Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems Engineering (CASE-13)

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New Proportional Integral Controller for Nth Order Transfer Function Model

Choon Lih Hoo, Chung Chin Yau Edwin, Mohamed Haris Sallehuddin, Nik Mohamed Nik Abdullah
The windup phenomenon in control has results in performance degradation or even system instability. The existing methods manipulate the integral control in their own respective way when saturation occurred in order to bring the system back into the linear region. The proposed new proportional integral...
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Optimization Design of PID Controller for Middle and High Frequency Ranges

Yong Qiao, Xuyang Lou
This paper presents a method of designing PID controller for both middle frequency range with typical signals input and high frequency range with ramp input. Based on the principle of approximate model matching, the design of PID controller can be converted into the problem of calculating optimal solution...
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Image Acquisition Method of Kiwifruit Picking Robot

Shuai Su, Longsheng Fu, Fanian Zhang, Yongjie Cui
In order to overcome the complex and diverse background appeared in kiwifruit image that acquired by approximate level capture method (ALCM), a look up capture method (LUCM) to acquire fruit images was proposed. According to study fruit identification process and effect of the kiwifruit in the image...
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An Efficient Engine for Orthogonal SE

Gongtao Wang, Karimi Ali, Jianming Xu
Orthogonal transformation has been used for State Estimation, since it is hard to solve by normal WLS method when weights of some measurements differ much from others. Though the numerical stability of orthogonal transformation has been generally accepted, it is reported that the efficiency might be...
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Research Of Spectrum Sensing Based On Decode and Forward Retransmission

Yuebin Chen, Qian Wang, Tuanwei Tian
In spectrum sensing, single point detection due to their own limitations is facing some problems such as hidden terminal, perceived sensitivity of the end, etc. Two nodes cooperative spectrum sensing schemes based on DF (Decode and Forward) protocols were proposed to achieve spatial diversity gains in...
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A New Finite Element Combination Method to Solve the Crack Cylinder of the Saint-Venant’s Torsion Problem

Xinyan Tang
Based on the Saint-Venant’s problem, combine the Crack3D code and Ansys software, a new finite element combination method to calculate the Saint-Venant’s torsion problem including crack is proposed. In order to illustrate its application, the numerical example for a Saint-Venant’s torsion problem with...
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Delay Dependent Memory Robust Model Predictive Control for Uncertainty Polytopic Time-delay Systems

Yang Liu, Guoshan Zhang, Zhihua Yang
In this article, a delay dependent memory robust model predictive control (RMPC) algorithm was proposed for uncertain polytopic state delay systems with input constraints. The state delay is time-varying with an upper and lower bound. We minimize a cost function by minimizing its upper bound for the...
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Vehicle Dynamic Testing Data Processing Using Wavelet Analysis

Weining Bao
The vehicle dynamic test data usually have some noise which would bring serious negative effects. In order to accurately obtain vehicle dynamic response. The test datas must be denoised using suitable signal denoising method. For this purpose, the basic principle of wavelet analysis is presented and...
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Research on Optimization of Case-Based Reasoning System

Lin Tong, Di Wu
In this paper the deduction and optimization scheme is proposed for CBR decision making system. The CBR system is improved by using CURE_KNN algorithm. Cases in the library are clustered into some subsets, and the standard case library is constructed in a hierarchical manner. After the similarity between...
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Retrospect and Prospect of NARI Generator Excitation System

Yixiang Shao, Qipin Xu, Shaoxing Zhao
In this paper the development and achievements of NARI generator excitation system were introduced, and the main design features were discussed. With the development of today's electric power system toward smart grid and smart power station/plant, the modern excitation system should provide support for...
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Model Proposal for Performance Testing of Safety-Critical Systems

Spendla Lukas, Tanuska Pavol, Strbo Milan
The main focus of article is the process of performance testing for safety-critical systems. The proposal is focused into safety-critical systems as a part of information systems. The contribution demonstrates the usage of performance test in the test system, with incorporated essential requirements...
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Kinetics Modeling for Slider-Crank Mechanism

Chung Yong H., Ahn Eui K., Hwam Won K., Choi Jung J.
This paper proposes a procedure to extract the kinetic model from the geometric model of a fixture to reduce the modeling time and effort. Since most of the fixtures in industry follow the same kinetic mechanism, the so-called a slider-crank mechanism; this is a four-axis system of three revolute and...
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Fullerenes with Heptagonal Rings An Overview

F.J. Sánchez-Bernabe, Salcedo Javier
Several works on nonclassical fullerenes with heptagons have mainly considered the case with just one heptagon. We present several nonclassical fullerenes with pentagons, hexagons and two, three, or more heptagons.
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A Novel Adaptive Spectrum Defragmentation Algorithm for Elastic Optical Path Networks

Guocheng Wu, Yong Yang
An efficient spectrum defragmentation algorithm is proposed in elastic optical networks by properly rerouting existing connections after traffic terminated dynamically to improve spectrum efficiency, and shown to be resource efficient.
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A Fast Algorithm of the Geomagnetic Correlation Matching Based on MSD

