Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Control, Automation and Artificial Intelligence (CAAI 2017)

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Quasi-Sliding Mode Control Based on Reduced Order Mode

Tao Liu, Hengliang Tang
A new design method of quasi-sliding mode control is presented for discrete-time system. It is show that the quasi-sliding mode controller for high order discrete-time system could be changed into the same problem for low discrete-time system utilizing reaching law and reduced model. The numeration complexity...
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Human Computer Interaction Design for Intensive Care Unit Monitors

Pu Liu, Yuan Liu
Intensive care unit represents the highest level of comprehensive rescuing and nursing of a hospital, and high-tech achievement of medical equipment with strengthened monitoring function supported by computer technologies. Excellent human computer interaction design of the monitors can greatly improve...
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The Virtual Assembly Technology Based on Natural Gesture

Yanjiao Chen, Guanglong Du, Ping Zhang
The purpose of this paper is to present a method called virtual assembly technology based on natural gesture. In the proposed method, five Leap Motions are fixed on the table to measure the position of the hands. Due to the tracking errors and the noise of equipment, the measurement errors will increase...
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Integral Sliding Mode Output Feedback Control for Discrete-Time Systems with Uncertainty

Tao Liu, Hengliang Tang
A new design method of integral sliding mode control based on fast output feedback is presented for discrete-time systems with uncertainty. A new control scheme is characterized by fast output feedback and new integral sliding mode manifold. It will be shown in this work the stability and dynamic performance...
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Research on Fuel Economy Aimed Coordination Control Strategy for the Dual-mode Hybrid System under Dynamic Conditions

Yu Zhao, Changlu Zhao, Ying Huang, Long Yang
A simulation of dynamic conditions was carried out based on the energy management strategy of "multi-objective power flow optimization based on engine optimal fuel economy curve". In dynamic conditions, without considering the response time of the adjustment of engine speed and engine torque, the motor...
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Wind Tunnel Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation Techniques for Flight Control System Evaluation

Min Huang, Zhongwei Wang, Zhenyun Guo, Qinghua Zeng, Yaobin Niu
In order to make up the shortages of traditional hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HILS) for flight control system (FCS) evaluation and farther reduce the risks of flight tests, wind tunnel hardware-in-the-loop simulation (WT-HILS) should be used to evaluate the FCS after the HILS evaluation and before...
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A Back-Stepping Sliding Mode Control Strategy Based on Extended Observer for Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter

Hui Ren, Jishen Li, Dan Li, Guodong You, Zhaojing Wang
In the photovoltaic power generation system, the grid-connected inverter is an important link to realize system connection with the electricity grid, but the existence of various interferences of the external environment and the system itself brings a series of problems. In this paper, the circuit of...
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Simulation Study and Parameter Evaluation on Water Level Control System of Steam Generator in Nuclear Power Plant

Chunyu Bi, Pengfei Liu, Xinli Song, Guoyang Wu, Zhida Su
Based on a CPR1000 nuclear power plant simulation platform which is developed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, simulation study and parameter evaluation on the water level control system of Steam Generator have been done in this paper. The response of the SG water level control system is validated by...
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Robust Control of a Deformable Mirror for Adaptive Optics Systems

Dingan Song, Xinyang Li, Zhenming Peng
To improve the robust stability of adaptive optics system, H synthesis has been introduced to design the controller. H synthesis has advantages to deal with unmodelled dynamic of plant and to ensure the optimal performance in tracking the desired input. To simplify the design of controller, Singular...
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Using Simulation for Development of Process Control Systems in Mining

Victor Okolnishnikov, Sergey Rudometov, Stanislav Shakirov, Sergey Zhuravlev
This paper describes our own visual interactive simulation system specialized in simulation of technological processes in mining. A new model of the crushing-grading mill was developed with the help of this simulation system. The model was integrated with a process control system of the crushing-grading...
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Remote Control Smart Home System

