Optimization Computation Using Improved Genetic Algorithm and ANSYS
Ling, Shaohua
Electrochemical DBS Wastewater Treatment Research
Liu, Bozu
Microstructure and Properties of Al-Mg-Si-Li Alloys with Different Mg Content
Liu, Canming
Application of Fabric in Uniform Design and Its Development Research
Liu, Chang
Mechanical properties analysis of large-span subway station structure
Liu, Chao Ke
Analysis of plastic zone boundary of circular tunnel under the asymmetric load
Liu, Chen
A Shaking Table Test Design on Seismic Strengthened Brick Masonry Structures
Liu, Cheng
Research on the coffee cabinet design based on the shadow observation method
Liu, Chengjun
Effect of trace magnesium addition on the characteristics of mechanical properties in high strength low alloy steel
Liu, Chenyao
Research on Rapid Analysis for Purity of SF6 via Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Liu, Daizhi
Analysis and Forecasting of Geomagnetic Field Signal in Active Period
Liu, Dewen
Research of foundation engineering mechanics
Liu, Enpin
Safety assessment of steel framework of a utility boiler
Liu, Enqi
Optimization of ultrasound extraction of Wolfberry Flavonoids and its antioxidant activities
Liu, Feng-Shan
Extracting Faint Signals Behind Bright Sources From CLASH Imaging Using Fourier Analysis
Liu, Fu-Ping
Reflective properties of Anti-forgery Optically variable films series
Liu, Fuping
The reflection coefficients of multilayer anti-counterfeiting optical films for S-polarized wave
Liu, G.F.
Effect of ferrous on the adsorption of As(V) from aqueous solution on activated carbons
Liu, G.M.
High temperature corrosion behavior of superalloy GH984G in synthetic flue gases environments
Liu, Guangyao
The influence of pyrolysis temperature on lignite reaction kinetics and gas devolatilization process
Liu, Haiyan
Research on integration method for digital watershed simulation model based on component technology
Liu, Hanzhong
Automated Fiber Placement Approach over Open-contoured Sculptured Surface
Liu, Hao
Second-order geometric continuous processing of singular points
Liu, Hongbiao
Review of the study on macro-mechanical characteristics of wet concrete and their analysis methods
Liu, J.
Speciation Analysis and Removal of Heavy Metals Zn, Cu, Cd from Sludge by Organic Acid
Liu, Jian
Comparative study of SPWM and SVPWM modulation algorithm based on dual Fourier integral theory for high performance current source converter
Liu, Jianxiong
Study on collaborative work performance of GFRP rebar and concrete
Liu, Jie
Calibration Technology and Application of Ultrasonic Sensor for Partial Discharge Detector
Liu, Jie Ping
A Shaking Table Test Design on Seismic Strengthened Brick Masonry Structures
Liu, Jin-Gang
Design of Human Motion Capture System Based on Computer Vision
Liu, Jinhui
Study on the Intelligent Technology of Power Distribution Network
Liu, Jinming
The Establishment and Verification of 90° Elbow Pipe with Circular Cross Section Internal Pressure Distribution Model
Liu, Jinping
Experimental Investigation on High-temperature Heat Pump Water Heater of R1234ze
Liu, Juan
Modal Analysis of Bleed Air System based on NASTRAN
Liu, Jun
Study on the Intelligent Technology of Power Distribution Network
Liu, Juncong
Research on Combinatorial Approach in Composition-structure-property of Non-metallic Materials
Liu, Junjian
Research on Emotional Design of Ceramic Packaging
Liu, L.
Dielectric properties of Mn-doped BaTiO3-based ceramics synthesized by wet chemical method
Liu, Lei
The procedures developed of automatic cascade non-azeotropic refrigerant selection and matching
Liu, Lei
Theoretical gas phase compressibility factor of mixed refrigerants in auto-cascade refrigeration system
Liu, Longlong
A Novel Method for Similarity Analysis of Protein Sequences
Liu, Lu-Ping
Coupled Analysis of Haze and Thermal Power
Liu, Maojuan
A Novel Method for Similarity Analysis of Protein Sequences
Liu, Min
Study on formation mechanism of YSZ thermal barrier coatings with segmented structure
Liu, Ming
Research on transmittance / reflectance test system of optical lens based on differential measurement
Liu, Na
Climbing Performance Analysis of Radial Tire on Wet Pavement
Liu, Ningning
The numerical simulation of one-dimensional overland flow by Lattice Boltzmann Method
Liu, Pengliang
The application practice of filling mining technique in Yuyang coal mine
Liu, Pengyao
A Study on Optimized Design Method of the Pre-machined Hole for Flanging of Square Tributary Junction on Cylindrical Steel Tube
Liu, Q.G
Study of New Welding Tubular Joint Used For Jacket
Liu, Qiang
Large Eddy Simulations of the Entropic Lattice Boltzmann Method
Liu, Qiaoying
Development Type Selection of 3D Printing Base: Model Analysis and Empirical Study
Liu, Qinglin
A Study on the Rubber Dampers Which Have Been Managed Under Different Aging Environments
Liu, Quan-De
Determination of Iron and Zinc in Garbanzo by Microwave Digestion-High Resolution Continuum Source Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Liu, R.
Dielectric properties of Mn-doped BaTiO3-based ceramics synthesized by wet chemical method
Liu, Shuangquan
Development of Pressure Sensor for Oil and Gas Field Based on Sputtered Thin Film
Liu, Tianxiang
Adsorption and decomposition of NOx on Rare Earth Phosphotungstates
Liu, Wei
Amperometric determination of dopamine Ndoped graphene/Au@Pt core-shell nanoparticles modified glassy carbon electrode
Liu, Weiping
Series form solution for a graded composite strip with elastic variation in span direction
Liu, Wenmin
Statistical Analysis on Impact Toughness of Welded Joints between B610CF and 16MnR Steel
Liu, X.F.
Comparative Study on Microwave Co-pyrolysis Products of Low-Rank Coal under Circulating Gas and N2 Atmosphere
Liu, X.Z.
Influence of diameter of quartz raw material on the quality of fused quartz product
Liu, Xiali
Study of Self-organizing Fuzzy Neural Network Control for Flexible Material Path Processing Tangent Following Error Compensation
Liu, Xiao
Study on axial compression ratio of Seismic Performance of Steel Tube Filled with Steel-reinforced Concrete Composite Column
Liu, Xiao
The recycled aggregate concrete filled steel tube finite element model
Liu, Xiao-Yang
Research on obstacle recognition and distance calculation based on the structure of the road
Liu, Xiaoguang
Numerical Computation of Flow in Porous Media of Non-Newtonian Power Law Fluids
Liu, Xiaoguang
Study on Flow of Non-newtonian Power-law Fluids in Porous Media