Weinan Xie, Zhenshen Qu, Qinghua Li
In this paper, a fast algorithm of the geomagnetic correlation matching based on MSD (mean square difference) is proposed. According to Taylor formula, the expression of MSD is transformed using the gradient of the magnetic field intensity. By introducing the parallelism constraint, the regularization...
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Cryptographic Computation Using ElGamal Algorithm in 32-bit Computing System

Nurul Atiqah Rosly, Abdul Aziz Mohd Zafran, Hashim Habibah, Syed Adnan Syed Farid, Mat Isa Mohd Anuar
Smart Computing provides ease of use in term of mobility in the low power computing devices such as smartphone, tablet and experimental board (e.g. RaspberryPi). Low power constraint and low computation capability require a lightweight security system and networking protocol. This paper presents an analysis...
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Several Populations Genetic Algorithms

Chunyan Liao
In the traditional genetic algorithm that the convergence of the existence of slow convergence and local convergence problems, the introduction of a variety of groups based on the standard genetic algorithm to overcome the premature convergence of genetic algorithms. After taking into account the evolution...
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Asymptotic Normality in Varying-Coefficient Errors-in-Variables Models with Missing Response Variables

Yafeng Xia, Yu Bai
This article is concerned with the estimation of a varying-coefficient regression model when the explanatory variables are measured with additive errors and the response variable is sometimes missing. Estimated coefficient function in complete observational data and interpolation data respectively, and...
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Test Analysis on Gravity Strength Exercise of Swimmers

Ting Liao
The exercise approach to the maximum power for iron sheet pull of first-tier athletes of Hubei Provincial Swimming Team was tested with proprietary strength quality testing facility. Results indicated the possibility of assessing the strength quality of a swimmer by power changes and the strength level...
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Stress Estimation of Beam Structures Based on 3D Coordinate Information from Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Hong Min Lee, Seon Park Hyo
Terrestrial laser scanner can remotely obtain 3D coordinate data of a structural member without installation of sensors or reflective targets on the structure. In this paper, to overcome the limitation of the conventional measuring system based on strain sensors, relative changes in 3D coordinate data...
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Integration of CALL into the Teaching of College English Reading

Liming Sun, Ni Wang
Reforming the teaching mode by integrating CALL into college English reading teaching is a possible and efficient solution to the current situation of college reading teaching. The hypothesis about the efficiency of CALL and its feasibility in Chinese college reading courses are confirmed and computer...
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Investigation of Radio Frequency Emissivity Effect on Human Cells

Abdul Aziz Mohd Zafran, Syed Adnan Syed Farid, Yusoff Rohaiza
This paper reviews some papers discussing the effect of radio frequency (RF) on human cells and proposal toward better experimental work. A prototype of radio frequency absorber box with air ventilation was introduced in order to investigate its effect on human cells. A few factors that contribute to...
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Hybrid Prediction Based on BP Neural Network and Markov Chain

Guofeng Liu, Shaobin Huang, Xiufeng Piao, Yuan Cheng
At present, there are many kinds of prediction methods, how to play the advantages of different prediction methods and take advantage of useful information contained in the data have become the focus of research. This paper starts from the studies of combination prediction method. First, it described...
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A Generalized Preconditioned MPHSS Method for a Class of Complex Symmetric Linear System

Zhongshe Gao
In this paper, with the MHSS and preconditioned MHSS methods, we get a generalized preconditioned MHSS method with a kind of complex symmetric linear systems. This method is a two-parameter iteration process, which can optimize the iterative process. The sequence of iterative produced by the generalized...
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Can Instant Messaging Platform QQ Help Solving the Deficiency of EFL Learners' Critical Literacy in China?

Quanyou Ruan
This study is designed as a qualitative case study to explore the application of the instant messaging platform QQ in an EFL class in China, aiming at promoting learners’ critical literacy. After analyzing the data collected in observation, surveys and interviews, this study finds that QQ can serve for...
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An Integrated Measurement Platform for a Solar Cell Based on Virtual Instruments

Zhen Wang, Maokui Li, Jian Zhang, Minglei Zhao, Lu Luo
This paper presents an integrated measurement platform for a solar cell based on virtual instruments. A programmable high-speed digital input and output[I/O] device was adopted to control the stepper motor to allow for changes in the load resistance of the solar cell return circuit. Then, four programmable...
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Decentralized Control Model Research for Power System Low Frequency Oscillation

Xuncheng Huang, Huan Qi, Xiaopan Zhang, Lifang Lu, Yangyu Hu
This paper considers the problem of decentralized control of interconnected power systems under the lager failure in real and reactive loads in the system model. A new decentralized control model has been presented. The model was designed based on the optimal damping ratio. Use the left-half plane pole...
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Vulnerability Analysis of Bus Failure in Power Grid

Xuncheng Huang, Huan Qi, Xiaopan Zhang, Lifang Lu, Yangyu Hu
This paper analyzes the network features of power grid with buses’ cascading failures based on the theories and methods of complex networks. And it concludes detailed vulnerability analysis of buses in Huazhong power grid under three forms of attacks (maximum load attack, maximum degree attack and random...
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Real-Time Prediction of the Wind Power Based on Improved Sustainable Model

Yang Mao, Yunpeng Jia
Accurate prediction of wind power is an effective technology to achieve the large-scale utilization of wind energy. This article conducts in-depth research on real-time prediction of wind power based on the interim measures for the management of power prediction and prediction of wind farm published...