Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Advanced Materials Science and Civil Engineering (AMSCE 2017)

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Determination of the Scenarios for the Future of Materials Technology

Astelio Silvera Sarmiento, Luis Fernando Garcés Giraldo, Jovany Sepúlveda-Aguirre
Introduction. In the world the prospective studies have been taking great acceptance, especially in developing countries, as they allow the prioritization and targeting of efforts in research on a specific topic. Objective. Contrast the positions of the key members of 2 Colombian universities about the...
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An Effective Modulus Predictive Method of POSS Reinforced Resin Matrix Composites

Huazhen Wei, Danyong Wang, Juncong Liu, Yiwei Chen, Shuhu Li
Compatibility between POSS and polymer was the key element of effecting whether POSS as nanofillers could improve mechanical properties of polymer. Based on really materials and applied manufacturing process, a new kind of an effective modulus predictive method for POSS reinforced resin matrix composites...
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A Performance Testing Platform of ECG Electrodes Based on Millipore Films

Jinzhong Song, Hao Liu, Ming Wei, Jinsong Li
With the continuous development of wearable health monitoring technology, new types of Electrocardiogram (ECG) electrodes become the focus of attention, such as textile electrode, non-contact electrode, and micro-needle electrode. However, there are not yet unified performance testing methods for different...
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Research on High Temperature Stress- Strain Behavior of Power Transmission and Transformation Copper Conductor by Gleeble Thermal Simulation

Haoyang Du, Dongyun Shi, Shuangnan Zhang, Xin Wang, Linghui Zhuang, Shu Tian
Gleeble thermal-mechanical simulation can accurately control the parameters such as thermal, force and displacement of certain working conditions, which has been widely applied in the HAZ simulation and other metallurgy behaviors. In this paper, Gleeble thermal simulation technique has been used to study...
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N-fold Darboux Transformation for a Generalized Variable-Coefficient Coupled Hirota-Maxwell-Bloch System

Yushan Xue, Jing Chen
A generalized variable-coefficient coupled Hirota-Maxwell-Bloch system is investigated, which can describe the ultrashort optical pulse propagation in a variablecoefficient nonlinear, dispersive fiber doped with two-level resonant atoms. Based on the obtained Lax pair, N-fold Darboux transformation (DT)...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing Metal Tank Bottom Based on Finite Element Method

Longgang Li, Rui Duan, Wen Liu, Yaning Zhang
In this paper, the magnetic flux leakage testing equipment of military metal oil tank is taken as the research object, and a finite element model is established by numerical simulation. The impact of the defect depth, liftoff value and plate curvature on magnetic flux leakage was calculated. The results...
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Experiment of Prepared Zinc Powder from Hot-Dip Galvanizing Zinc Dross

Xunhua Yuan, Qifu Zhang
With the facts that the hot-dip galvanizing industry continues to develop, the output of hot-dip galvanizing dross increased unceasingly and the zinc resources reduces constantly, the problem of the hot-dip galvanizing dross regenerative recovery has became the focus of the industrial circle, Therefore,...
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Effects of Annealing Parameters on the Microstructure of Galvannealed Coating on DP590 Steel

Feng Huang, Yu Chen, Lin Hua, Fang Fang, Zhou Wang, Zhili Hu
Galvannealed coated sheet steels are extensively used in the automotive industry due to its good corrosion resistance, excellent spot weldability and paintability. However, galvannealed coated sheet steels generally present different forming behaviors, which mainly depend on the amount, orientation and...
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Solidification Behavior and Microstructure Analysis of a Cold Working Die Steel Prepared by Vacuum Arc Melting

Kai Fang, Feng Huang, Jianxin Zhou, Xinwang Liu, Qingyan Xu, Xunpeng Qin
A new cold working die steel was prepared by vacuum arc melting. Its structure characteristics and micro-hardness were measured and investigated. The results indicate that the ingot is mainly composed of dendrites. The grain size increases gradually from the edge to the center along the horizontal direction....
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Simulation Analysis of the Impact of Unbalanced Three-Phase Load on Distribution Transformer's Outlet Voltage