Xianjie Feng
In this paper, SM8952AC25P, TC35i and photoelectric sensors for intelligent home system design. The hardware part of the system is mainly composed of control unit, sensor data acquisition system, TC35i interface and power supply. The MT8870 and the voltage sensing element are the key components of the...
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Modeling of Handover Process in Operation Control System of Maglev Train Using Timed Automata

Hongze Xu, Yelei Li, Liu Jianfeng
The OCS (operation control system) is playing a vital role in ensuring the high efficiency and safety of the maglev train. In this paper, we focused on modeling and verification of the handover process of OCS. After we analyzed the function and performance of the system, the process was modeled as a...
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Control -Oriented Modeling and Experimental Study on Low Temperature Combustion for Diesel Engine

Yidong Fei, Fujun Zhang, Tianpu Dong, Sufei Wang
Diesel low-temperature combustion (LTC) has great potential on ultra-low emissions for internal combustion engine and has been widely researched in recent years. In order to enhance the stability of diesel LTC and improve the transient performance during low temperature combustion and conventional combustion...
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Adaptive Fault Tolerant Control of UAV Attitude Control System

Hangzhou Zhao, Xu Yong, Yunqi Zhang, Yuhao Ding
In this paper, we design a direct feedback adaptive fault-tolerant controller to cope with the uncertainty and non-modeling of the interference of the four-rotor UAV attitude control system. The controller is stuck in the UAV and the external. Under the condition of uncertainty, the attitude of the UAV...
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Lane Detection for Intelligent Vehicle under Different Illumination Conditions

Pingshu Ge, Lie Guo, Tao Zhang, Xiuchun Zhao, Jing Chang
Lane detection is an important component for intelligent vehicle. A novel method for lane detection under complex illumination conditions is presented. An adaptive image segmentation technology based on OTSU algorithm was used to segment lane markings by combining the global and the local threshold....
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Research on Multi-Sensor Fusion of Layered Intelligent System for Indoor Mobile Robot

Yingzhong Tian, Xu Gao, Mingxuan Luan, Long Li
As the demand for smart home grows, robot manufacturers develop new indoor mobile robots, which allow for intelligent and high accuracy of the robot system. However, there is not such a standard system. In order to solve the above problems, this work focuses on the main problems of multilayer intelligent...
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Application and Analysis of GOOSE Protocol in Industrial Process Controller

Honghai Niu, Jun Chen, Liu Liu
In application of industrial process control, more and more equipment & devices are integrated, and then data transmission encounters a serious bottleneck. Reliable & rapid data transmission between industrial process controllers & IO units becomes very urgent. Many schemes have been presented to solve...
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Failure Mechanism Analysis of Electromagnetic Brake Iron Core Damping

Xiao Liang, Xiaochang Liu, Facai Ren
Elevator accidents occur frequently, brake function failure is one of the main factors. If the brake function fails, it will cause the elevator to run out of control. Therefore, the effectiveness of the brake function is closely related to the safety of the occupants. The electromagnet is the most critical...
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Research and Optimization on Ticket Vending Machine Based on Human-computer Interaction

Yan Zhou, Siyu Wang
This paper makes the subway automatic ticket machine as the research subject, presents the suggestion of conducting the research and optimization based on human-computer interaction. We establish evaluation model of user experience based on the survey, correlation analysis and factor analysis. Selecting...
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Identification and Discrimination of the Limb Motions using Brain Waves from Motor Imagery

Minoru Sasaki, Ryo Nakamura, Waweru Njeri, Kojiro Matsushita, Satoshi Ito
This research identified and distinguished limb motions by the use of Neural Networks (NN), Support Vector Machines (SVM) and the Electro-encephalogram (EEG). EEG enabled motor imagery of the limbs. By comparing the EEG power at rest with that of the limb's motor imagery, measurements from the electrodes...
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Vibration Control of Flexible Manipulator Using Filtered Inverse Controller

