Artery Research

Volume 15, Issue C, September 2016
Research Article

1. The effects of pipe water smoking on endothelial function in healthy non smoker volunteers

Rania Gaber, Manal Hamesa
Pages: 1 - 5
Background: Water pipe (WP) tobacco smoking is gaining wide popularity among young and middle aged males and females. Aim of the work: The aim of this study was to evaluate the immediate effect of 1st pipe water smoking on brachial Flow mediated dilatation% (FMD%) and Nitrate mediated dilatation% (NMD%)...
Research Article

2. The effect of ginseng supplement on heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure to resistance training in trained males

Samira Zaheri, Seyed Mohammed Marandi
Pages: 6 - 11
Objectives: Ginseng Panax has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine as source of health and stamina. We want to examine the affect of ginseng supplement on heart rate, systolic; blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure in trained athletes at rest, during and after resistance; training. Methods:...
Research Article

3. Left atrial appendage dysfunction in acute embolic stroke young patients with sinus rhythm: Correlation with Tissue Doppler mitral annular systolic velocity

Rania Gaber, Mai Salama
Pages: 12 - 18
Background: Trans-esophageal echocardiogram (TEE) is a gold standard test for diagnosis of left atrial (LA) appendage function. Aim: To evaluate left atrial appendage (LAA) dysfunction using mitral annular systolic velocity measured by tissue Doppler imaging “Sm” in acute embolic stroke young patients...
Review Article

4. Artery 2014 symposium

Harry Struijker-Boudier
Pages: 19 - 20
Review Article

5. Turner syndrome and guidelines for management of thoracic aortic disease: Appropriateness and utility

Hisham M.F Sherif
Pages: 21 - 29
Introduction: Current guidelines for management of thoracic aortic disease base clinical decision-making primarily on the aortic size. The risk of serious complications in genetically-triggered aortic disease is influenced by many other factors, currently not taken into account by the guidelines. Methods:...
Research Article

6. Shock index for outcome and risk stratification in acute pulmonary embolism✩

Karsten Keller, Meike Coldewey, Martin Geyer, Johannes Beule, Jörn Oliver Balzer, Wolfgang Dippold
Pages: 30 - 35
Introduction: Risk stratification of patients with acute pulmonary embolism (PE) is crucial in deciding appropriate therapy management. Shock index (SI) is rapidly available and a reliable parameter. We aimed to investigate SI for short term outcome in acute PE. Materials and methods: Data of 182 patients...