Zeyang Tang, Li Wan, Kan Cao, Yuze Rao, Junhui Xin, Kunpeng Zhou
In order to study the influence of unbalanced three-phase load on distribution transformer's outlet voltage, the ATP-EMTP simulation model has been built. Distribution transformer's outlet voltage under different load parameters has been researched. The simulation results show that active and reactive...
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Study on the Influence of the National Deep-Sea Center Engineering on Hydrodynamics by Numerical Model

Xing Wang, Ying Liu, Xiren Jiang, Wenpeng Song, Baolei Li
A high resolution numerical model of Laoshan Bay is established in order to study the Influence of the National Deep-sea Center Engineering on Hydrodynamics. The model is verified by the observation data. The results show that although the hydrodynamic characteristics of the Laoshan Bay did not change,...
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Study on Technical Performance of Composite Modified Wide Temperature Field Asphalt Mixture

Jingxiang Yuan
Because the Asphalt concrete pavement heavy-duty rutting, low temperature cracking and anti-fatigue cracking problems are prominent, the author mix the BRA rock asphalt and polyester fiber into the asphalt mixture preparation of wide temperature field asphalt mixture in accordance with various proportions....
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Embedded Children Painting Machine Based on Image Processing

Jinxiang Zeng, Kerong Gai
According to the characteristics of children's early paintings, this paper designed a kind of hardware and software system based on FPGA and ARM dual-core architecture, the system realizes the physical image contour extraction, display, enhancement. And can through the SD card to store image and use...
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Design and Analysis of Automobile Composite Muffler Model

Dongwei Wang
This paper introduced the theoretical design of automotive muffler. The muffler three-dimensional model was established using the computer, and convert the format of the three-dimensional model into STL, then by using the method of rapid prototyping, print out the muffler entities. By using the related...
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Flexible Manufacturing Technology for Children's Customized Furniture

Linqi Zhao, Xianqing Xiong, Shuman Zhu, Yuyu Wu, Mengnan Yu, Yu Di
Aiming at the design defects and quality problems in Children's Furniture, flexible manufacturing of children's furniture is proposed. It is by flexible design, flexible production and information management that flexible manufacturing can overcome the impact of the function, style, quality requirement...
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Analysis of the Pantograph Aerodynamic Loads under Crosswind

Yanzhe Han, Qingquan Gao, Jikun Ma, Meng Zhao, Yanhong Xi
The pressure correction method based on N-S equation, using the split SIMPLE algorithm, the crosswind conditions of pantograph's aerodynamic characteristics numerically simulation analyzed. The results show that with the wind direction increasing, the pantograph's aerodynamic load is nonlinear, the lift...
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Research on Motion Stability of High-Speed Trains under Cross-Wind Effect

Yuming Yang, Xiangning Wang, Yingzheng Zhao, Jun Mao, Yanhong Xi
By taking real domestic CRH high-speed trains as research object, using the Computational Fluid Dynamics software Starccm+ to carry out numerical simulation calculations when the train runs in different vehicle speeds and cross-wind speeds, We get aerodynamic loads in diverse working conditions. Furthermore,...
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Cellulose Insulation for Use as Building Insulation in Korea

Young Cheol Kwon, David W. Yarbrough
Cellulose insulation was introduced into Korea in the 1980s when several small companies started production. The cellulose industry in Korea is still in an early stage of development with current production of about 1000 tons a year. The Korean equipment used to produce cellulose insulation was imported...
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Test Study on Behavior of RC Beam to Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Column Joints

Qin Chen, Lijun Liang
Two new type of RC beam to concrete filled steel tubular column joints are proposed here. Test study on 22 joint specimens under vertical load is introduced here, which includes RC beam to concrete filled steel tubular column joints with four types of connections and RC beam to circular column joints....
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Study on Bearing Capacity of Pile Foundation Based on High Strain Measured Curve Fitting Method