Waweru Njeri, Minoru Sasaki, Kojiro Matsushita
Our paper presents an inverse system based controller for the precise positioning of the manipulator end-effector. Lately, flexible manipulators are popular owing to their numerous advantages; light weight, low power consumption etc. However, due to their flexible nature, precise positioning of the end...
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Internal Model Control of a Multilink Flexible Manipulator

Waweru Njeri, Minoru Sasaki, Kojiro Matsushita
This paper investigates the use on the internal model control technique in the mitigation of link vibration on a flexible manipulator with load disturbances. Flexible manipulators have gained popularity in the engineering field which require precision at high speed of operation. However, they suffer...
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Trajectory Planning for 6-DOF Robotic Arm Based on Quintic Polynormial

Xiaojie Zhao, Maoli Wang, Ning Liu, Yongwei Tang
The paper deals with research on polynomial trajectory planning for 6-DOF robotic arm. On the basis of kinematics analysis, we carried out trajectory planning and simulation of joint space. Through the trajectory planning diagrams of MATLAB simulation on the two methods, the results showed that quintic...
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Smart Mechanism Design of Electric Energy Meter Adaptive Sealing Device

Jin Zhang, Wen Zhao, Changyou Hu
At present, sealing of electric energy meters mainly uses the manual operation, which leads to poor quality and low efficiency, there is an urgent need to develop automatic sealing equipment with compact structure and adaptability. After the analysis of overall requirements and mechanism structure, smart...
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MPC Controller Design For Low Frequency Vehicle Longitudinal Vibration Suppression

Ting Zhang, Ying Huang, Peilin Dai, Donghao Hao
The low frequency longitudinal vibration is one of the key factors that affect the drivability. Therefore, the analysis and control of the low frequency longitudinal vibration of the vehicle has always been a key issue in the vehicle Vibration and Harshness (NVH). In this paper, a new active control...
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A Precise Design Method of EMI Filter Based on Compound Common-mode and Differential-mode Inductance

Yuwen Ma, Chengcheng Feng, Chen Li, Lei Wang, Zhiyi Jia, Jiong Chen
Based on the principle of electromagnetic interfer-ence (EMI) filter inductance, this paper proposes a composite common and differential mode inductor integrated form filter structure, design principle of common and differential mode inductor, and design equations are derived for the precise design method...
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Design and Simulation Analysis of Cam- type ATC Device

Zhenghao Ge, Jiawei Li, Peng Cao
The cam-type ATC device has the advantages of fast tooling and high-efficiency, but its structure is complicated and the design is more difficult. The main research contents of this paper is: carried out the cam three-dimensional modeling and the mechanism simulation analysis through the ATC device tool...
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Simulation Infrastructure Design on the Basis of the Space Industry's International Standards

Ludmila Nozhenkova, Olga Isaeva, Aleksey Markov, Andrey Koldy
We have designed a technology for creation of the space systems' onboard equipment simulation problem-oriented infrastructure, based on the Simulation Model Portability standard. The simulation infrastructure is a software environment allowing to create, integrate and use simulation models of different...
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Design and Experiment of a New Solar Automatic Tracking System

Lili Cheng, Bin Wang
A new type of solar photovoltaic power generation automatic tracking system was designed in this paper. First of all, based on the principle of dual-axes tracking and the law of the sun trajectory, a novel parallel solar tracking mechanism was devised. The mechanism of automatic tracking system uses...
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The Optimization Design of Missile Maintenance Process Based on PERT Analysis

Wei Chen, Di Zhang, Chao Ma, Zhen-zhou Bai
The article adopted the PERT simulation analysis to optimize the maintenance procedure of the missile based on the network model. Through applying the PERT analysis, to analyze the network flow, with time as the reference standard of the optimal path, in front of modeling of projectile modeling difficult...
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Methodological Research on Design for Testability of Mixed-signal IC

