Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

Volume 27, Issue 4, September 2020
Letter to Editor

1. On the hierarchies of the fully nonlinear Möbius-invariant and symmetry-integrable evolution equations of order three

Marianna Euler, Norbert Euler
Pages: 521 - 528
This is a follow-up paper to the results published in Studies in Applied Mathematics 143, 139–156 (2019), where we reported a classification of 3rd- and 5th-order semi-linear symmetry-integrable evolution equations that are invariant under the Möbius transformation, which includes a list of fully nonlinear...
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2. Minimal surfaces associated with orthogonal polynomials

Vincent Chalifour, Alfred Michel Grundland
Pages: 529 - 549
This paper is devoted to a study of the connection between the immersion functions of two-dimensional surfaces in Euclidean or hyperbolic spaces and classical orthogonal polynomials. After a brief description of the soliton surfaces approach defined by the Enneper-Weierstrass formula for immersion and...
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3. Study on geometric structures on Lie algebroids with optimal control applications

Esmaeil Peyghan, Liviu Popescu
Pages: 550 - 580
We construct ρ£-covariant derivatives in π*π as the generalization of covariant derivative in π*π to £πE. Moreover, we introduce Berwald and Yano derivatives as two important classes of ρ£-covariant derivatives in π*π and we study properties of them. Finally, we solve an optimal control problem using...
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4. Nonlocal symmetries and group invariant solutions for the coupled variable-coefficient Newell-Whitehead system

Yarong Xia, Ruoxia Yao, Xiangpeng Xin
Pages: 581 - 591
Starting from the Lax pairs, the nonlocal symmetries of the coupled variable-coefficient Newell-Whitehead system are obtained. By introducing an appropriate auxiliary dependent variable, the nonlocal symmetries are localized to Lie point symmetries and the coupled variable-coefficient Newell-Whitehead...
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5. Asymptotics behavior for the integrable nonlinear Schrödinger equation with quartic terms: Cauchy problem

Lin Huang
Pages: 592 - 615
We consider the Cauchy problem of integrable nonlinear Schrödinger equation with quartic terms on the line. The first part of the paper considers the Riemann-Hilbert formula via the unified method(also known as the Fokas method). The second part of the paper establishes asymptotic formulas for the solution...
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6. On the discretization of Darboux Integrable Systems

Kostyantyn Zheltukhin, Natalya Zheltukhina
Pages: 616 - 632
We study the discretization of Darboux integrable systems. The discretization is done using x-, y-integrals of the considered continuous systems. New examples of semi-discrete Darboux integrable systems are obtained.
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7. Finite genus solutions to the lattice Schwarzian Korteweg-de Vries equation

Xiaoxue Xu, Cewen Cao, Guangyao Zhang
Pages: 633 - 646
Based on integrable Hamiltonian systems related to the derivative Schwarzian Korteweg-de Vries (SKdV) equation, a novel discrete Lax pair for the lattice SKdV (lSKdV) equation is given by two copies of a Darboux transformation which can be used to derive an integrable symplectic correspondence. Resorting...
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8. Decomposition of 2-Soliton Solutions for the Good Boussinesq Equations

Vesselin Vatchev
Pages: 647 - 663
We consider decompositions of two-soliton solutions for the good Boussinesq equation obtained by the Hirota method and the Wronskian technique. The explicit forms of the components are used to study the dynamics of 2-soliton solutions. An interpretation in the context of eigenvalue problems arising from...
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9. Integrability conditions of a weak saddle in generalized Liénard-like complex polynomial differential systems

Jaume Giné, Claudia Valls
Pages: 664 - 678
We consider the complex differential system x˙=x+yf(x),   y˙=−y+xf(y), where f is the analytic function f(z)=∑j=1∞ajzj with aj ∈ ℂ. This system has a weak saddle at the origin and is a generalization of complex Liénard systems. In this work we study its local analytic integrability.
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10. Symmetry classification of scalar Ito equations with multiplicative noise

Giuseppe Gaeta, Francesco Spadaro
Pages: 679 - 687
We provide a symmetry classification of scalar stochastic equations with multiplicative noise. These equations can be integrated by means of the Kozlov procedure, by passing to symmetry adapted variables.
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11. Gambier lattices and other linearisable systems

Basil Grammaticos, Alfred Ramani
Pages: 688 - 696
We propose two different appraoches to extending the Gambier mapping to a two-dimensional lattice equation. A first approach relies on a hypothesis of separate evolutions in each of the two directions. We show that known equations like the Startsev-Garifullin-Yamilov equation, the Hietarinta equation,...
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12. Trigonal Toda Lattice Equation

Shigeki Matsutani
Pages: 697 - 704
In this article, we give the trigonal Toda lattice equation, −12d3dt3qℓ(t)=eqℓ+1(t)+eqℓ+ζ3(t)++eqℓ+ζ32(t)−3eqℓ(t), for a lattice point ℓ ∈ 𝕑[ζ3] as a directed 6-regular graph where ζ3=e2π−1/3, and its elliptic solution for the curve y(y − s) = x 3, (s ≠ 0).