Guosheng Zhong, Zihang Huang
In order to test the correctness and feasibility of high strain measured curve fitting method of pile, field tests of vertical bearing capacity of pile were carried out using prestressed concrete pipe pile. The following test results can be obtained: (1) According to the actual soil layer parameters...
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Reliability-Based Design Optimization of RC Frames Based on the RBDO-Kriging Method

Guitao Chen, Demin Wei
Reliability-based design optimization (RBDO) is a more rational optimization design method due to its consideration of the structure reliability requirements. A new RBDO-kriging method that combines kriging agent model and covariance matrix adaptation evolution strategy (CMAES) is proposed to solve the...
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Premature Failure on Low-Grade R.C. Beams Reinforced with Bonded Steel Plate

Wensheng Li, Zhili Qian
Based on the experimental results and theoretical analysis, the study of the classification and mechanism of the premature failure for low-grade R.C. beams reinforced with bonded steel plate is placed on, finally, reasonable measure to overcome the premature failure is introduced..
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Analysis of the Key Technologies in Roof Waterproof Design and Construction of High Rise Building

Xianggang Kong
In this paper, the present situation of roof waterproof technology was discussed and the working principle and failure reasons of roof waterproof system were analyzed. Combined with the actual high-rise building project, the key technologies of roof waterproofing design and construction have been discussed...
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Sensitivity Analysis of Snow Load Distribution to Single-Layer Cylindrical Shell Structures

Junlin Wang, Hua Guo, Tengfei Ma, Shuli Zhao, Jianheng Sun
The large - span single - layer reticulated shell structure is a structure sensitive to the load distribution. Different distribution of snow load has an effect on the stable bearing capacity of the reticulated shell structure. The unfavorable snow load distribution may cause the stable bearing capacity...
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Study on Triaxial Compression Creep Test and Numerical Simulation of Jurassic Sandstone in Northern Shaanxi

Zhipei Zhang, Qi Men, Yi Cheng
Based on the creep characteristics of the overlying Jurassic sandstone in the goaf in Yulin area of Northern Shaanxiby the RLW-2000 microcomputer controlled rock triaxial compression creep testing machine, the parameter values of Burgers creep model of the Jurassic sandstone are determined, and the creep...
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Effect of Shale Inhibitors on the Particle Size Distribution of Bentonite in Aqueous Suspensions

Yandong Yang, Kesheng Rong, Cheng Ye, Lianyun Xue, Gui Wang
Shale inhibitor has been widely used as a cure of shale dispersion and swelling when drilling in shale formation. To make clear the effect of the interaction time, type and adding order of inhibitors on the hydration of bentonite, the particle size distribution (PSD) measurements of bentonite have been...
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Experimental Study of Chemical Composition of Hangzhou Soft Clay

Jieqing Huang, Xingwang Liu, Guoqiang Cao
X-ray energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) tests are performed to investigate the chemical composition of Hangzhou soft clay. For comparison purposes, the above two tests are carried out on Hangzhou stiff clay. Based on EDS results, sulfur(S) can't be found in Hangzhou stiff...
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Literature Review of Outdoor Physical Environment Design of Green Campus

Chongjie Wang, Jie Li, Hongmei Yin, Tao Fang, Qiang Chen
After reviewing the relevant literature on green campus, this study has analyzed the current design practice. It shows that there are shortcomings in the green campus design strategies for the outdoor physical environment. There are three aspects in the shortcomings: (1) the site planning, (2) the layout...
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An Overview on Resource Utilization of Sewage Sludge

Bifan He
The proper disposal of sewage sludge has been paid much attention. The traditional methods of sludge disposal include sanitary landfill, composting, thermo chemical treatment (including pyrolysis and combustion), and sea disposal. Urban sludge has the dual attributes of pollutants and resources. The...
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Technological Tools for the Improvement of the Mass Transport System (MTS) in the Caribbean Region of Colombia

Hugo Hernández Palma, Andrés Porto Solano, Mariangelica Pineda Carreño, Maribel Molina Correa, Cecilia Correa de Molina
The present article aims to make a critical view of the current and prospective situation of mass transport systems in the Caribbean region based on technologies. One of the important and sensitive aspects of analysis is the impact that these systems are generating in the economic, social and environmental...
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Modeling Demand for Air Cargo in the Colombian Context