Shuirong Ju, Jinfei Wang, Tianshe Wang, Dong Qin
The concept and classification of design for testability about IC are introduced. As an example, several testability methods for mixed-signal IC sx1701 are given, which include precise module division, effective control signal building and testing structure adding. By using these methods, the testability...
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Design and Simulation Analysis of 55kw 12/8 Switched Reluctance Motor for Air Compressor

Hongxia Yang, Huiqin Sun, Hua Meng
The vibration and noise of switched reluctance motor are too large, which becomes an obstacle to the application of switched reluctance motor in air compressor. In this paper, a 55 kw 12/8 switched reluctance motor(SRM) for air compressor was designed, and static simulation analysis was carried out on...
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The Power Supplies Demand Conditions of the Big Data Technology Optimization Model

Fei Shi, Yonghuan Hu, Fengna Dong
Power supplies timely supply for the stable operation of the national grid and construction has the vital role. In this article, through the analysis of the characteristics of the electricity supplies demand, from the perspective of demand side, the production side, supply side research the contradiction...
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Optimized Opportunistic Routing in Space-Sky Information Network Based on Mesh

Zhenhao Zhang, Nan Xiao, Jun Liang, Weilong Chen, Bo Jin, Lingfeng Sun
Aiming at satisfying the requirement of diversified services and insufficient calculation ability in Space-based backbone Mesh network and solving the problem of not fully considering congestion control, unreliable acknowledgement and different service in requirement of QoS guarantee in the SOAR algorithm,...
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Improved Strong Tracking Cubature Kalman Filter for Target Tracking

Shuida Bao, An Zhang
Cubature Kalman filter (CKF) is a very popular non-linear filter algorithm recently. CKF obtains better numerical stability and accuracy in high dimensional situation compared to UKF. However, in case of process model uncertainty, the performance of CKF will greatly degrade or even provoke divergence....
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A Fuzzy Optimization Approach Designed for Calibrating the Fuel Injection Parameters of Turbocharged Diesel Engine

Meng Xia, Changlu Zhao, Fujun Zhang, Ying Huang, Miandun Huang
In order to enhance the performance of turbocharged diesel engine working at plateau, a fuzzy optimization approach for calibrating the fuel injection parameters is proposed. Simulation model of a turbocharged intercooler diesel engine is built on the GT-POWER platform. Through analyzing the effect of...
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Discussion on LED Position in LED Total Luminous Flux Device

Peng Xu, Xinye Wu, Hailong Bao, Yiping Ji, Wei Liao
The development, production and application of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have increased tremendously in the last ten years. All the special and useful properties of the LEDs are accompanied by their commensurate problems in measuring the light output. The spectrum of LED is quite different from the...
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Study on the Uncertainty of Absolute Measurement of LED Luminous Flux

Qiyu Lu, Guliang Zhou, Yuansheng Dai, Chenzhao Fu, Kan Xu
Distributed photometer for measuring light flux is a relatively accurate method, but for different beam angles and different test conditions,it can also bring errors. In this paper, we use the distribution of photometric method to measure luminous flux for different beam angle of the LED under different...
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New LED Luminous Flux Test System and Its Error Analysis

Haoyang Tian, Junhua Liu, Chenzhao Fu, Yuanbo Gu, Qiyu Lu, Wei Liao
With the continuous improvement of LED luminous efficiency, in the field of general lighting, there is a tendency to replace traditional light sources. But the lack of common standards for LED optoelectronic performance has become a major factor hindering its development. Among them, the luminous flux...
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Construction of Transmission Box Fault Diagnosis System

Hongbo Zhu, Youkun Zhang, Tongjie Shi
This paper established a set of fault diagnosis system for the fatigue test of the drive axle and transmission. The fault diagnosis system includes two parts: hardware and software. The hardware part is the basis of data acquisition and warning signal output; the software is programmed to realize human-computer...
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Electric-shock Safeguard System for Maintenance of the Transmission Line Using Virtual Fence and GPS Positioning

Jiaying Li, Yi Zhang, Chengzhang Jin
In order to avoid the electric shock accident in the process of line maintenance, this paper designs a set of electric-shock safeguard system using virtual fence and GPS positioning service. The system set up a virtual fence in the server side at first, then it compares fence information with real-time...
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A high-selectivity Microstrip Band-pass Filter

Mingjie LI, Yufeng Peng, Yi Zhang, Xueyun Han, Ruxia Chen, Bin Wang, Xiaolin Zhu
In this paper a high-selectivity microstrip band-pass filter with parallel coupling microstrip line is proposed. This microstrip filter adopts Chebyshev's prototype structure, by adding microstrip line at one end of the parallel coupling line to implement circuit matching and adding a high-pass filter...
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Design and Application of Automatic Feeding Function for Ultrahigh Speed Cigarette Packing Equipment PROTOR-M8

Ming Chen, Yuming Liu, Wanli Liu, Jianxiong Qiu, Wei Wang
In this paper, through the research on the automatic feeding function for ultrahigh speed cigarette machine PROTOR-M8, we build system architecture of automatic feeding mode, designing workflow and human-computer interaction interface, and planning AGV travel paths of BD pallet recovery and supplement....
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Research on Multi-sensor Cooperative Tracking Mission Planning of Aerospace Hypersonic Vehicles

Qiang Fu, Chengli Fan, Gang Wang, Xiangke Guo
Aimed at aerospace hypersonic vehicles (AHV) with the characteristics of high velocity, maneuverability, Radar Cross-section (RCS) weak, the single sensor is difficult to effectively track, therefore proposed multi-sensor collaborative workflow, construct cooperative tracking mission planning framework...
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Research and Design of Vital Computer Applied to Autonomic Machine

Xiaohe Sun, Shenghua Dai
This paper introduces a simplified TMR VC system for self-discipline machine in railway stations by analyzing the reliability and safety between hot-standby and TMR. Moreover, a TMR comparator based on FPGA is designed to improve the speed of data transmission and comparison.
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Design of Defecation Parameter Monitoring System Based on the Internet Plus

Lijun Hao, Chunyu Shan, Jiayong Yan
A defecation monitoring system based on weighing sensor with Internet Plus was designed in the paper. In the system, 8051 single chip is applied as a control core. First of all, users' defecation information is collected by some weight sensors. And then, the information about change in weight that is...
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Design of Safety Early Warning Based on Ultrasound

Kai Xia, Ming Yang
A safety driving warning system which can use Ultrasonic wave to measure the distance and generate an early warning of dangerous distance has been designed in order to improve driving safety by the propagation velocity of ultrasonic wave in the air soon, less energy consumption, directional well. STC89C52...
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A Study on Design of an Operation Simulation System for Technological and Innovative Manufacturing Enterprises

Shijun Tang, Bingxue Chen
As an experiential teaching mode, business operation simulation sandbox-based training plays an important role of "entrepreneurial simulation" teaching in cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talents. However, mainstream electronic business management simulation sandboxes in China have lagged behind...
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Linear-correction Extended Kalman Filter for Target Tracking Using TDOA and FDOA Measurements

Bing Deng, He Qin, Zhengbo Sun
This paper considers the target tracking based on TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival) and FDOA (Frequency Difference of Arrival) measurements for a single target in a distributed sensor network. A linear-correction EKF algorithm that involves closed-form weighted least squares (WLS) optimization only is...
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A Highly-Efficient Fault Tolerance Method for a Scalable Stream Processing System

Guanghui Chang, Peizhen Li, Guangxia Xu
An effective fault-tolerant mechanism becomes essential to the credible stream processing system (SPS). However, the traditional introduction of fault-tolerant mechanisms has a relatively negative influence on the systemic calculation efficiency. And enhancing the system scale out is an effective way...