Miguel Figueroa Loaiza, Roberto Porto Solano, Ricardo Simancas, Victor Higuera Ojito
In recent years the growth of air cargo has accelerated, necessitating the assessment of the challenges that this growth will in the future, in order to overcome them and continue contributing to the economic development of the country. Considering the above, this paper proposes several models to estimate...
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Multi-objective Signal Timing Model of Single Intersection Based on Genetic Algorithm

Zhuoqun Wang, Yufei Hou, Qin Luo, Min Yan, Yiming Zhang
Intersection is an important component of the urban transport network. It is the main place where traffic congestion usually takes place. One of the key to solve urban transport problems is to organize the traffic in intersection reasonably and effectively.This paper learned the theory of signal control...
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Quantile Regression Analysis on Short-Term Measured Data of Gravity-Arch Dam Based on POD

Weihua Fang, Yunping Chen, Hui Zhang, Lin Li
To solve the problems of little sample, multi-collinearity and bad robust ability of normal model remaining in measured dam data in process of analysis, This paper analyzed the monitoring data of measured dam crest crown cantilever and both sides of 1/4 arch of a gravity dam in 2013 using circannual...
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A Cooperation and Competition Model for Risk Management of a Two-Stage Supply Chain

Lina Xu, Zhiqing Meng, Hongjian Yu
Based on the CVaR measure, this paper introduces a Cooperation and Competition model for the risk management of the two-stage supply chain. It is supposed that both the supplier and the retailer are risk-averse and their objectives are to minimize their own CVaR(Conditional Value-at-Risk) objective instead...
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A Sedimentary Analysis of the Cretaceous Delta Sandbodies in the Kuqa River-Kelasu River Area, Northern Tarim Basin, Xinjiang, Northwestern China

Hongwei Kuang, Guangchun Jin, Yongqing Liu
Cretaceous, in Kuqa River-Kelasu River region of the northern Tarim Basin, is composed of, in ascender order, Shushanhe Formation, Baxigai Formation and Bashijiqike Formation. Based on field observations in the respectives of sedimentology, an alluvial depositional system consisted of fan-delta, braided...
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Research on the Debris Flow Hazards after the Wenchuan Earthquake in Bayi Gully, Longchi, Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, China

Yu Ma, Caixia Li
Many debris flow hazards were triggered in Earthquake area after the Wenchuan Earthquake. In these debris flow hazards, the most notable one is the debris flow in Bayi Gully on Aug.13, 2010. Bayi Gully was a debris flow gully before the Wenchuan Earthquake, in the first three raining seasons after the...
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The Study on Earth Pressure Against Retaining Wall Considering Displacement

Haidong Kuai, Wei Li, Kunyong Zhang, Yingbo Ai
Several typical existing calculation methods of earth pressure considering displacement are introduced and compared; Typical methods are used to calculate the condition of laboratory tests and the result is compared with that from Rankine earth pressure results to explain which is more reasonable. Based...
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Construction of Early Warning System for Urban Subway Police Equipment Based on Mobile Phone

Liang Hu, Hongmei Yu, Jin Wen, Jiangqing Liu
With the rapid development of the construction of large cities in China, the population density has soared, and the subway is an important transportation tool in modern cities. In order to solve the problem of fault information transmission, the paper adopts the technology of seamless connection between...
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Research on Public Satisfaction Index Model of Urban Management Informatization

Liang Hu, Jin Wen, Hongmei Yu, Yuchi Zhu, Ying Du
This paper takes the city management informatization public satisfaction as the research object, using the theory of customer satisfaction evaluation of mature, through the analysis of factors affecting public satisfaction, city construction management informatization public satisfaction index model,...
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Study on Co-distribution System for Agricultural Products within Beijing City

Xiaohui Yan
Based on the investigation on the status of the existing distribution system of agricultural products in Beijing and the analysis of the current problems of distribution and the factors affecting the quality and price fluctuations of fresh produce, this paper puts forward strategies to solve the distribution...